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Well you're listening to these three big egos of podcast I'm terrorists or nation is also known as a little tequila. And we ash to piggy guest today Vince. Yes I'm Vince Coakley and I still do not remember the special name for B what is this again your elder Cranium so squirrel all right there you eco. The squirrel squirrel. Jump right in and something I'm sure will cause you know manifest terra Algiers. Let's break down a rash that you met a young boy I wish the Mets and it's about the senators who stepped forward to introduce bipartisan legislation to protect Robert Mueller. On that list to senators from the Carolinas. Senator Lindsey Graham and senator Thom Tillis and North Carolina. Isn't this wonderful. Yeah I get we debate in my sure they wish would be more beneficial to the state in the country is. From BI if we simply. Sent a potted plants to wash. Crude finish out Lindsey Graham stern and and point out that so you have to walk what are the potted plant and others said no just let it die. All who writes to department plan would not only would not be able to vote or speak which would be. Huge. So beautiful so I'm we don't wish. If it Lindsey ready yet CF potted plant or Lindsey Graham devote debate amongst yourselves which would be but just haven't finish up more will only have one voting senator. I think to be their unbeaten yet showed it kills you this credit Mitch McConnell didn't have to midrange. He is always preparing it for vacation read we we have budget debates it's a last minute. He's managed to do exactly nesting and many major in court except the tax bill. In what eighteen months now. You're much and no major legislation any kind that in many importers in and I don't had big do you. They decide is one Planned Parenthood and obstruct the boardwalk I only knew I think and so it is a main thing to see them motivated. About it. And Neal may seem to be motivated about his stick Osama bin RI. Which by the way potted potted plant would never do it. Another bonus so I told you that would cause you to manifest that's ahead arrest him. Tough tough tough. If you why it in you know where I am on this stuff IE. But I'm not nearly as as defensive for instance of the president on this subject but I if any of all the things of importance this is bizarre to me. That this will be a high priority. To draw attention to I mean not protecting our grids. You know not to trying to get our budget in order trying to rein in entitlements. Not doing some real substantive tax reform. But trying to protect Robert Mueller. In other words preserving human life not leaving a broken into any country to our children things like that you're saying. You would think would be more in price a pretty basic Earth Day yet they're pretty basic except they're nowhere on that the priority but so does what I end Jeff Duncan Michelle. Our outlook of congress and Jeff Duncan this sounds like him I'm Montague it is like to myself. Brian back then head him believing they were actually allow a vote on the good luck bill which we. Would really go along whammy you're really far away ending illegal immigration I mean all the virtually ended it we have a really. On the it would be very difficult to get any kind of job illegally in the US and a wonderful things changed how you I am beating seeded Baylor that. I epithet. No we're having conversations. About FaceBook. Taste that test. We are wasting time on FaceBook like we've wasted time is stupid rash investigative questioning us to waste time on net have you noticed that stuff so it's important to us. Is absolutely unimportant Washington and in this avenue Harvard Harris poll Harvard and terrorist both liberal polling organizations. That sounded that theme biggest miss important issue for conservative or for Republicans right now is immigration we want something nice about it. Yet he saw that that was more important than dealing with ice is more important and even tax 'cause I people want something done they they understand how it threatens the country. In its current form. And yet. Nothing we have a good let bill it's written let's debate it now. And cut its three we still vacation. And everything about how Muller's do. If it is absolutely bizarre speaking and and I don't wanna get away from the subject. Moeller we have a developing story. And it is you know I am not sure some of you may be listening to this by the time you hear this this may have already aired. The big interviewing James combing. Well that and now we've learned. That former FBI director James combing. Is readying himself for his book tour trashing the president what a surprise. The first bombshell to be reported has to do with the day he was terminated. He writes that chief of staff John Kelly told him he was sick over the firing and would quit. Because trumpet shown he was dis honorable. Is this going to be. Kind of the end of John Kelly. I know Britain James tummy has perjured himself at least three times that's a felony carrying five five years and he just called trump a mob boss. This mr. Tammy who could not find a single crime committed. By trying to get turned to some house still a mob bust. Yet mr. Carney an end Perkins of at least three times before congress had three crimes. So I mean to call somebody a mob boss when you are