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The "Three Big Egos" Podcast
Thursday, May 31st

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Hello how they greetings welcome salutation. And in this week's edition of I'm pleased to dream big Eagles podcast is under way. I am of course I'll walk over AKA Bobby Mack. And now I am a little tequila and Cain tarot. Who money didn't. I feel we're there for hours and my calling Brian casting my brain she shy and where am I he can't tell the players a lot of programs sports events is a mining stock deal or something. My. Life. How lovely old madness user experience. That's. And now and vents and joining us and then we re on all three back together in the saying you were yet. The band back together it's got to reconnect here you know and I wanted to kick off with something midst. As we your doing this broadcast just we know I'd National Anthem before the kick off for no I would not through this. We have some interesting pardon news and commuting news that's going on that yeah so what what happened by the time. This is heard by a number of people we've already guides the announcement of the pardon. For in the a person right definitely think. Deserves this makes it done not on there the treatment that he received. Dinesh D'Souza and now there's about polio for of commutations or pardons. For Martha Stewart and Rod Blagojevich. Of all people. This is bizarre that Rod Blagojevich I don't quite understand what I say I can explain that when C there's a maximum on how many former Illinois governor's can be in the federal penitentiary examine you know examine that and sense and and and they maxed it out and so somebody's got to go and beloved Gorton bug but I do that. Blagojevich and that really that's all formally eliminated and that Blagojevich. This. His is the latest is the latest interest. Entrenched in the field and so therefore you know last in first out. Hey that works. That explains it I feel so much better now. All he did. Again on this guy isn't federal prison and all he did was try and sell. Barack Obama's you know that's a sentence eat. Well good she saw the whole secretary of State's office for saint am multiple transactions why she is not out in Fabrice would like Clinton crime Family Foundation looking at this women this is like a slap at the FBI say forget Blagojevich terminals put him aside but if you look it. You know who did the people being pardoned here's an Ecstasy is I mean that was sheer political retribution there was no journalist and he was the only person in here has ever been sentenced to prison time. For that particular donation. Crime and that does a donation sort of thing that I saw all the time in Charlotte when I told. Campaign finance reports chair people one over the limit and it was in an out they had to send the money back unless you make a documentary against Obama in which case they spend 300000 dollars burying you you know the need to. L look at 2008 with a all the contributions to Obama's campaign from. You know let Carter. United Arab Emirates and donations were made their names Donald do not get enough Mickey Mouse and Namibia and did their bit Elmer fund. The so he could. And another never happened there and then they they wanna throw away the key and now lock up on Dinesh. And not in the gray bar hotel for as Terrell pointed out -- crime that's never prosecute and let's look at who prosecuted Martha Stewart Shelly. As James coming up that's a supposedly is worse -- no idea of Eli found basically according Ellison he's a political persecution is. I mean everybody is widely agreed Martha Stewart that was absolutely ridiculous to go after her at that level spew on and center Dinesh D'Souza no I don't Arab envoy in the blue what maybe is. I was immediately they shouted infuriated married I swear if I hadn't anti cancer a sellout and blasts through their sleazy and. Rogge met me in the hand and love Blagojevich and I'm way can I interject here a police do we had to do this over drink some I. I don't like doing bush tell management after slowly audience probably things we do anyhow I see no whoever drinks. And you'll see DID management says anything natural knows they listened to these price gas noticed a difference. I'm glad you brought up 30 the FB lie down because Tuesday of this week was a big anniversary I don't know if you guys are aware of this had not been as they. Student of history. It it is incumbent upon me to remind folks Tuesday. This week. End of may and 2002. Was AM an anniversary that was the anniversary of the date in which they also distinguished. Robert Mueller. He who of course is not to be out. Confused with any anything illegal or corrupt during an asset. They they the a whiter than snow Robert Mueller as head of the FBI. And mid end. The the FBI ignored. Red flag warnings that would have prevented the 9/11 attack blueboard. Nice job Mahler and the FBI now you know what what that's in reference to you guys remember what that is. There was a one NF BI agent in the Twin Cities Minneapolis Saint Paul. She received a telephone call from a flight instruction school are now remember then Minnesota. And the guy called the FBI and some look we've got these. Arabic appearing guy is. Who are taking out flight school lessons for headaches for India 11740 sevens. Those kind of