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Thursday, September 13th

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Mellow out a greetings and welcome cell mutations and stormy oh loss to you and welcome to this edition of these three big egos podcast. I am one of your host L Walpole AKA. Bobby Mack. Did you just stormy present an in kind donation. I hope not. This is zero with the terrace show otherwise known as little tequila and normally. Stand still so re row. As he calls himself Al would be witnessed my ideas he's they wall today and so we're joined by ace executive producer. L Alonso welcome Montel I am here so I won't get far and you find. Who would you be fine abide by that guy down the hall hall by the commissioner of the week yes now. Well all eyes right now on hurricane Florence as we speech US we record this podcast on not Thursday at noontime. Winds and a 105 miles an hour. And no waves crashing ashore and it has been downgraded to a category two storm and I think. In a win win all the Eddie overkill. That we've seen from mount. All the media in May not advance we dump. Build up to this storm. Now there is concern that people will start to say oh well a storm is weakening and it's not a big deal to worry about how Weber. I am staring right now I think probable path of the storm sent her. And it shows netted 8 o'clock on Sunday morning. A waksal left arm off warrants. Will have passed over Florence. And now on and be over once those house in great court. You know what the problem is you know when when you move somewhere you look at property thing that's nice. Look at all those really big trees down the shades gonna help you ride as far as on the energy bills and an insult like this happens you realize maybe not a good idea. Because of course a ground is already saturated we had a couple of inches of rain this week. You know the people I feel sorry for them really am concerned about a people in western North Carolina. LA they had they've been through this already in May. And nine and now here we are that this storm tracks the way they are saying yeah well on these evil could be in for more flooding. I think interesting is the direction in which the storm coverage is tracking right on because. I am I mean I'm here to retaliate they don't have accurate storm passes until those final 48 hours yeah they don't say everything before that is a big supposition to get ratings and scare the pants off people. And every time any day they do they always turns the same way Huckabee. Isn't it could be a category four or five it never is a good time makes no plan for it never is well until you've dealt with not a five when I came onshore. But you know these guys and yes highs and it's gonna read the coast. And his it was gonna hit Charleston it was hit Charles Bryant and it's always gonna maybe take camera BCO ride every single time and they go through this. And that in the news Paris is exactly missing you could play the news coverage from the pass went on a loop. Starting three days before front and I had this liberal co host when I was in Myrtle Beach broadcasting. Hurricane Dave. And he I Kaman and a first time armed with my new charts graphs and everything you said we're talking about this like this hurricanes can hammer impeachment recognizing known or talked about the session more talk about it. He's in I would as giving Ali stats as we said that's wrong that's wrong that's wrong that's wrong you don't let that are doing and he's no I tell people make your preparations to leave. I didn't order right and then wait for the weather forecast. 48 hours and advanced MET decision because he said everything is junk before that he was writing out he was right and Joseph I mean passer watching this this week and I'm annoyed. You know like I guess what I I can jackets say it nicely for a five categories and all right after Klesko hit Charleston is could be devastating and are gonna die yet even down to they always forecast by twelve feet of storm surge I don't know what is with twelve the putting it's never thirteen it's never seventy social twelfth in Geneva for those three days a good round number again doesn't you know needless gonna be odds how swarms of rock your let me play twelfth well you know and I just showed annoyed with the out. Sunday night. I I'm just just for fun to see what happens with the National Anthem I turn on not only beginning on Sunday Night Football. On in BC NBC as Andrea Mitchell seem easy. And what do I see they're running a crawl. That says breaking news why FF is don't spend they're running a crawl across the bottom screeners an inch guy. Breaking news and it's all about the hurricane. That is a week oh wait. And in addition to that they got a box. On top of that in the left hand corner showing the Carolina. Showing me radar. Showing you know they projected path showing me probabilities and I'm think end. My god you're talking about a hurricane. That is a week away. But you know I'm surprised you don't get this because. Oh I get it now know people don't believe the football fans are very intelligent and and know what's going on in the world so if you do that there they may actually understand that there's something coming and you get you have to and tell them tell how much is he had to put it where they will see it yet to tell them. Then tellem again and then tellem what she told him as he should say yet get