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The "Three Big Egos" Podcast
Thursday, July 19th

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Melo greetings welcome salutation. And. I don't know hi from my yours truly L block low one of these three. Big egos yes and a little tequila as do I can drink more than a little tequila. Alison Rivero is my name. He's the brain and yet. Her to brainstorm our operations have only gone and some somewhere I know that they only go into this week's edition of our podcast or shall we begin with our bunny. Peter struck. Ruled that guy is creepy history he's that is the new universal reaction allies contrasting endorsed nor do we get mad yeah. Meant to smirking an exciting that there is that I ended there was this working seem to their underlying creeping past now. I've got me in all of this weird all that was missing you know wins might be any Nazi uniform when that does stand emblem on the cap. And yet and I'd say this on the air because I thought it was sound strange but until you know you and you guys maybe five for best friends listening news podcast now. I'm here on the neither guy seriously. Ads of the guy who sends you to the gallows in an authoritarian regime not to guy who flips the switch. Not that got. But the guy you know did you do bureaucrat the smug bureaucrats to. He would you do it that's it he just has a lawyer so prison for her Croatia is definitely clean capacity brown Mike got a little weirdo that guy is out very cold it's so con me have you just are always came to talk right had a weird. Lake almost you know goofy authoritarian thing you know like the top cities authoritarian regimes are arch at San terrifying and yet like kind of northern exposure. At the same time you know well he had that vibe going good there's so she'll pass they are you right they're not like us nobody can lie. Like a Scioscia now mentally because they don't know the difference between the lion the truth. So to them they can also before ordered all day and all night passed a lie detector test and embrace yet. Headline from big league politics exposed. Peter struck grew up in Iran. One European Valerie Jarrett went to school together. Worked as Obama and brand ends in Boyd to a rainy and the regime well this is a confidence builder that's just. Yeah man. Former coworker Peter struck tells big league politics about strikes extensive background. In the intelligence community no kidding. This guys John Langley written all over him if I had to guess I'd say he's a legacy because either he or his dad. You know I've been involved with that everything in Iran and going back to they noted that Peter strikes dad. Probably gave on the shock cancer. Probably acts they can catch that. And and I also. No in all seriousness of the cricket slender thread is that every major developments in near in Iran which you know between Iran and the US in the last fifty years there was a Peter struck him. Being directly involved with it like leading the charge either Peter struck senior Peter sharp junior. And that starts senior this is the creepy is part and supported it the revolution like supported the you know that ouster of the US friendly regime would. And that I mean literally was behind it near Regina B solid today which is dead death to America not to mention us drugs yeah drugs father was involved in so called. Charity work in hate teeth. We think who we think you've charity work in Haiti. None other than slick Willy and felonious non cancer. Yes helping to spread aids and in Haiti few hacks and especially what they did not not aids. And I ACL. Right as plural. So Vince what's your take on us. Wonderful guy. I really can't wait to meet this guy yeah well I've been kind of guy and like to have your next door neighbor has struck for presidents yes yeah right like yeah really great idea you're gonna get Rand Paul's neighbor as your next door neighbor doesn't. The guy who. He's just creepy but soon they could significantly less violent no. And after that we Ellis I emphasize that can't show yet but here's here's Christine Kaye shows he's the envoy for creepy Brennan brain. Who threaten our normal people I meet liberals that you know only people that you and I pedestrian people you and I would we know you guys we would win people who like. Voted for the Communist Party at the height of the Soviet Union while working for the CIA we don't know people like us we don't know people who you know supported it. The deposition of the shall we don't know people like that that you do don't we don't know these are strange people any means she cantina Brennan run around with with with Peter struck. And sister she you know he's he's doing they cut the deal with the Sony airliners from us you're ran all the friendly it's nice just kind of makes me wonder. If he's at Upton. You kind of wonder wished we you know we struck. I'm what you are wondering investor and tell you every Melissa we did times have incredible time management skills but this is got his wife and mistress on the side and he's doing all of this do. Well you know when when your work and for allowing you always have recovered jobs militia you're always doing not double duty you know and and co me. I mean sorry John Brennan. You know Brennan. Didn't scrub for ms. ressam may or the information of course once something's on the Internet it's out there forever didn't even bother I mean it's like he's proud of the fact. That there what was at the 68 election. He voted for the Communist Party USA candidate for president while he was in the CIA he's in the CIA wanted to do is now seven east. He action zinni to any tell CNN schedules stories CNN that they lie detector test you frank I sonics that was real on homeland I guess they really did. And I like to tell you earlier where where they do look where Tyson's corner Virginia. They sense they shopping center and I really know they're others have office there thank you bring in the bring yen once a year. Depending on your what job leader maybe once every six months and but he typically once a year and your what's helped 400. And until they didn't use that