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The "Three Big Egos" Podcast
Thursday, May 10th

Tara and Bob wonder......'Where is the Governor???'.....


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Mellow out a greetings and welcome salutation to the latest in addition I'll. These three big egos podcasts. And today minus one of the egos and Coakley anyway all absent without leave however. And I here to host this edition of the podcast to your true way. Bobby Mack the attack dog and write also in the podcast world known as L block well and joined by. Meet a little tequila and you know what our egos are so big get into will be plenty today all we can squeeze into the studio. Speaking of our big egos. About sheriff will Willis. Talk about let me see I'm in a pretty deep hole already. Is there a way that I can take a shovel and dig myself and even deeper. I know but you know what for guy who ran. Grand. On the other guys corruption. There I mean lack of management skill management skills and drinking on the job. You know what I mean and did then he would even if you're as Galloway did she go you know what I really better behave myself for to a three years here rate. Mr. popped one may I introduce you to mr. kettle. You mean off and he's RE ordering that the lad to bring new laptop in the did you know the plane give the brand new carted Oguchi have you. In the off here is the guy. Headline from a story at WYFF four. Search warrants reveal hidden cameras in Greenville county sheriff's officers suspended. Sheriff will lose is a well Lewis is vehicle. Investigators searched will lewis' home after a computer. Wasn't found in his office. The charges against Lewis came following a civil lawsuit filed an October by his former assistant Savannah neighbors. Previously described as said the hooch buy out. I'm a little tequila over there in which she claimed were less sexually assaulted her and wrongfully fired her. Documents obtained by WYFF. Noose Moore investigates. Show. During the surge shovel lewis' office. Agents found and are elf that is radio frequency detector. They document set agents also found several hidden cameras in smoke detectors. In other GC SL offices. Documents show agents searched a lewis' home. After a search of his office failed to finding a laptop computer. Now Lewis had failed to turn in when he left you know when you're leaving at a turn and all your gear Bryant. The documents say Lewis told AG CSO employee he intended to use the laptop for personal notes. And asked could not be connected to the sheriff's office network. Quote there is probable cause to believe sheriff Lewis story the illegally obtained communications. And his subordinates. On the laptop. It's believed share on Lewis has retained possession of the laptop at his residence. Well all. Then search warrants and Soo good. Leading to a surge of lewis' home where documents say agents found dozens of computers. Phones and recording and data storage devices including by the way. A young little stealthy trade craft APN. Writing pen that records converse. Documents show a list of items taken from louis' home include a laptop which was one of eight computers seized. Agents also took thirteen storage devices I'm guessing. And it's going to be you know numb to a little what do you call those things. Now thumbnail straight night. Three recording devices and several phones and tablets the inventory also includes VHS tapes and CDs. Along with a a box of items labeled so glad that evidence tape. As part of the justification given to search the home. So what patients reported interviewing several GCS so employees who said they felt that Lewis. When Sarah petition silly recording them first set of interviews happen January 29. Gary one interview the document show an employee with the sheriff's office told agents and Louis sending him just remember things are always recorded. Hearing a heated discussions sell apparel way. We are left to conclude. That the unknown a suspended sheriff Lewis. Was kind of nosing around. Wanting to find out which employees in the office might be. Ratting him out too so led investigators. And so was Sarah judiciously recording them. In the sheriff's office. Skip this is also disarming OK so you record them what was in the duke making ghost when with the fishes and we. Yeah I mean you dirty under suspicion in UK threaten our jobs. And can tell you talked to select your dad. And there's there's a description. For this kind of activity. That's been bandied about lately by any also distinguish Robert Mueller announced phrases obstruction of justice. If you're recording people trying to interfere with the an investigation. Into EU rule. I'm no attorney I'm not Perry Mason that. Even I can figure out that stuff it's gonna lead to obstruction of justice charges in addition to everything else. Wait recording people who are investigating. You. Well I said almost like recording people who are running against you for often. Left actress. I mean that's perfectly legal now as long as Hillary doesn't. You know there is not so I hear them. There was no recording device in the women's bathroom I mean could be worse. That we've heard of yeah Internet Vietnam right well a year ago while we're out lower on the subject of our people of character from. Let me just switch to the other guy Nader. God not hammer out might taxed. Who from the time. He assuming office. And and I began speaking with his media representative in the governor's office and this goes back to a right after Nicky left to go to do you win. Making a point did you know governor Haley used to do asked the governor now where she would come on for an hour. Once a month and went and served questions that were phoned in my listeners gave her direct contact with her constituents. If the governor would be interested in continuing that. Now. With the governor Beatrice should in no being guests on the show from my time to time well he's really busy. And doesn't have time to do radio interviews. Lizzy response and piracy okay. Now here we are knee height of the election season and during his gubernatorial campaign. Don't know him remic taxed. On non my show and on terror show has been non. Absent without leave is. Then not we have been persona non ground up where left to assume because we've been critical of him. Big story at the Phipps news website yesterday by will folks pointed out. We are not the only ones that does the governor has been dodging there was a huge event called rock the red. There was held in Horry county earlier in the week. All the other gubernatorial candidates were there. Minus double knock him ram make tax too I guess was was too busy to appear that event where a lot of there are like 500 movers and shakers. In the party. There were at that event so we'll folks wrote about that on for its news and mention the the in the Greenville Tea Party and WORD cosponsored. Gubernatorial GOP for him. Which is going to be exempt. And and pointed out. That their excuse was he had a piece scheduling conflict. Which was a young professionals. Sound mixer. A little show believe sipping in Charleston. Which was just posted on their schedule on their website. On Monday. Now while the invitation to the governor to be in our forum was extended six months ago. Now that I put this out to Bob because you know I also won six rounds and continue starting right away when he