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Bob McLain
Thursday, September 13th
Hurricane Florence, Liberal colleges losing

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Now we made it again. Guarantee an ultimate worst day of the week. I arrived at a fourth and final hour they evolving Mac show me yours truly the attack dog in the right. App is still gonna sell our you know what we do. Do it singles advantage talk line 803471063. Common sense retirement planning tax line number 71307. My email address recently Bob and 1063. WORG dot com great to have you along. The latest updates or course on not hurricane force as we continue with our top. Ration hurricane Florence to watch. Indicating that day and sunny morning this is 1 AM heaviest rainfall is anticipated. To begin if they. The remnants of both march and it should be a tropical depression. Now by that point to a strong low pressure system arriving here in the upstate. Four to six inches of rain for for us here in the upstate. Now for you folks in western North Carolina the news this is not very good at all. Now Ray Miller from our severe weather center saying no and you could see as much as six to nine inches of rain. And I know on top of all what already happened in May. Now with a heavy rainfall. And that the flooding that resulted up there this is not the news you wanna hear so for Warren as a serious stuff for armed. And then now they have heaviest rainfall headed down in a northeasterly direction as the storm turned back toward Charlotte. They they are anticipating perhaps as much as ten inches of rain there speaking of hurricane Jim may have not heard in the news today. Now there is a dust up created by the left over what happened in Puerto Rico all when her came Maria. Came through there Democrats in the media have been pounding president trump over the past couple days. Using hurricane Florence. As the a springboard. For the medium that they are promoting. Out over the president's alleged insensitivity. To deaths in Puerto Rico last year from hurricane Maria. Well this morning the president push back on Twitter alleging that Democrats and inflated. The death to all in order to make me look as bad as possible the Democrats have been saying. And then as many as 3000 people died in Puerto Rico because of the of president's lack of response. To hurricane Maria Daryn you know although the usual. Drivel that they're pushing that today he did that because Puerto Rico occupied by people of color and he's a racist and they didn't care so please let him down. Well that led to more criticism after the president tweeted this morning with the Associated Press. Accusing the president of making claims quote without evidence. But trump is correct. According to a bright barred his opponents including the media. Have been straining for more than a year to turn hurricane Maria. Into the president's version of Katrina. They devastating 2005. Storm that prompted criticism of President Bush. And his response even though state and local authorities. Now we're the ones that blew it down there. And foreshadowed a Democrat takeover of congress in 2006. While leading the charge as you might expect. Was the collusion news networks CNN. Which made a special effort to Wayne curry came Maria and when he seventeen to Katrina. In 2005 and made a temporary media sensation. I'll be mayor of San Juan Carmen you wind cruised who accused the trump administration of neglect. However. The media's effort of the time west frustrated. By a number of factors first a ball. Experts. Praise the federal government's response to Maria. Which posed special challenges because Puerto Rico its course so far from the mainland US. Second the governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Ross LO himself. Praised the federal government's response. Telling Fox News in September of last year the president. And the administration every time we've asked them execute. They've executed quickly. And thought. Of course. I'm Puerto Rico was a disaster waiting to happen. Was already. A disaster before the hurricane hit. Thanks to mismanagement. By the territorial government that led to a debt crisis in recent years. I'm by the way mayor crews herself. Reportedly is under FBI investigation for corruption. However are trumps critics did not give up as they never do over the past several months they've attempted to cite several new studies. Creating new estimates of the Rio all. Death to all of hurricane Maria. And one assist from real death told based off isn't based on actual death counts no. It is based on statistical. Models. And come. Many studies addressed a real concern that they Puerto Rican government lacked the competence. To do an accurate death count. But much of the media hype around the results clearly motivated by an attempt to damage president from this administration. They Washington Post noted just some of the studies as of June of this year. The New York Times calculated 1052. Deaths through October. The senator for Endesa investigative reporting 985. University of Puerto Rico. Professors calculated 820. True Penn State professors. Calculated excess deaths of about 500. Any Latino USA analysis using updated data from Puerto Rico's department of health. Calculated 1194. Excess deaths the post noted the new estimates hover around the 1000 mark so where does this. 3000. And who died Maria come from well. In general and a Harvard study published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Estimate of the number of deaths and 4645. By the way the official figure. Is 64. The researchers had conducted a survey. And make strap. I did the results. Which is a pretty sloppy methodology. And the number was highly inflammatory. Puerto Rican opponents of the president cited it to accuse him of genocide. Much of the media hyped the claims that caption that accompanied. Now one of the photographs and hurricane Maria which pummeled Puerto Rico. Widely responsible for that from the deaths