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Bob McLain
Thursday, January 11th

FB and Twitter blocking conservative content and views; DACA; Amazing true facts


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Well I certainly get your being shocked and upset I mean you just turn on your radio and there is the attack dog in the right. A bombastic loud mouth of the south. And we will get underway with our number two here on a cloudy gray in Canada depressing looking morbid death there's or not. On the bright side. Tomorrow's Friday. Free for all will be here before you know it here we go and our number two and as always your input is invited to encourage Dan welcome. Just grab the phone use the Ingles advantage talk line number 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. My email address Bob. And 1063. WORG dot com quickly get catch up with a tax line. At about me how about all those organizations. I would beating eco freaks and people are opposed to drill Lang at. Abby charge double for their fuel. Hi Bob goes a little Lindsay have a wife or girlfriend not sure and note. Now but sucking up and being Joseph faced apparently comes very easily to him from mom shale. Al Bobby Mack holy F word F word Chelsea handler has eight million follower. And a and now it's. There's a there's an argument there hisha you figure out to a point Bobbie we have another trump trained. If overruns will have the soul train. From my Gerald and accountants. Bobbie you need to have someone on the show that understands what happens in real agriculture. No farmers are springing to intentionally harm people. If some bills Nass. The don't confuse him with facts and out all these corporations they may they wanna kill their customers. Why a company that depends on. A base of people buying their products when wanna kill them off. Escapes me but detonate. As central intuit dental logic ever recommend a player apparently this is a high tech today. Here on the body Mac showed big headline today across Drudge Twitter. Sham no banding. Blocking opposing views. Now which views might those me. What Al considering we're talking about Silicon Valley way. You don't have to be on Werner Von brawn. To figure out who their blocking their their blocking. Tweets by conservatives I'm surprised they still allowed Donald Trump. To be able to tweet although I guess they believe. That hurts him in the long run because they failed to grasp that's the way he communicates where this base. You look at gave the example the other day. Of the the big bipartisan meeting ahead on immigration reform of the. Why else and errors on Donald Trump acting very presidential. Running the meeting. And doesn't seem like a guy who's out in default of his mental faculties is a losing controllers are raving maniac. Well Asia as until I got a competent. Chief executive. But in out to the left everything trump does is a bad or vulgar or crude heard you know whatever. So they they let him continue to tweak I guess they're thinking as well I don't know hang himself we'll edit and tweak long enough they'll hang himself you guys are toward her keep thinking that. And show the big story out today on Drudge. Is that they they have some people project Veritas remember than the ones and went after Planned Parenthood we found out they were selling. Baby parts. Project Veritas is some interviews from some of the fortune for Sharia yeah we see something on there we don't like it. You know something it's pro trump then and where anti trump then I don't like it mean meet personally individually I just block it. And they don't know it. Because you just look on Twitter in nineteen he's not my posted that on Twitter. And I got to no reaction I got no response. Was not against people are not responding to it just goes against Syria for his Twitter blocked it it's shows up on your themed. Your Twitter feed it's they are. But nobody else sees it as an don't want you to. Now you know nothing that these hardcore lefties in Silicon Valley or up to surprise me. Anymore the other big. Tech story of the day I guess. In addition of the flies a warrants another Twitter shadow banning. I Jeff bass notes. Now the 160. Billion dollar man. There's a story here from mother guardian council left leaning UK website. Where Jeff bid they Izzo slams. On the all time rich west position now worth a 106 billion. Dollars. Just ten days into 2018 and Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon. And a thorn in the side of Donald Trump has seen his personal wealth store by six billion dollars. You think that he'd be he'd be celebrating. Trump. The man at the Helm of the sprawling online empire which accounted for an extraordinary 89%. Of on line Christmas trading and big US retailers. Day's dose is now worth a 106 billion enough to cover Britain's budget deficit twice over and still have change. Officially he's the richest man on the planet. The latest in a list of Puerto grants stretching all the way back decreases the king of Lydia sixth century BC. There was so Richie had an expression named after me that people would say registrations. Only once before has one man band worth twelve figures. And I correct that would be Bill Gates. When his fortune hit its peak of a hundred billion at the height of the dot com bubble in 1999. They zealous overtook gates last year in the gap has widened almost daily. Even so the impact of inflation means -- else is not the richest man whoever went he's not even the richest American. Whoever win that title would go to one of the titans in the US industry. From the robber baron days the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries Andrew Carnegie John. All amassed fortunes that would make the Amazon founder a relative pauper. Once rising prices were taking into account. Looking further back lists of the top ten richest of all time include William the conquerors are relative ally and