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Bob McLain
Thursday, September 13th
Brett Jenson WBT live in Wilmington, talks Florence; Harrassing Trump and supporters

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Hello how they greetings welcome salutation is an operation hurricane Florence watch all old laws to you. As we get underway here on this Thursday afternoon where everything is. Calm cool and collected here in the upstate at the moment. I however we are anticipating things going downhill hole. By the time Sunday. Arrive it's great to have you along here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation today. Does grab your phone use the angles advantage top line number 803471063. If texting is your preferred mode of communication. You is the common sense retirement planning text align number 71 threes are a salmon and my email address very simply Bob. And 1063 WORG. Dot com. Starting to feel the effects of they now a category two hurricane Florence. And we check in now with a Briton Jenson from our sister station W BT and Charlotte. He is out right there in Wilmington, North Carolina where things are starting to I. Yeah it was sort of group grow rapidly a candidate who. Errol on the organ. It's terrible act rightful beach that beat rich typically not edit pseudo. Room like Google feature is all about understanding the old bridge that goes into rightful. Paired up by the hour ago it finally started to rain a little bit but no light a light sprinkle. And then within the last seat. Blue blue blue blue blue two little. All of a bit of Michael Rains really really hard and in general slowdown outcrop but there that are ranked side which were pipe. So upbeat and looking at the where the middle the water ritual that disgruntled right between the two radical preacher here in the world attempts. And it is really so little oil rapidly like to share accurately and so it is. It is starting and not standing under signal you know quarter to rightful and I should open blues. Probably each routine media trucks your order television. I just think I can't let all over little line. Cooler area we'll have been trying to get here neglectful if you where there's an this structure different stations more seat. I want to Baltimore want to Maryland or Arkansas. Well or South Carolina while hired they're just. Puck or Charlotte new works he. You meet people and this is they're actually ran into David mood today. At the moment to department the most of it but it renewed site disintegrated as they nationwide event. Yeah out it's a truly incredible of course you don't really need to. Begin to or to reach the panicky staged until you turn around and find Jim can Torre standing next to your brother at that point you should start to worry. Oh yeah there was little thought I have told everyone that would refer to depart argent or. I don't Anglican. Youth remark that many hurricanes usually pretty much you'll say yeah. Absolutely of course a little further south. From where you are Brent and down and Charleston. And down Mount Pleasant they already had taken down Nikko bird cow. Now wages they pay a big gun stationary cal they have. That stands out front of a dairy they typically take that down. During severe weather and of course the waffle houses are still open and that is the last line of defense. As far as we're concerned at the Waffle House is open. I've been always a good bit of the Waffle House is on a limited menu Horry shot down that certainly cause for alarm. Well I can tell you this because there's a Waffle House right near my hotel can't I can't tell more mature until it right so I like got a woman who last night at about 1045. It was packed it was absolutely packed and RA went by there today this morning at 11 o'clock this morning. And I actually got in my car and counted the line was out the door. Into the wall for you now live below link just to get a speech which was all old right was seventeen people deep. Only between now. But we know but like I said earlier though it was raining a little green easy Netanyahu anything like that and and so I walked and personally get really mad that a member of duels watch Mark. Richt. Sarah at all you know you act as a media right. Right and and they were like are lots of what are puzzled and so are you staying open much quote sure deal. I says Ed that they say that we are staying open but we aren't a limited menu what we are staying open and they brought in. Five managers. From five different states. Wow. Yeah real well we we did a story yesterday there was a story alma on the wires yesterday. On down in Georgia which is a corporate headquarters for a Waffle House they actually have a severe storms sent her. I where they coordinate all the activities for all the waffle houses in the area where something like hurricane Florence is approaching. Thought the article are gardener or a look. Now that we're gonna have book and it makes sense because. What I saw literally you know. Waffle House this famous for not having any blocks armored door