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Friday, July 14th

Trump Jr; Sanders' leagl problems; 5 randon facts


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Count barter. Don't need. For me finally made as these final vote last hour of the week is Vienna and here we go. It is the TG IF tradition of the money Mac show which of course means that C Friday free for all or as we like to refer to it the all skate where you can talk about what ever. Topic maybe burning in your brain angles advantage top line number told free from anywhere is 803471063. Common sense retirement planning tax the line number 71307. And to send me an email. Well all merely addressed that to Bob look at 106 series. WORD. Dot com so I don't go getting under way when a final hour for this Friday. And a. Great to have you along and to the phones we go right away here in the bonus hour. Qian is a long and he is joining us via his mobile's phone hello can and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. Thank Bob Allen discussed this. Gobble gobble saying what the Russian right now they're broke outsiders. To the establishment. Government going home throughout our country can be. And their ticket to hell about it now just imagine air the warmer and it looks like below trauma Bill Clinton and Debbie. People have a Roush old Chelsea Clinton has done. They would saying there actually you assert greater spraying. Board following in the footsteps of the greatest couple of every bit cooler than this can't. What she wouldn't she would have been an international peacemaker she would have been. Reaching across the ocean and in trying to establish. Better relations with our friends in the former Soviet Union. Yeah. That way ever heard her describe that like of that out there about her for a long time. No but now that you mention it. There is there isn't Smart enough familial resemblance there. You know area now pat probably avenue I'll be new too thanks a lot for the call camp. I Ralph is on next up he had joins us from Spartanburg hello Ralph and welcomed relief Friday free for all. Merlot but do you feel about the mandate cane growing young athletic and she she. Try as they might. I got of course yeah. Ever done that care though the weather cannot act on them than. Well he's he's not here at the moment but I could ask a question along. Salad the temperature. Should. You out. Yeah. I mean I mean I'm not like that opposite of the bombing meant a robotic. I I think kids I think it's relative to how much did it it. Have they can go to these hospitals. Well I think probably you rally knows what he's talking about his ability to express an however may be in doubt. While they fight about it ma. You know why not ever have a good we material role of the flow Ralph keep calm. And Nike bond the bombing matchup. In on the tax line I gotta get some teachers. In on the tax line 71 threes are seven Bob this is absolutely ridiculous. Shutting down a main thoroughfare like white horse road for that long it's beyond me what kind of confusion and consternation this is gonna cause I mean a shooting is overweight. Why are they need to have the road caution. That's a fair question. I can tell you this whenever. The coroner. Is called out. There is going to be an extensive police investigation. Into the shooting. And when you've got an officer involved shooting that it can't be done by the local LA knows. Can't be done by Greeneville PD or whatever agency might have been involved in the shooting sheriff's office or whatever it must be conducted by slant. Which means somebody pencil and asked to show up and then began conducting the investigation which is a time consuming process you seem a little. Yellow plastic. Pieces they put I you know like a number that you get in a restaurant you put on the table and same thing. Man numbers on a minute show how many shots were fired and where the rounds were expanded more than cartridges fell on the pavement and all that. It's a time consuming process and and part of the reason they do that courses so they can. Build a chain of evidence and case. Then AM defense attorneys gonna have a difficult time wearing down. Bobbie the bushes were not patriotic when Clinton was governor of Arkansas they were business partners in the drug trade up all. Ever examined for. Now Bob Obama was the biggest embarrassment and biggest wimp in the office and in the entire country out of there are troubled things and I will. Some pictures you just can't expunged from your brain pan. One of them has Obama throwing out the first pitch at the nationals game. Wow. Real way. Would it be sexist taken ten but he threw like a girl. In this instance it wouldn't be because I know many girls who could throw was substantially more velocity. Then they former president ever generated. I'm a girl and I can now throw him no doubt. I was pretty windy. And then of course the vacation picture. He's writing his little friendly. Green bicycle. Which is a little helmet. So he doesn't damage. His brilliant. Brain. Here remember it is handlebars have streamers on now they missed that part from the basket on the front it did have a basket on the front. And had a little tinkling bell. Teamed him thinking like out president coming through on another billion dollar vacation. Pretty wintry. Bobby about the shooting happened in the intersection while I haven't heard yet but that's certainly a possibility. Bob I finally figured out why CBS. Is called CBS. Because every time you watch CBS. On you see is BS. I. Got a point. I'm Bonnie please tell me what we did prior to obamacare. Considering that why do we have to replace any thing. Why don't we just go back to how was gonna let everybody decide when they wanna do instead of being forced. To do so. Well there is rarely been a politician in Washington the doesn't enjoy the power. That comes with the office. And what's the point of having power if you don't flex your muscles are fresh off. Bobby do worse streamers on not Obama spike but they