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And now ladies and gentlemen a special announcement from the Bobby Mack electric radio program. I'm sure many of you were call. Some months ago when singer tied to run Brandon said if you voted forward trump for president. Don't come to my concerts. As a result his song bang the drum was banned. From our WORD weekend kick off at five on Friday. However. In the spirit of Christian forgive this I have decided that the song does in capture the kick off like no other. Therefore I am announcing today that we are. Arrests and thing yet the bad. And weigh in welcome back banging syndrome. By Todd run grin as our official weekend. Kicked off so. Now. Areas. Trump later though we as time around. And does feel good to have him back. She. I don't need to. Oh on a work. Walnut bang on they drove all day. ITunes won't brag on a drama all today. Oh well. Never have an immediate. And that Sheridan. And don't wanna work. Walnut bang on me trouble all day. It was buried impressive yeah I've blown a bag on they draw mall today. Well everybody's until one mistake. At Todd is now trying to out of circulation anyway I'm given to understand he has a bar. An island of Kauai in Hawaii and he performs in there so. Unlikely that I'm I haven't been Nikolay. No more than a decade says highly unlikely album vendors now we welcome back manga drama C official weaken kick council great to have you along get a in as always deal or input. Is invited encouraged and welcome here's value join me NBA part of the conversation. And that conversation can be about whenever. You feel like talking about because it is Friday. They had day for the free for all the all skate. Angles advantage top line number 80347. 106 very common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address bald is what pat down 106 story Bob that 1063 WOR deedrick come easy for me. Bobby I know you're in northern liberal gone back dubbed buying and on the drama like guy hit eight. I'd be from Virginia Andy North and I'm about as liberal it's this is a very go well Kirk. Now Bob just because you rescinded the ban. Doesn't mean I have to listen to see you in five minutes OK I'm satisfied. Another textures as I hate that song. Other gesture merely says that Alia. I was as a gay glad to have. And Bobby salute to all EM he's an ambulance drivers a sort of ignored. You know like god. Until you're about to die and then we really appreciate and thank you sir for making the point from George and now mauled. Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob the last caller talking about EMS not getting credit for their service. I think mostly they surely know. What they do for us and a daily basis they're usually house for the fire stations and we know they are included but it should probably be mentioned separately. Bump up Bobby David as a valid point does a collar before the news talking about the EMS people. Maybe because of their medical work there incorrectly lumped into an assumption that they're very well compensated. Bobby I'm so I'm sorry this gentleman from great court. Hasn't heard what he wished here on salute to service they have indeed. Mentioned paramedics. EM decent first responders. I was a paramedic out of college in Greenville so I pay attention to what they what they say although it down may not be every time but they do. Frequently so wanna say thanks. Two other guys that salute to service. Bob they have been a paramedic for 35 years I like to echo like your previous scholars at EMS is almost always left out. Antsy redheaded stepchild. I'm Bonnie just an FYI police fire and EMS. Get free fountain drinks. Free coffee and free self serve snack items from QG. Gas station's C a quick trip stations. And now there's one Bonnie contrary to popular belief this about the story we did earlier. Where they're working on. Artificial intelligence to where he'll be able to interpret what your dog or cat is saying to you Bob much contrary to popular belief Timmy. Never fell in the well lassie help rescue him from every other trouble you can imagine. But not. Oh well that's good enough. I tip. Pop up Bob how about if we get a translator for members of congress. So they can understand what we say. And what we want to thank some stand and look at its interest. Then Patrick. Bubba bomb. When was this a little and Alia. Lost it there for areas. Bob true about our puppy dogs were and are black lab. Blitzer channel on my lap the looks at me with those big sweet guys while wagging her tail I know I mean she needs to go OUT. Catcher. Bob you actually do Henry. Better than he does. Banks from Jodi is Gator. Now Bob is that Rush Limbaugh's birthday today yes it is not L rush Mo is 67. Today which means he'll never get as old design. Our south. At fourteen after five here in the about him action ally via examples of how liberal hypocrisy. And how it's all