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Good morning afternoon evening hasn't changed maybe because this is listen whenever it's comfortable for you. It is the latest edition all of. But three big false. And I of course semi Bobby Mack also known as L global. The handsome and dietary surveys disk. Little Margarita as in I cannot drink a more than a little Margarita but I really bad things happening and the joining us for a return visit this week. Well my name is Vince could. Some special name for me that I can't pronounce yet still don't put a deal which I'm a tequila I drink way too much tequila and I forgot my name. So my there is just quit in us just how tired I am at this time and actually twelve hour. I thought I had you know I I gotta tell you I mean what's what's next step up pops up and blow my foot fault I don't know put. I didn't know that let's go downhill from here that's more recycling. All the great golden hits as love beat goes on here Romo did did. JL a W. This Goodell for DN haven't you have enough flashback there from Motown for a moment. You most or Jerry Springer to great to have you along to join us where we go. Behind the scenes. Confidentially telling you what we really think which is an interesting concept in terms of branding for this podcast make us wait all pretty much Jessica while I really think on the ratios. Ashy contestant now. I don't coolest stories this week it was they have a thing now this is a real thing it's dumb play and he'd send U cal Berkeley yes you come Berkeley scientists there. And what diocese you Wear it. And it can train is late your brain impulses. From like electricity to letters and then towards so they can actually tell what you think is not present an accurate. And so can you imagine being sentenced to Wear one of these. I would be like what I really think right I would be divorced. Kicked out of my home business jobless and my children would hate me his idea deletion and there they're going to be very disturbed when they get to meet. I know what are we doing my husband estranged. Diesels in the podcast I can be honest with Andre got is his bald spot in my head getting any bigger. An Ohio lie. Flat out lie no I like these everywhere I would see flying didn't try exe I let this I love it he's my best friend and you know he's gonna have to shave his entire head soon and I don't know how we had a conversation. But I mean if I have to Wear that thing on my head. You know. You you know this could be why god invented you know all the troops. And it could be and that is a really he was a bunch of little old Jewish guys don't decency and you're ahead of the Kurds. Here's here's the Georgian is it just you get you get your plain white one non and you camel and up. Yeah you know brilliant colors and olive drab here yeah black there are few tiger stripes across front. Yes and now you're good to go you know and all of a sudden you know here your macho young Micah it's. You're sincere. Aleman and do you see in that's that's gonna then that's fine. That's funny because I got I got one more than back here to sit back you know I mean tears. And and so you know who really is is a super sensitive about that true Gallagher. The C Mike Gallagher really you know Brian I mean he's quite paranoid about it. When he when he does the stuff on Fox News then you know he insists that the shooting from a camera angle in this program. On revealing image is he just losing hair or is he gone as he bald man and he's working on that you know like just didn't shave ice Poland are hot. Yeah you know I mean like I recommend you know you are right I like that. Ice fish bald man with a beard C that's that's the thing that that seems to me like over compensation and Emmy Awards Kenny Tran and I can't be again the ice is looking right as champion bird's -- you have Randy can't be need every minute grizzly ad or even like a goatee I like theater here aren't real weird though debt if your man listening to this don't take my. He's I'm like you are now Mike in a 15% category and most of this financial. But somebody I'm I thought about grown to be or not the sort of got there I got like. I'm two and a half three weeks end. And now my baby don't burn some of them. No I'm not Nancy with the beard actually cancer and nine more Alonso shaking his head to you can't see me with a beard either want to organize not going. Yeah or the things I always had trouble with is spent the my skin so irritated in it cheek yeah after about 45 days that's about all I can take what I got to go run it's got to go you know I man none. You seem not even. Guys that are doing national ads TV commercials have got dead grizzled under shaven look you know on their aware and and Doug grungy T shirt and you know I think our mantra. A lot -- you know let's put them bonus round him up I wanna I I Rollins I do is thrown in the shower and Arabs get a much Dedham Bethlehem you know here's a bar of on dial. Go for the idea that no precise reason you know once had that I was obsessed with Walking Dead great. And have a little dirty wishes appropriately and isn't sometimes Bruntlett Darrell. Gotten to the point where they had they were living in a place where they had hot water and he couldn't shower but he wouldn't you wouldn't consider what. And every episode he had dirtier and dirtier and dirty air until he was just one big slick degrees and I I stopped watching Perry's music and handling I. He attained that level of nasty CI Mike I can't take I just wanna wash your mailing your any peace and I can't take feeling grungy and I am nasty enough so what this and his son shaven thank Leon I'm. Tried that some. Ala says George's than like two day tour to tour three dashed today announced that. No