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Thursday, January 18th

All 50 states had snow on the ground Wednesday; Using military for DACA; Response to Bob's email to the Governor


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Hello how they agreed saying as well go man now happy 277. Not 272. Birthday. To our Robert Edward Lee. Anyway celebrating December's dated and wrestle a wheelchair down some statue is somewhere they got progressives are Cheryl. Turned up some statues of the L leader of the army of Northern Virginia who of course free displacement net. Forget about down that part of his now legacy greed in this snow way 00 las Sewell. IC I guess would be more like an attempt at this point as we get underway. Enemy a big Thursday afternoon edition here of the body Mac show great to have you along and as always. Il or input. Is invited encouraged and welcome. Just pick up the phone to take part in the conversation today use the angles advantage talk line 800. 3471063. If texting is your preferred mode of communication. That's perfectly fine just doozy common sense retirement planning text line 71307. My email address Bob. And 1063 WORG dot com. Couldn't be much simpler than that an hour from now here in the studio some special guest. Will be joining me and marine morale and now Morgan Brittany authors actresses and conservative media personalities they are known. They they go by any collective identity of the political chicks. May have seen him because they've been all over on television and the other web TV show the poet chicks TV show. That's been now gone on for for sometimes they'll be joining me here in the studio because they will be appearing tonight. 6 PM can't sing on the down general we have a lot of political events sponsored by the Greeneville and Orange County Tea Party is. Now the on the ladies will be there to speak tonight we got a book. That you cannot Pam autographed by them and nobody as I sent joining me here in the studio in the next hour program. I'm careful driving around still some slick spots maybe the fact that we get on sunshine all day long today. I will help to melt some of this stuff that is out there now but this is just the end. From the recovering meteorologist desk. Now we are not alone. When it comes to be cold and the snow. They latest blast of wintry weather. Brought accumulations as far south as the Gulf Coast. Yesterday morning. Starting off with snow cover in all fifty. States. All fifty states Bonnie now. Hawaii. As well. On not cool why. When I am pretty high elevations against some flows series up there as well. But to have snow on the ground and all fifty states have the same time is a fairly. Rare event the last time all fifty states and snowfall on the ground in the same time. February 12. 2010. So as men not go one on eight years. Little known fact about Hawaii isn't and it does often snow there Cora sensed. Typically. On the big island. More on a gay volcanic peak. Typically the hardest stage to get accumulating snowfall. As you might imagine is Florida. This season has already featured three snow fall events in northern Florida. Anybody remember though long average forecast from Noah and adds up born and end up with no govern all fifty states. In a snow three times in northern Florida I. I don't think so and so we put together a little musical montage to celebrate the wintry event. You know gone down. I'm not anxious they. Okay. I'm a nice job by the embodiment semi professional production team. And our salute to me a snow fall. Now take off hike. And was mostly sixty. And Saturday or send. As did start out cold but. Has learned in if it gets up to six reacted I'm willing to contend with a little bit more honest in Omnia attacks wind today we'll have to check. On this one and find out now Bobby Mack what time is sunset. Today let's go to the official sunset desk on the money Mac show. Jack when mr. money penny who will inform us that sunset today will occur add. 449. At least we'll have some sunshine and Detroit. Bobbie is that miss money for an eight whose shelves all right. Chad no it's not. I'm Sam ash from the Simpsons than that. Sounds like Angus and cents. Bump bump bomb. Baghdad catches me up on the presidential shrinking my drunk. The the jobless. Numbers are out. Jobless claims in deep creased by 41000. To 220000. That is the lowest level. Of up unemployment claims. Since February of 1973. What's at 45 years. Biggest drop since April of 2009. The president is outside of Pittsburgh. Today he's up there campaigning for candidate in a special election. He is and not cori up a less PA I know how to pronounce and having worked enough in the berg. In peaks bird Pennsylvania islets let's question jet join in progress a little bit of on the president's remarks here. It's great news for all of the people in Pittsburg. For the citizens of Pennsylvania and Americans all across our country quizzed me Kate thank you feel. This is a big difference guys big difference and things like stand up. We're putting America back to work it words during the forgotten men and women of my country. Are never ever forgotten again and remember the deplorable it's. Horrible. Horrible deplorable. Yeah I was gonna turn into a landslide and I knew I thought I was gonna turn and that was not a good phrase that C news. Something she'd like to have back after. And the good news keeps score again. Americans monthly utility bills are also going down