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The "Three Big Egos" Podcast
Thursday, June 14th

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Aloha and welcome to this week's edition of 33 big big goals podcast I am Bonnie Max eight K me. Ill go home. And I am a little tequila. Normally news Tarrant. And I named Vince. Remembers is it. Kirk as it. It's a Spanish and there is killing that the whole. Branding in December it began as a make great to have you along here we go big election news anybody surprised my on the outcomes and they are gubernatorial or SE four racers are. In any else besides of course Mark Sanford. Stepping on a PP. She defies sooner you bracing for systems so run into some senior political careers over what do you think he goes yeah. It's pretty much over. Our laws did. So much for integrity and childish I'm done not just some out of here. That attitude is what surprised me I really eat diet the one thing that surprised me is I really thought it would be Catherine Templeton vs. Yeah gaming master Owens I did because she is ahead by good five points like a few days out from according to polls we you know that we're in the news and from Election Day so. What do you think venture where were you think in doubles and or we think John why are we think and nine Yancey McGill so we can have. Iran might tax nothing against Minnesota and McGill and you could not okay all went for a look tube was no one mostly good. Ninety with a lot of help. Yeah I mean I lately they've gone with the wind theme yeah and a background that would love my little it was emblems in the higher I was quite surprised. The it's really feel this work. Joining us are usually trampled and I didn't. I didn't know but I just. I've got this sixth sense about this thing you know I've. War end really have put on a pretty good surge at the end and and frankly I felt like. Some of the attack ads from my temple since campaign or from her pack. Actually be more specifics on some yeah I did exactly I felt like they backfired after a big you know look. Urich accusing your guy. Who did does 300 combat missions in Iraq as being opposed to the Second Amendment Dumont. It was a bit of a stretch there was a strap I'm I'm as much of a stretch as her convoluted is our message of let Lillian literally in the same campaign spots I'm an outsider I'll go to Columbia and fight for you. And I got my experienced being outsider while I was working inside. Colombia it's inside of state government the head of the and Obama difference yet Haitians these women outside of new and Nikki Haley took on the go Boise said they don't ever remember you doing that. And you know she's she I think she just we did way too much wrapping herself in Nikki Haley and him I am a civil war are over thinking and I think that was a strategic error on her part as well but she was a double agent. They cannot relations either Russian one this is irrational his shoes outsider who is heading up a troubling gallon nation and frankly. You know the Greenwood. Also on pit it was a minor. In terms of you know media. Coverage of of that event that. Remember and I happened while she was ahead a deejay Eddie hack and you know a school kid Solyndra Parnell wasn't a TV here yet too ridiculous Zain explosion TV. But you know people in Greenwood certainly remembering. Now. It was it was it curious because I thought that. Now Warren really. Picked up all a lot of ground. In the closing closing week of the race so I was not surprised to see him when. Now you guys tell me what he thinks he can war and win this thing I take issue looking into Asia to look at him more people voted against Henry McMaster than for an yeah you put together Templeton and Warren right or England says. Plumbing mass jailing these pick up about 88 or so points. Today you know low very points to win this thing in you know whereas. Warren's got a lot furthered and a something else limits and what I do think we as predict. Something else to factor in net and in this their total number of Republican votes some believe was slightly less than 350000. Which is down. And I think we'll see more people turning out in November because primaries as you know historically. You know who would we always look what I would get to where shall we out oil women that people people see a primary you know and their reaction is well. Now they think. I. Thinking maybe be a top advertising. Memory about the campaign but I think more people turn out in November and I think more people will turn out it. I'm a non may be wrong I think more people. Arms are tired of McMaster and move turning amount I could be wrong. Yeah that was about to ask with a prediction this year yeah I was asking you guys I think Henry looses it's really now. Now today and we're recording this on a Thursday. Catherine Templeton and would Jenna governor Kevin Bryant have both now endorsed. John Moore of so that amazing shape that endorsement you know helps if he picks up some gambles and in Bryant supporters or not I don't know. You just think endorsements carry any weight anymore. Well here's where I think you could carry some weight and if you think about it's the fact that he was held under 50%. Right. If even if there's a sense of unity if everybody I mean McMaster toast or com. I mean all you have to do is bring together you have to think that these people had some reason for not voting for McMaster right. And that they don't want to vote for McMaster. So they were unified now to vote against McMaster. Although it gets even trickier because. Only the hard cores are last by the primary runoff I mean there's nobody at the polls at that point yeah you know what I mean and those people I would think tend to be little more conservative. Some then you know sad thing maybe lean. Lean to warrant when a month it's going to be interesting guys is when you look at the accounting by kind bring down Warren cleaned up yeah. In the upstate and meaning you think that he lives here but I mean he really cleaned up immediately what. It it was in the high fifty percentage in cap attempt to save 15% she'd beat he beat Mitt master almost two to one yet. That's so. You know if he duplicate that in can turn ally in the have stayed that would be a big deal but yeah it's even figure whose heads are gonna go where's the so few people turn out in your actual runoff those things get real funky. And