of more than 4600. People some seventy times more. An official estimates even though wop well. Washington Post were skeptical that absurdly high estimate. Now the media reported the new estimates as if they were an actual confirmed death hole. When CNN taking care to note the new number was released near the anniversary of Katrina. The AP reported earlier this week. 3000 people died in Puerto Rico and hurricane Maria. As if it were a proven fact not indicating that the number was simply one estimate among many. And that it's it's evidence was a controversy all statistical model then today. The AT NBA the Associated Press with more than a little bit of hot spot accused the president of stating without evidence. That they Puerto Rico hurricane death count is a plot by Democrats to make him look bad well. They failed to point out in that same AP story. That all of the stories they have Ron at the 3000 people died in Puerto Rico are also. Without. Evidence. Other than of course at some statistical model. That they fed into a computer. At Harvard. And at Washington university in Saint Louis. So. Take your pick. As for me I think the official death count of 64. It's probably much more realistic that any statistical model. Any. In hand. And they need some ivory tower of academia can come up with with a computer my. Quarter after six here in the body match or take a quick break here and then they write back with more as we cruise on. During our operation hurricane Florence watch here on WORG. Welcome back 620 here on me about rematch show in on my tax line 71307. I'm not hard to believe that Washington DC hasn't won a set of you know want. Among the Republican Party allowing a left to do these things shore country and our press. And now. I know they justice and yeah sugar. Now Bobby as a rush said today these weather people are fascinating. They stand out ten on camera at Indy pouring wind and rain. And tell you how hard it's going and to blow wind and rain. I need that job. Mike's side hill still doing that any along with. And what's his name you know they don't have the edge and can't Torre now. China he distorted channel seven on the wave site build it back in the day I think. Bobby I'm sick and tired of these major numbers you go lying Democrat cheer you on me about. Al Bonnie mood. A satellite where the energy Jamaica hurricane and we really do that. The most powerful. Military in the world. You wonder you know went the best these. Harvard. And now their their study and Washington university in saint and Saint Louis where they are study about how maybe borrowing done well these are hard core lefties. That are these are pin heads and learn these ivory towers of academia. Is it are really starting to see blow back from a staffer are people start and yet it. Is here is a able leading indicator. Perhaps. Evergreen State College. They're enrollment. Plummeted. After a fallout. From their controversy all day of absence. I was in May 2017. When all white people. Were asked to leave that campus. So they get the answer to the racial racial promote the progressives. Answer. Did they problems of racial division in this country segregation. That's our answer. The publicly funded college committed to always second wait for it. Wait for an. Social justice. Evergreen state became the poster child of a campus overrun. By hyper political correctness when students shot down the campus and shouted down. Then evolutionary biology professor Brad Weinstein. For merely questioning the event kicking white people off campus. Weinstein who describes himself as quote deeply progressive. Ultimately lost his job and was labeled a racist and a white supremacist. Unsure eleven on the left each their own. Although I just estimates say representative. From evergreen. Said they would expect around 350. Freshman this fall. When they total of 6100. Total enrollment. Both of wage. Do represent. Significant. Deep creases. As compared to before the unrest in 27 team. It's a catastrophic drop. But I'm hoping will recover said evergreen professor Mike arrows to Fox News. Advocacy and activism. Rather than the pursuit of truth and knowledge. Is being promoted as a way of recruiting desperately needed new students. The professor rode bringing in new faculty your guest speakers with conservative. Or send terrorist political perspectives. Is considered risky. And out of the question at the moment. Correct me if I'm wrong aren't our education of higher learning institutions. Supposed to. Present diverse viewpoints to promote. There are students actually be able to being able to oh say do things like thank. Fear and self censorship is pervasive. Among ever green faculty especially under the existing budget Christ this is like this is like the red guard. In China in the late 1960s under chairman Mao. And to purge everything that wasn't. Right down the party line. Perilous is the only remaining evergreen educator. On Petr road docs academy. An advocacy group of from professors to counteract. Narrowing of viewpoints on college campuses. And they practicing veterinarian. Who teaches biological. And environmental sciences is offering a new class this fall to help change that. His glasses called liberal education in the college bubble. Crossing the political and cultural divide. Some portion crossing a replica. He's using the comic has a case study to show students how higher education. Deals with issues of political diversity free speech freedom of thought and censorship when there is still free speech. There is no freedom of thought. His course description includes a trigger warning. I love those students are require. Ideological. Safe spaces where particular viewpoints are considered offensive may want to seek a different program. Yeah so in other words if you wanna be made to think. Don't command in my classroom. He hopes the class which is full despite a low enrollment overall. We'll show how evergreen students are more open and too diverse viewpoints. And they have been