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Wednesday, October 11th

Boys Scouts to let girls in


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Aaron says they are famous expression from the cartoon TV show American Dad! tell us tell us where. Right here are welcome here we go getting underway were the most heavily commuted hour of the Bobby Mack. Electric radio program. Great debt have you alone on this on the day in this Wednesday. Even cooler weather feels morrow right Augustin and does a mid October here is valued join me and be a part of the conversation today just grabbed the phone. Use the Ingles advantage talk line number. It is a told free call from anywhere there's 803471063. Common sense for retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address Bob. And 1063. WORG dot com if you missed it. Abkhazia or at work or whatever distracted. Right before 5 o'clock missed. The final key word for good today and 8000 dollar bankroll contest let me repeat it for you it is very simply. Row Lewis. By any other name. Rose is the final key word for today RO SE of course guest text that 272881. Get your name in the hat. And now have a shot at that thousand dollars. Speaking of money in my little hot hand of course we were talking earlier in the program about top noticed. President Donald. Do I take part in a fund raiser for the Gupta now and rent my massed up. Meantime. Catherine Templeton who is also meant GOP. Gubernatorial candidate releasing information added that she passed the two million dollar fundraising mark. Raised more money than they current office holder the aforementioned. Camera might massed up over the last three months in her 2018 run for governor of South Carolina. Doubled and raise 602874. Dollars in the third quarter of 2017 alone. As surpassing McMaster the race 567000. Some odd dollars during the same three month period. So. This thing goes a long way toward six point art and I mentioned. Earlier in the program you know as well as I do. That money is they mother's milk of politics you've got to hand it. If you're going to be able to run any kind of campaign which is why. As so many of the federal elected officials US senate and and house to a to some degree as well. Spend and vast majority of their time rather than writing the legislation. And drumming up contributors. For their campaign war chests. And TV time radio advertising time is expensive the consultants. Are expensive and all the rest. I you can't do it Russia and the dough. Which could explain mine some of the people that that might otherwise. Think about being in this race Tom Davis. Maybe Kevin Bryant. Perhaps will not. Enter the gubernatorial. Conflict 'cause they just don't have the box. And and that's a pretty sad state when it when it comes down to that. So by the way the event on Monday. If your interest inning getting tickets for that. There 250 dollars of pomp. And I you cannot get all the ticket information by going to the website he Henry McMaster dot com or as we like to say. Amber at night master I'll. Dot com. Nine. So I don't know they've only get a nice chunk ago. Out of that I also mentioned earlier in the program. We have been effort saying. Allah that hurt that's the it's edit it and not servers are Berber and add to that maybe even now. Now. We have been effort saying. Seeing as a governor and the president. Individually or collectively would be enters inning coming by. And and joining us on the program for. And we've been a little bit confused. Because we sent emails to run deep mud master. Campaign. And they said contact the price now White House Press Office. So I contacted a White House Press Office and they said contact the make master campaign. Cycle. Once again no Afghanistan mean difficulty figuring out what the right is doing but in any event the the invitation has been extended. Not only to president trump who did join me in studio home back when he was a candidate this summer over a year ago. But it is more difficult to arrange these things obviously for a president. Than it is for Canada or for that matter for governor. So what will say well we'll keep you posted. In on the tax line 71307. Bonnie how about Tommy springer doing the audio for your forthcoming book. That that would that would be classic. Springer by the way we had a commercial earlier the gun and knife show is that going to be in town this weekend at springer will be there to emcee the big machete eating contest. And on and senator. Bob the AFLAC duck will create. How about have this money clinic Giuliani. That's probably about all we can afford on page has suggested Kiefer Sutherland and Sean Connery. I think they're probably going to be out of my price range. Bob did you write the book how to sync that crucial fourth spot I did. My famous golf instruction but I've been looking forward to getting you to autograph informant he got it no problem. Bob let's put Hillary Harvey and bill and imprisoned cell. And CU got to groped first. That's like deal Jenna taught me out to rolls into shape and Ottawa to have her sober guy. Geez. And that's when merely says OMG I am Ben Affleck did. By horrible things get a Ben Affleck. That's the path of. Bonnie hi joy to be the portion mock sent out to light the fuse on one of the little Jimmy's or rockets in North Korea and your bic. Excellent work. Bob here's a question are any of these hit and run drivers ever caught yeah I think some are. Believes some. Bob are you calling mr. money penny cheap certainly not. I'm merely saying that she works in a reasonable rate otherwise would she be involved what this program. Self explanatory. The clip that. And Bob a looks like exposing now Harvey Weinstein has backfired on the liberals. Everybody