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Wednesday, October 11th

Harvey Weinstein goes to rehab; Bob should write a book; Trashing Trump


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The attack dog in the right back for our number two here on hump day on now Wednesday. Yeah money penny suggested. Don't you know who I am. So. They title of her mile forthcoming. Autobiography. Which is yet to be. Put them and the paper. Haley go getting underway when our number two on non wins and is always your input is invited to encourage and welcome. Here's how you join me NBA part of the conversation just grabbed the phone use the angles advantage stock line number. It is told free from whatever your locale may be. 803471063. Common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address is Bob. And 1063. WL RD dot com. Also in on the attacks wind this afternoon Bob I would definitely buy your book when is it coming out. Al well I have to write it for script. Clinton and then word have to find a publisher. As well they'll when I know it's funny when I lived in Memphis. There was AL lady who shall rename shall remain name myself. Protector with that anonymity but she's a well known writer of romance. Novels. Very successful. Writer of romance novels and she lived two houses down from. And we we were talking and it me I'm sharing whether some on the summit stories and some. The experiences. That have been subjected her to hurt my lifetime as you said you write a book. And fashion as funny I have an idea for a book it was a kind of a thriller. What went in in the trade I guess it would come on a techno thriller this was actually before. The embryonic. Candidly heavily involved enough in Iraq. But Saddam Hussein now that the plot on novel. Was at Saddam Hussein. Didn't have access to nukes but he did have a suitcase bomb and it they plan he had an an agent who pointed won in San Andreas Fault. That set off massive earthquakes in California and all that tensions are much a great idea and she had actually introduced me to your agent and the agent Wanamaker who write the book. And I wrote my dad and a two or three chapters of banana I get tired of writing. Just gotta gotta shell beach and wears a two times. It's tough write a book is tough. The other guy that was me on. Mall longtime sports columnist for the New York Times had a great quote and I can identify what he said writing is easily I'd just sit down and opened a faint. Telephones we don't Lance is our leadoff batter in this hour he isn't Spartanburg. And wants to talk about eight tasty treat a belief hi Lance and welcome to the shell. Yes sir. It's not to talk to remember and trying to you're wrong current rules on racial and you know some pretty proud twenty's or knowledge characters real and good read what he's done. They include. They're Spartanburg quote could monetary fair. Rally and year iron element to get a little weight at that it'll. End. Just a Weiner should and Roseanne Barr thank yeah. I mean can you imagine them together and I do I have to think out thanks Mike legal bootleg. Listen there's a there's a mental picture. It's gonna be hard pressed the delete button on you know. Here. You are operational now pledges are appreciated for much get negative going to be to join us money penny mentioned. Now what does a Long John Silver's. Is doing now the and deep fried twinkies. And they got got the idea of course from players stayed fair scanning fares that number along to. Jean is on next up and she is in Spartanburg hygiene and welcome to leave Bobby Mack hump day edition good to have you here. Thank you outraged that our computer very pop I'm preaching to meet its it's the highlight in my day. Please make some reference to the dilemma that kick in she and anxious it and and well written. Couldn't there be some way to have donations to it are. You know it just in time. There are a lot of people that could give to pets. Yup and gentlemen. That he feels solid top or someplace where they are at clothing bank and. Yeah I I heard that in our newscast yesterday and that's pretty depressing because. I've I've been down there. At I mention that I've I've had done. For Golden Retriever stir in my lifetime and I'm big I'm a big fan of golden tree resolve of those starts. And and I did some volunteer work with the oh foothills. On Golden Retriever rescue. And on what I had to go down there listened to a number of years ago and I had to get down and pick up a couple of parties I think there were three. Golden Retriever puppies. Well I had to be brought back up here to a vet. In green felt to be traded on my guess they had heart mormons as many of them do anyway am I was down there had an opportunity to talk to them sort and that is that. That is a no kill shelter. Yes