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Wednesday, January 17th

Trump's physical; Weather


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I Al Gore was right again we're we're all going to die from this on global warming she is. It is a global warming up my joining the fight against an anti Americans I am about ready for Easter. And this might mean firstly. Polar vortex. All the now cold air from. Santa's shop blowing down on us or a couple of weeks and then we tell monopoly this. I I however. I kudos to the out local meteorologists to this time. Apparently had done all the computer guidance. Agreeing. And down and then late last night and their weight newscaster all latest and had that done dusting. Is that going to be down a little bit more than we originally thought and and it. That's exactly the way it turned out so here we go. And getting underway our number one I can't see embodiment electric radio program. Has a president trump I dropped dead from a coronary yet. And CL lost his way to the Oval Office stumbling around the White House doesn't know where he is because of dementia. Our early onset alzheimer's are. It's. These were O'Neal left us in the media. Don't even realize. How stupid they look. Whip their questions yesterday. Where they president's position but the way. Did anybody. But let's test our memories together here. Whenever the anointed saint did Barack Hussein Obama my mom underwent his physical. We're there and questions. From the outpost so aggressive white house press corps about whether there were any drugs. In his system and. I may be marriage wanna. Perhaps some Coke guy he not. I iron. Somehow my memory fails why do you remember any questions like that from the app from the press money penny about Obama's. Medical condition. I don't remember I don't even remember them asking if he had tobacco in his system now well we do we know we had done. Menthol cool and I'm here wanna legal in DC now now I don't well in DC I don't think so yet. Maybe. Men and Colorado. California money funny won't get up and find out if it is you know we cannot. Grant him penance. AM in absentia well no he's still in DC. So yeah out you know Himalayas and I'm Colorado. Section of a decent. Let let's extend this a bit further back. When not slick Willie eight. I was president and underwent his physical were there any questions. From the media then. About. Any on toward its medical. Prescriptions that might have shown up in his physical like for instance. Since. Bill Clinton's idea. Of all of out. An attractive woman isn't she was breathing. To the death. Imagine and I don't think America all that yeah. Al money many passes this note along like Colorado. Oregon Alaska and Washington State. DC residents have voted overwhelmingly. To legalize marijuana well of course I am out. Innovation the same folks that. Voted Marion Barry back onto the DC City Council once she got parole. Are you gonna famous some hotel room pictures of the mayor of Washington Marion Barry. Now with me out. Now way any of failed reputation. End. And copious amounts of drugs including the aforementioned. Old guy he's not. And now he ended up going to the gym so I certainly got well. They are voters of DC and elected him back in the City Council. Forget about that fool me once fool me twice business. For in DC it's booming as many times in July. Truly incredible. Here is Al what they are president's personal physician. Had to say. Some of what he has had the the liberal media is absolutely. Humiliated. Themselves yesterday. For almost an hour yesterday the white house press corps stooped to a new low of embarrassment. I embarrassment. And clown racially liberal behavior. Or lobbying over a dozen questions and navy rear admiral doctor Ronnie Jackson. To insinuate that president trump must be mentally ill to the point of alzheimer's. This was all despite Jackson's insistence. That the president is in great health but away. I notice nobody bothered to ask admiral Jackson. And well are you Leo president's personal physician. I would now that's a good question actually I am the official White House physician. And I was named to that position under the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. Tush is a White House music he was Obama's position as well. He doesn't he doesn't have AM. Political dog in the fight. Whether it was Bloomberg CBS news radio CNN all the while poll. Ball long knives or out as a liberal media engaged in their own Pickett's charge. To save their narrative that trump is mentally ill and thus must be removed via congress or the HY Fifth Amendment. NBC's Kelly Jackson started the crazy train. When the second question asking doctor Jackson to repeat the results about the president's mental fitness. And alluded to trounced tweet about him being a very stable genius. How long knives around as a liberal media through to a damper on Al Bloomberg's Shannon penny piece. That's her real name on it may get up. Bloomberg's Shannon EP used. Brought up the media obsession over trump supposedly. Soaring his words. But ABC's Cecilia Vega spoke moments later where this bewildering question. Could you just elaborate in Lima in layman's terms if possible and you've done a great job of that. What you rolled a ruled out in these cognitive test you know there have been reports the president has forgotten names. That he's repeating himself are you ruling out things like early onset alzheimer's are you looking and dementia like symptoms. Anybody ascent of Canada and Obama when he mentioned the need RT campaign and 57 states with several more