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The "Three Big Egos" Podcast
Thursday, July 12th

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Hello how they greetings welcome salutation hello miles it is the latest edition of all of. Nothing dream big Eagles. And I am one of your triumvirate. Home Cher I am of course O Globo also known as little Bobby Mack. Or that handsome. As is actually translates to a fitting end for a man like yourself why you make your. Yes and I am a little secure looked. And I him ill so ribeiro. L cerebral. And sent now I guess cerebral is that like Hispanic for cerebral are so brave this how your brains I'd get it did you know. And and I've got to tell this story and assistant Kurt Russell. I I have to tell you about the derivation of this topic is do as you know it's been many weeks where I have not had a bad name and I thought you know. I should really come up with something so I have a good friend who's from -- history go try and you know used to work of my campaign is several years ago I reached out toys a general. I need to tell with the name so he gave me five different choices and he said you know this is the one I like the best so. Don't go L so dream the realm of rescind assume ribera so. All it. Well yeah where we just we no longer need to play out. Porcelain known name now we can we can do it could revert to and Jim Croce and I got a name. Yeah did you go out and bring somebody named Peter struck would probably like to change his name about now dodge you know it. Don't you know my name by the way. I have a confession do admit to here at the beginning of the trial Darrell Otto. I just discovered yesterday much to my sure ground that I am AM so offer of Petro. Masculinity. With that makes you a Petra sexual. I actually I'm not clear Mario and not others say otherwise what there's failed professor in West Virginia University. You would think you know when all the coal mines they got in West Virginia. Then they might have a university professors there that actually was fond of fossil fuels but you would be fooling yourself when you dunk that was the case. Now this West Virginia University professor has contended. Then the combination of climate change and fossil fuel addiction among men has a way until. Bomb bomb home. Petro. Masculinity so my fitness coach and how much you've noticed they toxic aroma. Of testosterone. And gasoline. Human mating from my course. That's why. What what fresh worries there's no vitamin. We're always like hearing you're dying you like to gas appear Carla how women can get around would've what I don't understand why why is not Petro feminine beauty and and why is it not gender neutral isn't this also. An offense of some sort calling Merck seeking a safe space is. Yeah I'm and I like gasoline when Aaron on an ongoing Wear them my husband gets matches he's got to go find you somewhere in town with a gas is the you're living with the PS3 you know the damage to these Asia marine mr. you know he has. KI IG got click on that Bob could say it's read Drudge is a brain owners OK there's says stormy Daniels mug shot as is stormy in the G cup what is that about. We're just click on that I Saturday notice about John Anderson got arrested. Yeah she yeah she was doing on doing her act. And attitudes as grand funk railroad once said years ago sweet sweet Connie was still interact. Half. They are referenced a way of measuring our consolidation. Porn star stormy Daniels who has made headlines or an alleged affair with Donald Trump her mom was decent program was arrested. During a performance in a Columbus, Ohio strip club. According to her attorney Michael and then Nancy who by the way is that is also announcing he's gonna run for president against trump suitability yeah. Claimed the arrest was politically motivated. And reeks of desperation. Can did you stony desperation in hand. The actress is suing trump want anyway and she was performing. And I had a strip club and had physical contact with patrons imperil my. That's illegal she had these nice shade of where was it is not Ohio yeah yeah she allegedly. Touched three different undercover vice police officer normally get up and. So de LA so how did George give. Forest. Faces of club customers in drew her breath why and you sure exposed breast to smack their face. And up through the so there's there's zero pleasure do and this is deleting the latest the Democrats for your great and now. I know my decisions and smack her yeah. I. And I I just really thought I guess not possibly. Denigrate. Any further down. Well of course we just dug concluded here on this Thursday the day this podcast will post now watching the end Downey struck show. On not on fox. Struck of course vehemently denying. Any connection between me hateful vile toward peace then he sent to his extramarital affair. Oh lover. Lisa page. And denigrating on the president's character even before he was president today Russ but anybody who is making the assumption. That