that's correct that's up in the sport right and sort of what are they going to do what they're talking about. You know here's a 4243. Inches of rain. But what's going to happen are they going to keep operating are trying to operate and so that's where went into as in the they got bad. The only current now does they're trying to do their job and and you're just trying to do yours as well. So it is the rain is a rain coming down pretty heavily now Brett. So five miles north of here it is pouring sideways. And I decided to excel to see you do it is close to right so I possibly could write all of as expire truck just actually went into run all over the bridge we'll talk to adopt it is it is. It's a very hard sprinkle that makes any sense yeah constantly raining its systems very hard sprinkle. Yes sir you're just gone not on the outskirts of the approach of warrants right now what about on the people in Wilmington they certainly this is not their first rodeo. What is your attitude and amp and many of the people there already evacuated or are more people trying to stay in right now. Most are trying to write about I would start I mean when you're we're talking forty digital Moreno right you know. It leaves Europe and remembering what happened to Houston last year yes you know with all the flooding you'll know it was the origin in the wind damage but what it yet. And you know and so. I would have told them last night I was still on. There that was the first period and it hit me. That I crossed the bridge in the world agenda and they're just cars parked all over the side streets to wow people on the front porch is all house flights are. Which are driving into one Internet so actually they want on what interview with the what would you please cheap today right absorb up as a does that. And sort New York are you supplies that all these peoples state. There and he and he says if you could help me get this method appreciate it. Just because you're standing if you get an emergency doesn't mean we can help right. It meet in he said we will get to you when we get to you like there's no there's no guarantee we'll go to gage. And so. Note he was a little disheartened that so many peoples state like. I'm speaking here what I did that but it is. All the hotels. Are basically filled with people who live moment to elect not eating out a bulletin. They're just like going down the block to stay at a hotel because they think it's a block or yell and I did I just I just don't get it. We're talking with them Brad Jensen who is from our sister station W BT and Charlotte and is there in Wilmington people don't recognize I think Brett. We we have to a tendency to think of extreme weather or severe weather events white guys tornadic activity or her against. As being the ones that take the most lives. Annual way. The most dangerous event that weather related is plotting. Absolutely and and you know it says it's good it's a two pronged event here. Yes you get the what damage in the water damage but what also happened is. Are you know if you got really big trees special election or what they're expecting anywhere from five to ten inches of rain right you're just what after the Charlotte this whole. Are thousands upon thousands of massive oak trees and and we are here in the unseen as well. Exactly exactly do you know I mean I even used to live and Anderson ending greens you're right and so. It's who. What people really don't don't realize or don't take into account okay yeah it's raining. When the ground it's over saturated and you've got these massive heavy trees you don't think appears stable. The wet ground can't support that massive root system and just all over yup and that's what brings the power lines that's been very good trees falling into your pals. It is and that's that's the problem of people don't take into adult. Well hopefully. Did the storm and it does continue to weaken some. But I don't think the people show does it take for granted then just because. Hurricane Florence is no longer a category four or even a category three now down to a category two. It is still a very dangerous storm when you combine the high winds the storm surge. All of the ocean water there's going to be sucked up by the storm and drop down as the rain. Unfolds from there are. All the way back through the upstate of South Carolina and Charlotte as well it's still has a very dangerous storm situation. Lawyer and here's the problem there that most people don't realize this is what all. But the actor category salute. Is worse than a category four. And a category three in terms of slotted yeah that's true or edit they do an exit here's what happened. Where your listeners out there. When it is a car category two or category one. That absorb extra. Spans hurricane expanses right now the purchase 400 miles or regular normal got to put together right to an experience but it also slows it yes yes you don't have a 140 mile an hour wind. But the storms are bigger. And the rain is bigger and it's slowed down so most of 125. Mile an hour now