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Wednesday, October 11th

Harvey Weinstein goes into rehad; Bob should write a book


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Rat. I don't know I'm I I really don't don't know what all the fuss is about I mean has good looking guy as Harvey Weinstein as. These women were probably throwing themselves that it notre thank. Two years. And not not so much. LL holiday greeting is welcome salutation ended Tuesday named four threes today a low Haas TO wait a minute. This is this is some day already had net trees and the entire thing just. I guess I need to check that pharmacy on Capitol Hill on nagged generous and over my man's. That care about talent but you did your mother yet. Think they can't they got zero enough pharmacy and there are neck Capitol Hill there anything you want they'll they'll handle everything now. It is a UNC addition I suggest. And now welcome as we get underway here in our number one with a yours truly rabid shock jock. So hope minded president not to mention dean of on the end sensitivity university. Where we specialize in non politically correct status. I am of Garcia attack dog in the right the bombastic. Loud mouth of the south. I guess where I just need to convince somebody. Of of mind as somebody at the make master for governor campaign. Of of the level of import that Nigeria but because I've been trying for a number of days easier. Add to arrange with with Pope this coming to town on Monday to do land stumper stump speech. And now raise money for the humor. Mike my stalk body govern not campaign. And not try and tenant to reach out too much in my contacts. Both at the White House and at the Mac master campaign. I did see if you know they. A dynamic duo would be interested in stopping by and paying a visit to the 1063. WORD studios during the Bobby Mack show because I'm sure you're columnist. Just over a year ago when then candidate. Donald. In recent months. Requests to had him on the phone or whatever. I have I have come done or not. AM those requests have a fallen on deaf ears and not come to fruition. Maybe you perhaps because I've been somewhat critical. They governor specially on the gas tax bill nine I don't know but in any event. We have been. As they allowed to stay in the assignment desk at TV news and we are ever saying that story. And so I'm I reached out to us some folks at the White House Press Office. They send bag and emails and on are you need to be talking to me McMaster for governor campaign. This is there event. So I sent an email to the Mac master for governor campaign office and they said none and all you. And they jogging to the White House Press Office. So yeah two. It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma. To like kind of paraphrase generally great Winston Churchill or so I don't know you know maybe something account that it may you may be yet you folks. Should zip off in an email to the White House and to the make master campaign and say hey. In no. Donald Trump is our president and reigning masters our governor WORD is our radio station we would want to see them all. Come together. In unity. And then maybe we and I do generate NAND little pressure formed well look it up but I get anti perfectly understand what's going on here. The tickets. And for the official event are gone for 250 a pop. Okay. And you know that while the president and is in town I didn't rent is gonna running buys some Monday well heeled donors and down. And now and try and drum up some campaign bucks because. Money as we all know is. The mother's milk of politics. No doo oh no show. Okay. We just pretty said when you get right down to let. And my compatriots in the building was asked me earlier today about some of the other hand John Davis. Not Kevin Bryant. And I said look you know. I am Brett. And neck cancer in Templeton are sucking all the air out of the room and all the money out of the donors. So folks why. Tom Davison and Kevin Bryant may. I have second thoughts. About even. Going down the road of establishing a gubernatorial campaign because. Yeah you gotta have the big bucks. Interesting the Democrats now are gonna have a primary. Immune. And its usual. And I owe the Democrats will cross over. Fan vote for the Republican that they think is least likely to win. And the Democrat primary will come to not as it always does doesn't minutes after three year on the body matchup Harvey Weinstein. Army slime ball to see this picture Weinstein won this guy money penny. Years. He's a he's a chick magnet on Genoa. You know you know what you know it's always cohorts that neck beard. Wow. He has won growths or can guy I'm sorry I mean I know this is body shaming. You can't do that you can if it's not his fault he looks the way he does he's. It's it it's genetic. Well. Yeah but some joy some some baby is a look like army should be taken on the left in the snow are. I'm kidding come. Harvey is not the most attractive guy that but