I talked to about a compares him to be former three vert in chief perverted chief. Bill Clinton laugh out loud from Jeb yeah. It's true I mean that this this is spreading. Farther and wider than merely Hollywood. Because it gets people thinking about all the liberal politicians. And and how about the hypocrisy of Hillary all on so shocked. And stunned. Not Harvey Weinstein. Would engage in this kind of deplorable behavior now wait a minute Hillary Hillary reserves that were written for conservatives and drum support. And that Harvey Weinstein would engage in this kind of despicable now and I can use that word is a that Harvey Weinstein would engage in this kind of really bad behavior. By the way and keeping me 250. Dollars kid couldn't quite an impact on patient. But now we don't think he's a nice guy anymore but I'm given the money. Okay. Pop up. Bonnie S spending money is a form of speech the stupid court said so on me and Supreme Court. Bob you do way nice. Mike milestone. Capped. RM attacks here for him referring to like. Bobby all politicians are one denies there's. I hang on maybe not Wednesday. Well look you know Bill Clinton. John Edwards. Anthony Weiner though list the list is a legion you know him as well as I did. Bobby for your audiobook how about the voice of Henry but Baxter. May notorious big old they were born in Arlington merge and now we're probably not. Bob wonder CN Elmer fud today Euro well unfortunately. No blank you did the voice and Elmer fud sadly is no longer witnessed his son. I know all. Still does the voices for the looney tunes cartoons and sounds. Very very close to the voice which I can I can pick up a few differences here or there. But but I'm a trained professional. Now Bob how about Joseph Pesci to do the author. But. Now funny. You think I'm funny I make you laugh. And a clown. Seventeen after five written about him I should take a quick break quick break here so now the NFL is to start he had a touch with the reality. May be actually be doing something about these protesters. And members of the NFL are responding in kind. And there are not too thrilled when the new direction in the league may be taking. I'll be right back. Welcome back. 523 here are the money Mac Joseph hump day afternoon and AM most heavily to meet an hour of the bombing Mac show. Bob it would have been great if you're gonna had Raymond. About how about Jesse Jackson for the audio speaking and Jesse what is junior do and a can quiet. These days. And Bob Bob Bart Simpson voice I don't have a cow man I made a triple bogey. Starting here that know the feeling. Bonnie Billy Bob Thornton should read your or your audio version of your book as Karl Childers. I don't think act you know nobody else. That would be an. Not have found a website to order tickets for they make master event it's out foghorn leg horn dot gov dot SE. And governor on true. I'm Bob how about that day about it and it MTV and why he picked. Take you along. Bobby Knight you're really writing about now where. People have that money Danny has been dogging me for years you know because. When we have the on Mike. Now Bobby Mack show and then we have you know in the break Bobby Mac show and and so money penny as pretty to attempt some of my more. Personal details that might want it can shift he got to write a book. And I resisted dub because it's hard work there and try to block and Andrew Luck there's it's easier to talk. You know I guess maybe I could sit down I can narrate. And I just this speak and into a tape recorder and do it that way and that AMOCO striker and clean it up. Not all The Who want to Oprah but. It it really is a difficult it's it's a lot of work now writing a book. It did and guy got some encouragement earlier in the day from peoples and Rajiv he should write a book. Meantime the president. Tweeting today went all the fake news coming out of NB CNN networks and what point. Is it appropriate to challenge their license bad for the country. This in their heels and a another tweet. Fake at NBC news made up a story. And I want an 810 fold increase. In our US nuclear arsenal pure fiction. Made up to demean. Indie C equals. CNN. They president's comments reportedly came during a gathering was national security leaders want started than refuted. By the president NBC reported that Trump's comments were in response to a briefing slide. That was presented showing a decrease in US nuclear weapons since the late 1960s we'll certainly. Our nuclear arsenal has been. Just bide time itself. Many of these of these weapons there. Antiques. The president indicated he wanted a bigger stockpile. Not the bottom position on that downward sloping curve. Officials reportedly were surprised by the president's suggestion but said no expansion and the nuclear arsenal to plant. In terms of a broadcast licenses. Is somewhat limited anyway and it networks. Do not actually have a broadcast license and they are. They're essentially a product provider. And it's provided a course nowadays. In in many different forms the same way that. 1063 WORD used to just come to you over the radio and now comes to you and podcasts in what elects. And and all kinds of other delivery systems. The the main TV networks whether it's fox or NBC or CBS or ABC. All hailed affiliated stations. Around the country now the networks do. I have what are referred to as Owen knows. Not stance are owned and operated. In other words they own. Broadcast stations. And a major markets in Washington New York Chicago. San Francisco Los Angeles. And a number of other markets that do have broadcast licenses. So you should you could do that you could. Go after those licenses according to the FCC's own guidelines they commission only licenses. Individual