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Friday, January 12th

Governmental cussing; S hole


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Our. Don't know. If you moment is finally arrive. May fourth and final hour hey Bob and I collectors radio program underway for this week. Yes it is a world famous bonus hour. They're on Friday and now fortunately for you move. Since this is a day for the free for all what ever you feel like talking about is fair game today here is valued join me and be a part of the conversation just. Pick up your phone using angles advantage chalk line numbers. It's a free call 803471063. Common sense retirement planning attacks the line number 71307. And my email address Volvo at 1063. WORG. Dot com as we proceed along we are sure way. They attack dog in the right a bombastic loud mouth who's out there like a great to have you along. And as we press on towards 7 o'clock this evening the Al laughter the Al liberal media of course going bird reserve goal. Over president Trump's use of the word ass hole yesterday in describing some of the countries that. Dick turban Lindsey Graham and others wanna continue to bring more immigrants in from. And as if I Donald Trump as the first president to ever use a vulgar expression. 2010 on the BP oil spill took an emotional tall on everyone including Barack Hussein Obama. Who said on June 8 2010 and an interview with The Today Show. I don't sit around just talking to experts. Because this is a college seminar. We want talked of these votes because they potentially have the best answers so I know who's a word to kick. And 2004. Tensions nothing new on the floor of the senate. But an incident between VP Dick Cheney and a Democrat senator ticket to another level on the 24 of June when 2004. When the Vermont Democrat blasted the role of Halliburton in Iraq. Halliburton energy America always wants under the direction of Cheney who was chairman and CEO of the company. In the face of a senator Patrick Leahy is not criticism of Halliburton. Now the vice president told the senator from Vermont to go F himself. President trump previously. 2011. Gave a speech to Republican supporters and Las Vegas when he said OPEC. Wants to go in and raise the price of oil but again we have nobody in Washington that sits back and says. You're not gonna raise that anything price you understand may. When he came to Iraq. At trump said we build a school we build a road. They blow up the road they blow up the school we build another school we build another road they blow them up. We build again in the meantime we can't get an F things school built and Glenn. Then Texas governor George W. Bush running in the 2000 presidential race. Caught on a alive Mike Terry into a New York Times reporter. On a Labor Day rally in Naperville Illinois when now the governor of Texas dev area. Called a reporter a Major League any hull. Could go on. Time magazine reports the Jimmy Carter told a group of congressman in 1979. That if Teddy Kennedy ran against him in the 1980 presidential race I'll wimpy is a word. A yeah well bill and Hillary Clinton where to begin. And no into first public way. And numerous accounts from White House insiders over the years say that they were both often use the F word. In conversations and arguments inside and outside the White House. Harry S Truman. NA at 1973. Article in time magazine Truman reportedly said in the early 1960s. That he fired general Douglas Maine are there quote because he wouldn't respect the authority of the president. I didn't firing because he was a dumb SOB although he was. But that's not against the law for generals if it was after three quarters of them would be in jail. Richard mille house Nixon and the Oval Office audiotapes. The Jews have certain traits the Irish have certain for example the Irish and drank. The Italians of course just don't have their heads screwed on right. They're wonderful people but. The Jews are just a very aggressive and embracing of an obnoxious personalities. 1972. Nixon discussing national security advisor Henry Kissinger meeting. Went Ivy League college presidents. The Ivy League president's. I won't let those SOB he's ever in this White House again never never none of them they're finished. Ivy League schools are finished. Senator John McCain of Arizona nothing new and those you know the Arizona senator that he has a temper. May seventeenth 2007. And a meeting on immigration. Senator John Cornyn of Texas none too happy when McCain showed up wage saying wait a second. I've been sitting in here for all these negotiations. And you just parachute in here on the last day you're out of line. To which McCain replied. FEU. I know more about this than anyone else and RO. According to the New York Post then governor. And now current CNN host Eliot Spitzer. I told assembly minority leader James to