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Bob McLain
Monday, September 17th
Strzok, Page, Mueller; Trump should declassify FBI documents; Kavanaugh allegations; Amazing true facts

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Hey here we go entering into a fourth and final hour days Monday Monday can't trust that day edition of the bombing Mac show. One way or revert it was a bonus hour and isn't it leaves preceding three year you know what we do. Let's do that grabbed the phone usually singles and managed hotline 80347106. Straight common sense retirement planning checks the line number. 71307. And my email address. Involvement. At 1063. WORG. Dot com great to have you on a semi interesting news this afternoon. I got attacked. It's a message referring to this. The right before the end newscast at the at top of the hour president trump today ordering the declassify. Occasion. Of several key documents. Rated G related to the FBI's probe of Russian actions gearing me Tony sixteen presidential election including. 21 pages of an application. For a renewed surveillance warrant. Against former campaign aide Carter page as well last text messages from disgraced FBI figures Peter struck. And police up page. White house Press Secretary Sara Sanders. Said the president had ordered the documents released at the request. Of a number of committees of congress. And for reasons of transparency you know of course a mark mentos. Congressman from North Carolina. What they are freedom caucus has been not asking the president to do this for some time. The documents to be declassified. Also include twelve. FBI reports on interviews. With Justice Department official Bruce or. You remember he said the center of this as well he was the number four guy. And the FBI and I had to a DOJ rather at the time and his wife. Was an employee. Of focused GPS. The a group that actually was behind nest. Trump dossier. Put together by the former British spy Michael Steele. As well as all FBI reports and interviews prepared in connection. Went all other applications. To surveil Carter pay each. Those would be a what are referred to within the bureau stereo one documents. That's a report from an investigator from AM FBI agent. As the as the ongoing investigation continued trump also ordered the DOJ. Two released text messages for a number of the key players in the U Russia investigation. Without rejection. In other words in the clear where names are named that would include Bruce or I struck. Now also includes a Lisa page. Former FBI director James called me and former FBI deputy director Andrew McCain. It was not immediately clear when or how the documents would be released. Congressional sources tell Fox News that House Intelligence Committee chairman David Devin Nunez. Republican of California does not know how soon he won't get the documents. But said trumps order covers pretty much everything that he was seeking and the text messages are a bonus. You remember earlier this month twelve Republican members of congress. Publicly asked the president to declassify. The June of 2017. Application for a warrant. To surveil. Page as well as the FBI reports of interviews with or. Known as you're in bureaucratic parlance as formed 30 to us I think I misspoke and senatorial ones are actually three coaches on Sunday. Nunez told Fox Business Network that witness interview transcripts. And other documents from that committee's now concluded Russia investigation. Should also be made public. Before November's mid term elections. If the president wants the American people really understand. Just how broad and invasive. This investigation has been to many Americans and how unfair it is band he has no choice but to declassify. Nunez said on Fox Business news Sunday morning futures house oversight committee chairman trade dowdy. Sent last week and it would be beneficial. For Americans to see those documents and it certainly would because. We know. That or we believe. That the FBI I was extremely disingenuous. As well as a DOJ and how they went about. Applying. For these warrants to be able to conduct surveillance on Carter page and by connection that trump campaign. For instance case in point they'd failed to tell me flies a court judge. At this steel dossier. Had actually been funded. On the money had been paid to Michael Steele and a fusion GPS. Buys. The DNC. And by the Hillary Clinton Campaign. Which might certainly have had down. Some influence on their decision making process and whether or not to grant the war and to spy. On a campaign of a political opponent. When the evidence the FBI and DOJ were using. To seek a warrant in the first place had been paid for by the Clinton Campaign. Additionally the FBI also. I don't wanna say outright lie but they alive by. Oh mission rather than culmination when they also failed to tell me fives a court judge. That the evidence they were using and seeking a warrant which was a couple of news stories. Came from a week's win then at the FBI. Weeks that were discussed in the text messages that were un unveiled last week. I'm