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Bob McLain
Thursday, September 13th
Kavanaugh; Ray Miller, Weatherology, talks Florence; Good news

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Don't know getting underway with the most heavily Jameel did an hour of me Bobby Mack electric radio program. 85 o'clock bombing is in the air chair. Yard genial host and grab big shock jock. Contact dog on the right. And bombastic loud mouth of the south. Hear. You very much great to have you along and as all way. Is your input is invited to encourage and welcome here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation today just grander following. Usually Ingles advantage talk line 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address Bob. And 1063 WORD not count latest advisory is out from the National Hurricane Center down NFL way. And Ray Miller from my arm severe weather station is that going to be joining me in about ten minutes or so. While 520. This afternoon to be precise. To be a discussing the data. That is contained in the latest advisory from hurricane center. As storm continues to solo. Apparently witches and not necessarily good news. Because of course that means more rain for a longer period of time Yemeni panic I just noticed on fox took its maybe it's slowed down to. Odd miles an hour this is not good. I was moving as rapidly as seventeen miles an hour yesterday. And now eyes and it is nearing landfall now getting closer to shore. Now the more it slows down AM heavier rainfall amounts for a longer period of time contributes to more flooding all along with. On the high winds and even has been downgraded to a category two. And it's it's still pretty powerful winds over a hundred miles an hour. And and also contributes to the storm surge which is going to be apparently a pretty nasty. As so they keep a warning us at in on the tax line hi Bob listening to on governor now Mike taxed fog horn like hard he may have missed his calling. As a weatherman. Yeah except he refers to and as whether world. Want the ball is in a way though well Gaza area. And Bonnie why is the flash flood warning starting Saturday morning when the storm is not due to get here until Saturday night while ensuring the forecast. Rain actually a could be beginning sooner than that. On Saturday and there are always those who are the last to know. Bobby useless dream team trivia there's some flashes back to our. Five random facts for today some of the USA players are so popular where the other teams. They were often stopped mid dribble. And asked to autograph there opponent sneakers. During game play. That's fairly extreme. And Bob China's areas three point seven million square miles US is three point eight if you include Alaska and Hawaii there you go. Bobbie just checked the guy next door wild June's web site. I had a sir a survey about evacuating. The results 70%. Staying and 30% leaving leaving wild dunes as you know is right there and just above Charleston. Media overload. Maybe could be. Where's the first part of this all of this is just from my information only sell come back to that. Bobby Rush spoke today about Twitter. Was shadow. People who use the term illegal alien he was suggesting other terms why not just spews Alf. Alien life for money and yell Twitter. Banning. They they band one conservative web site. And a recall which one runoff and Center for Immigration Studies I believe. I say yes. They banned. I CS from advertising a tweet they had the talked about illegal aliens. And I guess because they didn't use the progressive preferred term. Of undocumented. Immigrants. Twitter refused to accept their end. Bob what are you rain estimates suffer here. That's a good question Romeo take a quick look. Here at the at the weather page. And see if that. Estimate is on there I'm sure probably somewhere in there and I can't find it here. Then. I'm probably will be able to get it from a Ray Miller. When he joins us coming up on me see if this particular graph. As one now that's wind speed probabilities. I'll look it up. Elegant and see how much is it is anticipated I think they mention in the forecast but at least a couple of inches of rain. Bump I'll see if at some more than that. Bobby destination. Motor sport in Clinton. Still has plenty of generators in case you're looking for one they even gave me a free gas cans. Today. About they Dianne Feinstein story. As supposedly there's some letter that was written about. I judge Cavanaugh. And some girl that he knew back in high school. And the fact that Feinstein supposedly received dirt on the nominee from a hash tag meet true supporter. Tells me all I need to know that it's probably a lot. I'm Bob channel four or just showed an aerial view of the FEMA staging area in Spartanburg. I saw a box car with metal bars being dropped and then had written on inside the Bob McClain sweet. Yeah. I can't add special Colin county down chance from me. Now Bobby Emma hope everyone can see that this is exactly what they're doing with the Russian probe it's a stall tactics. At all it is a Democrats hope this will delay Cavanaugh is confirmation when the source is being anonymous. Then of course