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Bob McLain
Tuesday, September 18th

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Oh and you are just saying. Fourth and final hour of C bombing Mac Tuesday edition. And likely preceding three. You know what it is we do in this hour. We do indeed talk I just grabbed the phone using angles advantage talk on number 803471063. Common sense retirement planning touched the line number 71307. My email address Bob. And 1063. WORD. Dot com. On the tax liners I'm Bonnie in reference to any breaking news wears a new breaking news ticker there. Yeah bring up the breaking news ticker here in the background of your windows. Symbolizing that now we have a breaking news yeah. Breaking news breaking news about down Bert and Ernie. Bobby Hauck and puppets Vijay are they anatomically correct and now nobody bothered to tell us. And Bobby so Bert and Ernie are gay hash tag childhood. Ruins or else. Now Bob you limerick alert limerick alert and I yeah. Limerick and hear from and of our poet orient civilian program Allen are in Spartanburg here is is a limerick alert. If you are new York and couldn't scares me begin again. If you never quite got your Phillips just. Pools and sewage and swear all. You'll sell and CDC it won't but certain to entertain. These saga. I need here are. Now let's listen there's 31 years later it's exact re playing. I'm Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill. And and they on the Xiamen wade dragon back out. Now Bobbie I got was describes Hollywood today they junk they put out is terrible. As Bonnie the only people watching the Emmys were the relatives of those doors there. I would agree. Now Bob I think your missing the boat regarding cap and on not only does he represent a threat to Roe vs. Wade if confirmed the Supreme Court. The ability of the dummy crash to impose their agenda. Via the judicial avenue also know it and it's he is the quintessential double threat yeah I I totally agree with. I mean I would we have obamacare. Everywhere and not for. The left leaning court and according at Chief Justice John Roberts is buzz being conservative. Brand. I'm Bobby have a father 89 years old still won't talk about the war in Korea. And blessing amen thank you for searched frozen chosen. And now all the rest chosen chosen Reza more. Al Bobby did Burt drive or did he now. So it's not we're not quite sure. A it's US to hand in hand and and you catch up with. And now get a pass on that one thank you funny. But not safe for her family years. Now Bob all I am sure. Out here artist. I don't know what papers see you had to sign when you got out of the military election has not directly and not military. And one of those alphabet groups Abbott the ones I had to sign. I still wanna speak of him and I'm sure everything's been declassified by now anyway. Bobby I'm not in the back Gabon 85 north from the racquet exit 76. All band that got out of his truck and try enemy wasn't an old man when he first got out of the draw down. Sadly I believe it so well Libya and hearing on Monday or will there. Not be hearing on Monday. Didn't Democrats said an enemy we have we have postponed the Thursday vote. Out of the Judiciary Committee so we have time to investigate these very serious charges very serious. Back and and now all. Miss Capps at the attorney for Christine toward the accuser. Has yet to respond. As to whether or not her client would appear. Non non Monday. Monica Showalter writing at the American thinker after Democrats all but lose the process. Prospect rather. Now all the blues the prospect of a new accuser when they 35 year old charge of groping abuse comes out of the woodwork problem as she doesn't wanna tell us everything. Christine Blassie Ford's accusations started with a letter an anonymous accusatory letter a bad behavior. Dating from high school. A letter we were supposed to believe a guy's career was supposed to rule and yet we ordered take only on faith. That there was any merit to it. Well that fell apart. So they and the accuser came forward. She had psychologists notes meeting from 2012. She says she passed a polygraph. And the picture she painted was imaginable. As a witness stories are. There were holes in the story she had no idea where she was. Or how she got home. She didn't wanna say anything to anyone so as to avoid getting in trouble and her charges. Groping at clothing grabbed that no rape. We're not over the top all of that made her look rather believable because well I'm about the same age as her and I know what it was like to be seventeenth. Seventeen year old girls often are groped by certain kinds of voice. But her case rapidly fell apart when it wasn't just a problem from her along a golf. Turns out her present politics had a lot to do with what we're seeing. She is a fanatic Bay Area far left activist donated cash to share blue. A generic democratic front for cash raising of the Obama hipster variety. On Twitter there was some talk unverified that you gave five grand Hillary anymore reliable reports from mine a reporter. That she gave money to Bernie Sanders the DNC. And