any of my personal feelings. About this political campaign had any influence. On a decision making process in the investigation. I take offense at that and a two week shaft. And C four. Congressman Trey got they replied well. I don't give a damn you take offense or not. And that's almost a direct glow. He. Yeah well that the one I like is Lisa page. Clay is like yea you just you can't an invitation you know to get shut hill down to go to congress tell me yeah I'm yeah and that's an invitation you know something formal Monaco's subpoena well yeah they can call whatever they want but. Yeah a lot don't I. Dollar time common courthouse as a reporter Alison is if you deliberately judge's subpoena I dodged a subpoena. The judge does not take kindly and I know he will throw you in jails are going to be like if when the sheriff's deputy shows up you run out doesn't backdoor over and over again. You can't do that okay. And and so I mean you need what you would never get away with in county court. In America right big day match up top. Flight lawyer for. Right no for the FBI who. I has authored many is subpoena herself did you up for chumps like us bright but to not feel little pleasure. Did GGG Bob good clever isn't good let's they hadn't had to have the Durham. This subpoena delivered three times for the marshals and she's got she's such sergeant she doesn't she would never get away with sudden jump filler we live now you know but but but they're geez. And that is why don't. Just I haven't had time to read or those tax with my lover what are Shaq. And Lisa I tell you which said lights burn forever in my brain and what do you think what can congress could possibly want and. Ask me yeah. It's not optional look at historically that would always be judges inviting me to cordon extra money no I'm not going to FBI agent. For Hillary not since last may yeah. But in this holy cow I mean you know it's just it's another example of one set of rules through them and another for us somebody should inform. Recent change. That there is a jail. In the capitol building did you know that and yes they him on your bench yeah there's a jail and did not send capitalist enough no it. Not G hey this is that the truth oh under used. And under appreciated senate Capitol Hill police over there singing of they have to look around her house three giants in finer and then drag her down there and could learn a cell until she feels like taunting. You know it would seem. Justine about this I was curious about this very question. You know I euros on life during the time this testimony is taking place and we started to avoid. Answering questions that were they had nothing to do with jeopardizing the investigation and they were it was just clearly dodging. I just basically say you know grab the guy taken away in cuffs right above the way. Congress. Enacted a law. Which made contempt of congress a criminal offense back in 1857. Was back in 1935. From for the most part what they do since 1935. Is they refer cases. To the Department of Justice right so this is why a you know in eat you know raises the question. Maybe it was her bunnies or what their mail order her former classmates over DOJ good review that the actor in this. Screenings incredible now what's once funny. You guys are are familiar with done with Howie Carr yes. Yes how he used to be on our sister station in Boston WR Cano. But he's no longer on their because I he had an ongoing personal Contra camps. With David Field is the president who then Oregon is usually die there runs everything right. And then nine how they would have referred to him in derogatory terms on the air and one thing in the excuse unhappy when this contractor something and I don't know what it was and anyway how we ended up believing WRKO. And syndicating the show throughout New England front and Hallie is a very funny guy and this is what we have in common with knowing the other way Chara and he went to the North Carolina. He's to go beyond these her cigarette. So say he's now syndicating the show yesterday and I got home last night. And my baby don't Brenda had been watching how these cars now on news Mac's Stevie for a while you know they do yes different talk show us around the country. And how confident it's going. Body shaming. Horse jokes about about Lisa age groups because you've seen her pictures well run us. You know and as I Benson in the past you know the last semi soft face my dad and an apple and its mouth I. Moon. Good thing that was a record it's we need to take a Gallup poll that do good. Yeah me now he's doing you know. A horse Washington to a mark the bartender says hey why don't on face the. Police are paying to watch in toolbar. The margin or prevent a wide along the east. Under reworking the all John Kerry drew again I made the entire show us like Lisa page did not want to appear. Before the house committee because she was busy. Horsing around. And and and everybody else says yeah. And and does she UN's. Shia issue was un