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And welcome folks. To our wonderful podcasts these three amigos. My name is Vince AM I'm also joined by a now a little money Mac can also known as L global. In our incarnations of C three big Eagles my the way venture rarely. I'm deauth. Squirrel. That's right I'm pronouncing him I'll figure that when I eventually. I need a little tequila. As in. I don't drink a more than a little ridiculous I don't come up on the cards and twist actually did happen in college and going yes I have been from the bar. While you had a real like doing a Buick commercial. Yellow light eyes and touching a sorority. What I had learned to pace myself and that's our you know. I yourself yes what is that they came right back got bombarded I have today I mean you almost in project Alpharma exist I am not like. And yeah. Good. You better enjoy this make sure PO I mean you know make sure I am when you you know we doing that did Tim let it out tell you it and ice still today. Cat smelled tequila all we act feeling sick and people don't like Hewitt as a stone cold yes it does. This especially when it is. Didn't reversed can't. I. I I had was accidental way. Over served once on Jan look at a very young age and to this day cannot sit and I can drink a Marchini. Vodka martini shaken not stirred but I thought I cannot stand smelly gym that makes me. One ahead for the facility. I know exactly how good feelings that well we got a lot of things talk about this week of first thing I wanted to go to bring out if I if I make. Just interject this year. Is we are about ready for March Madness. We are recording this on Thursday goes up at 5 o'clock on Thursday. On our web site 1063 WORD dot com. And when you go to the same web site across the top BC a list of various categories if you click on contests. You true again in early 2018. Bracket challenged. Bracket challenge. Thomas prop powered. Trees or loosen up a powered by a queen needs. Is that right. Yeah I yup. Yup that's it you can went all kinds of stuff including gift cards to our clean needs. Rio be tools sets and appliances. Concert tickets. Autographed memorabilia. And more. So what all you need to do is go to our web site. 1063. WORD dot com a seat contests across atop click on that that brings up the bracket challenge and then. All you need to do is so fill out your information. It'll say there's a big guy conscious in her here. I you can also check out the official rules. For the contest and then now once the brackets are set on Sunday. When they grand cool buzz and the NCAA come up with the brackets then you go back again and fill out your bracket and nine you're good to know. Right and as Craig crisis yeah they have tons of us stuff and there. My a I haven't done my final four yet. But I do you have the duties and there. Which may be stunning to a lot of people since I have big. North Carolina tar heel fan of most everybody announced. I'm sad to see a woody Durham passing away yesterday. At the age of 76 he did nearly 2000. UNC basketball and football games but now here's. And was a it was a legendary. Sports broadcaster he's from the S same hometown what is from the same hometown as my dad from a Albemarle. Where have you gone yes milieu in Albemarle gets right down the road from Charlotte. So well when he lost woody but to know Wes his son this sounds very much like him. Is doing now than the game sure ACC tournament cancer rate cut coal that's awesome now fantastic news so. That's still so I'm I'm putting the duties in my final four. You guys you guys have favorites are going into March Madness. Sarah. The pin at sure yeah definitely. And and they don't do. A concussion. We are way against Xavier and they're gonna tell you did sexy horse teams its fourteen yes it is fortunate at the very end its core teachings. At the beginning it's more than that it's substantially more time. Yeah. Well and I put the duties America's night I think they probably have more talent than anybody in the country. And I knew that tarot window take up the slack farming and probably put their heels and oh yeah I Carolina yes. Yes I know our our mutual alma Margaret yeah by the way and fabulous school Dennis real Carolina by doing that's not USC now that that's you and say well USC this is a Southern California and you yes. One set she can you say that's because he happens to me. A gamecocks. Booster. Then sub being up from a native of Kentucky. Now let me hazard a guess as to which seems Humana. Okay yeah exactly that's never actually native I had lived there for ten years right but I always every every year yes absolutely Kentucky is in there. I try to express loyalty for the home team so very young so it's Carolina and Kentucky on this. That's. You know that that's about the extent of my interest level my my next door neighbor Scott who works out at beamer. Now who went to. Because for a while if I recall the first year I was looking all your reruns. Do you make you. Embarrassing fashion and it in fact I was actually beating a wanted to but the time is doing sports now at program