actively committing crimes yourself is a bit of a stretch but hey you know I guess is gonna make money on a book tour to pay for his defense. Who's gonna prosecute. Aaron somebody someday. And head at times face continuing to mention I don't. Think it's great. To Greg Vince I think actually the rapture will probably comfort. He. Says somebody predicting the rapture by the in the month. Oh no don't tell me there's another way is another one yet there's no way not and then you know just the rapture continued at this I amazed that god has done yet. You know and because I would I pulled the plug on the whole thing. A couple of years ago united saying oh I see this now rapture coming April 8 grader. Important out of metal and old. Does I've been I mean it amazed and this goes back to my teenage years seeing the stuff and I remember this there's this one guy I remember years ago. Used predicting this was in my teens I guess. He was back when the us summit was egg came together with so Dodd and they can. And you're saying this is the Middle East peace treaty that's going to launch the tribulation period and Jimmy Carter is the antichrist. I mean. It doesn't stop it just doesn't stop though it does have you ever noticed how the people who predict these. The rapture into the world whenever they always want a do over what's the date passes yes yes. Well yeah what I what I am I for different versions of this like oh yeah he did Jesus did come back. He went to another dimension of heaven and my goodness where in the world why don't you just come out and say I screwed up I was wrong. No I don't to redefine it I don't maybe it was the same on time space and dimension in which shows somebody actually prosecute coming. Sect click. Oh my goodness I didn't Ed. I'm of the belief that's in order and I agree with you. About the which column well ahead of what else can you say about corruption. Of the FBI. And the use of federal law enforcement agencies that don't seem to be able to find crimes that are right in front of their faces. And that I don't hold out much hope that anything is really gonna change here I really don't. And like this one this and this is this a sprinkle a couple days this blows my mind there is tea Ukrainian who gave turn back for is an 135000. Aaron Muhammad who has donated. I am and similar is investigating meant he was very accurate. Anyway I'm it was so you know I can hundred K range percent. And on the same embarrassing Ukrainian donated 35 note here is thirteen million it was thirteen million to the Clinton foundation no investigation. But. Yet 35 okay it was 35000. To trump to his Agassi is an organization or something like that and that is being. I'm investigated Ramallah. But not to Hillary and raise several well I mean it's just it's like at some point you know. I like teary smile like a trumpet the Hillary treatment. Nasrallah now. I wanted to seek his never she her home was never rated they didn't grab all of her devices this device is the FBI did grab. They destroyed it for her which is really can be because the emails on them more under subpoena by congress that's strange Annan's. And something under subpoena and then they gave immunity to everybody around her so they can never be prosecuted why can't compelling get that deal. I don't hold your breath. Yet and what she did to keep devices why she did he laptops. And why is the FBI destroying evidence I this is it's only when they want even just over look at the destroy the evidence near kiss for you. If you're on the right side. It's not so how do we fix this. And I'd put this on try and because I don't sing for awhile I think. That you know it was about trump before but is now so out of control and instead he has to stop this for the country. And the consequences for him began is not like this I congress is gonna do anything regardless of what China does they're gonna stall so he must Wear really pissed mosque. And just go whack these people. Give British sessions get rid arisen seen. Put somebody in their news good may be. You know somebody in the I don't know headed EPA that guy he's already confirmed. Bomb and clean up because if if nobody goes to prison. If they get away with this. They are gonna be a fixture in all of our elections going sort of make well to tell raised Cadillac she always loved and now look where waiting for the deep state to weigh and what will they find what they leaked illegally. You know I nest where Oregon is a country. And it's scary if you get plagued Russia. And history at least aggression from almost every body. Bomb Ford darn near two the last century has come out of the intelligence community. You're here we yeah we are starting politics a city councils and you can't you run for state legislature congress may need not there now did you start in Intel. Can you say you poison a few dissidents iron and then not and then you move up you know. This where it. So truck gets pulled plug a sign about him anymore it's too big he's got to stop it. He has to somehow someone is a lot of options rush had a good idea the other day to just pardon everybody. I do a blanket pardon for every one that I have ever spoken to. Corresponded with a dealt with it anyway if it's basically the preacher saying he is at this point. He really has nothing to lose nothing glitz. I wouldn't say it we and then