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Thursday, January 11th

Left trying to get Trump out by saying he is not mentally stable using the 25th amend; American surveillance; FB mics and cameras; 5 random facts


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And today is that exhibit number one your honor and why don't like winner. And you know I mean it could be worse I just sending your carping and complaining about it money pennies at well laces not ice and that's true. And out here I glass is half full kind of version of these. Gray overcast. Graham and depressing yet more bad looking at least my best. I had a tendency to well Wear on me and now just wish. That. April or may was Iran will be here before we know. Don't go getting under way we are gaining on this were going it casually out. Get underway our number one they penultimate edition of they've Bob Amax show. And great to have you while he has all way as you all our input is invited encouraged and welcome. Adheres value join me NBA part of the conversation and a very easy to do just grabbed the phone use eight Ingles advantage strong client number. 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. And my email address Bob and 1063. WORD. Dot com. You may recall. Last week. This. Yale University. Shrank. When the out. Hard to believe name of doctor ban. Made big headlines by saying that she had and I am kind of like gag Casey case and went a long distance dedication and had done a remote. Psychiatric analysis. Of Donald. That he was unfit to serve in the presidency do newest deteriorating. Mental condition. Now you have to understand the context. It where this stuff comes from. Bill laughed as an all kinds of them plans to try and and dispense. With president from beginning of course you know and finds a warrant stuff that they intended to use to through there. Covert op set up. The trump campaign to make it appear. There was collusion between the trump campaign and the Bruschi is in an effort to I defeat Hillary. And of course a left believes senator Hillary wears out unfairly broad. Avoid sheet. So richly deserved. Being the president should sacrifice she had worked her fingers to the bone and and by golly that the jobless Hearst. Until they sent trump characters it's up untruth vulgar guy came along. And robbed her of of what she is so. Richly deserve it was so bad but on the whole rushing collusion things kind of played out. Now we go to plan B from the left which is and to try and convince the American people to generate enough pressure. On trumped cabinet members that Dave and employee the 25 amendment of the constitution. Now what does it toward defense say well it was anything out says at that it was intended. You make you may recall those of you or student of history Woodrow Wilson the early part of the twentieth century. And I had a stroke and was left. Unable to perform his duties. And essentially his wife. Became the de facto president for the next couple years in any event. There are always unforced seen events NY if you know. Meal walking down the street to get run over by a bus what do you do. Gotta have a back up plan. So that's where the 45 amendment came from in the event that something untoward were to happen to the president. Then he can be declared unfit to perform the duties of his office and the VP would just a bit aren't. That was the intent. On the left loves to twist everything around for their own nefarious ends. Cellar shall. We came down we can use a Tony for the moment will just have trump declared mentally unfit. To serve as president and he is deteriorating. Brain cells he's in outlook of the tweets. As it off. Members of a cabinet appointed by Donald. That's where this Yale University shrink doctor bandy actually comes she is not. She suited up and send the game for the with the intent. Of giving some. Psychiatric. Professional credibility. To the accusation the trump is unfit mentally okay. In other and they can turn around on the left into low liberal add a sigh psychiatrist. No observed as a nurse says a diatribe was unfurled that must be true. So in the wake of all this big brouhaha. I suggested that doctored. And the actually eat. Her name's Eric Kidd and the excellent anyway. And. I contended that don't want doctor Lee had done because he's ever examined Donald Trump. It's against. The ethics. Rules. Of the American Medical Association and the APA eight the American Psychiatric Association a number one. I'd do a long distance diagnosis a patient never shut down web. Number two no rule anybody ever hear of hip oh regulations. You can't just you know. What if what if doctor Lee and send out. And I suspect also that. That they president has a sexually transmitted disease he's got an STD. You could do that so why continued then claim. That the president and his mentally impaired. And this professor having done so in this very public venue she is all over the leftist media. You know the Huffington Post and slate and the rest of them. I'm sure they are I think this surprised me about it is that. Smokes didn't do a fact check on her and and determined that it was true. Just note this is about as. Now a bunch of leftist head Connors as you can get in any event. I suggested that she could down. Well Kucera licensed to practiced for violating