and I was beating out cartoon has that worked for Entercom our sister station. I'm at a ESPN pretty sports reliving. You you pretty much wipe the floor when everybody last year and you didn't admit what I am having trouble with right now is deciding my strategy for the year. Com BK is. I may I say you went too lazy to do it bride did the colored the teen current anti making that are not us. Let's scientific formula. Did last year I just it was wells I had forum I go to Vegas judge went too because I have absolutely no freaking idea. Some illegally about a human and it comes just got snow you can go my magic try NASCAR just don't like I can a while captain's chair of the tar heel you know. They do it that way you know I you know I tell us my eight year old hill now. You can see that she's an alligator verses. I don't know I'm making dinner tiny. Just. Hey guy had no cheers or realize there's a tip so did about going back to Bayside spa because they did with bella you're going to die. One I actually nothing about basketball sense now analysts join us he's checked out with a good front month fact I'm I mentioned out to the to the guys here. On our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash one a six story. WORD. It a I would I received in my email yesterday. A picture. From all one of the guys that I worked with enough Phil Philadelphia. Action on 1976. At the big 9950000. Want AM powerhouse. WI BG. Which was known as women age trying to and it's a picture of just about everybody there was on the staff. And so I posted that as these thirsty throwback to now look like I was thirty but I look like out about twelve. Usually you're thirty now. It okay that makes sense. It. But I doubt it say who it was kind of innate savvy wanna see a what everybody. America that was that was a big radio station and it was a great staff I did the morning show Don cannon who has some another morning guy and Philly for a long time. At the on the oldies station the oldies FM station in Philly he's in there. Bill Gardner Russo legendary morning guy. Phoenix Denver and a bunch of other big markets and catch up now. Who I came to us from other big 89 and Chicago WLS which was great station toast those who really big time stuff. They wanna see what well looked like back in the day and bill. We are called beach Ashe court for bill Gardner. Now lives in Vegas now piece I've got catfish and airline pilot things have captain's corner when that airline so I need to check with Sammy can give me the various shots. Go yeah yeah well sort of want to make I did see a funny cartoon. Today no yesterday actually. Eight it simply said. In 1776. The British wanted to take our guns we shot them. What are my favorite yeah she snapped his classic that etiquette. And now and speaking of March Madness and all these various schools. I was just coming in to record the podcast was shut out into stoplight I got behind a car and issue me. And it had you know that's a sticker you know Alabama mom Clemson mom all yet it had for a vote. On the back that mom with kids and four different schools. Talk about dubbed a diet of rice and beans yes climate that's turned impatient I get out good luck John out there are all black athletes or. Or scholars one or the other because. They were one of them was Alabama. Another bunch of bunch of other schools and their Chiming in on northwest no place cheat. Well that's how it was done at these these days that's not okay you get sugar daddy. All you heard a generate you know go online donors front and out only if you're if you're good looking out and your cheerleader yeah yeah yeah. So maybe you and your and that planner cheerleaders have changed over the years true I mean a cheerleader used to me. You know booked them on reasons and health. Cloth that now all you know they cheerleaders they're is gonna athletes as the people of other sport they're cheering for their old gymnast Jarno their credit they're incredible now. So well where else they should we go to de L event so much so what's on your mind. Okay I'm I'm gonna step in its big time not okay. I wanna know what you think about the stormy controversy. Seriously stormy details stormy Daniels lets her room and here's the thing that amuses me about this. That apparently the president is not too thrilled. With Serb Huckabee Sanders for mentioning the fact. The there was a court case about this and that basically brings the administration into this whole issue in the first placing kind of brings some some credibility to this whole story. I mean it's I mean what's your take on some time. Mike hey here is number one it was soon on what I 1111. Years ago to tell what was it 200612. Years ago. So and you know edit OK so if if not her accusations are correct. Donald Trump private citizen was a fool around on his wife. On a comparative basis how does that stack up against say oh. I want you to listen to me I did not mail section of that woman he ms. movement. Yet you know. I'm Chris Allen of she's on. You know what did the turned accuser or from the election we now and then found out you