they can no delay at indefinitely or so they hope typical sleazy. Democrats. I'm Bob Dianne Feinstein is 85 PM and by the way. She is no longer liberal enough. For the California Democrat party they failed to endorse her. In her reelection. Meantime on the rule began. Some Willie Nelson fans are seeing your name. After learning they country musician will be headlining a rally for Democrat senate candidate beat no O Rourke. Dozens of people weighing in on Willie's FaceBook page Wednesday. After he shared a story about the upcoming rally in Austin. Richard Austin is as you may be aware has kind of turned into a Berkeley. Texas. While some people bode well he needs to stay out of politics. Others through insult sent the musical legend still others applauded Willie's contribution to the 2018 campaign. The event set for September 29 and Austin's auditorium shores. O Rourke of course is a guy who is now hoping to unseat Republican. Senator Ted Cruz in the upcoming November. Mid terms. Well way. You know why did it there money on bad gunshot. And a and spent general some bad stuff smoke and some bad stuff. Didn't get any Maui wowing. It at quarter after 5 PM above imagine taking a quick break here when we come back gray Miller joins me from may have severe weather center with the latest update. What's going on with full well. April oh kiss my grits. And also winner for the 56 consecutive year broadcasting scouted. Bob McClain a war as promised I'm joined by Ray Miller from our severe weather center he's a bent. Digging into the data from the L latest national hurricane shutter release and 5 o'clock this afternoon. Re welcome back good to have you witnessed so from category forty category true. But not exactly time to relax he had not. Yeah you really don't wanna be misled by that lower category numbered the their hurricane categories or user based strictly on the wind speed and the edge of the depth of the low pressure how low the pressure is getting right that's one measurement of the hurricane strength but another is the amount of rainfall and flooding that it's gonna produced. The fact this has dropped to a category two means the winds are gonna be lesser stole a hundred miles and are still not exactly anything minor but I not nearly as strong as that Dick category four numbers but still the potential for significant storm surge along the coast. And significant flooding as well so by no means is this turning into a minor event this is still going to be a significant hurricane with significant damage possibility. Yeah we weren't hearing from the mayor of Myrtle Beach earlier and she was pointing out this storm is going to be arriving. And coincidental with that too high tides which certainly will and not be good news as far as the storm surges can share. That's right dead very significant storm surge in some case were looking at dead several feet surge ever in areas rival on the ES southeastern North Carolina coast in particular area just north east of Myrtle Beach. Around and just southeast of Wilmington, North Carolina that seems to be the bulls like we're gonna see the strongest storm surge and also likely the heaviest rainfall. Looking aunt and we've predicted path is that still pretty much the same as the time frame. About the same for us there were anticipating mission jog to the west. And then now foreign to what had sort of in a direction up towards Columbia and then eventually arriving here. In whatever shape form or fashion has a low pressure system more or whenever. Sometime Sunday morning. That's great really at this point we're thinking the had a track is going to be right along the North Carolina South Carolina line as as a tropical storm yeah I'll likely get right over the Myrtle Beach area that kind of drifting into areas east of Columbia and then back to the north let it affect the latest chart. Up from the National Hurricane Center has the storm as a tropical depression almost directly over Greenville Spartanburg. I about 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon so well at this kind of heard trek. Across the northern third of South Carolina and really that's the track for the center of the storm. So we we think that BS heavier rain Paul actually by the time he gets into that the midlands and the upstate. Are likely to be along that northern edge of the circulation we're gonna see some drier air pulled into across Georgia and Alabama that it'll limit the rainfall totals across. Call it roughly the seventh two thirds of the state now that further northern and central part of the upstate and on a bit of North Carolina. Still significant rainfall totals really picking up pretty widespread area. Al 46 inches of rainfall and then further northern tier Q companies right along the North Carolina as statewide tour talking about. I'd say Cherokee county York county over to Chester and Lancaster County data area. That's or we could see rainfall totals exceeding Dixon just perhaps getting up to eight or nine it just. And then on up into the Charlotte area we could be looking at depth perhaps even ten inches of rainfall and because we'll have more rain on the northern side of the circulation. More moisture in place and that part of the storm. Boy yeah this is a certainly not good news for the people in northwestern North Carolina race thanks very much are digging into the numbers horse in the latest relation the National Hurricane Center. And I imagine we'll be talking with you tomorrow at this time as well. I'll be here and ready appreciated very much thank you that is Ray Miller he is our severe weather expert in our weather center. 