all these ethical professions. Well I hate to have to admit it when I'm wrong but I'm I'm big enough to do that. As a former senator from Minnesota used to say I'm I'm big enough I'm good enough and by golly I'm just gonna to. Care for and the late great Al Franken. It turns out. That this Yale University psych professor who called president trump mentally impaired. Could not. I have her license taken away. To a practiced psychiatry. In our home state of Connecticut. As if the AMA or the APA ever would have done that to begin. But that's not the reason. Her license can't be taken away. Her license can't be taken away because she appears tool lack. A valid license to practice psychiatry. In this state she rams yeah. You can't rescind somebody's driver's license and they don't have one. By the same token you can't rescind her license to practice psychiatry. Asia not now align. Some call out her diagnosis of president trump as a having a mental impairment. Then disqualifies him from serving in the highest office in the land. Now apparently is is is on professionalism. My opinion of the Santa may have Barack Obama. By the way following doctor Lee's comments. The APA American Psychiatric Association. Released a statement warning. Members of their profession to refrain. From making public diagnoses of public figures like trump. Without a proper medical exam. We are PA PA called for an end to psychiatrists. Providing professional opinions in the media. About public figures who may have not examined. Whether it be on cable news appearances books are and social media. Wrote the APA without mentioning bandy Exel les specifically. They're statement continued and I quote armchair psychiatry. Or they use of psychiatry is a political tool. Is the missing use of psychiatry. And it is unacceptable and un ethical. AM professor who met with a lawmakers on Capitol Hill to talk about. Now her belief is now facing scrutiny amid allegations she is not licensed to practice psychology in Connecticut. Campus reform. Reports that state records indicate that leaves physician slash surgeon all licensed expired some three years ago. And then her application for reinstatement has been pending ever cents. A publication was able to produce a leaves a license details tobacco declined. So there you go. I don't worry about Ben DX three. Being suspended from practicing. Over her comments. Because she's. Not licensed to practice. Again glad. You're down 1116 after three here on me I'm Bonnie Mac show. Those of you are fans of privacy another blow to us today. The howls as reauthorize. The out five as the rules. However it still has to pass the senate. And I could be another proposition entirely be read back. Love me. Add a little bit of earth wind and fire in the background. Tony two after three here on the bunny match as we roll along here in our number one. So the house today reauthorize. The Foreign Intelligence. Surveillance Act. And inner strength that this is even the name of the bill as the Foreign Intelligence. Surveillance Act and yet what do we been talking about. After around the last year. And the surveillance and actually has she has have been on not American citizens. And here is the the latest from all Washington on me a finds about this is Fox News Rachel Sutherland. Is it since buys a section 72 for another six years without an amendment that would expand the privacy rights for Americans. The vote came after a flurry of confusion ever present trumps support for the surveillance program. Which he said that Jesus spy on his campaign house speaker Paul Ryan's. It's initiation positions been really clear from the they want which has. Seventies really important going to be renewed. The bill could face a battle on the senate Republican senator Rand Paul is threatening to filibuster over concerns the government could spy on US citizens without a warrant. In Washington Rachel Sutherland Fox News. Well I think the foxes that out of him house on now one. Act could spy we already know. But they ask spy on Americans despite protestations from my James clapper when he was a Director of National Intelligence. Now folks and tell Langley and the NSA or not America or certainly wouldn't do that and the vote today in the house was 256 to 164. Extending section 702 of the fives and amendments act. Which entitles intelligence agencies to collect the communications of foreigners abroad without a warrant this is how they got on a Mike Flynt. By using a one of these seven or two's. Even when the individual in question was communicating with the American citizen because general Flynn was talking with a Russian ambassador. And the Russian ambassador was the one who was under surveillance out do we need to be conducting this kind of surveillance of course we did. Now we talked about this in the three big egos podcast. I was myself Tara and Vince Coakley in the latest addition I think that goes up about 5 o'clock this afternoon our web sites Amy wanna check that out. At 1063 WORG dot com and obviously we we have an obligation. To do what we can in terms of intelligence to know what our enemies are doing. But when it is weaponized to be used against American citizens. That says something else entirely. The house today rejecting these so called USA rights amendment. Which among other things would