THE 3 BIG EGOS 5 24 18

The "Three Big Egos" Podcast
Thursday, May 24th
Tara, Bob, and Vince are joined by special guest Lonzo as they talk fast cars, speeding tickets, and thumping base.

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Hello we have sports fans time once again as we go down on the field burn these three big egos podcasts. Weekly edition for a what's today made 24. Yes that well if not that's close enough. I am among one of your trifecta hosts for this podcast time of course Bobby Mack also known as. No global. Little to Healy year old Karen NN's Tara survey says. And Vince. Now event center Q. No was my Q when ministers to see from your. Only held about what might. It looks good yeah. And if you talk about supplant why I'm here have been saying anything. While Obama could be because you don't have any any headphones on Europe this influx of the hearing is the second big. 00 isn't very. There are so I want now and as junior said dumb women proof. Great to have you on this we were he's getting ready Wu and in many a warm up phase in the bullpen. Hear from the F podcast say we were telling great car stories because Alonso. Who also joins us once as the producer. Further podcasts and also of course is a producer prevention show. Just bought a a new car tell us about your new. Our Alonso. I I hate doing that because it is I don't want to let you don't I don't relish this don't want to haters don't know what I'd drive man follow rush hour but I'll do it again I guess I got a 2008 team. Camaro. Push it SA my wife bought me a 2018. To Merrill. And done good choice and lives yes you know I I think so too and I'm not gonna tell you the color but it's a fast car yeah well as she believed in. Mary more than one person I. How just asking. I hope not our friend they're known Daschle you know she's not true you tell. Did he ask CC you're having a midlife crisis on deathly out of the mid life okay explicitly is that I set this whole thing up I told my kids all right I want a new car practice take about six months. I'm I'm approaching fifteen AK and you know then you start dropping hints and it's like you know like a soccer mom what yeah vehicles yeah this is the first. Actual car I've had in twenty years we have not had minivans and suvs because. Of how the couple kids in go into multiple sporting events you know. Every day it's Chrysler Pacifica that's a one that I yeah I priced out of Pacifica muscle was Ford Escape so uneven. Which was on my way to a sports car was a Ford Escape so. I dropped tense I'd I did what I needed to do and when you've been married over 25 years and how things work if I and it's it's not exactly playing some more and it's just been she's trying to decide do I really wanted or was I just messing around and in my advancing years I just decided and I am only AA on if this is the last car I bought them why not it be the same kind of Cardoza first horrible which was a Camaro yes so but that Lewis. Slightly less sexy than an exclusive and yes that was a semi seven Camaro my uncle bought it for 300 dollars Joseph offered it to his grandson is grants and I'm trying that drive and that she's known and I was in college. He's like you want this like hell I'll take that can bidding prices are and back then do as long time goes back to nineteen and number 86. And that's when. The rap game started and you guys love the rap game cannot get enough that's does win the war first started coming out to be putting cars Palin does two live crew Sony your not you one of those modes for us on. On the original OJ no one album so I guy got a couple fifteens stuck it in that little truck that's all that would fit in there right every tele drive up to a stoplight all the bond villain rust will fall car Phillies. There was also an uphill I was great and had snow tires on it. And there were bald guy so you know everything we're embracing slick yeah every corner was the face down there there was there was also Bryant so now the thing is to try and not. To relive my youth as far as that goes endless hours. Warner browse ask him while I don't know when I got to see this thing since since he now has system that's hot car I ask him and I came in the city area so well here and you've been an Iraqi out. You know because yet you be going to the midlife crisis he got this so hot Camaro. You're tempted to drive it really fast and end up doing something stole it. Oh that's by the way totally. Totally in mid life crisis cardiopulmonary there yeah it was a rag top to be even more so well guess we will and we look at those and not follow Holland's prime not a good deal so you know who I know it's a midlife crisis on Mon nit. I'm OK with that scenario I'm glad I would never get a midlife crisis desk. What do you drive by the way answer no comments like I guess yeah he's been a series is over although kinds of Kyle Mike can else I had no idea what you drive is that maybe even a sol nine is a Mercedes yeah. It did racism and I guess if they would immediately ninety feet right. You know economists noting drives what are you thinking well at sea for security reasons oh okay would be a good idea to. Devotes moment I'm Zach eagle and not Ford or set shanties of a sedan. Here's the problem you guys are beloved Bob and terrible blow this is not a reviled yeah. Careful Obama saying what we cry yell I'm. Funny I generally yeah I see people with a look these license plates you know that identify them and I thought. Yeah a what a pity party should not your DNA as well you know largest advertised hey here I am come