look. I he was put me attractive when he was sitting on his wallet okay. Harvey Weinstein boarded a private jet last night bound for ray rehab center in Europe. For sex addiction. And addiction. Sources connected with the former mogul. Tell GMC. We're told army has decided to take the advice of the people around him and leave immediately. Immediately. That's governor governor went to Adam and sent blazing cells blazing saddles was on not CMT. Last night money fanning. They took out. Every referenced to in words or anything else it might have been. Politically incorrect. I was Schoen Roger back in the news center Urlacher. And channel surfed there actually is and how long is a movie about half an uproar that's yeah. The Clinton agenda on this stuff about us half an hour on. The movie was co written by a black guys okay Richard Pryor was sort of the writers on. Weinstein decided to take the advice of the people around him and leave immediately. We're told he will enter you live in facility. And will deal both with sex and other behavioral. Issues yell like cell phone throwing. Our tax credit to at least temper tantrums the cell phone goes planet browser. We are told Weinstein still believes he can get help comeback and make a fresh start. Wacko that army. By the way did I get an email. Ever in my Harvey earlier fear if you need to get in touch when him. You can read shall Harvey Weinstein he's he's staying in the Roman Polanski sweet. At the hotel du cap. And and this is attorneys. Are checking to see went down the extra additional costs are from France corner after three here on the bunny match up. And you know what rolls downhill. And it's also rolling over now. As it says on the front page of Drudge today goodwill punting. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Who are scrambling trying to scurry there's scurrying around and covered their tracks for their long term relationship. With Harvey why should watch. Army general want I I I had known it any other asked. I quarter after three here on the body match or take a quick break here we'll tell you out AFLAC. First of all is is on the one hand. I critical of his former boss and friend. And and then has his own skeletons. Coming out of the closet which which she has been deal. Apology forthcoming. The right back here on the money Mac show on Wednesday. Tony welcome back. Three Tony. One here in the money match over the hump day addition here's valued join me today NBA part of the conversation just grab your phone one. Usually angles advantage talk line number told free from any winners. 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. My email address is Bob. And 1063. WL RD dot com a one out played down a little golf this morning. I hit it went from may really nasty day to a if honest opinion by a buyer like. 11 o'clock until like August. Out there I just hot and muggy and Jerry over to on the golf course. Send I'm not did you get that email I center and and I said. And home. He's now well now I'm I may have sent us the wrong address and as there was an easy email address Gerri it's a Bob. And 1063 WORG dot count. They should have and I forgot to WORD part. I resent that now watched toward Amaya in my inbox so this business with L Weinstein. Canada continues to. Development and the ripples spread outward from it throughout Hollywood. Now let me guess first of all catch up where the attacks alliance and anyone threes are sent. Bobby is it true incoming frat Brothers have been lining up in college guidance counselors across the nation. You ask what degree Harvey Weinstein got. You're a Dutch and sing at my doubt it was in felt. Not any of these sex rehab facility in Europe is in the parish. And I have an idea what this therapy as it's like a gambling addict going no Las Vegas for therapy. Bobbie no wonder it's dying checked into therapy to work on other problems. That gives him a a pass on his chosen behavior. Now we trust him. Well. Some of the things are referenced in some of the previous news stories. Activities and army like you engage in attempt. Leave it to your imagination Bobbie I heard Harvey left on another Clinton donor and co-founder of the Clinton foundation. Convicted had a file Jeffrey Epstein should jet. By the way. Now birds of a feather. Now Bobby Weinsteins neck beard has a neck beard. Just about. It's. Not good and I. This is not good. Bob they wish the authorities all of moloch in the world when NASA gum stain is charged with rape and they need to find him in Europe. By the way Kerry as he left the same day the rape allegations came out. Mommy why is Harvey Weinstein out of the country in a sex rehab center instead of being in jail. No charges brought against. Known not not yet and and that's curious because via. DA. And non Manhattan that's getting some interest in questions any. Now I meant how come how come the charges were brought against is that apparently raped. Is accused of raping three different women and get away without. Even Bill Cosby can't get away. Now about it what a crazy world normal people go to jail for crimes wealthy people go to who mentions. Also known as a rehab facilities. Bobbie this is so I kind of reminding me and Anthony Weiner. Well always Wiener is ending up a bit and the great well look. He's now when I Shays in the graybar hotel. He's and the club men. Graybar hotel are right where they most different and and this is where the politicians always or sand. I mean there's two sets of rules one for you and me and one for the ideally this and there are got a two categories imprisoned. 