the president but they don't know what to do now and it I thought maybe she could such like a little. Our reference there donor program maybe some other people would. You know donate. Now I know they have been trying. To to have various fundraising efforts and apparently. I have had been unsuccessful in raising. A lot I don't I don't know what their target number was I don't know how much money they need to rent a Major League and they can check within and find out. Exactly how much it would take to keep them afloat and see if there was something we can do to help a nominee and a charity golf tournament or something. Yes some that didn't think light as some of the musicians or something you know. Then he would ditch and the consent know a lot of people love animals but they don't think about it when they get in front of them. Yeah absolutely and and it's great dog all the volunteer work that is done not only. I am foothills Golden Retriever rescue and and I got a letter from them the other day and they are in financial difficulties as well so much there's so you know I just. It's just. They love a little bit deeper in Spartanburg police should think about animal. Yeah yeah I am whether whether it's and now you're counting are not because sorry these days there are folks who are. Doing the the kind of work that certainly a Saint Francis would appreciate it. Right my thanks and bank effect take and I can't yes ma'am I'll I could carry it electric car. I appreciate that Jane thank you very much thanks for being out there. Now also an army attacks line 71307. Bonnie who has a lady who wrote the book unbroken. She's pretty good at telling somebody's life story. She's probably not cheap but you're worth it. Bob did. Weiner sky and harass. Tangles pant suit Hillary. And have you seen. If Hillary can't count. Bobby on this Las Vegas shooting the MGM CEO is a big fan of Islamic groups like care. And the radical left sells 80% of his MGM's stock. About eight to ten million dollars worth weeks before the shooting. More to this story and they can't centrally. I'm Bonnie Bonnie good fried food guessing the coffee underground and fall from Greenville this weekend. Don't tell Jarvis I'm. Bonnie when you write your blood don't forget the chapter about your time working for the redacted. Gearing redacted from shot up and allotment. Cries as funny and he's he's making AM. A veiled reference to. Intelligence work. And my friend Brandon and his recently retired. A case officer from Langley is CIA informed me that they have now changed the policy. And if things you're writing about are now more than 25 years old it's automatically clear. There are still things. That have AM longer shelf life attached to the challenge Courter I've I've I've said as much as I can safely. Without forwarding with eleven north flood came minutes after four here in the not imagine taking a quick break here when we come back. Then AFLAC he's he's all over I Harvey Weinstein until it does revealed. He's he's sort of a bird of a feather in incensed when our Venus forced to apologize. Himself. Iraq back. A representative lovely clan. And Michael land. From blocked bullying. And Scotland are just telling money penny a family mono Vick third grade. Or death. Past and that's there's not much gray area. And now that particular. On how much rumored that the victim okay on death. Enemy attacks line 7130. Cent a bounty on maybe PetSmart charities can help the Pickens animal shelter that's a thought. I took the. I mentioned now mainly at. The charity golf tournament form. That serves as an appropriate lead into a bunch. Of on charitable golf event senator coming up on the rundown a few of them Torre quickly here. Not coming up this Saturday. At Dell links are try on. They'll be a Forman golf tournament benefiting Tony Bailey and family there house burned to the ground. Now long out of them everything. Went and that's going to be this Saturday checked in as an 11 AM shotgun start at 1 PM. And tax deductible donations. Four on door prizes. Up up. I want following the tournament. And for contact information. Tommy brown. 4514765. Or Jimmy deal worth. At 3956741. It's going to be a lot of really. Good players abacus Tony. Now works over and a weak golf. On now wade Hampton both are dead as club repair and and bills clubs. Including for rest some of the guys who compete in the national long drive championships. And it's just I'm really great guy. Greer police department are posting their thirteenth annual fundraising golf tournament Thursday October the twelfth. Put this on your cell efforts to raise money for the cops for tots. Program. Greer country club. October the tenth. Policing. Ashton different dates and yeah I guess it is Thursday October the twelfth. It's when this is going to be an anti Greer country club. What's a contact information on this pop up. Lieutenant Patrick for Mary went the Greer PD. Eight L 12040. 