portray. Yeah I would say tossing all the whites to Britain's Paul campus for a day. How does that how does how are you equate that with being inclusive. Riddle me that. The professor also pointed out that an independent external review panel. Exonerated. The president and administrators. While blaming ever grange road woes. On Brad Weinstein and alt right agitators. Which prompted one journalist asked who will they ever green mom target next. Exactly. Even however green is the only four year college in the state of Washington. To see a deep crease and applications the school's president George bridges. Instead appointed a race based protests of some problems at. It is really complex. And not attributable to any one factor. Now whether it's an open minded viewpoint. In May to prepare for the drop in enrollment evergreen cut six million dollars out of its budget. A little over 10% of the total. And away you go off. Twenty faculty and staff as well let's not filling nineteen. Vacant staff positions. According to the Seattle times. Good. Every green in just restate smallest public knowledge but over the past five years has seen a drop of 1000. Students. In addition to the negative publicity and unsafe environment on camp by and some students have said the college was not rigorous enough. As a reason for women yeah. Yeah out rather than just telling the white people have to leave the campus from the they should take amount shoot. That that's their viewpoints. Now that and hey. Here comes your next generation. Those would yield a certain age these of the kids you're going to be relying on. To fund your Social Security. There's a there's a feeling of confidence for air and a guy six Tony nine here on the Bobby national and he's ready to go and a new senator and I'm right back in the last half of the bonus hour. Here on May put ultimate word day in the week on WORT. Welcome back. Welcome back great to have you on 63822. Before seven here on the Bob a Mac show so. As things may be trending downward rapidly for the folks at Evergreen State College. As they push their out progressive agenda. But does that doesn't mean that other ivory towers of academia are giving up that easily. Case in point Penn state university. A new math course and Penn State this semester. Has a focus on. Hillary Clinton's quote strong character. Inco. And according to a report from campus reform. A new math course and Penn State focuses on everything besides math. Professor mark fab breeze finite mathematics course. Covers everything from Hillary Clinton's strong Carriker. To the cultural into college and intolerance. To president Lyndon Baines Johnson's Clean Water Act. On the Penn State website. Fab breeze course is described as an introduction tell logic. Sense. Probability. But students who took fab raise new course last spring say the course is focused on other topics. In one section of the document. Fabbri asked students to explain. Why the following statement is incorrect. Quote all those who enjoy a religious freedom promote cultural toleration. Why is that statement incorrect. That portion of the document accompanied by a scholarly criticism of imperialism. Again we know of course. Now that it's a band saying. APM stage spokesperson and said they are working to ensure that every maintains his academic freedom. Right course it in his academic freedom consistent MA course. That same stressed. The strong character of Donald. Do you think then they would be encouraging but he maintained his academic freedom. Now the spokesperson encouraged any student who believes that an instructor. Has acted beyond the limits and academic freedom to consult the policies and procedures in place. First seeking a faculty conference and mediation. Aha a meeting of the minds. Any rate my professor review rule. Of professor foundry. Seems to suggest he has a history. I'm getting somewhat off topic. In his math courses. Hated his class. One former student wrote he mumbled. And went off on ten jumps to talk about things door completely irrelevant. The man sounds like. That's like exactly. Kind of guy that you want. I'm me out the campus of the Nittany Lions. And meantime though we continue to see. The out left. Pushing even further. Towards tyranny. Towards. Orwellian. New speak. Towards shutting up. Anybody that wants to say anything with which they don't believe. Latest case in point this one comes from our friends the brits. In the UK eight. Here's a headline. Police. Tell citizens to report offensive comments. Even if they are not hate crimes. A police force in the UK has been on the receiving end of criticism. After authorities encourage encourage citizens. To report offensive comments. Even if they don't rise to the level of so called hate crimes. Quote. In addition to reporting hate crime. Please report non crime hate incidents. Which can include things like offensive or insulting comments on the line. In person or in writing. Hate will not be tolerated in south Yorkshire. Reported. And put a stop to it says the tweet from the south Yorkshire police and what if I find they're tweet. To be offensive. Are insulting. And I report them for a hate crime. And information page was also posted and a follow up tweet that says. They police can only prosecute when the law is broken. But we also want to know about non crime hate incidents. These incidents may not be criminal offenses but often can feel like a crime to those affected and can sometimes escalate. Their crimes. Am. So if fear and not thinking right. And you should be reported to the south Yorkshire always. Be tweaked prompted thousands of responses. Because it specifically tells people to report incidents and are not even crimes. This hadn't been fought properly throughout all I can imagine your front line officers already overworked. Reading that tweet and staring miserably at their workload on the computer desperately trying to remember. Why they took this job in the first place. What exactly do you plan to drool about these non crime incidents. And with what authority will you do it. Ask another. Numerous people drew attention to the absurd situation of a country. That has a massive problem with Muslim grooming gang is abusing children. Including in Sheffield and rocker and which are in schalke south Yorkshire. While police forces waste their time with our offensive comments on the Internet indeed. There are currently. 