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Tuesday, September 18th

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Our buddy list. Tuesday now that do these this is the beginning of the show it's a fun time ratings. To this purpose of this show is to head UK to motivate just wanna be re entry is anything like you have. This show is like really good for entertaining and educating shame. Okay maybe not but it's fun didn't work out work it's time folks. Well let's now let's go let's go ahead not get under way. You're my hero with the Tuesday a day before threes today edition. On a Mac electric radio program great to have you along in the air chair of course your rabid shock jock and tacked on in Iraq. And all that other good stuff as always see your input is invited encouraged and welcome. And here's why you joined may be a part of the conversation this afternoon. Just grab your phone news the Ingles advantage talk line 80347. 1063. If texting is your preferred mode of communication. Now we have available for you the common sense retirement planning taxed on line number. 71307. And my email address is very simply. Mob. And 1063. WORD. Dot com. Eight and immediately on my tax line this afternoon. Dear di fine. I'm assuming that's a directed to senator Dianne Feinstein. A California. And do or die 535. Years ago I was groped by Ginsburg. Sotomayor. Breyer and cajun. Now go impeach them from the Supreme Court sign your friend. Anonymous. A. Little taste of their own medicine. Al body if professor or doctor or whoever Christine for it. Does not come forth and testify here accusations mean nothing I would contend. Her act accusations mean nothing anyway. Now but what we shall see we'll see how this plays out. Afternoon Bob another beautiful day in Greer a good date sure you will. If there's a lady gets away win this god help the rest of the men in the world. That is they factor to consider. In this equation because now with a hash tag me tour stuff. And as now Limbaugh refers to me Femi Nazis firmly in control. If she does testify before the committee and Matt I don't know how she agreed to do that yet I have not seen her. Acceptance of their invitation. Q I come and testify or even to do it over the phone. But yet if the if the questioning of her takes on the nearest tone of severity then of course you know what we get from laughed. I am correct we get the helpless defenseless woman. Being attacked by these. Dirty old white man these conservative Republicans. Who are attacking us for what the newest guilty of nothing more than coming forward to do worse civic duty. You know that's that's where they're gonna go. When those. Now Bonnie were the Greenville daily worker take their survey of hurricane must stand outside the ABC store. Dearest and one item well they did have little deputies. And Merrill daddies are you a vital necessity. Now for any hurricane survival pack. Bobbie remember accused today is soil and Green Day. Enjoyed delicious nutritious. So Whalen green. Now Bob they don't blast CO groped may Schumer tried to kiss me and Cory Booker chased me around the room while screaming. I am Spartacus. Go ahead prove me wrong. Spot that's. Oh yeah I yeah I. And Allied's getter done body Max Stafford for mob Boiling Springs. I hope we will pile we will go and the other. Modular I think it's bad now just wait until Ginsburg. Needs to be replaced liberals will literally come on pinched. Now to wait any equation then I think I think there are are totally unhinged already. Al Bob I'm related to doctor Ford please let her know I'm a distant cousin. And when she gets her million dollar book deal I hope she will remember me. Got you. Now Bob ruining hash tag me to rule one false claim at a time. Red wave coming in November. Not. Al Bobbie here's an attitude Torre at this point. What differ. Does it make or sell. To to paraphrase Hillary. And it bump bump. And I think I'm caught up with a out. A rapidly. Infuse stamp tax on the second you may have heard. L rush Boe during this program today pose a question what does surprise you. Would you be shocked and stunned. To learn if not Christine Blassie Ford. 851 year old woman who has come out of the woodwork at the last minute accusing a Brent Cavanaugh of attempting to sexually assault her as a teenager. What good would it surprise you at all to learn that. She had a connection. To say the steel dossier. Or fusion GPS I mean we know she's a Democrat activist. As she went to the border. And signed some petition. Act claiming that trump was I don't know whatever they accused trump on being. He's a racist xenophile whatever. For for actually wanting to secure the border. I she's given money to Bernie Sanders which is kind of a tip off as well well. What you know. A web site. And I'm I can attest to the veracity. Of of this. Story are not been it says on the bottom Twitter impression true. Your newswire. Dot com. Chris seemed Blassie Ford has a brother her. Who worked for all law firm that retained fusion GPS. They've primary effect turner for the clintons and the DNC. Ralph Blassie. Brother of Christine blasting forward worked as say a litigation partner for baker hostetler. You law firm that retained fusion GPS. The infamous DC company. That produced the unverified steel dossier on president front and Russia sparking. The whole rusher collision investigation. In January. Yahoo! finance explained the role baker hostetler played. In knee deep states' attempts to bring down they duly elected president of the United States and I call. How did baker hostetler become a supporting character. In the geopolitical. Drama over Russian meddling in the US election. With possible implications. For the fate of the drug administration the