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Bob McLain
Friday, January 19th

Russian dossier; Gov surveillance; FISA court papers; Trump and Pence speak at right to life rally; Gov shutdown


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Allah all howdy greetings and welcome salutation. And TGI out all low honest as green and I got under way the out final edition for this week. It is. Leave Friday afraid of her off. Hey guys this Friday you. Today is a big day. Happy weekend. You have the best weekend ever ever hard and it's going to be some wording I'll. Fairly awesome. It is indeed and now it's also an awesome beginning. As we get under way in a course on Friday. The AL bulk of the irresponsibility. Of the contents of the program. Must be shouldered by you all the listener. Because of course it is the Friday free for all as we like to refer to it the all skate. On Friday anything you feel like you're raising has a topic for discussion is fair game where then of course the bounds of propriety. And here's how you do that just grabbed the phone news eight Ingles advantage chalk line. 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text line 71307. And my email address Bob. And 1063. WORD. Dot com. Out information update. As I was out in the office sent preparing making the final calculations. In the show prep for today's program. I am received a yeah. Special mystery guest. I just done dropped in and out of the blue to visit when me and that would be missed Carolina and drag who the actual name you may recognize. She has and in the signatory in a number of emails. That have been flying back and forth between myself and her. As the newly appointed communication shop director for the ad campaign amount of Henry McMaster is the governor senator. And she just who happen to be in the neighborhood she was the appearance of unrelated business enough. Driving past in the entertainment and information complex. Here in would've been garlic and has NA. And I dropped an assail ought to Bobby Mack and she did grant me a nice conversation very collegial. Very professional regarding. Upcoming. Appearances not only on on my program and also with Tara and a morning show with the governor. As we head into the M campaign for the governorship and AM primary coming up in spring and in the election in November. And now I'm corner after that we'd been in multiple conversations with people in the governor's office and and had not had any as as they say no joy a in night in being able to solicit an appearance by the governor either in person in the studio or are on the phone so. Well we'll have ongoing conversations. And messy if something can be a relationship pointed out then and is correct in doing so. The governor's got a busy schedule had a your schedule certainly than me and when he was donning the gallon. And presiding over the south Carolina state senate. So we'll see she's a very nice very nice scale very nice I young woman and now we had a an interesting time exchanging pieces are mine. And and going forward will will see what develops. I am hopeful of course than does the governor will. Be able to. Shoehorn some time into his schedule. Adam be able to have come on and answer questions from myself on my show in Tehran her show and run for mule. Now we take our calls for love from the voters from. The people whose support he is soliciting in his campaign to remain in the governor's office so. Now what will keep you posted we'll see what happens. Bump up bomb. At all the other big story today and I'm not got AM a breaking news a word on the phone last night about the list. And then when I read the story which originally came from Sarah Carter's. New site which is circa news CI RCA. I've not. Blow away the end Dan alma. May be about to burst on this zero hedge. And Fox News had written about this today. About the five accord abuse. Which we have on hinted at and have suspected for sometime now there may actually be evidence. That. People had done the DOJ as well as the FBI played fast and loose with the facts. When they went to the flies a court to get one of these 701. Warrants to be able to surveil. Members of Donald Trump's. At election campaign headquarters and individuals in the campaign. And I continuing through when he was president elect. And there may be some my connection here with. People even higher up the food chain if you catch my drift. Like the occupants. Out before January of this year or 16100 Pennsylvania governor. As so I'll share this story when because it's it's fairly extensive oil I'm getting into it. And now I'm hopefully we will be able to see the document. That is referenced here. On numerous occasions. But some of the things that have been written. Mind. Members of congress who have been privy. To what's in this four page document. Have had done some fascinating things to say about. Scary. Things to say about it that it's reminiscent of on a KGB in the days in the old Soviet Union. That it. Seems unbelievable things like this could be going on. In a free nation. And it what's truly sad about all this is I suspect it's also we're going to come out. Having some idea of the way the intelligence business works or may well have been people within DOJ and FBI inhibition of the ones we know about. Who may have thought. They were doing their patriotic do that duty. In investigating what had been sold. To the Belmont. As an intelligence operation to make sure the the Russians. We're not colluding with other trump campaign. The problem is. The entire idea. That the trump campaign was colluding with on Vladimir Putin or anybody else in Russia. Was eight made up construct. Bought and paid for by the DNC. And by Hillary Clinton's campaign so. And it's looking more and more as if Hillary and the folks at the DNC. Paid this Michael Steele guy used