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The "Three Big Egos" Podcast
Thursday, June 21st

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Hello again campers and welcome to another edition of meet the three big egos podcast. Featuring yours truly embody Max age game. What is my name and Eliot L glob well. And little tequila bring you live from the detention center on the Mexican border actress trump has to be locked up some kind of Silas. And Vince. Who ulcer can't remember who I am no big deal. Well on a horse with no names you understand that senator Larry I was chances are yes it perfect skies up above now. Well it has been a fascinating week for us and we hope for you folks out there and radio and yesterday. I had a fascinating conversation with one of the candidates who is in the runoff for the South Carolina fourth district GOP congressional nomination. That would be Billie Timmons. William Timmons Nam aha well I I can't call him Billy. Did anybody follow every girl came context slamming there was condom Philly ya that's it OK can ya know I somewhat swirled out yet troublemaker land. These test for guilty as charged you can see. Though west a World Series as Ed Harris playing a relic black cat literally black cat character here I mean this guy is evil. In capital letters stride. And his name is William. But he hates to be called Billy. So I just kind of had borrowed that and now I'm now refer to senator Timmons and says Billy. Now it's about to show are you ashamed of yourself I should be even I'm not thinking. Yeah. IA. I have to admit I was I was pretty. A flabbergasted yesterday. New opening in the shell and not share a piece and will folks had written at these fixed news website that alleged. That senator William Billy Joseph Mendes and seek early work behind the scenes to get the gas tax passed. And then according to. This news of the way they phrased it cynically voted against the gas tax to make it appear that. He was in opposition to a well apparently senator Timmons was riding down the road NASCAR. On his way to do who knows where. And and heard. Mind reading that article and he went to Defcon one and picked up the phone and called in and proceeded to accuse Tehran must sell them now events and Boy Scouts and daughters of the American revolutionary. Now how can profit of being biased against him. And and I attempted to explain to a number one he he was objecting to the biased the alliance there were in that story. And I should almost center I'm just reading this are on the sharing the story. It's it's not of my construct I didn't compose and if you wanna accuse somebody of biased you need a doctor well folks down a trip shows he's a one eroded. Taken up with salmon and there's another point. If Tehran Vince or myself. Are complimentary of a politician because of positions he's taken. Vote she's made on issues where we agree Wear them that's one thing. That's not an endorsement but saying we feel like what he did rates. Here's an endorsement hi this is Bob McClain I'm voting for early bright new should chip that is an endorsement and I don't do those then you don't do those studio. Absolutely not no I haven't done that either might I add an un endorsement list. Which can be pointed out all the negatives with each candidate. That's odds factual data yet but it was on all of them it wasn't you know and by the way vote for you know vote for this guy now I mean. To be fair I have encouraged people to go to the polls bomb. A vote against William Timmons. But I didn't want to specifically endorse a candidate I've never done that before because it leaves a lot unsaid you know. You know and I mean and then you'd eat pizza if it does look like favoritism you need to I've gone through issue by issue of fact by fact. With William Timmons and he is the bottom line is he told us one thing in a debate now and he told some other folks some other things at a different today. That was full of different kinds of people right. And John Adams here legit reason to take somebody the woodshed and what he's he's complaining because. We have been critical of him for giving money to. Well Lindsey Graham's presidential campaign and well did he give money out he said yeah I gave money to campaign because ambassador Wilkins asked me chip whoa great. You know there's a five year old reasoning if little Johnny jumps off a building hit a jump ball. This did you bring that because my kids too little time what I'm really try you G and now why dinner busy week. Did he pick up your arm and makes you slap from dole but he made me mad well okay which is still gonna move your own volition what solicit. How would you know you don't know you know you hit it made sure Saul it doesn't matter if he may. She mad and say here's the other aspect of it up and I said to him I said senator. Don't you think it makes you looks small. When you're here on the radio I mean you're complaining. Then that the girl on the radio is beating you up what motive. Food food is good terrorism. You know mentioned so net bad that luck. If you can't take the heat. From a Dublin radio talk show hosts in Greenville, South Carolina how are you gonna duke when you get to Washington DC. You know folded like a cheap so it. If ambassador Wilkins asks you to fold just yeah old frame right yes they're a stunning statement I think I've heard a politician makes in this race. I own which is where you know I am British I Delhi disagree with them Lindsay deck I Lindsey Graham but I wrote him a check. Because my friend asked me to we don't just just same thing that he said to me about Marco Rubio. Yeah rubio who CN rubio. GOP architects of the amnesty down yup they yup they're dang they got your world tour checks to rubio. And who checks. So Lindsey Graham and show why not agree with everything rubio does. I eat your writing checks to people you don't agree with that could put her kidneys and Morris once have to pay my mortgage for too must not and and and you know how much of a skip and hop skip and jump denizens certain voted for legislation you don't agree list. Because somebody who's your friend asked him. It's I didn't legitimate question. And they think he's one of them to push as the weirdest thing because. Marco Rubio and doorstep Menendez now is gut Lindsey Graham staffers endorsing him today think he's 1 that I am nice it's very sure each. Meantime my communicate some message doesn't damage the eyes shut us. There is a message there elsewhere on the political front there is the gubernatorial race between now and Greenville businessman John Warren and. Look in color gold not unsound go on I am that incumbent. I was opponent but I'm still that incumbent. Galvanized him around make taxcut did you know Long Island listening and that IAE com I hate how I basically endorsed Andrea mastery Gina. I did not know this it was new estimates say what I found out he had listen listen listen as does a seven major guy yeah okay. Yes if you are contacting me the tears today and run an on FaceBook. Say in that you know he's one of those pop ups or Williams has a few feet. Did it here's your dishes like