we're talking it's going to be moving at eight miles. Yeah because it's going to be a category two concludes green you're going to get all that that's that's when they decide is it. Oh it's actually going down a category and that's an increase the rain totals from twenty inches to forty rich jerk because it's just not going. Like seriously think about it 400 miles storm. Moving at eight miles an hour yeah yeah they're they're that it is going to be easier for several days it's not gonna go anywhere. And and wash out rain begins and continues for several days there is not a storm sewer system anywhere in the world. The has the capacity. To absorb that amount of water it's got to go somewhere and and but where doses into the streets and they ours and applauds everything out Brett I really appreciate your taking time to join us this afternoon from willing to not be safe over there. And not and no wave to our media buddies along the way. As so I really do and if so much. Thank you Brett I appreciated that's a Brett Jensen from our sister station. W BT and Charlotte he's in Wilmington eighteen after three now here in the Bobby Mack she'll be right back. Like Jill thank you great to have you on today 23 after three here in the bombing Mac show in on me a text line. 71307. Afternoon bombing Mac I hope you don't have to use that generator and stately McLean manner. It'll just make the neighbors mad laugh out while. Al Bobby you heard it here first trump colluded with potent and created hurricane Florence Al. I don't I don't doubt and in the waste. Now Bobby the lack of people evacuating is a direct result of years in the media over hyping storms. And haven't turned ad be nearly as bad as they said they would. And unfortunately people may be hurt me Gaza. Bob I've vote to send Vince Coakley to the coast on a moped. Yes. Bob AM president said the hurricane was going to be you coach you know like his chance. Bob they are like my Waffle House hash browns scattered smothered and covered jobs stopped and spent on. Wyeth. I can't so I that Tim brings us up to speed. Now with the attacks like what is going on with warrants were all the latest report we have from the National Hurricane Center was an 11 o'clock this morning. We are anticipating another one at five this afternoon and and shortly after that comes out Ray Miller from our severe weather center is going to be joining me 520. This afternoon went down his analysis of what we see that. I hear is is what has transpired this morning from the report. From the anti aircraft. That flew through. A Florence this morning. And the storm gradually slowing down initial motion estimate is now on nine knots. They subtropical ridge to the northeast and east of Florence is well established between Bermuda. And they US mid Atlantic region and extends westward into Virginia and the central apple actions so what does this mean well. Now when you have a large scale feature like that that should keep the hurricane moving north westward today. Followed by that turned toward the west. And a much slower speed tomorrow. As the ridge to the north of Florence weekends because of a week short wave trough. That's dropping slowly southward from the Ohio valley may remember I mentioned that yesterday. Off warrants currently approaching the gulf stream current infected in it in the gulf stream current now. Now which means it will be moving over warmer and deeper waters. Which could allow for some slight strengthening. Just prior to landfall and about 24 hours this is as of 11 o'clock this morning 24 hour cement. Warrants are expected to weaken some dude who aren't dwelling on the shallow coastal waters. After landfall occurs rapid weakening of the stronger inner core wind field. Is expected due to land interaction. And Florence is slow forward speed of five knots or less but. Not that shouldn't beam much of a cause for relief because there will still leak. Intense rain band is expected to develop over the Atlantic. And they'll keep moving along the coast and inland likely producing strong wind gusts through Saturday night so we'll continue to. Keep you up to date on that. Also in on me a text line Bobby since tourism on our coast is now I think in the past and we explore offshore drilling now. Money no worries about the storm in South Carolina Nikki haley's pothole flood control system is still intact that's true. That's true that is one of the poorly kept secrets. Of the governmental plan for a disaster relief they potholes will fill with water first. It in a way it's sad that all of the media coverage is going to be dominated by news about hurricane Florence because there is. Other news it is going on and there are things that are very damaging. To the outcome ball in Washington that's been engaged in the silent coup against president trump and fact on the other side of the news at the bottom of the hour. I well I shareware did the latest from congressman mark meadows. About what. Proof we now have from the FBI star crossed a lever struck and page illegally colluding with