we heads their way to Chuck Grassley threatening him yet today it would be a disaster be suicide his presidency BP charged mark. But he a suicide imagery Gatti saying well you know at EL a veiled threat I side. We'll exactly get you know his agenda trees I can get his nominees to the senate he's acting anything to show what. This sit around anyway and needed mile thing on your schedule is to protect my bills so I mean one I had one at least it has something to talk about. Yet that would certainly be something to talk about I mean to be cynical to a sound cynical pop pop pop up up up. Seek and you and the partner can agree with you about here terra is. What did everybody expect from Donald Trump he was gonna go and blow things up right. And he really hasn't done that. Net and you know I all of this is going on I'll tell you he'll eat you you'll like this since I I agree with you 11 thing here. Thought he created these proms himself but not the way everybody says and I can remember where I was standing in my kitchen when my husband told me. Like gosh he's leaving Conley he's leaving Komi. Please don't turn color me are you kidding me and it was the same we we thought he's and he called rise like going to be the between the two of them. And sure enough if you just take an ax to cut any. Over Christmas everybody heated Komi them apparently and everybody coming and easier liberals did it. This and the you know the Republicans and everybody hated that nobody would care but he leaves in place and what. If you get all of this every one of his problems Vince is caused by him leaving an Obama holder to look grosans dean Obama holder. Bomb all all of the major prize and he masters thing that's Obama holder for all of them and you she what are reverence previous press previous. Was on TV every five minutes during the primary score and about trumpet what that I wasn't I was never ever elect a man who's she just afraid extremists. See this this is why did I said can be when he can he stick this is so these are self inflicted wounds and it I don't know if you've seen this already. With this prospect of a speaker's race. He's in favor of McCarthy yeah. No I think you're Scully. Christy is only gonna stand in his way for the rest of his presidency. The secret please explain that well Inez calculation is making he's he's he's Democrat he's gonna win which is a very content. And that you know why (%expletive) him off and make it worse by going to war with now that you know what he's gone to war with Paul Ryan when Paul Ryan offered to step down after he won. I would grab that I no way he didn't because he was afraid he sadly no I've got the power and bring everybody together and got to governor can't have these people in my way. You know any staying awake is a went to war with him I'd get what he was afraid of again. But it turns out it was the wrong decision and you know not only are they at war with him and blocking his agenda they're trying to take you down personally. So I agree with you on that I think that may issue he should put our people in charge and I think he'd be fine now they didn't. And that. And and I hope you know allowed people have this idea well Vince you may trump you know it. Part of my frustration. The entire time and remind people yes I voted for Donald Trump. Part of my frustration is I don't see a manifestation. Of what he promised to be. And that's iced I still and waiting to see that person who's going to go and blow things up. Well yeah I threw that part is I I MC Mehmet station that the tax 'cause through. An and I assisting in somebody's always every day Hudson says he said China's says he's had North Korea also assuming just from today. He's cut off the funding for the imminent free immigration attorneys that everyone used to stay savient. To use didn't get we we would pay for these illegals attorneys and you know they fight for them to stay in an ad discussed cut off the welfare set he's got a mean right left right a fresh peas and done so much the Obama agenda Vince I mean he Kennedy. Edit the Paris climate. Junk was was hit in 22 when he mean that that would have necessarily skyrocket our electric bills it's gone. You know sure we lived through that we live there having to have Obama trade and have a foreign council bureaucrats make dollar trade decisions as that a congress mean that would have been an absolute nightmare. And show yet I have seen is just in fighting the deep state I haven't seen it. And he's got one that long but if that's the foundation of its gas you've got to you've got to go ahead and have that war I think I'm gonna have it in if you're gonna whine. The rest of your presidency. About all these things sell lease forces against you and not take definitive action. You know he has. I gray I think you should not six months ago it would the only stamp and a promise now they're in Cameron's office yet you come another kind of let there be an Oval Office to. Rating Matt. Non you know what I mean like now is the time there is there's no turning back you have diagnose and you and I idea I think we kind of agree on not quite so I think so I think so I've seen a lot of people probably show. They're the agony and I didn't get my blood pressure doesn't suck up a couple I knew I would get a despite. Eight grades are greedy and yet you'd see Vince.