desk go listen. I'm an F Ing steamroller. And I'll roll over you and anybody else. Chicago mayor Richard Daly in 1967. Gearing Abraham rip took off speech. Anti Democrat national convention. Daily amount. F you aimed. And then of course LBJ. In a discussion about Cyprus in 1965. Johnson reportedly told a Greek ambassador. After your parliament and your constitution. He continued America as an element Cyprus is a forty. Greece is a fully. And these two fellows continue teaching the elephant they may just get whacked by the elephant's trunk and lacked good. After your parliament and after your constitution. Well no need to sugar coated there helping. Ledger I think at third think actors sixes we go to the phones and bring in now Steve. Who is angry now hi Stephen welcome to the Bobby Mack Friday. Referral. They're good partner Bob Murray did thank you. Or almost all of show what all all what good are the national spotlight in the second and go look wonder you're so. I'm FaceBook. Oh over the mirror he. And I know you're never capture him you can understand that. Bob will look on my ever I saw a post. Come out but all day but did you or. Can't stand it when you click on FaceBook story and the ability that you can expect CA has stamped and they are there. And a boat went approach to sell president. And they must go to our current. That's where a problem. I think the vast majority of the listeners agree. Based on the comments that I saw on. There are most readers give but it I was listen you know. So people won't remove them and sent away from. You on FaceBook and what you'll be there. It was what we had the whole story what store it was merit so. And I don't know how many folks are on their net or. But I couldn't do what I am but also host on his upper lip on the in the world of pro can you. Talk. Well what was CN more than Tammy how are you so insensitive. Not what it was for her lead singer. Expected there and bird the majority post just so. Was and that there. Well it's hard for me to have any any any way to respond I don't know what is your talking about. Important part of their. There are more bearded now my own pasta or wanna. It certainly would rename all over. I Bubba kind of rarity. It was for an air conditioning company the one terror it was courier. Now homer Marlon oh yeah we put that on there yeah yeah we put hands on our FaceBook page. Startle us not just I am afraid it's not just it's not disguised as a news story. Well our our Stanford at Rupert. Or opera but neither are you talking about an email. Now this is this don't just let go Bjork and you know about followed that your that your FaceBook or not. I. Would have propped up in it it is not but at this is something new guest star do. Well I don't I I don't have much connection. Now with the then let's check the end of it but if you would even Uruguay. I send me an email and I won't send it to the people who are handling our FaceBook page and they can respond to the end and hopefully clear up the problem. Our archer will do about our young Jerry and I sent a sent sent by email address Steve it's Bob. And 1063 WORD dot com and I'll pass them along to the proper folks and now we'll look into it. Thank you so much pleasure thank you see I appreciate your bringing it to my attention. Sixteen after six here in the bunny match or take a quick break here right back with more. Any had a story. In her on newscaster throughout the afternoon about some scams that are going around here's one that I had done not heard of and and this is one that the this non. Coincidentally on FaceBook. That's kind of hard to believe and actually happened tell you about it when we come right back. I'll my sweet lord gimme a break. And I thank you Rick Aussie I went back and launch on our FaceBook page Nash and there's a net. Up there are right. And it's in the news read our if you CNN in the news read on page at FaceBook and nobody put a gun here again technology had to reinvent. Yet no one has seen the ad scroll pass dead. Bobby NS FaceBook guy needs a life or not to be rude but this is how people like Steve think when FaceBook and social media is a part of their life. Hopefully she will listen to his call on the podcaster we have realized how silly this complaint it's yours truly. Johnny dollar. Al Bobby is quite simple really with FaceBook if you wish not to see an ad. If you look at the posting in the right hand upper corner there's this little arrow. If you click on this aero you get a drop box and it says hide post. It also will say I do not wish to see. Any of from a whatever advertiser etc. in the future. On housing simple enough to mediate. Hey Bob lift on the Oprah mortem to become president than Jimmy Carter could say the door to presidents worsen AM. Which net to dream come true. Now Bob senator Dick Durbin said he never heard such language in the Oval