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Wednesday, January 17th

New California; Tax cuts; Amazing true facts


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And here we go getting under way it was when is typically the most heavily commuter an hour of the body Mac show not a good idea today course does the sun. Is in the process of disappearing over the western horizon back. How are they 5 o'clock follies great to have you along in his hallway is. Here's valued join me and take part in the conversation today just grab your phone. Usually Ingles advantage talk line at 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address is Bob. And 1063. WORG dot com. And and mass speculating about don't know what it's gonna happen at the White House today. Now regarding media present and sell fake news media awards. You may remember about 1010 days a week ago Sunday. These are going to be present and and then they were postponed. Supposedly until 5 PM today. Now but I have I'm not heard anything or seen anything on on the way out. Donna let me act quickly take a peek at Drudge. And now and see if they have any kind of update on here. Now they computers decided it's again don't lose an element there again announce. Opening the page. Ranked opponent. Okay. Can I computer anytime of the time. Now don't don't say anything about an hour so if if it does happened and we will share that. Which you. Here is more on that story about done new California these apparently conservative folks. Or conservative leaning. Might be a better description not Californians who have had enough. Went governor moon beam and rest of the ground with that taxes through the roof and now people fleeing the state. In droves. With three reading of this is from on CBS. Where the reading of their own version of a declaration of independence founders of the state of new California. Took the first steps to a whole what they hope will eventually lead to statehood. CBS Sacramento reports they don't wanna leave the United States I only wanna leave California. Who could blame. Well it's been ungovernable. For a long time. High taxes education you name it send a founder were there's something wrong when you have a rural counties such as this one. And you get on the Orange County which is mostly urban. And it has the same set of problems and it happens because of how this data is being covered in taxed. Now what about cal exit remember that the movement for California secession. But unlike other separation movements in the past the stadium new California. Wants to do things by the book. And they are citing article four or section three of the US constitution and working with these state legislature to get it done similar to the way West Virginia. What's more. And daring at times the late unpleasantness. As a grandma used used to refer to any war between the states the civil war. I yes he said we have to demonstrate that we can govern ourselves before we are all out. To govern send other founder Tom Reid despite obstacles. Doubters and obvious how long odds. The group stand united in their dream of statehood. The group has organized with committees and a council of county representatives. They say it will take ten to eighteen months before they're ready to fully engage when the state legislature. Where George is dominated by Democrats I'll be wonder if this isn't a fool's errand. This is not by the way the first effort to split up California you may remember. Four years ago 2014. Silicon Valley venture capitalist John Draper submitted signatures to put a measure. That would split California. Into six separate states and and AM map. On here that shows new California and the old. Extends from just above not San Francisco around Silicon Valley. Down through a Santa Barbara. All the way to to Mexico in the south so. Good luck with he has state alleges. Ager in now in California. Being able to pull that off but does it it's its interest saying that. There are folks out there. Who recognize the lunacy. Of the state government in California. Plagiarism audio yesterday. From the out. Dust up between some of the end Democrats. And Democrat senators. And the a woman who is now the head of Homeland Security the secretary of Homeland Security. And and now. Now one of those there was a party off. In his questioning. Yesterday is. New Jersey Democrat Cory Booker. He is being slammed for what's called the man explaining. Two Department of Homeland Security secretary Kirsten Nielsen NA sharpened one sided exchange yesterday. Before a senate committee by the way this Kamal brown whatever name as Kamal Harris. And senator from a California also. Called ms. Nielsen not a racist. Yesterday during. Now Booker in the New Jersey lawmaker blasted Nielsen silence and amnesia as he called it. After failing to get the response he wanted. On her regulation on recollection. Of statements president trump made and that meeting last week and he's talking of course about the this whole country's. A book or hostile tone one. Prompted Republican National Committee rapid