because. As a major electric companies. Have announced they will pass their savings. From taxes. On to their customers tremendous reduction and certain. Companies and peoples energy costs and are you listening amusement and clearly seeing higher wages are lower energy bills. And that's because of the tax cuts but it's also because of deregulation. Cuts. When I spoke to the folks in the plan. They said the biggest thing is what's happened is regulations cutting of the regulations we have regulations but the affair and they're reasonable. And they're actually just as stringent. But you go to one group affirm our current okay you don't have to get in nineteen different times or seven times and go to different agencies. It's within the realm of reasonable and that's why people are opening up there are expanding and their hiring more people. My tax bill also took a historic step. To restore health care freedom. No longer will the federal government punish you for fines if you can't afford. And Obama care mandated help us plan. Because we repealed. Obama cares cruel. That was cruel. Individual. Men today. Where you are supposed to go out. And you pay. In order not to have to buy health care they give us. He should have been rejected a long time ago by a lot of different people including the courts surprisingly. But we were able to repeal it. We got rid of the individual mandate and you'll see what that means it is such a big factor for so many people it was so unfair he's done. We've also opened up and why are now in Alaska for energy exploration okay. That is that sell the president he's speaking this afternoon there's a special election. And it's opera house seat. In non suburban Pittsburgh is Corey obelisk Pennsylvania's where the president has a speaking today. As a we want them to share when your little mention of his remarks up there. And the media of course are gonna paint us as older the GOP is so nervous. Because they've been losing special elections because they lost one. In Wisconsin. Asset. Well you know a couple of minor local offices where Democrats and one big deal. Was that was Donald Trump on the ballot in any of those violent seventeen after three were taking a quick break here will only come right back and update. On numb my email to the out. To me now lady who is running the columns sharply communications director Ali I camera. Mike milestone for governor campaign you may recall earlier in the week I shared read an email I sent joke I know I get reply back. And I'll share that when you when we can manually go to the phones as well. Next year on the body Mac show. Anthony and about your us. Yes. Owner of mail lonely hearts that. A during the the last cavaliers sounds. The late great rush Cassel showed use that for his intro music for his same music great to have you on here. Barney 22 after three here on the money manager took the phones we go as promised outlets had to Waterloo. Waterloo where will you rule meet your Waterloo apparently I have not met mine today according to bill hi bill and welcome to the show. How are you violates. I hate to correct fuel when did all right so there's both sides leave almost have been mistaken all twilight. January 981007. Rugby league was on. Now now you are as Ed McMahon used to famously say to carnac. You are correct sir I dropped down. The sidebar I believe. Good hour on whole January 19 I'm not sure yet it was safety in mind but I'm not sure. Are a lot I believe his point saying nineteen some years. You know you know were Edgar Allan Poe went to school went to college all you know he was a west corner. You're. Injured just say you know considering. You know the hole and on his writings. In a telltale heart and commitment to an element all that. Now later on this it is interesting I know you're right and and I'm not I don't. I got ahead of myself into somebody sent me a text message as and a happy 272. Brazilian and it ended. Instead hand stuck in my head the newest tomorrow and it was Friday the nineteenth. But no one had no mention and US I appreciate the correction all low. You know build considering. The individual were talking about. We probably ought to have two days. Two Rimmer Robert Robert Robert Bailey. World war as a side note told people are almost say that. Her body vs wolves choice as those won in south Brooklyn. I. Other well yeah yeah yeah and and conversely they tell me a Yankee because I was born in Arlington Virginia and yet. Now what was the army called wasn't that the army of my Northern Virginia. Now. You ever ask you ever see the the Gettysburg movie they'll. It. There's that him and thinking about Robert. I'm reminded of the scene in Gettysburg where some of the confederate officers are standing around a fire. And one of the mentions at Charles Darwin and he is a new book on the origin of species. Which of course up posited. A good man is descended from the ape and the great reply of the confederate officers is that. You have a great deal of difficulties. Ever convincing me that Robert Edward leave it is definitely has descended from eight. That was very very rude it's good. I think it was down there was great bill thanks a lot appreciate the correction that we we wanna be accurate. And correct. Brian is our next step here on the balmy night show and is in Boiling Springs hello Brian and welcomes you the Thursday edition they. And ultimate day of the week good to have you here. Good to talk to you probably have