Office I wonder if senator turbine. Remembers what Bill Clinton used for human York. Any Oval Office what a hypocrite. Bob is Steve gonna quit watching TV also are listening to the radio how we are supported after all by advertisers. Which is why it should free. There. Bob but turban Durbin the turban named still local long hard and deep into the mirror before he calls a kettle black no pun intended. What a hypocrite. Bob mad dogmatic reportedly called Obama and on wiped rear end. The thirties and I liked mad dogmatic. Castles. Now Bob instead of president Jackson being replaced on the twenty dollar bill Hamilton. Should be replaced on the Jenny was not a president and was not a true. Revolutionary. Erin and her. Did a good thing. Bobby ever been to Haiti it is an as salt. Bobbie I nominate vessel as we'd idiot I mentioned the suits I got themselves all apoplectic. Concern today that somebody in one of the inter com entertainment and information stations across the country. Might actually use the ass hole word on here so they sent out always wanted to. I'll red alert red alert don't know the president also handles it. Like I'm gonna come on and and use the same word allegedly that does the president. He is bent you know they they get themselves. They're corporate. And now they gotta do something until happy hour starts at 5 o'clock. So mark Hendricks two has replaced me as our operations manager now. And a contention about the corporate be on the east. Forward and all this stuff to corpus. And you it it just drove home run number of messages number one I'm so glad I'm not a suit and and I guess secondarily that don't these don't these guys know that they've hired people who are probably not going to go on the air new. But you know. They have they might have I guess they might have been encouraged by CNN or something for you that you get CNN can do it they can do it too. To the phones we go and Dennis is on he has enough Spartanburg hi Dennis and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. Anybody I just want to bring up an example minute I think you missed. Hours easy. Vice president crazy uncle you know use that word when used solar. What a great deal. Oh yeah we did mention but it was earlier in the program. That Biden and Biden had to know the Mike was hot he just been speaking. Any any turned sideways as Obama came up and he sent out this is a big F Ing deal. And nobody batted an eyebrow. I didn't hear the very first part when you had to go I didn't notice that. Yeah I did I did leave an off thank you reporting that out I did leave an off because I mentioned had done previously. John Alice now as a reason for that big gap Biden is certainly on that list. Aren't better you bet thank you Dennis I appreciate it. A mention any had a story in our newscast several times this afternoon about scams that are going around. And I saw this story today from Fox News website about holy cow this is a new went. And and it involves FaceBook ironically. A South Carolina woman returned home from vacation to find another family had moved into her recently purchased house. Upon arriving at the home Katherine Lang noticed a dog and cat wandering the property as well as a pair of women talking inside. According to debut for consent. I said hey what are you doing in my house. And then it became clear to me what had happened in turns out that and tigris Sheppard 22. Who thought she'd found the perfect place to settle her family as they relocated from Kentucky. Was a victim of an online scam. She told the paper she found a three bedroom furnished home advertised in a FaceBook group. For 850 dollars a month posted by a woman named Rosie rob goals. I she wired. 11150. Dollars for the fake or least. And was told to use the unlocked backdoor to start moving her belongings into the house. Because the person delivering the keys had been arrested. Would that be something of a tip off via link in any event. Lang who had done blocked a house in October. Was still living in her old home waiting for that when the cell. After returning from vacation she decided to check on the pipes because of the cold weather and that's when she noticed the unwelcome guests. A schedule has been set for Shepperd to move out Lang has decided to soon go ahead and move into her new home. A wonderful they're able to track down this rosy Runnels whoever amity obviously. A lot of red dumb red flags were up on that one but you know this woman's Tony two years old. Not a great deal of life experience and apparently no way too trusting. And 29 after six here on the. Abby national and he is ready in the new senator Ambac on the other side. Some truly amazing. True facts stories today. A number of them including. Our friends in out public education. Mean right back here on the bunny match ago. Alia. Love it. Can't get enough. Bit. Rock and roll. Rocks