expression because course the wind and needles with water up and down and all I'm a truck so I look at what we really he was worried woman he's an official tells CNN he's worried. Because they give them the test like Bob just said and you know voted for the Communists he didn't think he would pass Sydney had to admit to having voted for the coming she got there are gonna kick him out of the CIA but I guess. By the seventies it was Kosher to be a Communist while fighting them. Sure I don't know what he's saying this. I tell cerebral I just have one question about all of this yes. So why is she still there are excellent question. I he's still rare for the same reason that. Brennan was there for so long they'd call me was there for so long the reason I love my work is still there. I'm pages these guys are well entrenched the tentacles are long indeed then you don't just immediate you know any. And Andrew McCain. You can dispense will and Andrew McCain OK you've you've got I have. Me out a designated victim who's gonna want to point and in this case you know the FBI and McCain might. Maybe now all I struck is going to be the guy that's gonna walk the plank you know the fact that this stuff is out there. Somebody released it. And and you wonder about the motivation of somebody you would release. This kind of damaging information about struck it's obviously. Somebody else in the Intel community and they said don't day we got to have a designated victim here. Yeah and I have a body. Struck just seems like a likely candidate Jimmy made an ass and in self. In front of other Intel committee on the hill so yeah oh you mean very much. As Mitt has been the master of his own fate. Crazy that is all stuff we know about them armed and then literally yards to trying to impeach charming writing that they planned to impeach him now is crazy crazy if you keep in mind. And everything we have on them is stuff they've allowed us to how well that's exactly and I mean about the stuff being released about structure yet came from somebody inside the intelligence. Community I mean can you imagine with the real story is here with they really did know it you know I mean it they have held back all the major stuff they chose what's released are defying subpoenas right now we don't know the half event that I think it's going to blow our minds. And you conservation for you guys. On the C did destroy the strangest things that we Crist Vladimir prudent. Saying the 400 million dollars was funneled. I'm pastor they're tax agency passed the IRS that's tax fraud correct but I I'm the Intel community into Hillary's. Campaign coffers strayed somewhere in the inner awareness campaign coffers to what they've VA the translator in a mistake it's 400000 not 400 knowing enough. OK so it's 400000 dollars put madrassa like about okay. Can hash and change one bit of that story from Hillary to Donald Trott Brent can you imagine where we'd be today. The Democrats would be demanding track standout as set down while they investigated right from day they they would it be calling for chumps impeachment. Have congress are all the Intel committees would be vowing to investigate them all the elections committees would be vowing to investigate the B six separate investigations launched. Com and it would be absolute bedlam in chaos they would say they had to hold off from the Supreme Court nomination. While this is investigated but the Redskins star would be brought back. Do they get into politics. And if it's thinning was trump but because Hillary everyone's like and Napa probably made that up not an easy or another looking long irons in my arms. Nations treaty that would have gone completely differently. No had been trump well look at this art gallery on in Portland Oregon where they have decorated their front window with arts. A a picture. Than some art she's just put together. But I showing president from being decapitated with a knife if that picture was Barack Obama. And I'll the flames would still be leaking this guy. Then there's there have been racist that's why yes that's right now out for forgot about that power then there on T shirt or did teacher has to guard is very popular teacher and now try okay hanging by his time. And such is eaten diligent about Patricia trying to get is why elite mayor had even hear a masonic timbers really hot and one that's him now. And then people of liner to left brain must. Truly incredible and wearing masks. Well fortunately fortunately there aren't enough of them to couldn't have put trump out also signed helpful I don't mean I think these guys. All this stuff is counterproductive and may they live in such an in Schiller secular. Bubble but they don't even realize that all of this sums it all yeah well that's great yeah I have trump then not hanging drove by the time and dollars and you know the more they do that. The more they drive trump supporters closer to him. Now and I think we're gonna see the results of that in November now I've been wrong before but. I don't think so this stuff. I don't think we've seen half of it before November not. I think there's going to be crazy fireworks coming there's something going on with his whole deep state vs trump thing haven't figured it out but it's really it you can tell. They're wearing now in critical mass now you just can't tell why. Besides CDs he is a lot harder to create inter when trump first like what we do within three months of taking office I can't remember the exact date but he was our between them and that they were wiretapping him. Yeah team event. Right he knew then he knew I had a lot of the story and what does he have now run. What does he know once we don't know what he noticed some here really know what's going on but they know what he's now. But I am I am reassured because senator Lindsey Graham now going to see on the kids Schein dental and and he said that trump was unprepared. In his meeting with Bruno we know though Lindsay has always prepared at least for Georgetown cocktail party threats and and also sent. Out. Also says so cruel so thank you and also said. That let trump. Kendall done them the out news conference. With