broadcast stations not. Entire TV or radio networks. Now this isn't the first time the president and has blasted NBC news reporting would just last week. On the network reported on rifts between the president and secretary of state Rex Tillerson. Claiming Tillerson considered resigning over the summer and had once referred to the president as a moron hasn't. Hasn't Tillerson denied. That he used that word on I thought he had. Yup both trump and tellers and disputed the report. Which had claimed vice president pants intervened. To assuage tellers and concerns. My commitment to the success of our president and our country is as strong as it was the day I accepted his offer to serve as secretary of state. Said Tillerson and president blasted the report is so fake news itself meantime more bad news or NBC. This today from we're assist ours is wrong. Don't really matter wanna be a one of the web sites of solace TV and it's ratings. The numbers are random Megyn Kelly today is dragging down The Today Show franchise. An insider explained to page 60 this is New York Post okay. Not only our ratings plummeting since Megyn Kelly join me today show franchise. But they numbers Kelley show leaves. But the numbers show Kelly is a leader and has also affected. Kathie Lee Gifford's show at the hodach code which follows straight afterwards. Hodach. Coat and KO TB. And a world is that I have no idea. I they've taken a huge hit with Megan as their lead in. Kelly's hour of today is down 32% compared to a year ago Kathy Lee and hodach is down 26%. Too many people are tuning out NBC holder and Kathie Lee had been a bright spot in the mornings people are alarmed. The source said of the slide. Another source told a cent at today's talent is concerned as well. The format for Megyn Kelly showed us make sense her show distracts. From The Today Show franchise sent a second source. Making matters worse. Kelli split from power publicist. Leslie dart last month and has been dogged by controversy firmer awkward. Debra Messing and Jane Fonda interview flaps. Bottom NBC insider. Told us things aren't all bad for Kelly. Megan posted her highest ratings yet in the key demographic on Monday. Isn't that special so. And meg and Kelly is now via tallest pygmy. 530 here on the Bobby Mac show and he's ready to go on the new senator when we come right back on the other side the Boy Scouts. And the Girl Scouts. They're all end. The Boy Scouts. Be right back. Welcome back great to have you know minus 539 on AM downright hot October Wednesday afternoon here on the body Mac show. So why here's the latest on now the NFL conference champs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive lineman Gerald McCoy a speaking on Adam show after his podcast. Said he thinks there might be quote an uproar. If NFL players are forced to stand for the National Anthem quote. I don't think guys are again all white get McCoy said when asked about the possible reaction from players. I think it's going to be an opera or if that stuff happened because your base in late taking away a constitutional. Right to freedom of speech. Gerald obviously. Misunderstanding. Exactly on what to is allowed and what's not under the First Amendment. If guys wanna have I guess you would Colin a peaceful protest. I don't think it's right to take that away McCoy an eight year veteran one of the Bucs defensive captains said he does not plan on kneeling. During the anthem NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Made it clear and a letter sent yesterday to all 32 teams he wants players to stand gearing AM dump. He did not provide specifics about. How we intend to ensure it. But he wrote that it would include such elements as an in season platform. To promote the work of our players. On these core issues. I'm sure they get Havre de what was the halftime show the Super Bowl is that last year or year before. More than they anti police protesters other two years ago yeah. Now the issue will be discussed hearing NFL's regularly scheduled fall meetings in New York next week. Abby a president tweeting it's about time that Roger Goodell on the NFL has finally demanding that all our players stand for our great National Anthem. And a and then an all camps respect our country so. If these guys you know. By the time there would be an uproar there would be nobody around to watch it. Carol. Has it they just they don't get how does. Showing disrespect for the flag and anthem. Not essentially thumbing their overpaid noses at the anthem. Attacking the founding principles of the country calling its institutions oppressive. How does all that. Constitute now weld support or devotion to the United States or attempts. In on the attacks wind this afternoon in San anyone threes are seven now Bob at Tillerson probably did culled from a moron. All the managers CEO is out right business owners I've worked for. We're morons. Bob I don't believe we can handle the truth about the White House Bobby Mack afternoon to you my friend thank you appreciate that. I'm Bob how about our senate being called a daycare route for C four seniors. Actually for adults. And they pharmacy down the street delivers alzheimer's match to the White House know delivering to Capitol Hill. There's AM there's a difference. I'm Bonnie trump himself having a Fairness Doctrine and censoring by a licensed threats to. Your response is a polite he's ignorant well that's something no he's not ignorant let. He's he doesn't take this stuff. From the FA news networks are lying down. If you gonna punch trump. Is gonna common and counter puncher right back. Does he really in two and half this stuff that he tweaked nobody trusts you while mr. Tweak their no. Bobby of illegal artist trying to tell California something