14. The guy that six of a bank are on the 7-Eleven. And another four. And the guys that don't run a Ponzi scheme that rips people off of millions of dollars. The other biggest problem Anthony Weiner is gonna have. In federal lockup. Isn't trying to get some time on the tennis court. Bobby Harvey is a Jewish kin and he's a true went eight million dollars. A so Tony introductions tell themselves. Bobbie you know this leisure but good old friend a hue and along John silver's has great deep fried twinkies. And since are good Oreo I've opened an and one unlimited. We keep tabs for you eat up. Long John Silver has a deep fried twinkies. While. I knew put that on to do with money penny is Google income right now. Bobbie it's itself Harvey swine steam by the way. Now Bob you are correct ugly people should not breathe. Suddenly they out. AM may turn out project and they vote in known that he some of these liberal donors are busy. On now now of course. Now this these guys. That doesn't look good. Deep fried twinkies. And Long John Silver's. Not new in Scotland they do deep fried white Milky Way bars and deep fried Snickers. Oh wait we've got to keep up. We got to keep outs and Eliot deep fried twinkies. They do what good. They've endured the defrag quakes Vickers all those at carnal stream here share as Robiskie for a we have. Ranch where they idea cameras and and you know this is work. Headline from the poetic no Democrats can dim Weinstein. Breaking their silence. After days of muted response that would be they said nothing but top Democrats yesterday condemned Harvey Weinstein. They sent shares and emotion denunciations. From the Obama family. Don't Malia. Worked as an intern. And Harvey Weinstein Co. issues a script reader. That would be good. Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. The by the way capped the 250 talks dollar guy contribution to the Clinton foundation. Kept the money but condemned army. Well the money and the money didn't do anything wrong. I know Aqib. And others came after the White House and Republican National Committee criticized Democrats for a solo response slow response. How about no response earlier in the day Clinton issued a statement quote. I was shocked and appalled by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein. Think Hillary might have gone so far should refer to him as deplorable. Now I would that's reserved for trump supports. He behavior described by women coming forward. She did mention heroic when should've put her wrote him back to might connect and proof read this for a Porsche printed out. They behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. Oh here's church it's in the next senate they're courage and support of others is critical in helping to stop this kind of behavior. Funny she didn't ethic and her reaction when it was her husband. It was involved and now re paying women one need abroad brick. Don't laundry list of women. That as Otis and as gum not I'm Arkansas. That does slick Willie abuse. Now stretches over the horizon. In neon letters twenty feet all you can read from Columbia. I wonder how many times he's the line you know who I am. So meantime some of his Hollywood bodies have been dragged into this that would be a Ben Affleck. And now Matt Damon. As a headlined since the Drudge today goodwill. Hunting. A pun on goodwill hunting movie which Harvey Weinstein by the way Purdue missed. He discovered these guys back and but. Had no idea. That army looks on as kind of deplorable that night kick on that we decided Ari can't count deplorable masters this so this kind of egregious. Excessive. Behavior towards women. Will bring you up to speed on on this stuff and this. This. Pharmacy that now handle levers for them for the but the big shots on Capitol Hill. Including. Alzheimer Mendes. Okay this cannot be good. Be right back on the other side of the news 330 here on the money Mac show on 1063 WORD. Are yet. Welcome back great to have you along 338 here on the embody Mac show me SCI tech template via text line here. Bobby please neck beard I think I'm going to be sick. Bob May no more Boy Scouts now we're headed to trends scouts. Nobody. No more didn't but it changed isn't just however nothing about human participation. Now when men do or is this. Not try as part of a different message. I hear Leo Bobby two items from PBS. And there are any political of course first. Saint