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Friday, January 19th

Gov shutdown; Jesse Jackson and BMW; Credit card chips


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I can certainly are LA gear being shocked and upset burial are. Com the way you listening and Ariel all of a sudden you are transient tot dog in the right the bombastic loud mouth of the south. President of insensitivity. University with our number true. Of the Friday free for all and we continue win. Countdown rolls on seven hours and 52 minutes from some odd seconds. I'm always. Shut down. Director of the FO MB. Former South Carolina. Eight chimed in on the Schumer shot. We're good Jim Acosta from me up fake news now. But first. It and leave Friday free for all. As you I think it is Friday that. I am. I guess I didn't get. Happy weekend. Gilani. I'm totally awesome awesome. And fortunately we're going to have temperatures above. 1517 and we're now what you know we actually Arab backed up even slightly above normal for this time here today. In the fifties got 5253. Is our normal daytime high for the sound here. Will be bumping up toward sixty dollar a chilly start. In the morning meant dead and warming up nicely plenty of sunshine and no wind coming in from the southwest instead of a from a the polar express so that'll be nice to see eight minutes after four as we get underway and has always deal or input. Is invited encourage and welcome. Here is valued join me NBA part of the conversation today. To step pick up the phone use any angles advantage talk line number it is toll free 803471063. If texting is your preferred mode of communication. Just use our common sense retirement planning textile line 71 threes are seven my email Bob. At 1063. WORG dot com we saw so many. Blatant examples. When not admiral runny Jackson a White House position was delivering me. Report of the president's physical the other day well the nowhere. All the reporters. Essentially Frazer question. Well I despite tell what your saying doctor isn't it true the president's crazy. I isn't it isn't it true these days about do I have a heart attack. I didn't it truly is out isn't a big Mac consumption is Andrew and his cholesterol to dangerous levels and we know he's unhinged unbalanced and about two. Two go into alzheimer's disease any moment. And it is not right doctor. Those kinds of. You know Abby stopped beating your wife questions we've come to expect from the media. One of the guys a leading the charge. In that regard of course is a gem costs. Ramani fake news network CNN. That he thinks himself a media star. So today he took on a director of the OMB. Former South Carolina congressman. From our fifth district make my old lady at the white house press briefing. Schumer. Shut down its contribution shut down when Republicans controlled the White House. The house and the senate it's a stupid question that mall Laney a merely point out look you know the answer to that. He has dazzled anybody and I laughed I laughed the laugh when people say that always controlled house the senate the White House like Michigan has done it you know as well as anybody. That takes sixty votes in the senate to pass appropriations or regular. OK so anyway you only have 51 votes in the senate that you have to have Democrats support in order to keep the government to fund the government that's the answer your questions. Asked congress confidence should Wear the green. I congress over. Last week I should be your first and on the whole process got blown up but I wouldn't and it was. It's seems that the whole process was blown up by the president's comment is don't want. Chrysler players I think yeah when Republicans try to add a discussion about Obama shares in the funding process of going thirteen. We are creek accused by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer of inserting none of this going on financial issue. Into this spending process in order to shut the government down how is that not exactly what is happening today there was no reason that you have to deal would dot com. This week there's a reason you have to deal without them before the end of February into the middle of February. Doctor doesn't expire until March 5 this is purely an attempt. By the senate Democrats led by mr. Schumer why would call the show were shut down here in order to try and get a shut down they think this presents its way. And that's exactly right so they you know they wanna. They wanna have. Both sides. Work for them whether there. Promoting them shut down or whether they're trying to up avert. I shut down they sang a different chairman 2013. Chuck U Schumer. Said of the time that he has quote never seen such an extreme group of people adopt such an insane policy. A speaker Boehner need to engage in something like the ancient practice of sacrifice. This time to the right wing god is doing after sacrificing economy and help for millions of middle class people. Debbie glamour Mal Schultz called Republicans unhinged. And it sure is looking in the mirror at the moment. How would you rule if you didn't like the redesign of your kitchen. Would you burn the whole house down or would you try to make modifications to the kitchen these people have become unhinged. The Democrat party appears willing to assign blame him. For this weekend looming government shut down over failure to agree on not dock up but the members might be called out for hypocrisy. After some of these fiery comments they made about Republicans. During 2013. Shut down as as make small rainy rightly pointed out. When the Republicans want