from mom mr. page. Now rather from a mr. struck. And Lisa page where they talked about on the FBI's. Concerted effort I tell weak stories to the news media. So the FBI leaked stories to the media. Then they FBI turned around and use those very same news stories as evidence to convince the flies a court judge that it wasn't just. The steel dossier that they are using as their rationale or as their basis to see the surveillance warrant against Carter page and the trump campaign. When in point of fact it was all one in the same. Maybe maybe we finally rule began to. Like get to the bottom. Of this convoluted. Obvious attempt. Number 12. Do you rail that trump campaign before the election and failing that. Then not trying to. On May just as difficult as possible. For the trump campaign to be able to actually actually execute another agenda. Bob did you hear they're thinking of putting up dog. On Woodruff road gearing construction. Not sure what that to us both to me and then now may be one of those voice to text messages. Then didn't quite translate into English. Al Bobby all other sound effects release a page so fun so funny. Yes like yeah frowned Lugar from a young Frankenstein. Not quarter after six here in the money match out as we cruise on when we come back on the other side I won't share with you because you may not have. Avail yourself on it. The text of the letter sent to our Christine four and sent to senator Dianne Feinstein that is behind the accusation of sexual misconduct. Against judge rectum and now. Read you what she wrote to December. That's next year and the Bobby Mack show on Monday. It is no gum back and Obama. A dump. Part of rock and roll still beating and. Six to anyone here and AM bombing Mac show in on the tax winds 71307. I'm Bob baby brother of Cavanaugh is accuser. Were true all law firm that retained fusion GPS. Change and certainly surprised and stunned. To hear that. Not. Bob the reason find scene did not have Bob Ford at the hearings is because it took. Hillary Clinton's computer cleaners until last week. To scrub Ford's social media accounts. From our Richard yeah funny how they just. Magically. Banish me disappeared off the Internet. Al Bobby whenever I see former secretary of state John Kerry I think hey John. Why don't long fades around. It. Yeah I. So here is the Al what I heard. And the text of the letter that Christine Blassie Ford. Wrote to senator Dianne Feinstein detailing an event in which he accuses the Supreme Court nominee of sexual misconduct. Now this is from the collusion news network CNN. They point out CNN was not provided a copy of the letter. But a source who had no letter read the contents of a redacted version to the CNN. Wondered dated 30 July. 2018. Senator Dianne Feinstein. As a constituent. And a loyal Democrat now I better not add mile and under is redistricting as they constituent. I expected he will maintain this as confidential. Until we have further opportunity to speak. Brett cab and off physically and sexually assaulted me during high school in early 1980 S. He conducted these acts with the assistance of and the name has rejected Bennett's I believe might judge. That name a sense come out. Both were one or two years older than me and students at a local private school. As she was a sooner private school itself. The assault occurred in a suburban Maryland area home and gathering that included me and for others. Cavanaugh physically push me into a bedroom as I was headed for a bathroom up a short stairwell from the women grow. They locked the door and play it loud music precluding any successful attempt to yell for help. Kevin always on top of me while laughing with judge who periodically jumped on to Cavanaugh they both laughed. As cabin on tried to just wrote me in their highly inebriated state. What Cavanaugh hand over my mouth I feared he may inadvertently. Kill me. From across the room may very drunk and judge. That this is the friend. Said mixed words to Cavanaugh ranging from go for it to stop. At a point when judge jumped onto the bed the weight on me with substantial. Pile toppled. And the truth scrapped when each other. After a few attempts to get away I was able to take this opportune moment to get up and run across doing hall way bathroom. Yeah like you said the door was locked. I want the bathroom door behind me both allow police stumbled down the stairwell at what point. Other persons in the house were talking with them I exited the bathroom ran outside of the house and Wendell. I'm not knowingly singing Cavanaugh since they assault. I did see judge wants out at a meeting where he was extremely uncomfortable seeing me. I received medical treatment regarding the assault on July 6 I notified my local government representative. To ask them how to proceed with sharing this information. It is upsetting to discuss sexual assault in this repercussion Jay and I felt guilty and felt an obligation blob on monitoring it for now that. Four they judges part. He is denying. That he was at the high school party in question. Where Ford said he attempted to rape her