to be an intelligence operative and MI six. To come up with this so called trump collusion dossier. Then the people on the FBI and the DOJ. Used what Steele had found. And as we're learning now apparently still didn't do much legwork on this in just. Turn it over to his friends he knew and Russia they came up with a very wild accusation you can imagine. Then when he got back to Washington makes at all look here's evidently been looking for and they use that to go to the fights a court why give them. About this being an intelligence operation rather than what it truly was. Which was. Opposition research. Bought and paid for by Hillary and the DNC and they used that to make it appear. It was a pure intelligence operation. When in point of fact it was just. Cy ops. And a classic case if it turns south and all of this is correct is true. There are people in the FBI and the DOJ who not only are going to be out of a job. Without. Full pay and benefits and retirement and all that. They also are gonna be lucky if they don't become residents of the gray bar hotel. So as zero hedge has a pretty good explanation Mollison now. Share that with you when we come right back here on the bombing matchup quarter after three here on the TG IF addition. On 1063. WORT. Connie welcome back. 320. As a Friday free for. All rolls on. And not count down on continued air. Please Schumer shot down on the now all counting down. Eight minutes. A bigger part eight hours. 39 minutes how many seconds money spent 1514. I'll fall flat. Have great respect for his not so they please show word shut down. Down down not a role. I'm good stuff and vice by the way in the taxer who suggested. In Europe and they gave final countdown. Quality Schumer shut down with groups on tap today. It's not bad. So here is AF story out by Tyler Durden which Carson the student amity individual rights and does zero branch. Those of you fight club fans recognize that name. All hell is breaking loose and Washington DC after a four page memo. Detailing extensive phys I court abuse was made available to the entire House of Representatives yesterday. The contents of the memo or so explosive. Says journalists Eric Carter then it could lead to the removal of senior officials and the FBI. And the department of justice and the end of Robert Mueller is special counsel investigation. Not my gut AM text message your hat on need to remember sometimes I need to go a little deeper into the weeds on this Bob please inform us what the flies out. Court yes aren't. When the flies all laws. That those are laws passed by congress and recently renewed for I believe another six years. Allowing the NSA and other government agencies with the approval with judicial oversight. From their spies a court. It allows them to conduct surveillance. On foreign nationals edged him make sure William know what does erupt. This is out for instance. It was discovered. That Mike Flynn. Had been recorded and it was. For a short period of time what's a president that trumps national security advisor. He had had a conversation for the Russian ambassador. There was nothing wrong when that. What they ended up doing was using the surveillance from that conversation to try and entrap general Flynn and and say that he had perjured himself and why did. About what he in the Russian ambassador talked about. So while we're surveilling people that we do need to be having surveillance on. For instance the Russian ambassador American citizens are caught up in the net of this surveillance and that surveillance is indeed used against them. But you have to get a warrant that is DO JR the FBI. Must get a warrant from the fires a court set up under the spies on law. To make it illegal to do that. Okay. You have to have you have to show to the judge and by the way there's secret who defies a court judges are I you have to convince the judge and there is a N a legitimate national security threat. That wouldn't it needs a five a warrant so that they can surveil these individuals nine. The contents of the memo I sent our socialist. These sources say that they report is explosive stating they would not be surprised. Even leads to the end of Robert Morris special counsel investigation. Into president trump. And his associates. A source close to the matter tells Fox News the memo details. The intelligence committee's oversight work for the FBI and DOJ. Including the controversy over unmasking that is releasing to the public. Names of American citizen to may have been caught up in the surveillance. A revealing who they were and flies out surveillance. And. Educated guess by anyone has been paying attention to the last year. Leads to the obvious conclusion. That they report reveals extensive abuse of power and highly illegal collusion. Between the Obama administration and the FBI the DOJ. And the Clinton Campaign against Donald Trump and his team. During and after the 2016. Presidential election. If that is true this is the biggest political scandal. In American history bar not. Lawmakers who have seen the memo or calling for its immediate release. While the phrases explosive shocking troubling an alarming have been used in all sincerity. One congressman even alike in the report details two KGB activity and Russia. Quote it is so alarming. The American people have to see this Ohio representative Jim Jordan told Fox News it's troubling it is shocking. North Carolina Republican mark meadows said part of me wishes and I didn't read it. Because I don't want to believe that those guys have things could be happening in this country and I call home and while so much. Representative Peter King Republican of marginal Republican New York. Offered the motion yesterday to make the Republican majority author report available to the members. And the back story here is that the intelligence committee has