have prohibited intelligence services from using. This information collected incidentally. On Americans without a warrant. They rejected amendment attracted politically diverse opposition libertarian conservatives like senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Joined Liberal Democrats in attempting to combat perceived government overreach I think we're beyond the perceived point there is planning. A government overreach. Now the president tweeting about this today house votes on controversial fights act today. This is the act that may have venues for the help of the discredited and phony dossier to so badly surveil and abused the trump campaign. By the previous administration and others. What that being said I personally directed to fix. To the unmasking processed since taking office and today's vote is about foreign surveillance on foreign bad guys on foreign land we need it. Get Smart. So there are a couple of the various issues here number one the need for. Yet in the interest of national security knowing what our enemies are doing and the same time trying to protect. They have the privacy rights of American citizens. In on the attacks on Bob 125. Republicans voted against a Fourth Amendment today. We need to take note of the South Carolina representatives and don't believe in protecting our privacy. Bobbie if I remember correctly isn't it illegal to impersonate a doctor. It's also illegal to impersonate attorney a police officer or member of the clergy well she is a doctor. Doctor banned the axle Lee is a doctor but she's not currently licensed to practice in her state. So I would just suggest she's one of the nature had exit. To the phones were young 26 after three. Charles is a long and joins us from mom Blu-ray Charles. I wanted to comment that all. About and talk I wanna comment on not what are. Illustrious rhino government did yesterday or this morning in. Active for a waiver on offshore drilling deep and out of natural gas which is which has no chance. Of of springing a leak or. Part polluting the environment. I say yet don't worry is not in the rear. Because they rotate it would take ten years witnessed this turtle paced that. Up trumpet. The executive order works it would take at least ten years before anything actually comes out of the ground. And with a blank check that he wrote this storm reaches on immigration. Couple days ago I was rabbit we amnesties fast track to citizenship for all eighty million and by the way. There I don't Levin it went when they sit 20000012. Years ago yeah well we do that was nonsense they had to be forty. And that sense and the borders have been wide open and they've been imprisoned things. Border Border Patrol agents that do their job. So there's got to be at least eighty but what what I'm saying you don't worry about something that's ten years down the road this country's not gonna survive that long anyway. Well I've I hope by UN thank you Charles I appreciate that there's another aspect to that of Iran about are the longevity of this country. You know that every eco freak organization on the planet. Now when they heard. The president. Authorize offshore drilling. Immediately got there in house attorneys on the phone is that hey. And now start just start though legal wheels turning hairless myself fire up. As some lawsuits that will essentially a throw a wrench into the works and prevent anything from that from happening in terms of actually a putting drill into the water. For as long as we possibly can't. Not in on the attacks line 71 threes are seven Bobby mentioned James clapper former DNI Director of National Intelligence. I believe clapper started out. And the CIA is an analyst in the late sixties early seventies. Prior to that he was a student radical and college Hannity and hired by CIA in the first place Whitney B is considered. A security. Risk. Jeering at that particular period time the Bob. Go legacy. Of not hiring at Langley was that they essentially. Went to. They have the Ivy League schools. And not clapper was a one of those and of course you know you could exist on an Ivy League school in those days and mature out marching in the streets for solidarity day. Aaron whenever against the Vietnam War. Now Bob on point out trump only authorized exploration. And not drilling and there isn't substantial difference there. Al Bobby somewhat off topic but has anyone replaced Conyers Shia on the shelves thanks from Jeff again not believing in Afghan special election. Two point they don't tour to find a duly elected representative. To a replace. The longest serving member of the house. Which meant he had polonium opportunities to line his pockets and John Conyers 329 here on the body Mac show. After he could break here at the bottom of the moon come right back on the other side and when we do Chelsea AMBER Alert takes off against. Our ball well good to senior citizen us about your pardon well he's almost a sink if. Senior senator from South Carolina. Lindsey Graham mistake. Tell you went down Chelsea had to say which Russia. Nothing good when we come back. Like clockwork like work work work work work outset. We are out single minded. We have the blinders on. We just focused on work for hours each day here in the amount they match. Money and puzzled look at her this way our. 32 Tony