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Bob McLain
Thursday, September 13th
Guy Furay w/ the American Party, talks his bid for Trey Gowdy's Dist 4 seat; 5 random facts; Kavanaugh

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Hello how they greetings and welcome salutation. And now. And ultimately work day of the week aloha stay in the Thursday edition of the body Mac show where you're an operation hurricane Florence watch and we'll continue to be. Right through the weekend NASA we watched. The approach of the storm to the end North Carolina coastline and eventually headed for the upstate as always is. Your input is invited to encourage and welcome here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation this afternoon. Describe your values the angles advantage talk line number. 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line 71307. And my email address. Mom and 1063. WORG dot count. When he upcoming elections in November the mid term elections. How are we here in the upstate especially. In nine Greenville Spartanburg and and the other I think counties. Are going to be voting for a new congressmen. To replace. Trade Downey who has decided to retire. I'm from mount his service as the a fourth district congressman. As you know from mom and the GOP primary that took place back in June William Timmons. Will be the GOP candidate and joining me on the phone now is a another. Candidate for that congressional seat that has guy fury you as the American party candidate guy how aria. Well Bobby thank you very much for having me on the show I think you've been in the upstate her about a dozen years just that it doesn't year anniversary of New York the. Yes sir you are correct and nine and twelve of the best years in my life. And been in the upstate overall for sixteen years as I. Yen November vote true way is so when I first touchdown here and it was now lebed first sign and then. I may be dumb Brenda and I decided down the this is this is where we're gonna continue to I'm without the remainder of our lives. Well absolutely and thank you for having me characters shown prime outlets and your show a lot and passed to end you do a great job and people really enjoy let's. Well thank you guys tell me about about the American party I remember. I've I wasn't around at the time because of the nineteenth century. But I remember the original American party was known as they know nothing party right. Well listen this is ready. Bit the American party has had various iterations growl. Art history right. This personal here in South Carolina what's founded by eighty. Former Republican. Oscar Lovelace who ran for governor against mark saying Burke right when the appellation trail where you recall that's. Our type episode. And doctor Jim Rex. Two statewide office wow Carol. Well in salute they eat they met each other on the campaign trail and they got to know each other a little bit they like each other and they said. Our parties are. Hijacking. The country were where were. We the people are suffering. Because both parties are putting party interest. Before the people. Yeah there are many leaves that Democrat and Republican parties. Are merely choose sides of the same coin. Yeah I mean you know you look at it and and it's terrible it's kind of something that there outburst. Warned us about I don't know what if you're aware you've ever read George Washington sure well to the republic yeah. Armed. In twenty pages he basically says. Clearly teach what we need to worry about our parties and then John Adams just in case we missed the police and Adams says. It's you can more bluntly. You know the two parties are. I think he says there is nothing which I read so much is that the the vision of the Republican to you great political are touched each arranged under it's leader concerning measures in opposition to each other. This in my humble apprehension. Is to beat rather as the greatest political people under our constitution. And sadly that's exactly what has come to taps and so. The American party what is offering itself as a viable alternative. Yes I spoke I think it Arnold for arc as which we the people are our government is supposed to work for box. Not the other way around. Armed our government is supposed to be our own. Body and for the people correction. Hand listen to your show and I don't use a Mac hobbled risks. It's become well Arnold for the whole. Cool politicians. Soldiers. In the two qualities. I'm so I think it's turning that as soon to take back our republic. It and return it to its rightful all the votes you need to keep schools are wondering I think Edwards tension or some show. You said something like power corrupts. An absolute power corrupts. Absolutely yes. And and it's not original song with me I'm merely repeating it and I'm I believe in the accuracy of that. When you and the thing answers will be the people. It would. Willingly. Given absolute power over our government. To the two parties. So how is that working out for him. Not very well all what are what are the issues of concern to you guy and we're talking with guy Jerry who is the American party candidate. Four on the fourth district congressional seat about to be given up by Trey Yani were awarded me the issues that they drove you to enter this campaign guy. Well armed. You are it's our ball correctly. You'll have a music background. Thank you started two and you got her start as a fifteen year old DK does and I'm that's correct yeah. On some music I think asked power and actually there Asia song that's kind of my scene so I don't in this site are ready. And it's it's hit rock I don't know what. You heard the song warned three yeah. On well he's talking about wandering out into the great unknown talking about being born free. Strong is the window and chasing chasing dreams and facing somber turn. That I harbor no illusions this is a conservative district. In the Republican candidate has a leg up on everybody else you bet. Armed. However. I believe in freedom. And are believed that our. Two parties will. Give you think up