been conducting an investigation. In all of this for sometime and this four page memo apparently you see a result of their investigation or part of they document shows a troubling course of conduct and we need to make this document available so the public can see. Sent a senior government official who spoke on condition of anonymity. Due to the sensitivity of the document. Some of these people should no longer be in the government he said. Number of people have on tweeted about this representative les Elden sand. Release the finds a memo and all relevant material sourced and it. Every American needs to know the truth we wouldn't be river yet revealing any sources and methods that we shouldn't. Only the Fed's reliance. On bad sources. And methods. I'm Josh Kaplan. A representative Jim Jordan nods his head yes before conceding. He can't talk about specifics of what's in the memo. Which Sean Hannity asked if commie knew about five cents abuses he nods his head yes. If only knew about knew about it he'd be helped construct it. Now les representative les Elden again tweeting just read the classified document regarding fives and abuse. I'm calling for its immediate public released. With relevant source material. They are classified report compiled by house intelligence is deeply troubling. And raises serious concerns about the upper Echelon of the Obama DOJ and Komi FBI. As it relates to these so called collusion investigation. That's from congressman Rhonda cents. Florida representative Matt jets. Echoed the sentiments of people might lose their jobs of the memo is released. Saying that in a tweet. I believe the consequences of its release will be major changes in people currently working at the FBI. And the DOJ. Representative match against Republican Florida on the flies a memo. I think this will not just stand with firings I believe there are people who will go to jail. Former Secret Service agent Dan bond geno. There's a contributor on fox and has been a guest on this program on several occasions that we did take into the bank. The FBI files and docs are devastating for the dims. The whole image and a benevolent Barack Obama they disingenuous. Only tried to portray is about to be destroyed. The the rial. Not Obama's about to be revealed. He tweed and a waiter my sincere apologies for the expletive but S word is about to hit the fan. A former Obama administration's gonna have a lot of explaining to do. So this dossier was used in part as evidence for a warrant to surveil members of the drug campaign. Former British by Christopher Steele who come compiled a dossier and 2016 and had been hired by this embattled. Opposition research firm views and fusion GPS and they are nothing but. Dirk mongers for higher. The firm's founder Glenn Simpson a former Wall Street Journal reporter. Who has testified before congress and relation to the dossier and a top in October. They Washington Post revealed for the first time. Then it was a Hillary Clinton Campaign and the DNC. That financed fusion GPS. So Obama as FBI colluded with the Clinton Campaign. To destroy ate their presidential candidate and opponent Donald Trump. And then and elected president and his family. Greatest scandal in American history the public need another trip. And others sent tweeting about this. Now all this is good to know it's perfectly understandable of the members of the house committee are outraged but at the end results. Is not a series of indictments and prosecutions for flagrant criminals addition. The Obama Hillary corruption will be enshrined as long. And not interest in May. Not carry. Carry loves America first. Asset not a tweets senator Feinstein. Is it possible for you to get a bladder infection along enough delete the flies MM. Not wishing a bladder infection on anyone having experienced one. Has sometime I MI am a recent past. Now but I'm sorry that's fun 330 here on the Bobby Mack show we go to the phones when I come right back today the president did something. That no president in 45 years. Had done. Just stay another example. Of making America great again. Be right back. Don't get a little. The only Miss Match. Is small cap. I area. Well examiner has him down though right there. Know an act great to have you back dad sat 33822. Before four here on the amount they match and as promised. We go to the phones on the Friday free for all on my leadoff batter today as. Richard who is in not Greenville high Richard and welcome to the program. Nobody open do well Sarah. As you may already know fox or C as huge coming up that are at 8 o'clock this Sunday starting at seven porting our. Hole oh well it's about the clintons like it is really Clinton's oddly enough it's cold scandalous. January. Anyway. Why you wanted to record that. Sheet you know what what are you know it seems like it might be interesting so I go to my new burst. On the menu. And I go to search. And I type in scandal you know you Toledo that sun and are up in Cuba. I finally ended up when they finally get to work scandal. Try things and what not scandalous. Quite look like what happened and maybe it might sort of wrong look great idea. You know. Orderly and up to an Illinois church on the computer you're not and it appears in the clock on Olympics and so I went back to you vs an idea what to the pops. The channel and while went to the 8 o'clock hour on Sunday ancient knocked it slayer would just. Words analysts mark would cool would not showing up at the search. Did you now you may continue to use the word scandal some of those search engines have to be precise. If I I'm sorry did I get tight in the red alert and they're still so you could scandalous people it and scandalous and that still wouldn't find it. Ride him. See what other things with the word scandal and street art includes a little boot anything with those letters just right