ripped me off a little and I get a taste of identity theft for me well and and of course you know in our profession and yeah there was no just regular people. Noticed baffles me the people who put. Like one of those little stickers are representing every member of their family you have some took off in traffic you just told him you have three kids and a baby dry dog and two cats. He's coming your house to get this cat she's been their outdoor cats. I mean you advertise that I'm just stay low information kind of person I want my info out we were talking the other day about the yard signs for security services and ash and I would never put one of those up because all you had to do. Is it go on the web. And you'll find how to defeat whatever it is CE I know. And stuff is on there. It's just crazy and the same thing when your phone you know I've got like military grade encryption. On my rifle and a half. And and lost an election on top of the car window and I drove off and a fellow in the grass and somebody some money found it. Went on YouTube and crack didn't got into it to find out how to return the phone you know. All yell LA at least I don't think I was honest. But it it's spooky we're talking about that I mean a speeding now. Vince and have you ever gotten a speeding ticket when my let's let's do that senior moments clearly yes your began speaking on and has has this ever gotten a speeding ticket I'm going BS swans up. Oh yeah he's got he's got multiple you think now they who won tequila. Yeah I think at least once him Ramadan at least one right before we're done OK and and the answer is that's the answer is yes I got. I'm not really dumb about it so I studied under if they can knock on the highway it was for 43. And at 35. Our men and pushing inch air around more like Lanny what their offense can you believe that I was I was really frustrated because it was so cheesy now it's like in this guy have an eating better to do now. He didn't you know you you ran into NATO a Nazi cop. Good morning aid for the month and Annie hasn't met his corner and they don't have a quota by the way just right so many a month and then that's it. That's. Good well you know I. And instill into the background here is I was on the air in Charleston greed and it did to tropical us here are patently ridiculous to sit some woman ahead. Shifted over and traffic. Cut off a guy. And pushed him. Over there and the median and he's on a motorcycle over like over the rail I'll real medallion payment Annie died. OK we call now yeah he got so we I was raging on about how she got was a ticket and that ticket do for whatever she got where does the thing was was isn't she was like a two point ticket. Parade two points for killing guy yeah okay so literally the next day I'm in Charleston where on the Gestapo. The good and the Nazis together work because you're in law enforcement doesn't list they actually all. OK and so they set up on me great. And I am I I I I can't I do not come okay to a complete stop a delay rate now that I don't wanna go in that time my wheel was still moving slightly can be absurd says is it the U chassis and you seem to say man eating come to a saudis is ma'am. You're real. Did not completely. Stop moving. Toilet generally I'm glad you're at a California rolling stop this click here. Sure we'll did not start moving completely haven't written a piece and he gives me a ticket on four point violation. I just thought twice as many points is one in the kill somebody I don't know yeah. They should go on the air animal exercised admittedly no did not exercise good judgment at all and I lost my mind curious with four points and I even kill anybody is not fair guess what station he listens to the cut. Yes and so that is my lawyer expressed a year and a half to urging him in court because he was so ticked at the first hearing right that he was arkan compromise at all he told the judge about my terrible attitude. And that you know I was in danger on the road because in my terrible and you know attitude and I complete disregard this or traps on didn't care if you will not Imus there you must only drink agent John cousins if you go and really that was where we and and no mention my worst thing menu have completely pissed off it's calm right which you say yes and well I did get a little bit heated you know when I mean it is. Six might judge that I didn't kill anybody like other woman in these are no would be best if we just didn't. So am I don't go off on cubs anymore right except that when I get on this podcast. I've. I got one of their steel and Memphis says that California rowing Schaub and I did actually stopped me it was momentary. Infinitesimal a quick at home but there was no money coming the other way and then that guy stuffs me I was still wants a story in 1974. I bought a a new Corvette. It was out silver convertible it was absolutely gorgeous and they didn't have the big games and I had a 67 vet. Bad for 27 and then that baby would yell at me when you started an up and neighbors all complain about the noise. And so you ask gonna drive to two of Dallas from Memphis and then go visit some friends and I left at night it's like a Friday night it was gone for the weekend. And I get there in those days when you had a a brand new car you had to get 500 miles on the engine. Before you can take it over sixty and then you have the engine broken hand and we sent to a factory recommended so I'm west of little rock and there's hardly anybody else on the road it's like midnight. And I thought okay there's 500 miles we'll