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The "Three Big Egos" Podcast
Thursday, August 30th

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Mellow out greetings and welcome salutation. And podcast don't Ohio studio once again. It's time for another meeting of the three big egos and I am. One of your hosts. I am of course Bobby Mack AKA. No go up all little sick Hilo reporting a lot of terrorists your nation this. Elsa Rivero. Vince Coakley well here we are again sports fans would surely talk about today show we just. Monkey around totaled. Out his. JoAnne Goodwin and that was a racial comments I'm a friend and. To me and I like I said yesterday. I I just don't get it aware of the worst this concept come from. That ain't gorilla and chimpanzee. But nano monkey. Any of those things. You are racist and I comments directed towards African Americans look. There's there's. First no correlation. Though between any of those and descriptions. An African Americans who happen to be human beings and have different pigments and their skin okay. Hansen beverage. She needs. It's really scary and I was just talking about this and how unfortunate it is. That we have people who are in order immediately triggered but now they're looking for something better the problem they are looking for something. And at least there are I have seen several commentaries soon for comments and ice political analyst you better way to put it I'm actually made the statement that it would be it probably in the best interest of the democratic candidate in Florida just leave that alone just not even go there now because it's just it's so profoundly stupid. And I think it shows how small the people are who were promoting this idea that somehow there was some sort of racial intent or this is you know I love I love the expression it was a talk. What Saul yeah yeah look out that when Brian don't grow so there isn't isn't that. Offensive to canine secure. Or else Jack look like they did not appreciate that my dog show up. I am out there it's it's it is it's offensive the dodged in to use the term. Dog whistle well look you know these these people they've they sailed so far off the edge of the map I just you know I applaud them. Good cheap going in that direction because the more you drew the more people are driven to say. Is people are black Elvis. Like Cynthia Nixon for real okay now really you wanna know what to new modern definition of of sexist discrimination is I'm glad you are not having the sex in the city whacko who's running against Cuomo. Who makes Cuomo look normal rational. And save the boy I what she's doing hard to do it right so. No that's soft you're already see Thomas said the dead didn't she was a victim of sexism because. She wanted to have the debate venue at 76 degrees she proclaim that and Cuomo lakes in cooler because he sweats. And so she said that if we went with a man's preferred temperature this was seen I was basically sexist plot against her much are you out of your mind it is a thermostat. Up no no no he's too young to understand. It's male privilege it's toxic. May you live. Ovation how dry it is the my goodness geez I am so I'm I'm drive and into the station and they record the podcast again behind some old. Forward. Hope someone with a you know kind of bubble top there was certainly a Taurus I guess a lot they sold a ton of them in Europe anyway. I'm behind this guy and he's he's probably about my age and he's old enough no matter where it's at 45 during. The attack yeah your check is in the mail. And I notice she's got I like a semi worn out bumper sticker on the back in this car. And the only word I can read an Indian which isn't the lenders to franchise. To exercise. Socialist. Now I don't know I don't say what thing what the rest of the bumpers stickers and you know but I'm assuming. Then it was something that was in favor. The social Democrats you know I just thought we came up to a stop when I was so attempted to roll down when religious theology guy yeah socialism so much money. Plunging Amanda Venezuela and sample a little bent on a plane go or go join the closer there chilling the animals in the zoo so they can be dumb. And takes rested toilet paper. The admitted she's a yeah yeah it was singers and you can only use once seated on a borrowing I was Sheryl Crow crow era look cried I love the rush parity commercial. Young is she said she's gonna go on tour right and I look forward to shaking the hand of every single one of you. And I'm not. Can move among the other hand there's a mental picture I'm gonna have trouble dispense. At. I think just you know they they go from endorsed hello Doug governor moon Ramon California. You think he's gonna get engaged of course she sees him. Term lemon and out so he can't run again they're gonna get another socialist wanna go sit there I guess a former mayor of LA are one of no way to Sunnis. If you're a bail Bondsman in California as of January 2019. You're out of business because there's got to be no more monetary bail. Okay now. Radio how tougher still very you can have a bachelor's let's see