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Tuesday, September 18th

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I knew it or go here just in time for the most heavily Camilo hit. Animation most heavily congested power of Dave Bobby not electric radio program which you are surely in the attack dog the right. Hey bombastic while mouth of the south. And not as a whole way is deal or input. Is invited to encourage and welcome into the program here shall you join me in being part of the conversation. Just grab your phone use the angles advantage talk line 803471063. Common sense retirement planning touched the line number 71307. And the out. Not email address to I get in touch with me is very simply bomb and 1063 WORG dot com I mentioned. Earlier in the program. A piece that was published at down the web site the Federalist. On the eighth of August. 200918. This year before. All this stuff was Dianne Feinstein and missed four earned in the Cavanaugh accusation before any of that. Parent. It was written by then Weingarten he is a senior contributor at the Federalist and has also senior fellow. At the London center for policy research. Okay. And he wrote this piece senator Dianne feinstein's ties to China. Go wade deeper than an alleged office spy. I'm printed a story out and print out to twelve pages. And obviously I'm I'm not going to subject you to get everything that's in here and I'm gonna get the high water marks aren't. I sometimes say that in my last life may be I was Chinese. That's a quote from senator Dianne finds. As a media intelligence agency and political scrutiny of foreign meddling is seemingly at its apex Spanish trump on the rush collusion stuff. A story with big national security implications. Involving a high ranking senator. When access to America's most sensitive intelligence information has been hiding in plain sight. The story involves China. And a senior US senator from California and former chair of the senate select committee on intelligence Democrat Dianne Feinstein. It was buried. Eight paragraphs into a recent political expose today. On foreign efforts to infiltrate Silicon Valley as a passing example political espionage. Former intelligence officials say a Chinese Intel once recruiter and a staff member. And a California office of US senator Dianne Feinstein. And the source reported back to China about a local politics. A spokesperson for Feinstein. So the office doesn't comment on personnel matters are investigations but noted. No Feinstein staffer in California has ever had a security caller well. Here's the additional detail. According to four former intelligence officials. In the 2000 just a staffer and senator Dianne Feinstein San Francisco office. Was reporting back to the MS casts. Now when I say MSS. You think KGB. OK because that is the Chinese equivalent. Not in SS stamps were China's ministry of state security. That is their intelligence and security apparatus. While this person who is able liaison to the local Chinese community now where and when that person was fired. I charges were never filed against him one former official reason. This was because the staffer was providing political intelligence. And not classified information. Making prosecution more difficult. These suspected informant was run. My officials based in China San Francisco consulate. Sent another former intelligence official despise handler probably got an award back in China for his work. This antidote and they don't provide significantly more questions and answers for starters who is the spot. How long was the spy under surveillance. What information about local politics. Was the spy passing back to China. Just how close was this spy to the senator. And law enforcement officials sweep vehicles and other areas were listening devices. Was there an investigation into whether others in the center circle may have been coordinating with Beijing. Dennis senator expose yourself to potential blackmail. Or the public to danger through leakage of sensitive highly classified information. And was firing really the proper punishment for providing political intelligence to a foreign power. We now know only the most basic of additional details about what occurred. In feinstein's office five years ago five years ago. The FBI approached the senator to a prize there but a San Francisco based staffer was being investigated. Under suspicion of spying for China. According to their Krahn San Francisco chronicle the local paper. This staffer who has worked with Feinstein for almost twenty years. Drove her around in San Francisco and served as a gopher. In her San Francisco office and as a liaison to the Asian American community even attending. Chinese consulate functions for the senator. An unnamed source and end than a Chinese MSS official first approached the staffer. During your visit to Asia several years prior. Given his proximity to Feinstein. We have no idea what information he could have gleaned while in her employ. We do have a presumed identity. The daily caller discovered in a Feinstein staffer named Russell low listed on the senators payroll as office