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Thursday, August 16th

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Hello outing greetings welcome salutation hello Hans and all that good stuff this is your. One of your trifecta fearless leaders Bonnie Mac beginning yeah. These three big egos fond cashed in my Alter ego as old glob bowl. And I am Alison regrow. Vince Coakley and all right all right Don I'm in from the bullpen in from the bullpen and I am an onslaught and oh that's pretty good meal and works and a compressor now Canon AM a sad day. Same day that does the king of rock and roll passed away back in 1977. Today we learned the queen of soul. A re thought as a also passed away she she stuck around substantially longer than McCain or she may entail what was. What was or the seventies and 86 you know what a singer now very much so ends you know I just think of all the songs just the vast library of songs this woman has put out over the years in. I mean it's pretty extraordinary it's that the woman's just just had a voice just had. And not a voice but deep voice and out you know the other thing that stands out to me that because so impressive. Is how the beginning of her career. If you look back the beginning of her career was in the Jim Crow era yet trying and deceit that she prospered. And that she was so highly regarded and respected and she was able to pushed through during that era. That further increases my respect for her in and I would add to that. Just the fact that she is there's never any indication there's any bitterness or anything like that. That this woman just her talents just. They created a place for she made a place for herself by her talents and by her character in and from that she's highly respected and appreciated. Yeah and and you know that may have come from her church background yes you know that that would be my guest because you know she started. As a as a gospel singer. And then yeah and you and you talk about the Jim Crow era. I'll much give some kudos here as well to a two guys on Matt heard again. And Jerry Wexler they were the guys who are running an Atlantic records through the end 191960s. And and they've discovered. And recorded. So many of the great. Black artists from around the blues side of it and then of course you know blues transition. Into. Rockabilly and then rock and roll and and they signed and recorded all these guys and without. They're at their attitudes. Towards music which was racially color blind. We knew we might never have heard. Along one of these people you know Amin of the drifters and all these other great groups. That. The end because it meant people forget. In radio. In the 1950s and even into the early 1960s. Black music. Was referred to as race music. He yup it was actually referred to as race music and most of the big record labels would take songs and had been recorded. My black artists. And do you cover versions of them like a white artist Pat Boone or somebody edging into action baboon can go do and some of the other great R&B and an early rock and roll stuff. Because so many of those those radio stations. Had a policy against playing so called race music and when placed off by a black artists and they played a cover version. But I'm under heard again and Jerry Wexler and an Atlantic. Said day you know we want the real deal and good for them yeah I mean the courage to do that in that particular season yet. And now and as a result you know we we were exposed to us. A lot of that. The great artists and at chess records out of Chicago was the same way you know they recorded. How when wolf I know Muddy Waters and a lot of those great. Blues singers of the forties and fifties and so that we still have you know white men Hopkins people like that people that. You know. Young white kids never heard of and and wouldn't hear on the radio and we got those records. And they influenced. Well you know you listen to The Beatles talk about their influences. They they came from mother early rock and rollers another guys that that came out of the blues heritage Iraq you're gonna have some them want to. No don't say one thing about Aretha Franklin is her voice. It it's timeless and you keep it can't really be imitated one of those signature voices PSU we've. Plead for awhile I mean sometimes 67 years you would hear anything from her. And then suddenly she come back with a single and there was something like pink Cadillac you know or a freeway you know and also and people that might not have been around. During the sixty sneering you know RE SPE CT and all of that again or suddenly Sam well. Who assists great. Female singer okay no ideology Ariza you know I mean look at duck steely Dan's. You know their song pay nineteen kind of references that. Now nineteen year old Shia no clue Aretha is you know artillery and hold. I remember that my and you know what I had no idea what that meant until just now I really thank him now as it now like I always wondered what the heck are they talking now I get it. Because I want the guys in steely Dan's were around. During that fifties era of the Brill Building in New York you know when groups like the drifters the coasters and all these people. We're coming through that one building. That that. Was headquarters serve so many great songwriters. Of love that era they were they were actually around themselves GAAP they would they weren't as they say in at the beginning Brito was the first woman. To be. Nominated to an injured in. The rock and roll hall of fame which which makes perfect sense when you think about and I mean who else is he going to be Connie Francis last week gore gimme a break. Ethnic and the siesta thing you mentioned Connie Francis and Leisle story. He knew who they are I know who they are because my mom told me about a bright and and Vince probably knows who they are too but. I mean people today know who Aretha Franklin is yeah no clue who goes now you mentioned Wesley Horton Connie French Yahoo!. Left their what are UNL who. It's nothing nothing nothing if Johnny French is actually had the record for the most appearances by a singer on the Ed Sullivan Show. And you mission Ansel and show a united kids today what I know what it's. Don't know what show half an hour but he was gigantic you know per year. Are here on our stage we were really good show really make yours look at you know so little Italian mouse. Looking at these people flashback torch but the reason Johnny prices held that record. Was nothing just you know she was a better singer than Aretha are summoned garrido lived in Detroit and chunky Francis lived in Jersey. Mail and I don't ask many cancel lay ahead and got a red does look lonely nadir tonight. You know and she'd done her dad would she jump in the car when their dad is I don't think you old enough to drive. And now they would done Cruz up good Jersey turnpike into the city and she did it through another Ed Sullivan show. Pretty incredible music was so it was so great back then in town I think it's a lost a lot today and and I don't think that's just. You know. They don't play music like they did and Meyer did exactly I. I don't think you say you kids get off my Juan. You know I think erode that you know in the studios in those days. The artists. Played them played the music and sang to and at the same time. You know and confirmed the last forty years or so you know they record the music tracks now and everything is multi track. And and then they'd sing back to the track but not tonight I gotta wonder how difficult that Roy wants. Bernie only I mean has so. My first