it's a sign in Canada and last week or the week before. I have like and I am pretty Iran right now is really gradually like four days' worth right. And and my baby don't Brenda said. I you know well as some of these guys and the cell that's on shaven mark. And nano looks pretty good and I said yeah it's not you. Your life you're exactly right that was next actually know that she phrased an old west diplomatically events. I think her comment was you'll look alike are homeless guy living under a bridge. Unnamed. And trying to cut some pick up another come out of them coming in I'm. I don't do well technically all I needed was a cardboard boxes and I'm I'm good ego and a good day five she'd be happy to provide for us it definitely. So bad that that had they are short lifespan. Another reason I can't do that is you know as I've gotten older. That here it is communion is now lacked. Yelled yeah Rick Brian can see on mr. gray he because I was quite candid Milan has until I was about ten years old. And and so it comes back on the other end of the spectrum and gets me is well now I skill. Gray and the color spectrum go directly tell white. Who who now I mean why hit at night you talk about. It apparently error error or. And don't make me come out there worried try to do rare urgent Asian all neighbor and you know I don't know how close they should follow should look a bit pop and half months matchups cannot I got. Hold everything your way to second but then I am you know I'm I am on an old fart. So Natalie you've reached the far stage that you're not think it has suitably disgruntled mountain now maybe if I had the 45 day beer. Yes you know perhaps there nominal part perhaps for a I want to mention now this Sen Claire media stuff. And I didn't notice that this may didn't make an eight journalists. In not a lame stream media Macon their heads explode. Because since Blair issues a statement from their corporate office and they have all their anchors read on 200 television stations or thereabouts almost 200. And and they in the statement essentially says look there's fake news everywhere Zoller social media. A lot of TV stations take this stuff and they put on the air as news and and and it's not and that's not the way we work so essential eight. They are. Issuing a up a white paper if you will a position statement saying look we're still doing real journalism over here. And we just like should know that well of course. You know then. CNN and BS NBC and the rest of the real journalists out there who of course think they're marching orders directly from the DNC. Are are acting as if all look at these radical rightwing conservatives and they find this kid who is a producer. Four act came GH ITV one idea Sinclair stations so nationally CNN puts Jamont. All else listens fail violation of a journalistic as legal standards bought a C are those are asking about. Exactly well it turns out the kid is Ben AM protests Dirk for BL AM and now you're on some other oh left wing. And demonstrations so you know lay was an activist. Before he was a producer percent glare so I'm glad they quit in the anyway gentlemen flyer. So he's offended. By this statement. But not by the frame like begin. Right you know cops are pigs march slogan no black labs manner not subject. We definitely seen video of your very videos not offended by that none of that's fine and I slash client like bacon so I am and so but you know them the the hints are exploding. Of on the Dan rather's of the world do you wanna honest journalist Dan rather wise course or was fired from CBS. For making up and using a forged document. To accuse and George W. Bush created a half at track and creative journalism. And drag. Using a forged document to accuse it George W. Bush you run dodging some months. Air force reserve meetings or are something like that and then Hollywood. Takes a story and makes a movie about and it makes it rather out of zero. Over something that he got fired for I'm telling you get a look now you know well of corruption you can until legitimate these liberals once a day to Ted Kennedy now we get to know he did it Chappaquiddick two well may not only does it matter does it yeah inside knowledge doesn't necessarily it has a matters since August of 1969. Mary Joseph come technique. Yeah I mean I debt level of honesty numbers you have to wait till it dead in the longer electable. Yeah regency you can tell the truth but he was you install lion of the senate you know spell to know why I hadn't. But now I can think. And adjust it struck me that once again another example of the level of hypocrisy. That that we see from a source in the first place. Accent where I'm broadcasting is a private corporation. You know they can make and do whatever they want and if they're anchors. Don't wanna read the corporate statement which by the way is right down the middle and it's not right wing. Then no there are freed you know grab their resume and there are eight by ten glossy and head first CNN or Yahoo! or Google or one of these elders and see if they want a higher or lower our. Are you zero I carry out real I would not sure what they're beef was. Exactly there would they were mad there was swirl but I was like what they're very you know you guys are offended dates. You guys are dealing one's a good did you fake news I mean they're muses so think they've had so many people live had to pull off desks and apologize and retract. They're muses they see you don't have to fire their investing through a person investigative team last year. An SR IC insured their beef was rather than well I guess they're mad it daily to calling great part fake newspaper articles thumping music and that is that would it is I was I was thinking are. It was the uniformity. Of