a media. Meantime us ran across this today and I thought this was useful to share. A fire department in North Carolina posted does some survival tips. Ahead of hurricane Florence. There are six of them that you'd come in handy during a natural disaster or a power outage. I number one they recommend filling zip Loc bags with water. And freezing them and then have the power goes out move them to the fridge to keep the food cold. Two liter bottles and milk jugs work well for that as well. Number true fill your washing machine went ice and use it as a cooler. Say don't have to worry about draining and afterward. Now real cooler obviously will do the job as well. Number three and you hear a lot of people talk about this fill your bathtub and with water just indication needed. You can use it to wash your hands are flush the toilet or you can boy went and made drinking water if you need to. And by the way if if things get really desperate you can also take the water out of your hot water heater. That water's potable as well. Solar power Hawaii it's whining your walkway outside can come inside and white your home. Just don't put him back outside during the dating him an opportunity to recharge. If there is flooding. Take a bunch of garbage bags fill a may third of the way out when water and hang them so they don't line the bottom of your outside doors. Basically they're acting as sandbags to keep water from a flooding in and in a pinch a crayons can be a candle. The paper wrapping burns in the waxed keeps it from burning too fast. One crayons and supposedly burned for up to thirty minutes just don't do like a woman where was that go woman the other day money Fannie and bone heads in the news. The good people they bought the house from Hanna left three sticks of dynamite. In the house and now they had a power outage. And she went downstairs in the basement and grab what you thought was a candle. Stick of dynamite. And now blew up like carefully you don't have any dynamite laying around your home 330 here in the Bobby Mac show and he's ready to go with the latest in the new senate. I'm right back on the other side here on Thursday on WORD. Latin maybe. And Lucille. Yeah that's his guitar of course. 33723. Before formally great BB king there in the background and on the attacks line. As hey Bob they may be hurricane Florence. Is gonna stop off in Florence and hang out with Hugh leatherman. So. Maybe we should be so lucky. We are of course enough operation hurricane Florence watchable continued to keep you updated. As we proceed along also went on a tax on. Money or here and all kinds of information from the coast can anyone tell us what's going to happen here. The projected path for foreign says it doesn't downgrades. From month a category two storm which it still is right now. As a comes on shore will land downgrade into AM tropical storm and then tropical depression. And then now sub tropical depression and then finally just a low pressure system. By the time against us the storm is expected to track westward. Now by 8 o'clock tomorrow night should be just about at the South Carolina and North Carolina lion. And then for us here in the upstate. The current information in its forecast position. Has the center of what remains of Florence. Now being just about over Lawrence. By 8 o'clock Sunday morning. Now we will of course I have continuing coverage. Throughout. On the weekend Q I'd be able to keep you all informed as to what exactly is going on. Now Vince Coakley will be here live on Saturday morning between ten and eleven. And then on Sunday when the remnants of Florence are anticipated to arrive here in the upstate. At Tehran will be with you from ten to noon and I will be here from four until six in the afternoon on Sunday. As a storm arrives now there. There is still plenty of other news going on. One of the big stories congressman mark meadows since we've got proof struck. And page your member only some pain Shahzad. ARAMARK. Construct and page illegally colluded with the media. We've got there reporters names. This is big stuff. Because it is more evidence. That down the hole trump Russia collusion dame is nothing but 88 shell game a scam. To. Two and deflect. Attention away from Hillary and her phony misconduct whether private email server. And and two I've continued the medium. If you will that trump was colluding with the Russians. Now which we've yet to see any evidence of anywhere. Congressman mark meadows and Jim Jordan say they have seen the classified documents. Detailing Peter struck and Lisa pages and he trump. Media all week strategy. And know the names of the reporters that he former FBI lovers a leaked to. As part of a coordinated. Effort to undermine president trump quote. There are dozens of documents that support the fact that Peter struck and Lisa page had ongoing relationships with multiple ball reporters. And that they were feeding them information. To spin a narrative. It's not a legal and it's against protocol. Meadows added they are denying it and we have the proof