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Becky why is it that this ride is so important to. That has alzheimer's and obviously with can't deal with it everyday. I mean we can't move as it. I wish he had impact her feelings this and it impacts. Sound. Is different this is that we need to panic far. There when you see there right he'll grow as it has the past few years and what goes through your mind. People stationed Pitt connection make something in this that this being contagious says that. Hammers Israeli cannon. Can anyone in some way. Women and everybody admitted that and much more people are. Am going to explain this to the Travis just explaining that we love every minute of it. Now this is a multi day ride covering it kind of miles in the heat you were for the which is six part of this. What all goes in to make teachers there writers you were they need to go and get their safely. But I cannot. And can. Move. Can be a candidate can't. No. We didn't want us to drink. And that. We believe probably it's two hours before the writers. Yes that the chance for the washed out. So I don't know under the mechanics six Sandra. And then them handling car that floated it back in fact trying to get MI 78 and eight. I'm that little man if you. It's just effort that is solid first come together well. How fulfilling is it to be apart this. All that crap. If. You can make a difference and we need here the story is that each incident. Eat just volunteering set their own stories. Com. From dementia or alzheimer's and now. Working together for a great counts that. Reflects good. Wow. That's amazing now for anybody that. Would like to get involved in some way maybe it doesn't ride that does wanna help out there donate where can they go to find out more information. There isn't any. Rat to remember that that'll work. And putted the best place. Know how long have you bin. Working with the right. Tonight here is certainly a pair met in person and. And that definitely near certain opinion.