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The "Three Big Egos" Podcast
Thursday, May 17th
Vince, Tara, and Bob talk Mel Blanc and Mueller.

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Welcome. To our latest installment of the big ego is my name's Vince Coakley. And I don't remember my Alter your. Walsh also with this is C three big ego us. Three videos get and he's got to play on you know three amigos and and I am course I am of easier for me to say I am of course body Mac also now on my have my other altered he'll name. At which is of course when he smiles oh yes no global. And I am a little tequila at home wanting to say out for the record we are not trump today now know we're not although it may seem so everybody's. So you are an excuse they see we can't remember who we are where we are what's you're wearing courting but we are here. Well we're certainly ask where is here anyway and well yeah he areas really that he's questioned as standard on what and when you look at it because. Little tequila and no glob Boe are here in the upstate of South Carolina in Greenville. And fans of course is up across the ball enough. I hit rough. Make touched impressions Amazon ash that's really good you have it sounds like flood Gordon leg afforded to us. Plus. Years is ripping off Mel blank. The other great voice artist June dish out Bugs Bunny and and Elmer the men abandon all put the and L verified and still westerly cap and all of those great voices in military tends to protect the more you you buddy sharpest only. And I you know Mel blank out who should been terrific. And what all those voices. Achy beyond a sore throat while season especially true stores went and then. Whatever government specialist is for your throat. And the doctor looked down his throat and he didn't know who malveaux well Mel blank was what he did it would ML blanks there and he says are you an opera singer. And is that no true voice on our troopers and that I haven't seen vocal chords like that on anyone except an opera singer really now. That is pretty fascinating and that was that was cool. Now jointly yup I'm so glad to know you can read ahead well I'm hours just say. Mel blank of course it all this great horses including Bugs Bunny. But they ran into a problem. Because bugs in them many of the cartoons would would chew on a carrot being on a rabbit and and every time they would do that Millwood gets sick. Until they finally figured out he was allergic. To purchase. In addition they did too often do wow Bugs Bunny junior Kara so they they got a bunch of other things now docked right. They get they got a bunch of other things and brought them all and they accelerate and I got potatoes they got a Apple's. Paul who's an everyday and whatever else you think out. None of bum. Made a sound an approximate and biting into a carrot so. The solution they came up with walkers they put a trash can next this microphone. And you take a bite of the Tarrant. And then they would stop and you've spent and out the net for all of which by the way estate news since records don't actually like cats they don't want. Now they don't now I just say they like Gladys and pressing NATO for the Romaine now because singing and all the problems are. I was fascinated by the whatever I see you know we start argument in Neiman name comes up with some land in the past I teach you know he died in 1989. It's been that. Long while. And you know his son. I know all. Actually has taken over. And I in the new additions of the looney tunes cartoons that they do for a white Cartoon Network and semi since they don't show on the movie theaters and it's always my favorite part of the film when I'm mu went to the movies is a kid was so when nutrients cartoons and he sounds. Almost identical. I was dead there are there are a few voices where I can pick a president who followed Mel blank for a long time I'm pretty obviously. And a he's he's. Almost identical in most of the voices that he hasn't patient and very few variances here there than most people probably wouldn't pick up anyway. So we kept it alive. Teachers never know what you're gonna learn about. When we come together like this at a very search or else they're fascinating conversation is not going to be we're normally talk about it. Of course we're broadcasting so this is grades exactly what we're here for and I drew a sharp turn into. Reaching that milestone of the year of the exciting Muller investigation wow. Which I'm sure you two were absolutely positively thrilled about it. Million. British this thing go from here I think we got an indication yesterday. This is story in the New York Times. This is a bombshell. I yeah and there's nothing better well there are few things better in life ironically speaking in the New York Times having to admit that yes trump was wiretapped and we might have mocked him for that suggested that he was delusional. Yeah my Twitter account should be taken away for. I'm fantasizing he's being more attempt by the I hope he actually was wiretapped by the ice he's paranoid is delusional and spied on like three other ways and in this not to fight to court to my right to my this is indeed an additional spike. And then admit. That. Day you know they're they're fig leaf of cover was well is popping topless remember right that this dean campaign guy he went to a party ran into the Australian ambassador. And told Somalian the Russians are colluding in spying or whatever tone in a drunken state and turned to see your summoned that and to the FBI was not well okay it was more than Hillary dossier it was the I own no it was improper jobless well now we find actually they launched the investigation two days before popping doppler staggered into the car. The math on that does not work even if you do common core math on it it still doesn't work front so. They get nothing and they have that they didn't face by our president because they didn't like him. And the whole tone of the New York Times story and I read the entire thing last night. And essentially. It struck me as being if call me is ever charged. Them