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Thursday, January 18th

Trump's fake news awards; Immigration world wide; Soros; CA couple that chained children; Boneheads


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Sun Valley at the official word the school's. Out all alma. Two quote doubt that in the minimal philosopher. But Alice Cooper. No like kids are thrilled. And parent so not so much. Illegality attack dog in the right on the attack here as we enter the 5 o'clock vice. The most heavily committed our lead Miami Max I kind of program let's get a great to have you along. Here is valued join me and not be a part of the conversation today. Ingles advantage hotline 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. My email address is bomb and 1063. WLR data cap so they president did release his fake news awards last night. Camp army day they put money GOP web site. The Washington Post immediately declared the fake news awards were a failure. And the fact of the Washington Post promoted. That the statement is awards or the GOP web site. On our web so many people to go to the web site didn't crash. So all the posters writing about it being gay a big guy abysmal wolf Kirk. They actually contributed head to the success. Of the fake news awards which were classic but elect and Annika had done it a top ten many could've done a top 100. Media Research Center. I am today they record. All the on network shows and newscasts and then they go back in and they run the numbers. And as a the president pointed out in the fake news source more than 90% of the coverage in his first year in office have been negative. In on the attacks line sent anyone threes are seven Bob would leave pending government shut down all unless. Mommy are we worse off for they shut down government and accomplishes nothing. Or a working government then a couple of does nothing go right. I I for one now love to see. A government shut down because it reduces the possibility of their doing anymore significant. Harm. Now while there whether or not there. Pop up Bobbie I believe president trump should campaign foray professional athlete. Actor slash actor. Tax bracket. Eight tax should be set at 35%. And goes up 1%. Every time they say or do something stupid. Yeah so the big meal 100% tax rate went and about a month. It's a mention NASA yesterday. Via. NF LTV numbers. L staying go. They were. They were down on. 23 million viewers. From the same time a year ago. Album but I can't be because. Yeah their NFL ratings plunged. As 23 million fewer viewers watched divisional playoffs. Coupled with that. Comes this news today. Movie theater attendance say it's 24 year low. Ticket prices rise nearly 4%. 24 year low and that's that in a year when and a Star Wars movie. And they're still scrape the bottom of the barrel. Truly incredible I think. When my at my baby doll Brendan I'm may have seen. Two movies in the last five years mailing. We saw the end a Churchill movie darkest hour I was okay Gary Oldman was good. We also saw. American sniper. Now the Clint Eastwood film. And we also saw on thirteen hours about dove and got us. Other estimates. You know why don't why don't why don't I wanna give my money. To a bunch of leftist actors. Who spend the rest of their time when they're not on camera preaching to us about how stupid we are we ought to be aboard the M progressive agenda. What do you know if if you're not supporting their way of life. Think eventually a well I don't know the NFL certainly has not gotten the message and a. Out here is the theory is a story that I saw today from Reuters. About what's going on in Hungary. And you might save some Obama who cares what's gone on hungry well here's why. It matters because it's this is a really good idea. Where they trumping anti beleaguered. At the hill. I mention they're just kind of in passing our briefly. That Hungary. Does not like George Soros and what he has been doing trying to influence of politics in their country. Add dateline Buddha patch. Hungary's nationalist government outlined legislation yesterday to tackle illegal immigration. That it says is undermining European stability. And has been stoked in part by US financing here George Soros. And sound manner. Rightwing prime minister Vic Tor or bond. Is embroiled in an escalating feud with Soros who has rejected an extended. Hungarian government campaign against him as distortions and lies. We're just pretty much guarantee that it's accurate and true. Meant to create a false external. Enemy. Is they Soros argument. The prime minister. Mr. Armani is expected to secure a third straight term in a general election due on April the eighth. He's shown about outspoken unit just Google and see what some of this guy is set about legal immigration. Makes trumped up pale in comparison. The legislative. Package which has a very simple name stopped Soros. Now by government spokesman result and Kovacs includes mandatory registration. Of these NGOs. Nongovernment. Organizations. That support. Illegal immigration. They're all gonna have to register this according to an email government position paper. Kovacs told a news conference at 825%. Acts. Would be imposed on foreign donations but these NGOs collect. And activists could face restraining orders. That preclude them from approaching the EU's external borders in Hungary. Those borders by the way have been fortified. Since a migrant influx in 2015. How do you think the other borders have been. Fortified. Take a guess. Correct. Wonderwall. Kovacs added a third country nationals can also be subject to a restraining order anywhere in the country. Details were not immediately clear the bills will only be published and cemented for public debate. Later today. Pro government media reported the bills can lead to a ban on Soros who has US and Hungarian citizenship a ban. On him entering the country. Soros 87 is a Hungarian born Jew. Who has a long time support for a