always go to squat curious to banks back on the so that he reading all the comments about Democrat cute and are real here in the bargaining to get in the backup process. Like I can ever. Feel better talking go like to walk a few liberals and Democrats over to the Republican Party by any thought oh fight broker Twitter and let me tell you used the word liberal or Democrat in this situation. What the word patriot. You know I just don't. Speaking of some of these politicians Ryan it was an interesting fall on. On one of the network programs the other and I'm not I don't think it was on fox and although it may build. Whoever was doing the in the Chiron which they used to put a text at the bottom of the screen where they identify. Whoever their handing out a sound bite from. And it and it's it's bill Lindsay was on there and underneath it it said. Senator Lindsey Graham. And then an ad in parentheses. And I finally some contracts are finally somebody got this right. Yeah yeah just this just quite. Frustrating for either it's. Granted there are. I don't know how like some of the sport looked at our military is this sport most importance to this country. But but who has been more critical of our military look at don't remember what happened not in Iraq. No I'm not these these guys are accusing members of our military and every kind of horrific event you could possibly imagine never mind of course but the people that we were fighting. Were employing tactics that were substantially worse not enough we can't criticize them we must criticize our our own military. Where exhibit put themselves informed like constantly our freedom not that this is not all over too loyal for they are locked up thanking November. I I've I suspect you're right I think they're whistling past the graveyard. They're using the president's appearance in and not suburban Pittsburgh today is that well on the Democrats are afraid won't look. A typical eight RD party in power doesn't lose seats in the house and senate and in an off year election a non presidential year election but. I think with the president trump in the White House all bets are off in that regard. What sort. I agree totally honest are you so let me get that one out there thank go we are in the chant cheer people or really leaked out about patriotic. I can't stand to the minute they do go to Guillen might need not in in my operated Irwin what do you say we don't fight broke allowable don't wanna fight really quick they're not patriots. It's certainly not our war military you know to the Williams or all of these illegals. Now triumph well there you know they're gonna do and everything they can't to buy votes they know they they would have no base anymore so they've they've got to. Essentially rebuild their base in the way they wanna do it with all these illegals thank you Brian I appreciate the points. I mentioned that some time ago I'd send an email. To be a new communications director. She had to send an email out Caroline and Greg is an ancient sent an email account. You know saying at introducing yourself saying who she was and you know please get in touch and we can help they would they make master campaign whenever. So I sent an email back. And now part of what I said was. As since assuming the office of governor I've spoken with this media relations people nearly a dozen times requesting the governor agendas that my show either in studio or via a phone interview. I've been repeatedly. Been given various excuses as to why he's unavailable. I suspect the fact and I've been critical of some of the governor's actions since taking office may have influenced his decision to not appear. I would suggest and as his campaign gears up he stop dodging me and come on the show. It would give him an opportunity to defend some of those actions I've always been known to be willing to give candidates a platform. To explain why they made a decision. On an issue so I'm I shook that off. Now last week and well in the meantime Chara from our morning show also chimed in and sent an email back to run as and direct I will share that with you. And ten day. I have here in my little hot hand. An email response. From the communications director of the I hit a rough might mass Dolan go none campaign I'll share that with you. When we come right back here on the Bob Wayman show hunters. Hey. And yeah it. Owl. Welcome back. 33723. Before a 4 o'clock. Who should get in on the attacks winds 71307. Bob I'm confused with a sound zen time. And 543. Today one is money penny sail before 45. Well because it in guest star surely and I complain about it so much. Now because I hate going back to standard apple look one way or the other. Okay standard time on time or daylight time on top. But there's back and forth stuff. Has me convulsed. If that's right work anyway so we make fun Mendez sometimes she says a sunset is actually a 118. Aren't true 49. And we make it as early in the day a spot where. We're exaggerating. To make a point I guess when. Al Bobby being from Wisconsin what is that money going. Out and I don't hear him on odd joke or near what. Up front can change Korean. Bobby being from Wisconsin I can authoritatively say the dairy air stage is a liberal ass whole country. No surprise that when Jim actually. I'm truck carried Wisconsin. And in this one county special election. I think. President trumpet carry that kind of like sixteen points or something and and some Democrat won it for the first