the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. I she also made those pink hats. And participated in the any trouble women's march as her 2012 trip to the therapist. Took place right wing Kevin Oz name came up in the newest. As a possible Mitt Romney Supreme Court nominee though interestingly. Cavanaugh is name was not used in our own claims in the report. They're sort of been in the US but frankly it could've been anyone. Memories fade most telling my eighth before she came out of ZAQ is there. She spent last what must have been days scrubbing her social media accounts of all Leo left react and activity. Activities and statements. She may have been involved in and that's the detail that stands out to me why did she do that. I mean just because somebody is a lefty does not meaning they hear she can be a victim of a high school Grover. Well after Wenger to bring you the very first to point this out so why did she scrub it. Obviously because it was to conceal her political agenda. Appearing to make your case stronger as that of a random objective wanna not telling the truth. Not you lefty activist desperate to make a difference from the Democrats. From my own experience or grope person attackers. And they were they non Catholic school boys most commonly they were foreign exchange students from other cultures and had no tradition of respecting women. I remember a Sudanese guy who tried to force himself on me and some awful Libyans and the Lebanese Muslims. Although the Lebanese Catholic students were exactly the same as the US Catholic school boys. Specifically the bad kids were from Islamic cultures. And we Catholic university girls knew early on about the cultural problems of those societies decades before nine elevenths. I still really wonder why they Catholic university exposed us to those dirt bag to maybe I didn't know. On this forged portrayal of Catholic school boys gone wild doesn't stack up to my experience at all. Nor does it stack up to the experience. Of these 65 women who say Cavanaugh never acted like net. Those are the win and I find believable. Way to leaves a question open as I think of how Ford scrubbed her social media. What she's trying to hide it. Fair question sixteen after six here and AM Bobby -- show quick break here and then right back with more in the bonus hour. On evil. And today. And today. I yeah. I'm guitar styling is a nine George thorough good that. And the destroyers in the background sexual nature here and AM Bobby Mack show in on the tax line this evening 71307. Bob the dumbest. Claimed to be a 100% sure women's rights in their sexual rights and all that rank. Then why do they use their forty year high school sexual assault weapon only against Republicans. The meaning the significance there well you might ask. The Minnesota congressman the the some chairman of DNC Keith Ellison. He's faced down these kinds of charges on the course others there's nothing to see there we all should not just move along. Al Bobby Mack just thinking of Cavanaugh did this one time in his youth and he's been a choir boy ever since what are bitch what are the odds. But he just happened to pick all girls a future. Democrat feminist activist a Democrat donor. Eight trump fading ultra liberal unhinged participant in their wrists stunts. And oh and and she had an experience of traumatized her for life. Just asking from Allen and spar will look in the in this whole deal out traumatized her for wife. What do you think she might remember. Whose house. It happened that it might remember. A year. It happened what a well know month in the day well let those go okay what he ever had a broken bone. Unfortunately I have had several. I can tell you the dates when he showed a map. On Isiah traumatic experience. But then again you know maybe her memory is Fuzzy. Yeah that's it. Yet to exercise a psych professor whose students describe as being troubled dark and scary. Who has a really Fuzzy memory about the date time and place. About the event. Are you familiar with project Veritas. They're the ones and expose the M baby parts being sold. From month. Planned Parenthood and and other organizations. Now they got a new report out deep state unmask the State Department on hidden camera quote reassessed everything. I have nothing to lose. Today project Veritas released the first installment. In an undercover video investigation series unmasking. The deep stick. This video features a State Department employee. Stewart carafe file. Engaged in radical socialist political activity. On the taxpayer's dime. While advocating for resistance. To official government policy. In addition to being a State Department employee. Still worked carafe font. Is also a ranking member of the metro DC. Democratic socialists of America now authorities' account. Metro DC DSA is a socialist group. You know my definition of a socialist bright a socialist is a Communist who lacks commitment. Okay. Metro DC DSA is a socialist group. That works to advance progressive causes in the metropolitan DC area. Boy you talk about fishing where the French are. You know he's gonna find a view widely con merged to other