about me story today from Fox News actor Rob Lowe. I didn't realize this guy has a conservative bent and apparently does. Actor Rob Lowe took to inched Iran yesterday to slam actress bella foreign who complained on Twitter. That they road closures in Santa Barbara California for sure to miss her boyfriend's concert performance. Rob Lowe tweeting. This attitude is why people hate celebrities and Hollywood. Bella I'm sorry you were inconvenienced. We will try to move out our dead Quaker. Some what forty people are so they're they've been playing fast and loose with the numbers. Of people that have been killed because they've still have a number that are missing. Now more than two full days after mudslides ravaged state coastal town of mount to seek help. The search for the missing became an increasingly desperate exercised with growing doubts about whether anyone would be found alive. Her tweet this this actress tweeted. F word you won L one that's a highway so Santa Barbara. And Barbara was spelled wrong. I'm missing my boyfriend's first date on his sure. And so our rob low club responded to that NASA RA it's now about you there baby but as you may have noticed people have died. 01 of the amazing things about they sent out multiple. Warnings. Evacuation notices mandatory evacuations. People stay right there. Mudslides coming through wiping houses right off their foundations. Ugly out there. Sixteen after five here in the body Macke sure we go to the phones when I come right back. Here on a Friday free for all on WORG. Checked it. Check it and say. I'm hot blooded hot blooded Tony director five here and. You know about him action up great to have you on Friday free for all rolls on whatever you want talked about it is at fair game today but the way. The the ass holes come and I'm from president trump yesterday so often ask storm on CNN. At AM president of course saying why should the US welcome. Migrants from ass hole countries like 80 Central Africa Central America. As good question. But naturally via the Lindsay a progressives and he had Democrats the liberal media. That's kind of redundant liberal media and global community expressing outlook range. Anthony president when he is. A vulgar offensive term like that to describe the failed communities are the amp. Global communities failed states and so they went off on a rant. Using. The S poll word at least 36. Times. Now putting it up on a white board. And and all the rest. With their faux outrage. And on narrow web site to a summit via comments. About there are treating it the story in this fashion. Considering the vulgarity found in most if not all newsrooms. And after twenty years in a TV newsrooms I can attest to that. This is hardly the moral high ground these idiots are treading seriously guys get a grip on reality for a change. Bunch of excrement holes a lot of them. I made mention of the fact you know. And during the Haitian earthquake that CNN and reporters all over the place. Trying to find the money that was supposedly spent by Clinton foundation and somehow never mated to the people but that's another story entirely. Somebody goes back. From my covering Haiti in their in the CNN newsroom and Tarzan bill you're in Haiti weren't sure at what's it like over there. You think he didn't say well it's a Nestle. Think that ever happened. Come on 24 after five back to the phones we know Tony is annexed out here on the Friday free for all I tell me and welcomed the shell. Hello shut down and uses so far so good. All of scroll ball or. At all. You all in and marketer and they're better off routes that they're the speed nor does the actual. You know what you would do well. They've had you know you have pictures. Up there will be UN and work their own to do that they'll pick their compliance. The president. Are true aren't they all played well. And and went and when no one when president trump does something. That infuriates. Or incites the United Nations that pretty much makes my day in itself. Exactly why there that you Barbeque and by the way. Are in the United States. Good question. Now and they really done well I think any such a great place singing no rebuilding over the bush is moving UN that any. Yeah exactly exactly wrong because it looked like you all all you know it. Appears they're here. You know knocking on the door act bloody trail bright yet. Their commitment their brand Arctic city boat. Lowell but yet if it has been reported that you get bill. Well. Yeah and and I love the attitude enemy in college shows a dead Donald Trump is that out of control. He's nailed Bulgaria and Ernie and doesn't know what he's doing used mental capacities are you kidding me look. What trump actually did yesterday. With one sentence. Is totally blow up what the Democrats wanna do on dock up. That's what this is really all about. Exactly people that the war and they're frustrated and mad