director. As of 2013. Before he was like go matches the description. Other Chinese asset. It took a tweet from president trump implying hypocrisy. Given Feinstein droll investigating Russian collusion. As a member of the senate select committee on intelligence while eight Chinese spies had infiltrated her own office. Don't force the senator to address the issue. Her account conflicts were and what has been reported regarding the recruitment and activities. Of the Chinese spy she conveniently omitted. That her office employed this individual for almost twenty years in a close capacity. While he represented the center in interactions with Chinese officials. During the eighties as mayor of San Francisco. Feinstein developed a close friendship with the mayor of Shanghai. This substantially enhanced feinstein's foreign policy profile. And created an important to linkage to the US government for China's Communist Party. Justice Feinstein wrote a story prominent position foreign affairs and national security in the US senate. First on the foreign relations committee and later as chairman of the senate select committee on intelligence. The mayor of Shanghai. Rose to the top of Chinese leadership serving as chairman of the Central Military Commission. General secretary of these CCP. And president of the People's Republic of China. And under his leadership. The PRC initiated a brutal crackdown. Against practitioners of falungong. Including mass imprisonment. Beatings torture rape. Organ harvesting and murder and engaging in alleged human rights atrocities against people went to bat. Feinstein never renounced her friendship with this man in spite of these acts they reportedly visited each other regularly in the 1980s. Now with him once spending Thanksgiving in San Francisco with Feinstein and her husband. He reportedly danced with her during one such visit which surely must have been a propaganda. Coup for the AC CP. All two and candidate. And the Soviets. And now the piece goes on from there there is substantially more about don't let me. A major stock cut to the chase on this if I may. And and give you the they details. Because there's this guy as much more than a Chinese spies. China has for almost forty years cultivated warm relations whip. Dianne Feinstein. She has you know formally taken political positions supporting greater ties with China. While taking a relatively dovish and strictly apologists a lie and on China's human rights atrocities. Her husband. Has profited handsomely. During feinstein's career from the greatly expanded China trade she supported. It is of course possible that find changed family privileged position with a Chinese regime improved his investment opportunities. Feinstein has served as a key intermediary between China and the US government while serving on committees whose work would be of keen interest. Two Chinese intelligence. A staffer of almost two decades. In close proximity to her. Was allegedly successfully recruited by China's security service and fed China. Political intelligence. Now this includes Feinstein stealing from the Chinese must be investigated but so true. All the links between federal officials and all of our adversaries. Via the Chinese and the Russians the Pakistan is the Iranians the Muslim Brotherhood and it stayed supporters. Feinstein is only one politician how many other relationships with American politicians and the Chinese and our other adversaries fostered. How many spies. Might they have recruited. Now this is AM a great piece and it's worth reading in its entirety then Weingarten. Writing at the Federalist website. The ride back and now we'll go to the phones next here on the body Mac show in the 5 o'clock follies 517 here on Tuesday. Welcome back great to have you all on 520 true here early Tuesday edition of the Bobby Mack show to the phones we go any mentioning. Now that accident on 985 this afternoon. And act caller on the line. As some might as a semi some updated information on the label and I Mike are you in the middle of this thing that. She got. Or Portland or hot. Yeah. The whole. Cook walked. Liked fashion and it didn't work out. I. Wow and this is pat this is now on what part of 85 again Mike. Sole. It pretty. Hard to. Now. He. Aren't you are well I don't. Always. And he. A couple of people that almost beauty. We'll tell you. Albert shoulder a little bit. Lower 48. And pretty. Hardline on the ground I you have another broke down eighteen Wheeler that Colbert Report on Iraq. Nam man so are so basically what you're telling Mike is it's just another routine day on I eight I 85 as Barack. You're sure you're not obtain their pay on Sierra highway. It urged the card giants and the great big story about your aunt and it's. Then there's the main question and from the get it all and every one of the Democratic Party and including there's a huge there're two years. Scoreboard center supporter. Coach yow has nothing to do with any. Any. Sexual misconduct at all commissioners and everything but don't want one thing and one thing only. Purse waging. What it looked like. We're not going to get to an armed nothing