simple version. It was partly a matter of luck. Affirmed was tapped beginning in at least 2013 to defend a Cypriot. Company. Premise on holdings limited against US money laundering accusations. No Italian vessel that sky ya may remember that that name that's the Russian lawyer who met with the trump junior in June of Tony sixteen and reportedly with the intent to provide information damaging Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign was also working for preparers are. And fusion GPS. The company that produced the infamous steel dossier on president trump and Russia was also retained by baker hostetler. Amir and they prep goes on investigation. Just what you thought we had plumb the depths of the DC swamp we find the swamp goes much deeper yet. These sheer audacity of the dirty tricks Democrats are prepared to employ right now right before the mid terms his mind boggling. The fact Christine Blassie Ford's brother worked for baker hostetler could be. In mere coincidence. But when a number of coincidences in the case of Cavanaugh is accuser are added up. A picture of enemy action begins to become clear. Nine and then AM they recap. And and I won't do that for you when we come right back here on the body nitro quarter after three here on the Tuesday edition. On 1063. WORD. Yes. Candlelight got to judge Kavanagh there. You're being railroaded. Grand funk style. Song with that two titles actually. Now when I first came out. I think the title on not Gil de 45 rpm record sent closer to home. And then when the album came out it was listed as I'm your captain. So on either one will work three Tony one after a 32121. After three or about him actually a Tuesday edition. Act quickly and on the tax wind Bob it's a sad sad day when they congressional Republicans are more moved by a false accuser went down evidenced. And they are moved by the voters who sent them Blair. Got a point. As a Bob the last contends that all women should be believed. But conveniently ignores the women many women who have known Brent Cavanaugh always a wife and contend that he is a morally upright guy. Now over 200 of them now. Bob by Dianne Feinstein was able to dig up a confidential source about a confidential person about eight. Nearly forty year old allegation but. Didn't know she had a Chinese spy driving her away mode for the past twenty years come on. There was a big story of the federal it's about Feinstein and her Chinese connections which run very very deep and I'll share that with you it's a long piece. But it's worth knowing just how corrupt she truly has. Bobby it would seem the state of mind America has now all over overall this is mild we all should be mad as hell. Dissent. Mob of a woman falsely accuses a man of a man of rape. Then that woman should be thrown in jail and sewed sued for defamation. Ford's alive should be destroyed in the way she's trying to destroy camps. Bobby is Susan Collins she's the a rhino senator from Maine. If Susan Collins turns on nest someone may be rattling an old skeleton in her family closet. A close relative. Was accused him and act like this in the family used money and influence to make it go away. Bob I wonder if anyone will ever question not Cory Booker AKA Spartacus. About any toga parties he may have had in comic. Be worth known about Bob I'm male liberal beta male and was once seventeenth. Self immolation in 54321. It's only stock and they go Bob Dianne Feinstein needs to climb back into her Coughlin. Actually scariest looking woman I've ever saint. Bobby this may be a ridiculous question McKenna a sitting president nominate himself for the Supreme Court. If so trump should just glad to totally infuriate. Other liberals. I attention says of course there was number one you can have a hurricane party went out alcohol. Al Bobby no way that woman testifies not under oath anyway. She can afford to be caught lying congress might get off their SARS and charger with perjury. And wait a second he out right. Bob Maxine Waters once exposed herself to me it was hideous. Bob you Lindsey Graham tried to take my low first. Yeah I high so here is the other wrap up. Here on non miss Ford's brother. Working for there's a law firm connected diffusion GPS of people we came up with a steel dossier in the first what is. He recap an assist from your newswire dot com and don't give mr. money penny to post and our FaceBook page. The accusers parents. Were foreclosed by Brent Cavanaugh is mother actually and it turns out. Her connection of their case was just on the periphery. The accusers husband has worked for the primary fick served for Hillary and the DNC. The accuser. Is able leftist academic. Who made no mention of current accusation for more than three decades. The accusation was Null and by senator Feinstein for months. But withheld until after the hearings are over now are these facts all coincidence is. Or are we witnessing. Enemy action in progress. Of course. Mainstream media claims there's nothing remotely suspicious. About any of the above facts having said that. Lame stream media would prefer you didn't know about these facts just in case they equip you with the ability to make up your own mind. About the issue of whether the accusations against Cavanaugh are credible or not. God forbid you actually take in all the relevant information waving case and decide for yourself after all. It is they were all of the lame stream media to tell you what though think. At least according to BS NBC's Mika Brzezinski. And CNN's Chris Cuomo. How can. So there you go. To the phones we go this afternoon and our first caller has some pertinent information for folks here and not in the upstate. This is out. Philip Oppenheim Phillip how are you sir. Gary I'm doing good thank you. Bob what are while on a series the first armored candies which gets all their former Walt wanted want to look for interior police department so no one of our spot which and it trailer identification on your program on nights and what we do it. At least their personal trainer you want a unique look at our numbers and a couple of places and therefore consider separated from the owner and we located in the criminals and we can sit back with Iran's former. But is that's not that's a very handy thing to do because mine across the street neighbor. Was. As a few of them put it delicately put it was separated from his trailer. That he had left parked in his driveway overnight when he got up the next morning. Mysteriously. Vanished imagine that. Yes definitely been a problem we we actually cut our numbers. 