and rolls my life. 639 but they Mac show here as Soria head into the last half of the bonus hour TG IF tradition. How about this deal of these are Hollywood leftists remember early am Neeson. AAs these guys that a year or two ago at talked about how America has weighed too many guns. That we ought to just go around and collect all the guns and American resolve the gun violence. And the out. Well in an interview with the Associated Press yesterday the star of the commuter. This is a guy by the way who makes big money. I'm playing tough guy characters who use guns. And is raised an error without a gun in his hand I. He spoke out on the gender wage gap. Saying it was FN disgraceful. The star of the new film the commuter. Was asked if he would take a pay cut and said. Now. IA he's upset that it can't. Actress is that is female act tours. Do not make as much as the men. Are arranged not about to. Take a pay cut itself to prove his point. How about this this is truly unbelievable. A female student who told school administrators. She'd been sexually assaulted by a teacher was suspended. And then forced to apologized. To her accused her for traitor and giving my Hogg. According to an indictment against three Colorado school officials handed down Wednesday. Principal David Gonzalez vice principal AJ Macintosh. And counselor Cheryl Somers wig Jeanne. What is this we Genco. Cheryl Summers would change out of prairie middle school in a rural Colorado to Denver suburb. Were named in the indictments the cherry creek school district inform parents. Macintosh and and Gonzalez. Were placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the court proceedings. Summers where Jenna can stopped working at the school before the indictment. This all stems from the unidentified team's 2013 report. That she was being sexually assaulted by Brian Vasco last. A teacher who has since been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting an end and exploiting students. The girl said she reported the allegations to the school administrators. However the two told the student the allegations would ruin the Vasquez his career and family and stressed when a valued teacher he wants. The teams said Gonzalez asked her to recant her allegation and when she did administrator suspended her. In a separate meeting with Mac atop with Macintosh. Vasquez a councillor. And Gonzalez and the teen's parents. She was reportedly forced to apologize to to the teacher and hug him at the end of the meeting. In August. Vasco has 34 was arrested for allegedly sexually exploiting students. The teacher who had been employed at the school for seven years told police he had sexually assaulted a student and others. He now faces at least 31. Felony counts. Though he originally faced eight. Felony charges for abuse and sending nude photos to underage students. Vasco as it was a social studies teacher at the school but has been placed on administrative leave. Probably would pay. Let's hope that his next home address. Is a gray bar hotel forced her to apologize for the student for the teacher having assaulted her and oh yeah. Give me luck. And give him. Wow. 17 before at 7 o'clock back to the phones Oreo UGN. Joins me this evening from Pauline hello peanut what up. Are pretty good about that a question or comment all right sir firing away. OK my question has to wonder what would happen. We're biased but it is 100 school all the foreign in little tricks owners' right order and a whole slew of great English draw out French book. Considering they have billions of people on there all over the world. Other I'd probably say good riddance. I dished wondered I didn't know. Now yeah I mean typically you know that Doug it's sort of a Maine I don't drink Pepsi anymore Kazaa a woman that's the CEO of Pepsi and I hate Strom. There are other businesses and I've specifically ignore because of their politics and there're others that I specifically support. Because of their politics but in the case of FaceBook. They may be to coin a phrase too big to fail. Yeah Mormon comment or as little way colored. Lights went out and about. They aren't quick blood sugar yes. I can relate to they're not. But years ago I'd be back here in our economy to rate trash to get out Klitschko. Yeah it's it's tough. I mean people try over and over again. Yet I have amended. I still get our age boys what Walton has a different number and don't. Every man and I go by army some of them right one month ago when I go patient not go about me a couple of Anjana in Turkey Whitman. And you can't get disturbed anyway that Warner. So whatever Randy Wright and winning each commercially that you burst limited what are your. Pets do we kimbo. Yea you two peanut thanks for the call quarter before seven balmy night show or did you just you know. And tossed the stick of dynamite dinner you know that old jock died in a talkie and a fish. Quarterly for a seven year on the mommy and action will be right back. Money penny just step passed along to it wasn't a powerball winner. Grab your might connect enough Phyllis and a twenty year old kid when now the whole Shamir here twenty year old kid from port Richey Florida now. One Mega Millions. 