there. You for four with Bob in the Bob that's money penny of course up punching the buttons on the other side of the glass and a little Annie giving us up to speed back to the new center. So the F five Zach has passed in the house we'll see what happens in the senate. Well we'll see what Lindsey Graham doesn't is a Lindsay is out in the news today he's under attack from Chelsea handler that well known leftist pundits. Gave up by her up and a comedy. Show on nine Netflix and I use that word loosely to take some time out. Two the AM activist for the left so the final act passing NAS on this story and I'm not this is that interest staying. It's about to our friends at FaceBook. I I I mentioned earlier today money penny went on when I do finally reached the point. Where I am no longer working and there one of the first actions I'm going to take. I'm going to take my Smartphone. And trash it and go to flip phone. Too much stress. Too much or piano on the punching didn't raw numbers. The market. They're trying to draw I think I can just remember before you do that lack. You'd text only Smartphone you out to eat you won't the litter yes now you're gonna have to push the seven button four times. OK okay just you know pay you know I'm I'm willing to make sacrifice if you ordered Mississippi just go and take on how. You may or calling George. Orwell's 1984. The oppressive rulers and Oceana. Used devices called Telus greens. They use those too closely monitor. And then control and Europe and repress. Their citizens. Well apparently other folks sent. And big soccer at the FaceBook. And I have read 1980 four's some at some point because now. FaceBook is looking set to follow in. The up parties footsteps. My putting its own firms microphones and cameras. Into people's homes. Yes what could possibly go wrong with this strength. It's expected to use facial recognition. To allow people to login to their accounts without having to type in passwords. Hey what can be easier. And it will be dedicated to video chat. Served as the folks and anti I have lots to talk about it they can plan their next. Beat up by conservatives amid a rally. On here. They gadget has been designed by a shadowy FaceBook department called. Oh called. Building eight. I thought I'd just like face looks at area 51. Parent. Building age that's also working on. My mind reading technology. Rather than positioned the device as a Smart assistant. Akin to Amazon's echo speakers. FaceBook intends to pinch portal. As enemy a name for this portal. As a way for family and friends to stay connected through video chatting and other social features. Mine as Nat sound. It's a brave new world. Appointment for its. Thank you mr. hikes with FaceBook. Plans a formal product introduction in early may. At its annual developer conference and hopes to assure the device in the second half of this year. Apart from the potentially grave. Privacy implications. Avoiding Facebook's cameras and microphones Indy or home. Don't think they would abuse this in any way do you money for anybody say. And now. Looking when new things they're not oral listening when you think they're not get down turning on. The cameras to spy on you a little bit signature up do. That's that's so far fetched body nine us. That's and another conspiracy theory. Others another clear problem with this gadget and that would be it cost almost as much as an iPhone or iPad. But probably does a lot west's at least for you relive some hand opens all kinds of doors. Ed well. Irrelevant and out of grand now. Now you know the fun part of this is you can position and from your Smart TV cameras almost album. So they would just Philly just relative to each other that turn out yeah. Video feedback. I like it. Although FaceBook does not officially commented. Andrew Bosworth. They company's VP of all of command did and virtual reality. Wrote on Twitter. Can't comment on speculation but can't confirm it's going to be an exciting year for eight are slash. V are. Audio. Building eight. Other way building hate. Ramat wing and we have some building eight music care. Building eight. It's a top secret FaceBook division which used to be handed up by Regina. Former boss of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA. Which is dedicated to military research. Last year FaceBook admitted its own researcher wind was working on technology wiccan witch can read people's minds. And a hundred words per minute. So there you go folks watch out. Now by the F second half of this year big soccer. Well I end up. Watching us all hallway now I'm talented it's expanding. Exponentially. And not on the text wind Bobby and reference to mind reading technology. It would be easy to read people's minds when your progressive comrades in the media and government are always trying to tell people. What the tank. And the out. It did used to be in on public school and then the university's. Young young people were taught how to think. So long ago and far away now we teach them what. To think. Now Bob so is the NSA and building seven next door. Inquiring minds. Want to know. Now Bob leash people are being what the slaughter in the name of technology yeah but computers are gonna make our lives easier. How many username and passwords do you have to contend went. A daily basis are you kidding me. I got a a