23%. Pixels we've started being made that settlement criminals got word and all started leaving and won't let is that we've been successful and that's ridiculous racially based on the low side of the ball it's free of charge. And all will be no Internet or on the middle community street Louis Charl September 20. From 8:30 AM all the action. KM I'll make him a note here because I'm sure that people will follow on and and ask me about this now Lyman mills community center. And what must they can't charge. Its next Saturday September between now. They learn from 8:30 in the morning before he actually. Super what when you do these and you mentioned yet you dumb I think for a couple of years now is that right. We this we are herbal with them about every six months so he's been running at about eighteen months. Nice when you when you run these SR how many. How many people typically not turn out for us. The first probably had a 176. People that turned out how weak that it turn out ready to advance and we don't actually continue to spread this. This burger and crossed state saw it all trying to go to canyon wall board and and trying to get get more more people would bargain and more all portray that weakens and it. All applicable suggest or draw. Yeah absolutely next Saturday the 29 Wyman mills community center from 8:30 in the morning until four in the afternoon. I Spartanburg county sheriff's department down behind this is is that right is that word started. Yes certainly felt that we are warm and Duncan well sort of anger police departments. This prompted target unit and that area that anybody anybody welcomes former candidate. That you know that you're the lawsuit to try to expand into the system so. They don't policy goes litigious stolen need to look good number up in windows is that trying to get to. Nice yeah that's that's a really valuable program and I appreciate your call on two what our audience know about it. And now about the Tay want to know what it when you guys get done. I Jimmy buss actually can and let me know how it turned out how many people turned out and how many took advantage of the program. Yes I'm Eric got you that I appreciate very much are we have a good evening Cyrano best elect with a program that's very useful. 330 here in the Bobby Mack show any is ready to go and a new sooner I'm ride back on the other side we go back to the phones again to wanna jump right back. Here on Tuesday on 1063. WL RD. Station makes people say look. Sort of we do all. For our worse each week day Monday through Friday and sometimes you and on some issue with the winners mad now. Great to have you along this afternoon Tuesday edition and on the tax line 71 threes are seven Bobbie I registered my trailer. And during one of the previous registrations it was quick and easy and even if you move to another county. They registration while still held get a stolen train a trailer returned to the owner he had access to really get into a program on and who thought of that but to. Whoever was it's assuming a good idea to the phones we go I'd gel is next up here on the money matchups hi Joseph and welcome to the program. Hey good afternoon about. Bob I'd never been that much outran a term limits. Hurt. Our interview this morning with Chuck Grassley. Am. Bob that mandated four years old man. He needs to go all. I think part of the problem with the senate hearing. It is we got some old spokesman you know you know I'm not that young myself. Bush. Listening to his interview Bob he even really worth somewhat clueless about the whole process. We have this woman nets are supposed to come forward. And testify although he said this morning that she had not confirmed she was going to be there and that may change. No it doesn't add to the best of my knowledge she's still. Has not said he EA are now days so were left to conclude. I she's not going to testify which to me. Not totally undermines. Now what was a specious allegation in the first place. Exactly exactly and and Bob I'll pay one of the most. Stir wrinkling but this interview with Dick Grassley kept talking about. Well we're going to beat the jury and we're gonna determine you know what what is true and what is not. I didn't realize that judge Cavanaugh was being subject to do they. A trial jury about trial by jury. DLL that was probably a a a pull or use of the language had to use act on an analogy. But watching Grassley and Feinstein and summer the other tottering Ike and yeah I don't I'm not practicing. Ageism here that some of the folks need to go home and enjoy their grandchildren and in oak. Don't want a cruiser or something instead of trying to get into these imaginations but who's going to be the next Supreme Court justice. But I'll tell you the thing that really kind of standout all of us in this drama is that there are people who are vehemently determined. To ensure. That the abortion. Industry continues country and