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Friday, January 12th

Trump S-hole


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Not stake not steak. No I'm not the president's language of the weather outside it it's not stayed here we go getting underway. Not any final edition for this week we are may have arrived a day Friday free for all. I did here we go getting underway with the TG IF addition it's the all skate. Which means that today you get to have a massive amount of control over the programming contents. I'm about him actually in other words whatever topic you wanna talk about it is now fair game today but please remember it's a family friendly environment. Each. It you gotta love 41 century broadcasting. Where we just got me out a huge slot a veritable plethora as seal late great Howard Cosell used to say. A U lit me on via corporate emails. Out reminding us to not use these same word. The B president always gently used yesterday at the White House and describing certain foreign countries. While Jen I'm certainly glad that they sent along those reminders. Vieques now left to my own devices. I yeah I certainly. And I you know I would never have thought I could not use. Of the ass hole good. On the hair Jesus. But you know this is so this is the corporate environment in which we find ourselves. You know the sued supporters think that originally drew is now rush. Add to that emails. And as ever Schoen remind everybody don't say this word on the air. Even though it is of course one of George carlin's seven famous seven deadly since we're urged that you can use it well. Bring the wrath of the Federal Communications Commission down around your ears so. Well when the story broke yesterday. You know I just said the president use the password. And he described these places as a as whole country's. And but pretty much delivers the message I should think. I thank you Bob in on the tax on thank you Bob good to know you don't fall from the liberal talking point scripts. The big hypocrisy. Of the left on full display. May have gone now they have manned the battle station. Over this. And and the president by the way is now saying look you know I'm I'm yeah I used some tough language. I didn't use these the specific expression. That little Lindsey Graham misty and now I'm Dick turban and some of these others are Sam yeah it was tough language. Annie's death I guess I'm gonna have to start recording. As future Oval Office meetings well. That didn't work out so well for a former president the only one who resigned. That would be of course you are not a crook. Richard Mell house next. 'cause it was the Oval Office took a thing of course there brought him down and Watergate. And when everything's going on now Watergate look like child's play. I want I don't look yeah how do we knew that do we know have we known for sometime that. And Donald. Act course language and being vulgar at times. Boy yeah up. As if he's the first occupant of the Oval Office never do that. Herman Limbaugh playing the up audiobook excerpts. From. I his majesty. Barack Hussein Obama. And the language and he used in his book. Which would would make a gunnery sergeant in the Marine Corps blush. And believe me Ivan I should there Johnny's. Lyndon Baines Johnson just right off the top of my head. Use some of the course Isp language. Ever hurt. I mean Doug ball language and LBJ purist. Could peel wallpaper. Off they all of the above the walls of the Oval Office. Then of course into more recent times. Nobody raised an eyebrow. Member they had the big signing ceremony for obamacare. And they were all all be up progressives were busy. Dislocating her shoulder patting themselves on the back for passing obamacare which turned out as we notably an unmitigated disaster. But there is Joseph Biden. And and out and acting very coy as if he didn't know the microphone at the podium you left the Mike was not. And he turns to Obama when he says this is a big guessing deal. Nobody bats an fine. Nobody's you know calling him. I'm not seeing and nobody is senate calling him. Well here's some of the stuff from the media not see evil. Kkk. Member terrorist sympathizer. Meantime. CNN. Which is a cable TV network unregulated. By the FCC. They're going full bore ass hole word they said it 36. Times. At trump perhaps that it once. Thanks edit 36. And then of course there is a larger issue there is AM I got to a sea of like your back and find it again and in my email this morning. It's a picture of the president needs and the Levys are sitting at a desk in the Oval Office. And he's holding a bottle of dull showcase. And the caption on it says. I don't always use coal country as an ass hole. On one I do it's because I'm telling the truth. The. And yet you gotta you gotta love him the truth. Is that there I mean look. Haiti let's Cady all that bad. I mean don't we need more immigrants. Seeking religious freedom to come to America to practice. Vote no. Think the leading religion and maybe. Yeah yeah I. And this this stuff the Vatican says the president's language is harsh and offensively and it