something near and dear to my heart can't. Health insurance in right here. We heard the Republicans clinging in 2010. Just get our house and we will obamacare right. Check done the American voters do it that much 2014. Basic just give them hell let us keep it working to help just the that we also so I'm here check check. Donald done. She's 2016. Just give mr. presidents each let's keep the house would keep the sand that we walked so Obama here action. Check check check done done done. Is Obama care clinics. No the individual mandate is gone but thanks to John McCain and his parting gift to us before he left us. Shuffled off this mortal coil we still have obamacare. And we're in this situation because of the two parties where people in and this is the difference between a thing. That I have in this race and understand the real the world I understand the challenges of common mineral punched in the common link and right now is they don't have. Insurance Ruder were action they're looking more for health insurance. On the arc from there how and getting less. Right first 6000 dollar deductible and in Seoul. Who can improve and you you're you're paying. For health insurance and she probably cannot even use. You know so bottom line that's just wanna play another example. If you don't that bill. Devoting our straight ticket voting yeah I'm conservative guy I don't know you know that but I am most saying I'm a little bit. More moderate on some other. Which. Immigration. We've been talking about immigration ever since she came to be up stay yep true enough is it it'll gain better numbers. Knowing that it's going the other way is getting worse. So when you look at issue after issue after issue to the two parties. They don't cheer because they're there they have politicians and look at common rule and he's. Her our government that doesn't work in what is best and yeah. And that's what we have right now on its little. I think the other candidates in this race are nice guys and all but one album on any. Slums of you this is just another step on the news. Career politician latter. You know he. Declared through this race just for two months. After being elected. It's her. In the state senate correct. And you know to me this is not even a help me don't tell you all you wanna know how many risks and took out the people. It's about what's important is forum that's the most exciting change. And I ate out on this campaign has its people. Actually like to be listened to. Yeah they do guy I'm I'm mile run short time here but a for people who would like to learn more about the American party and your candidacy for the fourth district. Congressional seat here on the F state have a web site they can go to to get more information. Sure and and if we're on baseball you guys the number for congress to. Dot com website while FaceBook Twitter auction in two Graham and I'll leap he would want to saying that I know you're a student of history ethnic. This warning from John Adams I think queues is probably. Powerful our insist posterity you'll never know how much it cost the the present generation to preserve your freedom I know you make good use of it if you do not I shall were into heaven that I ever so has the teens to preserve. Now of John Adams in fact the the opening theme music and I use in the show us the a team from the HBO miniseries about death the life of John Adams and his wife Abigail. God fearing he is the American party candidate for congress guys thanks for your time today my pleasure talking to Ian best of luck Tia in November. So much I appreciate your my pleasure good to have you here sir nineteen minutes after four here on the body Mac show. Be right back here on the Thursday edition. Rock on brother and that's what we do well. Or four hours each day so waving away a very hot microphone and computer terminal. Act in on the text line 71307. Bob by your last guest talked about absolutely nothing good gracious he can tell us what he strode war. I'm not big guy seems like a nice guy but he couldn't articulate his platform. And Bobby leisure guests have a website for himself and the American party I need to know more I'm not on social media. From not Alan Simpson I don't blame you for not being on social media alma apparently not the only addresses and he gave us. Guide the number four. Congress guy for congress on FaceBook Twitter and instant Graham. I'm Bob price gouging on the way from the coast seven dollars per gallon for fuel. And you need to let Alan Wilson's office know about that the and the attorney general's office. Now Robert I say I'll say we're gonna have a ball sales are big ol' stuff home. Attain that is on follow the hole and make taxed up. Here. I'm Bob wouldn't attacking trump supporters be considered a hate crime now known not in today's environment it's considered being patriotic. I'm by the left by the progressive. Bobby when will middle America assembling DC overwhelmed capitol security numbers only no weapons. And physically. Carry out these elected worthless members of congress who allowed DOJ and FBI lawmakers to thrive while breakers. That's arrive a fresh congress would be a great start. I would agree. Toss them all out and start all over where the exception of Jeff Duncan. If the agents well and I guess. A couple more bent down. That would that would be about it Bobbie I've never in my life seen such an evil smirk. And Peter struck stroke. He is just creepy. Mike from mauled he history. Bobby has everyone forgotten how to drive today what is going on. I you assume they knew how to drive in the first place to have forgotten now. Bucks an hour and after your breaking weather alert searching days were flash flooding for Saturday morning. I am reminded. Back in the day. When nine Jerry sign felt. Took off. On weather casters. By the people. The people because they got to make it seem like what they're Dylan is important there on the nose. They got their storm tracker there AccuWeather there doppler radar just tell us what to where can you just tell us. Sweater just say sweater sake corduroy. Say chiffon and whatever is appropriate. I put my. A scrolls the radar. I'm discovered. Let's show you what's coming through the air and they show you pay back that up UC DC what's what's happening in music no I don't see I don't understand. No more numbers just closed as the club's. Peso live in LA been doing weather out there at those people. Harmful because the weather never changes his command same. Send. Back to you Bell's same tomorrow I'm not coming in this is stupid. Now that's sure enough our greatest job in the world being a weather weather cantv meteorologists in San Diego. Sunny to partly cloudy and 75. Sixty from the well. Remember what I told you yesterday. This good for today as well and a and a same thing. 