451. Million. And he chose to take the 282000001. And they'll meet you how much wasn't. What he gets the out 282. Million. And he's twenty year result yes. Bump him way up on the most eligible bachelor list today as he said what that what you hope to use it to preserve variety of actions. Help my family and do some good for humanity okay. Good for him. In on me a text line 7130. Sound obvious about smoking the choices you wanna smoker do you want a way out. Rarely is easy to go cold Turkey's I'd done did it I was smoking three packs of Marlboro reds. And Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob well we're we're we're the parents. Of this girl give the teacher off Honda. Gave grief. Bob by the gun boy Elian niece and gunned boy is an F Ing idiot from that ass hole called Hollywood. Just another leftist. Hypocrite. Al Bob Lee president was only using an actor and am. As stating that these countries were in dire need of special. High intensity training. To get them out of the hole they weren't financially that's got you. Bob about the house rental store and go on with Rosie Runnels as a red flag there. Bob worth noting ass hole Haiti shares the same island dia Hispaniola. With Dominican Republic only difference is a government. One. A corrupt. Dictator ship and the other day democracy. On us. Bob a reporter once asked general mad dogmatic what kept him up at night his reply was nothing. I keep other people up at night. A bubbly other Muslim camps in South Carolina thanks from Kim in Chesney has been. Four at ten years or more is alarmed bill it is in New York. South Carolina he can now Google on the web Jerry is up next he is in no more hi Jerry and welcome to the show. Hey Bobby Knight stock deal I ain't I'm going to do FaceBook here right thing goes hey count your papers up the Democratic Party they're agent ordered. I that it now aren't they kicked it is ours tomko powered kind of in the band Shapiro Glenn Beck area hunt. Are pregnant and OPEC can needle into creating new. He then in this past week showed up. I'm just going man I don't know why I dot com I'm picking the bullet in my nose right. I. And yeah. Changed its. For a story and I'm defending him and it really felt like out of the ruler big supporter anyways I'm kind of more or libertarian type of stop Leo. He and South Carolina or anybody else like bad. And achieve and how does coming back and the like hey look he's doing a pretty good job art class act. Yeah yeah. I now. I I I I kind of have mixed emotions as well I was a big. Trey got a supporter Russell thought he was certainly an improvement over the globe over global warming Bob Inglis. But Nara I kind of I I was disappointed to when he supported. One of the of the big trade bills not not play in the Paris accord. But right or the other one end and at. There were some my campaign contributions or that may have influenced. The votes but he voted to a fast track that and as so that was disappointing to me I think on the whole. He probably is you know still at. As a bowed his conservative as anybody in the house. But but all of these guys all of these guys bear watching. Or it wouldn't say I'm not like Horry and all how I don't recruit like I won't Mike late. I think it and it's going to be finishing in the next week to see what happens. With the on the fives bill because it passed in the house yesterday. But it's it's iffy here in the senate. And I believe Roy Hall has already threatened that he will filibuster. The guys have been all but certain now and then I think that's good I am honored I worry I would love to see him do that. I would do condone. Right. But a great time and have a good weekend my pleasure thank you very much the area opium or go to went to as we leave you today. Who is who is this girl Diana Durkin was going back to school at Texas Tech Barack. Texas Tech Qassam mascot the masked rider. And and in Texas Tech fans will salute each other where they finger gun you know make them and make a gun symbol when your finger. And a wrap gum. Slogan when they see each other. So she she saw somebody weren Texas Tech here in the airport in Houston and did that TSA polled are out of line. For making a finger gun symbol. And gave her the whole nine yards out. Not a course you know out of Mohammed who is on line behind her was allowed to go right now. Wrap things up for today with the other greats that you know I will not be here on Monday it's a holiday but I'll see you back on Tuesday Jumbo in here for months. Have a great weekend god bless.