liberal and open border values and Eastern Europe have put him at odds with rightwing nationalist especially in Hungary. Or bans government set and its position paper that it opposed immigration opposed migration. I should say through every means possible. Illegal mass immigration is a problem that affects Europe as a whole posing serious. Security risks. Asked about implications for Soros himself. Kovac said if Soros is found to have engaged in such activity. Meaning he organizes illegal immigration then the rules will apply to him. Last year the orb on government introduced a measure requiring these NGOs. And get money from abroad to register with the state. Raising alarm. In European Union and the US. The European Commission satellite last year was shaking Budapest to the EU's top court. Over its Ngo laws as well as a higher education law that targeted central European university and Buddha bash. Founded by so our ups. Obama is locked in a series of running battles with the European Union where western member states and they Brussels based executive commission. Decry what they see as his authoritarian. Leanings. Sit this guy. What what's he say on. They say and the same thing president trouncing it only Hungary first Hungary for Hungarians. On. And and what's he's accused of authoritarian. Leanings. And opposing a free media battle out. I think any like I can ever be passed here blocking Soros and his billions. From his progressive agenda now. Politicians of both stripes are too busy taken as money sixteen after. I am here in the Bobby Knight she'll be right back. Great to have you along appreciate the way if this afternoon 523. Here on the embody mash up. Bone heads in the news is still on the way in this hour. And on the tax line 71 threes are a seven. Bob about that mayor of Oakland. And the the mayor of local and by the way said that she was willing to go to jail. To stand up to an eight iron fisted Jack booted thugs of the federal government. Who actually wanna win out in force constitutional well in other words stand up for all the illegals. I'm bobbing maybe we need to introduce the mayor of Oakland to the governor other easily. Allah be governor Jimmy knew if memory serves that onetime. Actually proposed rather than a wall a gigantic moat. Now that would be a filled with alligators. And crocodiles. And no land mines on either side of the staunchest when suggestion. Bob Bob Bob bobbing about the imovie has I did see the a Desmond DOS. Movie this year was ready I left that went off the list but my baby don't Brenda and I went see that and to. The out. Medal of honor. A winner recipient. From World War II the medic that saved so many people on up okay now. And a truly truly incredible bombing the only reason I go to the movies is for the popcorn. And it's only one about small popcorn now what about 2530 dollars. And it usually good and had Bonner on America we can't have that. Now they've got what is it yellow number five over. As I know move Vegas on Jim gala yellow and Amber's seventh whenever they put on that stuff. Bobbie exactly they make way too much for any money for what they do. And men do a movie earlier. I'm Bonnie Hungary declares Soros and American America declares semi Hungarian. There ago. Bobbie if we get yep they knew cheerleader for globalism and the new world order banned. Along with Soros that would be great yeah. That would be Lindsay. I am the face of the new world order Graham. It's by. But they police stops saying an ice is on the road all the illegals or panic and getting in their cars and may in Iran for. Based on that maybe we should mention a more Robin. As 25 after five here the Bonnie mentioned. Why does California house of horror story gets worse by the day. The parents of the children in the California house of horrors case are facing up to a wife and present. After being charged and today. Four torture and child abuse while revealing more shocking details of the alleged atrocities. That happened inside the suburban home. Riverside County DA Michael Hester and announced today that who he is and out turbine 49 and David Allen turbine 57 he's a one with a prince valiant haircut. And then hit with a an array of charges. Including counts of torture child abuse false imprisonment and a lewd act on a child my four spear or address. He said if they're convicted on all charges they each face sentences of 94 years still life. Some would suggest us now long enough. One of the children at age twelve is the weight of an average seven year. He told reporters. That 29 year old female victim weighs 82 pounds. DA said authorities investigating the case a learned that the thirteen children. Ranging in age from two to 29. When sleep all day. Go to bed around four or 5 in the morning usually and then would be up all night. Prosecutors said the victims are reported as punishment starting years ago. They began to be tied up with ropes with one victim hog tied. By victim they mean the children. When one victim slipped out of the ropes the DA said it's alleged they turbines switch to change and have blocks. For tighter security. Juniors. And they come up with a nine iron mask like did not king of France. These punishment sort of last for weeks or even months at a time. The seventeen year old girl who escaped the home Sunday and called 911. Out of town brought authorities to the residents had worked on her escape plan for two years. He said one sibling came along with their but then turned around out of fear. Prosecutors alleged the children were subjected to frequent beatings and even strangulation. And weren't allowed to be unshackled to go to the bathroom. They also allegedly were allowed to take only one shower I year. My god who are these people. Many of the children didn't know what a police officer Wallace and our own home school. And the worst possible way of course. He had of the victims were not allowed to have toys despite police finding many in the