80124. Part of their campaign to raise funds to provide a Christmas gifts for underprivileged youngsters okay. And and bush and I called me yesterday as well tell me about the charity tournament and to benefit the Julie Valentine sinner. There's going to be a green valley country club unmarked as an in your calendar for October 27. I don't have the time. You're in front me but there's a web site you can go to to get all the information. As is. 97 downtown AS I asked as is 97. Dot com. And not agree valley great place to play and and I am a great cause benefiting the Julie Valentine's. I just business with with AFLAC. And and Matt Damon. They were mentioned in this New York Times story as having gone to bat for Harvey Weinstein when this story first surfaced back in 2004. And then the New York Times put it on the spike. Now one of the reasons they did lead the reporter who was doing a story for the times. At the time is no longer there. Said that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon had both called. On to a test. Two Harvey Weinstein Vienna good guy and now they're all these rumors were untrue well in any event. Then nine yesterday. Of course Ben Affleck issues this. Denunciation of Harvey Weinstein behavior saying he was saddened and angry. Over the allegations and to Weinstein had raped and sexually harassed women over the space of decades. And it was at that point. That. Passed a and woman tweeted about dot AFLAC. He also grabbed Hillary Bertans boobs. On TRL. Once everyone forgot there and then Hillary burden the actors involved tweeted back I didn't forget. Seoul. Have from on that point. Via tweaks flew back and forth. And AFLAC of course and also previously. I told Dow Rose McGowan one of these actresses it was a constant. By wanting to actually end up being paid off by him she got a hundred grand keeper. Keep the story to herself. I said the Ben Affleck had told Rose McGowan I told him to stop doing that. And then she tweeted again you said that to my face. And the press conference I was made to go to after the assault you lie. And I assume then and dump the whole thing melted down and finally AFLAC they didn't say anything for awhile. Was asked for comment from various news sources and then non. I guess this afternoon. Now 1:26 PM issued a tweet I acted inappropriately. Toward ms. Burton and I sincerely apology. Meantime Matt Damon Sandra and I am I didn't. I didn't test two Harvey Weinstein sect character at all. I just sunk they were not calling to ask about my business relationship William whenever. And done the whole thing is just getting wider and deeper meantime we also have learned. That to NBC it was offered this story first against Ronan Farrow. Who wrote the piece they're really blown this up there were true stories first was up to New York Times and that talked about. Weinstein. Acting inappropriately with women but then that was followed on its heels by a story in The New Yorker but said he actually had raped. Three different women and that story was written by Ronan Farrow. Who actually is a out freelance in BC news correspondent. And he took his months long investigation into the east reports of Weinsteins sexual misconduct. To the network. But they spiked it. And so it morphed into the on story at The New Yorker. That initiated now AM back and forth. With the peacock network appearing on BS NBC's Rachel madcow. Shell and by the way Rachel now getting clobbered. Since Hannity has moved to 9 o'clock. Which are like NBC has property and NBC universal and its parent company Comcast. Farrow disputed. What sources said was NBC news president Noah open times judgment. This past summer the pharaohs reporting on the movement movie mogul. And the woman he allegedly harassed and assaulted wasn't ready for prime time. Addressing a controversy that's been percolating for the past several days in the media ecosystem. Cents a New York Times published their own. Weinstein exposing including questions about whether NBC executives believed. To the well connected Weinstein and his formidable attorneys. Mad now brought into a boiling point by telling rowand pharaoh NBC says that says that the story wasn't. Publish a bull that it wasn't ready to go at the time that you brought it to them. To wit shall Farrow fired back I walked into the door and it at The New Yorker. When an explosive claim reportable east. Make sure have been public earlier. And immediately obviously The New Yorker recognize that. It's not accurate to say it was not reportable in fact there were multiple determinations and it was reportable. And NBC. So for whatever reason they put the story on the spike. Peacock network has got all kinds of problems. And not the least of which. Is is Megan Kelly and now all present from tweeting that he wants to target the licenses of NBC and the networks. For fake notes. Which as you know also is is gonna. A tie their underwear and not this is this is to the whole thing gets set to funny. 