awarded all the opposition cab and go. Miguel that's that's certainly a major part of that along with those who want open borders so that the Democrats can get those votes. On those those are certainly factors and its entry and an and I agree I mean look. I'm I'm 72 years old so I'm I'm again. That zip code. But look younger well I appreciate that. It if you if you look. And don't leadership of the Democratic Party mainly we have our share name mentioned Grassley and there's Mitch McConnell and there're there are others who are pretty long in the tooth. But look at what the Democrats have for their leadership and got Hillary. They got Joseph Biden. I got Nancy Pelosi these are all people that are either in their mid seventies and up words. Where is where they young. Vital leadership. For the Democrat party as it does Spartacus says at the back so they can do is Cory Booker they're in big trouble. There ain't there yeah yeah I would I would agree if it's a good point and and I don't think it is. Ageism and all the speculation that direction it's. It she your ability to function and perform the job by the of the people hire you to do. Exactly exactly and they seemed to react more than. Yeah and and and actually a lot of reactions. In in the way that they ask questions. And the way that they are very deliberate yeah and it's it it's just not supposed to be that. Right now I'm I would agree thank you Joseph I appreciate the color are much and look. That is been one of my major objections to the to the rhinos. In Washington. For the last decade they constantly get rocked back on their heels allowing the progressive left. These socialists marxists to set the agenda and try and assume the moral high ground for themselves. And leave they don't think I'll leave the the GOP to play defense. And and to. Try and maneuver within the playing field they have already established. One of these guys ever go on offense. Why don't they ever throw all along Obama there'll. But down. They've they've. Continue to beat reactionary. Rather than proactive. In on the tax line Bob the last continues to undermine the constitution our president Supreme Court and the will of the people of the ballot box. I say we change the ballot box in the bullet box and open again. But I hope we don't resent point. Because and then of course you know we're. Or like a banana republic. Yeah here's here's. And the downside of the registration has. Sarge SharePoint announced. You know it it's a good program doesn't work every time Mario Bobbie I bought a twenty foot enclosed race car trailer in 2006. And immediately registered that it was stolen in 2009 and never recovered. On the Greenville county sheriffs deputy tell me I should not have any hope of ever seeing it again I'm curious why is Greeneville counting not part of this program as well. I mean she's female gender or Greer and a number of others YS YS Greenville county and apartments. Al Bobby guilty by way of an accusation of any woman. When was that amendment added to the constitution apparently I messed it. Bobby there's no on the country and no borders around it. We really have a country know if you don't have borders and they are enforced you don't have a country. Al Bobble or why can these corrupt people like John Feinstein be allowed to serve as a politician. Why isn't she being investigated and sent to jail I'm disgusted. I heard trying to destroy this man when she is corrupt as you know wide and many others too like Maxine Waters. I'm confused as to how these people. Duke this act corruption. And and now there are allowed to walk the streets. Much less serve in the senate from my share and Greenville not. Bonnie aren't juvenile records sealed until after you turn eighteen there's an understanding that adolescents don't have. Critical thinking skills and tend to get in trouble. I don't see how Cavanaugh is adult life accomplishments. Can be destroyed by something he did as a seventeen year old not long ago well and and judge Cavanaugh categorically denies this ever happen. And and one I think is a very generous move on his part. Says he believes that professor Ford is confusing him with someone else. When he might very legitimate way. I charge of the she made about a whole call off. Bobbie I think the Republicans have called a demo of the democrats' bluff. Dims on damage control trying to cover their rear ends. Now Bobby Cavanaugh hired a top rated defamation attorney. Thing I don't understand this he also worked on Clinton's side is that true and you're talking about done. What is what is your name cats and your name has can't gauge easy. I yet she actually has done work for a for the conference. Bob and Mary Joseph compact he wants to file rape charges against head and while. Now Bobby what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty of a fair question. You know this attorney for ms. Schwartz is our she doesn't have to prove murder allegation. Of course she does. If the outbid them on police. Charge you with a crime. It is the job of the district attorney's office to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It's not your job to like dis prove a negative. And prove you didn't do it. That's exactly backwards from the way it all works in this country however. It's a way the law used to work in the old Soviet Union. Now what was it they used to tell stellar night you tell me who you want now find the crime. And of course we've seen all this before Limbaugh. Talked about it and great Lance today. You know what Doug Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill this just its biggest rip that page out of their playbook from thirty years ago. And are trying to bring you back. Fourteen before four. Are here in the Bob inaction