response director Michael errands to invoke the millennial term for men talking down to women. Picture. Aren't set and a news release a male Republican senator spends his entire ten minutes. Man explaining the female DHS secretary about immigration policy throws around that term conscientious stupidity. Yells at her the only time she tries to speak and concludes his diatribe without even asking her to respond. During the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday Nielsen said she did not work call. They president describing some African and Latin American nations as S whole country's. But her though is on set aside when that answer they commander in chief and an Oval Office meeting. Referred to people from African countries and patients where the most vile and vulgar language Booker said raising his voice and Nielsen. You're silence and amnesia is complicity. He added that trumps language proves that ignorance and bigotry aligned with power is a dangerous voice in our country. Booker then of course also quoted Martin Luther King Jr. saying nothing in all the world is more dangerous. And sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. They are and see slammed derogatory Corey as they called him. And suggested that because bunkers a Democrat he was not being criticized. For how he was speaking to a woman. Because they party affiliations were reversed. Derogatory Cory got nothing but praise from me selectively outraged based. He was clearly performing for yesterday well like everybody knows. Booker wants to be their 20/20 Democrat candidate for the presidency seller that's why he's grandstand. Interesting there's a picture of him you see this picture. Money Danny Nowak Cory Booker Mann explaining to the DH as secretary. Limbaugh said on his show today it hearkened back to the picture of Al Franken. Because I'm Booker sitting there when there's arms extended hands out as if the US and the well going to replicate. Al Franken action on that to a flight back from not Afghanistan with the sleeping woman who Romania took advantage. Should it is. Pretty incredible take a quick break here and then they write back with more another sun comes out. We get to it's 515 in some sense in now a lot of that. Fifteen more minutes. Well I guess. On when true Wednesday beggars can't be choose. Good to see this sound right back. Welcome back 521 here on me about him actually a nice get a little break of sunshine here in turn the end of the day. And on my attacks line Bob my Cory Booker should be hung on the same pipe can they put Republicans on by their definitions Booker SA sexist and racist. For his performance I would agree but of course he can't be sexist racist Aziz a Democrat. I was a checking the real Donald Trump Twitter feed. The Saturn and see if they present and a tweeted any else about the fake news awards I didn't see that. But the president did tweet deck just a little while ago. Did you notice the fake news mainstream media never likes covering degrade and record setting economic news. But rather talks about anything negative or they can be turned in true the negative. The Russian collusion hoaxes dead except as it pertains to the dams. Public. Gets it. It so will. Keep tabs and has see if they come back around to via. To be fake news awards it's true enough about done economic news. From man that's been riding a town hall dot com today over two million workers and receive bonuses and raises. Thanks to president Trump's tax bill. He Republican tax reform package the most extensive in thirty years is so terrible. That over two million workers I receive bonuses and raises since it was signed into law December 22. Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner's spend compiling a list citing over 100 company us. That have doled out bonuses and at least a thousand dollars or more since the bill became law. Some are now approaching 3000 dollars when they increased for a one K contributions and wages. A list of forty firms. Offering millions of employees bonuses and customers' feet cuts has surged to 164. In just ten days. As a he'll likely financial benefit of the president's tax reform has started settling at a sub the other day. There are three or four utility companies. And have reduced rates for their customers. Interestingly I did not see Duke Energy on that list. Now they're probably still trying to recoup that debt ten million bucks they gave the Democrats for their national convention in Charlotte a number of years. Well they alone the DNC the money. And then forgave a lot. So it no one really alone it was. It was a gift he had actually and it's again. Well look we get a you know when Obama was and there you got to play all of these guys. And they did. And they probably enjoyed. I you've likely seen the news about US tax reform we believe these tax changes will be positive for our company. And provide us the opportunity to do good things for our crew members customers and shareholders said jetBlue. Which is offering a thousand dollar bonus to 21000. Employees. You know maybe the most