happened. Now it appears that it was going to give important. And the blow out all the stops in common with the garbage. Am I think and I think that's an accurate assessment Derek they're in full blown panic mode now. If there's actual true. Why of course and urged him and it is legitimate. I'm not brought. When you were sitting. In front of the congress answering questions. Why were not but it. This reminds me I'm great. Unfortunately. It actually search only there to create any. When it looked like Carmen and had a real chance. Of winning the nomination. As. I want to mention. On the nomination. But it would come on and it looked like the British art because both candidates what are the important. Lemon yeah Gorky did that. Surprisingly amount that you discharged or drop a lot of these web and disappear and work. There's just not being. In hard court in politics. I'm mark. Anger and hate good and Asia and who is more than I. Due to speak on the Supreme Court on I would agree. I don't think it's sad that. Look what look what they did Roy more when he's running for senate and Alabama they'd pull the same. Sexual escapades trick on him. On this is nothing more than a replay. Of my Clarence Thomas. And Anita Hill 31 year ago they did exactly it's exactly. The same page from their right now. I only got one more or eight under my another accident in particular yard line left blank. There's two vehicles spotlight is locked. And it is. It is a a masks are here yeah and you're on what direction 85 again Mike. Ignore the outside. A lot. You can. Bet he wanted you the next. That's what they heard a lot boy it's the and a car. And they're optional let me just ask that there are no urgency. Here. So some patients may be required this afternoon how. If you're under a court. Picture show I'm. You're gonna hit. Like this all political. It's yet. I guarantee all talked earlier. It. Our we're gonna start start out 00. If you want to credit markets are dirt cheap digital at least. Our current. Karachi where do you any good Parker don't take anything. Sure you get a pass. Him and yes. Sad sad but true it. Mike I greatly. Thank you Sharon I greatly appreciate the update about a what's happening out there. On not 85 in on the tax lined Bob May just possibly might be we can't handle the truth. Who really runs a government. There's a fair question. Bob why is Dianne Feinstein not being investigated. I think Mike just answer that question she has a deep behind. Bob Chinese are not totally taken over the government of Vietnam the other puppet state. Bob Dianne Feinstein is guilty of treason. Bob IA I hope they never have to investigate. How many glasses of wine. Tehran has a day or Bobby Maxine golf scorecard. There there is truth there is some validity of the charge that there isn't a racer on my pencil when I'm on the golf course. Bobbie I wonder who would be left in the capital if every one stupid mistakes from high school. Were brought to life. Brought to light up Bob their necks are going to accuse him of calling it English teacher Danielle. Check out. I referenced in the old coaster somber events that's a little dated. And I said in the achieve started a shell at. He was not accused of on dipping. Now little girls pig tails and the ink well and not kindergarten and they're getting them try and now roundup. The accuser and that one as well 529 here on the Bobby Mack show any radio and news sooner I'm ride back on the other side. Here and they 5 o'clock follies on WORG. That would be your choice. Welcome back here we are 5 o'clock follies and on the attacks line 71307. You out. And I 85 is Sunday just done nightmare. This afternoon. Bob radio this one mile marker 76 is bad. And sitting Arab media SE nine overpass and I've been here about 45 minutes. And you guys see anything on the Traficant yes actually same thing your see. That it's backed up. Forever. Bobbie I am actually quite serious when that's why are the Democrats not charged with the obstructionist. As a enemies of the state wells all politics. It's all politics. I'm Bonnie so listening to traffic. 85 southbound backed up my back up starts at 77. Got you appreciate down the update there money high school. I'm a child of the ceremonies I remember one key and doing an oral presentation in English class on how Raleigh joint. Using pencil shavings. Well so these are not committed after the supreme guard. Although you know I'd at this point water over the dam. Now Bob Republicans and rush you're camera condemned this active idiocy you wares they Republican Party all I hear from them is. Yeah. How far from surprise and a confirmation is now smear or attempting to be smeared by Democrats dirty tricks. I'll what is surprising. Is it down not one Republican has rushed to a camera well they they. They don't wanna be painted. In now as anti feminist or a sexist. By attacking. Ms. Ford because you know she is after all just a private citizen. Who is felt. In color word to come follow orders or should it do they don't you know. Right. Bob I'm just getting in my vehicle after word not sure what the topic yes when I'm concerned I started getting a