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Friday, January 12th

A hole; AI helping people communicate with pets; Presidential cussing thru history


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Well of course you're shocked enough sent. First there's president trouble then of course then you turn on the radio and now to make matters even more interest singing of god they attack dog in the right. The aim bombastic loud mouth of the south her. Like I could go wet and rainy Friday to wrap up the workweek that means it's time for the free for all. And that is to say whatever you wanna talk about is fair game. And the app president's remark yesterday is amend numero uno on our hit parade today here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation. Just use the Ingles advantage talk line 80347. 1063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. My email address Bob. And 1063. WL RD dot count I mentioned the money panic. The the prep service. App provides us with a birthday list every day and this is were. Radio stations in and not various formats so they also include. As some younger demos I got the M birthday was today. And I tell money can't. Am I reaching the point where I'm out remind you soreness goes I'd I didn't recognize. Anybody. In the first eight or nine names on the list. And I ask money penny she recognized what I mean she knew one. Today's birthdays January 12. Zion mount lake. I guess that's 01 on one direction guys 25. And then it's got a bunch of other people and I never heard of otherwise celebrating birthdays today Heather Mills McCartney. That's Israel that is sir Paul McCartney's ex. She is now the Big Five oh today Dominique Wilkins former Atlanta hawk the human highlight reel as 58. I Howard Stern is 64 happy birthday our country singer Ricky van Shelton 66. Actress Kirstie Alley is 67. L rush Mo is also 67 today William Lee golden and the Oak Ridge boy 179. The amazing crest then is 83 remember him the mental list. By the way a distant relative of the guy who founded the a chain of stores overcame Kmart. Al boxing legend Joseph Frazier born in the state in 1944. Country legend Ray Price we remember his birthday today. More on the state in 1926 and Jack London. Author of not call of the wild born in the state in 187621. Day is. Until Groundhog. Day and I hear count. Two of the phones we go let's begin with rage who is in Lawrence high rate and welcome to late Friday free for all. Thank you rather it not be an apathetic if I have another type of program to have on Friday so people can talk about anything. Because. A lot of thing is that oh I'm I make a quick comment about the thing about the president. The bigger guy I guy gets your attention. Hezbollah has the president of the United States does not talks Spanish. Russian or Chinese golf happened. Now out Ichiro cannot so. OK go for it. Okay now I'm at this subject I called them today is that. Many joke OPEC he went to the high school that my wife went to a New Jersey really. Yes he was about three years. Tell earlier announcing graduating in and grab them find these sisters and Brothers. We're aware of how are set she was very adamant. And that has her own words as far as they could remember. That she was going to be a First Lady don't matter what. And she got herself by taking it out buying the embarked page Kennedy's. Secretary or one of them as. Attorney general lord she got to go a lot of things about a lot of people that normal people would not at all about. By the way there is a movie there's going to be coming out I believe this spring. I called Chappaquiddick. As you know as a route that incidentally and and not. It actually. I've I guess maybe for the first time in major American Media. Well tell the truth about what happened there. He out because there's a lot of things that a friend that lives. Here's South Carolina whose sister talked are all the time. There in the same class sub the ninety Jersey. And down. They it was just talk about just a few days ago when he says if you look. Put the car intent that. A water gear. Is that bridge there's no way you could slam anywhere at that high eight or whatever the heck it is they ripped. There's something there that take she route deceased so fast he wouldn't be jealous slim. Well I'm sad way sadly a lot of people think that that Mary Joseph compact he drowned. The the official coroner's report showed that she did not drown she died from oxygen starvation. They think that she was alive in that car for half an hour or 45 minutes. Before she had used up all the air it was so yeah certainly a tragedy and and to compound the tragedy is a way that Ted Kennedy. Was idolize stay as the lion of the senate. Now when in point of fact the very least he was guilty of manslaughter thank you ray I appreciate the call good to have you here. Doesn't manage after four in on the attacks on Bob I think his excellency president trump. Made a mistake and labeling those places as. Ass holes he should have been a little more specific he should or refer to them as. Toilet bowl garbage