Democrat socialist agenda in Washington DC. Mr. Kerr offers a loyalties seem to be whiff. DSA and not with his employer. The US Department of State. Carafe I told an undercover project Veritas journalist. And then he performs PSA activism while at work. And foggy bottom at the State Department. He explained he drafts. TSA communications while on the job and state. Quote. I'm careful about it and only the paper trail. Like I leave emails and like any press. S word. That comes up I leave that until after 530 but a service 531 hits got my alike. Draft message is ready to send out. Well how nice. Carafe also admits and on behalf of quote. You can put two and shooting gather probably went blank web traffic. So what the web traffic I mean I could make the case speak before a court of law that I'm going to leave Virginia sort of campaign finance web site. Then I'm just interested in what people are doing political. But if they also go and look at white DSA minutes. And like officer positions they'll be like let's we heard. You were the co chair of the electoral caucus. And you spent three hours on a Virginia campaign finance website. Rafa does not believe that he will be caught. Or punished by the appropriate authority saying maybe some day. I'll go to a board of elections jail probably not. Mr. Rafa does not seem to be concerned about disciplinary action from his bosses and state. Quote. I have nothing to lose it's impossible to flyer federal employees in golf. Well least about that peace is pretty accurate. It's not impossible. To fire federal employees. Like you have made a better chance of being the next nominee in the Supreme Court. And you do getting on fire. When asked if is supervisor at state knows about his activism corral for reals and nobody. Knows about it. Till now. Some government employees are required to regularly cement disclosure forms to help management. Identify any potential conflict of interest in May interfere when job responsibilities. Despite disclosing his political activities and officer positions on his financial disclosure on disclosure form carafe alleges that. As somebody is rubber stamps the foreign men and goes to the next guy. I don't know if the ethics officer is all bear he's so checked out. Nice your tax dollars at work in one exchange carafe was attitude towards the current administration. Official policies. Appears to conflict with his duty to be impartial as a State Department employee says. Rafa says and I quote resist everything. Every level. F word password. Up. Blank. Stuff. Up. Stewart a raffle hardly the first federal government employee. That project Veritas has recorded in an undercover series unmasking the deep state. We've heard a lot about the deep state holdovers from the previous administration resisting change. Nameless and faceless bureaucrats slowing things down oral leaking secrets in an effort to undermine this administration. Send project Veritas president James O'Keefe. What's truly striking is their boldness. They're not afraid there even bonus ball about a warped reality. Where they won't get caught and can't get fired. Even if they did it. This is what. Has been checked. Clean it out. Top to bottom. DOJ FBI state Langley. NSA. You know we you know what needs to to happen here you you know. As well as as I did it. What needs to attack happened they. L made ago. There's like. 631 here in the Bobby national right back for the last half of the bonus hour coming up. Welcome back 63723. Before seven he. Romney Bobby Mack show in the last half of the bonus hour here on nine Tuesday. And on my potential I'm not raise somebody's at the railroad crossing arms or some thing. And Bellevue and Rutherford. Lights are flashing. Now one arm halfway down and one arm up it's and good. Bob I'll fire rom forget dad arrest them for fraud. Federal crime. I'm Bonnie metro in DC Democrat socialist humanely metro DC not saying it's. And pretty much. Bob here's a thought. Ms. Ford. Can't remember the date. Of the assault by Brent Cavanaugh on purpose. In case the judge can prove. He wasn't in town on that day months or a year. Now mother AJ I think I finally understood down mr. Vance. 100%. Christian and faith and thinking that way and thanks everybody else does tip. Now well away as we heard last night in on the Emmy Awards. Now they do nothing but demean. Christian faith. Thank dat deck catches me up. With the potential idea believe I'm not caught up to date meantime. From these suspicions. Confirmed department. Left wing groups. Funded by. Right fill in the blank yep altogether now George Soros. And other major Democrat donors. Handed out cash to protesters arrested for disrupting. The confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brad Cavanaugh the activists revealed last night. Eight. Coalition of activist organization including women's march. The center for popular democracy won a name. For a group that. As no faith in democracy whatsoever. And housing works. Have scheduled a near constant disruptions at the Cavanaugh hearings. As part of an organized effort to. Since he was first nominated. The cash from the donor funded groups