trump pour way. A likable but now this this from the guy who couldn't get to what Coopers and. Are you running for president gave way Saturday to say and here. Can you honestly say watching that news temper who dominated that news conference. I think couldn't it. So I leave you here's my question why why are we Dwyer we'd. You know pouncing on Lindsay the man Lindsey Graham fan I mean out and I think I've been very clear about that. But on this and we don't we say a broken clock is right two times a day and I think this is one. I have a hard time disagree with Lindsey Graham and what he had to say this time this is one of those things we lives Chuck Schumer Thabeet and trumpet and such amount. I don't know ideally you don't have to know ayalon and passion all right here's my question terra. Why the hell are we letting this man make an absolute fool out of the United States of America colleagues and I cannot at age yes it is not. That's. You know it suddenly I didn't clear world where this guy is only the second poisoned in a way that these actions and and they hang on a second yeah let's let's settle there let's assume what you're talking about a script for a moment and and let's. Reverse the optics here. Trump comes out with gluten and he plays tough guy yeah no no opponent was messing around and you're elections and shakes his finger at him. Yeah and I like Obama and I told Bruton you better cut that out. What does the media say the next day trump and try illegitimate trump shares shrugged NYC you are with rush out see that's what they. Sake just. I can't do anything why Bobby I don't give a crap what the media says that's not the issue women we gonna have somebody stand out here miss an important symbol I you you're you're in -- for what you're exactly we have no proof Russian didn't you're missing the point we -- he's gonna do would ever at once so I don't and that's always going to be trumpet is a moron trumpet is unqualified. I'd drop should not be resonant. And all well ARR. Of course now they are so it doesn't matter what he does not you don't see how. Care about that is what I'm saying I don't care about what the media Downey is Wanda does trump to stand up to gluten. What I don't wanna I wanna say it's brutal. That's what would know I am eight carries pulled only not gestures and I'm really curious Donna suing your organs has is it would what would you what should trumpet said wishing you done got here if you weren't you wanna backtracked from this entire thing let me tell you this. I don't think you should have done the news count I agree at all I agree I don't know and that's I don't Russia now problem is we. It looked terrible it was horrible. And where this is this what frustrates me is if you stand up and you raise questions about the legitimacy of certain things were done in the wisdom of it all of a sudden or you're in the enemy camp no it's not the point I I I. Ivy. I don't want to see this may well see wasn't trump just applied in bringing out where's the investigation and Hillary server if there was any hasn't. He really know until you I was also an ally because now this is the point if there was collusion between any campaign and the Russians it was with Hillary Clinton and match we know he's very dry. I'm wire we are carried out this why we Wear an airing this on an international stage in a meeting with the president. Of Russia well because as you point now the media is never going to say yeah the only younger kids pretty good people have to know about what is your biggest ever trump talks about how much have they taught and how much is the media picked up on this. Since she said that well of course they haven't and I know. Why don't we know what's it like you enjoy music collection while I've on YouTube has. I'm one they watched him on YouTube this is why trump tweaks. Non stop because that uses direct line of communication. To the people who supported because the media is never gonna carry his message they're too busy carrying water for Hillary and Chuck Schumer and I nets and stuttering Pelosi and all the rest so they don't opportunity has to be able to raise an issue like this. Is when he has an opportunity to speak in a high visibility situation and that's what he did now I I agree. I don't think the optics of it or good I don't think he did a good job of trying to get the point across and saying hey. You know you guys are all putting me under the microscope how about taking a peak of felonious Von pantsuit. Exactly why you know I went where I. Would've done I would've done a press conference because after resisting did the indictments. There was no way for him to win because they wanted him to condemn Russia and if he condemned Russia. That's what they wanted so desperately miss because they wanna say he's illegitimate can't appoint a Supreme Court justice to. And it would be illegitimate illegitimate illegitimate because you know if he acknowledges oh Russia did this. On day and that's what happens if he if he had chastised him he can't do that but he can't not chastise prudent to take him to the woodshed and there was nothing he could do not press conference to when he should never done here's the thing and I agree. Thank you. Wouldn't go as far Vince is is is didn't days to go after right. Here's the thing that puzzles me if the news reports in the news reports are accurate. That that trump was given the option by Rosen steinem when he was going to announced. These twelve GRU military intelligence guys from Russia. We're being indicted and trump said yes go ahead with a non Friday. Well why why did he do then I don't know I I I don't think that's a good strategy there. Well I mean am I who knows if weather. That report is accurate or not well and anyway in any event. Now we have wow look at the clock boy places to go world war three people are crazy guess is. Promo well and it's and it should sound fun to do this because you know this is this is what makes this this nation great. Thanks a lot for meanwhile until next time this is cell wall twelve little tequila L server. I had a brain idea alls I mean our army knows. OK I am yeah.