25 after five here in the body Mac show so. Estimated rainfall and rainfall totals for Haas. Now beginning. And continuing through Sunday morning and through the afternoon four to six inches. And then north of interstate 85 I guess is as good a way as any to describe that. I'm could be. Anywhere from my six inches up to perhaps nine inches. And then as I re just told us as as the storm continues to track back to the northeast. And heads toward Charlotte. I could be as much chance at ten inches of rain in store. For us for those folks as well also will continue to keep you posted as this storm makes land fall and then continues to track in our direction. And on the tax line 71307. May Bob speaking of Willie Nelson I told well late that stuff will make you stupid. While they show weighing in at from the east springer squad. Gotcha. Now Bob what did you get those hurricane prep suggestion to you talked about in the first hour thanks love view all of those were put together by a fire department in North Carolina. And pretty good stuff and they're there or what are referred to as whether hacks. And a little tricks. But you can now use around the house to have to be able to and make sure that you have all the prep that you need album I'll dig goes back down. From a Bobby next action and will repeat dose. In fact hang on just second because I may have a another. Copy of that available here bumper be out here it is. These are from a fire department in North Carolina. Now posted a list of survival packs here are six. That could come in handy during a natural disaster or a power outage. First on our list. Phil zip Loc bags with water and freeze them. Isn't it the power does go out you can move into the fridge to keep your food gold at two liter bottles and milk jugs work well for that as well. Number two filling your washing machine where I used that way continues and as the cooler. And you don't have to worry about draining it afterwards and obviously having a real coup are there. Is a advised as well number three and you may have figured this out already filling your bathtub with water. Just in case she needed you can use it to wash your hands are flush the toilet or you can boil it. And turn it into a potable drinking water if you need to. Number four solar power to lights whining your walkway you can bring those inside. Don't like your house is put him back outside during a day of course to recharge and they will recharge even if the draining. I'm not as not as much obviously but they will recharge. Number five if there might be flooding. Take a bunch of garbage bags filled them about a third of the way up with water and hang them so they ally in the bottom of your outside doors. That way they basically act as a sand banks do to keep water. From not coming in through the door. And in a pinch a crayons can be a candle. The paper wrapping burns and the waxed keeps it from burning too fast. One crayons supposedly Kemper and I can burn for up to thirty minutes. There is a a video as well. And I believe this is on FaceBook yep it is on FaceBook. The gold hill volunteer fire department. Has this sell list of of hurricane and power outage hacks and tips that's gold GO LD. Hill HI NO HI LL gold hill. Volunteer fire department on FaceBook OK and fact money finish you can find that we will link to it they have got an already. As I just go to our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash 1063 WORD. And and he'll now be able to check those out at 549 year in the body match show when we come back on the other side. YAY. Has the some pubs sunspots solar observatory. In southern New Mexico then shut down. By the FB. Aliens anyone. Be right back. I welcome back great to have you along here 536 now 24 before six in the bombing Nationale. Now Bob about Willie Nelson he's turned into a dope smoking scarecrow. And Deng Bobby you know golf this weekend from done well maybe some what golf create get out early enough. On Saturday I guess I you can go to dodger few raindrops there for the relic heavy stuff starts and money not sure why everybody this far inland as getting so excited about this storm. On the weatherman Dunn said we're all gonna die. Accorsi saw what happened back in May. In non western North Carolina went all the flooding up there. And now this is this is the last thing they need is another four to six inches of rain on top of falling aren't had. Bump up I think that's done catches me up. And I always say Al Bob Willie's son is awesome don't know if you've heard of him. But don't Willie is a web jarred you'd think after you've been held up. I you'd be conservative. As the IRS held Willie out scratch in my hand here. Now Bobby heads up huge T on what rove has about half their pumps empty let the