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Thursday, January 11th

Off shore drilling


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Oh here we go low ceiling zero on this Thursday afternoon sun none Belgrade to go down not that we've seen it all day long today. There we go they most heavily commuted now are the bombing Mac program is under no. And ultimate edition for this weekend is all way is your input is invited encourage and welcome. Here's valued join me NBA part of the conversation. After a seven minutes after five judges eight Ingles advantage stock line. 803471063. Common sense retirement planning textile line number 71307. My email address Bob and 1063. Have not made a WL RD dot com Bob at 1063 W a RD dot com. In on now they text line this afternoon Bob we don't need any offshore drilling along the coast of South Carolina. Just put that stuff near the toilet bowl called Myrtle Beach. I guess maybe it is skate this techsters. Attention that Myrtle Beach is along the coast of South Carolina. Al Bobby heard about does Sam's clubs across the country closing today unexpectedly. The same day Wal-Mart. Gives pay increases. Up I look at the story the a vast majority in Sam's clubs that are causing. Are in now Blue States. In Alaska and in Puerto Rico. Now I'm kind of easy to understand. Al Bobby is Lindsay changed his true he had the most immigrants are Catholic and therefore vote conservatively now not. And 98 I think he has kind of he's a kind of a dispensed with that argument that he was in a meeting whether it. And the other and Democrats is that today actually you notice I said other Democrats. And they say they have a solution that I have an immigration deal and just what it includes. Not only amnesty for the dreamers thought OK well let's toss and their parents as well. Well. Danielle once set off breakers one and add another. To the phones we go in a 5 o'clock follies are leadoff batter to date is a Lulu. Who is and Campobello hello Lou and welcome to the show. I'd probably eat you know I think Hugh leatherman and not even Letterman but I agreement masters getting a bum deal. I don't think it's so much Henry McMaster that they noted that early. I think the people in Columbia. Our little bit nervous that the balance of power in this state the counties that or have influence on where the money you'll go. May change drastically if the kind of money they're talking about is generated. Off the coast. Now don't get me wrong I wouldn't bat an eye out if you'll see the Q Letterman center for drilling at the. Florida. I I don't know I I wouldn't be so sure I mean despite. Or me out blackened geographic proximity. That's that's never stopped you before why shouldn't stop and now Lou. Well I like I said Bobbie I I'm not saying it wouldn't happen I probably wouldn't bet on it but if that happened that would they. But I think I think it'll give the coast. And the up stating Greeneville will start giving Florence county or run for the money and I don't I don't think we should underestimate how much power. Key as controlling this legislation body. Even at the expense of the people all over that stage because it's. If the employment. Go out they say it might with the drilling revenue I mean that coastal areas the low country. Now become players in the fiscal market of South Carolina. Huge power made that diminished a little bit although I'm sure yet or relatives somewhere. That in the platform building and drilling. Damn it and if he does and now he's working on that has Canada part of his agenda I know one thing for certain who I I for one. And certainly encouraged and reassured. When I read today as I just did in the last hour that our god not. Him Brett might catch up. Is right there in the same pew. Asking president trump for a waiver so that South Carolina does not have to endure. Offshore drilling governor make taxer is right there will. And Jerry Brown of California. I. But less than if it wasn't coming up on an election cycle I think our governor would be singing a different tune. But I think if you open I think you'll find out if our governor back the drilling. And and someone animal that was terror what I read today brought up or really did point out OK you're worried about still because Myrtle Beach Hilton Head Island they generate a lot of earth and sent it. Right craft. Go after the natural gas. Yeah well after the natural gas if that's what you worried they even the amount of natural gas. Is is amazing how much we cap off this coast. But then again it's gonna lower the price so a fuel in South Carolina. And the taxes won't stand out. And again the good old boy in this in this state don't wanna shout too much attention to how much money they're actually reaping. I wonder if it actually would. Lower the gas prices in South Carolina mean that you know the good old boys in Columbia. Our I busily adding two cents a gallon that it should this year and every year in perpetuity. To try and not ensure that. They're continuing flow of revenue. Goes on unabated got I don't know if that drilling offshore Woodward. Make that much difference in our gas prices are not. Well Bobbie we have we have a pipeline system that runs through Spartanburg were lucky. And I believe it carries natural gas to work close yourself you're not trucking and let a lot of period in the state. And without that trucking it's hard to justify the cost I say well I'm I'm lucky I live in district thirty it just signed Magnus and my rant ma voted. Voted against the GAAP tax. And I'm glad to have a politician unlike some people in