429 here in the balmy mashal and he's ready to go and a new senator I'm right back on the other side here on Thursday. On 1063 WORD you are we keep UN judge went operation hurricane Florence watch. We have text are reminded me the late great George Carlin. Did hit TV weatherman. It is a nation is sure about the radar millions doesn't do it big and have some Russia and ICBM that I wouldn't sweat the ring do much. Tucked our. They're mostly dark tonight turning light towards morning. And that reminder from a Ron Hoffman and a the late great George gosh I used to joke in our bridge enzyme might and one time. In my esteemed career was a I'm now a recovering. TV meteorologist ice doing jokingly say yeah. I here's mile long range forecast it's gonna rain off and on for years. And I was ranked. And every shot in on the tax line 71 threes are seven Bobby wasn't guy who's with you earlier isn't that guy the insurance guy. Yep it is same same individual. And I didn't say much of anything many figured out none of the incumbent said anything to say and they got elected. It should. Bob I honestly think we should separate the country give the Democrats Washington State Oregon California and let him have Barack Obama back. As their king and Hillary as your queen and then now let them have their own now little Bailiwick there. I wait a minute hasn't California weather girl been wearing the exact same outfit all week. Money is it true that trump left Twitter. Not that I've heard. I'm I'm unaware of that event happened. Now Bobby Florence watched she's gonna violate hash tag may true complained for Boyer is. So. I'm Bob Hope they don't think gun hand around my taxes are getting that accent all that foreign language and these weeks. I think he got a in whether world wasn't wasn't that when he reference. Now whether world oh what a ball as in no one world assay and. Bother you we name but do we know the name of the five should judge FBI and DOJ conspire Brooke there have been rumors. But nothing nothing definitive. I'm Bonnie. Mister McLean guy the un American party guy sound and honorable. If I vote for him it'll take a vote from representatives. And had percentage of the dams I'm between a heart a rock and a hard place here please comment. Butcher cautions. It's simple enough. Now I don't think you're wasting your voting your vote. I'm going to be wasted. If you cashed it. And I in name in a manner that do you believe. That you sure. Oh apparently does have a website I'm sorry his website guy the number four congress. Dot com. Okay guy. Number four congress. Dot com and I'm an I'm Sharon Callahan position papers on there and all that stuff. Bonnie what do you think these lefties will think when trump supporters. Have had enough. Patrick. Bobby am afraid the over hyping of hurricane Florence will lead to people ignoring real evacuations in the future. The weather channel and a local authorities have screamed run for your lives for a week now. He's already happening. And we then number of people here we're talking with the Brad Jensen. From our sister station WBT in Charlotte he was in Wilmington. Tons of people there riding it out. As say they believe the storm is over hyped and it's the little boy that they cried wolf. Oliver. And I'll leave. Actor catches me up with a text line momentarily meantime. Amongst the the other things going on. Dianne Feinstein was kind of they republicans' answer to on Maxine Waters. How old is Dianne Feinstein. And a hundred champ. I mean I should talk you know I'm no spring chicken myself but. And Diane enough there's enough okay. From the web site beat intercept. Ryan Graham. Writing Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have privately requested to view a Brent Cavanaugh related document. In possession of the panel's top Democrat Dianne Feinstein. Monthly senior California sun area very senior has so for a few list. According to multiple sources familiar with the situation. These specific contents of the document. Which is a letter from a California constituent is unclear. But find seams refusal to share the latter has created tension on the committee. Particularly. After find staying largely took a backseat. To her more junior colleagues last week. As they took over Cavanaugh is confirmation hearings with protests around access to documents. No letter to gaze circuitous route to find stay in the top ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee. It purportedly describes an incident that was real waved to someone affiliated with Stanford University. Who authored the latter. And sent to representative Anna. ES HO OL a Democrat who represents the area. Different sources provided different accounts of the contents of the latter. And some of the sources said they used themselves had heard different versions but the one consistent team. Was that a describes an incident involving Cavanaugh and woman while they were in high school. Are you kidding. They're actually gonna try and drag up something with Cavanaugh. And his girlfriend while they were in high school. Kept hidden video letter is beginning to take on all eyes limit zone. This is supposed to be something that's going to be a Cavanaugh killer in the confirmation. An issue will pass the letter to her fellow Californian Dianne Feinstein word began leaking out on the hill about it. And find stain was approached by