dumps and ass holes but really know what he meant. So that's so nice we have someone who speaks clearly and carries a big. She's may I mean huge. Stick. I hate Bobby Mack it's my birthday where's my shout out. Semi back your name. Well and coach and the birth English. Bob Anderson more that govern not speak. It's hilarious. I'm afraid we'll have plenty of opportunities. At for me to do my impression good doll. Well but my house. Comic taxer beg your pardon. Pop up. Lobbyist for the fake Kim trails are these chemicals mentioned simply Adam is they put in rocket fuel and jet fuel for various reasons roe should be more concerned. When he amount of bug parts allowed in the food she eats EL. Tech gadget. Where was there was another one entertainer well I'll work Mac. Then where was. Attempt oh yeah Helio Bobby please tell the guy who doesn't believe in chem trails. To research. Geo engineering there's a video. Where John Brennan of the CIA is speaking to world leaders confirming it. From a AP. OK and then John Brennan now would don't live on what planet. After he takes part in this conspiracy to poison everyone on the globe to reduce the act human population. ID he spends his life and a secure facility camp. Okay the good and that's why. And I quarter after four here in the body Mac show when we come right back on the other side mention us and somebody sent me a link to an hour right thank you I have the story. There is this a guy who says that before too much longer when he had a help of AI artificial intelligence. Scientists are learning how to translate animals vocal as nations and facial expressions into something we can understand. Although I understand missed may again. Pretty much right now that are being able to vote collapse and now and party explicit money you know what she wants. Especially when I'm cooking vacant. I can think of quarter after four here on the bunny match I'll be right back. Oh yeah that's a school 21 after 4 AM just got an email from mom my friend. Presley statue of the Greenville Tea Party tells media Politico chicks. Are going to be in town actually in a wannabe another studio and me Al we'll do that. I don't that'll be fun. At 22 after four here on NATO bombing Mac show here is the end the story that done that I referenced while Taylor let me south. Has been now waiting on the phone for a substantial amount of drama Emmy on not to. And test his patients any further go and yet set in here and then I'll give you this story about. And doctor Doolittle talking to the animals I Seth and welcome to the Bobby Mack Friday free for all. Hey Bobbie I'm enjoying beautiful weather we ask you concern it's a great if you go flat. Clay paper our department Tuesday the computer. At school that opened up their comments that Chelsea Hitler this week. I don't literature if you screw you used to read out. And yet I know we mentioned it yesterday and and do a clean up on some of her language as well. Sure element to any of it but let's not pretend that it was true. That there was some type of video or something like that the background right thumb. If you compare. What she says there are related to Michael Robertson has sent a apps that are barely descriptions. A homosexual activity in. Should we need to get it in anticipation. Of some kind of outreach that the gay community without. She will headline on many different web site suggesting her comments of put it in reality you opera and they're just. Active. Again. If it's the person if you look at the way you the left respond to slow Roberts and he makes a descriptive comment here and excoriated. I don't currently the descriptive comment about eighty any excoriated and yet Chelsea handler makes these comments. Probably not even related to any reality of something staying at its pre cut. Yell at well I of course as it has not escaped your attention and I'm sure sent there is one level of outrage that's experienced. If you say any thing. That. Crosses the line so to speak if you're a conservative. But of course if uranium progressive oral live on the and you think the right way which is the area. The way that the progressives want every one like that the progress is perfect world is everybody looks different than everybody thinks the same. And that the same uncertainty at every week you know that we have to be careful. But look at today. Because people whole totally discredit. Publicly any civil right giving the cricket. Yup yup and now and the thought police are are all geared up on this thank you Seth I appreciate the call. I mentioned this story about communicating where their animals. This is where shares dropped. Pop up on. Apple will not go back and find. Out what if your pet dog or cat could talk instead of barking or meowing. You know just how much rover luxury UN maybe how much are how sorry full up fears about that mess on the carpet. We all know that's not about to happen but. Recent advances in AI artificial intelligence and machine learning. Suggest me a longstanding dream of being able to can being able to converse with the animals is in a limited