Photoshop to mount. And that's that's entirely possible. But they I think you insulted girls who throw well I didn't until until I said. And now I know I know many of the female gender. Who could. There are pretty mean fastball. Al Bobby regarding your recent texture they Busch is or worse trillions of dollars. Because of the opium trade in Afghanistan. It does lead to a question why are we still doing in Afghanistan. There's nothing in Afghanistan. Not excluding of course poppy fields. Ever seen Afghanistan. It the the pictures from Afghanistan now that I've seen friends out of Newark in the middle have a sent back. This place looks like the moon. And if we leave the name must revert back to clan against clan and tribe against tribe. It won't have Americans. Or other related forces tissue then anymore though had to go back to cutting off. The heads of other Afghani us. Why don't you throw yourself off a building no one cares if you do that like a boy or a girl. Am no I think I'll pass on not throwing myself off the building Benton. It's got to be from another friendly laughter you know they they're they're they're so sensitive. Hate filled. What corner after six or on the body matchup take a quick break here than they write back when we come back on the other side. An investigation ongoing nature not hearing much about from the lame stream media the FBI probe of Bernie Sanders why. Iraq back. 21 had to say surely about a Mac shareware and a bonus our final hour for this Friday for this week for that matter. In on the attacks line 71307. And Bob let me see if I understand this correctly instead of the last texture admitting. That was a pretty lousy pitch and Obama threw he instead suggested you commit suicide. Wow. And there's a laughed and Angela Ford. Bob in an effort against the likes of tab eight and talent. Some firepower come reelection time Spartanburg county is slinging asphalt. All over the place. And killed a good thing in the market. So while all the discussion goes on about trump junior and the Russian Damon. All the rest down meantime another investigation is underway at him. Senator Bernie Sanders feeling the burn. Claims and the ongoing FBI probe of his wife is based on. Wait a minute wait tore rat. Partisan politics. However that does doesn't square with the fact. That the investigation. Actually began under President Obama. And appears to closely track Democrat opposition research revealed and they hacked. Emails are Hillary's campaign golf. Now what's going on here the FBI and the US attorney in Vermont are investigating Jane O'Meara Sanders for her role. In a failed 22 and ten million dollar college a land deal which she orchestrated. Hearing her seven year stand as president of the now defunct. Burlington College in Vermont. According to a series of 2015. Emails to and from Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta. You remember him the genius of tennis a password on this computer. Password. John Podesta out leaked to and published on WikiLeaks. The Clinton team wrote an extensive political opposition memo. Entitled sanders' top hits theme medics. The memo deet tails mrs. Sanders role in the financial failure of the college. And parallels the ongoing FBI investigation which is now on front of the grand jury. Into the scandal. Other email correspondent shows a Clinton team believes scandals surrounding the college and James Sanders provide an opportunity. To knock the Vermont senders reputation. And his chances to win the Democrat primary election. Which are already slim and none and slim has left talent. Because of course Hillary and Debbie glamour mouse shields were working to make sure that the deck was stacked so that Hillary got the nomination. A Clinton Campaign official wrote in the fall of 2015. And I think our first question is how are we going to defeat Sanders he's not who he says he has gone votes. IDS CC money. And his wife Jane. There may be other options tube but these seem to be the strongest attacks to consider. How do we undermine Sanders candidacy. Is our threshold question. According to any email the hits peace with potentially damaging. Information about ms. Sanders another official wrote we have a meeting. Scheduled on Thursday. To discuss next steps on Bernie Sanders. When you like for everyone to come having reviewed the material and ready to disgust quick hits and teams. We want still we want to deploy. These so called hit piece also included a passage headed O'Meara Sanders brokered a risky and potentially fraudulent purchase. That nearly bankrupted the college well in point of fact. As time went by and did. Bankrupt the college after several years as the president of Burlington College Jane O'Meara Sanders resigned amid speculation. That Chike inflicted with the board and didn't bring in enough money for the school. Critics later tied her to the school's financial trouble. Asher after she brokered a deal to borrow ten million dollars to buy a land for the college. Clinton's team summed up a political opposition memo. Writing members of the U leading agency expressed concern over the college's ability to repay the loan. One suggested that if O'Meara Sanders was not involved the alone would not have been approved by the way there's also talk. One of the bankers involved in this said that senator Sanders himself. And all the banker and said make this alone happen. The opposition research also highlighted numerous media reports summarizing related scandals including the fact. The mrs. Sanders took a 200000 dollar golden parachute. When she left the college and before that. Arranged a deal where Burlington College paid her daughter's company the Vermont woodworking school. 