essay friend watched. Cavanaugh spoke with Republican senator Orrin hatch. He has won many members of the senate judiciary committee for about ten minutes this afternoon. Cavanaugh Cavanaugh denied de film that he was at the individual in question. Hatch said Kavanagh told the senator the doctor Ford who acknowledge in the Washington Post. And she did not remember some key details of the incident. Maybe mistaking him for someone else. Republicans Susan Collins. Warned obviously of judge Cavanaugh has a wide about what happened that would be disqualifying. Cavanaugh stand ready to testify tomorrow is the senate is ready to hear him sent White House spokesman Raj shopped. In a statement. They president also defended his Supreme Court nominees saying he's never ever. Even had a blemish on his record and he believes it will work out very well. How the president also indicated he would be fine with a delay. In the confirmation. And once they complete process. If it takes a little dull way it'll take a little delay he said and judge Cavanaugh said in a new statement he's willing to talk. To the Senate Judiciary Committee again. And has again denied the allegation against him he added I had no idea on. Who is making this accusation. Until she identified herself yesterday. And she did in a story in the Washington Post. I he was spotted arriving at the White House this morning. It's been reported he has hired an attorney and is calling key senators Christine Ford's attorney had said earlier in the day. And Ford is willing to testify in public. Before they Senate Judiciary Committee shields willing to do whatever it takes to get her story out. I'm Deborah Katz told the out today show by the way. Now the bomb Washington Post reported this afternoon that the professor. Initials a third college has seen her. Associated with the mission under a story from my town hall dot com well actually the Washington Post says that she's a professor at Stanford. Is behind the confidential letter sent to Feinstein. We also have found out that down the legal advisor. For act Cavanaugh accuser is a big time Democrat donor. Who I think sent people who work for Donald Trump. How are miscreants. And much anyone else's in this story. And today it references out what happened with. Bill Clinton in a bimbo eruptions that day he experienced. Katz argued gearing down them bimbo eruptions Santa Paula Jones allegation. Could not hold up in court. So obviously Xian was defending Democrats who face the same kind of accusations in the case of Bill Clinton. Not Katz continued to dismiss certain episodes of sexual misconduct throughout the years. Fast forward to 2017. Cats defended. Then senator Al Franken a Minnesota. After a photo appeared of him mock groping a female colleague. And the time Capps said. Context is relevant he did not do this is a member of the US senate he did this in his capacity of someone. Who is still functioning as an entertainer. And dismissed charges and it was sexual harassment since 2004. Cats who has the attorney. After the woman bringing these charges has donated at least 26000 dollars to Democrat politicians including Hillary. Obama and John care. She's also donated to groups such as And Soros is outfit. The DNC's service corps and the Democrats senatorial campaign committee. And declared via FaceBook. These people or all miscreants. The term basket of deplorable. It's far too generous a description for these people who are now senior trump advisors. Okay. But of course other political ideology. Had no influence on their decision. For a professor Ford do not come forward when the sharks right. Right. 630 here on the body natural right back for the last half of the bonus hour here on Monday. Not me thank you I'm fairly content with on my little corner. Feel no burning desire to rule the world 636 toy for before seven. My son just a job they progressives on the left and right because they are. Our elitist bettors. And work your store brand out here in. And the great unwashed masses and why our country to know what's really good forest. We must depend on our progress in bettors to explain it to us. How about anyone higher miscreants. I can't help but think amateurs unlike. Us real. Criminals. True. Panacea when a store I need to catch up with from the attacks line here. Oh I think damp I think I have gone over the franchise that. As good because that means and gives me time do bring on today's edition almost. Mom no clear. They are they're amazing they're all true and they are factual. AM Monday Monday edition. This year is national toy hall of fame finalists. And an announced twelve finalists three of the twelve will be inducted. Waiter in a small. At two of them also were nominated last year but didn't make it in uno cards and the magic eight ball. Magic JBoss the national toy hall of fame. Say it's not true. Pretty strong field this year might be tough for me and here are the twelve nominees. American girl. Dolls. Chalk. This plain old simple sharp. Shoot some latter's. On magic eight ball. Masters of the universe action figures. And ball. The