doctors on Japan and I. Hit I think it if I can make a mistake over their news or did you know bill so what found out that because well it's it's inequitable. And so in the interest of fair do you use shouldn't be able to make mail justification or ridge I. Arianna both. Yeah so how do you equalize this. Well we're just what everybody else yes I know you're saying they Graham plans may have slowed. SO events because they're they're way ahead of us unless when. They're going to have the pretrial analysis of the individual. To see you know whether they should be turned loose on the streets. With review and me and an hour and our kids and our dogs and Mac cast. And you know is going to be doing some sociologist. And some shrink. Are going to be decided hey maybe they can use the FaceBook. Trust stability score you will have got to deal is he's not publicized. Yes that's right Jeff Chester high blood pressure building was good before it's 120 election surely we will all have our extra stability scored punishment can still Mark Zuckerberg now maybe they can get the school superintendent from Parkland Florida usually has to be a good judge of character to me it. Well the only ray two and murder and somebody was conceded to time see gavel taken back animals if anybody Howard county schools no problem anybody's entitled to a mistake. Or three or five while just Gavin Newsom what what are fruitcake that one win in his. And he did in G he's gonna show she wants these guys must have socialized medicine for illegal immigrants. And everyone else know any Ashley says but all of the quick clip we troops when I was mayor of San Francisco that we can do that without bankrupting the city. As a sales pitch we did it without bankrupting. The city vote for me more well. I'll send out now and many sesno in August and that he goes yet she'd recent anyone's success story we don't bankrupt that's what did. And any nieces and now his wife every we'd do is because health care is eating up too much of our budget. So therefore we should have health care eat up even more of our resident yeah dinged again I think if ERA read this my husband's Amy honey years he's trying too much money whenever a budget this month we we we know we're in the red. OK you also that by spending more next month yeah no word now that Simon Ellen I don't balance the scales totally I'm thrilled. Yes so but that but anyway did they would I sing imagine what it would and he slowly and replace governor movie and he's brilliant right the next governor of California and make him look logical sane and rational. Sure what yet knows if you're illegal immigrant and you're gonna get free health care in California and you've what we're when he just go there protesting every health and know when. Stop the. Although just shows should be an exodus of all of these people from other states across the country to get there you rate your job that's yeah. Yeah but but think of me out now the tax consequences all these illegals. Working their illegal jobs were kept for cash think what that'll do to the end the California. I'm treasury. No wait a minute. Yeah yeah. Up until an inch is if all logic 101 never existed in college you know right. Just a bit my love take what's that I'll tell I'm I'm consistently boggled. Mighty people in their and there are whacko suggestions. As classical no one was replaced by gender studies find anyone else. I that's right I think it was like I checked and studies on toxic masculine and worried that you yeah. Is there is are nontoxic. Masculinity there's none like it if you're gay guy since they have come if you're gay guy isn't that non toxic masculinity no well now it's not it's a male he announced a prompt dramatically and there should still on testosterone involves that senate gracious not gonna work here. Did you hear about the smackdown in the UK to restore. This indeed trans movements they're two different real big trans movement charity right I who decided that they would begin accepting. Alone men who identified as lesbians. No try and men who identified. As lesbian this is going to be an interesting restroom questioned yeah you're out and this captain have the WRT audiences like. I may I didn't play as it was originally I was medalist been and I can only do piano and yet and show went into this then lesbians got this. No doubt I know would you be a man now and be a lesbian so you're like we do you're not a real as. If you're in the first steps. Lesbian you're a pseudo Melissa has protested and then the mayor. You know the Muslim mayor had to get involved only sign an error and shoddy Kahn right and he's he's he's sided with the train. Genders who say that you can in fact feel lesbian trapped in a man's body as an analyst means or send their pollen out they don't want the L and LG BT quick Q anymore than. If this big yet they say they were removed Dell smells a busy day quit. They totally quit and that's really left to. And you know came to blows they had a big say they were de lesbians were protesting the L a. Mark Sheehan all this insanity is leading some really bad consequences did