quit in what the reality is that gonna happen but. If only was ever charged this struck me as the metric or. That the white paper for their defense. It's a bit and the whole tone of the times story and I know you'll be stunned to hear list. Is that these guys were great patriots. Who felt tea a patriotic imperative to investigate and to continue and do a deep dive and dig down into the rush you called patriotic music name. No they had brought no evidence. Anything had been dyed bright bright. That means you're really patriotic we're gonna have to take this guy out because when a deep dive into because Iowa we don't know why but we're into it because we just feel that we should. Com if you certainly wall street journal editorial on us I think they nailed it this Ellison that inspector general's report on the FBI's Anthony's twenty sixteens coming out. And today this is them. I'm breaking news to take these stunning tractor out of it went right inspector general's report him comes out and in a lawsuit journal editorial also said that you know those of us have been following this have been expecting this very long time. Found and DeVon knew this is same same dame on the other side the head of the M house Intel committee. Albright said on FOX & Friends the other morning they framed and yeah. And he's he basically said they set him up and then no one of the FOX & Friends we're just as we've all known for us anyway instead I mean framed him. And DeVon and as like yeah pretty much says what it looks like I've made a stunning and you know it Joni jobs right today when he said it was actually yesterday play the audio today when he said. This is the biggest scandal in US. History distortion ordered to Wear gain as Tron tweeted today and this is it's even bigger than keep up don't. It is so. I don't know that wasn't so. Big show big game and you know it's just gone it's ruled so slowly that the shock factor is is been taken out of it. And the reason to me it is so big and it is I think the biggest political scandal in American history. Is that as as I've had mentioned ad nauseam from the beginning. When they people who put their one hand on the Bible on race the other day god and and take an oath to support and defend the constitution of the United States when those. Who are tasked with upholding the laws in this country are themselves. Ball lawbreakers. We got trump. Yet this is what Argentina style. I now we need now is for a prosecutor to fund an elevator shaft. You know and I mean accidentally of course. And time yet why the very one who's going after the president you know in the country in Argentina and everybody just Jack does about and I go about the business and knows what happened and we just used to it well Hillary was involved anybody remember Vince Foster who has extensively killed himself by shooting himself in the right temple. Even though he was a laughed and what I ocean is that is as the guy was was to testify against Hillary but he actually crushes on fro would've thought with a Pargo while working out troops. I sat down that was the outcome of all of this a battle for the future of the country Dan Burton then Dem vs us can they outlast charm for contrite about us them. That's what that's what it is I mean when you have. They're headed judicial watch warning this week. Trump better wake the hell up those are his exact words on Fox News that this is serious and use the word soft kill mean nobody knows more about this than judicial watch that sued to find out have to make. You know that they're not messing around and ended these you know these did this is a soft foods he has to stop it. I think they'll leading indicator came in that time story at the I think this whole thing ties with a whimper. You know you got Muller now saying telling a Giuliani went on how the president's not going to be indicted for anything. And I think that Mueller will. You know quietly slipped away into the darkness within your iPhone with its charges against man afford and whoever. General for women whoever else. You know it's ancillary players in this. And and and just doesn't quietly so slips off into the night and I think the whole thing goes away in the media. Of course just what should die because it's an embarrassment. Well OK let's suppose that happens let's suppose you're you're you're glass half full kind of person aren't I his prime now I mean the ire SF today got busted. They do is they audited a quarter of the people who donated to the Tea Party a quarter of them right. And they were so harassing people after the Ira scandal broke sharp break so listen I am our face off in the sunset it was good for trump. But that leaves everybody in place and if nobody goes to prison. At a bottom. Then. You know a close learner I mean eight air they just gonna continue right on out and see next election because I'm thinking they will and we still is the country are sure well I look we know that don't fusion GPS the same out for the came up with a shield lastly I would that wasn't the first time the Democrats should you should the Obama administration also hired fusion GPS to try and dig up stuff on Mitt Romney and all they can find was and he put his dog and a crane on top of the station wagon when you went on vacation. But do I think the point you're making. Kind of inflow or and have that confirms. What I'm saying is a Lois or are still getting her pension. Yes as low as Carter ever been brought up on charges personnel announcement. And man I'm guessing that's what happens here on a numbing your guesses he has my what do you think that's well I. I mean I tend to think you can you guys sound very skeptical about. The possibility of this ever being prosecuted in the way it probably should be camp and I mean I'm in the same place and I a it majors the other question who would who would what would be the the legal mechanism to bring charges toward anybody. Well in the case of calm me they can get him for a perjury before counting isn't whom. Well it's cause I what does he once called the Department of Justice there on time what I used to do stuff