house in their original packaging left unopened. They were only allowed to spend their time writing in journals which investigators are now combing over after recovering hundreds of them. Prosecutors also the parents. Would leave pies on the counter and let the children look at them but not eat. Turbines are scheduled to be arraigned in court this afternoon. Can I have no words for list. British officials like some Nazi concentration camp. Meantime the grandparents and they thirteen starved and tortured cans. Say they're sans family looked happy and healthy when they last visited California six years ago what they missed the shackles and chains. The pies on the counter that the kids can look at but not eat. Benny turbine and her husband James and Princeton West Virginia. Visitors sans family for five days of their previous sound in your read up. California. Betty turbine told the Southern California news group and they're still in shock from learning that her son and his wife were arrested this week. Finding the children malnourished and some in shackles. Any turf and sent her son told her he had so many kids because god wanted to enter. She said her son shared her Pentecostal Christian faith but he wasn't affiliated with a church in California or no wonder. What church order wanna be associated with these monsters. Incredible. You know. Satan and work right next door. I next door. Think people don't exist. Essays kids. 530 here on the body national right back on the other side. Little Orleans in the background still the one. 538 welcome actually chew before six here in the about a Mack show us the sun sinks slowly over the horizon. And on the tax line 71307. I'm Bobble wife is certainly going to be fine in prison for those loving loving parents and amount. We it's funny how me a criminal justice system and has so many failures senate and yet when they get inside the penal system. Sometimes. And justice will prevail. Can catch my drift. Bobbie that men and woman need to be killed. A man yeah an and that would be too good for. California course no longer has the death penalty. I'm Bobby who has custody of the children I would assume both the equivalent of whatever the trial services. As unit is a scalding California. Well look I mean. A 29 year old who weighs 82 pounds. They sure were obviously tortured starved. And enduring. Purina of their lives when many of them would would typically have a growth spurt. But they didn't have because there was no fuel for their bodies. So now tragic way they're under developed physically and mentally another remainder of their lives are going to be challenged. Just love the worst kind of horror you can imagine. Now Bobby these so called parents should be taken out back and beaten to death slowing and I mean. Real way solo. Now Bob that your children's parents were and are out. Under demonic possession another text or somebody writes Satan is associated when those people. Or should I say creatures that behavior is demonic prison time mr. good form from MT. Truly incredible. Incredible and and going on right next door. You know neighbors saw kids sometimes I speak to a mother and run off run back in the house. So they occasionally one or two of the Canterbury Eilat cannot get the mail. Big trade farm and yet words or pictures government Disney land. So one minute they're starving Eminem and shackled and change of the bed with analog to the next are taken them to Disneyland. Knows another picture where they all had a sign on that said saying. One thing to thing three. Fame. You refer to your children as a thing. An inanimate object. Unbelievable. ID ninety before six U Leo time for today's edition all Obama. Oh hey it's and then. Well it's a pretty bad day when getting run over isn't the most infuriating. Thing that happens JF. My veiled expression adding insult to injury 57 year old Daniel Gallagher. Crossing the street on Tuesday night in Hackensack. Enjoys eighth when he got hit by a pickup truck. Carted him off to the hospital even though they had released any information on his condition we know we survived. Because like cops gave him a ticket. For Jay walking. Oh he wasn't in the crosswalk when he was in. So we got a ticket. Oh by the way the guy who hitting him. Is based radio days not facing any charges. Which ends. As a guy from London Ryan Williams who I just did what we've all dreamed of doing to fight baggage fees. Sadly it didn't work for him Ryan was flying from Iceland to backfill London last week didn't wanna pay these 65 dollar fee to check a bag. So he put on. Eight pairs of pants and ten shirts. And try to get on the plane and unfortunately the agents of the date. Figured out what he was doing Tony Mika and fly like that. So we try to get on a different airline. They turned him down as well he wound up getting a refund for his ticket though. And eventually flew home money third airlines. No word on whether they made him pay to check system. 45 year old guy from Galveston Ontario. Connie dobbs was driving. Intoxicated. Last week if and he crashed into a house. But before the police got there he figured I haul I'll improvise a plan to get away way to. So he stabbed himself. Well. Well you're is that apparently has a logic he'd tell the cops someone had tried to carjacking. And stand game and the away which was like it was. Driving so bad way. And fortunately accounts immediately for a united stand himself when he was drunk. Taken to the hospital deal with a stab wound inflation DUI charges. Speaking on my terrific family is something tells me this woman did not have a ground late great relationship where their mom. Just a hunch I have. On Greg Johnson from south things in Connecticut. Passed away last week for thirty year old daughter Alison Davenport skipped her funeral on Friday. Why. Well analysts had another commitment. She was busy breaking endure mother's house and stealing her save with 90000 dollars or this governor. While