us. Then accidentally hit data yet as. As they tried to do away with obamacare and the budget process they sent out and you can't do that it has to be only fiscal. So now the Democrats want to which add something. That is not fiscal hole that and his dock. I now all of a sudden Europe and parts. So judge is to local progressives they wanna have have their cake and needed to. Two other folks we go from there you Friday free for all leadoff batter in this hour is mark and I he has on his mobile's phone Nancy brits want to say hi mark and welcome to the. Hello Bob thank you surfer let me ought to let my pleasure out. I personally because I'm not accusing you thought this biased but I notice in your conversation. Before the break yes you were talking about Obama and his potential involvement at all the various. Rumor to illegal activities that may be reported in the memo right and you both agreed that nothing's gonna happen they have. And I submit to youth that is exactly. What is wrong with this country. There should be no company's too big to fail. No person too big to jail yeah I don't agree I mean the law. Now again the only way we are going to get that spot enforcing the law. Or by capping a violent revolution. And I feel like I have lost out to be quite honest until trop was elected last year I thought that was only a our small handful of us out here that still understood. The importance of the rule of law bright and why have to apply equally to every one without regard to their political status there well. Their race or religion whatever. And that includes illegal immigrant spotlight today I don't want to get sidetracked. Well on and it should also include OJ Simpson by an import. Well again. You know I'm helping out in Obama's case it would be a military tribunal by a jury that was there's no what you try to jury convict ever Hillary not. Not nevertheless they are guilty just like OJ was clearly guilty yeah that's not a great effect they'll. The house you know the fact of the matter is. We are right up against it now they say apparently have the copper. That maps that is greater than Watergate conspiracy of criminal. Activity at higher levels of our government and if these people are not held to account and jailed as they should be. And we don't happen government anymore we need a revolution you know that's my thought well we're strike out by the way this memo. That's a good question. I have yet to hear. A comment from. Not congressman down on us getting delivered straight and try to out and that's got a really great my art. These people need to be held to account support. There there is there's no question thank you mark aberration and a perfect world. It wouldn't matter. If you were. A wall away. Plead the end citizen. Or if you are the president of the United States are pure pulp. You know if if what you did was illegal and you broke the law. The nine justice should be blind and you should be for beam before the bar of justice. And answer now for your actions. Sadly. In the real world that's not the way things or is it the way I would like to see it. I think you know to answer that. Seventeen after four year in the body much or more of your calls are coming right up. Here on me Friday free for all on WORD. They don't get it figured out now money panic. Belly check and not Brady and the patriots. They're trying to drive up interest. And now they a playoff game. For the they AFC championship because it's the Jacksonville Jaguars. Harley anybody knows anything about the jaguars and doesn't do we don't care anything about him finally got a good defense and sit. So. Joseph I think Tom Brady really has an injured right hand yeah I think he does the question is how severely injured is it. The bookmakers in on the UK today took the game off the abort. Of some of them did until they can get more information about Brady's. Injury. And now some of the other bookmakers in Vegas reduce the line in the game from New England by nine to New England by seven. So Brady has a news conference with the media this afternoon shows up with a glove on strike hand. Now could that be because I don't know there's a splint on the finger something and they need and want a delight to see yet. On the handers are wrapped up he hit his hand apparently on the helmet of one amateurs running backs in practice Wednesday and since then. And the NFL world's going crazy but what their ratings are in the tank. The playoff games last weekend will watch my 23 million fewer. I sets of eyeballs than any year before. I think there probably is a legitimate an injury here. But now they planet not for all it's worth. It is after all business. 24 after four here on the balmy Mac show Tom Brady swamped so wait questions. About his injured hand that's the headline from. Our sister station in Boston. Today it's Karen Aston WB ZF and 24 after four here on the body Max gel. Final countdown until they've. Sure sure. Schumer heard shut down. Now seven hours and 37. Minutes. And I think that's enough. Two of the bodes well don't James is on this afternoon he is and generate James and welcome to leave Friday free pearl. Our current shorter so far so good. Well I'll take. It just touched wheels. So I think that. Oh blacks out but the leadership chip thank you dictatorship. Can help would cap U. Didn't vote today. You just don't know that etiquette coach caught publisher hatred and Ebert and shot a spate Porsche goaded try to. You got to come out which capital opened up or members of course. Well here's a quest is a question sure Jim. Have they are you know black businessman