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Tuesday, September 18th

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Hello how I agree. Patients and or threes dale. Austria had just in time as we get rolling here when nauert I'm sure all day volume not electric radio program. And is always in your input is invited encouraged and welcome. Here's value join me NBA part of the conversation today just grab your phone use our Ingles advantage talk line 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. If you wanna email may bomb. And 1063. WORD desktop Amir quickly catch up with the text line before we proceed down follower. Bob were having a Ford family reunion and Harman field Saturday. We don't expect Christine to show up but if she does we will ask all the hard questions. Gotcha. Bombing I thought it was well known miss Ford never agreed to go before congress yet congress re schedules a vote to a later date. Based on nothing. Sadly this plan to push their vote passed November elections bipartisan and other parties are just as nefarious say as the other. I'm utterly disgusted by our so called government. Yeah probably the only people and have a lower approval ratings than members of congress. Media. Not reporters. Also known a stenographer Ers. Bonnie and it seemed like every time the progressives go out of their way to destroy somebody's character George Soros. Always seems to be linked somehow. Out Bobby I really enjoy your show and your commentary thank you for giving us all informed about the truth from JR in polls there. By the way can you mentioned Lisa page form. Happy to do that and by the way the attorney. Now for around this sport ms. Katz as well she. Is that right there and same month corral. Bobby any new info on the walk away movement. No victory is the media is gonna have sorely under playing this in fact. This is on their spike. This is on their do not report list don't walk away move when you may remember. The the gay gentleman and nine New Yorkers and I don't lifelong Democrat. Is Andy's sick. Of the antics. Of AM progressive left and is encouraging Democrats just and just walk away. Above so professor forge a lawyer as a coach share of one of George Soros is gruesome. Now this is one time when I don't believe in coincidence. Bob Cavanaugh is being warped. And a member and judge Bork. I he wants what he once was in a room where somebody was smoking now Mary Joseph wanna. Bobby is anybody not think Obama might have and underhand in this well sure. He's he's directing much of this from mock cholera Amma Padilla. Told me DC neighborhood Avon a multimillion dollar house. Anything else and I need to catch up with. Here on the tax on. Now Bob I hate to even think amenities a left wing Communist in the mid terms. Managed to get their desire and overturn a duly elected president by impeachment. We are going to see you GLY. Ugly. If I don't miss my assumption and no I'm not saying Maxine Waters or Dianne Feinstein is making an appearance. I hope this is not the case it's anybody's guess. Bob I'll reelect these fools. Keep these people and power Michael Lindsay for example. Got a point. Now Bob by the Emmy Awards have not changed our name they are now the empty a war. Usually taxpayer. Money cabin us accuser can't even remember where this happened or even what year. Maybe she was the one who is stumbling drunk. Bobby folks should I check out the Greeneville sheriff's department auctions. For your stolen merchandise. And like to sell it make a profit for the department. Now bobbing we've had trucks and trailers still and is well on the teams caught. Abbott frustrating when the system lets a mop with a plea bargain. We did at least get some of the vehicles backed. Al Bob Greenville county can get you registration number from Spartanburg county Greenville county apparently don't wanna be bothered. Was looking for the number railing and stack it. About me sad to say we are already gave banana republic elected officials don't follow laws and when elected. They don't vote as their constituents. Would wish. Now Bob anybody remember what they used to do it a horse thieves in the old west yeah. They would find the nearest tree right. Al Feinstein is 86. Time port eighty deployments. Well look at Europe if Europe and airline pilot. And 65 you're out of there right why don't they do that. And we're going to need a huge court for me of all the girls come forward. And I tried to kill us in the sixties. I'm not even gone there. I'm sorry but I am for once discretion overtakes me and I'm not alone. Here's the latest. On now this this whole business. Democrat senators today it escalated their demands regarding a hearing to examine these sexual assault allegation. Against Brent Cavanaugh. I am allegation of that evidence Limbaugh made a brilliant point today how the Associated Press. And all the other lame stream media whenever trump responds. Not just something. Alan it the president today on win out evidence. Said that. Germany illegals are poring over the border or whatever the issue is they always say the president went out evidence. Well. Times correct me if I'm wrong but I don't know Lehman's board has any evidence except Eric YAM. Right but does the Associated Press Imus Ford without evidence. Course not. Have regarding hearing to examine these sexual assault allegation against Russia cannot suggesting Monday's scheduled public session with the Supreme Court nominee. And his accuser is