like in that order. So no it did not show up so I thought overall I had heard about Google and head straight slump when there's so they trying to live but are. You this show and dread so why call AT&T now and then and they say well. You know that fellow left him alone a little while until it I'll check anywhere Nationalists now what you Lidstrom. You know receipts and came back and says well on the best like to find out it's just ordered the program put that. Search engine function lol okay well and actually doing what those look at war why but today I sit. Increase. Actions up to Europe or manage a little bit of pride so it is with that in. I'd and I decided that would send a message to the props and news channel on there you know that web site right let them know we're going not well below the hole I had to go to consular. It's a boat trying to work done but our compact and scandalous Schilling now pops. That's your news knowledge he is shinning on knowing your hired Allen. There were a good week right but all of a sudden it shows up when I complained about anyway. And an enemy then what are again may have meant. Maybe anecdotal evidence and it might have just been coincidence. But again I'm not a big believer in coincidence. No negro mine and I everything got it to recruit wouldn't solar. Some scandal against trump who would have been there and. Yeah definitely almost every Promos every commercial break for it yeah we are well I don't be listening since sell this stuff is about to break about defies a warrant and the collusion from the FBI and the DOJ to spy. On AM political opponents campaign we'll see how much of that by the way Al Limbaugh mentioned this too and I'll have to go back and do a Google search on it but if you. Because he had mentioned if you go to any and all lame stream media web sites this afternoon CNN. The New York Times a while ago. I don't know about CBS NB CN and ABC. But I'll have to check into nothing on their web sites related to this lies a cork stories so. They're they're going to be cut their pants out of this thing breaks then again apparently. It's about to. Yeah it is yeah are you from one would have been right there and it made real real quick little city like that served to her and yet the site. I hear you Richard I appreciate that Yemen is Sunday night. It's 8 o'clock is that right money trying to pump yeah. Now Sunday night 8 o'clock eastern time scandalous. Now we heard a lot about what's gone on to other Clinton cash book and and all the rest. But this. There are a lot of people out there especially mull any holes. Who have no idea. Of what transpired. With slick Willy and Monica Lewinsky. With the out. War room that was conducted by Hillary and curious George Stephanopoulos. To attack the credibility of all the women who are coming forward with. Allegations of everything from sexual misconduct to actual rape. By Bill Clinton when he was a governor of Arkansas and all the rest out. They were referred to in the media at the time actually bimbo eruptions. Because they were a dozen or more. Women who I came forth with stories about dust slick Willie I'm playing a fast and loose with the stands among other things. Now daring. Is that time and Arkansas before. Now becoming president. In on the attacks wind 71 threes are a seminar Bobby Mack fox. Beginning their seven part series Sunday night and ate about Bill Clinton scandalous. My question how did they condense all that subject matter into a mere seven hours. Good question. So money hanging pictures and the back. The other day in other doing the work on the Torrey 8585 overpass under the of one of those huge. Hammers that's driving on. So big steel poles into the ground guessing going to be bridge supports. For the new overpass. And man you talk about. And it Excedrin headache number one they know for. Sure in the building and where across the street. We have a war 150 yards away. And not net there's like you know earthquake. Unbelievable. Bobbie I Jesse Jesse Jackson. Says too few blacks owned BMW dealerships may be that's because few black businessman showed an interest. In a BMW dealership that's a problem. Al Bobbie I think we're about to see treason charges would this report 28 changer is starting out addressing this in California just began. Treason notes addition. Criminal. Corruption. Collusion. Conspiracy any. I think all those words are probably. Applicable. Quarterly for four year on the line mashup when the phones again and now I share what you some of the things into president trump said that teased earlier he did something today no president and has done and 45 years. If you're not sure what that is I'll explain when we come right back. Here on WORD. A by the way speaking out. Yup final countdown that is to say the Schumer shot down. And as eight hours and some odd minutes eleven minutes something like that. Until the end Schumer shot down and today at the a White House. Ass fake news Jim Acosta. Tried to be as usual Smart Alec self which former South Carolina representative Mick mold any. Who's now the director of the OMB the management and budget. You don't want you don't want I hate you you need to proceed with caution. I'm mr. Costa when you go after a guy like all grainy because you're gonna get. Probably worse than you give and that's exactly what. We got a big time slapped down we'll share the audio from that with you on coming up meantime. From the a Rose Garden today any president address the 45 annual march for life as pro life activists. The Fox News website here that provided a sound I'd describe him as anti abortion activist. Since warned that we always have to default to the left so language. What's wrong with calling them pro life advocates. Pro life advocates gathering on the National Mall in Washington today for the 45 annual march for life the