because they're right before you eat. It worked well. It would look at Google could have gotten the inspect their. Nicole is for the equity it will do that you don't believe it. No example that's the huge. Bowl you spirited more formal but it wouldn't let me. Well he's out he's certainly at a time and not in their tail thank you Johnny appreciate the call. Let me get to a gym and here click aliens and Lander and hi Jim and welcome to the program. Happy Friday about a review thank you so I'll so far so good. Good good. Yeah you couldn't did you actor conservative in the lane and earlier. Any doubt it though they're warriors and that is almost an oxymoron but there are you know there are exceptions that prove the rule. There. Well I'll always wanted they from Merrill Streep now and I will not go to Camping World because the marker we'll moaning I hear you and then. And I think with your best nauert live music you can buy them better so in the dark bunker and I thought I know Bob playlist bill. Again I hear ya I've searched around but I don't know I guess. Maybe I have an emotional attachment to the songs because we used it for so long end and if it were by anybody else. It would be a perfect fit the only the only reason I would excluded as I did. Now for pretty good while is because of the artists involvement and I figured well. Really well. Bobby Knight employer remake yeah that's not a bad idea find somebody to do an aversion on that I appreciated them out of IBM a good weekend thank you very much for calling and third and I appreciate you're Chiming in on that Ron. Is a law he is in more hello Ron and welcome to the Friday free for all. Hey Bob directory from or the accuser right thank you. I'm sure if you heard that integrate proposal for dock and crawl the occurrence that they are in the United States Italy Italy and they'll. Yeah it also has a wonderful suggestion and one that. I. Only Lindsay could take doc and may get worse. Yeah. They bought it bought everybody up at the here illegally you'll every batted and a path to citizenship. Don't deport them just just can't let them have a pan. Well there are. There's a reason why I referred to Lindsay is the senator from the chamber of comers. Absolutely. According bill and it almost Democrat on the tested that in our primary in our red Republican primary to vote for any on right. Like if he made some sort of deal would bail and now he's trying to write him back yeah I had a if ever there. I'm here I think you're very close to to being exactly right because I have heard Lindsay on occasion. Talk about. The difficulty that the employers have in the travel industry we're talking hotels and and all the rest. Along the coast and tourism what station is big business in South Carolina. And I I've heard Lindsay make the argument well they just can't find people to do these jobs and so they need this cheap. Immigrant labor well yeah. I don't know about that and I know that there are four million Americans they turn eighteen every year and I've got a bunch of them and like have a job. And there's there's for sale or I'll. Or are people there's land follow like yeah they're they're they're entry jobs that their jobs. I gotta start someplace right I mean I didn't I didn't I didn't started CNN and I worked my way eventually out there and took about a year are bad now it's up from eight. But yet and everybody has to start some place. And make sure it start someplace I mean net at the old national old what it is where are our constitution is what built well. Well out there and at a U life. That's right I know that when I was a sweeping the parking lot at stockbrokers. And not even back in North Carolina I knew that was not going to be my career. But again you know it's not as if I've turned up my nose at and I was happy to have the job I've been happy to have every job I ever has. Chopped chicken it stripped rocket motives are co op beat all of its gonna let it delivered milk. I always work and sit in the senate and I've always work but are twice military in the Postal Service so. Never ever been without a job. Nice nice and and I think that where. Better people for. And battle a note you'll know it Palin ball won't get jet would you OJ UDQ will it get what they. I hear you thank you for your service run on both counts and now we have a great weekend body. Mom my pleasure thanks very much for the gulf 530 here on the Bonnie matchup but I check in the news you want to talk about a place that is an ass hole. Out there and it's not yet in another country. It's right here in America. But I think it qualifies. And I have a another. Blatant example of it coming up next. Welcome back great to have you on 539. Here innate TGI definition Friday free for all the about a Mack show. Now on the web today there's a list at various politicians. Who have not had express themselves and somewhat colorful language over