aircraft but they don't want to know how tall land that made him somewhat suspicious seagull the FBI. The F female agent. In another Twin Cities office calls Hoover building in Washington hey this is what's gone on up here I want a warrant to go to this guy sales and what's his computer. No no says Mahler and now the other suit said the FBI you can't do that number one that's profiling and number Jerel. Well we just don't do that sort of thing that would be an intrusion on I don't know of fourth of Fourth Amendment whatever. A constitutional rights is guy who's not a citizen by the way as soon as that constitutional rights. What we can't do that. So then 9/11 happened is they do go to the guys cells they do get this computer what's on it the entire. Plan for 9/11. Damn nice job Mahler well you know. All Mets I've pointed out many times we have a great tradition in this country. I've the FBI doing political Oppo research for Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and natural there was filegate. You know where those files illegally never should've been kept in the B in the first place aren't on the Clinton's enemies made it from the FBI or they've been compiled into the White House incredibly nobody was arrested was still boggles my mind to stake. So when you are about Hillary Clinton. I mean it can't and a the FBI is fierce to get their Oppo research on this is nothing new this isn't an aberration. This is how these two more paid by the way then it's going back to your first topic tonight a title together here. Com I just figured it out Blagojevich. That was a yet threesome great year by Muller. Fat Patrick FitzGerald bridal boy who was in on the whole Cohen rain rain lowering challenge. They also did a predawn raid fine and Blagojevich in front of his two terrified daughters. And that FitzGerald is calm he's best friend wrecked our guess is that what they teamed up again for a very similar raid. Com against you know Rod Blagojevich and then again and against Colin and show on yet that's how it that this is trapped slapping at them and say look at their past work lookup political. Lara why thanks for your nebulous so I think they're good at is breaking down doors. You know they wanna talk about blowing the gusts casualties Fannie and here they come in the breed on in the predawn hours. You know and not kick in the door and get a you know I have to wonder. It because they took so many things. From Conan it took so many things that matter from metaphors else. Didn't they get some things that would have nothing to do what what the FBI was investigating and would therefore not everything may god. Beef fruit of the poison tree and tossed out. You know the other question ghost in my mind there if indeed he follows the were on the use pardons commutations whatever takes place. Do you think he explains the reasons. Most say. Now but you can see the collection in the connections clear a parent yes I just slap but I'm wondering if he's going to explain this because. I'd like me I think there are a lot of people raising the question who would raise the question. Why in the world would he pardon these people right. Yeah. They're political prosecutions for the most part Aum yet and you know maybe it's this nineteen dollar and into con me I you can do every once an immigrant myself. You can burn himself he didn't hurt himself before he's every been charged craft so. You know this is just it's it's piling their previous disasters work. It says. It's a dangerous time to be alive such things are dangerous kinda green washing okay out. I can find yourself you know and four Griffith park you know whether revolver in her hand. Braylon has a bullet in your brain. You can drive the Barbell in your own throat yeah yeah that to happen the day before you're set to testify against bill and Hillary neck it happened totally could have been on your plane could crash you could happens all the time and us yes. Is truly where. Hey you know while we haven't talked about yet is Roseanne Barr and Ambien and a boy. Kudos to the manufacturers of Ambien. Foreign done taking a situation where they're already. Somewhat reviled drugs and has a bad reputation of the Kennedy kid. You drive and around Capitol Hill at 3 in the morning all on him yes ya Ambien has a somewhat. That checkered past I guess as one way to describe it so. You know and now Roseanne is blaming. Two weeks on a half months on ambient and though the manufactures and Randy and did so Leo that was really pretty brilliant you know from a commercial standpoint they said hey this is great publicity forced let's put out a tweet that says that. A sign of drew while Andean may have certain side effects racism is not one of them yeah. Go viral pillows Glover yell whoever is is doing their marketing. Because really ought to get up on him on nice bonus for that went against. Number one it kind of cleaned up their image a little bit and number two think of all the free publicity they got to. Although I don't. Ambien wanna Ambien side effect is mind erasing you care remember what he didn't so it's possible that racism. Is a side effect but you can't remember your racism. When you ways therefore nobody knows he's every season is a side effects crew and Chris I don't know who who are you what happened CNN's saying. We're really since just talking about it