sense today more than I have in the past. And people are just ready to throw in the towel they're just getting sick of everything from the administration needs to act quickly I think if we don't. The Democrats will get their way one way or the other they're gonna push it. Until we just give up. In which instance I again would recommend the advice of Winston Churchill who said and I quote never give up never give up. Never. Give up. Now Bobby Art Bell. As said that lizard people had taken over the White House years of well. It out there remember that you remember art now. From Naia high desert. Well I don't know the way they're acting out maybe maybe art. Was right to the phones we go and Jimmy. Is next up he is in not easily he has big governor in fact I'm easily South Carolina hello governor Jimmy how are you today sir. Labor I don't all of it 38 years. How would you really goal will cruise the net into. On a physical and pasta a well I jokingly said no maybe the FBI can get out the holes all high school yearbook. And knives and just start running the less they got enough agents they did investigate everybody down there interrogate him and see of they work at that party. And witnessed this shocking incident that I'm probably never happen and again. You know I know you don't come goalie but he ten behind it is really. Late. They might get it was only. And they're. There's no way you concluded it could include. At the end that people are you totally destroy. And mail they you know big or ergonomically scoring court. Out or go out and and why shouldn't they get there they feel empowered now look at how many people they've taken down including last movies. I've been untouchable and of CBS. Well I am and they could be achieved blobby Jernigan had any back up I think there's some warrior warrior. A little while learning at I have to side eight. Just go past currently approved in the army and nobody has opened you don't open but it didn't help that little weir right. I hear confused Jimmy listened to a Deborah Katz. The attorney for ms. Ford said it is not her clients job to corroborate her claims. I. Think you want her there while they have not. Been ordered that they had. You've got to look at the web understand they sure we don't ever Waldman is on the dared not foul on. Well. It might miss cats I don't know well law school she went to. But apparently she missed the part. Now where the accused. Is innocent until proven guilty and she obviously missed the part. Where when you look. If the police charge you with a crime to you have to prove yourself innocent or does the DEA have to convict you beyond a reasonable doubt. The other problem locked outward we yup and senators Ali Al. Why are they coming. To be a heat up it because it is great little program. Great example we answer a simple answer to that when Jimmy they are scared. Of the media. A flying them as being women haters and attacking this port of consoles woman and all she's doing is coming forward to tell the truth. About what a terrible guy bread cam and office. In satisfying moment and get Feingold and get out they're both all they show don't. Eat great reaction or the other sure one of those out funky hats and T a women's margin DC. Yeah. Coming. I'm not that no coat to ball sometimes. You'll I almost bank despite Coke Coke dude who caught it got. Call me it makes you want to hit it does it does make you wonder thank you governor Jimmy I appreciate your being here today. I Dan is that next up here on the body national hi Dan and welcome to the program. Hey how you do Obama. So far so good. Good to hear our market a couple of questions about I was Grassley. But I have a spine and apparently he lost his somewhere I was Agile airing for Keith Ellison a beauty they have or for judge Cavanaugh yep. And I would like to two ladies who look after people leave because. You know even know they're begging other charge against a Democrat you know I would make it Democrats proved. Once again what a hypocrite there are. And they also a little better screamed you shows up but just I would say you know. Witnesses only an hour have a list and nobody's gonna and I didn't need yes sir that's like right. Keep it could piece code pink so it goes out of there are yeah. Well as horse as far as Ellison is concerned. I he's got double protect bush got triple protection number Ronnie is a progressive Democrat. Number two he's black and number worries if muscle up I get a possibly go all Moscow. Adidas today the Koran says it's OK to slap you're like are out while a girl or else. You know I mean got debts and air side nobody's had. You know which political pot use that is at the announced and also isn't very. A congressional slush funds per. People who get charged with harassment if we bend foot the bill or were pretty fierce yes indeed this scandal perhaps without. Or I want to go and die. Yup hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay off women who work in congressional offices who are sexually harassed they just want. We don't know the names of any other harass or shadow that help. Yeah. One other thing it's not all lighter