soil and tic tac toe. Tickle me Elmo. The electric football. Or no Andy Fisher Price corn Popper. Alamo dome thing that kids push around like a stroller and has them all little balls and sided Popper round and we'll check. These three toys that make it and will be announced on May eighth of November mark your calendars. Last year induct these work or rule. The Whipple ball and they paper airplane. I yup. That Christmas is right around the corner being here before you know I'd seen Christmas stuff from the stores yet money gunning down Miami tip. Haven't arrest all right it's not even how Wayne. And have a great family tradition like enough Christmas. Christmas vacation. A pilings in the car every winner to go pick out a Christmas tree. Well scrap bad behavior overlord that Amazon are now taking over that world is well. You wanna do and something no money coming at you were asking me about Christmas now. So it's you won't just go where you over here schizophrenic. Because you have. Your fault. That you. Hear your your too far off months. You have your false you have your cowlings happening at a Christmas out right all in secession aisles. Anytime you don't know what year what month what day it is generally I'm for Halloween because there's that's the most pressure well maybe I should buy for Thanksgiving. By the killer Turkey before you know but. It's it's like you want them he's ultimately like schizophrenic you know what am obvious some of that that I get. Should I get the pumpkin or should I get the skeleton. Wait their shiny blue involved I mean this is that you won't be once tore it's it's everything at its. Decisions. Decisions. Well it certainly have Brett I'm from should remind you my model I'm schizophrenic. And Selma. Amazon just announced are gonna be selling a live Christmas trees this year. You order that bad boy they'll send you a seven foot train that was chopped down less than ten days ago. It'll set you back a 115 bucks. But it's a pretty convenient. I'm away Amazon prime members. Shipping is free. I'm Mike and adapting drew the door. About a month ago 28 year old woman in England Charlotte perch. Told her husband Daniel hey guess what I just hit the lottery for over 300000. Dollars or whatever that is some counts. Then she laughed at him when she said. Just kidding. Just a joke. They like to pull pranks on each other allowed this Johnny fell four. Well in earlier last week Jake called him at work and said she'd won an even bigger. Jackpot. And he was kind of sick evident that point passed the phone off to somebody else to latter screw them but then she sent him a screen shot. She had hit the lottery for a million pounds. That is just under one point three mil. They claim their prize last week. Using planned to use a large chunk of the money to buy a bigger house and their three kids are pumped up because they finally get to have their own that wraps up its. And this time. Don't hang up I'm not kidding. I really really want on earth. Lot of people. Have trouble getting so. They're all kinds of system. Soon and I you can visualize the sun shatter the waves. Lapping up on of the B majority you know you can use an additional lands. There was a story this week about a new drink called sol Moussaoui. That supposedly knocked you out in thirty management and you don't have time for that there's a quicker way. A book. Published in 1981 revealed a secret method the US military supposedly came up with. That can put Judas sleeping in two minutes. This is a military secrets so don't tell anybody on deck. Number one relax your face. Including your tong here are draw and the muscles around here times. Facts here fumes. We. Mood they. Drop your shoulders as low as they can go then relax your arms. Wanted to jot. Breathe out and relax your chest. Then relax you're away and it's starting with your thighs and then your calves. All the way down your feet. And then. Picture yourself and home location. You're lying in a coup. Under a clear blue sky. Or fracture. Lying in a black velvet public. In a dark room. And every still not asleep repeat the phrase. Don't think. Don't think. Over and over again in her to quiet your mind around. Might not work at first the military found that when people did it for six weeks. It had a 96%. Successor. So member are not us don't think. Don't think. All you have to do is well you can pretend you're a progressive. They don't think. Not just don't think and the next thing you know. You are you sound asleep. And the trial now what is now the worst. Parent. At that and where he can now buy some of them some sleep stuff on church on the way up some water. Bobbie I think that's the most I've ever money penny say on air. She's just a lot more are not necessarily on air but when conversant studio and worker ran here more. Quarter forced them here the body method should take a quick break here in the right back with a last. Last few remaining minutes of the bonus hour here on the Monday Monday can't trust that they addition. Don't think. I own think. Certainly AM tragic situation went on nineteen. Lives