see that this baby a do I jacket up to like 120. Just really old stupid. And I'm rolling down the highway and all of a sudden a little voice in my headsets slow. Down. Where does that come from so I took my foot off the gas back to Dan about sixty within half a mile on interstate forty. Is somebody. Coming the wrong lane on the interstate Amman playing in Sherman tank like a 54 Oldsmobile. And I grab the emergency brake and don't like a 360. Went into the media and on the right and then shot back down into the grassy median on the left. And I miss that car but you know like a feather to have a slates on now I know I'm glad you know like season. And now so you know I guess we now I think we have Angel sitting on our shoulders and what can unforced. That would be in the affirmative. And that's an awesome story you column into the get him Dino now never never I wondered if meant. He hit somebody else now you know somewhere further down the road but I never saw anything else about wow yeah. You're one of the ironies about tell you retirement this ruling stopped thing I need. The first ticket these very first they can do that I got pure Irish had it. Where to the radio station to work of course when this was my second radio job in. He sprawling metropolis of Richmond Kentucky he had. And why it's a place where you play in country music or DSL now of course what else Josh. So here are. Here I was right around the corner from the station. And it's one of those access roads. And so a lot from Josh wrote and so all yes are doing is just other branches of a running just trust access to a I do this rolling stop and a cop Sami outside guys disregarding stop sign ticket that was a very this year. Regarding a stop sign. Can't sell or send very official. Yeah and it was thankfully urine Kentucky's not Charleston where in the rulings apple com are you pretty much conviction for murder you know we're four points you know we whichever is more serious when she a four points is more serious apparently I was I was really fortunate because I had done for different corvettes. The nicest when a course Russa 67 and I mentioned earlier that that when not god but totaled out from under me. A story in Washington and I'm sitting at a stoplight. And the next thing I know wake up in the hospital. And what happened was. This kid who has a son of an air force general who works at Dell a puzzle palace as of right now on the road this money she's about sixteen years so he's going 45 miles an hour. And comes up to stop light and it noted that never even sought. And just plowed right into the Briere and in my you know corvettes are made up. Fiberglass. Jake they don't hold up too well now when your run into by an Oldsmobile delta 88. And not just absolutely totaled the car. Wow now I was lucky that mound no one hurt don't worsen a loss. Well we certainly given people a perspective on who ER and another dimension. And Carlyle and potentially a stupid things we've gone. And down and pass along as a life lessons for you. Not to do I duplicate because don't let this happen to you exactly he had read you know books we were we were lucky year. You know god though looks out for drunks and fools like that. I would tell you this though I use an unorthodox approach one time with a ticket. Because I was just yet it was just such a bad time I was I got two tickets. Previous in be my third 1918 months my husband hedges to spinone it was a Great Recession he just lost his business we or plume of smoke or do we could not afford not a cent enemies might never mind turns when he was in loses much. And the officer comes to the detail window enemy I'm not shaking tears and tears are flowing now I've got three toddler screaming behind I don't know it mean. And I sister please. Please officer to -- it was it was I was go to Charlotte N and it they had or I had lowered the speed limit her in his one section from seventy which I was totally used to for years done like 55 sort of force blew through and no track because it was setting a five over seventy re you know reasonable unless you're not 55 exactly right recent officer please police officer are so I cannot tell my poor husband who just lost because as I can't you know I can't tell I can't tell it. That I got another one please officer I swear you'll never catch me speeding through there again and I'm the whole summer. Route. And I crying sick kids are crying all I ever oh MRI yeah do you know any of the officers scary you know and a little there it's scary. And that he trusted name in an incident just just just just stop crunch comes and his team and I'm just gonna give your all the while just give you or an award and but you know what I think it was just I was not shaking it that was slick the last scenario and put it marked. And and the fact that she had three screaming yard apes in the completion. Our after action tonight she wanted to get away from the kids are a little engines the cheers were incentive but you know. So I guess that today is a life lesson has. Don't do what we do. Yeah that would be good take away especially not Charleston right. Or or anyplace else. On behalf of the three big egos. This is that L while those saying so long until next up. Yes Ariba Ariba on toll on Italy until the next recording session. And the very boring Vince who. Can drive and watching the sunset is called. Witness before this one take it yeah that's what I've got a mobile look for the ball movement. I don't really do arm of for the role I know one thing about north Tony want to get out of here. Yeah I.