Henry mix master at that. It. Happen and nicer somebody sent it to me and all of you who aren't accidental leak. Mention the William Timmons being endorsed him Penner amassed. You gotta give it I mean kudos to whoever she is in the Internet to I didn't know they were that sentiment apparently the people on the Mac master campaign. But we both Chara myself. Hammel YH. Henry's FaceBook page so that we can keep track of what they're posting on there that doesn't mean. We endorse Sam it doesn't mean now we like him I like him personally is a nice enough guy banana on the beaten. Is that he's up he's a waste just as governor. But setting that aside they said hey look we have these two talk show host on here who white guimaraes FaceBook page we can therefore. I'm sort of subtly suggest. In the endorsements and end our front frank and and all of a means a cautious that we're following. His FaceBook page but. You know the way FaceBook works and take everything and that. You know you turn it two via social Democrats than desires. Yeah apple on I I actually I really like this page because I want to put like a hot link on you know one of my post to Henry McMaster gripe and it wouldn't links. Until I like to pay exactly so what are you might subpoena is for an enormous problem with its methodology of FaceBook that's yeah that's what they do. Now that was set the record isn't so I do not act indoors. Henry McMaster hill road McMahon who by the way in his latest television around now with the aid of I suspect they diction coach. But because that even some talk show host how about many gun fun and make a lot all the way goldeneye in Roma man stood tall oaks. In his latest television ad he actually says Henry McMaster. And that's where an adolescent you know he act next time we see the TV and listen to well Bob I think it's misfortune for united it. And we did ultimately make the decision. I'm unbeknownst to ourselves to endorse Kelly masse because right I'm you do not want to Bibi not well the only lever for not endorsing him you could you could be stock through links them all. I think you could be tackled by a strange woman is yellow indoors Henry McMaster willingly Erin will but here's my caveat to that the only reason I endorsed him is because ambassador Wilkins asked me to. All of our old rusty OK so I endorsed him okay. I talked to sidekick you know the chips are down six sidekick yeah yeah I want to get you seem Caroline she's the people through the mall and runs after them screams act now and durations are not sweet Caroline get this video of the so I mean I didn't wanna be attacked so this makes sense where you would the identified as endorsing fog court I didn't practice sorry about that. I'll say I'll say son are all British did not endorsement until now were other mock campaign is in trouble. It shouldn't fair enough indicated by the fact that I have begged completed president not only. Trump do I come out and campaign bone memo last manner that does not mean my campaign is in its death throes. Of could he compared it does however mean not. How much did not deep kimchi. It all seriousness it and you don't you bring out something that's really. One of most dangerous beings in the world of politics is parity now and once people become associate with that parity in this got to like the Sarah Palin factor right. You know once people in because I immediately thought as soon as I saw that the who's the lady who does the Saturday Night Live series of her know did say I thought Tina Fey right and to be honest with you now I can seem like. I'm from his soon as I saw Sarah Palin. I've got myself right that's Tina Fay yell and I'm my wife remembers this surface and next thing you know very she is on Saturday Night Live but this you know this is taking on a life of itself yeah I knew it was coming. It does it really does end and I think. And you know I'm I'm just in general you know us as parity in the way talks because every time every judge me here Henry McMaster jockey and this image in out of terra. And not gone with the wind up not you Jeremy for that yeah homestead right Aaron moved and gone with a win you know and you can see Henry he's staying out there. In his colonel Harland Sanders white shirt you know he's going to sit up here most to get back I mean yeah. And then and then and then and then and then simply invites him to a sister Adobe orgy debate and he goes. Quite frankly my dear I couldn't get into this yeah. I don't involved I don't know. One dial you get a say. Why should great free allowing her this doctor could I don't care I tell you can let the scary thing is. I I really don't understand the transition here because. To worry as everybody knows I guess a lot of people who are aware has been around South Carolina politics. I hit a dealers it. If he's what forty years. The guy's been in politics she's run for everything he is former South Carolina attorney Jim Moe worried pretty decent job by the way he ran for lieutenant governor and one is running for lieutenant governor. I mean he's like. You know way he's my Tony. Yeah well touch a club that's off and a walk into the building and and here's Ken rail bond and I'll be on the shoulder and arm Ramallah Jenin number. Colette stocky you can get a restraining order you know then maybe if I was Cliburn who thought government which I wasn't at the time cousin yeah sure Henry Akamai on the show you know you cannot. Talk about what a great job we did is AG and how you wanna be lieutenant governor and Obama bought and then all of a sudden you know he is siege to the mansion. And then been non persona non Grata I don't understand why what seat but then I don't know and you know did anything no harm no man. I'm sure sure what's so disingenuous eat G yeah. That he can master endorsed Lindsey Graham former president his campaign first now we don't know if that was because. Ambassador. Wilkins. Ask Tim we don't know that. But he he maintained endorsement to Lindsey dropped out and only endorsed trump and LS right next to he really hits yeah. Well look you know he's part of their Hugh leatherman can ball and now and everybody knows it. The impeachment talk about Tony you know. He's he's Hugh leatherman showed no. Well in any event it's going to be fascinating to see what happens next time I we are with you one week from today we will have the results. I don't know him or may still win. The governorship you know you bring and trump and veggies is. Dragged out the heavy guns obviously because they're campaign has internal polling numbers are chosen you know they need a big push here at the end does John Warren. It's coming on strong we'll see you Warren has enough to get the finish line. And we'll see what happens in the fourth district race and we'll see if Billy. Is going to Washington or if it's labor Wright who of course is on endorsed by Tara and myself and that's officially. On the un endorsement list disguise higher at this Philly so be careful who you like. This FaceBook break down he out is that if there's a take away from today played good son until they scalpel put your. PP. We'll see you next time.