55000. Dollars as part of a craftsman decree. May trigger for the ongoing investigation into Jane Sanders came in January of this year when a lawyer representing a Roman Catholic parishioner. In the Burlington diocese. Filed a complaint with federal authorities about the land deal. The legal complaint to the attorney who has the Vermont state chairman for the trump campaign stated that the deal. Went 282 million dollar loss for the church in Vermont. According to attorney Brady tend sings come point to secure the ten million boxed. James Sanders obtained a six and a half million dollar loan from the people's united bank. That's sounds like embankment good progressive interest dozen of the people united will never be motivated from the people's united bank to buy tax exempt bonds issued by a state agency. And a three point 65 million dollar second mortgage from the diocese. Sanders reportedly fell on told college trustees and the bank lenders. That the college had raised nearly two and a half million dollars to repay the loan. But trust these learned that many of the donors listed in mrs. Sanders material had not agreed. To those amounts. Don't. That would be fraud as a result of the debt and lower than projected student enrollment email what. Students weren't beating down the door to go to Bernie Sanders you'll. Burlington College shot gallon in May have last year. Since they complaint was filed in January. 2016. People and enemies involved with a college alone. Or asked to provide information. From the ongoing federal grand jury probe. The public harm in this case is substantial because the diocese offers a significant amount of help to the communities porn meaty. Senator Sanders has alleged that tend Singh was motivated to file the complaint because of his ties to trump. But Tim Singh told Fox News is that simply wrong he didn't take on the role of Vermont state chairman for the trump campaign until the summer. Of 2016. Well after the federal grand jury investigation. A mrs. Sanders again. This investigation was started under president Obama's Justice Department tensing said. The senator's claims are common double blame diversion for politicians. Faced with a a grand jury investigation. He should focus on answering the allegations. Which are solidly based on analysis of faxed from documents obtained through public records request. And evidenced. Gathered by investigative reporters. Ms. Sanders and her husband bill political careers pontificating against corporate corruption and claiming to wanna help the needy. The diocese however actually does help the needy through vital direct services. The loss of two million dollars as a result of ms. Sanders apparent misconduct. Will materially detract. From their charitable work and cause significant harm to vulnerable. Vermont Hearst. Craig Laporte spokesperson for the US attorney's office and Vermont sent were not offering any comment in relation to this investigation at this time. Spokesman for the FBI would also not content it's in. Ongoing investigation. Wonder if mr. Mueller. A a new and special counsel have any interest in looking into this yeah right. 630 here on the Bobby Mack show any radio in the news center I'm right back in the last half of the bonus hour here on Friday including a science. Random facts. This program is made possible in part by grants from Glidden valley salad dressing and the salad dressings that are nice and thick because they're made with pink. I make great to have you back 638 Tony to before seven here on the above a Mac show and my friends and fair. Federation for American Immigration Reform are hot. And not because vicious you know another steamy summer in Washington their hot over what's going on there. He Republican leadership. Has made an effort. Believe it or not. To make illegal aliens eligible for federal. Jobs. Okay. Dan Stein who runs fair sending me an email this afternoon last night's action. By the Republican led House Appropriations Committee making illegal aliens eligible for federal jobs. Is yet another example why president trump must honor his campaign pledge and repeal president Obama's unconstitutional. Degas program deferred action for childhood arrivals to the Appropriations Committee without notice in the middle of the night. Funny how they like to do that. Approved a provision changing and Obama era rule. Barring. Jacob beneficiaries from working directly for the federal government old Bob law. Ban them from working for the government. Another Republicans. In an effort to provide Republican members cover for this cowardly act. Chairman Rodney freewheeling houses and not Republican New Jersey. Took the unusual step of denying a roll call vote. A congressional Republican leadership many of whom are on record calling take up unconstitutional. Has once again demonstrated it cynical disregard for American workers transparent government and principle. This betrayal of American workers must be rectified. When he appropriations bill. Reaches of for the house by stripping this provision from the bill. And forcing all members of congress to register their positions and a roll call vote. If they're unwilling to do so president trump should immediately rescind. Jacob. By the way the trump administration said. If they get a legal challenge. Over a daycare that they would not. Ask via Department of Justice to defend it in court and there are presently I believe it's nine states. That does have done precisely that. Brought lawsuits against data as being unconstitutional. In on me a text line Bobbie I've been to Afghanistan it's a nasty place. But I liked it better than Iraq. I don't believe beyond that. Bob we're the Smart meter duke we'll have an electronic map of your life. Everytime you turn on any device no matter how small it sends a feedback signature down the line this recorded. They'll know your complete lifestyle and my new details. Every device has a signature and they'll know it. Bob you love your show the heck with all the naysayers in regard stealing your views also appear not related to John McClain. Anna and I Texan I know no relation he has McCain. And yet texted back ups are brother and my dad not to worry. Bobby I could've gotten us into and out of Afghanistan by Christmas 2001. New Year's Day 2002 with the latest solution. Carpet bomb. Every