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The "Three Big Egos" Podcast
Thursday, April 19th

Tara, Bob, and Vince talk.......Um.......Eco-Sexuals.....


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Good morning good afternoon good evening and overnight whatever time of day unit decided to sample. These three big egos podcast. Recording on this date Thursday. The man went to Amadeus this April he is ninety of course and it's. Thursday the nineteenth of April and great to have you along I am one of your try hosts. Here fourth the three big egos podcast I am of course. Al block bolt. Also known as Bobby Mack joined by my cohorts and partners in crime. Little tequila meet terrorists are gracious otherwise known as. And I service to say were mine is I still can't wouldn't limit him you gotta there's an Indy we conventional plays very. Ahead is not good about giving up with current events. What is what is the Spanish name for squirrel that way what were what Edward Rendell of Ralph O'Neal and penny or some act in the capital was a personal note that a meal. Oh but O'Neal the squirrel delicate Asia right great to have you and who knows what we're going to anyway just been sitting there rapping. Terror abroad something to our attention moments a goal which we found shocking and stunning and that is what Tara. Ito sexuality. The gonna have to add a new code to the FaceBook. I think I could've sworn you said. Ego. Sexuality. Is an egg goes sexuality Imus. I'm going out in nature and. Doing your thing is that what we're talking and immediately puts it this way have you always found plants. Hot. Ordered telling when because and a little ashamed you touch your usual winter well well well it's good news there are others like Q. People with think you're weird thinking here we are in now if you have suddenly are attracted to. Say here in green will play champions. We opt. Or or something like that right act yes but no this is an actual thing. And at the gators sent to professors writing about it now on they think he means it demands recognition course or does it dies and you go into nature. And you literally make love to nature as al-Qaeda thing they used to get arrested for like say a week ago. Alum this is this is another thing like how you used to if you're a man anyway into the women's room you get arrested but I celebrated like that right this is so this is heading in that direction. This is yet another reason and I'm becoming increasingly convinced and I believe two. University of Michigan professor how's your football team do and under Harbaugh bundle. Rhetorical question University of Michigan professor Sara in Seoul are. Published in academic journal article this month because you know publisher parish on merit which argues that human should establish. The erotic relationships. With plants. Ottawa it's just supposed to go out. NL like go with a walkman. And and finding a nice ficus tree and played some very quiet right great heard you know who lit whenever Fletcher wrote mentions he's reading. Then beaten. You view them tree. Viewed in a Petri. This is this act amongst all the sick things that we've seen enjoy your first century society. As may finally take decay. Originally highlighted by the Twitter account. New real peer review as opposed to phony. A review in the source journal article explores the field of egos sexuality. Eight term which means least sexual relationship. Between humans and plants. Advocates in the field. The worst area as they're joking though they're real they're serious and the kids in the field argued that the earth needs to be treated with. Low. Yeah I'd yeah it Joe Cocker man United's find isn't. And nice nice plants. It. Another group. Yeah yeah yeah. And I ended I didn't know and it. Deficient there could do think harmful environmental practices. Eco essentials believe that humans should physically may go out to the earth. This is. Want to word I'm looking for. Really perverted and sick how about that for for IDC a go ahead it's like to see something like ground found. All of the stuff we couldn't say on the air this idea and it. Under the hood levs has your real let you. Know what are. You know we are all going straight to hell yeah. I'm yourself that there is going to be an old family you know I know 200 bucks you know announcement. Alina Toledo load we use military challenge does a ground pounder. And can't act and also say gives and I say this to sit through okay no go ahead don't go ahead Levitt and limit Vince. Say what's on your mind everybody else does is new me do expiration having woody. So. I mean I. Since we're going there. Yeah yeah I okay. In store alone an English professor at the University of Michigan problem with tenure. Begins. I citing an eco sex manifesto. Aboard. Last and I heard that phrase used it was by a guy who sent out sixteen bombs yet the plumber mission at this. Which was penned by UC Santa Cruz professor. UC Santa Cruz aren't they aren't they the banana slugs. Why so I NUC Santa Cruz a banana slugs. And I think there. By UC Santa Cruz professor Elizabeth Stephens. Bright partners originally proposed to on Stevens and her eco sex movement in September. Then Stephens was promoting her documentary. She's got a she's got to duck. In which she and others lit tree is. Rolled around in mud and engage in sexual acts with elements of nature we used to collect horn. What are we used to arrest people you should just see okay. You think it trying to cover his writing to don't. Net net creepy guy in a women's bathroom. That up until about a year ago you crystal called the police aren't they would like to able common they were taken and no one would think anything that come with us braver yeah yes exactly well now they say they figured out that they did not cover the creeping naked guy on your kids plague or op that he. Does not yet have rates. So you know what this must be this is a situation which must be corrected he immediately. My question she's an actress excellent now we have a recent do you play its animals give consent. There you go. Yeah that's my question this is eagle ray. It could be this is rape being that any environments. I think there's a request you know what I wonder if there's a lawyer it's gonna step up to the plate ACLU if John really it's been a salted right. Our plant. Some might say sexually assaulting. We can get the ACLU this becomes a newbie to movement could be right at me you never know prime holy cow. And I think about a minute left reflect got they'll bring you tell us if there now when I go on US is an excellent dad does have brought up Paris. On the ice I I they're not working. Let yelling like up up the plan Ingle in animal file on species right now creating they know where not to go for gold right off the bat right you know it means that got to work sucked and uncertainty and blinds. We want to cucumbers you know what I mean and now. You know agenda on us not a weed