fashion could become a reality. Where the help of artificial intelligence. AI scientists are learning how to translate. Animals vocal as nations and facial expressions into something we can understand. Recent advances include an ai system that listens and on Marmol set Monti is. To Parse the dozen calls they used to communicate with the each other and one that reads faces a sheep. To determine whether an animal isn't paying. Taking note of the resurgent Amazon's sponsored report on future trends. Released last summer predicted that in ten years will have a translator for patents. Doctor conduct. Boy what is this a slow bug check off. As a doctor con so bogged shook off a professor emeritus of biology and Northern Arizona University. The author of chasing doctor Doolittle. Learning a language and animals is on the vanguard of animal communication. More than thirty years studying prairie dogs. Wish you know I've gone well I've studied prairie dogs are thirty. Have convinced him that these North American rodents have a sophisticated form a vocal communication that is nothing less than a language. They prairie dogs make high pitched calls to alert the group. To the presence of a predator slow bogged trick off discovered that those calls very eight. According to the type of predator as well as its size its. The animals can combine their calls in various ways and can even use them to indicate the color of a nearby humans clothing. But the doctor wasn't content just understand prairie dogs. Withheld from a computer scientist colleague he developed an algorithm. As an every one. That turns the vocal as nations into English. Last year he found at a company called zoo lingual. With a goal of developing a similar tool. That translates pet sounds facial expressions and body movements. I thought if we can do this with prairie dogs we can do it was dogs and cats. The work is and it's early stages. The doctors amassing thousands of videos of dogs showing various Bartz and body movements. He'll use those videos to teach an AEI algorithm. About these communications signals. The algorithms still needs to be told what each bark or tail wag means. And at this point that means humans must offer their own interpretations. Not swell bunch of golf aims to incorporate the growing a growing scientific research. That uses careful experiments rather than guesswork. To decipher the true meaning of dog's behavior his ultimate goal to create a device. They can be pointed at a dog to translate into woods into English. While I can hardly wait for this really a mobile device shoulder and hand you know ending up any. Hey Al Roker. Yeah and I and then you'll get the translation back. Which of course you know them there and and that particular instance in the example we just used dogma saying hey. Craig just yeah did you bring anything to eat. So in other words the translator from the mini. Yeah and day even right now Dell is not that far off from now and not for a mile what doctor Russell a bunch of golf SS. Now when training people to use the scale. Proved difficult. I'm doctor Peter Robinson University of Cambridge professor who's developed computer systems that read human. Facial expressions tried to turn the scale into this algorithm. When he computer running the algorithm was shown hundreds of photos of sheep. In more detail which animals were in pain. They'll confined to the lab for now the technology could one day be commercialized. Yet I thought this gaffe. Ever press Leslie animal interpreter implement doctor do well. So I will say but hey they're working on it would be kind of cool. Now if your dog went down Barkin and know what I want you want a cookie. It just. I know but I wanna go here anyway for 49 year and above they match up. Back with the a second half of our number two on a wet and rainy Friday free overall. Welcome back here at Tony to be 45 headlights and wipers. Unbeaten time with that are bumper music rejoin their great to have you on speaking about her music. A special announcement. Is forthcoming this afternoon. I've tried because. Typically here on Friday after the news at five. We do our weekend kickoff plan makes special announcement. Coming up as we entered the weekend kick off this afternoon and okay. Now lower is on next she is on her cell phone must talk about well are being able to talk to the animals as the sun set. Hi Laura how are yeah well I think it happy and you I'm fine thank you I'm happy to report. But I enjoy that the Q how well you've met you know I'm not sure that the UIQ. The computer you look so easy right here. Yeah he had a good night's actually there all the time. Yeah they get it at the end of it and it came out there. I didn't really empathetic I do not done. And a high pitched into the poppy. An art should be. It was the unit did an object opening. Well I can't eat it. I'm happy do you any of the war and putting a black eye on television when the right. I know that. Unfortunately. Most of the and a medium mavens. Are supporters of Planned Parenthood and and and and women's rights and called him an