special app. On the phone one. Just a store all the user names and passwords. Problem is it's password protected and I can never remember the past are not getting. When your password for Yahoo!. Wait a minute I got an airlock box. What's it's like he'll joke money panic for the guys the older guys targeted as bodies and we ate in a great restaurant last night. Is that really what's your name on a set. When I met eight it's. You know be on the flower. It's Rand. And smells really enhanced thorns on I guess you mean rose. He should know that said hey rose what's the name of that restaurant way that last. Not quite that bad but it's got their quarterly fourth floor here in the balmy night she'll be right back here. On a gloomy looking Thursday. Standby a five random facts is now on the way here's where it. Drawn towards the conclusion of our number one of the above they match up in on the attacks line now 713. 07 bombing mime message on my phone is. If you think you are important to leave a message if you think you are important. If I think. You are important. I'll call you back. And it had pretty much and delivers a doll Bob the AR VR. As FaceBook referring to augmented reality and virtual. Reality gadget. And Bob now I feel even better about never participating in FaceBook go ahead laugh I was always an agreement with Ross member. Bob if I don't recognize a number I don't answer I can leave a message Mary feuded. Now while they that you got Mayweather ghostbusters comment in the Reeves construction commercial. I just said it now while there you go I give me the blank you fill it and but people like suction Starbucks owners say it cannot. On great. So when they put cameras in their bathrooms I wilted. And Bob any. Try truth shall not TR US IO NA for one password. Also did you know fruits or vegetables beginning with a number eight. Means GMO. Do I do not eat eight. Or I hate aged nine. Means organic nine is fine so I hate eight and nine it's fine for. Mean sprayed with chemicals. Now Bobby that mind reading can never happen in the Bible teaches only god knows what we're thinking Satan himself. Can't read our minds. Chelsea handler former and I use a word loosely comedienne. Getting roasted for a vulgar homophobic tweet. She sent last night and implied senator Lindsey Graham and Steve Republican South Carolina is a closeted gay man. Who is pardon the expression sucking up to president trump instead of coming out. On Tuesday trump allowed cameras into a lengthy bipartisan immigration meeting. The former Netflix talk show host. Turned self described activist. Apparently didn't like what she heard from little Lindsay who participated in the meeting and voice your opinion to her eight million followers. Holy F word F word. I just saw the video of Trump's bipartisan meeting yesterday. And we're tweeted. Hey Abbott Lindsey Graham Massey. What kind of blank shocking video do they have on you for you to be acting like this wouldn't coming out be more honorable. I'll. They tweet had not been deleted at the time this article was published and had racked up over 171000 likes but. They vile homophobic remark immediately resulted in criticism with many followers asking if handler was drunk. Drugs tweeting again Chelsea and it's only Wednesday sand one. Keep being a voice for the Democrats while you used homosexuality. Is an insult another wrote. You're attacking Yemen claiming that he's gay and there are days that he is ashamed so what that is why he's being nice to trump. A contributor to the Federalist website wrote this woman is simply. Grows. The tweet has amassed over 5000. Comments most important condemning. And handler for a her remarks are okay here we go time for today's edition I'll old. And now it's time is poor. Man's hands. Max your match up. View while random facts orient today with five random facts number one. They movie miracle on 34 street in a pretty much a Christmas holiday tradition now on Christmas story a miracle on 34 street was released in June. I'm 1947. And how to make much sense because it was a Christmas movie meant they did that because the head of the studio at that time. Believe more people went to movies during the summer. As number two the most popular baby name in Israel videos. Mohammed and a bet that it you know there are over the last time I checked him more than one million. Arab sure Israeli citizens. Out vibrant of that number three Coca-Cola. We wanted to raise their prices. From five cents a bottle in 1953. So they asked the Treasury Department to start making 87 and a half cent complaint. Treasury declined and Coke you eventually raise the price to one thin dime. Number four alligators. Hibernate in the water by keeping their noses above the surface. So if they should freeze over. And she'll bring. And fifth on our list today tactic lately president. Isn't supposed to salute military officers were guys even though he's the commander in chief is after all a civilian. The first president who began saluting was. Run all this madness. When Ronald. They go there is still day is in Asia this. Out our number one has zipped on past here on aim more been looking Thursday afternoon we will. Brighten the day if not this guy is Oreo when we're back with our number adults. Under throwing a little Espana old Florian there every show off.