cost you win. Why do you that look when the UN is displeased unhappy. If we have ticked off the UN my day is may. Very much. But CNN. Gotta love the hypocrisy of these guys. A day usually ass hole word 36. Times according to the headline on Drudge this afternoon. Why this is a word these folks have never heard let alone you noticed right do you think. Any of the CNN reporters who actually went to Haiti following the earthquake. When they came back and there are in the CNN newsroom and somebody has built urine Haiti larger outlets like down there are trying to console. That's an ass hole contrary. Think that never happened come on. You just you got a lot of Al we have me a bunch of obvious news stories to catch up with you here on not on Friday worse. Yeah. There's arrow when it off obvious news story or worse are obvious news. Background sounder. Never got. 29 year old guy and Saint John New Brunswick Canada. Captured by a police dog yesterday. After stealing some stuff for my grocery store. What did he steal. Stakes. I guess I'm not sure that they like canine police don't ever had an easier mission. And that's when they police even acknowledged Alec isn't too easy for the dog. Probably not the best thing to be carrying. When they determined police service dog is tracking your down. States. Even worse are gonna had a pound bacon. I didn't make it a country like vacant. Now the guys facing theft charges or Seattle leadoff obvious new story here today we go to the phones it is the Friday free for all when we come right back. Here on the Bobby Mack show. TGI definition. Welcome back three Tony one on this wow cloudy. Rainy Friday afternoon and again a move out here on by the weekend but then we get some of the cold stuff I usually. Next week we'll get some overnight lows back in the team's again. Drew. Now in on the tax line 71 threes are seven Bob I respect trump even more my favorite saying his ass fire. Assay and all day. Bob cock not whole. Bob I can't just say it is a news quote you probably couldn't. You know why take the chance. At Bobby Haiti and most out of Africa our ass holes if there weren't on people if they would if they weren't. People wouldn't before you come when no kidding. Bob I think it didn't work out for Nixon because he tried to record their secretly. Now wasting just jumped on here you try to record secretly I think trump. I should make it public knowledge and he's gonna record conversations. Sonny's knuckle heads don't take what he says out of context. Bob you write about George Carlin and the seven dirty words you can't say on TV or radio. I in fact that was carlin's first word list laugh out loud. Bob if if there aren't if these places aren't as whole country's how come nobody wants to go back there. Bob aware it was a moral outrage when Hillary calling a large section. Of American citizens know portables. Well age you get a Downey deplorable is not a word that many consider vulgar. Is it is it a nasty thing to say about half the elect herder are so yeah. Bob what C phone number the FCC so I can file a complaint against CNN for using the F word on their bare. They're not under FCC regulations vary cable. Network and that's how they get away with this stuff. Bobbie I don't understand how dims can save these for fifteen years as their main offensive aliens and Americans may now if. Trump says that. And all of a sudden NC apocalypse. Am Bob one thing's for sure with president trumpets never boring. Sure and and he certainly knows how to change the narrative makes fake news and the wind targets knots he does. He ties a cap to their tail each and every day of the week. Bobby is anyone is ever traveled outside this country has seen any was correct. And by the way let poignant countries off the list. It's true. I'm like I don't think he mentioned Norway at to be racist a almost exclusively. White country comparing I would Africa or Haiti I think you mentioned Norway because he just met with their prime minister. And Bobbie that's the point even if trump used this language can these people actually stand there and prove me wrong. I doubt it. Bob what's the difference between a liberal and apartheid. OK am I give up what is the difference between neo liberal and a party. And it just skip to. Hang on to say in May turn me on this show the honest Freeman's help wanted to kick up about about. And it was a up once and their freshman and a liberal and a company after a few weeks but poppy. Quits whining got. Andrea and the left never dust to the phones we go here on the Friday free for all our leadoff batter today hey good to have her back. Rose in Spartanburg hell arose how Loria. I'm it well that's good a lot of people have been inquiring about you from time to time I'll. On the tax Laden's NA what whatever happened to roads. Don't. Know I generally now I know little. That's how I didn't account to hear a lot of talk about what actually a side. Isn't. Chris stone Matt Matt doesn't. Steady as she details it. Matt you're not watched it a 100%. Pro captain Phillips spoke a little bit I don't. But the pilot that he gave it to power