Florence county that I think our war the popular computer region. But say a lot before we blame our beloved governor. I think there's a lot of people in Colombia that are terror the accounts hours at stake here they allow them Earl. Well I'll give you this Lou it is certainly does its food for thought OYA. My hand ray. I would would suddenly take this same view as an eco freak. Like governor moon Lehman California wet and he does things obviously. For eight. Political gain so. Who isn't that she generating the pressure here. Two I convinced him to make this move to ask president trump for a waiver. For offshore drilling in South Carolina in the best of my knowledge he has never been a big green neat. Well I you know I I hate to say it is partly I don't know I don't know enough about him I. I don't want to seek out and uninteresting. But I can't tell you what his motive czar. I think it everybody in those in those areas that are afraid of what the tourism industry might indoors there's still in granted if there's an oil spill it to caught. Eight billion. And I agree with that it and then it's not my money and I am still spent the that they were. But if you're worried about the oil man let's go after the natural gas let that spring and that the amount of homes in South Carolina that have natural gas. Let's let's start modernize in our industry instead of burning coal that's sperm natural gas that we harbor strike are strong. Wanna and you would think he and you would think that these fossil fuel free sort recognize that but apparently not thanks Lou I appreciate the call good to have you here today. Quarter after five here in the bombing match or take a quick break here when we come right back on the other side speaking of governors. How about the other governor in non Missouri. Who is now admitted to an extramarital. Affair. And trying to blackmail. His peril more into silence. Who point. Quick to the air that sordid details ruin this died. Be right back here on the Bobby Mack show on Thursday. Work work work. Work work work work work. And said that's all we do all. Where a slave away over a hot radio every afternoon from three in a senate. Great to have you along the upstate smokes to listen to afternoon talk show Tony two minutes after five here in the bombing Mac program. Well I guess it could be worse than none governor hammer at. May tax ya. In nine Jefferson City, Missouri and so of the state capitalist governor narrate. Greek moos. As admitted having an extra marital affair and Tony fifteen and during a time when he was pardon the expression exploring a campaign for governor. But he's denying allegations that he tried to blackmail the woman and the silence. Marceau the media and mysteries. In the show me a statement this is ridiculous. The hidden gem was inspired by a report by Saint Louis CBS TV affiliate KM movie. They report featured an interview with the ex husband. Of the governor's mistress and a woman he was born around what. Who had secretly recorded his then wife confessing the affair to him. Before they divorced before they divorced in 2016. In the audio recording she says the governor. Taped her hands to a piece of exercise equipment in the basement of this former Roman Saint Louis. Blindfolded. Her and took a nude photo in order to black mailer. She said now greetings later apologized and told her he Adobe did the photo. And I am in all my deleted the photo story era and and the identity of the ex husband and woman were not revealed by the station a woman declined comment. They're attorney James Bennet that is for the governor. Released a statement late last night denying gay black male allegations there was no blackmail that claim as false the attorney said. This personal matter has been addressed by the governor and mrs. greetings privately. Years ago when it happened. Yeah true hears ago. There just over the outrageous claims and improper conduct regarding these almost three year ago events or a lie. Greetings and his wife she'll knock. According to the jungle released a joint statement and then do you know self exculpatory. And she now greens released as a separate statement of her own saying she and her husband have a loving marriage and an awesome family the problem. The revelations came just hours after the governor delivered his state of the unit of state of the state address. Rumors have been swirling all day leading up to the story's publication with a lawmakers lobbyists and staff anticipating a story about the governor's past. Which can turn up at any moment. The newspaper that wrote about this also came into possession of a transcript. I'm a woman's confession because a woman in question declined to be interviewed and want no part in story. A decision was made not to reveal her name the story was published only after the governor released a public statement about the fit the affair. Representative gene a Mitt may Saint Louis Democrat called the allegations deeply troubling. Ask senator Robb shaft they say saint Joe's of ms. new Republican tweed India's response to the report. What's the a simple response. In a tweet stick a fork in him. Okay it tests. And he doesn't hold out much of a political future for governor it's on that. Took five after five. She needs. Now is Amanda if you wanna take this kind of script to Hollywood. You're never gonna get a green light for a movie like that. Although I pay out money penny already suggested the title duct tape a million let us. Just look Colmes we're going to quite a way that's gonna do right Jim it was an angry don't hi Jim and welcome to the