not enough. Of course not. Calling for more witnesses and more time for the FBI to dig into the allegations Siegel the longer they can drag this out. The more media coverage aching gap between now and the mid terms the better they think it is for them. Much remains up in the air when the allegation threatening to sideline the nomination. Days before Kavanagh with so waited for a floor vote. How does this genocide on the nomination. This this allegation is horse hockey. Stories from fox roots. Finding out they have their fair share of progresses over the years well. Right now they allow look they hired Don Juan Williams right. They got down watcher named the blonde bimbo that used to be at state. Palmer reef sharks. I she's Elena said the reason ice this was terrorizing the Middle East was because they didn't have enough jobs. Well remember when she said that when she was at the State Department. And before that I guess where many char for wine away. She sort of said right hand. As a number of case officers and advise me in recent years apart you on its full of Prius is would have had Hillary bumper stickers on. Anyway I digress right now the FBI apparently is not investigating further despite Democrat demands FBI doesn't investigate. 35 year old non crimes by miners. And years. But they're trying to make a federal case sun on it. Now rendered. Chuck U Schumer RPI and into investor investing a lot. But they can do go through their high school yearbook. And now and tracked down people that might have been at this suppose a party. I got these Democrats is they know no limit. Quarter after four here on the mound inaction would go to the phones when I come right back and I'll update you with the rest of us a Democrat demands. No surprise that not that asking a poll done what candidates and an issue way out people on. Whatever and I'm hoping it's next deride that. I have bad. Paddle faster I hear banjo music. Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs in the background yet it is he collected. Bumper amusing day here on the mount him action on some foggy mountain break down those revealed a certain vantage you'll remember that from Mandy soundtrack of club Bonnie and Clyde. Movie with Don Warren Beatty announced Faye Dunaway when they hated each other final. Which I found and to sink and tour anyone after four here in the money manager thanks impatiently waiting we go to the phones this afternoon. Lou is that next up on nine he wants talk about judge Cavanaugh hi Lou and welcome to the program. Thank Bobby you know if it's woman really could if I guess that the issue really happened. In a cab and I'll hold a pretty high 8008 G a boat or correct. And they say it's probably the second highest ordinary in. That Dutch and he's been good judgment in another lower or. He couldn't come forward at any time clear at the FBI and can probably stop one of those nomination. And ended his career I think the Democrats are bearish courier what they're doing. They did this circus act if they wanted to release all the email that he had. It showed damning evidence but when you release them you found out that he was a pretty good guy right. Anyway it's pretty penny was pretty upload edit and he would willing to look at aqsa brigade that they work. So what that Democrats could this area with anything they didn't reader didn't do. The next thing is spot late you know what okay we're not giving it and that's why he's gonna become the judge on those are pretty important and as we interpret it. They will do anything they apt to duke I am shocked I really am I have shot. That they don't and opened up a woman. The comes forward. I really am because it if you're a debt and I don't know it's true. If you're gonna fabricate a story what a better way to do that that network or operating lit. Yeah out. They they also willingly overlooked the fact. The Brent Cavanaugh already has been subjected. As far as vetting is concerned to half a dozen separate. FBI investigations. And look. I can assure you those investigations are not cursory. I can vividly recall. Announced in Houston and there was a knock on the door in my apartment one hand it's been decades ago. And I opened the door and there's a Fella there addressed in a Suton cowboy boots. From the Houston office of the FBI. And he is conducting an investigation into someone who is out and army general. And who shall remain nameless for the purposes of this story who is about to be appointed. To a very high position in the Pentagon. And it turned out his daughter. Lived across the hall. From me. Right. So they sent an FBI agent out to my house to find out if the daughter. And and her husband and engage in wild parties. Where they drug users any this so look. I won't when nine when I tell you these examinations are not merely. You know perfunctory. Are on the surface. Are far from it. And I and I think the obviously the way I am the FBI held about trump. Or at least the deputy director felt about trying to complete the page yes I think they'd probably looked as hard as they possibly could out. To find anything in cap and not apt. It could have brought shame and humiliation to trump. Well see that's the other aspect of Schumer and the rest of them screaming for an FBI investigation. Are are we to believe. That. Leah that arrogant smug struck. And he is. Romantic got a pair immoral Lisa page. Are there are the only ones. In the FBI better deep stayed hearse come lawn. Now I believe