African American entrepreneurs who have applied. For BMW beat dealerships and then turned down. Probably half a collect a check back Brandon decrepit. I had taken culprit. A couple. Or calm the calm and perhaps under that it kept her. I've I doubt seriously that any black businessman. Again there are point eight. I you know who are out there who have the financial re source US not an and I would suspect that if they applied for a dealership I think York. Fiscally qualified if they had the money for this reason why they will be turned element. I noticed reverend Jackson didn't mention whether any black businessman had been turned out. Yes sure I'll blow out the red red. Dirt joint action at all. Well I sure haven't been. I don't know I suspect the coffers are somewhat dry right now otherwise. Why would I don't hate anybody out there where this latest fund raising effort for pushed oil rainbow coalition whatever it is. That that he wants these guys to to give him money for. Such potential mud into that don't so. They should appreciate what she can't cheat by the outcome we're all pretty. Child advocate out which published an open look at least at least I think. And I did in the secretary. Thank the answer it and got appreciative of I finished but the great thank you get beached. That's a whole opportunity. District. I wonder I wonder how much of this is personal. I want our commitment has it does. Does Jesse Jackson you think still hold a grudge against green. Yeah. The poll. And yet known who he really. Oh I respect I think it could come up. She activity and Croatian slip. It yet he'll. That's. Well I immediate thing you know and yes and I thank you I appreciate accounted for fishing and Al how many of the Big Three. Ford GM Fiat Chrysler. How many of their dealerships are owned by African America. Well what did in the environment we live in if there was an African American businessman who wanted to BMW dealership and there's lots of black entrepreneurs out there that appointing a money. Could afford a dealership may mean they just don't want Juan maybe they'll know one thing about the automobile business maybe don't like the profit margin in the business. Whatever reason. But you've taken in 21 century America in an environmentally hash tag may two and everything all the other progressive agendas. That if save a black businessman applied for BMW dealership Phoebe turned down on the basis of his race. That's absurd on its face. 28 after four here in the bombing national dale has a long and he is any is my hi dale and welcome to the program. Pay yourself. I meet at snow has this. I gotta get out or. After during windshield or lady silently as well you know really. Yeah I am your brother in eleven meg what irritable little lull there. I 2011. It took one year which you'll endorse. Him between them there to one out amateur and now going to be in common man. Thanks road and and and this is this is like a debris on the side of the road it's being kicked up by India windshield and smashing. Well I wished you what is called rocks see out west Georgia railroad rock on man. They didn't between. Arms. To go back to. Or is that programs investor wrote in period Cy Young rebel. But anyway my rant actually it on some men. Are actually I just what dale credit card. Oh okay well and that's that's fine it's a Friday for borrowings are about everything you want to I got to take a break quickly at the bottom of the hour so hang on for me. A hero like let me get the newscast out of the way and you can rent to your heart's content will now be okay Aaron. Now retired early bird OK good deal cigarette airedale and we'll be right factory for 29 here on the money manager here on the Friday free for all overall when. On 1063. WL RT. And. Work work work work work work work work work. Outset android just some waving away over a hot microphone for four hours each day enduring the Friday edition of the program of course. Than it is up to you to provide the bulk of the content in on the tax lines send anyone to raise their ascent and Bob doesn't Jesse Jackson always say is from Chicago hole. I guess only Shays from Greeneville. Might when he graces us with his presence when nice trying to ruin prominent businesses. Bob Graham think four page memo must've contain a reference to Mahler. And that's why they're saying his investigation may be over proved that Mueller is involved in the conspiracy what do you think well. Mueller was appointed to that position by Robbie Rosen stunt. And the FBI who is up to his neck in this business so yeah wouldn't that sort of disqualify him on that basis. I'm Bonnie Jim Acosta getting a verbal smackdown. Is like wily coyote falling off a cliff he always walked right intuit. And it never gets all. So I guess who today make no rainy who has now providing. Be a product from the act may smackdown company. I've worked and Jim Acosta. A back to the phones we know I dale was whether it's at right before the newscast. And didn't have an opportunity to launch into his rant about credit cards so they ask him to hang on and he's actually done so and joins us now. They met and let it hang on the good thing on the same number of them guards and a I tell my music Kurdish. IGE so livid. Your credit cards. You credit card debit card you know banks have done nothing but blowing money on those things. Continue to let my playing the Orange Line they put me chips on the earned during so that someone else can take your information. You are however a lot. And then serial you'd do well so why he can't who. That that happened not just some well smoke