take a quick break here and then right back with more as we cruise on still gonna talk about the Emmy Awards last night brief way. That's about how long people watched. Brief way what if you didn't watch. Ratings hitting an all time low. No wonder. Really good guy and now really great musician to Grover Washington junior. The background 3519. Before four here on the money Mac show in on the tech slide Bobbie you know Cavanaugh. Must be really staunch conservative jurist when the liberals are crying and losing their minds as much. Yeah yeah they're terrified and this guy getting on the Supreme Court. Al Bonnie good news bad news situation here first the bad news. I didn't distinguish myself sufficiently to qualify for a scotus nomination my Ronald Reagan. President during most of the time I practice law in Phoenix. Mine non ivy illegal law school academic record does only average anyway. The good news is if I had received a scotus nomination in this day and age. The younger sister of my best hometown friend who I've played doctor wit there's a preteen. Didn't grow up to be a flaming liberal at least as far as I know. So I've ever get appointed to an important state or federal position and a conservative administration it's unlikely she would go public on meet. Ackerman thank you about there are a couple of other gals from college and Noel nevermind. Name withheld by request. I can't imagine why. Trivia phones we go now Rick. Is on now this afternoon and also wants to talk about the so big brouhaha when judge Cavanaugh hi Rick and welcome to the program. Bobby Mack valued at afternoons so far so good. I'll love you say that every tab at a what are your classic Latin look. You know. Just about the Tom Udall beat Tommy looking kidding no good think it'll Arab world could get any lower right paper and they'll all be outcry here. Yeah I they and they certainly know how to plumb the depths and any doubt. There's so one creative. As the number one wait until the last minute winner stuff guaranteeing. The transparency and could be another and a hatchet job and secondarily. They go back and they steal a page from the Clarence Thomas Anita Hill book. It's just you're right it it's not very imaginative. But it's a war room. All act. That's the word for these people Bobby they are ruthless there's no. There's no discretion and there's no in addition there are no integrity. There's no fault of honesty decency. They cashed all went out side in their jobs ruthless man. About the old expression by any means necessary. Any means yet the end just probably a three back albeit that the attorney that missed or hired is a lady about named Deborah Katz right. Now it's easy to Google her background but the folks may not realize she is by each cheer. Today. Liberal extreme liberal activist group called logic. Over the four government over side. Are you out that's. It's no wonder it's funded by Soros. That's George sources group. And he's archer and I wonder how. I'm this sport wound up with her in particular. As an attorney but I guess that stay to not think that woke. Probably come out in the hearing about it what would those connections are. The other thing it came out is a currently the whole notion that this or did. Not want to be revealed. It had no intentions of coming or is contradicted by the fact that she hired miscast. In August. Well isn't that curious. August body and Ole miss it catches advice. This is cactus one that range for the Oliver. In all. Grandpa not enough. Well how convenient. At the plot thickens brother this whole thing was orchestrated and get the and I'm so disappointed in Dianne Feinstein. Well. Look. She's a crook and has been for years and and there's plenty of evidence of an I have this piece from mother Federalist. I'm actually certain sometime ago and have been hanging onto dozer and August the eighth. A senator Dianne Dianne feinstein's ties to China. Go wade deeper than an alleged office biased as the title of the piece and it's got a great deal of pertinent information you know now that you mention that to rank. It it strikes me that what we have heard. That done professor Ford. Canada conveniently scrubbed. Her on social media. Sites I guess our FaceBook and Twitter accounts. You think that perhaps it was on the advice of her attorney as well after taking a look at a man. Yeah court watcher of course all of this has been orchestrated from the get go they held it back as a bowl last minute. Dramatic crescendo. That they always hoped it would be. Am I referred to and yesterday as the September surprise. But they are the the surprise for them I think Rick is gonna come in November. I think you made back our own I'm Wiki home now do they get labor won't back Alitalia act are big on Monday. Yeah we we we can't help yet she doesn't appear if she's a no show on the in this charge when it comes on nothing burger. An embarrassment. Yes you were right and and shows the Democrats are true motivations and it is if we don't know him already Rick thanks very much of the colony information. And on the attacks line this afternoon 71 threes are sent Molly where's Gloria Allred. Send she's not on the senior and I believe nothing's gonna happen. I tripped renowned body Mac the Democrat run DC very obvious as wondered this. Bobby didn't watch these garbage MA is but I saw highlights funniest thing from Niemi is. Was when the host thanked the thousands. Watching the Emmys and the hundreds watching from home. So true. So true. At our number one isn't gone pastoral we come back on now the other side there are new developments a bit apparently. Ongoing developments in the business with the other Cavanaugh hearings and I'll share those with yet. An hour number to be right back.