was appointed governor grammys in the governor's office. Com and hustled he was too busy and that one point and we I had dinner and email conversation. Where this amount to be gizmos too busy next month as a okay may June or July right. OK meantime you can get I will record we can do it animal might. Exam on Saturday and aren't don't get at his wedding at your convenience front wheel coming in ever coming into it. Too busy. OK at that point. I had never. Criticized the back. I did some one native puzzle I didn't know anything about it yet almost no record. And this went on for who we get a monastery wade through it through June before finally gave up and started calling start Collins a six must. Taking back about him during that time I mean there wasn't much to criticize him. Nineteen to criticize him why we're doing much he wasn't too much and so. ELA is she did now turns dole you know they criticized me well we criticized him I showed you and I am legitimate issues yes we're not not mean this personal and all. And what did you history of refusing to come on the show. I'm what do you creates any criticism by any of him at all or me I. Just dish cinched so I I actually like Henry McMaster. It is yeah. You know but look I mean you know we're we are treated like other redheaded stepchild. And then you know in the wake of this excuse of too busy to do radio interviews. Here of the governor shows up. Doing other. Radio interviews. So obviously this is something that's personal and directed and us. And not hand away and terra this morning to say. What's Irsay and I remember there was four hours send something to be effective manner I'm paraphrasing the girls word share. I'll what's a matter governor are you afraid of a girl. And a little old man is hoping you didn't hear that. I did I should put them I think I did say you are an artist Lee about his or her surely look cold well as the formaldehyde that doesn't. I went out when I did not hero live on air but mark Hendricks who assumed a mile role as operations manager. Told me about it and unfortunately he did when I had a mouth full of fluff a liquid. Which. Clock immediately. Spin out why they're all open for her after a good scripture or tell me luck. I'm when you get right down to I'm older than Hillary. They don't I don't know to scare hi I am a little Allman. And and why should he be frightened of us all look and. In conversations that we've had with his handlers. We pointed out to the mall multiple occasions look. We're not gonna ditch the guy we're not gonna. Pull some kind of sixty minutes surprise. Ambush interview here complete DNA tests and managed to do that and you know what what they shall we shall we treat you respectfully but he hour and asking tough questions you know what their response was. Well submit your questions in advance. I play but the other radio station did to get to interview because the questions were so soft on young candidate and every Amin looked. That's fine if you're Donna Brazile and your your passing questions along as the head of the DNC. Before CNN town hall event to felonious and on pant suit Hillary. That's a way they work and that's not the way we were no legitimate. Organ is a journal knows journalists or news organization or talk show most would agree to submitting questions in advance it's not the way it works. And be terribly unfair to all the other people that we have we have interviewed him and what UN and its isn't outrageous request anyway nobody else request that in you think it would deal is with Henry because. Tell you. I see a lot of difference between John Warren and Catherine Templeton Henry McMaster I don't see a lot of need. Egg cat and Catherine Templeton nice woman. Owned by different people who could do it intentionally blunted saying that is dis to her at all we know they're racing she owes a lot of people a lot of stuff right a lot of Saber she's gonna have to repatriation are can be unbiased primarily John Warner actually is are we done by any Big Easy has his own money but. I'm glitz let's beef here he hasn't been real specific on pitting pretty much anything and kind he's reflexively says he's not willing to explore off the coast forget Terrelle he's not willing to explore. And I see a lot of daylight between him in May master I think you would be their heart on my master. Given the that you aren't that different in Kevin Bryant is very different he's truly conservative he's different than analysts up but. I now know we Alan Wilson showed up for the for the attorney general's debate and he shaved some hate he took some see Tina had to be front you know from Iceland would legitimately because there's been some appearance of him in her media policy are cheering but maybe. Not going fairly on people given you know do different political groups they go they belong to the odd good if your attorney general and we we were really asked in question and he. So he answered the question is yeah you know I mean anyways we eat you know it is a lot tougher for him Indian in Nasr always afraid of. Yeah it is a disservice to his constituents and not appear at an event where more or whether questions essentially are coming from the people and and we're the ones yeah there are voicing them of the questions are coming from from the voters. I am sadly I'm left to conclude. That governor remained in master is a liar it's as simple as. I think does he doesn't think he's some I am a pollen. I mean he's a coward you know I think he doesn't think that he has the chops to stand on his own feet and none. And in Illinois debate season I did and it think if you want photos anything can happen we might you know follow up or whatever in the debate. You know any sense format yelled in Renton debate don't we're not the same question on most questions are going to be trounce all the candidates share. But for whatever reason the governor is a well my baby number and went on a related though wait a stamp on this show to her. Yesterday send well the other governor is. We cleanest of the governor's chicken coop. You know he's I think he's I think he doesn't have the confidence that he can handle a tough question because let's face it he never has. I've I've heard is all over the state that he controls. Very tightly these events that a Michael front cannot be struck in his face by somebody does not pre planted this is not just did not start with us and ask a question and might be. On difficult like governor why did you rush to veto the gas tax. Preventing opponents of the gas tax from having enough time to be able to get enough votes together Muster enough votes to override your read out so you can say well now but I'll be told building gas or yell but the way you went about it well everybody in assets Oregon. That's that's Ulster. Well I we have zipped through our allotted time for this edition of the EF three big he goes podcast little little tequila. Yeah we'll we have been leaning gets it may masters commercial where he says he defund the Planned Parenthood. And what did happen. Is. This. You know really can and other times please continue. Well join us next time as a conversation will continue hopefully all three of us including meant to be here next time. We shall see until then we will see you on air. In addition to hear on the three big egos podcast on delayed until late and we are we that's right and until next time. Adios amigo.