Niguel. When he went to Austria and apologized for not being able to speak the Austrian language when the native language in Austria is chairman. Yeah a winner Peter nav. Early on sets out doctor Jackson not kid back. Noting that president trumps cognitive tests with the same one that's often used and Walter Reed. Italy Montreal cognitive assessment. And since the president got thirty out of thirty on that exam. Even if your grating on the curve that's NA OK. I think that you know there's no indication that he has any kind of cognitive issues but that wasn't enough. For these reporters none are now that's only the beginning. CBS news radio correspondent Steven Portnoy had a complaint. They gonna do their money thing Steven Portnoy. And a complain. Have brought up the 25 amendment gushing over how a whole lot of people in the country even talking about it. Yeah because they've been whipping our son asked. And after explaining and in some detail asked about one point from a philosophical. Standpoint. When he advised that cabinet that the president is unable to discharge his journey it's. CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Then arrived on the scene this guy can always recount and on and two I'd toss them. And unfamiliar object into the punch bowl. Sure we did or Eric Costa when we it's not enough that is cognitive skills circuit well. Isn't it true doctor that even though your cognitive skills may be OK you can still me crazy is not as a as a as a rat. Now left out apartments. We we continue with a left. Making out. Absolute fools of themselves as a media. As only the media can do in America when we come right back here pumped in it's corner after a three year on a snowy. Hump day on WORD. Must be magic. Not our sister station access to another one entirely twice one after three here in the Bobby Mack Jody yes no way. Wednesday afternoon edition in the money match donors and you've heard on our forecasters. Imploring. Al throughout today you don't have to go out today lessons financial and emergency. Probably not a good idea to. Because they overnight low is handed down into the teens. Which means that everything that's on the ground now of course where you know the drill freezes overnight. Turns into black ice in the morning so. I during the day tomorrow until the sun gets out starts to melt some of the stuff and the Mercury gets over the freezing mark I think itemize Mosley in the low forties. I guess some of the stuff melted the bear in mind. As a recovering meteorologist I cannot safely point county with some certainty there are parts in the upstate. Because of the at terrain. Because of the and the foothills and the sun angle Shamir. There are places in the upstate where even when the sun is out all day long it never hits parts of the roads. They angle as soon as her out so I'm caution. Needless to say is advised now back to the Al White House yesterday whereby the way the president had done had not instructed. I go ahead and now put the admiral out there and it's admiral on doctor Ronnie Jackson and millennium let me answer all the questions don't brush him off. You know. And that this this is where I trumpets are crazy like a fox. Kean he knows. The media. Has been on this this mantra unwell the presidential losing end and I he's a loose can enroll and around the deck in his is that. And he's a couple of Fries short of a happy meal all this stuff. So he know it freaked out boom that we are just so let the doctors stay out there. That the media would do exactly what they did ask a series of really stupid. Nonsensical. Idiotic questions making themselves what all wish. It's a win win. Not only was a health report Danielle presents an excellent health. Bunt down the media again as they always do took the bait. CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta who thinks he's a big media star. They don't realize he's a laughingstock of America. Then arrived on scene and the white house press room are up. A doctor or just to make sure we're clear on this when you analyzed his cognitive ability or his neurological functions. Still the same thing as a psychiatric exam or psychological exam. Admiral Johnson it is not it's a screening assessment for cognitive impairment. Roughly five minutes after the Washington Post Ashley Parker. Inquired about the particular test that the president took CBS's Margaret Brennan. Trampled on Ronald Reagan's memory by hitting that he had alzheimer's while president and then it was messed. Right. And gusts White House positions might not be trustworthy. Bureaucratic Bill Ayers and now doctor. You guys missed a Reagan that he didn't have alzheimer's when he was president. Doctor when you say given the president AG somewhere between where President Reagan was at this time in his presidency. Can you say given the scrutiny of what was overlooked at the time with President Reagan in terms of alzheimer's how does she know anything was overlooked at the time. What a massive assumption on her part. Overlooked of the time with President Reagan in terms of alzheimer's and things he was then known to suffer from at a later date because he contracted them at a later date. Miss Parker. Can you say whether the test that you ran would exclude any of those things and and what about the possibility of overlooking something like that would be. You know how can you tell the American people this time near certain. Well this laughed me out very composed and calm admiral Jackson perturbed. She then continued. What is your take on all the doctors and politicians. All across the country of sent in this in this