Gordon goes toward the protesters. Post and forfeit payments that's a small cash some. That is paid to resolve a low level misdemeanor crimes and avoid jail time. Officials initially what they need to dearly need to slap these people in the graybar hotel for a while. Instead of letting him off with a slap on the wrist and a small fine. Which just Soros and these other organizations. Give them the cash to pay. You left wing organization would provide cash. For the post and for France to protesters. Who didn't show up for their own money. Send. Jerious Gordon. CDC PD national field organizer. At and another organizer housing works national advocacy coordinator Paul Davis. Both stand on this conference call which reporters listened again. If you do not have access to your cash we will certainly be able to arrange to get it to you before the action. Davis said noting they done so had previous. Anti Cavanaugh protest. Women's march co president Bob bland. Who also helped lead Monday's call. Praise protesters wore putting our bodies on the line again and again and again. These senate committee on the judiciary postponed Cavanaugh confirmation vote. Previously scheduled for Thursday. After the accusation of Palo Alto or university professor Christine blessing for. Can enough course denied the allegation the activists on Monday's call. Aim to go beyond a weighing Cavanaugh is confirmation they planned to kill it altogether. Postponement is an enough. Bland said describing allegation against Cavanaugh as an incredible revelation. The land believes there's a 30% chance. Cavanaugh is nomination will be withdrawn her voted down. Because cabin on no longer has a hearing on Thursday may protesters are instead. Going to charge and a confirmation hearing for lower court. Nominees. Who Davis described as other gross judges you were even more radical. In other words they believe more good constitution. The organizers who took turns speaking throughout the call explained. That protesters. Should expect to pay up to fifteen dollars per arrest. So they won't have cash ready. Four would be disrupt curse and the next hearings. As they did when disrupting the previous hearings. Some protesters disrupted the earlier hearing some multiple times in the same day. Once released from police custody they protesters jumped back Kindle line for the same hearings they had just in erupted. One woman on the call said you arrest since she was arrested three times in one day. For disrupting the Cavanaugh hearings but of course this is all this is grass roots protest. You know right. At least one attorney on retainer. Would be president outside Capitol Hill to provide free legal advice for individuals facing charges. Women's march a leader when SR sure. Was arrested a day September 4 hearing was spotted back in the Hart senate building just hours later. Some individuals on the call shared concern about rumors. An eighth about a supposed metropolitan police department policy weary third arrest. Could mean that a protests or could be held in jail for 24 hours thus halting repeated disruptions by the same person. Yet when organizers on the call were pressed no one can just say for sure about whether the alleged policy would be followed. Either on non Thursday or Monday. As some Cavanaugh supporters a bit earlier hearing said they witnessed. Seem PD activist handing out cash to protesters. Which they said proved they protesters were paid for their efforts to well I mean. We've suspected this song and assist. Again mayor confirmation of what we already have known. Korea pretty incredible but there's there's Leah. Suspicions confirmed. Report. As department Bobby had they Republicans ever mounted such an attack and against any Democrat nominee not to my knowledge count. Now Bobby discount Cavanaugh businesses nothing but a ploy. By the Democrats to give them an excuse to cover their 100% no vote. They need something they can use as their justification. For not supporting his nomination they have no intention. Of ever giving him a thumbs up because they say trump nominee not because he is unqualified. They know how bad don't look went out some fraudulent and allegation. On which to hang their excuse for no votes. Mark my words they will state they couldn't vote for him when they clear conscience because of these. Abuse allegations that's there out. That's how they intend to amass their obstruction. None of them never intended to vote for judge Cavanaugh regardless. And now they won't pebble this as an excuse it's going to be end things see what happens. Went like Susan Collins of Maine. Joseph Manchin from West Virginia. Eight he's a Democrat. And he's in a state that trump carried by a wide margin. They're gonna have to make a choice between toeing the party line. And their own political future of these guys are up for reelection in November as well. They vote against Cavanaugh. The voters in their state could make them pay. In November. Cordoba 47 here on the Bobby match or to our last break here and the be right back with more standby because I today's edition of bony hands and Manila Lewis is on the way next. Yeah