time a big deal. As I said was Donald Trump on the ballot did this senate Democrat beat Donald Trump in that county election. Bump up Bobby in my office is already implemented a new tax codes and my check reflected a 32 dollar increase. So read. So I mentioned before the the break in the bottom and I sent an email. In response to the introductory email from mama's Carolina and Durand. Who is the out comes director communications director for the camera. My tax. Gubernatorial campaign terra also followed up with an email of her own demands an array of which he said and I quote. Hi terrorist surveys just went 1063 WORD here. I host the morning show like Bob McClain I would like to get the governor on a show for an interview. Catherine Templeton and Kevin Bryant have already done interviews on the show. Google. We do have always been told a big governor doesn't have time to talk to us. Even when I've attempted to schedule months in advance and ordered again an interview date. So we abolish only audience a hasn't had time to talk to them thus far. We'd love to have him on as well our audiences are very large and not necessarily the same as mops. Assured to every day parts. So pick a date and a time in the next month between six and 10 AM and will hold it for him will he join us. Best wishes to our I like what she did there. And I gave my hard and fast enough okay. You know put up her shot up. So by land and neither responded at all so anyway. Here is the response today from ms. and direct good morning. I really appreciate you all reaching out to Maine and gone to that. This is this is. Appropriating. A southern language. Now she is from Kentucky. It's not okay from I guess it is. It's a border statement. And you can you tell us that they or letter. I know doesn't appear to be back and it's addressed to Chara and myself. Okay. Good morning I really appreciate now maybe a formal. Because she usually. She appropriate in the southern colloquial ism you all why apostrophe ALL. In the original email us well. I really appreciate you all reaching out to me and thank you for your patience. As I worked through the many messages and requests I've received since coming on board the campaign. She came to they governor's campaign a from the RNC. Who can. I will circle up with my team to talk about your request and will cut him off for the past knowing him. I will circle up with my team to talk about your request and be in touch in short order. In the meantime police feel free to reach out to me via phone or email. Best signed a Carol and that maybe four minor matches we've already. Reached out. Via phone at all. Every game and we shouldn't smoke signals in the direction of the governor's mansion and not yet we're saving the firewood for the fireplace. Now will say. I like the fact that terra. You know cannot. Gave him a black spot there. Pick a date and time in the next month between six and an AM local bid for a lot of then necessarily it sounded like a form letter. Yeah it is. And that ring to it. Despite. The unfriendly. You all. Austin I was hoping that it was a response directly in your email because it didn't address any of the issues about race. It didn't address a fact and I'm from you know talked human dozen times and now Oreo and actually I'm gonna go away bar where OK you have right. We still respect Cuba. They wouldn't say that but that's what they meant. Now Bonnie yeah Kentucky counts in my book they'll take Kentucky and I'll give too much I mean it's a border state and I'll cut him some slack on this. You can say all in Kentucky. Man. I'm Bob Barr might offer shows also implemented the new tax codes and my check went up. An entire 85 cents a week no complaints here though. I take it. Bob Bob that bumper music you just wait isn't that race fest. There was a play that funky music white Volek. Two boosted into the end your catcher when yet we can't oh brother Fred. Is on this afternoon he's in a beautiful travelers rest hello brother Fred fortieth snow up there. Man much. Message received and understood the different cat that are important and why haven't forgotten. Yes sir but that's OK I'll be ready to get any Olympics they broke formal Fort Bliss and I just want to tell you thank you so mush. For the way you present everything. And a lot of top mom hard hit areas but I understand what she talked about. And while I want to talk about two you do today Bobby is to help them steps. Back up. Right I would agree I mean look if they shut the government down. The nonessential. Personnel. Are the only ones that don't come to work however the military doesn't get paint. Well this is playing in next Ben and the marine corps air force in the National Guard. And humble vet. But I was proud to serve my country. Nasr well and looking at the paychecks. Quite frankly brother friend are meager enough as they all are. Well black guys say I'm thankful and also you know I've got my big sign up there. Yes I am not. Did they ask somebody shot 38. 