here's the thing we gonna have passion enough about to go for a real. Primary run off followed Brian I'm it's going to be a war and more than me master meaning master. Well preserved the status quo right because I live currency in did you know I endorse you let McCain I mean I don't know how far they make things. Bottom Greg thanks showed that the that's not better you understand it's blood of others and yes yes. He's don't you know when you are you gonna go out on and vote. To preserve the status quo with passion that you are you gonna go I think let's throw the bums dad doesn't ship I think the people who were energized to show up and Iran off our throw the bums out and here's a bizarre mixture to repeat that. Trump whose total throw the bums out right he is the ultimate outsider he's an insider and still maintain an outsider status stimulative. Still around you know and he's he had turned Anderson a master whose status co guy in the nine total contradiction to see I think. God doesn't know where that doesn't help and we saw a previous example exemplar. Of this in the Alabama senate race you know we're trump endorsed one guy and he ended up getting us Fannie whacked him I think the people who support trump support trump because he's twelfth. And they understand that he's a a loyal guy and he's gonna repay. Any kind nest which McMaster did for him by endorsing him early on. In another GOP presidential primaries back in 2015. But. I think you know as far as that goes just because they like trump is trump endorses him I don't think he carries much weight. No not at all because a reality is the bottom line is they're not trump. Right I mean how can you run into the arguments that there's any connection. And any similarity between Henry McMaster and Donald Trott quit truth is an up and who. You do that who hates you well thank you can't breath I see only that he had the only reason to consider voting for me masters just to hear Bob do you dead. Rendition for the next couple years did you won't be in July and what yes funny because you know somebody said major will under the pressure though for warm and he's he's got no record. Now which is to meet you both a plus and a minus yet another month this is Charlie's got a regular Baghdad however. It doesn't have any record you get attracting money got to invent stuff like actually don't like to Wimbledon did with the attack ads and do advance don't always not pro life. He's gonna take your guns. Yeah I write a guy who fired automatic weapons against al-Qaeda in Iraq just an undertaker John track shudder reasonable argument. That's Soliai is it is so I have no idea which would either of them will do in office. I know they're not can't take my guns and then not to fund Planned Parenthood I barely know beyond that with the agent is I mean I had nobody is set any goals in each. At for instance like John Horne said okay Lama at. Personally raise money in Ayman take out you know who let Hugh leatherman in our party that the data running as I guess that kinda cool but what are you going to do are you lower my taxes. Are you there strive to. May you know what is the agenda here what is your I can't tell you that would either guy. Yet it's it's and it's no issues because I'm Warren was on with me yes it was only yesterday I thank you lessening. I don't jump on or jail he's on with meals every day get lost again now free it was so he's coming on tomorrow I knew it was only made yesterday afternoon and I ask your mashup or did he hear both. An experienced military guy as a as a company commander in Iraq and in the Marines. And the same time you're at an entrepreneur or your IAM a private business guy so I'm curious is your campaign based more. On a business model that is you know playing your work work your plan that kind of thing or. Is it more. Strategize. As a military operation. And his answer was yeah it's like an operation that's like a military op. You know you we wanna do this this this this in this in this order we wanna accomplish these goals. But of course you know again the plan has to be for good. And I say yeah because they you know every plan is out the windows and as a first shot aspired pennies and yet but they they do you have a laid out like the military operation so I suspect. Then I and I'm just guessing at this kind. I suspect she already has a plan laid out of now he wants you and the legislature wants you want to with a budget. And that is based on a private industry business model which I think would be a really good thing. That's how much of that can be accomplished. Because you know we have a state constitution was written. You know buying out. 1895. Brit and and none then the governor's one of the least powerful politicians in the state but I I think he does have a point. Yes I know what it is you know I'm not criticizing I'm sad it's not his latest he has assumed the office I did okay what happens now I have no idea. What he's been trying to do you know it's nice I'm surprised I'm I'm sorry go ahead that's garbage just. Oh just gonna add in terms of of people showing up to vote going back to our previous no question we're raising here I think people worry C McMaster and I think a lot of people are not impressed. And you know it's kind of roll the dice thing they're willing to chance on somebody we don't know much about. Based on someone we've already seen it ends knee and there's nothing there that's worth preserving. Yet and what's the mood of the electorate right now other domains to and to me the bums out you bet it is noon on steroids. Get rid of a mall in months and clear that he X take out the trash which is why Henry is a whole you know. Slogans thing you may does it makes no sense to me. Why just throw the coach out you know we're gonna keep our hard disk that is now an all Roca bring an elbow in general when you got experiment that. Luckily it. They've ever way you were talking about that human voice overs yeah I think can be fog horn leg horn of characters with lives and the voice yeah. Well Mel blank caring guy god rest his soul has gone but his son know all still does all the looney tunes choices and I defy you to tell the difference between his voice and his dad that's how closely is. Where you could certainly be agree back up. Also. Cooked. Now about SE four let's talk about that because we don't really know who's going to be in the runoff. Because