effective billboard on I guess in a long time to name money putting us on the way to work it was at the intersection of Woodruff. And for table of are at their mind that billboard sits right there by the KG station. Big picture of the beach. And underneath it that bad debt crisis. Four flights on Allegiant air. Yeah imagine their phone is a Bradley rain and today. Even before the list expanded during the past week the bonuses wage increases and rate hikes being offered by big and small companies. And public utilities. I was praised by president trump and house speaker Paul Ryan. Even part time workers are receiving bonuses albeit smaller ones it's creating a better job creating and it. It's creating a better job creating an investing climate file this under Obama could not manage to want no wonder. And none of of other things and the government did when Obama was. And president. Were designed chip. Aid industry big or small big corporation is certainly not small businesses they did everything they could hamstring them. Companies also announced increased US investment and boosting Philanthropic activity as well Fiat Chrysler. Not only show they would be giving workers a 2000 dollar bonus. Would be it would but also would be investing a billion dollars any plant in Michigan. I think that I used to be. A Ford plant in Michigan and and did sedans. But it's a dancer but their biggest. Then the sales figures for sedans are way way down. The big east as you might imagine. Our suvs. And trucks as gas prices have stabilized. And that's good news from the auto industry because guess where the biggest profit margins are and in nine new sales. Right suvs and trucks. I think this plant in Michigan they're gonna they're in the process of retooling. It's four trucks. Out for a free up Fiat Chrysler I think they gonna do ram ram trucks up. They've also been covering the damage and by damage we mean tremendous economic news brought on by the bill. Democrats roll the dice betting against the American worker in middle class remember not one Democrat. Voted for the tax cuts. And they think they're gonna cruise through the 2018 mid terms. And look what they're citing as a latest example. Some months state office and I remember who was from the legislature are for the senate. In Wisconsin which of course president trump carried in 2016. And it was one. By a Democrat. Big deal was Donald Trump on that ballot was he running against this Democrat candidate for whatever stayed off is that wants. Gimme a break. Now the Democrats roll the dice betting against the American worker and middle class and now they're choking it. On the cro they're eating and of course every one on the left. Was wrong. Al. Democrats Sarah. And their their light Debbie proverbial stopped clock now. A right twice a day lucky had to be that. About the the guy in Sacramento. Who in the court room was bragging. About having killed two police officers Bob that still legal certainly sounds like a pillar of the community. I wonder how many times I guy and then not. Deported. And no then returned. Is married to a woman is an American citizen. I guess that explains a lot. About the guy with a goofy haircut the family and and California with a thirteen years. Now where they had a change in the beds. Pamela Cox could. Al Bob didn't Randy Quaid have led goofy prince valiant haircut and some movie about blowing yeah I think it was ten pin. When something like that I think that's. I 129 after five here in the money match up take a quick break here for the news in the bottom of the hour right back with more. And now we roll fun. Here on May 5 o'clock follies on a wintry Wednesday. Earning eight. After ray have really. And of morbidly each second grade overcast sky for around AM vast majority of the day today we finally are rewarded. I went a very nice sunset. As a sun slowly creeps over the western horizon. Here it down 53723. Before six the bombing action on these typically most heavily commuted hourly 5 o'clock follies however today. As I had just pointed out to money penny moments ago we've set a new record. For the low maximum. Number of vehicles and the intersection of Woodruff and garnering ten. Aunt does this time of day. Typically. Earlier cars backed up well sparsely I can say. All the way over the horizon. Africa's course GE typically gets out to China and on commuters. Are using them Woodruff road as well you know Woodruff is like a good essentially anytime today but kudos to everybody for. A tremendous exercise of good sense. Today mine. Britain coming in earlier about midday. I guess I'm really limited. Vehicular traffic. A lot of tables and town on the MI go out mess. And that was certainly the right decision and probably will be the right decision going forward for tomorrow as well. He has with the overnight low going to be out somewhere in the teens say a 1518. Somewhere around and there's what they're. Forecasting for the overnight low for tonight. Now what hasn't been wiped off the roads either for a month. And DOT's efforts or from the traffic that has been