and now luminous slow hand in there as well. Mr. Clapton. Higher ground 6519. Before seven here on named Bobby Mack show say it had I not meant now what is that going on here. It is Dianne Feinstein now walking it back a little bit and she is kind of all or did she lose her place. In the mile mark. That. Cash Cavanaugh was not unqualified totally unfit. As senator Dianne Feinstein who withheld from public view the letter from Christine Blassie Ford. Detailing the accusation against Donald Trump Supreme Court nominee Brent Cavanaugh told reporters today she cannot say quote. Everything's truce fall. Watch. She can't say everything is untruthful. Speaking to Fox News reporters. Or just tea. Tactical error in the first place Feinstein said. No one called her referring to forward. No one called her or called her lawyer. My understanding is she got emails. I have no say. I'm the lead Democrat. So this is all up to me. Republican side. I can't say. Everything's truthful. I don't know. They statement given to Fox News and first report on Twitter by a reporter Chad program included our observation that the alleged incident. Has had a long term profound consequence. For forty S so much so that they should any remember what you hear happened I. So much for that here we go time toward today's edition and among the. Sure 10 lead joys of being a parent just. Now you've got a tiny criminal accomplice. This is a new and police in Salem New Hampshire are looking for a guy who used his top alert. This deal about enterprises from a arcade machine at the mall. Does kind of like day at claw machine and Tony barber caught Hawaii to. Only instead of dropping a metal cloth. They're trying Graham a stuffed animal prize if you press buttons to make two pairs of scissors cut a strange. Holding the Fries. Alex pretty much near impossible to win and probably us. Since some of the prizes let him on display are things like a Nintendo switch pretty expensive. So they just serve big prizes there's also a big prize a lot on the machine so this guy and the bright idea of having his young daughter. Crawled through the hole and pass CMA bunch in the toy is electronics. And yes. And now then they took off. I am number of people nearby. Noticed what was going on so they took videos of it and the cops are revealing them now while they try and track this guy down. Certainly setting a fine example Burris to undock. You know they hate it when people make a big public viral stunned out of a marriage proposal you'll want to hear this. The woman was a flight attendant on China eastern airlines and back in May her boyfriend was on a full life. While she was working while they were in the air. He surprised her by proposing. In front of the entire plane. Naturally she broke into tears. And said yes and everybody on the plane clapped and cheered. Except that they proposal went viral on YouTube and got about a million views. Now last week they woman got a letter from China eastern airlines in forming an error. You know I think informed her of fly me out she was fired all right because. The company said her private romantic behavior was extremely irresponsible. Of these safety of the passengers fewest on the clock. And now on should have been doing America. Well I guess maybe her husband to be as a good job. The woman in Oklahoma gave a guy or number last week he immediately started texting her asking for her. And the usual. Nude photos. And she said no old and so he responded and so reasonable way of life. Threatening to blow up her off our man bill thing. Yup. He is he's been arrested for me and a armed. Well at least if you found out quickly. Not kind of guy you wanna. Yet and homeless warning warning I'm pretty sure this story involves a woman turning yourself into a human group Canon. And so when I said. Make sure you're ready to handle it they cops went in the home of 26 year old Amanda Peters in where things stand in Kentucky on Saturday. To arrest her for an outstanding warrant for identity theft. Car theft. But she wasn't going to go a ways away. She ran into the bathroom. Comp Don believe commode and then according to the police report. Intentionally release her bow holes and then a forward motion and they've purposeful direction. Then landed on the comp. There's this one I'm thinking years she just turned her back in the top dropped her pants and well. What are rip either way pretty classy lady is now got a great icebreaker story for dinner parties. It didn't work that if you was arrested. On top of the other charges she was already facing also he would win. Resisting arrest and third degree assault. Sorry but as far as I'm concerned. Probably should have been first degree. Assault. Yeah I. That's a bone cancer today and that's good for me as well see you tomorrow I'm blasts. Yeah. Yeah well that's you know unfortunately. Take care. You know most in this country probably. Want to go away there's no sense in all riled up everytime a bunch of idiots give Eli attack take care now. Mommy can we please talk about this later bought by then in the end the universe tends to unfold position. Bad my baby fat that can.