98 investigations. Into the response. I'm south Yorkshire police to grooming gangs in rather run. Examining whether there was potential misconduct by officers. We mere fact that police resource as are being devoted to vague an inconsequential. Incidents that don't rise in the level of hate crime while the country suffers a violent crimes surged. Is also were depressed. Figures released in July show that only 9%. Of crimes. End with suspects being charged or silenced. In England and Wales. 9%. In some areas of the country police are advising citizens they will stop investigating. Low level crimes. Now what kind of low level crimes are wondering good question. Car crime. Shoplifting. Criminal damage. No investigation of those due to budget cuts meanwhile. Over 3000 people in the UK are arrested every year. Under section 127. Of the communications act of 2003. Which makes it illegal to intentionally. Cause I know I against. Inconvenienced. Or needless anxiety. To another. Now. Send me a chief of police George Orwell 64614. Before seven here on the bombing action. Hi yeah. 6519. Before 7 o'clock here on NATO bombing Mac show one of my favorite writers is out Victor Davis Hanson. He is a contributor at in RO a national review on line a senior fellow at the Hoover institution on in California. And now author most recently of the Second World War is how the first global conflict was fought and won he's a brilliant guy. And and it's amazing these many bullets arriving California because he is of course a conservative. His latest. Offering is entitled. Is chaos. An impeachable offense. Victor Davis Hanson writes. Trump is destabilizing. The status quo as he promised to do. The keepers of the status quo cry foul. Until 2017 or certain political assumptions and most people no longer really believed but also preferred not to question. Given the likely animus from the so called bipartisan establishment. A naked entity which by convention we all agreed with splendidly closed another wars emperor has now cost. China could freely cheat on trade the US can take the commercial hit. Because one day it's Mr. Big gotten riches would force a liberalization and thereby make China a member in good standing of the family of democratic patients. Oh after forty years were still waiting on a promised democratic transformation. At great cost. To the industrial and manufacturing heartland of the United States. NATO member nations always would promise indeed swear they would meet their military spending commitments. Even as they had no intention of all doing so well fine we shrugged since World War II it has been the duty of the US to lead and protect the west. What other nation had America's inexhaustible wealth and power to subsidize rich socialist democracies. And commensurate unconcerned. With its own insidious way hollowed out. Industrial anterior. Accordingly. American presidential lecture NATO about their promised obligations. And meanwhile would expect public nods and private Snickers. In new York and Washington Carter the gospel was never a question the changing role our funding of NATO. But always to honor NATO is the linchpin of the west end of discussion. The Palestinians will always remain refugees. In a way that similar contemporaneously. Displaced people who were also forced out of their homelands Russians Jews of the Middle East or Volga Germans. No longer have. Refugee status after more than seven years. A chaotic trump. Recently accepted reality and quit funding the united nations relief organization. That supposedly intends to refugees'. Who in reality are a political construct. Deemed to use small for demonizing. Israel around the world. Jerusalem as a long man privately accepted as both a historic and natural capital of Israel. And it's now far more open and freer than it was prior to 1967. And we were not supposed to say. And given fears of pandas Delhi Palestinian. Eat. Or terror attacks are inflaming the Middle East. Trump in his supposedly reckless fashion. Simply move the US embassy to Jerusalem and other nations strangely are now beginning. To file. Blocking the construction of the keystone pipeline and the opening of the yen war oil fields to energy development. Had become eyes iconic hash tag resistance causes. We know the pipeline would streamline energy transparent. And a likely take the burden off more dangerous. Rail and truck transportation. And that and wall are what help to achieve US energy to independence or at least increase national wealth. So now both are under construction and development the nation the ons in its assent. The ensuing reaction to all of this we are left only with trump did it. And should therefore. It he'd be impeached declared insane sued forced to resign or face an intervention for more loyal patriot aids. Because that is impulsive nose and a lack of first principles that have given us the above status quo. Even the recent anonymous New York Times not bad author offered no real explanations. Of what exactly drop has done wrong that would warrant. Anti democratic removal. Other than to concede. The trump. But has done things that most felt world long overdue and he made changes and a rude and uncalled for manner that the establishment did not like. Just as a nude emperor in invisible clothes does not like it when an outsider observes. He's naked. Victor Davis Hanson. CNN are for the Friday free for all. God bless yeah. Well okay that's our show today. I don't know in the words of mystical force. And Marines. I must be going and I must be going. He has had a he. I hate it. It's. Then. Yeah.