bridled. ER RON and reviews links please simply enough. And a police said they just needs to settle up and and get down there should they still contestant I mean it was just. There was one elderly Leon Harris and just just absolutely brutal snow connect kudos to you now I took offense so. Com it and other were column in the win column pregnant pause because. For the fourth at the cook. In other news did you see this study does is hysterical it was actually died duke not our alma mater spelled DL OK ray I knew exactly what's going out yes. Then arm and humorous time they were shocked and appalled and that women. Particularly those who rape themselves the most highly honor scale as feminists might actually like. Sex treatment why it. Yeah okay within clearer warning trigger your point would be caught and was benevolent sex isn't this an negated that's one Amanda says CO. All take care review. How old's your oil for I just take your view. Your majesty do you just your home my I know I mean those are sexist roles women can change the oil and our car spinning yeah this is city wants you rate. And so they are women to rate themselves on the trend isn't Gregg got an an eight day and they showed demand as it did this is amend the man who. Wants to trees who is he going he'll view you as we go here's another man and he's a benevolent sex in Vietnam and he wants do you think score you all the door for you I yet today he was take here view you have to words he'll do that knowledge and try yet and an Aston glamour rate which when they found the sexiest welcome overwhelmingly. Wow it was the benevolent sexism from what I yeah. And then ask these women afterward well you know I mean GGC when he said as sexism yeah we do yes it's actually you know you know we're willing to overlook is we don't yeah. Yeah dollar I don't really think a lot of you expressed. Obama regrets for their attraction to the benevolence and just tell us about it Clinton. Mean is he guilty pleasure that they didn't find him high so young guys looking to get an edge you noting maybe you need to revert back down Bryant you know I knew what to do creature let's say. OS so when my Petro masculinity. CL Bryant Sunni bring a whole conversation. Full service which your Petra and asking you to hide battery I see you just need to go I should rally went well and I. C now yes and you know what this really sense. This points out what we talk about all the time they hypocrisy. Oh progressives. And their whole train of thought. The best part the band you know what to do liberal researchers concluded about all of this study it was not the women's fault that they found the benevolent sexiest men Hollywood society saw what else is no we will he was nature shall because biology we had yeah oh yeah of their women hard wired. I'll be extra. Ali how these sex honey can't help the big hairy guy is in no receipt may take many generations for them to be on the hard wired. And a lot of conditioning and always sent and how we gonna have any discussion with god about that. I don't take on dry. Don't I'm imagination. And bring god into this guy not only is everything out. Maybe I EI it's truly incredible when it's mind boggling. Just say not hypocrisy and I think we're is that. You're now. You know you just showed you may the other day my Steve that the people who claim president trump has mental issues also claimed there are more than two genders. Great point you think about a project hitters say there's a photo colorful happy happy family we're going to Mexico automotive their elections a demand free healthcare while waving the American flag. If they ask for our papers will riot attacked police and show them hey you up for a road trip. I'm Susan Owens we really well in jail this is one of my favorite ship gets a picture of the back. Of twenty dollar bills which shows the White House in. And now this individual has taken a magic marker and written across the top album right above the White House says I want to irritate a liberal and it he has written among the White House. Donald Trump wins here. And it's not good now about this Nancy Pelosi. We should only deport illegal aliens if they do something illegal no don't like in this. There's a perfect logic. Brilliance at two pictures one Donald Trump captioned sacrificed his wealth for our country underneath a picture of Hillary. Sacrificed our country. Her wealth of god that one of my face for me it's a classic this classic. Jan. So there you go I'm I think you know Obama oh why do us a lot eloquently trump tells us the truth a lot. Crude way. Like your preference act on behalf of myself Al waffle black men need little tequila or maybe a lot this weekend's dinner I think. We'll see if you can you. And media else around for a who could use of tequila from time to time and Damaso your surrender like a good. Yeah. You'll find much new nova look at Peter struck on the TV there sure looks like he can use when I'm sure you're. You'll probably use more than one yeah.