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Seth stokes Willis it's three WORD news here with bin Howard he's going to be participating in a ride to remember. It's a bike ride from since and build a Charleston of Obama's vacant Vietnam is happening here soon and have been thank you so much for talking to me about this now. This your first time in the event correct correct so what is your motivation for hop on a bicycle wanted to panels that many miles. You know I felt low Lou biking when I lived in Santa Monica and 2011. And and had a few friends that did that's right. Over the past few years and they have car. Kynan. Put it in my mind hey you need to go out and I had a little bit and you know if fell on the weekends pretty cinemanow to mean so I was like you know I I'm gonna do it next year science. I thought about it for awhile and Biden February 15 I knew I was gonna do. So once she made the decision to do it. What has the training schedule but alive because this Satan just like hopping on the bicycle right down the grocery store or aired a five K and running three miles an end. Feel good about yourself when this is a substantial multi day ride. A in fact you speak a multi day first days 65 miles second day is 89 miles. And last days nine miles. So when I got decided I want to do an island to the mileage eyes and knew that Jack and at least get fifty miles out of my body per day are already so I looked. What I can do to improve my writing improved mine. My endurance and are at a shot on the bike and started writing I didn't do the longest strides. In fact some days. You know only be there five or ten miles in on this and climbing try to. Try to improve. What I know about the bite on but here lately I've been trying to. Do three or four days a week where do you thirty to forty miles. Now I know this will be the first time you've done this ride Jeff friends that have done it before and just in talking with them com. This isn't something you wanted to do with the bike off the off big box store shelf right. No I I'm sure there's people that have done that com. An effect than looking at the pictures that's all I saw some. Flat handle bars hustle some people just not there looking recreational. For me I knew that I wanted to go into a strong aren't he had a a rogue biker carbonneau bike so I knew I was prepared on that with the equipment by the I mean it's. It's pretty hard on your gear mean you're here you're riding on the road with the elements you're gonna see pot holes you're gonna see heat. Definitely mean should think about that put me on when you wanted to see the light that's. And this is a right to supports alzheimer's doing this in raising awareness and support in fines they'll how does that make you feel personally. You know I'm really excited to be a part of it just for the fact that. Not only it's that I have my personal reasons but also. To be able to support and bring money and as a variety you have to raise 750 dollars to be a part. You when you raise that you know that that 752. You know some people raised. 2000 plus stylish Wear. You know the that donation is going to help someone in need. Who is you know battling something. And and that helps their family mean even just a little bits and then we're thinking about donations tree you know thinking of sometimes. The where that money can go as far as. Maybe some of that money can buy two new chairs for hospital room. The so we did with our radio Thon and remember Brett. Just to think about it in that sense that's two nights that a loved one can be there live. The year and their person in the hospital and that there is probably the most powerful because those two ninths may be all that they have. So you you think about things like that or you think about. Someone who needs testing doesn't have the money to. Get the testing or to. Get transportation to the hospital means we never know exactly where every dollar growth. But when I think about things like that it was there true motivated. How difficult was the fundraising. For this. I'm lucky that I have a large network arm I was able to get. Half of my money within the first week of donations just putting it out through FaceBook only. Which you know over 350 dollars. Within within three days 34 days our afterwards it was extremely hard Buckeyes com. And I don't write to post a lot of times you know donation links it's just not something and I do by and it was for a great cause though. I posted it about ten times and I was able to get. All the donations are I was also lucky enough to have. Few people who who really. Really gave says that that worked for me well you know if someone gives over fifty bucks. I mean for me that's really giving Africa is. You know there's so many donation thinks now that. You know you take that out of your week. For anybody else that's. New to this ride like like you are what advice would you give home is forced preparing for this thing at this point. All I can do some my own personal rights as well let's also give you some time. Advice that I being given a first and getting give you live by serving give in which is that number one thing hydrate hydrate hydrate. You're doing this in the middle of July sometimes that weekend could end up being the hottest weekend. Of the summer on so you guys think about your going through Columbia you're going to Orangeburg S. Those places are extremely hot so hydrate hydrate dole Ryan. Our. Gesture to wander alone make sure you have an additive. Make sure you're you're using your water bottles don't be stubborn. Com. We wanna make this right safe so. That's the first thing I would say is you know be safe if it takes you a little bit longer book you have to stop and drink. Be Smart about it the other support all the way down from what I'm hearing there's support. Every you know so mom zone number amount of miles so. Be Smart be safe arm and then also is. You know be cautious. To your surroundings to the writers around you. I've heard it's a great writer for the first when he miles can be hectic but that afterwards you know. It's a great ride and it's absolutely fun I've watched the couple videos that scene and it looks like an amazing experience. I feel everyone should have. As far as my own personal ideas are are my personal advice Islam. If you're gonna do this drive. And you figure out you're gonna do this right in the winter if you don't wait till last minute like I did. I would say hop on a trainer or hop bomb. Problem the road right away don't skip winner even if it should Shriver ten miles a day keep your body. Keep your body strong and as the as the spring comes in utilized spring because you've got great writing whether it's not too high you can get a lot of miles and. In big so much. We're talking to me about this and will circle back around after deride and CIA feel ending did you policy and gas should have some video some great photos where it.