you know the only thing I really wish I wish I was the fly on the wall when that Chinese spy doctor did bought about Feinstein can you imagine that Bobby yeah currently had to convince whose spot spot that much any Q earlier. At this stupid. And and I guarantee. Now the guy who was reporting back to the MS ass. Now that is China's ministry of state security by the way there intelligence agency. This guy. Has a a very nice home. Somewhere in China Hayes is driving a Buick and he's got a metal sitting on his mantle somewhere for his work. And what's even worse it's we probably paid him a lot of money to beat her. Assistant or whatever you what. Twenty years. A guy who worked her fur or do you. Years. I do wonder he's getting attention. I should be right now maybe maybe a couple of them. You know scenario another guy is still work here in the United States. How can that how can that possibly be wanna women noted Chinese spy. Is outed in this country does not well of course again when information that yet from bind by it's probably so useless that they've grown and out of the court. Well and the short answer is so much. Of what he learned. Was still is still classified. You can't bring it out in open court so hockey nick how can you convict the guy NM in a criminal court of law. When you can't bring the evidence of the doesn't also classified. But yet the DOJ wolf won't persecute trump. For collusion that is the Iraq. Exactly. Yeah. It's you know at great expense yeah thank you oil which it says the book sets you know they'll come a time when not right is wrong blackest white all the rest. 26 after four genius is next up also want to talk about pat Cavanaugh hygiene and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. Yep I'm reacting to what I tell you stories about being investigated. We are investigating alleged political some almighty old friends who play old colleague else. Or you would troll you are in trouble I. Yes. Are you what you owe you aspire wide anyway. I can't say. Not know exactly what you're talking about because I was hundred in the same way and I and be able gonna hey you know. I got the FBI was elegant and hit a. You're really in my case you where are you willing to popular. Place. I know I hold onto them. Perhaps you want to block the shocked look through what it Democrats are really apple and all of us citizens don't much like Cavanaugh. But this is much just the spirit of evil. That they wanna promote this country and making lately you usually people or you pat are operating Isiah. What do what do you wanna call. Good is really bad iron on. Exactly behind this they wanna promote what I call the Sodom lot lesbian Muslim culture in America and a cornerstone of that culture is. Every definition of marriage and family as I as well age gender. And also allow abortion isn't very very important aspect of it you can't. You Jack and check your disingenuous to fool. To project this to say the second by the right of women if you really love what you wanna give them abortion can overcharge and here in America. Mostly black short concern ball and actually what did they definitions team whose local women is that he would never deny a woman. What are you willing to alert here's here's a question to ponder. What's the number one cause of death in America for African Americans. You're number one hole down. I don't know abortion brought general abortion question are we got you you're talking about young board up. Yeah they're ill or been told by the way Al Sharpton Al Sharpton check if you're you're not pro abortion. And you're white you opera portion of your racist while Al Sharpton is lucky his mother didn't feel that way. Well Mostar charged mother tried it it didn't more luckily we got. Around to your religion is biography. Our chief. Am on why why I'm not surprised thank you Jane and I appreciate the call. Good to have you here this afternoon or 29 here on the Bobby Mack show take a quick break here and he's ready and under center I'll bring up to speed on now what the latest is on the on again off again. Cavanaugh hearing when we come right back on the other side here on Tuesday on WORD. Welcome back great to have you on. Coming up on 43723. Before five here on the embodiment Tuesday edition. Me I go back and neck catch up when protects the line here while I have a moment to us tax finest men smoke and hot. The Saturn and Bobby out of all they Republican senators who who were odd and members of congress. Ask so many album lawyers had one time or another not one. Will speak up and stop this farce no. Now because they're afraid of course of the Al lame stream media's saying that they are being obstructionist. In fact it's a conspiracy to stop this woman from speaking out winter is merely being you know a blob on a good citizen and all this right. Now Bob you seem like there was somebody Smart enough and Trump's office and and staff not to know that now this is all they know. They know but their their play in the game. I'm Bob did any say there were over 200 females who wrote letters in support of the accuser no. 200 women who wrote letters in support of judge Cavanaugh. And now this doesn't sound like the guy that we knew. And now my number problem and no name since high school. Money speaking of the government doing a background investigation Cavanaugh is head and investigative colonoscopy. When my father began in the air force. And got around one of this loan classifications. A I his job was