the treatment in time he comprehend and he bam they are also. I achieved what can them I can't force should have tried hanging ears and shock and then it Bobby. You are capped gold I think that no big deal but I am Katy thought she'd say. She said. It was great chemical into the first and that they should vote to. An end up. And and she's we argued area course how can I. And at that hundred do you knock out about what went into my belt nope you got a cold winter. I got my stigma to adapt to that odd juncture. Exports to. And and Bobby and they are a unit and collect an election. And the biggest hot that look. Grows and grows. I hate I hate and erupted but if we're going down the Kim trail run. Picture of church you bet I'm Greg and Barry MIR. Med dot com. And they. Want to ask and I can't not to read it and try to tell the parent. Company. This guy wishes as clear as a bell two days ago look. Let me let me let me let me let me bring up one. My mind number one argument against against Kim trail stuff all right a help. Our government is poisoning is by flying aircraft around that are poisoning the atmosphere. Are all these pilots. Who are doing nationally all orphans. Because against otherwise otherwise they're poisoning are poisoning their own families roast yeah. Right mind would do that. Like they are then we can and I have to take orders on power that you can do not. Don't think that gap and just do it but aren't they can't cut it to pay. An attempt. Around anybody anybody rose anybody who's given an illegal order. As who is perfectly within their legal rights to refuse it rose now via but I gotta go I'm I'm not going down. I guess our government done bad things in the past certainly I am. But to suggest that we are using air force pilots to poison everybody on the planet is aware of these pilots go when they land. Do they go into a secure facility where they're leaving they're breathing purified air because they can't go back deadly atmosphere they just poisoned it. Look at it you you want to believe that conspiracy theory. And how hot their engines get. And via the vapor trail that you see from their engines. Look and see what the temperature is and it in our atmosphere. And from 35 to 50000 feet it's we'll call. Okay. You jet jet exhaust that makes. Those so called chem trails in the sky. Okay 29 after a threat where. We're off and running it is a Friday free overall after all. 29 after three right back on the other side here on the body matchup starent there. Webb's. Rainy edition of me Friday free for all here on the money Mac show. Tax line's gone absolutely crazy this afternoon money panic I'm actually the last segment this hour and just catch up with a tax on. It's it's an overwhelming because I need to go to the phones here on the Friday free for all ally and is joining me now actually as in rebuild hello Allen and welcome to the free brawl. Happy Friday I mean thank you Sarah same year. It didn't surprise anybody in America debt from time to time trial is gonna use the line. Course. Either and probably a curse word. Does that surprise any party. I personally am stunned torrent that's only luck you know I I used to work in New York. I understand how to speak queens and Brooklyn okay. Aren't there it doesn't mean that you would prefer it doesn't mean you lie get that he did it when he was campaigning yes. And and in the and so it's no surprise now you know it did look. Did not the definition of the word that he supposedly here or is accused of YouTube that meanings. I did a fine. What is it lightly at Indian well certainly it. Yet it extremely dirty share the year otherwise unpleasant place. Now I've been the idea served on a mission board. For several years involved in multiple weeks of everything that you go over there to date to try to help and Dominique and yet front that the place. They remain at. It's it's it's. Fact that it's what eighty years in the majority in many of the places in it that way for one simple reason the government which in advance trot toward apology. The Iraq. To bet he'll write you an example. Well I I can I can give you one and returned. I just go right across the border to the in the Dominican Republic. Exact quite. In fact what what what I went out there the first that they are. And I'm going to where we're headed and here and missed it's an area is what I would describe as approximately. A thousand. Apartments. That have been built since the most recent earthquake right it was built by a foreign investment. Eric White House Shelby as apart the less than 5%. Of those departments which are fully ready. Were available but an occupied. Why are they occupy I was not question answers this. Most people don't have enough money to bright but the government they have access to them. Now that's one of countless of what's going on in Haiti right and checked the problem radiate the government and and you know to me. This that don't meet that can deal with Dick Durbin per minute sure protect. Durbin when he took office the Daschle debt. The tank there's about four trillion dollars. That he's been in office it's gone up to approaching twenty meaning that. When Dick Durbin took office the taxpayer each individual and approximately. 