know Hillary donor pay offer. Mortgage is now I'm very skeptical now he's OK I know it's hardly I'm amber and very skeptical about these people's idea taking Bynum. Some blood you know if he did it I mean yeah. We wanna it doesn't seem upset so I mean who am I get upset like you know it's it is it the guy can just like fix the economy. I don't give a darn what he does I really don't care and any losing about to see it yet it was been suggesting Amy Vince is just that. It's really getting any traction late and his team anybody can nurse and out but as much as much as the country cares or Greer was interested in in Lewinsky is just. It'd they're cushion pushes dollar of the mainstream media and some on faxed you. And you don't seems to give us. Are are ripped an and I think part of it is that we've been lied to so many times about trump. From dead we just showing him her a letter well no I mean and she's I think she's only eight to teens and their care. She certainly had a credible. Person none shoes remind me again that's what isn't she does for a living out. So go figure I don't think she's just your rivalry and it's. I'm curious about now isn't this the same thing we were saying about Paula Jones that's James Carville always saying. You know you'd you drag a dollar bill and a trailer park and now this is what she gets dry till I hear is an end you do you go to a broader question for me which is are we at a point where we don't care about this at all anyway. Period about anybody do we've reached a place where we're very very different place than we were with Bill Clinton. Yeah has the has the meat to hash tag me to movement driven everybody to the point and it may have helped. Where we it it's not. It it doesn't have the same kind of impact. As say Indian on not summon the MTV news personalities I mean look at. Seacrest now it's trying to. Fend off these allegations and and the ones against him don't seem to be getting any traction so maybe maybe this stuff reserve has run its course. Well you know I hear it here again. And I should just before the election. I ain't. Thank Donald Trump had an affair won't know of course he did for you just want them. Yeah I mean if you go through check out line last thirty years now. And I do not know acquirer that trump had in a pretty frightening factor America for the election even Canada trump. Would sometimes she added would you do would publicize his own affairs and net. The whole Playboy saying. Was what gentlemen sit in the tabloids game's its name now is being part of it so yeah you know and that's the public hears China had to share their legs. Yes and that's we use and that's his current united. That's a good you know at least he was having an affair and he's always been having an. You don't usually get the ninety retreat sometimes Benin is issued said in an and then on top of the whole thing you know of his that you and him having me shareware or whoever not having fear. I am I stay. This is fascinating. When you do a storm again doesn't mean homey to movement as she ends harassment as nearly Swiss tells jury is she's she'd. Slipped two of them the other night and Sunday sex and then he asked Sergio wants money and she's like no I just really mired you're like that's why so. She's going to mark I've done extremely sexy is couldn't read you know he's Smart I was always wisely put my thought it was hot and any he's sister heard. Are you blame. Well you're you're really you need get a DU you know you have. Some. No moral system. Character quality and unbeknownst to me IE you admitted to OK but anyway I guess it freed me. Since she was totally guarantee that you don't take a couple met. So I was really open like you're a bit. Unlike sounds like you're the hooker and Clint Eastwood and untrue and I know would you like a free one is it. Just describe like well I may not use it went right to get involved at all let you know. And I received. But the difference from the meet your but I bet you it was his visit while the differences and I don't for the record claimed at my husband did this now it would begin to want to assure yeah. Just for the record and English if you're listening honeyed. And and also for the record I Clint Eastwood enough on forgiven not turned her down so there's there's a difference between Cohen and not president trust fund. You have way and we solve that issue are we at a time month so we are at a time actually employ is just that exists on vast. And and we ask so it more of John you're not sure to join us next time. For our next edition of the three big egos podcast and in the meantime don't forget to get into the 2018. Bracket challenge. And Nancy you can know whip Tara. Who who managed to us and where else to the woodshed last year. We'll see you next week absolutely. Any artist surety and using by the way I'm more interested in did he get a shot afterward. We're not that I would read that piece I would I would read got to be and I'm beyond that I'm not really interested. Anyway this I would get utopia but I find this is Donald Trump you rent. And wicked step by now.