to launch minuteman missiles there wasn't anyone that he grew up went in Kansas. But the government didn't call or go see. Now has been on my experience as well Bobbie I think we need to consider this about Brent Cavanaugh. Even if the allegations were true. If they had to go all the way back to high school to find any dirt whatsoever on him. He's probably a guy pretty damn good character at this stage in his wife go ahead and appointed. On either Democrats truly amazed marathon I despise him as much as possible went every day they do something no. To make may despise them even more. And they're good at it. I have a down to a science. Now Bonnie don't shock me and all that they want to. Color me and the FBI knew investigate because it's been weaponized by the coming left. Well as a setup I hardly believe that the struck and page. Now where the only one. That's right they only once you're in there now that are that are deep staters. I'm Bob ms. Ford did name a man as an eyewitness to at least supposed assault. He categorically denied that never happened yell that's mr. judge. There's a guy she says was with Brent Cavanaugh in the room. And yes he has categorically denied an answer as a wreck happened. Al Bob when Hillary diocese when everything is gonna come out into the open OS of course Chelsea. Knows where everything is buried just say. Now Bob about dumb Marie Sharif. Now when she was in the State Department saying ice this was kill an honest people because they didn't have enough jobs. And why don't they have enough jobs Bob I'm sure it has nothing to do a Sharia law. Bobby I was certainly net and not get on an airplane. That an 86 year old Diane Feinstein was piloting I found out. Ali wait a minute rule what do you mean Coke has no Coke and it my older brother said it really did I've been snorting and since grade school. Wait till Thanksgiving. Now Bob LOL 86. Died five. And I actually am California designation never you know over served out of here. Al money didn't William PGA duly elected president nearly fifty years ago from never trump reality and yet convicted. Even knowing obviously why do the grand jury and everybody know what I here's the here's the update on where we are. Right now the FBI apparently is not investigating further despite Democrat demands it's not clear. The hearing announced vice chairman Chuck Grassley Republican Iowa is even going forward. He scheduled a hearing for Monday. But set accuser Christine Blassie Ford. Has not responded to the invitation and threatened to mix the session. If she doesn't agree to appear. And then it goes on talk about down the allegation. As Republicans try to navigate the eleventh hour bombshell. Some bombshell. Transparent. Hatchet job as moral I did they're accusing Democrats of playing politics. What else would you call it. My first sitting on the allegations and making new demands regarding a hearing. In letters today Democrats on the committee said Republicans were rushing forward. Rushing forward look George Bush and the Judiciary Committee vote on Thursday and they are a output data off to allow her to be heard on Monday and now she don't want to be heard apparent white. Say the FBI should first perform a background investigation as they did in 1991. When then nominee Clarence Thomas. Was accused of sexual harassment by Anita Hill. Members that. Trumped up pageant job. As you know the FBI is not being asked to perform a criminal investigation. The crowd. Here. Rather it's being asked to do an evaluation of the allegations as part of its reveal judge Cavanaugh is a record. Hey a letter to Grassley satellite in 1991. This is an important step in providing the committee the facts. Due out. The Democrats also golfer more witnesses to be questioned under oath including mark judge. Whom Ford is the divide is in the room during the alleged assault and others. That might be identified through the FBI investigation. Or subsequent due diligence by the committee itself our great. So like chuck U Schumer is gonna get out the old high school yearbook. And go through it and and try and just pick out. Some of the people the town. Loses. A senator Chuck Schumer Democrat New York going to do happen to be at a party sometime in the 1980s. Spit it's this has eluded presidents. These same Democrats wrote FBI director Christopher rank this guy should be gone too. He gets up and and gives out phony credibility alone another wrong now when every odd and I can say. And White House counsel Don McGann requesting they reopened the background investigation. I'd. Now the president said that today doesn't think the bureau should be involved because they'd they don't want me involved in fact I think I have some sound bites. From mom from president trump on me quickly get a deal let me get quickly ghettos and yet here's the press. I just think he is at a level that we rarely see. Not only in government anywhere in life. And honestly I feel terribly for him. For his wife. Who is an incredible lovely woman. And four is beautiful young daughters I feel terribly for them. Hopefully. The woman will come forward state her case. He will state his case. Before representatives. Of the United States senate. And then they will there will look at his career. They were look at what she had to say it. From 36 years ago. And we will see what happens. Net and Christine for a gross gonna testify. Elmer progressive and I hate all things. Not traditional in America hate this country