you all see the story about the nine year old boy you kill off all my goodness no. Donny that was harbor him go and go ahead until the story. Pablo and as I understand that you correct me if I'm wrong here there's this boy had you know had kids recognized her come out as. Homosexual and started getting bullied. And so. Especially yet the ultimately. To kill himself because the bullying is the story that's out there yes. Here's what frustrates the living daylights enemy when I was pushing the story I'm thinking. What kind of end because as I understood and parents. I seem to carry courage and affirm him they get in it is safe so I don't think it myself at nine years old what the hell are you doing it right encouraging. Any form of anything called sexuality at. Not the kid hasn't even hit puberty yet had a guy. No you're right guy. Interested in girls or boys attending are anything but trust me I have an eight year old and a ten year old model using all of us we just look at the atmosphere that is out there all this stuff. He is is. Floating in the wind and this kid is exposed to it and says to himself saying. You know what maybe I'm gay. You know on one addresses in girl wanna Wear. Girls clothes wearing these ideas come from in the first place when you're nine years old from me crazy. Leftists. Yeah and you know an anti terrorism as a parent I mean he didn't. I don't I am extremely careful in my head isn't quite introducing our bicycles applies now I would socially so it's all gone rim has isn't just he deemed Wes is scrap less like I can't it's purple. To avoid a purple notebook. You got or you can see we deployed only your big. Should the kids finisher eight caddies and he can hold to announce their Jane yeah I'm treated by a purple and it was dark purple it wasn't like I passed out you know I'm I found none and I didn't need now dark purple I'm like no no that's coming you can't do right. Well look. You know and and this is now. They are made they are spreading this insanity. And it has this kind of influence this negative kind of influence. Where some. Impressionable nine year old against CI DNS head. And please get a and and then goes to school. With the blessing in this apparent so are your gay okay well that's fine good for you to go to Cisco and announces that all natural eight you know what kids and that a general I think. They started raining again their boy an MP3 days later he kills himself it's terrible though this is obviously child has some problems. Then maybe they don't need. The app for me in my opinion don't need the affirmation of the parents yeah you're gay go to school and tell everybody. Yeah if there's if there's a place here and I know it's it's sad to Greg grieving parents here yes on one level vote. You really have to raise the question as to whether this is child abuse and neglect to you can't go events he carries a question to that makes you a bully and you're eat teenaged you don't exactly Lawrence thanks now here's silenced you have to go on with the now and I know that's another example of the issue is more important than the people and the individual's right. And it's you know it doesn't matter how many people die how many people in their lives are screwed up just like the abortion issue we have leave the lives there wrecked the women's lives that are wrecked by abortion nobody cares. Because the important thing is we've got to fight for a woman's right to. She agenda and the agenda an element he's left us 100 stern turned on and on an anti gun. Now lecture to me I'm sorry but here's a deal okay. I don't except where pictures on gun control from people who think it's okay to kill babies are right. Period and celebrated these days full stop in the Senate's. Which is nuts. That's crazy well. I believe we have not come to the they have a point in the program are we must part with you for another week I will not be with you. All forum for next week's three videos podcasts because I spend. Think I will either I'm on the occasion going to be well excuse us I'm gonna be in Washington in my I think you argued and you're going to be into fair but you know I love it. By the way I can't wait I didn't do my daughter is great and show us to go see Allison it's in DC so excellent yeah and be sure and say hello to run to mob forming I want our I've never met him yeah these are really looking forward to Bob and at the time that I was working in radio in Washington way back when starting out was at another station in Washington to regional radio guy an uncle and it is a greater and they'll bring in so many tremendous guests. That meant Terrell will be able to share with you on her show next week. So I'll I'll see bank in Jewish terror we'll see you back into weeks and no events hey guys you're on your own health and well dressed. We leave them alone I don't know hanging I don't know he might start exerting tossed toxic. Masculinity. And insults unknowns and then. He might be mugging around nearby himself a hole not oh well. It's we'll see you next time I don't then I don't want nobody else and they also read drove simulator by.