ruthless. According to the US magazine money when he died around 1093. I'll be ruthless estate was worth the 111000. Peltz. The domes day Republican helpfully put a value on all property in England after the Norman conquest. Rufus held 7%. Of it. They use us as well by contrast does not amount to even 1%. Of the current US GDP to match Rufus. His wealth we need to be one point 25 trillion. Dollars. Even less known. About other historical figures who controlled vast fortunes from the age Egyptian pharaohs to the Roman emperor Augustus Caesar. And they mongol warlord gangs Khan. Wealth Downey agency has often and concentrated. In the hands of a few. And so they go base knows the down richest guy around we we put together a list by the way that you might be curious. Now about this in the wake of this noticed the eight top things should be surprised to know. About Amazon. CEO. Jeff may just tightly we have some law music we can use and they ship you. Thought things should be surprised to know his twelve point nine million dollar Beverly Hills mansion. Is built entirely. Of empty Amazon boxes. From. The real reason Jeff Bezos has so much money. He does all his shopping. And Wal-Mart. Few other things you may not be aware be surprised to know. When asked what he'd do for a Klondike bar. He bought the company and makes Klondike bars. Sometimes he dreams of a quiet life in a small town. Where he can run the small local bookstore. Out of business. And now finally you'd be surprised to know about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos he cries. Every time we popped his bubble. There you go to ask you you didn't realize those things that. It's a sixteen after four year in the body matchup we go to the phones when we come back and at the big gap polar vortex. Also known as winner. Has gone through experience like you know of course Al Gore said it was as as a result of climate change. Turns out. And not so fast now. Be right back. Like to play this every so often for our friends up there for me end. Or no way out volley Mac shows a very popular with our friends and NSA. Mailer send every minute every day. Not necessarily because they why did. Just as that they look at it as being incumbent on them as a part of their job. Great jamming along guys could see Tony tour after four here on the embodiment show in on the tax line. 71 threes are a seminar about I thought Al Gore was so Smart didn't he get a like my spelling now when I text from mom Michelle. I'm Bobby yet check out the wealth of the Rothschild. Family last figure I saw 500 trillion. From my downtrend on. Bobby it kills me how these people like amaze us want liberal policies for me Neil. But are perfectly content with capitalism themselves. After. Bobby Knight so little left to define biology by claiming you can't a death by claiming you can. Identifying as male female our brand X something in between think the president. Is crazy day. And hello pot meet candle. Al mommy capitalism has been pretty good get for that little socialist. Base those I would say. Now Bobby an article I read today said Twitter did play fast and loose with Trump's account during campaign wouldn't surprise me in the waste. I'm Bob I sent this to terror this morning. As soon as my family. Corners the market on drilling technology in South Carolina we will open them explore the possibility of drilling. Signed you Al. For breakfast it's South Carolina thank you my view always great to hear from you as well to the phones Leo Diana's on she isn't sentinel LO di hi Dylan. I hope Bob. Patten and trying to figure out what I wanna cut for supper so I'm watching repeat the animal. Moody's so. Well I hear your previous. Conversation. And out exactly like call block out Rockefeller Carnegie and Vanderbilt. We're the only one who saved us from William Jennings my. Oh I cried as he went stealing exact same tired liberal why. Only then it was called. Progressive is. Climb out and see what else can be. Everybody takes things the way they give it to people who don't Altman. And and people are forgotten and you know no late nineteenth early twentieth century. Program progressives. Are worried what we now know as the liberals course that. I'm progressing ism wore out its good name under Woodrow Wilson a World War I and so they had to switch actually starting calling themselves liberals. Until the machine went off that description as well another batch of progressive so I don't want what's old is new again. I know. What records. I heard the call is yes absolutely agree about Twitter. But I look is. Pounding that same bandwagon as well yeah I battle around that and I'd let the war in my butt off and you look at that as well military and law enforcement. On the one hand what you wait what kind of outlet a block fat and information right. I decided the only way to get it to the people that I know what he is now. What street did do it you want. So my foot Victor Alfaro uniform. We've not you know. Ron and I pray. I'll figure that out there on clay and everybody got because. They eat but computer. It will catch that you can use. Yeah I. Think where you do it act or can't that setup leader. You can. And people. This is this is almost as good guy has a picture that somebody sent me it's say a license plate. I can't remember right off hand what state it was from but not the license for it is one of those personalized plates of chicken yet. And it it's as on the plate it simply says BLO. In. Okay. I'm everybody gets sent. The license plate is on the vehicle upside down. And that's it's not man. And it's now being what it is at times I I like it. Tomorrow at. Politician out of trouble aren't Jane Wright and Obama good to have you here. Pop up on my cop on the tax on yet again. US cold snap. Climate change. Al Gore climate change as fast or aren't you gotta love these guys they keep pushing it pushing us climate change mantra. And the rule