program. Cannot call yourself I think trying to misunderstanding. Concerning. Our natural gas and tell them I'm not an oil industry that account and follow on this the last six years. Can't support what percentage points and it is tough and that I'm on a percent. And labor truly helped calls. Wanted to he's totally understand that normal and natural gas bound together they are not counted separate entities. It's extremely we're gonna happen all the processing not a natural gas Obama musical guest. Comes from the processing. For the most part. What you had kept subject matter and people are right and bright and TV well our. Pressure cannot. Open T. Are liquids a little. Scrambled to natural gas are inside that was the magic carpet. So political fold the actual okay. Yeah and isn't that in part an explanation for the success of fracking. The track is. And overall tortured to reject any water food. We sentiments and site similar to fiberglass beat Jim actually end up too similar to. On the dish soap inside that water here are high pressure and also that your fracturing. Shame on our deposit on each side. Deep underground deposits although open girls quacks. And unfortunately lead his opinion our oil or natural gases that are trapped within that. And so that's. Partnership for hydraulic fracturing to write shoot and not doing something and they don't like Santa pilot holes which are here and get the residual gaps are written. And and as a result you get down the natural gas on with the oil crack. Who had a lot of problems can you just hate. Section or just got back together until I haven't. Got to that. I saw some video the other night and I can't remember where it was some on one of the cable channels and they were showing. A number of the areas. In west Texas. And then essentially had been given up on because at the wells. They had thought had gone dry and and of course with a fracking technology now all. It's. And it's it's a new golden field all over again for they shall. Absolutely if fact it's not that we're joined are not in the United States and the world. And it's such missed network that actually has taught dignity and Abby left movies that are being made in a balancing her escalates and all the rest yeah. What we have some subtle and material after after another person can't beat tonight but it's nothing more or anybody's calling an earthquake along at all. Just not happening. Well it's ugly it's certainly a nice to see that we have reached a point in time. Jam where our governor make taxer and governor Jerry Brown. From agreement California. Are singing the same tune I guess I've lived too long. I don't know focal point in time. She can't. Gonna give him the recommendation full web site some experts say edged down and may help people on this subject what about it like it sure. I'm an immigrant whose energy and that debt. And you have the stable organization is better off. I don't have access. Some in Canada in below the people who can culture and structure some. Solution of people are on the road at all about this energy and I just saw it up there. Goody goody I appreciate anngelle a quick question before I go to and I'm been wondering about. Motivation for him and what would prompt government master to find himself in the same boat when Jerry Brown of California. We know that there are a lot of left leaning individuals on the coast. Isn't that eco freaks down there that are that are pressuring the governor on this do you think. I think actually people who don't understand the science behind this in the belief that they're gonna teach some pristine organization. And they think that it's possible that an oil spill is gonna ruin their real estate. So I'm. The chance that C a lightning strikes. Land impossibility. Event is gonna happen. They're gonna saying no to this particular one we use the word lightning strike the other greatly hurting us as far as the probability chance at all that sense I mean the amount a little bit naturally seeps from. The ocean floor itself. Is equal to one barrel. Exxon Valdez. Every hour. While it's happening or why in the ocean is dissolving this stuff just an actual microbes that exist within the water itself couldn't eat what would result in it are increased. And in I don't wanna swim and oil myself and that's the that the chances of that happening are so many school and people won't understand this. It is something that can build up the economy in this state in a way that people just haven't seen. Anything you want to vacant. To accept another extra penny again on an automatic only hand and then they can buy doubles salt trucks this state needs. Well said thank you Jim I appreciate the information back and another tip on the energy in depth website we'll check those guys out 531 here on the body Mac show which ceiling zero clouds right down down on the deck near Macon drive and tough this afternoon. And he's ready to go and I'm right back does it the other side here on Thursday. Welcome back great to have you on nasty day weather wise here and answer and maybe some thunderstorms. Rolen and tomorrow. And then now little more at chilly weather beyond that. Come on spring time in on the eight tax line this afternoon 71 threes are seven Bob as I recall Donald Trump drafted. Nikki Haley of chemistry UN ambassador. Done as a favor of the man who supported trump early on in his effort to be elected president how does that man hit a threat. Might milestone payback mr. trump for a sky news. Yeah slapped him in the face by passing for an exemption for mr. Trump's economic and energy policy