a jump three times well. Here's my favorite I heard I've maybe they use this term foreign missive I roared when I heard it I heard some hysterical these broadcasts like I don't know yes yesterday. Greenfield is in the cone of uncertainty oh my god. We will wait the cone of uncertainty. Is is that is that a fancy weather refer we don't freaking know yes and this and it's a story that we don't know right. What we're doing it anyway the cone of uncertainty you know you don't know why are you telling what does that you got why I saw him grow my taxes that. Our. I'll load all but one thing we know for sure all is that we don't know and then for sure Obama goes. We told you mow mowed it the problem relative as old as morrow were all improbable. Or something he's walking around with a big. You know cone of uncertainty and sent out this cone of uncertainty I don't know how and tomorrow. You know and I can't let mud again is that usually. Governor did have his it's official FEMA jacket on and again one now I think sell them actually grill electable we have one of those yet. If you don't dollars a FEMA should that I spoil Arquette yeah I don't know its its outlook for federal boil. It's funny about the 48 hour saying no because if you look statistically. You know and as a recovering meteorologist I noticed when it comes to daily forecasting yes. 24 hours out. We then three degrees either way yet. They'd be probability of the forecast being accurate just somewhere in the range of 95%. 24 hours. 48 hours. When the same parameters. It's in the range of 7475%. 72 hours out three days out. Flip a coin you know we sound that I did the most rage ever generated as a reporter. We're not like my take downs of City Hall or anything like that he's. It was when we went and key and compared to the actual weather forecast all I'm saying hey dad yet and we ran against her the weather channel right. Utterly useless like you've just said we kind of a coin flip. Was more accurate up until 48 hours before right moment he's getting the super don't even. But rush and didn't and and they got some are we stand our weather well the math doesn't work out match now. You know on energy and here's what I. I'm calling to me the distractions and agree strict no no sure sure yeah right yeah. Yeah I notice. Thank you and I'm not worried were you ever taken aside what you're doing weather and told the it wasn't guy or not the two need to make you a little more dire wouldn't be interesting don't you know yeah I never had that happen but when I was anchoring. I'm I remember vividly. We this was a channel five and not just another in May shape affiliate. And I was getting ready go on here I think it was a new. Newscast. And we had a brand new assistant news director from the station in Miami. And we were leery of this guy anyway because the station he came from a Miami had done a story. On a new nude beach. Then I know blend. In night in Miami. And the reporter did this story note. From each. And then they you know covered her up. And I thought. This is a guy it's an assistant news director and that story was his idea now. So there was no way hers yet know us for sure there was a big gas line explosion somewhere outside Houston. And I mean there's nothing around there's nothing around this one of those big gas lines that you know runs interstate rain. As so it's out in the middle of the field nowhere and in other great flames coming out and saying look compliance. And as you know if it bleeds it leads a large it's on fire it's in the first block. Brian that's silly TV news works which is a whole deal with the weather you know we have to own not the story. That is our mantra. We want we want people to know that we own the story that's why channel four was run and that thing a week in advance and they wanna get out in front. So I'm looking at the flames. And I'm getting ready go out to the scent and the new assistant news or your jobs are coming in Grassley by the shoulder and he says. He should you see that. He's been an explosion in years so low gas line is I was on fire has burning SE yeah yeah sunshine object you'll get a health care. And so love story. And I looked at him and I said scares me one me explain something. We have and exacts. Advertising salespeople. They sell. The ads within the newscast we do the news. Right who would he say nothing. Turned and walked away a man he knew than I was not I was not a team air how much lower did you work there not that much longer and an above quitting shortly thereafter. Well. Quietly humming Myrtle Beach vacation because we were devastating break his week we'd we move we have a lot of time and is long Serena we we had it would grander beach vacation down a four days this year. With the kids. And we look at the weather forecast right Arby's. I solid rain everyday and I wanna decried the kids were so excited about this time prepping for the idea that we might have to do you know indoor activities are. A case so I get to the first day crazy today before definitely rain 80%. The next day we get there sun all day not a drop break. So we thought we had to cram the whole vacation into one that one day read all of our act Tora what is going to be sunny so we did it. Prime rate Missouri next day not OK I gotta gotta love fest we'll let you know we didn't obviously we did that we did that and we and we went on the rides Mandela brokered. Next day. Sunny