hysteria. Being again. Dashing. Out bobbing my granny moves faster than hurricane Florence and by the way she's just as mean. It. Bob hurricane let him breath hit last year up and have been spent an out of control ever cents. Counter. Bob six to ten inch total estimate said HPC. Four to six western section here on kind of coincides with what. Array hand as well. I'm Bob here's my shadow term unlawful. Extraterrestrials. For use on Twitter page now. Al bottom of fans can't do fall carnal leg horn as well as YouTube advance can do Mitch Turkey neck. Real good that would be a McConnell senator. One we order only the three big egos podcast. Several weeks ago event was cracked cannot but admire him remake taxpayer. And ask me to record a few. For him and so they they make textures I I'd I'll have to check but it meant the him breath. Then he shares that may be me. I'm not sure he may have been used in the ones are not accord. Meantime. Mean. I am. And and when did. And and and. Corners of the Internet. And Twitter. Are the expression. About a possible. Alien coverup. After reports and a Blackhawk helicopter and federal agents swooped down. And inexplicably. Evacuated a remote part of New Mexico including a prominent. Solar observatory. Heading into. Fox Mulder to check on us when. FBI agent I Jardine there FBI JF BI agent showed up and be sunspots. Solar observatory. It's in tiny sunspot New Mexico on Friday. And shut down the facility evacuating the local area including the town post office. Hoosiers kind of weird. Quote there was a Blackhawk helicopter. A bunch of people around antennas and work crews on towers but no one would tell us any day. Says the Ontario county sheriff many house. Do the Alamogordo daily news I don't know why they FBI would get involved so quick and not tell us anything. Mayweather hiding some tapes were Muller impairments. For a person signed this sent them over there and they got us some more text messages from my struck and now Lisa page. Under US and a Bagram. Five days later the observatory web site confirms the entire facility is closed. To both staff and the public until further notice. Am. The association of universities for research in astronomy. All Iran. For short Janet. Who manages the facility is addressing a security issue at this time. Said Sherry let's Sen. The RS spokesperson in an emailed statement. It's a temporary evacuation of these facility. We will open it up as soon as possible. Am. The FBI field offices and Albuquerque and in El Paso. Didn't respond to a request for comment. Meanwhile need vacuum created by the lack of an official explanation and plenty of people on YouTube. I bet a volunteer and social media and volunteered. At their own opinions and tabloid publications have stepped in to suggest their own explanation. Some say the evacuation. Could be part of a government effort to cover up a discovery involving aliens. An impending solar flare. Now don't want anybody we can do the sunspot telescope commercial so north where. Or something else. Extra planetary. Others on the red lips and elsewhere. Think they security issue may involve a foreign power. And attempting to use the observatory is antennas. To spy on nearby White Sands Missile Range. Ha. Hewitt on on the area 51. That's what they wanna look at. As you know. The observatory built by the military in 1947. Wedeman 1947. Let's and that's and same times they had the end and crash. The now when it realized the sun could interfere with radio communications. The National Science Foundation. Ran the facility from the 1960s. Until this year. When operation was transferred to a moron. And New Mexico State University. Hopefully it is and now in the process of being on willfully transferred to aliens. Or foreign spy it's. We shall see. Note that. Well I'll keep you posted. On the latest on that which apparently is not much. Now everybody's act and like doctor evil on it. Now that. Now Bobby the next thing you know they'll find a giant ghost planet outside the solar system laugh out loud and a. I'm in actually you know will be a giant explosion. Over the air force base in Greenland. On the next thing you know the president will start up a new branch of the military and outer space. But Bob but I did deny. Accidentally. Time travel somehow and not to an end to coast to coast very close then re clubs. Observatory. Closed. Need be a real confirmed in nine BI RU. I'm not renew you'll have to explain that acronym him. I'm Bobby how high do you think the wind gusts will be out here they have set as high as fifty miles an hour. I'm. So they ago. Out 545 corner before six year embodiment show also. On the daytime Persia. As we explore asked extraterrestrials. And when a court of verse six here in the balmy night she'll be right back stand by because today's good news and we certainly need some. Is on the way next. All that's in bad Chad thanks in on the tax line above in new Byrd rule is another name for planet X. Apparently the so called ghost planet discovered outside our solar system and a frequent subject. On not coast Dickau strange thing is now they've talked about it for years prior to the discovery. Just sent. Mommy we can't