nice move. Hand wrapped. Also went on the attack so I'm Bob this morning on my way to work. The hot spot on 123. By the Greenville Pickens fairgrounds. And regular gas at 213 gallon did you say you saw that same prices morning money Kenya. I yesterday. As thank you not governor for making your announcement on now blocking coastal drilling in South Carolina. The same gas station this evening nine hours later gas at 229. A gallon. And guess who just lost my vote Bob I may be wrong but I don't believe fracking. Is used on underwater oil wells now you're right we were talking about. Two separate issues he brought him he had brought up the point of a natural gas. Being a byproduct of a drilling for oil. And you just brought up fracking as another example of increasing our natural gas supply. About the governor of Missouri house of cards mod rewrite. Not Hollywood just net flicks. Her story is almost a carbon copy. Bob can you please post the information on where these Sam's Club stores are causing social media is freaking out. And it's overshadowing the good news for Wal-Mart employees as always thanks yup. On this story and I saw is that in investors business day away. I will I pass this along to money penny so we can posted on our FaceBook page. I'm number of these stores are closing about debt ten maybe as many as a dozen are going to be turned into e-commerce. Sanders. The only ones and I saw. That were anywhere near our area and there were none. In now South Carolina. On the illicit I have but. AF Sam's Club and now lumber ten and one in Morrisville. And North Carolina. And those are the closest stores to us that I saw that our they are anticipating. Cause. Now Bob by the governor of Missouri starring in duct tape diaries. Or out fifteen shades of duct tape. Bob what was that a new movie coming out fifty shades of the show me state. On I'll say son not over and M euros Dow sun what you fail under a lot NSA not getting through son. You can't drill all ball beautiful show host. And I say yes I'll say so that's why we can't drill. I thank you appreciate. After the close we go Rick is enough fountain in and his next don't appear on the about a rematch you know hi Rick and welcomed. The program. I Bobby met my lips have bought out or how rare that it you don't plan and exactly and enjoy a while I'm talent. Maybe it did. Yet there they are not calling is up about January 70. We're amigo whip our supporters and volunteers we got. About a 150 people committed to go now we had a slight change richer and the Eagles. Although people. Okay and and if you're wondering what Jim is talking about it see other rally for the convention of states. Right Rick -- So you throw you threw me correct crafted for the last hour with yes it is the convention isn't it. Yet entered the race they rally to demand is going to be fairly awkward. They changed that a lot of richer people are aware ripper plane coming down for that. Is about how. Because. And that's why might be go to the raptors stayed there stayed in the same date I'll have to move their actions are. Time from Kennedy down to 2 PM all cancel the senate has not changed there's there's going to be at noon. So because that we got a conflict now we're back aperture room we're gonna meet up a black Billy we're gonna meet up at the liberty cap room at eight. 280 Gervais street right here blocks from the capitol joy so. You were going to be yet it is it is great plays were going to be there we're gonna you're right by industry. We're gonna have guard implement their. Bob Taylor. Sheen mask he you know our senior leadership and we're gonna re focused on what we're gonna do with older two to meet yet legislators vote me out of the senate. And that never punch or it's gonna be available there are twelve dollars per person be about say they do a great job of that. Sort of our remind people that we're going to be meeting at the liberty except from 828 Gervais street. It 9:15. AM it makes it you're we don't want your age you. Chip eater on the traffic to you bet going to want to pass that along you won't yet wit. I told you last week we got over 20000 aboard that was right there right we only have a 191000. Were away on its way off yeah. Pointed out we are hopeful that we get a lot of people down every got a hundred people committed. You know and we are adding com sponsors and supporters every day we just got Peter de had a lot. Mention names because. When you wait for them particularly put their name on the bill passed their bill. Anecdote to spend refile. And shoot question did you do that Norbert have a brain drain but I'll I. All right it gives me an opportunity to mention wrecked and that's former senator Jim dement. Who is heading up the convention estate project nationally. Is going to be joining me on the show next Tuesday in the fire o'clock hour so will will be an excellent hopefully output to shoulder the wheel and provide some impetus for Burris. That's super yellow page 3233 of the house bill now the senate Bill Clinton differ in the last session. That the bills that we just we introduced on a Monday now into the exact. Image of the other bills so guys do we know and you. We are coming how many how many states on how many stage on board already wrecked. Well they have passed and we passed forward they per year for the last three years those who worked on my prediction has. 20/20 three we're gonna hold it and then to the states. Now would be nice Rick thanks a lot for the call I appreciate and again. On Tuesday a former senator Jim a man who has heading up. The convention of state