abortion and all the rest and so yeah they they have a tendency to look down and there's there's an aspect of this. Don't look at what is the way the left. Is apoplectic. Over on president trump yesterday using a word ass holes to describe various places on the planet and yet. These are people who are perfectly fine with babies being murdered every day of the week. I know who have been listening and I'm just playing and hopefully god. People change. Sometimes it gets so unbelievable he warned that that you can't put. Believed that the Olympics yeah you know like I'm you know former little cool. Yeah I think Iraq. You know to hear that I. Wouldn't hurt. You think I'm happy that. There's. Didn't expect me to me how I don't look at that. Good but maybe 10-Q. School. You know how much everybody else. Well that was one of the by words of on the left. I you know during the anti war demonstrations in the sixties and Saturday's the hippie culture and all the rest one of their by words wasn't good feels good it. Like. Yeah. She's got cotton lot you know I walked up to me why. Lots of things don't be a good picture there like. You canceled. Book and paying in to help them get that thing. And I was hoping and let there. Can't Heidstra pro life. You think about going on the record and how will. They've had come. Into the next QB pro life lunch. But they're big rig that that it got pretty AP I'm gonna be every week and why Jerry green belt. I'm content playing in a wicket oops I could make the sound cheesy I'm just try to help people. Understand. You know when you actually when you don't portion and I understand. AT and champ struggle at bat typical creek ranch are looking up permanent. Or temporary problem. It would be much happier. Let. Me and keep it just worn. There and took the top eighty and limit. That there's so many women that technique they are blatantly what they. Yeah I am absolutely Laura appreciate Jamaican appoint. And and by the way am I saw a big story here in the balmy night checksum mark. And have not had an opportunity work my way around Europe but summing like 80%. A Planned Parenthood money comes from government. Comes from you may present for the government gets their money from taxpayers. Also today and BSCMS news web site. Now president troubled course shaking each from the lands were reportedly referring to some countries as ass holes but when now. During his presidency Obama. Publicly called his GOP rival Mitt Romney. A bull. Essar in 2012. Rolling Stone one always say a defender of progressives everywhere sprang to his defense. They put together something called a brief history of presidential profanity. Mocking the outrage at the vulgarity used by the president. Al when President Obama called Mitt Romney a bowl answer in the pages of Rolling Stone a shared set off a firestorm. Vulgar language isn't just acceptable it's even required for re US president said Rawlings dull. Quote it's a dirty job leading the free world sometimes it takes a few dirty words. The magazine then listed examples of vulgarity employed by a host of presidents and VPs and presidential candidates. Abraham Lincoln quote. There is nothing to make an englishman. Password. Quicker than the sight of general George Washington. Barack Obama. Obama really drew the ire of the pious calling opponent Mitt Romney a bowl answer. I'd Joseph Biden I mentioned earlier in the program and assigning but Obama care this is a big F Ing deal. Dick Cheney reportedly told Vermont senator Patrick Leahy to go F word himself. George W. Bush commented on the president of New York Times presents a New York Times reporter Adam Clymer believing in an audience of one. Bush called Clymer a Major League a hole. Barack Obama. I don't think I should take any S word from anybody on that deal. Richard Nixon a Watergate tape put the phrase expletive deleted on the map. When Ben Johnson. I do know the difference between chicken S word and chicken salad. John F. Kennedy. This is obviously an apple up. Harry Truman. Quote in Truman size general Douglas MacArthur was a dumb SOB. And Nixon was say S word ING. Deal wire. Oh yeah. I would say look resonant uncle Jay drop I has. A ton of company. When it comes to resorting to a vulgar expression if they actually did. And not referring to places and actually all our ass holes. And that fashion. Cordoba 45. Be right back. Cut back AFLAC. There's just Siad headline on Drudge Norwegians or reject Trump's offer Wi-Fi and stay up there Frasier mock locks off. You're welcome to 4519. Before five era NATO bombing Mac show and on the tax client. I'm a big valiant effort to a somewhat catch up here but I understand my dog perfectly she lets me know when she's hungry and when she needs to go outside. But how about translating what I say and do dog language. He just ignores may when I say come here. Or get in the house. Bob have you noticed the 24 hour news cycle doesn't have any Hillary or Russia investigation stars anymore. I'm Bonnie just curious how many curse words were dropped on the eighth floor of the House of Representatives