president addressing the gathering. Via satellite. From me a White House Rose Garden you would've been there in person. I'm VP Mike Pence won over in person and of course the president's feeling when the upcoming Schumer shut down here is here is some of what the president said today and by the way as I mentioned. I president trump was the first president in the 45 years. Of these right to life gatherings to address the crap. March for life is a movement born out of love. You love your families. You love your neighbors. You love our nation. And you love every child born and unborn because you believe that every life is sacred. That every child is a precious. Gift from god. Because have you. Tens of thousands of Americans have been born and reach their full god given potential because of you. You're living witnesses. Of this year's march for life team. And that theme is love saves. Lives. As I mentioned vice president pants. Now where is that at the rally to address the president's remarks and also to speak himself. From preventing taxpayer dollars from funding abortion overseas to empowering states to respect life in title ten. Nominating judges who will hold our god given liberties enshrined in the constitution. Of the United States. This president has been a tireless defender of life and conscience in America. Vice president Mike Pence it was great to see. Both the M the veep and not president trump addressing a crowd today. At eight minutes before four to the phones we go Brian is next up here on the Friday free for all I'm Brian welcome to program. And the all of the sign around it's only going to name my apologies and. I again. Think that opt out of order but ballot puck up the court awards since the got hurt the about the record at exactly. Yeah and I'm seeing right open source is not sure how at the end of it yet but not deadly and that you know what took so. It is. Not let. It go. Yet there they he has made a career out of green mailing various industries going in and threatening them if they don't. Contribute money. To his push coalition and our rainbow coalition are one of his. Various organizations and they don't giving money then he's gonna try and hurt their business symbol is that he's he's agreement. Not that great well obstacle they ought to wait plane's black thing it's. Like I don't think that it's an issue that I'm just wondering yet that the administration. They OJ how. There are going up pursued their. Matter that they pursue it a bit late tale. Yes I would agree and and now. While the attorney general Jeff Sessions has just taken some heat from conservatives for not. For instance going after Hillary reopening investigation their special prosecutor what had it on email server. I suspect in a in this particular instance. He is going to be fired up to go after the Spiegel at least I would certainly hope so because. As a one of the congressman who comment on this we did earlier today somebody needs to go to jail over this. Relatives clapped excitedly at the incident Hillary target Asian EPS to create despite adopted a document they get the the DOJ and menus despite document to. It'll likely clock out bread truck that it had like. I stand up and you know and let you know that started back up post or not the strike yet but he'll walk away Scott right now that don't ever do any bank that pat. Now nut and none and I'm inclined to agree I don't I don't think anything will will ever happen there. They'll they'll probably against some of the low hanging fruit to Iran Rosen Stein. This this other guy that was it to DOJ orca or whatever his name lists and some of the others but they also. I should go after them on the dean and some of these other people that were in the Hillary campaign. Because that some of them just went and and then you could die handsome some real valuable. Golden information. Edit I got shorts and that is work but there. Later this country. Or any body you know again going in it. Well the nation is that the bike and doing anything at all that quote that showed that they actually. Yeah it absolutely does not run thank you very much for the call good to have you here today and what from one perspective. We shouldn't be surprised. Though the Obama administration weaponized. The DOJ. The FBI and others are alleged to have done that. I'll look at they history of held a Obama administration used in various arms of government. To bludgeon. The American people from the IRS. And slowest learner. And Jon Costin and going after conservative groups were seeking out on the tax free status. Investigating them stalling. Their applications spying on them and all the rest. Two on the fast and furious operation. Run by Eric Holder out of the Department of Justice in an attempt to try and promote. Not anti gun legislation in this country. I we saw numerous instances. Of EPA any. Being weaponized to go after businesses that work so called polluters and contributing to a destroying near through their climate change agenda. So. Having seen in them various examples. Of how the Obama administration had little compunction against weaponized in various arms of government against its own citizens. Should we be surprised of this story turns out to be true I don't think so. I think you would merely be the latest example. Of just how far these people would go to push the air progressive agenda. Our number one isn't gone past our true is now on the way when we come back. Chuck Schumer all the other Democrats a policy in the rest of them have certainly changed their tune from the last time there was say yeah. Government shut down that was threaten. Back then they have a totally different story. And I'm also when we come back on the other side. Out we will hear Mick Maldini. Deal wit CNN star. Jim Acosta. In Emma wrap across the knuckles be right back when our two.