and customers on the day they suddenly just check their towns and decide suddenly discovered they not only had no money and there they had a minus balance because of some computer thread but I mean that's that's what banks doing you know there and business to make money and and they're gonna do it everywhere they can't including of course selling all your pertinent information about where you shop and what Jeremiah. The rich and singing it all a scam it's just. Always had to do to make the sanctuary. Is. Everett reported this. We usually like pro that strict state goes in the bank. You typing your era password. There aren't nobody else can use it in Russia have your pastor of the natural tool. Again there is there is something inherent in a ship for a loss of a not in an and they don't philosophy behind the chip. That that must be. Dragging out. It is due any deeper dive in G you're in it information. Other and they were able to acquire just by swiping an otherwise why would they have gone to the expansion and the money. I'm doing that if they couldn't make more money on the other end where. Not clear what my break in its that it probably anchors who should the people. That somehow that make it back. I'll surely are the other selling your information to anybody else on the way you know any. Oh well let's say that day you go over to Cabela's and no idea Bioshock Gunner some honing here. They're gonna sell that information to all of Cabela's competitors. The lens and hey this guy is buying someone to go after him. Great up and Andy and Sean won't part swipe your card boy yeah next time you go on the web. Just switch ads pop up hey this is and this is Bob Amax outdoor supply company a check out our web site. You can make a lot of money well on its it's the play on mice could connect. This is a fit this is that this is the price we pay average capitalism I guess you know. Do weird if and and what's really frightening amount and his they're really moving away from using cash at all. Yeah they don't want us there don't understand any cash in our hands and wants to an encouraging guys achieve if the money is on the bank guess who controls it. I'd import your money he's going to get it going now. It never IBM well. Do that at your own Terrell and others about to be able to get all look what what well I sort of say what backs up bitcoin. Then again what backs up the US dollar that's pregnant most encountered when we I figured that I did dale appreciate it. Yeah you some valid points. Also in on the attacks on Bobby it's a trap don't fall for Brady and L injection and it gives. Gotcha. Lisa is next up and is on her cell phone hi Lisa she wants talked about idea but he Schumer shut down not welcomed the program Lisa. Try not patent eight years. Her begging that it could get the better bits they shut down drama is just theater again as. Eat legislation aren't trying to get it and let it I hammered out the old world. It would not be the hammer out they're connecting to battle on even if they can't hammer out a deal so whatever the Democrats and they're gonna get out of that and the crying out that they are I'm not speaking specifically about our senior senator yeah that your parent Lindsey Graham just. Yeah pay it off theater because everything that the Democrats want to add it and it's continuing revelation. She. Never even in hand it to be part that it shall it shields pitched Toronto. Well and and we know they're true intentions from what Lindsay said today and now I look. When mom played the sound by shuttle can now we don't have a chain migration and there which is what they were really want now Lindsay acts like a Democrat unless he's more of a Democrat then. Then not Chuck Schumer on this one that's why he's voting women. They aren't. He he has. He has the senator from big business and the chamber of commerce and they want the cheap labor and Lindsay is gonna do their bidding it's very much as simple as that. Idiot and act everybody called it profit act called it not that I called it in the opposite Alec and can't cherishing care it. Dot com Everest poker at opted not many players. We need to make sure our point that they're part but it won't need to make sure that Clinton camp and in the active Democrat yet. The deal the bill that dirt an ingredient that deterrent it's hardly check out the took jabs. And what insulting and you watch it Connell not. And and I use what sparked an Indy say you're an outline the president want what I look at again let the option and he looked they looked at it why Tim McDonnell can write it like it's like McDonald's and placed an oxygen. Yeah at any time threat to realize that we're seeing play action and not fall for you now. You gonna shut -- not even if the government shut. It still gets tight which Hekerob problem in on the military stoke on that dear saint. All nonessential people are going to be in Karbala they're not a controlled wire they even being eight. And and the military is paid on the first and fifteen they've already been paid for this month. Yet it. Off theater and we need to quit. Filing for we need to make sure that I understand it we're not fool because I think we are at that we're not fool and why even have a continuing revelation Indy light classical. Loan production they're gonna have to have a blanket why you have to forget every you know you are all in that. And your share down and they are not serving. Well on her act on and on our on leg in. And you're rightly so thank you for the call I appreciate it derided as its. When I refer to as the blue key theater all that's missing is the white face make up and the wigs other than that it's. It's a perfect example of Kabuki theater. 