by. It's a flower. We'd vs flower I always thought that was kind of discriminatory it's in its ways whatever we decide the guilt you know what I mean also gives another dimension to the phrase weed wacker. Since I yeah sadly it does give new meaning that meaning that I can probably. In my entire life without thinking about what it obviously. You allay that now. You think black felon on me out the destruction of the ball would tell look at all the Agent Orange. That we covered. Partially about SE they sure that this was obviously in a way we've got to go back and and and charge. These. These one always with. Damaging the entire this is this is this is eco crime against nature yeah and John virtually. Who is going to defend the plants and trees of the world against these kinds of unwarranted. Unwarranted. Sexual assaults. He asked. Ray or a valid question. There are important questions now mind hash tag plans to. Plant lives matter plans my kids love it mattered. By the way I gotta I gotta get deceit did you send ZZ visa and he says he did geez this guy. Always yes. This is the Starbucks awesome oh yeah he's got he sees a black guy. He's got dreadlocks C does not look like conservative right buddy it's always the other demanded reparations reparations are lovely and fun and it wasn't even here it was the girl behind cat. He. Did she jumps right into assured that this is not one of the Starbucks racist locations that there may be others that I don't Wear but does not one nieces and they're working to eliminate the regional and I and it's in any says that he wants a free reparations coffee. She just right in and asks him which might turmoil and the hottest. Whatsoever. Enough and and you know it stuck there. You know I go ahead and get he gets it you know for our taste and preparation slick you know maybe brownie. Or Leslie decade balls they sell your. You know why sup with one cup of coffee. He captured a full bore a full bore and then we're now. Is it this whole things gone viral some and I think I'm hoping to start thinking where you know people go into Starbucks was probably did you know what's gonna happen next to you. Now I had a black people may have white people who identify as black people. Right going to start that night and demanding referendum meaning robbery and no woman fellows I was thinking yes. Had a via NAACP was why. Right now because what Jaber absolution on the BOJ yeah yeah she said she said that what he believed. That state you if you want to accept everything that goes along with being black that you can be you can just pack. She said that it was her well I hope she enjoys being arrested at Starbucks. Hi again associate Larry I. I see so Arianna the possibilities are limitless and it could present a great idea I thought. Is that you know people Orson what I Tom white knowing it's a free Starbucks I Eleanor Jennifer has black and Chris had none and don't get going there. Beat whites and ask for your free reparations coffee and when they refused to give you got to get somebody when they refused to get to right. Make him admit that they only give the coffee a black people and duchess of the class action lawsuit for discrimination you know. I like it like me and that's what that was that I thought that was great you know I can work. That's Simon and bankrupt Starbucks and Michael week that way. You know I mean just everybody goes in once and for cough and and and why I'm limited to run to Starbucks. Now why no one I'd area fast food joint America. It kills Mary soaked seats seats to my window and was Starbucks. Whatever happens there they're told to leave they refused to get rest okay they're all three times yet her sultry tones and the rest of meanwhile. Black comedian. It was just booted off of FaceBook deal what he did his conservative that is from rough or yell he's got to do it Jordy did he posted. All of the hateful comments that he gets for being conservative and black right outside of which were from white liberals and were racist and and but that didn't meet. The community standards. About what was of FaceBook all of the racist harassment by a white liberals against him were fine they lose their accounts outright they lost its right. Composting bring your legs yes right his cheek and you know what's what statute crease for used to their intern internal. Rules god knows so that they make a mobs and all I need to bullying. They said that I always say they were bullied and the ball was bowling abilities I guess by pony up their racism by just you know. But can't have that one I just racism but it all kinds of harassing his getting all kinds I mean people were saying mr. Martin was a whole range stuff. He got suspended and they didn't OK so here's my thing. So I guess again kicked at Starbucks right. Yeah this either way to end this is kicking a black eye off of FaceBook right. Horse apology you don't we have a remedial diversity training for FaceBook employees you don't. And I'm I worked in Philly so I'm I'm understand something about the logistics of the city. And I'm certain that they never have a loitering problem. And that particular Starbucks that prompted this whole thing to begin to write nobody ever comes in there. How many times you go into a McDonald's and there's a guy sitting over and then the edge of the counter. And he's got a laptop companies do and I don't know what he's acting people or something. Well. I can't aggression yeah right yeah Andrea he's he's communicating with combing you know Mahler. And the guys they're like all day. So. You know it did it make you wonder my misses. Correct me for Iran addition Starbucks like a private business and can and can employ a no shoes no shirt no service and by the way no loitering. Well they don't think there. There's a whole lot of lottery. Especially in the woods in America. To Mason in that anyone can drink coffee. Because it is nasty scar actually better coffee downstairs in the prix current ASEAN I've got new. I'm gonna who recused myself I'll Jeff Sessions on this front I don't drink coffee and you don't I don't now sell stuff I started drinking coffee is a preteen and stop this teenager. Good for you. Yeah you looked -- addiction sorry yeah yeah right I I just never drank it I like the smell of coffee and coffee smells great. But then again I think cigarette smoke smells challenges you could be weeks now love presto it cannot be stale Suu Kyi suited in there. They didn't think Kuby and now like yes well. This this concludes. This is completely pointless this are limited edition up. We're good loser as we've got to play screen and did he goes in after my guess I'd guess the next time Bobby Mac shares a story of how he's not allergic to poison ivy. So you know. Who knows what what lies ahead thanks so much of me in on. This is elbow off both signing off saying any of us and little tequila another guy. Yeah another guy who says adios as well. And and and we see in itself.