have the astronomers spotting the satellite we use to create. Hurricanes and all of that conspiracy there. Mommy I wonder if it's an underground facility and they have leaks. Antivirus. Here we go time for today's good news stories. Sally got down on some pretty good guy good news stories today first of all high school senior in Biloxi Mississippi your name is. Can really Foster and a very big night on Friday. First she was crowned homecoming queen. Before the football team's homecoming game then she put on her hands and played in the game. She's mainly a soccer player. But she's also been a football team's place kicker since her sophomore year and apparently she's pretty good. During the game she made two field goals. Then the game went up OT. And she got kicked an extra point that one at final score thirteen to twelve. So are the two field goals she scored more than half our team's points and after the game. She pose for a photo wearing her football here. And her Oakland something we crowned. That's about gas issue is more nervous for the kick. Are the homecoming announcement she says she wasn't really nervous for either one she was pretty sure she wouldn't. Be named homecoming queen and of course she was. But she said she knew. She would make that extra point. Let's get. 81 year old guy and Mobile, Alabama Lewis map. By name recently volunteered as a local hospital every Tuesday. He jet goes and any rocks babies to sleep to give their parents or break a when the nurses are too busy mostly helps with the previous. Says it's always the highlight of his week ever since he started doing it he's been really impressed with how great. The nurses and doctors are so on topple volunteering he and his wife recently decided to do they donate some money. To the hospital. Before he retired Lewis worked in the banking sector's other pretty well off. They just donated a million dollars. To the neo Natal. Center. Here. I'm fiber polish. More than Olivia. Typical accuses the freshman always good but you know the look at their expressions while walking home and officials are gonna have your eyes now. Oh you're also managed just make your way through. And I can't express enough trying to teach naturally believe they may save some people think. And they Freeman and being here today he might not be here they've been very welcoming and loving and caring took me in carrier ring me. They're going happen yeah for him to even come with his town alone is fabulous the fan. The donation with all that money is like wow. Those massively surprising. They are hard of your own mind to. Earlier this place we will all things Walter. The way it is system. Mr. Bush and. Naturally NIC says they wanted to do something that we continue to make a difference after they have their both gone they're only stipulation the nurses. Get to decide how the million dollars are spent. Today I each met in the next few by the way costs about 50000 dollars and up until now I didn't have enough of how they well. 63 year old woman in Michigan. Trying to take a good sell three for FaceBook last month. But she noticed that when each succeeding pictures she took. I she'll look worse and worse and each one and then she would then she realized it was because she was having a stroke at the time. And it but it turned out that has saved our life. So say I can actually be entitled my new look I wanna keep them. He's saying to get action and take a self pizza Dayton I. Face to face each finally got worse tonight. One online or. Gerald it's okay down. This time my balance it and everything is gone and I seen people who have waited. It's too late really I don't know she's fantastic. I'm going home tomorrow. So Torre knows something different people doing so he's. Then sell itself. We literally did save my eyes. And she says she noticed one side of her face was drooping. More and more and each photo shoot Arnie had a stroke and twice exchange says she recognized the symptoms and got help. By the time the paramedics got there she was slurring her words. And if she'd waited any longer she might animated once they got into the hospital. Doctors used a time stamps on the selfish to figure out when the stroke happened and because of that. They were able to get to the drug. That breaks up clots if you taken more than three hours after a stroke it can kill you. But because of the self pacing knew it hadn't been. Three hour job by the way she's already out of the hospital. Told a local reporter fuel a jerk she'll never make fun of anybody taken too many sell these again because. In this case it literally saved her life. And there you go there is that today's good news stories great to have those to share with you today. Our number 3 U 5 o'clock follies is drawing to a conclusion. Add in on NATO attacks line we can't have the astronomers spotting satellite bowl I did it. Can't have these drummer spotting satellite we used to create her can't absolutely not as must be kept secret in all cost. Now there's still one more to go that is of course they were famous bonus hour and it is next up. Here on May penultimate work day of the week. As we continue the operation hurricane Florence one share on WORG.