that would suggest otherwise. All the documents need to be made available to the American people and let them touch. We have nothing to hide the president has nothing to hide let's get it out there. As biz Pak review has reported. FBI text messages show that Obama holdovers in the FBI and the DOJ. Colluded with the mainstream media primarily to New York Times in the Washington Post. To obstruct and undermine president trump via a coordinated. Media all week strategy. Those weeks dropped in drips and drabs and 27 team. Cult down that contending that don't the president had them. Then colluding with the Russians and prompting the investigation. The goal. Was to push and heat from propaganda. To gas like the public in the believing the Muller probe was a legitimate. Even though it has yielded no evidence of collusion after more than a year. Congressman Jim Jordan said he and mark meadows are working hard behind the scenes to ensure our. That these anti trump FBI text messages become public so the American people know that they'd been repeatedly. Lied to. Jordan said the damning documents will become public soon and transparency is a good thing Jordan said the dossier was a big lie. What they did is they said it's a big lie. The more people we can get to talk about the dossier. The more likely it is they will believe a lot this sounds like gobbles. And I Hitler's Nazi Germany. Can you tell a big enough lie and repeated often enough and people come to believe that. That's why they got the media. To whom they leaked stories to support this document that was the basis of everything. This untrue document this dossier to the fire is accord and didn't tell the court important facts to get a warrant for instance. They didn't they purposely allied to the FISA court purposely withheld pertinent information from the court. And isn't that a fraud perpetrated on the court. And nine Jim Jordan said they didn't tell them who had paid for the dossier that was Hillary. And the Democratic National Committee. Didn't tell the flies a court judge but the guy who wrote it Christopher Steele had an extreme bias against the president. And was desperate to stop trump. And they didn't tell the court about Bruce and Nellie or his involvement. With this fusion GPS outfit in the production of this document that is the steel dossier. If you and I go to court we've got to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the trip. At Cory Booker who disingenuous. Alain not proclaimed I am Spartacus. For revealing nonsense emails he already had permission to disclose. Whereas Spartacus Cory Booker when we need him for revealing information. Well obviously you know this just doesn't go along now with the democrats' agenda. Meadows said we don't need to revealed as we know that James Komi weeks. We know that Andrew McCabe wheat we know that Peter struck and Lisa page a week we also know the reporters that they leaked true. Know that the elite and we have those reporters names. Am all of this of course is going to be buried. A variety. Alphabet. Networks and there are so called news coverage. They're they're never gonna do this story. And and they have a perfect excuse to bury it now of course in the wake of all the on media frenzy over hurricane Florence let it all this stuff is gonna come out. And the sooner than president trump goes ahead and declassify as all of this stuff. So that we didn't we can show the American people exactly what that kind of game the Democrats were running. And sooner we get down the back here. Quarter before four here on the Bobby match I'll be right back. Welcome back coming up on not 10 before 4 o'clock here on the bombing Mac show. Amongst the other news going on I don't know if you heard about this story or not. A Republican candidate for the house in northern California attacked. By a knife wielding man who was shouting profanity is about president trump. And a a local fare this happened over the weekend according to the San Francisco chronicle. Alameda county sheriff's office spokesman Sargent Ray Kelly said no one was seriously injured when favre's Dodd for as LA. Allegedly attacked Rudy Peters anti Castro Valley fall festival on Sunday afternoon. At Kelly said Peters was Manning one of the vendor booths at the festival when Bocelli who is 35 approaching in an aggressive manner. And made disparaging remarks about his political party and elected officials. All of a sudden we hear someone screaming at trump elf trump and that point authorities suspect the Sele pulled out a switch blade knife. And tried to stab the GOP congressional candidate for the weapon malfunctioned. Kelly told the Sacramento because LA male pal also thrown a glass mug. And Peter's yet and at one point candidate used a campaign sign to defend himself from the attacker. Campaign signs more than one years. And end this kind of thing has been nine going on with the increasing frequency. John Nolte wrote a piece and to Fox News today incidence of violence. And threats against the political right have escalated as the