on the roads today. Obviously is gonna freeze over overnight and it's gonna remain that way. I probably for a substantial part of the day tomorrow I would guess at least until midday. Now the clouds should be moving on out. They tell us and other McGinest sunshine earlier tomorrow which will help. Not to melt things eventually but bear in mind. This is a winner and this time a year or the sun angle. There are a lot of places. And now the higher elevations of around two yarn and on through the foothills. A lot of hilly spots where even when the sun is out all day long. There one side of the road may not receive any sunshine and all. And now those are the spots and of course it make driving pretty tricky and hazardous. Paso don't have Torre about school tomorrow for Greenville county and the other counties that. Not any mentioned in the newscast at down the bottom of the hour. And I imagine probably a lot of businesses tomorrow. Are going to be on a late start I would assume so. Act you know of course here. We don't we don't operate we operate on an 882 away and that's it. The net. Ever everything else I goes on as scheduled. But many businesses tomorrow I suspect probably will not import. Boy a late starter that would certainly be. A good idea. What's so what's going on in Washington today yeah from a bright part. Democrats have successfully blocked the government's 2018 budget for another month. Giving them more time to trying to exhaust and now frustrate president trump and to try and not embarrassed GOP leaders and into accepting. A democrats' game winning amnesty for millions of illegals. On the GOP late yesterday gave up. On 2018 budget talks drafted a new temporary budget plan on another CR as error virtue continuing resolution. Which would keep the government open for another month. Until February 16. That date will mark almost five months after the 2018 budget with so elated to be again. October 1 talent and to me and I mentioned this in passing earlier in the program. What's what's amazing and and very telling. About the a media and the way they treat story is always remain a leftist perspective. There's not any discussion at all about the constitutionality. Of doc. And it is an unconstitutional. Program that was just created out of whole cloth. By President Obama to try and buy votes. Which it may have. But its constitutionality. It remains in question. And you're never gonna hear that mentioned on any of the network evening newscasts. So if Leon continuing resolution passes the house and senate another month to develop a 2018 budget. On the amnesty talked Sarah being overseen. By the readers of each side in the house and senate. If they amnesty does get approved by an exhausted trumpet and GOP. And I certainly wouldn't hold my breath from that. It would wreck trumps by American hire American presidency. 2018 turn out and his reelection. They claim. The approval would prove the Democrats the establishment media and business a lot based. And the political power to simply raising the supply of cheap imported labor whenever companies are forced to pay higher wages to Americans. Regardless of Trump's stunning victory in 2016. I saw some numbers today it was from one of the it might have been from Center for American Progress switches and George Soros money is behind that. Said that the the average wage for the dock a recipient in the last few years are gone up from ten dollars an hour or something like fifteen dollars an hour. And that's money that of course could be going into the pockets of American citizens. If the Democrats amnesty push is foiled. Then voters will be able to decide in November if they want congress to reduce or raise the immigration which has helped free us. Not americans' wages since 2000. Alan GOP short term CR plan may get a vote in the house. Tomorrow. Leaving the senate little time to accept the plan by Friday night. Course they all want again out of town it's Friday it's gone down a down day. After which the government starts closing down many nonessential functions. I love that aspect of threatened government jumped into our nonessential functions. What do they do and they're good again went. Shut him down and read them shot down. Democrat leaders suggests they are willing to oppose a short term budget and to force a government shutdown mullah they do then it's on the hill. But you have I know there are many Lily liver GOP members of shaking in a bush hope hope hope we can't have a government showdown will be blamed for at the polls in November blah blah blah. GOP leaders may also need Democrat votes in the house because the GOP's defense industry members threatened to vote against. The leaders budget because it does not guarantee a big increase in defense spending for the rest of the year. The extra defense money is not in the budget because Democrats are demanding that any defense increase is accompanied by a similar increase in gas what. Non defense spending. As they describe it yeah that would be entitlement programs. In response some of the budget hawks suggested they will approve give away amnesty and exchange rate defense. Increase. That would be as we are used to say in the old days eating your seed core. Doing away. With. And essential. For a short term political games are they Republicans. And. In a position to do that yeah there are many of them sadly LNR. Not in on the attacks like 71307. A Bob my driveway is already. Black ice. Are increasing in a bunch of that now between now and not tomorrow afternoon and and probably through tomorrow night as well. We get some sunshine in here tomorrow near the temperature up in the low forties at least we'll dispense. With the vast majority of the black guy cement. And deal went down the slush that remains behind. 