the years now I share that when you. Coming up but in miniature mass I mentioned. Katie Central America Africa are not the only S Cole places on the planet. About this. How about Chicago. What did you put them in that category. I I would think. A Democrat candidate couldn't happen to a nicer guy. A Democrat candidate running for Illinois attorney general was robbed at gunpoint yesterday. During a campaign photo shoot in Chicago. I use the word photo shoot loosely. They Chicago trailed reported that Aaron Goldstein 42 and members of his campaign team were approached by three men in their early twenties. One of the man had a handgun. Demanded Goldstein and the campaign aides. Turn over the camera equipment and other personal belongings including their cell phones which they did. You mean these guys were not armed they didn't have a concealed weapons permit. According to the tradable law enforcement sources confirmed they had no one and custody and did not release a description of the suspects. You can probably am issuing description of the suspect yourself. She used. What was that percentage money penny that we did the other day of all murders in Chicago last 88%. Yeah. 88%. Of people who committed the murder in Chicago last year got away with. 12%. I'm murderers were caught in Chicago. There you go to the phones we go I Charles's nationality is and. Anderson hello Charles and welcome to the referral. And Bob thanks. Yes zero. In the worst airing a government shut down in the face is that not right yes. Okay we'll the president brought his sides together on this topic Neal and I'll be asked all worst. Funding for the law and picking and chain migration and what he that he retired and that was the deal there. That would make the wall obsolete if they did build. Yes yeah yeah they offered something like two million dollars to build Laura. And it was an insult. Yeah exactly. And you know making this statement. And you bit. That was gonna create this harmony and even it was on to Mecca deal even that much harder courage for the Democrats but including the democratic and Republican. In part precisely correct. Right so. My question is. And he's already threatened to allow the government ship that. I don't know have been nine of their deal that was my age would Obama and congress independent of government shut down. Yeah and kind of weird nine through and they appropriated mining always worried that what else right. You know I'm dropping us do they'll. I don't know of any such deal was being made good this president and my question it is. If the government was to shut down that the president. Jiang any authority. To agree to appropriate money to places that you might being NASA's. Only reluctantly during the quarter yeah that's a good question that's a good question. About why he now I don't know I have to do some research on that. But one thing's for certain I never happier than when the government shut down because that means it doesn't mitigate C amount of damage they're doing jealous. Here and they can't decide a lot of money no idea. That's who you vote oh over Bob and I appreciate that you Markel. Yes sir my pleasure thank you Charles until such a good question on my collection say. And there is a phrase from that has gone around and in my hand bent down well below I go back and now a research. Robert is a long he is in beautiful travelers rest hello Robert and welcome to the show. I think about it back. Or picture should start using when the Democrats refer to the people that won't be adequate job for the play and Albert just trying to bring in another slight clash. Yeah I'm actually. In which you used that term disable virtue. Of people that are here a living wage or whatever. I'll try to use that term sticker that. And and and they've been caught out on this already from that sent Iran from a mirror for American progress memo. That went public. Oil where they admit a book deal worked. Forget about in all the Haifa gluten claims. Sympathy for the underprivileged while blah blah they don't cared anything about that they admitted as much in the memo initial look. If we're gonna have any viability in the at the polls. Going forward. We've got to have these votes. And it's are quite where to present Utah I would prefer a few other worst but the rest of the world out there well we don't know what remains what Asia does work yes we do indeed method there's nothing there. About it that we understand and it pretty much back at what it says so far so. Yeah I am man I I think there thank you I appreciate the caller on I think a lot of people. India queens Borough New York. In a Brooklyn. They have their own way of imparting. The message they they wanted to receive. And and think president trumpet is AM. Pretty good example it. Quarterly for six Bobby Mack shows we roll on I'll share some of these few of these other goodies from. Other politicians. Who