Clair broadcasting is politically conservative second 72% of people polled feel that climate change does exist however. Nothing. About human participation. In making. The Earth's climate worse just the climate change exists of course a dust. I know rational human being would deny climate change it just didn't. They're and it's not just you know industry weather and climate because yesterday I am one when there was one point today when there's another union you know enemy. I'm Bob can anyone buy tickets to the event with president trump if so where I just go to the Henry McMaster for governor. Dot com website I believe that's the web site. You may want to check me on that money penny a may have the address wrong and I believe it's Henry McMaster for governor. Web site and I think you cannot. Other hand ticket information or can sign up and I'm Bob did you read about the deep pharmacy in the nation's capital the pharmacist dated some of these people can forget what they did yesterday. And they make the laws of the land I fell over about how true LL yep I got that story here in the in the media stack and we'll work our way around to. Bob eighteenth from travelers rest here why in the world would you want. Henry McMaster to come on now I Kerry got his governorship. He shouldn't mind coming on when he thought he can get some votes by being on your program on the stress enough. When he starts running for reelection and wants to come back on the stump talent to go pound sand. Is an option. I'm sorry I did give me the wrong web address or tickets to the event with the president trumpets jest he Henry McMaster dot com. Okay. I'm sorry that's that's not totally accurate either in should be. Money that is already ducking her head bishop knows should go straight to Welsh and so let's go. That web address is him rot. But my Astaro. Dot com. Sun. Bob are you not getting free tickets to the big make master trump showdown. Nobody is offered them to this point speaking about tickets when you go to him after com camera. But last adopt column is the very first. I comments on the page yeah this is in mean in in my RSVP now so that's three straight on the. It's as. I'll say I'll say send you all off yesterday pretty. Bob you cannot be serious about McMaster for governor we knew you know another Republican Iran I'll vote for him. You don't have seniority. And your university. To talk to tax master. LO. I'm not have seniority. And insensitivity university I'm the president. Not to mention dean. I don't have seniority. Now they're just adds salary. Is the present a Clinton just got a hundred grand raise. He's making 900000. Dollars a year. And he has an oven there with a football team. Bob the new is mentioned the half ton gored I've heard that night at patrols leaf farmers properties and each intruders. Just a just a rumor. And that's and I wouldn't pay any attention. I'm Bonnie now Bill Cosby has just posted here shocked and appalled at Harding seems behavior and are taking advantage of vulnerable women. Caused me says he is disgusted by this behavior. I believe your right Bob I don't think women were actually throwing themselves and Harvey Weinstein. Well if they were interested in advancing their careers. I'm sure some of these. Young new vile actresses. Figured. Now where there's this guy can kill my career. Can kill it aren't they. Bonnie will actors and actresses speak out loudly against sexual abuse and abuse of power. At the next Oscar or Emmy Awards ceremonies. They then passionate. About their disdain of Donald Trump and all the awards ceremonies. Will Stephen cold there skewer Harvey Weinstein night after night on his crap show. Now. Bobby Rush mentioned the DA isn't charging Weinstein they may wanna avoid scandals like those in the twenties and thirties. That allegedly to production codes. In the 1940s and 1950s. Well. There was that a story somewhere on the web today and I want to go and and read the comments. I'm one of the comments said anybody remember the original godfather film. And a Hollywood producer. Who is obviously a pedophile. Had had a little girl. In there his mother was sent pushing her into an acting career and and this guy was abusing her. Nobody's sending me around and true enough. So. Story today follow up from me and New York Times. In a sign that the controversy over the producer Harvey Weinstein. Could engulf other people in a film industry actress Rose McGowan. Accused Ben AFLAC oval lying yesterday about his knowledge of mr. Weinsteins alleged sexual harassment and assaults of women. In a tweet and a subsequent email exchange with a New York Times on Tuesday night she said she had told. Then AFLAC the Weinstein had behaved inappropriately. With her. AFLAC who rose to stardom with help from Harvey Weinstein. On the 1997. Film Good Will Hunting. Had said earlier yesterday that he was angry. Over Weinsteins alleged abusive women but he gave no indication of whether he knew about it. I find myself asking