Democrats on the committee that she rebuffed them. Democratic sources said. Now finds seams fellow senators want their own opportunity to gauge whether or not the letter should be made public. Rather than a leaning in defiance seemed to make that call unilaterally. The sources were novel not authorized to speak on the record. And said that no senators on the committee other than five shouldn't have so far been able to view the lack. So. What then dismissal letter. Describes an incident that was relayed to someone affiliated with Stanford. Who authored the latter. So this is officials like. Third person. This is a wide guy yell I know somebody who knows somebody who said this about Cavanaugh. The woman who has a subject to the letters now being represented by Deborah Katz. A whistle blower attorney who works with hash tag meet two survivors. Now I see whether Cisco. Jozef booed and attorney at the firm said the firm was declining to comment. Emma Chrissie. A spokesperson men for an issue declined to comment on the letter her office sent to find stained. Saying that the office has a confidentiality. And confidentiality policy when it comes to constituent case work. By Jeanne has released a statement this afternoon and now urging the existence of the letter saying I've received information from an individual concerning the nomination of Brent Cavanaugh under the Supreme Court. That individual strongly requested confidentiality. Declined to come forward or press the matter further. And I have honor that decision I have however referred the matter to federal investigative authorities. Well this person. Is demanding had to remain anonymous. A strongly requesting confidentiality look at you've got to charge to make. I come forward and make it. Otherwise. Forever hold your peace fourteen to 45 here in the balmy night Jimmy Riddell for any thing Ellis for. Fourteen before five here in the Bobby Knight she'll be right back. Welcome back. 452 A day before five here and AM Bobby Mack show by the way there is AM. Upcoming. Update from the National Hurricane Center Dan McCarthy also ransom Miami Florida. Coming at 5 o'clock and so at 520. This afternoon you sent us an opportunity to I did jest. The latest data out. Ray Miller from our severe weather center will be joining me and he'll give us the latest on what's happening with forest. To the folks we don't allow let's bring in now my body Ira hello Ira how is your Thursday. Goes so I just race so far so good so I want to ask. Well I got a question and then and then make a comment about the weather thing you were talking about the right. Here. At least some good John McCain come in handy. Was angry at got doubts company put the thumbs down and all of a and that sadly going to be good that's out John McCain want to devote because he was mad at Donald Trump like they did that oh well I can actually John. Yeah no doubt the people of Arizona want them to vote now go to men now so what code you have as many people that tell you. It didn't out ready to go right to a committee vote what they want remote what do people. How about time we should ask Lindsey Graham the same question. Yeah I. Don't ask. I mean they're good Asia they gave all of our daughter cannot be of voting the way he did an addition of I guess he would Tuesday to negotiate about it anyway but. I don't know I don't know I have gone back and not and played campaign commercials from McCain's last campaign. 24/7. 365. Night it was. Get rid of obamacare. Yeah yeah I am and then housing I don't. And then housing yeah. Look at the them yeah. Now and underwent that the new term outlook sag does whether written and if you have a chance getting their check of the real Don Steele. Chara or out on he don't dot afternoon sent down 93 caged Gaiam and we talked and he and Jolie it's. And but that's a hype but radio relay heat. I don't let up pork where he has. Let centered whether any lead to an end and the EMI knows and the Orange County into. It's 91 degrees at the ocean and it's sixty or degrade and amounted to 58 degrading curly hair and Hollywood at seven I don't know how many yet. Haven't all over the now now at because it did I mean guy out there. Temperatures do widely vary from mount from Simi Valley down to. Two to the coast. Now now yeah there actually is among various sects thank Cyrus getting here for everybody. Abbott today you to take care sheer act quickly before we get to the news top of the hour time for today's edition followed and now. These times. Brands brands. Packs okay here we go with five random from Thursday. And I even though it did doesn't appear that way on a map. Australia now. And Kona sneak continental United States are very similar in size. I'm down on dirt the land down under two point 97 million square miles. And a US three point one million. How we drive on the right sign on the road in this country where in the vast majority as it turns out. People drive on the right side of the road in about 75%. Of countries. Around the world. How the actor Sean Claude demand now look. May get action not a guy he was originally cast as the predator. In predator and there's a new predator movies and it's not coming towners are already out. I'll but he quits when he got to the set. And found out the predator costume would hide his face. And he wouldn't get to show off his martial arts moves. Up Aman here. Bulls. They don't charge and a matadors cape because it's ran to. There colorblind of course they charge because of the movement. Of okay. Wayne matador. Is move on and around. How the dream team may 1992. Olympics in Barcelona on. Was a one with Michael Jordan magic Johnson and the Larry Bird. How dominant word today. So dominant. They never called a single timeout. On their path to winning. The gold medal. There you go there's five random for today is. We are awaiting the latest update from the National Hurricane Center has operation hurricane Florence watch continues here on WORD. We'll have the latest story and I'm joined by Ray Miller from our severe weather center. In the next hour be right back.