man made structure leaving no two stones connected in that cesspool of a country. I had mentioned from time to time bombing. Then back to stone age but then again that would be such a short trip. Bob I would liken this time. To call on senators Graham and Scott and congressman Downey. To ask for a special prosecutor to investigate. The Clinton foundation. Accusing president trump of faith crimes while ignoring the real criminals. The clintons' past to stop after. Attila. Two votes we know what's is a device on the grounds of Taylor's here and not bring in Jeff. Here on a Friday free for all hi Jeff and welcomed the show. Well good afternoon until you mission McClain and you have to do Wiki yes are you to hold beyond round and that's been out there are no sweat on the golf course. Well in our outcome what was the perfect. Solution. To this here. May yes I would be interest in hearing. A solution it is. No vote already firing district sales Obama care to get out obvious yet or are you past. Somebody there's twenty trillion dollars just offered the paper and exciting. You do you really believe that. For your country's twenty trillion dollars and zero he airway will forever by Israel here and counting great idea. Well well not all work. You know it out apparently. All the members of the you know party that would be Republicans and Democrats with a rare exception. Are are bound and determined. To not give up this. What could be construed it in a census and entitlement program for some. Any any time they have an opportunity to I've used their power or retain more of it. And and you know that in these behind the scenes conversations these guys Sam looked. We got a lot of power here do we really want to give this up. Probably you know we got its status have been arrested abroad it's out here to represent six epic four laughter. The possibility kid rock and so that's exactly right I ain't anybody heard Diane Feinstein currency policy. Charles Schumer says the and I hate Johnson. Lindsey Graham. John McCain the list goes don't know. Maxine Waters don't matter over at Maxine don't forget actually Atlantic to operate the Kid Rock would be like what a 100000. Percent better than 81 of those big black scholar well and it'll look. I I have suggested in the past. That down the at the end the American people might be better off of orient through a picked out a hundred names out of a phone book and put a mall and US senate. And a lot of passion out there and see what happens. Nadia and I and I think it's helped me out man and I think it's closer what the founders actually had intended thank you Jeff appreciate Colin are you have a good weekend too good to have years at 645 it's a quarter before seven here in the body matchup. As promised. Five random facts for Friday. On the way next. This program is made possible in part by grants from subway's sandwich shop. Wherever you subways sub comes with triple the onions. Some good you know 65010. Before seven here on the embody Mac show and as promised. It is time once again for a another addition non. Of a random facts and Helio and now. It's time boom and brand brand. Packs up Q random facts for you today. And even Mission Impossible TV series in invented the term and self destruct. And by the way if you're over 45 the world population has doubled in your lifetime here we go Mission Impossible TV series the original one mr. Phelps. Invented the term self destruct with their famous mission instructions. That would quote self destruct. In five seconds. It sounded something like this. Or any of your I am wars being fought until the zen buddhism probably nominate your right so there's this recording will self destruct me my second. Chip yeah. Jim Phelps or for Internet there is a tiny Epoch seat she old. Inside of every soda cans. Did you know that otherwise the soda would make it can corroded. In three days. Reminds me of a guy used to work at dec Coca-Cola and he told me they clean the engines of the trucks. It all. I can't. The Al longest winning streak in any professional sport in history. Held by a squash player from puppies Don. As Obama uses cookies to all who. He won 555. Consecutive matches from 1981. To 1986. George lucas' original title for Star Wars was. Good journey of the wheels WH IL LS many changed into. Adventures. Of the start killer has taken from the journey of the wheels sog along the the star war yet fortunately before and I got to theaters it was shortened to just. Star Wars and as I mentioned. If you are over the age of 45. The population of the world has doubled gearing your lifetime. Now you know. Yeah and I just a few more to it talks and before we go this evening. Now there's a new study course there's there's always a new study usually. Government funding is a somewhere behind it is relevant in any event as there is a new study. That ranked in the worst US cities to drive then you might suggest to us as one of those sorted a violation of her friend Maria. Are out there on 85 when constructions on on I seen a bunch of studies like this where LA. Ranks number one in being absolute worst. For traffic but this one factored in a bunch of other stuff as well they looked at traffic. Gas prices. Quality of the roads how likely you are to be involved in a crash and about to any other factors LA. Only managed to crack the top ten here's the full list number one San Francisco. By the way the most expensive city to own and maintain a car. Also in the top ten for worst traffic second on the list Oakland just across the bay from San Francisco. Number three in Detroit. Number four or Washington DC. Gets my vote for number one. Fifth is Seattle's six that is Baston. Seventh is Honolulu. Eight this filly. Nine this Baltimore and in the top ten is boss and jellies. I go. Although while we could probably rival. From time to time. At all for this week thanks so much me in on as we always do here on Friday we wrap it up with a great section Mo and wonderful world. See you back on Monday at three god bless.