it's not at my. Now anyway you know like I I said down the other day yeah and and now. The people on election I know well all that all the right wingers are are saying that they know this is hypocrisy that Roseanne aspired and the example they bring up. I'm more often than any others is Kathy Griffin. And Kathy Griffin got when she deserved a let's face it Roseanne but probably tell Reggie deserved as well I don't think people are running around defending Roseanne Barr's a left likes to content. But I'll look out. Keith doberman gets rehired for the six iron and XP and the record we could. Recording puts out. In LA and and a few trump. Tweet message every fifteen metal and enhances your resume ya and outs but lets why ESP and we started just after saying. They were trying to clean up their image because they're left leaning politics had been affecting how they're audience and and people don't people June and ESPN for sports. And not sure you know doberman to go off on some ran against stroke. Yeah amen to that the best out the best this week was to we read from my company and GG GC now don't ever fell off my chair yet okay that is totally tone deafness of MSNBC right this this is a historian historic moment in cable television. Because you're she says she twin dollar homophobic stuff right then since she forgot she tweeted that I remembered as somebody hacked her. Then said well that person here who wrote dad is not who I am now. Race you're seeing that you pack your own account where you wanna Ambien. I don't got it I got it but dog hacked my blog. Get this is what's really should see those homophobic stuff. She has a morning show up so intermission so what he's doing you know Rosie and as the think rules you call into talk right ray with this money is is Claire and I know I. Since joy she sister Mary show. It take to get. Hired Brad highly rated cable show Boy George would now. She didn't know you know she's she's going to do it and she's like well and she goes on sermon rising you know and I want to keep doing the job is sure homophobic slurs they should've so they should've brought back Matt Lauer and ask him that's why did you look there actually and features such did you tell him all about it. He's he while Samantha bee who kills me. This she's got a show on until I got the Time Warner you know that Time Warner broad pressure as owned by time she's like you know the liberal leaning might. Coles on her show calls. It's Yvonne could trump the starts was CN twenty word wonder why is she yeah she did because flush years and Ambien NASA. Sushi and I mean doesn't shout a question then okay this is indeed talk if crazy aunt had not done any of what she did but instead. Had colds. I heard the start to see ends with T work round which she'd been charged that. I think she would have. But yeah estimated to be an issue that suited me nobody's senator I mean can you called for his daughters seek. And now it is the worst gender slam you have to issue I mean Madison just senses there's word yeah. And you know what why is there less not have to apologize. When any regular. Joseph guy in Amir dad who called woman net at work would be so they just weren't so bad that men even use that against other men all he's the C word. Not so bad that when you wasn't must be bad Bob can you for. Clinton gravity and entertaining in a way that I can understand that I am. Kids and let's say I know he's broad zones are helpful in that way down if you didn't bring yeah. She's great at the universe nobody you should see you. One doesn't time in politics and they should call and. Because she says the baucus should you know fixer daddy's. Her daddy's immigration plan know what she said was she got to put on a tight to address or died would notice her. And go fix her emigres in town to fix the immigration policies and you'd start to see and yeah yet another grown out. Another round as far as in had tweeted at about a sit picks at Michelle Obama. And or I act I don't know some anti Hillary. Or for us. And speaking of Hillary what is up with this. Back brace or neck brace or whatever she's watched these clear that. The Memorial Day parade at Chappaqua New York she's horrendous big heavy rain coat and a scar to keep every play she goes she'll looks like. Of. Closet female version of closing mode out you know she sure didn't I hear you talk but this is in America and those like. Plus like young stronger and stay now Iowa took her what else can you don't even if the and that she's got her lectures Jack Black backpack on to keep her alive you know I have mastered their hard every fifteen minutes is it depends all all. We have to wrap up. And just who were getting rolling out this week's edition of these three big egos vodcast so until next weekend this time or whenever we see you again on the radio. Thanks Laura and checking out our broadcast we greatly appreciate it. This is held up well Bob Amax saying ideals yes and then join me again or until the predawn raid whichever comes first yeah. Little Sheila checking out. To my Ginn did it. I forget how you say this coral. Nine ailment happens yeah I know some vin sky Jones world L squirrel Bruins were a little a year ago but I would yeah calling your colleagues grow Leo good. Don't tell you and they all keep it going and they don't see you next time against an out of here.