resident in the White House and they see symptoms of this that the other. And doctor Jackson symptoms and not why. Symptoms of dementia symptoms of I would say that you know the American Psychiatric Association. Has said so too. You know I would think that you know the. People shouldn't be making the assessment about the president unless they've had the opportunity to get to know him and examine Nam and in my opinion. That's just tabloid psychiatry. And I just don't you know I'm not going to address and our fall under responding to those questions are accusations near the end. And unidentified reporter seemed no lobby for their to be a White House psychologist. Who should be around for the sake of trump while CNN's doctor Sanjay Gupta not fretted. But they Montreal cognitive assessment was insufficient for spotting dementia. Or mental illnesses and someone who's already highly functioning. Well he's already hired there's already. Highly functioning. How bad off Kenny being. Meantime over at. And down. The leading Hawaii's further sell whole mantra that would be the Clinton news network. CNN refusing to accept the White House doctor's assessment. Their their own. Pundits who have not examined the president Parse the results. And drew conclusions likely intended to last scare the you know what out of their viewers. Alison camera run out and medical analyst Sanjay good to not declared trump to be quote borderline. Obese. Predicted he would have a heart attack in three to five years and grouped concluded the president has heart disease. Go to conceded the president's body mass index a ratio. Which was LO as the 29 and a half. To nine point 929. Point nine. Now mind by the waist when he five point one future. And Gupta conceded the via body mass index ratio is not a perfect ratio by any means but. Nevertheless went on to declared the president borderline obese. He's doing just from observing him all right. Has it occurred to Sanjay the the president most of the time and the insistence of the Secret Service because of all the death threats. Now where's body armor. So he's one point away from being any obese category camera running emphasized. After vice president Joseph Biden's doctor and CNN his stereo camera and went back to go to. Because of Trump's calcium score. CNN predict the president we'll have a heart attack or heart disease and three to five years group there was more aggressive so the president has aren't as easy to collect. No. No Sanjay. Meantime I'm back to our Jim Acosta. Self styled TV guest star Al the president bounced came out on the Oval Office yesterday. After the network's senior White House correspondent badgered him with racially charged questions. As Cynthia the accusations that he's about to have a heart attack and he's suffering from dementia and all the rest wasn't enough. A Costa started yelling mister president mister president before finally getting trumps attention. It usually image you want more people to come in from Norway pages and each one or more people from Norway is that true Mr. President Acosta shouted fracking at frantically. I wanted to come in from everywhere. Everywhere. Thank you very much everybody that trumps the president responded as a constant continued to mark questions. I'd just Caucasian or white countries shirt are you want people to come in from other parts of the world people of color. Trump then pointed directly at a cost and simply said. Out. Timing gears up. No weapon no part of me Elmo and share net. We'll hear ran from the actual office which by the way Sanjay Gupta. It's a position. But it now he just plays one on television if he is a doctor he should be made aware of the out. Medical ethics that are prescribed by the AMA. You're not supposed to diagnose someone you haven't examined. As I sent about what was I look doctor. Ben the Exel wheat from yea all. Who by the way doesn't have a license to have something to Connecticut when she said though the president was was Juanita announced. And she's a she's a psychiatrist Ishii on now. The AMA and the American psychiatric association's budget act. Now we we don't improve. Of not Casey case some style. Long distance that it just right if you're gonna make a diagnosis of someone had to examine 330 here on the Bobby Mack joke we'll hear from other president's position the official. White House position. When we come right back here on the bunny Mac show the snow away Wednesday addition. Welcome back great to have you on here on this sent snow way and now what's gonna prove to be icy. Whether I'm not only end overnight tonight but through the early part of tomorrow I just say in a peek out down the windows from our. Information and entertainment complex. Here and don't Woodruff and Darlington. I'm she might chill on the roads that look the problem of course will be once the sun goes down. Which will be what what what time does ES son now sent 10 AM any panic. 403. Gotcha thank you so wise that. I'm. Once the sun goes down a course and it's dark. There are icy spots out there that you may not spot until almost unload. And I you find yourself sliding so. Commuting in the morning is going to be somewhat problematic. At angles advantage stock line number available for you 80347. 