what was being communicated all across all the platforms are those particular state had stated that. They they didn't like that day and yet if you would've put a lot of these mainstream news media accounts together and rush does this a lot of times right. You would almost think they all got a fax from central headquarters somewhere. Sure the echo chamber will remember as remember back again the first few years of the Obama administration they had that done morning. Breakfast club with a reporters and I'll go right there on the way out. And decided what the tone for the day it was gonna meet Kellyanne forgot about China and then we NM where Norris my Grammy time certainly are showing up in every news channel welder no ground it out they'll say grounding dozens missing again now. It's ridiculous. That mail like you said Nancy they get their marching orders from a central headquarters. Healy here's a word this week trade war via trade war time there when trying to portray portray portray Obama in an argument Ambac as you know and then everyone went. I do different got to tell us apart most is new report. The attorneys had actually implemented its heart did the chairs they had been put an implementation date on the aegis and immediate target aid while they rushed out. Did the aluminum Null you know there how can he comes back up I mean yeah trade war trade or trade were tells them to say trade war I mean it'll extreme budget thing. Well you write you know on a a a large part of what they do especially and and vent you know this from having worked as a as a TV news anchor. As I did. A lot of it is you know is ratings driven and one of the greatest teases. For a newscast dump all time. While legendary they still teach it. In and media. TV in San Francisco. Male genitals found on railroad tracks Sonoma attempt. Now. That that's what they do when they still attached I've got to know today and what you are going what's. Let's say. What seal saying then cement bleeds it leads you know I had there's a murderer I'm in LA you know lay if there's a fire got healthier there's a fire when I was in Memphis. There wasn't a big guy and dance a line. The blue outside of Houston was in the middle of nowhere. Right. And and it caught fire. And so there's huge flames billowing hundreds of three great on the GI it was great many outs away web Gwinnett. Yeah nobody hurt I mean maybe if you ground hogs and prairie dog did you lower scattering for Darryl why most. But there was no. The human. Damage of any sort nobody got killed or injured but we're leading when that because we got these huge flames and the guy usually executive producer. For that not the producer of the newscast the executive producer for the TV station. So what countries grade flames here and now. I'm I'm not making this up. It's a good way got days grade flames there now and get out there and sell that story. And can miss and I stood there for a second asset let me explain some flashy out yeah let me explain something to you pal. I don't sell stories okay who the new whose department does not sell stores the I count executives. Cellblock commercials that go between the news stories. And now so be and I had a somewhat rocky relationship from can't imagine why can't a guy like you say it's. Her athletic boy next door he's got a dead boy next door. I don't know that I may have a boy next door is Charlie Manson's right hand. I tell you when I started. Did the lists and at least still academic recently higher in the newsroom when I was the form a news. What was the one that had to sit on the current sitting on the police monitor right and they would send you out. Take a picture of the traffic accident nobody want to just bring rocket and I don't consider any idea. And most of them more out on the highway you know right by the South Carolina line you know sockeye run and they would have these catastrophic was a semi out there and editor says. You know and get some blood picture sheriff's nothing man armed firstly Punjab India is good great guy so I mean that the pitch really no way am laying around there why is enough. There is no there really I kid you not I knew yes I'm so I mean I hit jackpot here and some photographs and. In America and bring you techies like act and puts his head in his hands he's like now to ensure that can show that get an ice abuse anyone and he's still. This theory here's you smear rage here right that's fine that's only brought you she can surely smear blood down the highway runs good at them again and yeah and you can. And know that sense too much answer but he's not I mean there's no. Since humanity in any of this Israeli they don't wanna see and I what you think of failing to sort of see it on a breathing they wanna see this smear his blood on the highway. After yeah it's it's it's it's a question is Gerri is if there's a fine. Line there and it's merely a question of we know we should do next time next week in the podcast. Because we all come from unused backgrounds. We should do we should tell newsroom stories like totally out like it's going to run well you guys pull away with that I know you guys and I know you guys Katzenberg shores so until. I next week until next time. Other says Al blob all little mommy mag saying body else. A little tequila Singh is interesting that Altria was newsroom rejects ended up on talk radio. Senator exaggerating other irons at Atlanta inning with a mere ordinary have a great week I don't know what I'm doing here. Maybe it. Feel better deal. Rubio Helm for the deal we make the flying squarely at Michigan has safe flying in Spanish don't want my math yes well until next time have they I have a great weekend we will see you next time here Wednesday. Career. Big old spot gas.