545 here in the balmy Mac she'll be right back on a wintry Wednesday. Really do his work. And Georgia man Mr. President where the same way we are here slave in a way. Every afternoon from a foreign till seven great to have you along. It's 551 coming up on eight minutes before six here in the body Mac show on this so wintry Wednesday and I'm more today's edition all of a well. I'll add to our Gary good voice during the intro here. Mom mode clear. Form maybe as I'm looking at some pictures of some dodgy it's. Who are dressed up and a brand new product. Obama's Megyn nine she should kind of enjoys a dressing up. And various things her football Jersey and you know different Ostrom you know I had an outfit for Halloween one for Christmas and and all the rest. She even has an Easter outfit about a lot of dogs. Frankly they don't like it when you dress him up. I have to imagine they would hate you even more if you dressed them up and this these shed defender. And has gone into a leotard. For your dog. Why it well the idea is to keep your dog from shedding. All over your house but when you think there's a better way to do that without making them look. Well they look foolish and some of these dogs in the pictures or pimples. And up. Not happy with the outcome. Now let's just say the dogs in these pictures and the ability to feel shame and embarrassment and put him and one uneasily at r.s will do it theory is who is this. This is the inventor. A creator of the shed defender explaining why you need a leotard for Europe furry friend. How can maybe win that way instead of blah Elijah yeah. It's not all the way to the back here and sells you just finds it a little bit enough to where they're exposed to. Part of my side they can do their thing come back and he gives it brand Beckham so. Actually his position defenders. To contain here was in the season so before they come house of cards. On situationally uses. Mainly car is in the house and then along with two. The settlement come you can focus on first surgeries so we can't let their wounds on the skin enhances. Question for the for the can't act into question ripple playable like. Underground yeah I do have dollars stuff yeah they do you know anything. It's extremely strategy. Now all my damn bad they'll do it with some level of embarrassment. Imagine any other doctor I have is that you've got all their final. Come on this guy. This guy eat you wanna talk about semis it's tough. 73 year old beet farmer. Jam. In west give Flynn Australia. He is writing his motorbike last month a look at for grasshoppers on a sharp vision or they can do here crop. When he hit a divot and went flying over the handlebars. Landed on his head breaking his neck. When you realize she was still alive he knew he had to get himself home so they can golfer held on because of his broken neck. His hand would not stay up right. So he grabbed his hair don't hold his hand straight up gone back on his bike and drove himself more than a quarter of a mile back to his house. In excruciating pain needless to say it any call for help. Taken to the hospital they discovered he had to fractured vertebrae underwent surgery and now it's expected to make a full recovery. Should tough guy. According to a recent survey on cell phone habits 94%. Of us use our phone on me him. On the throne as we say. 23% of dropped our phone end. The commode. 92%. Of assault reap more than our phone in the bedroom including 9% who put it under their pillow. Does scientists warn you shouldn't and it Kosher and 62% of our people have cracked screen on your phone 38% said they're screened never cracked. How many chargers do you have 30% said 137%. Cent to 20% sent three. 13%. And four or more. By the way. Ever gotten mad and hurled your phone across the room. I could be an expensive way to. Expressing your anger to vent as it were. Not 22%. Of people. And hurled the phone crack miner has. A cover on it where you can actually throw it across tournament. Not to do that. About done dropping the app phone and the I toilet. And now than handing to fish it out 23%. Say they have. Two is pretty girls there you go all that said today's amazing true facts for Wednesday. As stand by because they bonus hours on the wane as promised earlier in the program. I will tell you the back story on where the global warming scam. Came from. Next here on the bunny match.