1063. B common sense retirement planning text align 71307. My email address is Bob. And 1063 WL RD dot com so. If we had take the word of what scares me and take dornin CNN in the media. Albanian president doesn't have on no levees I he's got a heart disease. And if that doesn't get a million dementia early alzheimer's well. Despite the fact that so what they are presidents of physician. Has decided about his self faculty this. President you know he's very sharp pain you know he's he's very articulate when he speaks to me the fact that the president got you know thirty out of thirty on that exam I think that you know there's no indication what certainly has any cognitive issues in just my day to day interactions that the president. You know the president is mentally very very target very sharp very intact. Yeah unlike the people when they oppressed or who were asking the court sentenced yesterday. And and the admiral who is the official White House position and has then. Now under on under Obama as well added this. There are many good things that came from his exam I think he had. He had a great time it's across the board read the one that stands out more than anything to me it's just cardiac hill he is in the excellent range from hardest import and that's not me speaking that's objective data. He doesn't ever really a family history premature cardiac disease he doesn't smoke. I doesn't have diabetes a lot of their traditional risk factors is and have these coronary calcium score is very reassuring and he has a lot. A lot of energy a lot of energy a lot of stamina you know look at his vision army says you know he's 31 years old and his bilateral uncorrected vision is 2030 I mean he can drop if he wants to without glasses and he washes is hands frequently he uses you know pure hell. And now is many hands he checks and indicted before not to. Talk genetics. I don't know if that's some people have that I you know just great genes that he doesn't have a dedicated defined exercise program I think it partisan guy you know we can we can you we can build on that pretty easily. So. The president's health is excellent because his overall health is excellent he has incredible genes I just assume I think you're right fit for duty. For the remainder of this term and even for the remainder of another term if he's elected. Well cattle sent the area. Apple simply another term. America all we just try and by then because Canada and if you listen to land Jeff full weight. They appropriately named Jeff flake senator from Arizona is on his way out because he can read polling data from his home state that showed. And eight and have. A chance in hades. I'm getting reelected so he's he's going to leave and his excuse for resigning from the senate as he can no longer continue to serve. I went trump has breast. Yeah they also can no longer continue served as nobody in exile about is gonna vote from a guy. And we to remark compelling reasons in any event Jeff flake and yesterday it took to the floor of the senate. Adams either one or two other senators on the floor at the time. When he went into this big diatribe. I mentioned it to him briefly yesterday Jeff flake comparing Donald Trump. To the mass murderer of who knows how many millions of people. Joseph Stalin. Of on the off Soviet Union. Paso I trumpet is AA it in Najaf flakes assessment is he equivalent of I Joseph style look and and this this again. You know and those that that. Subscribe to the liberal philosophy. It's mirror imaging that at all these guys do whatever they themselves are guilt beyond. They accuse the other side I think tyrannical. Authoritarian. Everything. That's still left. But in town. Don't don't confuse them with facts. Now Bobby sunset and does 1742. To. Bob yell let's go with now Reagan and trump card dementieva victims another Democrat should never be elected. Two Republican alzheimer's victims have done more for the country on the last you cognitive dissonance Democrats including the bush years. I would agree. Bobby I'm on dang sick and tired of hearing everybody. Calling these docket that kids immigrants they're not immigrants they are criminal illegal aliens. Just like their parents and should be called by the correct term. Wired so either Sam I saw the numbers the other day announced China looking up again here. And bumped up. It it seems like. If that if if my memory serves not to make a double check habit. A substantial number of those 800000. That are eligible for this doc. Program and of those. Something like only 30%. Are actually miners. Actually would be accurately described as children at all. Some of the a doctoral recipients are more than thirty years old. Out of body remember what don't crook and Hillary Rodham tangles pantsuit Clinton I remember when she appeared to pass out. After the 9/11 ceremony during their campaign had she become president would they be scrutinizing her health. This deeply I think they would be falling all over themselves to covered up. Well yeah because that's what they did when it happened. Member they tossed are endowed tossed Hillary into the scooby man now like a sack of potatoes. Does. Ankles. And I couldn't ankle her way to the van. General the adding or rocking here web grammar grammar should go on down. So. Download mail out you know what's hot. Air was boiling hot out there that nine elevenths ceremony. And I am bubbling up that dusting of snow today Simon global warming. I've been threatening to do this and this seems like a good day so I think during a bonus hour today I will share were you a piece that was written. And all the way back January of 2009. By John Coleman. Now that name that's familiar to you John Coleman was a founder of the weather channel I am naive of course eventually sold it it's been sold sensed. Two other yummy is sent to NBC but he wrote a piece. That gives the Genesis for the whole global warming scam. Entitled the amazing story behind the global warming scam and it explains where Al Gore got the idea. And to turn this into AM money making enterprise so will share that lady in the bonus hour. Between six and seven tonight take a quick break here and then me right back with more fourteen before four on May wintry Wednesday addition. When Bobby Mack here on WL RD. Hope you are staying warm and snugly on this wintry Wednesday afternoon here on the Bonnie Mac show. About debt average age of my doc recipients. And here's AM breakdown the most recent one and I can find was done as September of last year and this is from the pew. Research center the average age of dreamers enrolled in daka is 24. Those 25 and younger may got two thirds of active doctor recipients of 13. Of Amare are older than twenty. 