430 here on the Bobby match up and he's ready to go in the news center on and I'm right back on the other side here on a hot day wins the addition. On 1063. WL RT. North Korea. North Korea. I I would really like to meet the individual that writes the N news releases firm for North Korea is like they were in English off the Internet are something. And I did they they went to. I know what letters of the and then the different language schools they have on the Internet until an oddly enough Rosetta Stone. As a count it's like it's like they they didn't they couldn't afford Rosetta Stone. So amazing thing would get some cheap free web site and then I'll I'll ordinary English and it they have they've got a new new statement out. President trump has quote lift the wick of war. Oh. Where they come up when this stuff. I EI AEI at twenty minutes before five here the Rabbani manager Bobby can you explain. How women such as Rose McGowan. Can take a settlement from Weinstein hush money. And now be on high horse. Bonny Lee Pickens humane society needs one of those professionally produced TV danced. You know the heart string tugging piano music and images of injured animals the narration I can go for only sixty cents a day. You can make the difference this is sound modern day fund race true enough I mean look at all the go funny pages. Out there for ridiculous stuff. Bob can you explain to me why does anyone care about the Hollywood behavior that's certainly no surprise it's been going on since the beginning of filmed a month. Only the names have changed. Bobbie about AFLAC then ducked owes me money no AFLAC. Ben Affleck. Not. AFLAC. Bobby have you heard about Bill Clinton's new book the title is hey can you blame may. Due out. Pop up. Now Bob I'm I heard somewhere that dead George Soros also had million of putts in for MGM. Hotel out there enough. Things but many do say foothills Golden Retriever rescue our native donations yes AR. Yes they are got a letter from among the other day and you can go to their website foothills Golden Retriever rescue dot com. I get the details about done. Writing the book. Bob what did you do they fourteen million dollar advance you got with like I should be so lucky. Bobby writing a book is tough but if managed well it is doable I'll drop off a how to guide at the station. Probably written by this guy writes in this release is for buzz Gary. Lipped the wake of war got you. Bob Hillary's book has such a photo op as predicted that Amazon has deleted. The negative record lowest in hopes of creating sales go to walkway that. Bobby you mentioned Euro techno thriller. That you were working on and never completed the writers and 24. Must have stolen your idea. Because that was basically the plot line of season two. Really. Now money penny was asking now once the book is done who's gonna do the audio version of who would do and I'm mound in list. Not to do the narration for the audio version. And the working title for the book is. Don't know who I am a. But typically the publishers and the editors actually saw like the title. Very rarely. Does the author get to pick the title did you know that. Am very rarely does the author get to pick the title in this book usually it's at. Publisher and the editors at the end up settling on title so it probably wouldn't actually end up being. Don't you know who I am. But for the for the audiobook got a sinking a Kiefer Sutherland. For parts of variation and then money penny said what about the you know the part about Scottish heritage and all that. I said I won't get Sean Connery to do that Vick started or death. Rebecca. Black sent that there's a stream of consciousness toward. Bobbie you should be able to use the proceeds from your golf instruction videos got higher it goes striker. I'm from Carl since and is now out there those ago and they are doing very well. I most popular chapters how to make that crucial fourth spot. Bobby writing a book wouldn't do any good conservative bond games and rednecks can't breed if you don't believe me just ask a Democrat. That's while we have the Kindle or go out and they audio version now Kiefer Sutherland narrated. Don't you know who I am. By BOB. As next techsters set out how about. Title for the book little big man the notorious. BOB. I. Speaking of our rappers. Eminem has got AM four minute now rap video out worry trash is Donald Trump. Four for everything including a course in other business with the audiotape would Billy bush know