and I hate judge Kevin on that climate infrastructure gets. This is like that that's it I pilots about it. Cordoba 45 here in the body inaction would be right back as we cruise along. Here on the Tuesday edition on WORK. You've got to. 4519. Before five here on NATO bombing Mac show. Quickly Al -- checked the attacks line here this afternoon which is men ran hot. I'm Bobby did you hear Spartacus just had a Cory Booker moment. Now I have not heard that but thanks for the update. A body but yeah I can ask ten people tomorrow. And out of those two and I might get one person that knows who the nominee is for the Supreme Court yeah I ever want subtle. Jay walking segment dented Jay Leno used to do on the Tonight Show. Now you can you can show people picture of their mother and wouldn't that plot. Bob and maybe an anonymous letter should question Schumer conduct dance studio 54 back in the seventies I Libya. That would be interesting to hear about. Bobbie if I was Kavanagh soon as I was appointed out start pushing to overturn roe V way. Bob when the FBI received the letter. As the letter from a ms. Ford. They issued a 3020 that's been document that debt agent spell out after they've not conduct an investigation. They issued a 302 saying it was closed. They would not investigated the only way now for them to investigate it is if trump orders it. It's not their jurisdiction to begin wet. It's not a federal offense basically. It would fall to county or municipal. Officers. Yeah and they were minors. At the time by the way. Bob legal left is going to Bork every single candidate for Supreme Court to trump would serve up this asked to come to an end now. There is one hole card here that. Now the Republicans hold and that is that senators like Joseph Manchin in West Virginia a state that trump carried easily. In a 2016 presidential election mentions Democrat. He's kind of a marginal. Democrats may have a decision limit. Not only on this issue but on some others as well. But right now. In the moment this is the big key because if they vote against. Cavanaugh. On that would certainly please the Democrat base in the DNC but. How would their constituents in West Virginia feel about it. So they have they pay a choice here are they gonna toe the party line. Are they gonna do what's best for their political future. And I think all of us cannot pretty safely guess. You know charity begins at all and they're gonna look out for somebody it's going to be themselves first. Bob in regard should Cavanaugh accuser just say the magic words Bill Clinton. No accusations are valid as the ones against him weren't. Democrats set the standard very low in the ninety's but hold others. Doing very high standard Nokia and I'm Bonnie actually got former State Department spokeswoman name is Marie Bart. Now my my van sack. Now Bob I am sorry I know it's bad you have to explain a joke but done what is with the horse. I've ever CI young fraud can change young Frankenstein Gene Wilder. At every time for Al broker. Was mentioned and via horse went down. Winnie in terror. And Lisa page in her unflattering photographs that have been circulated heavily in the media. Well you cannot draw a conclusion I think on here. Al Bobby Cavanaugh I attacked is intended as a clear warning to wall conservatives do not apply for a job here. Anything else that. And I missed previous. Now Bobby guy doesn't shock me at all they want speak only. FBI do investigate because it's been weaponized by the coming left. I would I would agree without assessment. I'm miners can be guilty of rape she's not accusing him a break. Miners can be guilty of her. As she's accusing him of attempting to sexually. Molest our Salter. No camp. So what are we stand in this business now. Now the present said a saying among other things today why wouldn't you why wouldn't referring to Dianne Feinstein. Why wouldn't you bring this up when he sitting right there in your office for an extended period of time. Because you don't get the maximum amount of exposure. Out of it and and that was a rhetorical question I'm sure from president trump. I find Jane meanwhile put out a statement underscoring. They're meant 22 witnesses at the Anita Hill hearing. So even they admit. They're smaller Dylan is this is a replay of 1991. When Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas. What about other witnesses like Kevin Boss friend mark judge he's already been her for up. And he said though categorically deny it ever happened. Then they committee plans to hold a hearing this coming Monday is discouraging simply put a week's preparation is not enough time for meaningful inquiry. In a very serious charges. The increased demand by Democrats likely to feed into. Republican claims that Democrats are using the allegation. That's all walked the nomination as a party fights to regain control of the senate in the mid terms that's what they're hoping. The rising tensions on display in dueling press conferences later in the day. Where senators from both parties doubled down on their positions senator magazine Hirono all. Democrat Hawaii said the White House is victimizing Ford say here we go. Yeah and they they can't attack her because of course she's a woman's why why should this poor woman in a private sector be attacked. When Jews only doing their civic duty blah blah blah. And they most heavily committed hour of the body might show it's a one coming up next 65 o'clock follies. C a ride back on the other side.