last year. More than you can count I would imagine. Bob god trump is just tell the truth. A country where they rape and murder albinos they also butcher people with machetes. And Burnham with tires also most are homeless inner go to the bathroom out in the streets that isn't as whole country. About talking to the out animals. Out of touch your rights. What's that last eight Jimmie is down in the well. I used to love the show and of the. Bob the question is in the pet understand the person I can hear my dog now. I know you understand made us go outside get Obama's open U lazy bum. I go for a walk. I mean this sounds like a perfect opportunity for the Bobby Macs in my professional players to get and on a really really funny dog barking translation to human skit yeah. We'll take that one under advisement. Bobby yeah yeah out remember the uproar when Obama has said that Mitt Romney was a bull essar. And said they didn't actually take password from any like I guess that was all different. Right. Well you out Miami it is when you have two sets of rules. One for out progressives. And one for the rest. Bump up not sure the potential and skip down here. Bob anyway may not want to know what I call true saying do as it might not be as nice. As everything Gaffney got a point. And David is an excel appear on the Friday free for all he is and great court out of courses Alonso country hi David and welcome to the program. Hey Bobby thanks for tiger micro yes there. I got a small ranch hope you'll give me time to go off on a low tech aren't Amman on the desert storm Marine Corps met. Thank you for your service. Thank you. And I want to tell you that in the 45 days without a country I saw things that would never won a repeat out loud anybody else understood. Horrible burns now this lead in the what I was gonna say which is but salute disservice. Wide. Which I will of course Cleveland named has been a agreeable county paramedic for the better part of twenty years while. And what and what irks me more than anything else. Is that when you hear the salute the service. It's always. Parks service military current service military. Police officers are right you know you never. Here the praises. Of the paramedic service of the emergency medical service or not and I can tell you firsthand. From being married to one of the strongest women. I've ever known in my life that she ceased. Horrible let me just on a daily basis and has done so for twenty years. And when she can't even get that 10% discount on a couple of cock. Damn that's here right indeed they are they are excluded. Unnecessarily. And and I don't really understand why. I don't neither man and and I hate to bring it up on your show I was gonna wait till Saturday paper the salute the servers share. Not so much fun ride and thank you can you can still join them tomorrow and bring it up there as well. Why absolutely and and I wanted to start the discussion because I just think there needs to be more. Awareness brought to it because you know when you dial 91 Warren. And the medical America's sake like myself we live in Lawrence cannon believe it may be out in May be a wobble or the Internet can show up mature pitcher out. Are hurt or angry Celtic has learned the biggest Downey geographically in the side. Absolutely it. So so your first responder may very well be apartment and then and it may it may even be a policeman. These are our first ponder it it it would be rare. If the instance was to include. In him as a paramedic as well even though I know the department also pursue that goal by right. There had been there just to assess the situation. I'm not make a recommendation helped calm and then wait for the paramedic to comment saying. York. Lie right because they are cross trained to a point but they're not. They don't have low level wouldn't get in most cases. Don't have that the at the level of medical training or expertise. The DM two Easter. Absolutely and lecture prior service maybe you want medic run pretty for the navy you're aura or the army or something like that but right. I just wanted to bring awareness to the because street years it's really gotten under my skin that. That you know it's if you're a paramedic. And in your main job duty your democratic candidates is to save. Life. Not not a structured it's burning down not to calm down a shoot out but you show up on this thing to do one thing. To save somebody's life and then outside of your job. You are not recognized. At all for doing that and I just have always thought that that. Mr. courteous thing that this country continues to these people that have dedicated their lives to saving. Lives. Yeah I am I am in agreement when you David N and now I would I would hope. That more people would. Give them up at a level of respect on that their dear David thanks very much for the call I appreciate it good having you here today the Friday for referral. When we come back on the other side of course we kick off the weekend and as I mentioned earlier. Today for the weekend kick off line twelve. A very special. Announcement. Stage you're.