talking about their talk about background investigations. Learned up earlier while I was in the navy and I got mine. I can't remember now there was an eight school or in basic training in good shape you are you order rupees to Dirk also just FBI a if chill out early on you chill out you give preferences and almost opposite gay teachers stuff like that. That these are on down the slowest question I'll ask me I'd ever been arrested separate track beds as a spirited and this year. It's yes. You know which were students were democratic society hardcore stands in nights he's ever picked or bought seventy year old line on paper our upper. I just so what's that. And he kind of smiled and just started going down a lot you know don't pay check to auction block right it's not like that that health. It has struck Estrada audience like I was super secret spy. Wired over here you know that's what you tell them to say you know just try and pump belt just go ahead. Shooter right on earth. Yep exactly I gotta run but I thank you for the cold and I appreciate it now 546 here on the Bobby Mack Joe Forte before 6 o'clock. Take a quick break here and then we're right back with more. Innate as usual all heavily can just dead. 5 o'clock follies. That's it that's what we do all. Marat three actually for four hours cliche almost left out the bonus sound. For four hours at each afternoon we slave away over a hot microphone and not computer terminal. Hugh Massa Kayla and the background grazing in the grass. In on the attacks line this afternoon hey Bob can you rural remind me when Bill Clinton lied about under oath well according to Ken Starr. And other charges that were brought out against a president Clinton's impeachment. He told three separate lies. About his relationship. With them Monica Lewinsky including. How would you go listen to me now there. Al Bob it's not just politics and Democrats are commie lovers and they have a concerted desire to ruin this country. Look at clintons dissertation. And feinstein's actions. Bob if you would check the a bank account on this board I'm sure you advise you recently had a very large deposit would not surprise me in the least. And I believe that catches me a potential and the other Astoria today that we had did not have an opportunity yet to work our way around to. Now Hollywood. May have laughed when Emmys host Michael shaved. Said the only white people who sang Jesus are Republicans and X cracked ads. But Tinseltown's latest finger to middle America fell flat. In flyover country and may have contributed to the telecast. All time lol. Viewer ship. You what if he didn't want to DI MA is well last night. I you're not alone nobody else did either. Here is what. Mr. Cheney and to say and he was one of the co host of this extravaganza. My mother's not watching. What's well she said she doesn't like watching white awards shows because you guys know things Jesus and I think. Let's say six awards all why winners. Nobody things you can see ya know. Thank you cheese says and that's I the three yeah. This is good thank you genius Mike. Wanna remind everybody that Jeff Daniels. Thank his course. As a matter of fact he did and if you have that same AM leave many serious. On godless. To great western on nine Netflix. And Jeff Daniels got a best supporting actor Emmy for that any debt. I think a source Eddie Blanc. On us Paul Martino have been with me since the late forty's. Brandon Clark who trained to be on a horse in Michigan. Felix Delgado might driver. Kathleen my wife. My family. Marc Warren. My horse Wrangler. Little tip for you young actors when they call and say can you ride a horse don't lie. You'll find on day one here in the Kentucky Derby. At. And also finally like to thank my horse. Apollo. He he was Jeff Bridges force on true grit and I felt he was making unfair comparisons. Three times he threw me off the horse three times the third. And last time I broke my wrist it's now officially Gil and thank you very much. And you also for his award last night another Netflix a series godless. There were plenty of awkward moments last night so we decided to hand out some awards for those now. Reward for the most awkward moment on the Emmys telecast. Of the nominees or Will Ferrell as long walk out to the podium czar and the walk but so long. She's in less than Ichiro del Toro mumbling well Ben Stiller and Patricia Arquette looked all that instant I. Just like situations. I didn't and the only running joke of Meyer Rudolph and Fred armies in being guest commentators. You know what are actually over prepared also a smoothie plays around him fresh in my everybody. Then you awkward Emmy goes to. Mya Rudolph internal reasons for the running joke. Now. And congratulations. Nice job last night getting the lowest ratings ever in history. For the Emmy Awards. Anybody surprised. By this show of hands. You and it's pretty much what I thought. 5 o'clock follies is on the way unfortunately congestion and 85 is not annual update on the latest. In the news coming up I am back because we have one more still adult. A bonus hours on the way back. When the attack dog all right.