that the Access Hollywood tape. And now which is ironic because and one of things they talked about was out powerful man can user positions to a get women essentially. And I find it to a curious and it's not a rapper. Who routinely. Refers to women in disparaging terms such as hollow was. Wants to take the a moral high ground. Here that I find that kind of curious 44614. Before five here in the bombing action we go back to the phone tonight combat guy catch up with some email as well. And and president trump now threatening to go after the fake news providers. News broadcast licenses. It's this is dead you'd be right back. Lucille talk and in the background. A LA grade BB. Far 51 it's not before five and on attacks on Bob they have already started working on your biography so did you single handedly fight off two or three alien invasions. Well I can tell you this much of the Soviet to Viet Cong never made it to our shores are and I consider that success. Balmy night here's a simple minded fool why can ask out meet eagle qualifications. From either male or female gender just meet the qualifications with what you're given from god. We as citizens of this great nation we'll address US such eagle scout. This does not address gender. Only a dummy from like ten meeting and I think attempt at Bobby so that wedding girls and the Boy Scouts. Does that mean they're getting rather Girl Scouts. I see no point to this besides more politically correct nonsense. Bobbie I would pre order your autobiography. And in fact what may texting my credit card info. Yeah that's 7130. Cent. To the console yell Taylor's is where we're headed next stand lore is next up high or how are you today. I am fine thinking you know. Good listening I always appreciate you and I am sending you home. Any little video on congressman Don stake bacon who is from Nebraska. I was so impressed he was done under which a world have been deep. DW. And with I'm a guy named him to be a student who was British so it you know and it sounded so. You know impressively British. Reuters that right well. See it was unbelievable. I mean as he tried. You know an idiot because mr. Bennett said he would camps to get done they can just say how terrible trial period. And they just went around and around it was just it was unreal. AM sunset in the studio and it is just dumb ass I was so impressed by cart done vacant office. And try to them and just said please you know Tuesday night I appreciation that they can it is a former. Brigadier general with TV I US air force really in yet and he wished guest. Great and being able to sidestep this guy who looks so I mean when the questions those. Which what we try to do want to talk. Well how what do you do you know. So anyway. Keep it it was just really it really incredible science and sending it to you can just go to. Not I'll arches and say you know it is sensing how they always you know that the questions. From the from the media especially. Aetna in regards to the president. Art are typically. Not come from. The in the landscape of have you stopped beating your wife. Bright red dead that's what it now right. Am so whatever you say is is right Mary can't see it's pretty. Yeah and after he tried to get done bacon did do you know polish tennis and you get them down video. And it just it was come. Just so insightful. That that means that the all used to to try to you know any any written very sharp peak in erupted. He kept on just. Anyway sellout I just wanted to say they have and you know and then as always my mantra keep crammed folks what you just to reapply pray. Because the port is very scared and there's a whole group of people who are. They get AWOL. And they they just don't but no this is happening and more concerned with. Going to the mall and down you know been the latest Star Wars movies or some. Ambiance it's sad because we are in threatening times say the least less thanks Laura appreciate it don't goody good to have you here. The in the president. Has now openly threaten the data go after the licenses of quote NBC and then networks. SE ratcheted up his complaints about fake news quote. Went all the fake news coming out of NBC and the networks and what point is inappropriate to challenge Darrell licensed bed for the country. Now the president tweeted actually. The networks as as a Limbaugh pointed out correctly in his program data networks. Don't actually half of broadcast licenses their affiliated stations do. And you can go after the nose but you gotta love the way the president keeps tweaking their analysis. Take a break for the new to share the top of the hour and then. The most heavily commuted hour of the body Mac show 5 o'clock follow ice is coming up and next after the commercial break. The final keyword for the day don't go away.