161000 dollars Wolfowitz Dick Durbin has been they are we now a each taxpayer now hold a 160000. Dollars about pace up then. That's called gore. Well and and you know probably better than I do Alan how much money did the Clinton foundation taken for the nation's. And how much did they actually spend there and wasn't Hillary's brother. One of the guys who are managed to. Skim a substantial portion of the cream off the top of the money that was mostly go to help these four anxious. Yet it bites trumpet that something and it's very simple words. And it said this to the other countries it would be the best thing talks only that I know it could happen. But outside job that's all coming to Jesus. And what he said was that yes. He said look I'm putting America the first in youth need to put your country and the people in your country first. And the solution to all of this jail that we deal with that leads to all of this is that. Country. Need to be a great place to lead us. And in countries need to do the things that would provide back contrary being a great place to Leah. I know that's a big cast. That's the only answer to your body can't come to America. Now no I can't we're we're we're now via we're we're now to answer the for the entire remainder of the world. Great call Alan thank you appear Christian charity and going to help those folks down there and you you recognized. The other problems that we face and and the accuracy. Maybe I don't agree with that of the Bulgarian that was used for the accuracy of the term I'm afraid is exactly right. All right I get you don't get YouTube great preparation to come out thanks very much money out quickly get tagged gunning. In here Denny is in now Spartanburg I got Ian welcome Michelle. Good afternoon mr. all of your old paper guests here. About bogus account I am not a stage parade I am an upbeat edition or you get the facts well. Thank you made any attempt to about a 100% but outside of that you're right it's a glorious day in the ups. They didn't assert but I can't speak about the pinnacle better standard fire. Boat cheap. Although no one else. Our. Change. Shelter collide. Like. Awards are now and their goal that's out there at that you can't do it. Can you imagine can you imagine the other reaction to some of these leftist if they were two. Not be there in the footsteps in the painted footsteps network junior wanna hear some language. Yeah yeah well column that I got all got to tip or recruiter he appeared really I think yes. That's not here I ain't right what you get out let us are solid you politely to you what you are you don't look or act. Done in court because what you separate buy in the hook and actor. For a while there to about everywhere or not only did that really because your answering those descriptions. Yes. I hit bode well it sure to make a male. Privileged doctor Weil downer and much like what he how little effort. Well you can buy it Donald Trump a NDP you should expect and it just like he hit a bullet to. Pain you will it double separate bank outlaw. Yes sir and doc pitched it if people would just understand it better. And it but it can turn group while a parent probably surged up the worst met beard they're meant a lot. And a lot encore. I would agree it's I think you're gonna take it if it talks shop about well talk about why actual not clear that and a solid app for China at. And and that would be an appropriate animal. For days regularly or I don't know he didn't he didn't know up. Johnny Johnny. Here are her courage. I just got cheap Sheppard Pratt I appreciate that and again and I'll be have a great weekend thanks a lot for the gulf thanks for the serviced. And as always Superfund. Shep it sure and held court to get you to sir thank you regard quarterly for four here in the money manager when I come back. I won't get back to the phones as it is the free for all and I'll see invite and may gave valiant effort. To catch up with a tax line I'm only about 4050 text behind be right back. Welcome back 35010. Before for our wet and rainy Friday the free for all rolls on here on the body match up. Now the president tweed and the language used by me at the Dak a meeting was tough. This was not the language used what was really tough was he outlandish proposal made a big setback for down the president. I'm quite often when he uses a profanity will be doing so for a fact. And and what was the effect of this if blew up. The Democrats doctor proposal. Which was a disaster I read some of the details on it. Yesterday. And the Democrats want to not only. Give amnesty to the N dot gut individuals they wanted to expand it. To include millions of their parents. It was insulting that they actually brought that proposal to add the president but. That's what they did and and that's what. Inspired his anger and his ire all I don't think is going man and a key media. Knew exactly what it was doing he usually does in on the tax line Bob please tell me any instant turn on their headlights