38 slow way of certain. Sense about that that's pretty good I think big guy ahead. Byrd of Portland they were probably trying to shoot through the office. Quarter I was there but it. But they shut the billboard. But I'd just want to say is that thank you so much and I wished that we get to have somebody like you 24/7. Thank you brother Fred you you know enough you've dodged bullets before. Yup you had done people. Shooting two UN anger. Well actually. The never. In anger in all the military. Buildup and you know the. And did since. It's it's interesting and now you know I need you can serve all those years in the military and none defend the nation. And then now look through them real enemies turn out to be how. Well black guys say. I helped to provide the this safety. And now a year. Out there have been doing the same thing only more fortitude. Now I don't know if more but it is a responsibility we take seriously brother friend and not. Great to hear from you god bless keep your head down there and CR all right. Well if you can hear me. How do I get dogs. You know that you probably shot me in the high quarter. As fast as you can still run brother Fred add them pushing 89. I suspect you may be able to out run something as light weight. As a as a 38 god bless you brother Fred good to have you here at 34713. Before for your. I love that got third Jamie for four here on the Bobby Mack should be right back. Attack dog right here on their money penny is getting going Gaza. We we have the police checks coming insidious guests right after the news and for which means I had to kind of move the microphones ran an amusing a different one today. And no typically turn the Mike off and on what my right hand 'cause that's where the stand this one to desist. Actually on the left so I end up opening her talk about half the time arguing go it was big news I was complaining yesterday. And the president had now left us hanging he said the fake news awards will be out until 5 o'clock on Wednesday when they didn't make it. But they released dumb later in the evening. On the GOP. Web site and now without further ado over. Okay. You know they 2017. Faked news awards by the way that does 20th Century Fox fanfare. And stand back as a side note member Randy Newman guided I love LA and I short people his dad. Wrote that I joined go all. Without further ado here are the winners as a provided by GOP dot. Come before the website crashed it is not so much traffic. 2017 year of unrelenting bios unfair news coverage and even downright fake. Numerous. Studies have shown an over 90%. Of the media's coverage of president trump is negative. Here are the winners they Tony seventeen fake news awards in order numero who know. They New York Times columnist Paul Krug man. By the way he's a Pulitzer Prize winner for commentary. Claimed on the day of president trumps historic landslide victory but the economy would never recover. And to quote from cracked. Meantime of course a Dallas it to record costs. Number true ABC news' Brian Ross investigative reporter chokes. And sends markets and a downward spiral with a a false report about the trump campaigns connection when Russia. Number three CNN falsely reported that Canada trump and his son Donald junior. Had access to hacked documents from WikiLeaks. Here's a a file what headline CNN blotches dates. Inaccurately reports trump campaign had WikiLeaks. Sneak peek. The three reporters behind that and the producers get fired a resigned to enter resigned. Number four time falsely reported that president trump removed a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. from the Oval Office. That must have been a payback for Obama taking me a bust of Winston Churchill and on the Oval Office. They were out of work then handling mean bunea. Number five B Walpole Washington Post falsely reported they president's massive sold out rally in Pensacola Florida. Was intake. Dishonest while no reporters showed pictures of an empty arena he had taken hours before the crowd. Showed up. And then I have pictures of the real. Event. And which. Prove the inaccuracy of and a fake news on a number six. CNN falsely edited video to make it appear president trump defiantly over fed fish. During a visit with the Japanese prime minister the Japanese prime minister actually led the way with a feeding number seven. CNN falsely reported about Anthony Scott a mood she's meeting when they Russia and but retracted it dude UA significant breakdown in process. Oh that's the story. Where are they three CNN report I employees were forced to resign. Over the retracted story about Russian ties number eight Newsweek falsely reported that Downey first lady of Poland. Did not shake president trump stand. Followed by a picture of the president shaking hands. Think polish First Lady number eight ounce are a number nine. CNN again. Falsely reported that former FBI director James told me would dispute. President Trump's claim that he was told he was not under investigation. Wrong. And number two on the New York Times falsely claimed on their front page. That the truck administration had hidden a climate report. And I headline from the Washington Post. New York Times guilty of large screw up on climate change story and last but not least Russia coercion. Perhaps the greatest hoax perpetrated on the American people. If you set aside for a moment climate change. There is no collusion they president tweeting. Now the collusion with Russia is proving to be a total hoax and the only collusion is with Hillary and the FBI and Russia. These fake news media and this phony new book are hitting out at every new front imaginable they should try winning an election. So add. They're classic. And this is the tip of the iceberg. As grandma used used to say. The lame stream media would rather climate treated tell alive and stand on the sidewalk can tell that your. They've poetic chicks join me in the studio next.