what I can do to make sure this doesn't happen to others AFLAC said in a statement well. On the heels of that a couple of hours later ms. and a gallon. Address state tweaked to Ben AFLAC accusing him of omitting information in his statement. Quoting him as telling her that mr. Weinstein had mistreated other women. And accused Ben Affleck communal wire. AFLAC had not responded to miss many gallons tweet then on the heels of that. Came made a charge from on another actress. Hillary Burton had been AFLAC and actually growth hurt. Not much reaction initially. On that for quite awhile from AFLAC. And now all know he is apology I missed some. Just that gets wider and deeper as we are proceed on fourteen before for a year on the Bobby Mack show. Sorry it's taken me awhile when we go to the phones when we come right back here on the money Mac show hump day edition. On 1063. WORT. Yeah yeah. Connie welcome back great to have you under more on the NFL. Today to in the wake of the leaked. Now may not the story yesterday that the end the week may be about to finally cracked down on these players. And their protests and now some of the players are reacting to that and they are unhappy. Well maybe you may be dashing go find another job of PA don't like the employment you have. Bob on this Weinstein thing on the tax lack. Not on this Weinstein thing we've heard from a Roseanne Barr we have not heard from Roseanne Barr he had ordered she moved out of the country. Bobby young Hollywood is full of perverts I think it's funny watching the star first. Go back and forth with accusations he grabbed my junk well he grabbed my Junco a bond while. And mr. Bobby sexual abuse by these film industry leaders is unknown for years since Marilyn Monroe well they even. You know back in the days in the twenties and thirties but about the casting couch. To me out phones we go leadoff batter today took a while to get their but I appreciate your patience is Carroll who is in Greer hello Carol and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. Oh our turtle you. Eat. And experiences and it. Well you earlier although you bet me on my mind I'm happy to see isn't doing just fine. Graciously. That I go out. You can't. And that it right. Now boy. We're here they wouldn't get old they aren't that story that's. I. Entry fee or a I. Wouldn't you know it worked on elk and craft are. The hunt Dallas. Yeah right and I would indeed be immediately because like every all right and you are. Yeah well I'd note no credit whatsoever I don't know how do you. If you're like that and let it do it. Later you are very active cracked yeah we may hear that by water. Then that is so funny Carol because I have not thought about. On the van Johnson story in years and that's just what how I almost killed him. I was not a class almost ran him down. Written in Houston and introduced it there but there is there is much about my background and his shrouded in mystery Carol and. Would be. For you to go. A way. That we're looking page long document it you know a point at one point. Now my money pay any money penny is giving a thumbs up to Frances Ivan tell me in this. Three years you need to write a lot. At an aunt that I don't I don't know that there would be. That much in their what money and mind when he says she would. Oh. Yeah. We don't book signing. You know the whole van Johnson I think is gone now so he couldn't apparently right now. He just he did survive his run in with Mickey. There and he and I knew he was probably the and I guess probably about the age and I am now. But I tell you what he moved like an Olympic sprinter when he Sami barreling down on him in my car walk. And the outcome about a year ago in a picture that it would yeah I I just I can still see. The picture on on his base which was like we're total total shock. And it and it is the same look I. Years ago I'm probably a decade ago my baby doll Brenda was a volunteer for the IB MW brand charity pro am golf tournament. And she was driving one of the golf carts where they would shuttle. The other players and their families back and forth from the parking lot. Onto the golf course this is at the clips so I should riding along she's blithely. Writing on the family one of the players. And and is not really looking issues going on a cart path and and suddenly looks up. And slams on the breaks and then the brakes are screeching on the got part. You know and that the rubber is burning and she looks up and about six inches in front of the bumper of the golf cart is the golden bear. Jack Nicholas Jewish people are both McCain Rendell and I said what he say and she said. You looked at me and Andy went. So so after that every time we would see the golden bear on TV ads like. Every dollar that's they're your body judge I don't. And my. Gentle fall out my daughter and I would take your suggestion under serious advisement and all that. Or you two have a great day that's our number one with a back on the other side of the news.