project will be joining me at 5 o'clock here on the program fourteen before six take a quick break here we go to the phones again. Now lot of discussion today also about daka. Only the senior senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham could find a way to make doc got worse. But he's applied himself and he's done just that be right back. Welcome back 552. Here in the body Mac show and on the text line. Never for a convention of staged a liberal started it many years ago now they have so called conservatives pushing it. I think there's a lot of confusion. It's not a constitutional convention it's a convention states. Google it like an up and you'll see the differences and has certainly I would hardly call Jim demand a so called conservative. Bob imagine gas at stop a minute in Pickens yesterday evening and for. At two point 139. By 8 o'clock this morning 2.2. 99 I guess are expecting a big travel day for Monday. Martin Luther King Jr. day. I must be at. I'm Bonnie great impression about gob enough thank you. Money penny is afraid that if I Jenrette. And does ever appear in studio with me or for that matter I guess on the phone that I would automatically fall into doing him and so like they get agreement and rep Mike Massa being interviewed by a well buying himself. Bob thanks for the list about Sam's good don't touch my Sam's an easily. OK and I'll. I'll watch well they make master bashing. I'm not crazy about a lot of stuff he's done. As simple explanation. And I think does that catch me up with the Arab text line. Bobbie we've had to endure a lack of work on our highways and roads in South Carolina on the missing money that should have paid for that road work. As well as a nuke plants. There are just sitting there is dead ducks. I think we should do early offshore drilling for our economy and tax them to repay the wasted funds and our pathetic state government consumed. And take the burden off us well as a said yesterday why should we drill offshore. And perhaps generate hundreds of millions of dollars. When we can just continue to soak they taxpayers of South Carolina much easier waited. And I Gary is on he is up next he's on his cellphone hi Gary and welcome to the program. Hey Bob. I have to laugh or so much misinformation. About energy in general and petroleum in particular. That I was just compelled to call this guy that you get on before the great news Jim yeah there's been in the spirit and and bustle no direct opposite of what he told her audience is. Is that true what the what'd he say it was incorrect. I don't McCall a whistle first I had an undergraduate work union Texas summer work trek untrue well over a decade and 75%. Of natural gas wells. Never produce a drop of well okay their purpose drill the geological formations when you're hunting natural gas. Are largely dissimilar. From. The geological formations what we aren't so. We've bilateral the Hydro carbon right Josh called B&G. Now it's true there's that natural gas will be produced. Out of an oil well as a black but again but again you're you wanna draw down and there's still needs and our. Largely in the coal seams in jail scene captured actual there and that's not that's not true oil will be act the exact opposite of what he told you was caged on. These macondo well. That blew out in march of a twenty term. People refer to what has politely but that was actually a brick that was leased by had a dark wood PP. That was called macondo it was a twenty degrees 37. Latitude and 8836 longitude that was the mother of all oil well I do well in gulf right. Right now and it was it was it was quite a methane. That that cost. The back part sure you're in the in the massive explore ocean water not my natural yeah books it was the actual gas but it was martial art what are okay that would break the Pope. Com but there again the rig count the US rig count a bit this morning art speculators to oil that's that's what I. Gotcha with the rig the rig count in in US in the US tricked out. As at 8 o'clock this morning was 91 wore a tank that's up back up to 59. From this date last year and added. Right yeah we've got to 59 in production more than we edit this cycle slurred. They're just despite that oil of west Texas intermediate closed at 6365. So those of us who were long oil. Here are in in really good shape my motivation. Is is profit. I would prefer not to have more Rick come on line because I producer might pipeline assets are. Or greater value checked and oh so so my motivation. Is it is not the same as soon as many. Environmental Serb assault and introduced regulated market prospects are our secondary Josh but the other thing is that people need to remember is that. That your margin greater oil companies like Exxon and BP Chevron 60% of their profits don't comparable U. They come from the petrol polymer chains in the hybrid change that they produce polyethylene. Polypropylene polystyrene polyvinyl. Plastic it got him up against 60% of what Exxon makes cultural plastics. In the same is true PP. Called and you'll hear a lot of people say things are well he got oil here in the United States. They're not selling really you don't hear and that's all monster too you know look at treat you ordinance to beat the Troy and institute US Geological Survey. And you're literary I hate they can't cut you short here bent on I'm absolutely out of time I continue coming back end and we'll talk more about this. Oh great I appreciate under the collar Gary it's it's in good information like to talk with the experts in the field so you back with a bonus hour up next.