like that right. You know what they did in the foil and in a hole and also when did was you know he said doesn't there was a comma there were is actually a period until they got him for lying to the FBI. Now. So yeah that it's a fair question and that's why I don't think Tony's going to jail I Hillary you know that's a that's a pipe dream lock her up as a pipe dream that's not to happen. I think that that that everybody at the at the FBI and the DOJ. And certainly though the former intelligence agencies people clapper and Brennan that world also. Apparently part of this collusion. Clapper and Brennan are already gone on I'm I think bill. Recognize as well that it's going to be an embarrassment it certainly is going to be an embarrassment to the FBI and the DOJ. And I don't know that we're through seeing people not surprised Rosen scene is still there. Dot surprise resisting the sun in inside to sell now. Which is where he's gonna end up if Mueller goes down or he could end up of we had an honest prosecutor in that position. That and there's a bigger gift than a dead and that's the question I keep coming bacteria. If there are crimes that have occurred here on the investigative side of the crew would be the person responsible for pursuing us. How about a special prosecutor. And who would appoint. That would be the attorney general. Yeah and there's a move afoot in congress I don't know how far OK come by to impeach rose instinct. Now right now because so he's not playing ball most of the questions is inflamed all ignoring subpoenas now the other day big day they've outgrown subpoenas they're too big. And T surveil you know earning their their two big pages to you you can't ask them to comply with the subpoena as you know the kind they. They issue every day well we had too big to fail with a bag Sally got too big to surveil head to school in every year and then goes to Afghanistan. Down make a note I want to write down at today's state country Malaysia. Yes and it's and it's pathetic. But even does end up on the way that I have outlined and and that's not certainly what I would prefer I pre sale these guys go to jail. And I think they ought to get through I have an opportunity to see on the inside of the graybar hotel. And and if they don't. Then the point did devote you guys made that you know this thing can can resurface again. You know as a son all of sealed dossier. Exists. And at this way. Which okay yearly to have your house to wired for cable TV now right which actually have cable TV to somebody flips the switch re right. Okay well work pre wired great now for surveillance state sure if you look at it I mean you look at what to do with Turkey say they Seville what he's emails is phone calls and wiretaps and adolescent and that's us up big dollar checks of that dollar emails that government data which is who we called. And and your record of all saddened as Rand Paul told me when I interviewed him a few years ago he's it was a snow in only got two goods on one of the five programs and there are four more front I would don't know what they do we just know that day. Exist still think about it we're RE pre wired for a stolen style surveillance state dead dead dead the economy is can only dream Duff I mean the Communist. You behavior and compass you didn't know if there was a bug in the home. There's a good and everybody's home. President caddie all the hard wiring they just need to flip the switch as to think about this certainly did want to control who is the state legislative. You know senate leader they want to control. Two wins the GOP primary for congress they want to control any attack why not. They got the infrastructure to do a heck they're cease fire and Lindsey Graham and Dianne Feinstein is CIA did. You know what's to stop and I'm so what we're watching his trump. Going through what it will be like to live in the surveillance tape they've already built it's not some potential future reality it exists and it's in their hands right now and that's really scary to me they have been pitted and should be economy G and ironies in particular over the. Dan empire should be a scary and everybody else. Close this out have some drinks then memoir she just sounds good yeah brutal that I can't yeah yeah on a positive note that our stock up ahead please just. OK look like a favorite things in the world no joke I mean your small pleasures and joys. Is that the blueberry. Now is blueberry crispy cream cake. Don't acts who Pena did concede arise I got one downtown Doug dancers went and Monday authorities blueberries and asked her how. And the only thing left was the bloomer donor I would never try to raid. As I try to only got its only eat now was Krispy going to affect are I don't I get crank and so they have just announced Krispy Kreme has disappointed as the Internet. They've just announced that they are going to have a glazed doughnut. With blueberry flavored what else might get a cash and let me would disagree stretch kick this you ever receive the wonder and the glory of capitalism. New study comes out today the average American eats thirty went aren't here right okay. The average Venezuelan lost point four pounds from starvation last year. And you are breaking into the zoo to kill the animals to eat them right right at you and America okay you get a blueberry cake tournament. With the white glazed and artists a plain white donut. With the blueberry glaze well aren't you would like following scenario could have both its I mean fight taking any of those poisons today I'm going to blame you folks. I don't want to. But it's great to be in America. You biggest problem is trying to get from 31 donuts you're down to just 150. You know and she hears a problem I eat may be one doughnut a year which means is somebody else is eating 62 testing anti politician snow has a little particularly in almost donuts my goodness we got to go. Incredible what this is Vince thanks for joining us and el Globo AKA Bobby Mack and little tequila is an I can't drink a lot of see you next time kids that little bit and then the diet that's all folks.