446 now fourteen before five here on the body matchup take a quick break here when we come right back on the other side back to the clumsily go. On the TGI definition. How true. Welcome back eight before five and on the attacks line 71 threes are seven Bob of these government shut down threats are like the movie open range. It's on every Friday on a movie channel near you we want to go over and over and now we all know the lines by heart. No kidding. Obama bombing us larger better than that talk about conspiracy theory is really what about. The government not warning you to have cash in your hands. Yeah grand conspiracy theory but. Now. As the old saying goes even paranoid have real enemy is this is entering Bob the chips aren't easily duplicated yet. That's why the banks are requiring nose in addition to requiring a pin code they're extra secure magnetic strips are easily duplicated. The banks are losing money due to people duplicating a debit or credit card number on to gift cards by rewriting the gift card. The cashier does not really check for ID when he gift card is used their force gamers are able to get away with a bad deeds more easily. The gift card runs a credit transaction and no additional information. Is required. Gotcha Bob Jeff Sessions gave his rip queues all. About Dudley rusher collusion business to the committee at about 330 in the afternoon a by new and the next day Muller was named to head the investigation. Sure it was a setup because no one takes a job like that on the spur of the moment the fix was in. And that's when. Now bitcoin is most definitely not a scam your rights nothing backs up the dollar bit coin though is backed up by the market the true free market. Unregulated by government and I wasn't intending to give the impression that did Cohen is a scam. You want alibi bit calling feel free I'm just saying you know. Caution is advised to the phones we go to him he has Nextel appears in more high gentlemen welcome to the Friday for overall. Paid by the Mac. Your warrior text just kind of stole some of those underworld voluntary but I'll look at the site will not bad. If it's via chip inside bad caller. Actually what it it isn't and how much you knew you her about what happened at target Sears get where they got almost separate corporation yes. Well I'll let you know how they did that but basically. What they did was right hat be out the Wi-Fi enabled our thermostats. There were probably more prevalent all throughout write what they did is they did point out there were a lot of them into the network there's nothing to stop Obama were just inside. But I whenever talk all the credit card machines. And I just got all the transactions off the credit card machines right now that's that's where the bid and that's where these chipped differ from the on the slide the gala correct. It's easy just take strike and he got it you can just use it over driver driver. What they've done is they've they've come down to you that transaction can only happen with that chip that that warned com. So there's no you cannot look there's no information stored inside of the device mothers of small corner Tom Gordon on encrypt sit and yet somebody to put something very clever to regret that memory. Our import out of solar power sockets we get hacked it better last. It is a very very very secure transaction and you look absolutely correctly so the banks doing it for more money. What they're doing. Is there's sang if you do not use this technology. We're no longer board provide you fraud protection well so if you do any transactions that are basically you typing your trip credit card number. Or you do that's why Bernie and more tired right there a risk of that fraud protection is now on your shoulders and not all the banks. So what you've ever fears get you know you Kelly and they feel like separate things there was no big deal cult buying bank take it ultimately deal will not anymore that's on your shoulder. Comment you know it's amazing the people that come up with these scams. And these various systems were hacking in and what have you. It's amazing to me you know these I I guess that must make. Not even with a level of a criminal. Culpability. And risk involved enough money there to make it worthwhile but I can't help thinking. You know as clever or some of these things are if they just put up I think. That that level of intelligence and cleverness to a legitimate end of enterprise but I'd probably get rich anyway. OEU he was playing bad but a lot of these these people or Purdue and for the thrill of doing it. They've got these conglomerates together yeah it's order not promised not like it was a few years ago were. His historic yes I'm actually in a basement right yeah it's it's it's it's gone to a mine screw strain you can go all the dark where Evan the united are asked to. What every won't they also yet we get cute X number of I hit its own sort of server so you know somebody dollars and make some sort of weird transaction and that's. And that's where on me about security these days is much more difficult because. They have unlimited resource is term limited access to things that we do not have access to because we kind of money you're not gonna get the source code Microsoft but I had into it may add on abilities we have. Pretty pretty scary appreciate the information on the alternate thanks very much for joining us and I got to run for the nearest. See you back on the other side 5 o'clock follies coming up next.