lost in now hurricane Florence sent to hit the North Carolina so so hard. Over the weekend but they're they're always some months some rays of sunshine. In the stories like this one. This is from mom Megan Foye and after the Washington Post. There's nothing like a mile the Waffle House after driving more than sixty animals from South Carolina coast to southern Alabama. Inside of a school bus. Tony alsop can attest to that. Alsop a 51 year old truck driver from greenback Tennessee. Was part of a Waffle House outside Fayetteville on Sunday night for a quick pit stop. He'd been on the road since Monday when he popped in his bus and headed toward the coast committed. To rescuing as many animals as possible. Ahead of hurricane parts. Inside the bus the seats had been ripped down to make room for its passengers. On the buses side were the words emergency animal rescue shelter. But it could've said Noah's Ark. In the last week Al sub and is bust have rescued 53 dogs and eleven cast from South Carolina shelters. That were in the path of Florence as first reported by the Greenville nearest. And come morning alsop expect to search for more I'm like look these are lives true. Alsop told the Washington Post during his stop from the Waffle House animals especially shelter cats. They always have to take a backseat of the bus but I'll give them their own boss. If I have to I'll pay for all the fuel or even a boat to get these dogs out there. Also up who wants to open his own animal shelter one day has been rescuing shelter pence from floodwaters which is school bus. Since hurricane Harvey ravaged the Texas coast last year and remember when it did of course to Houston. When else up salt on the news found numerous animal shelters became overcrowded with Gloucester rescued animals exotic and help. He wanted to help transport the animals to vacant shelters but he knew we couldn't put him in a semi trailer I thought what can I do. And then I thought well just go by Abbas. He sends help with rescues during hurricanes Irma and Maria no bus for the latter he was speeding horses and now daring Florence. Last Monday when BellSouth again as the latest rescues the candles in his vehicle were stacked from ceiling to floor. Pet food no water bowls on leashes and toys were strewn about the guy else. As he rolled along his route Al sub kept telling his FaceBook followers and he had room for more. Asking them to appoint him to Wear pants needed help no one left behind. He wrote in one FaceBook post before signing off when the standard line while the all mean it. In less than 48 hours he stopped at the humane society of North Myrtle Beach. The Dillon county animal shelter and another in Orangeburg. And Saint Francis animal center in Georgetown. Which sang his praises on social media Sunday. In a FaceBook post late Sunday the Saint Francis animal center so that alsop was rescuing Albany left over pants. The dogs and cats the shelter couldn't seem to hand off to anyone else. It's all true Tony swooped in at 4 AM Wednesday morning to pick up our left overs. The dogs with balky hands the ones what heart worm the ones no one else will ever shake. And they got them to safety not the most conventional evacuation. They surely don't want where the most heart. Once they had no man has bust alsop drove to full way Alabama. Where his friend and Gillette. She gave them Danson fluffy blankets and spot treatment. Alsop said they couldn't find enough shelters or Foster homes for the animals they managed to do it in a matter of the day. We just burned up the Airways spell success. Some people came to adopt some of the dogs and cats on the spot. While also coordinated with other animal shelters are volunteers to meet him in Knoxville. Where he went handoff about forty others from there also said the remaining dogs and cats went off to vacant shelters across the country. And then after a short rest he got back on the road Sunday and drove until we got to the Waffle House. Today he was headed to Wilmington, North Carolina if they can make it there. He said he heard on the radio the roads are closed and everything it's flooded and nobody can get through. But he heard there was a shelter that needed Jimmie said so he's going to try and get there. What's happened to woody. Is so upsetting. And I'm sure and it's a beginning of another story so. This is this is a great story Anderson there was another one. To date to. This is about April Casey. In Kingston. North Carolina. I she lives in seven spraying this. And she wasn't trying to help a friend. Get some cats. Out of her house when she heard dogs whimpering and crying nearby. She ended up saving eighteen dogs. In Kingston North Carolina. April case. Nice work nice work folks. And Europe you will be rewarded in the that's offered today thanks so much to be in a long see you tomorrow and in the meantime have a great evening and till tomorrow at three. Godless. Well and that's our. In the words of mystical force. And Marines. Yeah. Yeah. I'm vetoing. I must be go means and happiness can go. And he and I. And hey goodbye. It's. Yeah.