29%. Are ages sixteen to twenty. And no wonder what percentage of that 29% are still minors. I'm I would think his substantial portion 37%. Are 21 to 25 about a quarter. Our 26 to thirty. And one and Chan that's 11%. Are 31 to 36. Ears also when he Arum Ali's impassioned pleas from the left about all these four children. We're talking about people that. In a very high percentage of cases are adults. In on the attacks lineup Bobby aren't your entire system of checks and balances is as so corrupt we know very insane. Bobbie I can't believe Jeff flake made that stupid speech about doubting the press I would say and that that because trump. Accuses CNN in the wacko on the New York Times and daily decent restaurant hum of fake numerous. That that's the kind of language and he said they are enemies of the state that's kind of language it's talent. He has. I can't believe Foyt made that stupid speech about doubting the press just occasional like what they're doing. Look look how the press acted when they didn't like what that White House doctor was saying. Well exactly. Bob according to limit every player in the NFL is OB. According to body mass index. Bob why don't we test Obama right now we already know Hillary is not not. Not to design a special task for her. Now Bob did you hear Al Gore is writing a new book it's entitled an inconvenient truth coming I'd say. They're pretty much doing that I mean he's out there along with Michael Mann of Penn State claiming now Leah icy weather. As a result of global warming. Bobby the fake news and lived charge made their men's and rubber rooms a real wave bad you'll lost. Get over it. Bob about the media did not acknowledge that no other president has ever had nor has ever self request didn't. This cognitive test. Actually Bob Marion Barry was caught smoking crack. When they hooker in a hotel room well all right he wasn't sniffing cocaine your smoking crack. She is excuse me it was a setup. Well there was it was stupid enough to fall for it. Not actually Bob for Bill Clinton I didn't even have to be breathing. Member him on saying that money. Oh. And both of them. Don't laugh too hard Bobby about the DC mayor. Isn't Bobby Harrell running for office against he is he's making noises about it. Bobby Harrell. Pat ethics violator. Find forehead and then tried to pay the fine where the money that he and unethically acquired from campaign contributions. To go on this guy. And telephones were ridiculous enough out NAND hi Rick and welcomed the bunny match up. And it probably backed Montgomery here at your body your report marked out at the capitol a great project well. We have about a hundred people show off. Well let's say. That's pretty amazing given the weather conditions. It was that it weeks Specter twice that many. And that really got people coming up exactly because the weather we're over the worst up their regular what I drove down here this morning and Eric knows I'll stop the Clinton wrote or not exceed your. What is it about thirty pretty much all the way down I let com you're still forty mark 46 now. You are not out 26 center road is clear and dry so the weather pretty good out here. That's good that's I don't know how what was the reception like from me are. Good ol' boys and Colombia to the suggestion of a convention of states. Well I got I got them they're cute though that body if you know that walked in the door art deputy director actress nearly got a text. And the senate can't look there's session. Minutes later we got hurt checks in got to ask here yet so beast bigger state. And then even etc. et Al can't go there. Well look I doubt Columbia clearly we're looking at the weather. I. You know I permission but Geithner hearing over reacting correctly but bottom line. We use our attic great session he had three search elected back in October and yet if you know appeared career. The quicker the great turnout at a delicate beta which doubled number that we had and summer to retreat session. They gonna try they're gonna try and replicate this event and a at a future date direct. You know we're we're we're. I. I'm not sure or via various won't go what do we yet he gave way where we currently are bare worker. Probably I think I expect them out and members there. Well after we get out livery cab and we went over QB is that the only Martin that was senator Thomas. You present here are out of our revenues. That it Walton. Rick Rick I'm gonna I'm unfortunate I'm gonna have to I have to our country short because I'm up against a hard break here and I I appreciate the update and nine and if you guys reschedule this at some point Debbie Sheryl and I know can't. Take a break the news here the top of the hour I'm right back and our number two is on the way. Not only in California I guessed these thirteen kids found shackled. Inside a house in California by their parents. Well be right back.