thank you from a Karl. A money question when no Bill Clinton was impeached why was he allowed to remain president well because he was he was cleared when the trial in the senate. The house levels the charges in the sentinels try. I know there's a reason just can't remember thanks rob mail they that senate. Didn't find him guilty of the charges even though of course we knew that it committed perjury and now was guilty of all charges they just didn't want. Disrupt the country by kicking him out to the phones we go let's head to bomb Malden next and bring in. Mills here on the mount an action Ohio mills and welcomed the Friday free overall. And I hate I hate Dylan Bobby laugh I get tight when they don't look don't look back. I'll bet it Iowa what is called the except per draw my. Yell guys don't know I mean no no problems in the North Korea. All over the. Now I gotta read about the let me get it. Exactly VMware you're just done between you know take up take some white boy they get their money into sticks in my life boy in the present smelled the. Likened Christmas story and then all of our problems on this a long time. Or a problem may have people got too much time home Iranians yeah but they are out the back door about up it didn't work. I hear yeah unity though. Actually I ask you Jews are out the other great you know weekend as well well as the president said actually do his work and pass to work work work. Work work work work mercy. And I in on the attacks lineup Bobby what about all of Hillary's underlings. Including me pour agents on the Secret Service detail and had to endure her horrible. Demeaning language all the time yell. Member of a book about Hillary quote. To the Secret Service agents get beat up the way for me. You'll wanna do something up pick up that luggage. Now Bob why everybody's saying and confirming trump said that of these countries only one way out but. Said he said this the other senators said they didn't hear that you know Hu also general you know who I suspect is behind this your Dick turban. As a previous caller mentioned he's a guy that that is the point man for this but who else was in the room. Little Lindsay. You think he didn't if so is they got out on the front lawn of the White House he had his cellphone out was gone his buddies in the Washington Post. Isn't as opposed that broke this story. I Josh dossier. City stands by his reporting won undergo a military had a great source. Wednesday. Bet the ranch John. Al Bob the left is up and arms over this alleged statement I when the president called spade to spade we're fine. When they Clinton foundation profiting from their misery on Haiti. Excellent point. Who got rich off that. I mentioned Norway the president did Sonya I can we don't get more immigrants and Norway not from a Canadian African honest. The Norwegian prime minister had just met. I was present drop by the way nor way. In helping with Haitian relief gave 75 million dollars the nation of Norway to. They didn't give directly to the Haitian government is they were afraid of all the corruption that they gave a 20. Clinton found. Him. Well that'll certainly ensure the money gets there and does some good ha. Bump up dumb. Whereas SPN Bobbie these de amazing just insisted the chem trails didn't start coming out of jets until around ten to twenty years ago. Because they swear up and down they never sought contrail is again. And insist it's this stupid conspiracy. But when they fail to realize this you can sleep well any of these so called chem trails in World War II bomber videos. And we definitely weren't gassing and Nazis. These people are complete morons but I shouldn't be surprised I can guarantee that the same ones the earth is flat Mary ago. Bob Bob Bob Bob bomb. I sure had me do pick up here. One of these cell repeated. Don't go to. So I haven't scroll down here somebody said repeated a couple of times. Bobby please remind your listeners a state law to turn your headlines on while driving in the rain and and he just add your parking mice on. You're just being an ass hole. Gadget. I'm. Bob with not trump using tough words we have to come up when they snowflake alert so the Democrats can cover their ears. This is just they test. Of the emergency alert vulgar language broadcast system. Bob I believe the government does he use their jets to burn chemicals everyday nothing new rule. I'm sure that's what they were doing back in the early seventies. After an embodiment. Bobby why isn't the people who say the government is poisoning us with Kim trails believe 9/11 was perpetrated by the government play the same people. To control health care. Bob Bob Bob Bob the abbey bill DOT workers were mulling a they duke power right away has Hugh leatherman expanded into yard work. Is is new not know if I can't pay but I'll mullet. The idea. Take any outbreak in the news here the top of the hour Friday free for all rolls on Maria go back to the phones and in the second hour. Would you like to be able to converse. With your cast are your dog and in Europe native tongue. And theirs. It could be on the way. They back.