training was in recording music guess where I went to school for and I'm just imagine trying to. So Mike everything right and at some young is a Mike right you have to do the whole thing over again right yeah in fact McCartney says that when they were recorded hey Jude. He M which was going to be essential that it was written hate Julian for John Lennon's son. And they were radio and now ring goes drum kit. Had a outposts they up a screen. In front of Aussie can actually see him he was behind that didn't keep. You know them is drumming from bleeding over into some of the other Mike's of singers mikes are. The guitarist Mike or what have you. And McCartney started singing hey Jude and Ringo was down the hall in the bathroom. And McCartney didn't know it and so he started you know start compel us sing and it. And then now Ringo fortunately came back and Johnson kicked in with on the drum kit he put me out now I gotta go listen to solve yeah out right so that's. So that was not on purpose okay no now that was a that was actually and also was the in the feedback. In non what I feel fine the guitar feedback to the beginning and then. And there was so much great music that so many great musicians experimental stuff. You know I am now. So many different genres. Of music and a and a wreath of course are represented. You know the the blue sign and now and the gospel side and same time you know Elvis. Only one I think it was one. A worn down from month. Now what one of the so I'm pentagon right now I'm at what I think what I think all the the awards were a grand expensive just your guess is yes a senior moment to Elvis 11 Grammy. And it was not for rock and roll song it was 48 gospel helpful. But he did tell us something about awards I guess time. This it certainly does she know. You remember the first time we have heard Aretha Franklin sing dance. You know it certainly would have bin I don't remember exactly the first time but I know that I would've been listening very early and then in the seventy's there's no doubt about that. You know to my my parents you know I think the radio station we always listen to them. Yeah I mean it's so Sony these songs and you know how this is you here's songs. And they take you back to a time when you heard them the first time yeah I think. Oh I remember this reading around with my parents in the car right and it's you know it TH yes most definitely I. You know it takes me back to those I just I have a general sense of of where I was in about how old. I wise you know it's funny how did she mention that because I had number of years ago this is unlike. Twenty years back a number of psychologists. Did a study about music and its impact on the brain. And they discovered at least they claimed. Then when you heard a specific song from a specific arrow like your Jon and about offense when your kid and you heard the song on the radio. Then you not only remembered. Where you were. At the time that you heard it but you also re experienced the same emotions. This year and when you when you heard that I can definitely relate to that. Most definitely no seal it you just Vince win here. First from Aretha Franklin Marmol had a bunch of thirty three's and 45 who let him all these albums. But I never get those are records people. Mall and and I had never been seen Aretha Franklin Vince work that's allowed some of this on the air about about Aretha Franklin the first time I saw her. Was on The Blues Brothers. Really she started a Blake who is that then she started singing the Mike Powell as a moderate like Franklin okay I thought that's that's that's. Classic. Now great stuff great stuff great talent. And I and you know there are talented musicians that are out there today. Month. You know it to me it's just it's so much more. I don't know mechanical reduction yeah yeah yeah it I just don't get the same. Feeling of the art. Of music does that make you say oh yes I definitely can relate to that you know most definitely. We're we're old hokey since the the IR Tennessee I'm not with you guys I'm not I think I think music this year your interaction can listen I'm not that much younger than he then he's even though I don't. Around I'd do it. You can't do day it can get a monologue about them turn my hearing get a hit there. I think there are a lot of look bombs that there are also I think there's still some there are some exceptional has a roller I really do not. I think he can be flipping through channels and I think you can hear. Those exceptions I think they stand out they don't sound like everybody else ya and it I mean they're guide. It would joke my daughter. Choose they'll love this new songs like that's the same music as the last song you like with a different artists' rights is basically the same tracks. But then somebody else who come along and and they're totally different and they stand out amazing in that era to how many artists were one hit wonders. You know you they did have one big hit then you never hear from it just didn't have the material. You know it's as simple as that's why the people that there's. Tender until last. Where the where the people that had the material you know that the singer songwriters. The Neil diamond's all the wellness would be an exception then I guess are we still would to. I don't know how many of her own songs for a reason wrote. You don't one of the interesting things you talk about the older generation and the new and I mentioned this earlier. You know and our conversation Alonzo Lewis. The records for the most hot 100 hits by female artists. Was once held by any Aretha Franklin you resents 73. And nick humanize each actually broke that record last year. With 76. So it ends kinda uninteresting to they kid you know and Adam and probably in a shorter period of time oh yeah. She was able to accomplish this and yet. In terms of scale and I mean I don't know you you could probably better judge this and I could. I reduce do you see income person of talent there or is this. You know comparison of different styles are I mean how would you characterize that Alonso I think you could be better judge of that than I could or may because you can BIQ I couldn't name. One Nicky met nice I can't. I definitely got that. Like government experts because I'm I'd like that are not you know I think it is it it's it's us. It's a thing a popularity I don't know if it's necessarily talent when it comes to her I think she's another one of those artists that comes out with a songs on that being hit because it's her. Yeah you know it's amazing. You know you feel look back. And and though the history of music. You know we're we're still listening to music today from people that have been dead. The 300 years you know if you listen to any classical music you know bill Straus you know blue Danube Waltz used enough how many films. So it's funny it's. A wreath may have passed on but avoid. Her music the music of Elvis and so many others timeless going to be around forever like cook the Beethoven's love of the world. You know me and I'm. Totally different genre but. You know that. One of my senior greatest great nine absolutely and Aretha certainly was one of the great when it's never see her like again. Well I ennui we have zipped through. This week's edition of by the podcast been fun being with him and talked and some music. And now and don't forget of course you know will be back again next week when another broadcast and of course our usual on air show us. Right here joked election on elm wobble. Adios Pelosi grabbed road we will talk to you soon Alonso I hope to not be back next week.