have not managed to turn the air blue as well it's not as if I'm Donald Trump as the first guy to ever. Use a a vulgar expression be right back here in the body matchup. I mean. Welcome back 5519. Before six or the body Mac jail Friday free for all. Got any opportunity to catch up with the a text line a bit here 71307. Bump up. Bob well the president did tell us there's a storm coming. Right. Bob. Larry the Cable Guy one time said about some guy that was a real happy said he was as happy as Richard Simmons who they. Wheelbarrow full of prayer in its Opel. It's. About the policy US Syria Colombia would quickly go back to topic. Bob government shutdown only means a national parks because well it's it's. Only nonessential personnel. When there's a government check. So they're nonessential what do they do and working for the government anyway. I'm Bob via caller was referring to US sequestration yep that's right that is the word thank you couldn't win out of my hand. I'm Bob Washington DC. Is the biggest ass hole in the world. Bonnie how are those armed robbers in Chicago how are they able to brandish a weapon. Doesn't Chicago have gun control laws. Yeah they do some of the AM of strict in the country. Bobby had been there several African countries as well as Haiti I loved every one of them including Haiti the people were fantastic. That being said. Nothing in particular the president said strikes me as being untrue. Now Bobby the only reason you brought that stupid song back is because you like to signal on whether it. And then and all camps cut it out you sound horrible. Well allow me to retort you have to knobs on your Radio One controls and volume the other changes the station. You pick. Bobby when busy international snowflake festival start out I mean AM Olympics. Bob if you were to ask me trump said the word ass hole in regards to Haiti. Who is The Who loses Neal last opinion on the planet that you would like on the matter. And share. When three domain Grail. Pretty much. At Bobby I don't understand why the chamber of commerce would care about cheap labor if everyone was forced to compete on a level playing field prices will be the same across abort. Unless of course you plan on using illegal labor breaking the law and that your business strategy. Bob Bob Bob Bobby racist why waged by president trump. Sympathy. For the poor snowflakes from your Buckeyes spent. Bobbie there's no such thing as a job an American won't do. That's more progressive drivel from the party of illegals have a great weekend appreciate that can't. Bob you Limbaugh who is 67. Today and I'm 71 battle with Limbaugh can catch you but only if you got. I'm not suggesting that but it would work. Now Bob any government statistics show that the majority of these jobs Americans don't want. Are actually filmed by American citizens. Bobby every other country is an ass all that's why everyone wants to you come to America up. I notice and none of rumor and invigorate I go back wherever Lindsay came from. Bobby what do you get when you roll all those countries that front is referring to into one lump. New Jersey. Shaped watched the garden state how dare you. Bob wade in the Burger King last night they had CNN on the TV the word. Ass hole was on the white line the entire time. For our kids to see well match CNN's warrior. But they're right on top on it this today from Fox News. A photo mix up has added to the flames of alleged falsehoods. Regarding CNN's upcoming. Doc you serious the radical story of Patty Hearst. You remember Patty Hearst. CNN had been promoting the series based on the book by Jeffrey Toobin with an image of a woman who turned out to me. Not Patty Hearst. Someone other than they publishing Paris on the 1970s. Kidnapping case it cool. The real Patty Hearst wrote on and stay Graham. Louis this poor woman. Not me. That CNN is using in their Promos for Jeffrey Toobin upcoming original series. But she's pleased. The I news network told the New York Post the error was doodling a mistake in the archives. Of photo agency deadly. From which CNN obtained the photo. I Denny. I images tweeted we sincerely apologize turn archival image that we incorrectly labeled as Patricia Hearst. And was licensed my clients including CNN. The image has been removed from our site we deeply regret any confusion and meant no disrespect. To miss Hearst. They project and already faced criticism from their surged over its accuracy. A represented in the family told page six the photo makes up. OS telling him just how truly project. Riddled with falsehoods. Was she further announced the project through a spokesman who said the series offers a one sided view. From the kidnappers account and romanticize. His rape. Would you expect less from on CNN. One more to go this week and today. The final hour and a bonus hour of the bombing Mac show is on the way next it'll be in the air. Tonight.