all day not a drug yup got creamed the rest of the vacation ended this day now. Next day now Broadway the big shots I would probably don't today's out the last two days with the sunshine not a drop meant they get it wrong and easily well no but look how consistent. Well or consistently wrong. And our lives and they to a crisp after we were sunburned because it was out there was one there there's a slight drizzle. That's how wrong they where the whole time now and and I days 234 we had done everything is central budget source sitting around the ram you know what. What many forecasts are beyond love the 48 hour business does do have a relatively decent probability of being somewhere near correct. But the rest of it it's what meteorologist. People refer to you with the Akron and so wag. Yeah so lag which is an acronym stands for scientific. Wild ass guess. And now and then and many instances are trying to do us. Oh. She is ridiculous though that's not the stuff do you get when you go towards. Her more now from our snuck up. Sank and whether it be anyway anyway when we don't know when we got Haley does snow it does rain and and we got sun rises like five things that could ever happen you know the greatest in the world know. Is is being on working doing weather and Ron Burgundy is TV station in San may help. Now OK sunny and 75 again today Sylvia that's bad day hearing and I just you stick your head in the door for virus hey remember what I told you yesterday. Same thing for tomorrow Syria. And I really now the big grade mr. gained heat index I don't care. I drift off and daddy or even to zoos are going to be in our sales of trouble digital Sonia around town and stuff are now Seattle it's kind of maintain Ryan you think you know. Is it. I would be suicidal enough and it and so I handled by the way because that's terrible one of the highest suicide rates in America and no longer. The main number one because as progressives go crazy and you know they hate everything there of our lives are miserable summer direct killing themselves anyhow but. You know when it's raining all the time it's more conducive atmosphere. So say you will see what happens with warrants. As I said by 8 o'clock Sunday morning and the out the calling a among certainly. Like your vast amounts. I don't like catchers don't shy and I don't know much uncertainty players. And now and Samantha to cherry on top there. The other half jokingly probable path of the storm center but does not show the size of the storm. Hazardous conditions can occur outside of the column. Probably generally they are like a banana voted to. Kind of uncertainty right there on the map okay yeah it includes Virginia West Virginia propensity. Usually are. You say could go anywhere on the East Coast we don't try and have a clue right. Next story please rise so one thing about zeal they come on onshore grab your ankles and hope for the best right. I've always wanted to call Lynn to whoever the boss wasn't tell them I can't get their because the creek rose yeah and I have to go cross three creeks I live on a hill that do go cross three creeks to get. To the road this is a there's a good shot Monday that I can call and say I can't get there because they can't I can't get across that we're you know they'll sink the oil well and and the creek don't run right. I used engine jokingly say now in Washington there when I finally retired and and here I am an optional work and and as a channel seven that you know because you've got the Chesapeake Bay right there and it's great boating. That I was gonna I was gonna buy a boat and I was gonna name but assignment. And then when feels as Bob McClain there's no I'm sorry he is on assignment. That pat. I think concept yeah that is called console around him airwaves tell the people led to an account yeah I generally aren't now he's on assignments aren't. We we shall see and of course. I believe. Don't we have blonde showed tentatively out plans for us to be here. With our the world is coming to an end extensive. A severe weather coverage over the weekend Yemen and be your seven or tendon. Tender new leaders in London's Sunday here 46 yup so while minute thinning out and Saturday night will have a covered on the exit polls there now we've got someone live here. Yeah all through the week through the week so. I'd essentially. We are narrowing. The cone of uncertainty. Is only doing up in you wake cone of uncertainty. Mean you go on and insulate into this for a living like that we can go on the parents say the mid terms for an hour in a cone of uncertainty there you go. Dry election it was Saddam's and it takes desperately need to tell you that it's in a cone of uncertainty dry will the progressive bounce back will be a big blue wave right now. It's an eight Kona. On the uncertain nick. Corporate decision to show we are gonna beat back a heck yeah this among certainly in no uncertain of when I know we're done I'll at a time for today well. Out hunkered down. You know now put down when he gas in the tub and put them pony water in your card knowing amendment that's the other way around. That's throwing good advice well don't listen to me I sang and done do as may will give you real advice on when we join you next time. 23 big Eagles Podcastalley also make us. Gary very I'm really writing off on a horse with no name there's a horse clean cone of uncertainty. And then on our offense. It's.