tomorrow they're gonna do a recount over the photo finish between now William Timmons. And and Dan Hamilton. Yes but I'm thinking is probably going to be Timmons mean Hamilton's got close went 340 something vote Gagnon that's a lot front a lot of mistakes. Speaking of wage and nice job do you agree though Ghani ill patients to missions against what they always. Followed up I don't know Lee and I got to a smackdown over those that come out really yet today on the air because. I just was like did this ridiculous and Israel is not fair it is not Colin is a you know an hour twenty minute wait inexcusable right in Charlotte they had backup machines waiting. That's what I have it yet not too hard to do I'm and that's because we had that a year where they're all the machines failed mall it was a big giant machines and machinery ended up being crap and so they had it. Anyway said they do that Charlotte and so. All I know why can't she do it here. When Aniston initially entered the candidates because the people. Yes and some armed eighth it didn't happen I mean I wanna not have voted because I had to be here to do work average yard for work every right. And and so that is absolutely not true I don't know where people need to be maybe they have to pick up the kid just ridiculous and you do this candidate Jolie do this every couple years are zero and get ready for the UC knowledge up Ari you're with me then god it's not just me easily assign and anyway people are texting not cherish these are blaming bush economist and most in Iraq. Shame on them tried. But you're still down the votes might millionaires not share. Followed you all have the flexibility. You know and and that's the problem of oh let's talk about this race in terms of where this says stacks up. It doesn't make any difference between the two candidates. Oh yeah I think it does I think yeah. If if you say only bright to Washington. You you're you're tossing a pinball into the mixer I don't know notably a joy to watch I just I can't wait run off candidates here all if is there a dime's worth of different feeling jealous your hands up and Dan Hamilton of the contest. What happens here. Meaning Timmons and Hamilton to yes I know this is an act now Verizon acting and I agree. I agree one amassed more realistic experience doesn't approached by the way I do not get as you wonder where I have my good friend Thomas Massie is actually endorsed Lee bright. I go Thomas yeah I had him on the show and to you know. We know we we would be the wild card you know like he reminds me the story told about John Tancredo preinstalled and the speaker's house you don't get onboard here you're not and have a career in Washington. You know and Tancredo laughs in the speaker's face and such. Don't get it now I don't want a career in Washington and who the hell. The last thing I want I want them appeared at my job and go home. Which is kind of what the founders intended as a non. You know Tom is Thomas Massie said to me he says he's. He said he Jeremy feed you know if we break it selecting goes up there and you know throws and with the establishment. He's that you can you call from a comeback on your show and trash him. I said I would I would Macaulay got trash and now casino he guaranteed me he wasn't gonna throw and the establishment the chances of that happening are slim to none lunch. This guy they they put him up against the wall over the gas tax and several hours of voting and nonvoting for the budget because their money from Planned Parenthood. And he stood his ground every time. And I really politically assassinate him they flat out lied you know while the chamber of commerce money bombed Yemeni abundant yes so. I mean expect all those crazy people come on the west all is fewer income I was scared really bring well I don't want don't want their ya and chairman yeah is young like a 150 million dollar trust fund. You know so anyway he's he's probably gonna try and money bombing the same way we. Okay Timmons. I talk about adjustable okay. Simmons I went through that did open secret side or get easier towards. He wrote a thousand dollar check to Lindsey Graham smack in the middle of the enemy and thank you racetrack where on talk radio talent call call call and remember we had the the congressional call line shut down for a week she could even call their we will Michael is not we melted down their phone we did where we're you know I mean people calling screaming out that's. Is right it's you know Lindsay a run in all of it and then he is so my Hindi cinema so much orange checked Lindsay Graham you know letting us tonight. Remember who who. This and I think he's he's a thousand. And he gets it. Well against what planet were you dialed in to answer I mean we you don't surely remember it shouldn't. Given the Josh timberlands are now well and he asked me write the checks are on my check all okay. Good reason and despite soaring Chara so the Klan comes your pins and a felony and a thousand dollars wrote this show are all they're dollars and checked out there she noted I hear there's a better life. Oh I was on Lindsay Gramm's campaign committee I was on his campaign and worked on his campaign accidentally. How how one rule or none and I accidentally didn't yet know it's it's it's incredible as is almost as accidental as William Simmons checked to Lindsey Graham. Yes you know I'm Lindsey Graham he says kemba says put him on nom put him on the committee and. A heated NASA had his name Burnett hey I'm sorry I meant to me an accident is you forgot to stop of the store and get the milk on your way home not like I ask Egyptian that's an accident I don't care. Good riding a thousand dollar gentlemen these campaigns are forgetting that you'll understand and staff and so that's a lot more intentional and and is an accident nearly so Christmas is a two mortgage payment you know I mean we wouldn't miss that Bryant and I'll remember it a lot now that's a box. Them and we have reached the the act. Conclusion about this edition of the pie we have Alonso is signaling we're out of time so until I can't really into mr. accidentally write me a thousand dollars addressing the convention where they're trying. It's worth a try until next time this is Al glob hello Bonnie Mac. A neat little tequila. And the medium Vince whoever I adios amigo post back in the aftermath. Outside will say oh yeah. It over things get nada.