and have been for years really are paying attention. Bobby didn't surprise me that trump has a lot of attitude issues within the White House that's what happens. When you put that many powerful leaders in one place. But that's certainly better than he rear end kissing people in the Obama administration. Bob he never really said he didn't call trump a more well he refuted it. And Niall should science. Bob Megyn Kelly needs to start practice saying would you like Fries when that well she does go. She will go. Ask specifically. Much more wealthy than a wintry showed up. It Julio phones Leo because I understand us springer is joining us this afternoon he isn't a lovely more. And as I mentioned. As going to be an incident in the big gun machete eating contest. The a look at the synagogue had done and neither shall there as well actually I just kind of in Trinidad as you probably figured springer. I thank you dropped like in my column doesn't want you are the Ayatollah of how radio that they be okay. I mean and attacked doubts from Leo right of the Australian wildlife refuge regular. But I hello ride back. There we go out there you get I first bank report Banco do a lot the collar comedian and an even. Request springer they have like they don't even know how that makes me trio. I you know really you know they wore the award for doing that that would probably mean that they. OK it's just when you people appreciate and it would keep it whether big that are at hand and they do it on your shadow. I mean you know it's great not pre K it's so much and I just wanted to ask let word RO. God you know I'm a big any year despite rabbinate trot will let my bed in his perspective or why which have a lot of good frame of you're absolutely right. Iowa and has sparked a machete Auburn you know this eat you up a yeah yeah slightly against the now. Well on campus banner were small wooden a lot of no huddling lob that he's been been met with a machete. How about stomach pumped about some of the deep fried twinkies over rent where oh where isn't a money anything on the deep fried twinkies. The fast food place. I had those before but not a bad place that Panama interesting it meal there you know in a small black it's. Well where's the money to any. Oh yeah how long John Silver gel on downsizing especially on deep fried twinkies so. Well actually made him but I I'd just appreciate it and everybody goes there at the Bob bridge that would let me show an accomplished Bobby Mac game now will be can't be sure. Like you to springer but we would be a catch and up waited out on Saturday Philip gentry and springer intercourse or upstate outdoors. Add in now these stories still to come here on the money Mac show on this Wednesday Boy Scouts rule admit girls. And well allow them to earn eagle scout rank and get this. Home Depot panics over mull any deals they are forced to host tutorials. On. Using tape measures. And how to hammer on nail. Yeah yes it's true. Where do wrong. Your back. Yeah there there are things that are occurring in a 21 century America that IA don't even recognized. 553. At 746. BS say boy scouts of America announced today girls. Will soon be allowed to the young cub scouts. And earned a coveted rank of eagle scout the organization's highest on our never mated to eagle and a dull life. Which is a right below Gil and I ran out of merit badges and I want it. I is very much Dana. We believe it is critical to evolve our programs meet the needs of families interested in positive and a lifelong experiences for their children. Send Michael serve balk chief executive of the scouts. These scouting board of directors voted unanimously to make the historic change in an organization has been primarily for boy is. Which I guess might explain why it's called Boy Scouts. Since its founding on more than 900 years ago. Earlier this year and now the national organization for women urged the Boy Scouts to admit girls. To their program. Supporting the efforts of a New York teenager Sydney Ireland to attain the rank of eagle scout as her older brother didn't. Now and tell what's gonna and the Girl Scouts now they've. Not even going to be make in their cookies anymore or what. Bobby Mack gum away males can't drive a nail or use a tape measure etc. yeah there is on this story. Now from a zero ranch. As Wall Street analysts celebrate the coming of age and the millennial generation a group of young people. Who were supposed to lead another revolutionary. Wave of consumerism. If all they can work alone enough to escape their parents' basements. Retailers like Home Depot are panicked. About selling into what will soon be America's largest demographic. But not for reasons you might think. While avocado resellers like whole foods. Only have to worry about creating a catchy advertising campaign to attract maligning else. Home Depot is in full on panic mode after realizing that an entire generation of Americans have absolutely. No cor rule. Ballots. How to use any of the products and home Depot's. I EI AEI. As he Wall Street Journal points out the company's been forced to spend millions. Creating video tutorials. And hosting in store classes. On how to do everything from using a tape measure to mopping a floor. And how to hammer on nail. Today. Home Depot's VP of marketing and Mets she was originally has an indication of thought some of the videos might be a bit too condescending. I quickly learned there are preparing necessary. For the pampered mole O'Neal's. More on this now when we come back on the other side of the news here with the bonus our fourth and final hours about it much it was on the way catch up when the text align. And so much more still to come. In the Wednesday edition here on 1063. W a party.