of thumb is very simple apparently even further their agenda. Then it is proof of climate change and if not well then it's merely whether okay. Now Washington and the Associated Press surprise this one past their sensors. Consider this cold comfort a quick study of the brutal American goal snapped found that they Arctic blast really wasn't global warming. But a freak of nature. Frigid weather like the two week calls melded began around Christmas fifteen times rarer than it was a century ago. According joint team of international scientists who do real time analyses. A sea of extreme weather events are natural alt. Or more likely to have happened because of valiant. The cold snap that grip that East Coast and midwest. Was a rarity. That bucks me warming trend. Said researcher Claudia. Some money for mother. And the same team had connected several weather events last year true man made global warming including hurricane Harvey. It was a very definitely stranger especially now says the study's co author Gabriel back she of Princeton new. A century ago it would have been that strange things like this are becoming strange. A study by the world whether attribution. Analyzed whether records dating the dating back to 1880. They say this is if you know this is some kind of all long term rule of thumb that we. Eighteen AD in climate don't want legal terms is a less than they blink of NI. Found the cold weather that hit a swath of the US remain a Minnesota tends to happen once every 250 years. Well at least they found one thing that they can't blame. On well I mean it could. Blame it on climate change instead they're actually saying act against what. It's a bad winner for 29 here in about a Mac show halfway through our number she'll write back on the other side after Annie brings us up speed. Here on May Bobby Mack show on Thursday on 1063. WL RD. And Iran but up. Welcome back for 38 Tony Jimmie for 5 AM rain headlights on place. So a lot of folks cannot see you come in and estate off course when entering Matt who cares about that well yesterday we learned of course what we always had no one. When elite memo. Reveals until the Democrats are not fighting for the youngsters. And and only like 30% of those eligible under doctor actually are minors by the way arrests are adults. But the Democrats are not doing out of the goodness of their heart because they limousine liberals had done a lie with a downtrodden. Those who are only seeking to come out of the shadows blah blah blah. No we learn what we always knew then the Democrats admitting in a leaked memo that. Illegal immigration is the key. To their party's future electoral success. As they want the votes. And granted Republicans may not be angels but they've never wielded compassion. As a a baseball bat the way the Democrats do. But does this memo that we learned about yesterday on it in there a phony compassion shtick. Power is all that matters of and they don't care about America they don't care about Americans they only care about winning. And anybody who's observed a modestly at Bernie length of time knows that's a way they work. The Center for American Progress Action Fund. At TS there another one funded by George Soros a sister organization of the center wrote for American progress. Distributed a brief. Two allies Monday calling these so called dreamers. That is illegal aliens brought to the country and a young age quote. A critical component. Of the democratic party's future electoral success. Now we've seen the Democrats can't we know a win elections without cheating because guys they can't. Defeat that conservatism on issues. Where there's all kinds of evidence and has gone all the way back to 1993. With the motor voter law to make voter fraud easy. They oppose voter ID laws tooth and nail for the same reason. They changed immigration laws along time ago so they can change the electorate by importing. New voters well. And now we have an addendum. To this. This is from mob Brighton park today. Senate Democrats claim they developed a new. Bipartisan amnesty plan for young dreamer. Illegals but their plan also offers a clause I amnesty. To the illegal immigrant parents. Who brought. The millions of dreamer illegals into the US. The plan developed by who else. Now liberal icon senator Dick turban. Where they cooperation of several pro amnesty senators including. Cory Gardner from my Colorado. Jeff flake of Arizona and proud when he. Our own South Carolina in South Carolina senior senator Lindsey Graham nasty. He claims and the details are emerging today when the senators were questioned by reporters after the senators usual Thursday lunchtime meetings. In an afternoon statement they claimed president trump called on congress to solve the Dak a challenge we've been working for four months. It. And Morgan for decades and have reached an agreement in principle but addresses border security. The diversity visa lottery. Chain migration slash family reunification and that's what they called chain migration. Family reunification. And the DREAM Act the areas outlined by the present and we're now working to build support for that deal in congress. The announcement down coming one day after the president backed a new immigration and amnesty bill drafted by Ford GOP leaders. Gee tails about the Democrats planners still secret but advocates say it extends the amnesty to include. Not only the several million illegals do. Brought up to three and a quarter million illegal immigrant children into the US but also would be extended to their parents as well well. You have one cent a law breakers why not include another. Senator Lindsey Graham who joined the democratic group. They launched do defended the giveaway when it was criticized by GOP immigration expert senator Tom cotton an Arkansas. Senate Democrats would not agree to anything else Graham explain what it. And now let him go low whistle upper rope. She its. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Not in on the attacks line 71 threes are examined Bob ozolinsh he changed his tune yet that most Democrats are Catholic and therefore vote conservative. I don't think he's he's brought up. That particular point he had he had. At some point in the past but. Looking through here and I'm bouncy. I don't see a reference to that. Oh by the way one more note before we go to break here at dec quarter till the hour I know that. At our own distinguished governor and rep Mike taxed up. Will be very proud to hear. That he is in the same company. As another. Well known. Governor in America. In his stance. Asking president trump to exempt. South Carolina from the offshore drilling plan because after all. Who needs all those additional hundreds of millions of dollars it could be generated by offshore drilling. When we can just don't go back to the taxpayers and soccer them from our money. Yes governor may catcher has found a like minded governor. In the governor of California. Governor loaned me. Did you ever seriously. Injure or they you're good to see the day will lay out a South Carolina governor. Who is now. Standing up on the same side of the aisle on an issue as Jerry Brown of California. California has been leading the Democrats so called resistance against the shrub administration. Now governor Jerry Brown wants president trump to exempt. A so called Golden State that would be the bankrupt state. From the a new offshore drilling program not drilling plan. Governor brown and the attorney general Javier Arabic Kara. Have fought nearly every single major drug administration policy have held out California is a liberal policies as an alternative model. For America to follow now that's a road to dusty death from all we've gotten gallon on him wrap my tax. Who is in the same pew. With that governor moon being Jerry Brown of California. It makes your chest swell with pride. Quarterly or five be right back tech. And I. Welcome back it's now 4528. Before five here in the money Mac show and not time for today's edition almost. Well I'd Gary good voice asked. Mom mode play. Present. Today we began with FBI agent Harley. Just aren't just Harley. This week's international conference on cyber security. Now Barney. Posted by the FBI and Fordham University. Attracting high level government officials to discuss trends in cybercrime. Asking me to say and I nationally mantra. Attract and high level government officials to discuss trends in cyber crime. Including the FBI's director Christopher rate. One FBI staffer stole the spotlight. With an immaculate yellow coat and wet no outs. That would be Harley. A two year old Labrador Retriever who works for the FBI's New York outpost. And they Westchester County PD. She finds flash drives. Hard drives sim cards and other storage devices and criminal case is wearing electronic evidence insult. She's a regular co worker up on the office and she gets a lot of visitors said detective Brett Hart Ron that they Westchester County PD. Attendees of the conference swooned over Harley who was there to show held canines. Can help a law enforcement officials in criminal cases. She practiced sniffing for electronics. In the staged environment. Harley join the FBI last August. After graduating from the Connecticut state police canine academy. He said adding she is the only. A electronic storage device detection dog in the state of new York and you know they have these. She loves to work he said when the rising crime cybercrime. She's probably gonna get a bunch. Of work. As there's a lot of free money story out there in the world you have zero shame ethics or personal code. Yeah now I'm Mike Shanahan to their free money. Add guy posted a picture on FaceBook last Friday from the returns an exchange alliance. And they costs go that he goes to in LA. The woman in front of them had drag again I'm not making this up the woman had dragged in her huge Christmas tree. To try and return it to cost up. That would have been on January 4 if my math is correct. Her reason was quote. Because entry is dead. Well can't argue that Carrasco actually gave her their refund. The guy says the staff did shame her a little bit and didn't wanna give a tour but she stood her ground and eventually they gave it. She got. Her money back on January 4. A guy and I meantime the golf coach and a college in Nebraska on Bellevue University. Recently Ellis playing golf. When a 61 year old gentleman who has really good. Out Don buyers out golfing at a course in Nebraska. One of the already golfers was a guy named Rob Brown. Who coaches a golf game and Bellevue he said hey do you have any college eligibility laughed. I want to College Baseball scholarship was a pitcher and then blow my arm and off Owen into the workforce. Nobody believes that they'll laugh and then once they figure out that is for real there. 100% behind me they just send out on your bucket list will be during a just have to compete and I guess. Ball doesn't know whose it and it's. All the right thing goes in the hole and to be competitive. Have a 61 year old is one thing but that was 61 year old had them ready to play. He's got one of those great personalities killed and he loves hanging out with my guys are starting to work out Artie can't walk after the worked out of course. So when nine kids on the other college team. As saying ES 61 year old Don Meyer's. And they say to a male what you're doing out here Graham pop. Donna actually is a grand. You couldn't join the golf team at W course without enrolling taking a few courses this semester. And I says he never planned to go back to school certainly not destroy them life. I he had to drop out after you washes Bache baseball scholarship so this'll this'll be a fun experience or. Way to go when he got to grabs. They most heavily commuter hour of the bombing Mac show 5 o'clock follies is on the way next. Air.