establishment media. Camps up its hate rhetoric against trump and his supporters. The morning after Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd compared media critics to racist segregationist. And singled out Fox News as one of America's biggest problems a man and a mentally agitated state. And apparently upset over an officer involved shooting intentionally crashed his truck into the studios of they fox affiliate in Dallas. That's fox for and Dallas where I used to work back when it was a CBS affiliate. Besides Todd many in the media especially a far left CNN have other day. Fox News and present of the network as a unique danger. To America. CNN's Brian and skelter has gone so far as the spread conspiracy theories about Fox News control weighing president trump. Hours after the far left Washington Post publisher Joseph Scarborough September 11 op Ed claiming trumpet is a bigger danger to America. Then they 9/11 terrorists. A mass shooting threat was made against a group of trump supporters meeting at the president's hotel in Washington. Overall in the media most especially at CNN a coordinated narrative based on nothing but palace intrigue and gossip. Has been deployed. To smear trumpets mentally unstable. Reckless and in need of removal from office via the 25 amendment if necessary. Although no one is alleging any kind of wrongdoing on the president's part. And while trumps domestic and foreign policy have put the country in the best shape it has been in a nearly twenty years. The media are using Bob Woodward's. Anonymously sourced book. And an anonymous. New York Times off bad to scare and divide Americans into believing and all objective and and objectively successful president. Is instead a madman. To hide his latest book fear trumpet in the White House. Woodward said on the dead today show this week that trump jeopardizes. Our economy and national security. Woodward however did not and one was not asked to explain. How this could be true when the country's doing so well. CNN constantly attacks trump went hateful rhetoric smearing him as delusional. As not mentally or psychologically. Fit to be president. Like Woodward and the times op Ed this is all being fed to the media anonymously. And over the past week or so the economic news has gotten better the Russia collusion hoaxes collapsed. The desperate hate rhetoric from the media has escalate it. These attacks have also extended to the Republican House were quote not doing any thing. To save our country from the mad man Donald Trump. Disgraced Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein. As stated on CNN that he believes our country needs to be safe. From trump. What kind of dog whistle Lizzie sending with rhetoric like that. While most voters' roll their eyes and all the melodrama. The real world effects of this inflammatory rhetoric are strikingly real. Bright garden news has already tallied over. 550. Documented instances of harassment. Threats and outright violence. Aimed at trump and his supporters. And now we're seeing a definite uptick this week. As the media have amp up their ad hominem attacks. On top of the two incidents above a GOP congressional Canada and in California. Was attacked when they switch blade on Saturday. A GOP campaign office in Laramie Wyoming was a lit on fire two days after an open and conservative columnist and east McAllister. Has been forced into hiding. Due to death and rape threats from a laughed and a Broadway actress. Openly called for Trump's assassination and remember I told you about them the other day she said don't where's John Wilkes Booth. When you need him. When you compare trump supporters to segregationist. Claim trumpet is worse than the 9/11 terrorist. And tell the world we have a madman for president of course. You are calling for drastic action against both film and his supporters and that includes. Just assassination. And you wonder if these folks even realize. Just how dangerous. This kind of talk is but they don't care. They may just don't care they they have there. Message. And now they're gonna stay on message and that message is at trump has a mad man trump is unqualified. He's delusional doesn't know what he's doing. Now the country has to be saved from him blah blah blah. And and sadly. There is a segment of American society that. Is again listen to this stuff spend and soak it all up with a spoon. And around the other never trappers of the world. And then those those people resign now he has absolutely right trump he's on he's delusional he's a mad man and he's got to be stopped. I'm talented and we are we headed for a while we're already in dangerous times but now where war plan with nitro here. It's very unstable. Our number one isn't gone past here in the balmy night show when we come back and our number two on the other side. Speaking of candidates for congress. We will be talking when they gentleman who has running in November as the a candidate for congress from the American. Party. I'm right here in the upstate that's next year on the Bobby matchup.