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So as they get started though there's a few companies out there in their offerings or helmets that monitor performance as well as seed deep into your website your price dipped further acting until we will bit about your product one company different. Yes absolutely. You. You know pat AEA. New macro level you know we're really trying so look at the connected. Athlete as a whole so outside of our own answers that we built in itself. We've also started early it looked at other sensors. Things like decorations. And things by. Heart rate sleep stress. And well many of those centers has been that on an individual level. What are our goals do you really Reno in. And active global. Use machine learning and predictive analytic accurately understand how all these different variables affecting. Happily affect their performance affect their safety. And so while we can learn what an athlete is doing any human player in the week we start to look at the different levers that we need to Xia. Going into game time we're going into the next week and allow them to perform at their peak. That need more micro level. And where we really got our start was really focusing on hand. Owning the head and understanding in Atlantic that we can provide. That can allow or seen her play. And even smarter plain terms. Just the overall objective information around. Impact location impact count. And impact severity I'm not gonna allow us to try and change in behavior of our athlete. To play smarter. To delegates are what gave you the idea that this I mean ultimately his way on seeing it is going to be the future of treating athletes have tickets verdict would give it yet. Yeah absolutely it is actually. Fairly interesting story you know we actually spun out. About our company. And term acquisition now kind of are standalone organization but at this time. The corner. Not our company had on them play. Crop. And to barely. Severe impact of that sidelined him for some time and I believe the response at that time was all happen down now are. And so that's why it released. Are the idea what development Smart out there. In so. You know through that we've relief halt. Basically develop old way of taking so all my technology. Rolling it in game now art and he hit you want it. Now our products are back in my book art is really where we started. And then we've obviously expanded into a few other sensor devices that have allowed it to. Grow and other sports. An activity where monitoring at the an important topic. And must be Smart devices used from what I've seen in my research are geared towards football but. What other ways to your devices be used to monitor safety and the players. Yeah absolutely. Well law continues to gain a lot more of and tension but the reality is. You know head injury is not just a football problems so. We you had a lot of road wins or like ice hockey. Or fly across. Curls. Talker. Rugby. And even sports like equestrian actually worse still. The values other objective had information in an impact becomes important. Give me an example how worked candidates to stay here players need to danger here again at alliger device react to allow polar coach. Yeah absolutely so art devices. Really working humane Moses. We have online and then we kind of have like a post game. Poll practice. Analysts we so an online. That we're happy you're going out practicing and playing at normal. And should not lead taken an act. Greater than those that threshold. And real time it's gonna send an alert the sideline that that basically let them know hey you're probably wanna take a look at this happily. You know Aden in. And in other areas we really try to alert coaches. What aptly. We may not be using proper technique so those are taking impact so the crap out of there had. We can alert on that too. Which you can allow coaches soon intervene. Work closer with that athlete or or that athlete. And go through protocol either even acne are going through a it is checklist to make sure that pay. You know haven't been. The they haven't sustained head injury or concussion. Before putting them back in the field play. Let me ask you this as well as the data seems to stem around you know development and training and that's where things are there any advances coaches can use hearing king play. To these devices is it are they able to change their game at all the data provided. I think so and then we've definitely seen that you know. We have the ability to not only show where. Impact take place but actually he. Map that on a modeling of the athlete had. And so what coaches. Can look at is. Howell has an athlete impact location changed. Throughout that period a picnic right so looking at a previous games being. You know. Two words third or fourth quarter all are they dropping their head is that the condition is that someone you know is that a technique problem. So they're definitely. They are away that. You know well and not real time they can have a better understanding it. Taking a more severe impact in intervene that medical attention. But in that post game. Start to look at. How does an athlete technique or behavior change from the first after the the second half. And where. Is there opportunity after coach to lean a bit more at how change that behavior or conditions more. How. And looking at your website to get several athletic organizations that are using your products and Toledo who is using your technology in the advantages to. Yes absolutely we definitely have eight bit of a unique approach when we go out and work organizations. Weepy kind of focused a lot have a beer on the used market. We feel light. Wit that equine participation rate. That is an area where we can really alt. And not only allows for wrote what and they use market. Then allowing pieces behind her hair and our coaches at. More objective information and you know one thing to remember athlete did. They don't really know good technique from or technique. So we can use the power data and understand which app later putting themselves at risk those coaches can change that behavior at her age. You know hole we we've seen a lot of growth that. High school level and it. Developing strategic partnerships where it concerns every cop insurance company who helps subsidize the cost to these programs. And then obviously. We see a lot of value in working with researchers and then just the college programs as well. Researcher in terms. No there hasn't really been a bit by. On the market allowing for. This information. On the field you know we do there's a lot of laps at seeing a lot of equipment and last but. We know that little bit different from what actually happening out. Field. Soul you know is it if we can help the research community while simultaneously helping yet but it. We feel that we're gonna pretty good job there. And I agree with completely missed quite a few minutes to a final question about the cost of these things in receptions. You know I think based on pure product that's where I think you're using it in combination with the existing home that's where is that correct. It yet we have a moment they enter we have enough art sensors so one does. Past few then had a helmet and an obvious and enough cars. Would just be used as any normal offer. Their kids. Into schools to sign on for example we one I just interviewed yesterday. Chris I school here in south Carolina's. Riddell helmets and eight and a lot of positive. You bet here it. And it certainly would not allow their kids play contact sports but they feel safer. That because the coaches have more of a grasp on exactly what they're at your student athlete is doing. Are you getting this thing died in people with your talking cute well that is opening more possibilities for students. Abs absolutely you know we we edit in terms of what had more cater more information. Ever been. That being and being able. To provide something that you can help me an engine measure what's going on. Build all of our partners have definitely been your program practical program in any collegiate program. As we launch our new over common answer it allowed it to open up more of a consumer market. So you know not just expanding at an issue consumers. Team sports but also consumer individuals or as well like I mentioned cycling equestrian and and other. Activity where. You know to head injuries become a problem. Concussions are problem. And this is value add information. Can help.