the funeral was going off its feet. Went under his fiancee got no matter the funeral he found someone had broken into the house so we called the cops. Hey quickly figured out Allison broken and they found her 127 year old. Boyfriend. Die run condor is a Conyers staying at a motel both of them arrested on enough theft charges. And this guy earnest Ramirez has such a bad like it's it's almost unbelievable. And I he went to a pizza shop in Covina California last week he was general rob the place at knife point that was his great criminal enterprise. But he had one problem. And two and a half hours earlier somebody else and already broken hand and stolen 15100 bucks and as he came and pulled out his knife to Rama move. The cops who were there that's a the first corroborate. Arrested him as a well there's still a controller who they first dropper was meant that the second went. And finally from me bone heads in the news sports. AJ is today when we come back on the other side. I great moments from the Australian Open women's tournament. NASA will still continue on the other side where the hands you. These sports edition is next. Another great JJ KL sung. I call me debris he is. Scheme going down the road. 5519. Before six here in the about Amax a wrapping up a bone heads in the news today sports edition. Al women's tennis has a new champion she writer. Those of us Avaya a certain age may remember Monica Seles she was a world champion runner. I her name is up aren't you some link she's from bella roasts. Played at the Australian Open and has taken grunting. To lay out a new rule level. Here's a point late in the match between satellite and actually party of Australia Barney service. And then you hear satellite. Grinding on web Meehan here listen for yourself. And I think about Jimmy Connors used to be pretty good guy grounder. As well back in the today while the crowd. Now finally it ended really they reach a saturation point they started imitating. Now the player. May you know these guys. They game. When things are so it's convenient. It's a new screen. That threw seven Lincoln. It's ironic it. Don't get into the. Okay Pierre it's just keep. This is just stands right now listen to bene. No Janet believable while on our feet. Do so we decided you know that where were always here on the bombing actually have an entrepreneurial. Kind of spirit. Which is no way of saying we're always looking for a way to make a buck. And we decided this giving cook put to practical use. How old you may ask well. Where they knew women's tennis alarm clock beans. Fired by the excitement of tennis. And specifically designed for people who have a hard time getting out in the morning it's the new women's tennis alarm clock. No obnoxious you'll. You'll have to wake up to turn it. That's a regular share. Guarantee. I I've got to go on match. That would what be helpful. And she's. 08 guys and I always looking for new ways to expand our horizons and six before six here and AM Bobby Mack show. Bob that does things. Thing with AM the kids in nine California where in the church and said thing one thing to an all the rest. From my Dr. Seuss the cat and the hat very popular costume gadget appreciate that. Bob for this couple have about death by YE a billion paper cuts. After. OK now we crews on here and wrapping up. Now he. 5 o'clock follies they must heavily community hourly amount dimensional as parents everywhere as kids everywhere angry and don't count me as celebrate. Because our school is out again tomorrow. And now parents everywhere are living now and I think that's because kids are asked Obama. And my initial thinking on this. Was a well you know the northern part of Greenville county was such a big county big is one of the state northern part of Greenville county has a lot of surface streets. That because of the sun angle a sunnier never really get any sunshine even when the sun is out all day long it may be on one side of the road and not on the other. As soon it's gonna take longer obviously for that stuff to melt and Alec. And I cracked in the freezing mark what to a mid day today and and about the same expected for tomorrow but actually and and now. Pursuing further into that email the ice team has its called. Now from IGH from green all schools. Out there individuals they said they drove. Virtually every bus routes in Greenville county during during the day to day. And that they felt with whatever it melted today. Re freezing overnight where we go back to an end of the Tonys. Black guy still presented too much of a problem for them so. That explains. Now why they made the decision they did any of course a lot of data sent that in any other school districts and I imagine some of them have probably. Command by now as well and made a decision about to what they're going to be. Doing for tomorrow but we know about Greenville county for sure they will be closed tomorrow we'll see if they again backup tried I would anticipate. They weld and again. You know at least there are diligent in actually going out and checking. The rose they're they're not just hazard any guess as to what they're alike and I made a point. That Dell one particular road if it's bad can affect as many as five or six different bus routes. So Woolsey. Yup I'm somebody in on the tax line in fact I'm Bob in north Greenville county right now all still ice in the roads. And not cars sliding off the arrest you say the Ted junior. Dale Junior stopped to help somebody yesterday Ted somebody out of a ditch then got back in his vehicle took off down the road. And the Tebow and the tree. That'll teach him to not endorse a cabernet can now there's other Yahoo!'s and it junior by the way as I've been signed by in BC sports. He's going to be doing some stuff for the Super Bowl and at the Olympics. Today. And take a break from the news here in the top of the hour stand by 1 morning go leave bonus hour of the balmy Mac show. Is on the way next.