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Wednesday, October 18th

NFL; Pledge in schools


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Haley got all its say another case she said he said. Between now president trump and AM congresswoman. At his Democrat. Coincidental way and the widow of a green beret who lost his life in Niger it's. It it's amazing how we can now and take something that dent should be private. Am not to mention something that. Now on the on a comparative basis. And I compared with North Korea and everything else is going on is sadly. Not important but yet in the larger. In the larger conversation ms. Scobey blown up. And to let something so big will talk about he said she said. How can really understand urged welcome salutation and all day all while on a serial. You are just in time as we get underway with our number one. Of the Bobby Mack electric radio program in the air to air your genial host. Rad big shock jock self appointed presidents. Not to mention dean of in sensitivity university. Where we specialize in non politically correct studies I am a Garcia attack dog in the right. And they bombastic. Loud mouth of the south look. Everyone has sympathy. For the widow of a fallen hero. And yet there are those who will take anything and everything and try and jam it up. Into a politicized issue to attack president trump. And sadly I suspect that's exactly what we're. Seeing here today. They president this morning on Twitter. Saying he never told the widow of US army sergeant David Johnson. A green beret that they soldier quote knew what he signed up for but when it happens it hurts anyway. Democrat congresswoman. Totally fabricated when I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action. And then in parentheses and I am proof. Sapped. US representative Frederica Wilson and Democrat Florida told reporters. The trump may be insensitive remark while speaking to Johnson's widow during a telephone conversation. Wilson then fired back at the president telling CNN that she had proof do. You approve I have proof. Tweeting I have proof to this man is a sick man. At real Donald Trump has no sympathy eight after oppose proudest accuses her of a line from WP LG TV. He fees cold hearted and he feels no pity or sympathy for earning more. And we just pretty much a deal laughs impression. Of president trumpets is not that of trump supporters it would be pretty much a 180 degrees away from. Johnson a 25 year old father of two and a third child on the way was killed October 4 while fighting in Niger. New Jersey I know we head. Spec ops people in Niger can anybody even fine Niger on a map. It's just ice is related is an al-Qaeda related. Some of the other groups and Africa. They conversation between now the president and my you should Johnson a soldier's widow took place yesterday. Before the soldier's body arrived in Miami international. When she actually hung up the phone she looked at me and said he didn't even know his name Wilson said now that's the worst part. Trump affirmed this position when speaking with reporters later today I did not say what she set. Trump said I had a very nice conversation with a woman with a wife who sound like a lovely woman Wilson set on Twitter that she stands by her account. Of the call. Wilson who is traveling to the funeral home with the family at the time of the call. Told WP LG local ten news Washington bureau retrieve Washington bureau chief. Ross Colombo that trump referred to when David Johnson as your guy. What that's that's insulting that's insensitive. Seems to me that's. AM commander in chief trying to personalize it for the widow. But that's my interpretation. They congresswoman said she wasn't the only person in the car who heard the conversation. There's no reason to lie about a telephone call. The congresswoman Jan what mr. trump needs to be concerned about is keeping us out of war well congresswoman he is concerned about that. I guess you know from the Democrats perspective we should just continue tell let Kim Jung what's his name pajama boy. A rocket man and North Korea. I continue until he has an ICBM. That's capable of hitting Miami. Wilson said trump inform the media that he was going to call the widow she said reporters waiting at the funeral home asked her what she heard. And then I told him when he said Wilson said adding the trump did all the talking. Wilson said she hasn't had any discussion with the family about what trump should do next. But I would like that make a suggestion the president going forward if he ever asked to do this perform this task again. I would suggest to him that he can't opens I am so sorry your son your daughter paid the ultimate price for our nation and I'm going to send you a letter in the mail. I suspect the president did say that. And if he commented. And this was taken out of context. That he would send. You know what you are signing up for when you join. The timing of that. May not have been. The best. But is that not a true statement. All of all of the look anybody who has ever been in the military. Will tell you they understand perfectly well. When you raise your right hand and you take that oath. To support and defend the constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic. You understand you are writing. To. The government of the United States aid check. Good for one life. You course. And any time they commander in chief calls a family member of a fallen hero. It's obviously a difficult conversation. Did the president inadvertently offend the soldiers went oh maybe eight. He says no. But it's just a shame. Everybody. Feels for this woman having lost her husband now a widow with two small children and third on the way. I your heart breaks for someone like him. And it's a shame that again go after jumps at every opportunity to use everything they can't to attack the president that's. That's their default position. That's what they do. Look at look at the left us with our Harvey slime bag. They wanna talk about Bill Clinton. And they wanna talk about Ted Kennedy to the worst womanizer interest in another history of politics John AdWords. The list the list is a region. Now she dismisses what her husband dead. As having been adjudicated as if I was in court it wasn't adjudicated it would it was made to go away. When bill and Hillary wrote an 800000 dollar check to Juanita Broderick to keep it quiet. And not habit adjudicated. But I there's one thing about the left they never accept responsibility. For their own actions. And conservatives understand actions have consequences and there are times when you just gotta suck it up and say you know what. I made a mistake. I am made a bad decision or what have you. And and go on from there and learn from the experience but does all left ever do not. Other sure they'll issue a phony apology. Which is meaningless. It's sad the the stage of they politicization of everything. In this country so divisive and made that way by the left. Take a quick break here and tons of text messages and on this already. Somebody pass me in the hallway today and tonight nobody I said well I'm still a better liar then Roger Goodell. Wait until you yourself this stuff from his news conference today. All day in the NFL. Are firmly believes and not standing by the flag and a National Anthem when we're not kneeling for at. When we're not now playing to our players. Who are busy. Killing our business. Talk about tone deaf. Sixteen after three here in the balmy and actually here's value join me NBA part of the conversation. Ingles and managed hotline number is 803471063. And it is tell free. Common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. Email may. Bob. And 1063. WL RG dot com. How to welcome back great to have you along AM fall feeling hump day Wednesday afternoon to when he went after three. Imagine yesterday and today it was a day you music album different search engines like Google and now I don't know. Wasn't Netscape navigator but it tour event at the Tribe's lineup president trumps inn respond response on Twitter. Add to the Eminem rap. But he did on TV and the vial. Out trophy well when you say rap violent profane or send an answer rap anyway. An and I mentioned Al it it brought up the search engines brought up all these responses. In support of him and him. But didn't actually bring up on the president's response. I Craig. Now one of my listeners heard that and and so each and all like I've I got that you're somewhere. And so he kindly forwarded it to only eight and nine now have next. Right here my little hot hand. So I thanks Greg I appreciate that. From. Donald Tayshaun misses at the 11 October. At his response to Marshall Mathers. In my old rap video. The president tweeted. Your rhymes were weak and your Falwell was weird. It took you 44 years to barely grow a beard. Just admit pitcher jealous and acting like a big baby. Because everyone knows. I am the new rule. Slim shady. I think. As funny it's on Al one other note. On Nadia president. Yesterday in the Rose Garden the president did a news conference when he prime minister of Greece. And a reporter reminded. And again I am on now he had DEC called I'm Donald Trump evil. Before the election in November. And a pair the president had never heard. About that before and here's here's the in her play yesterday in the Rose Garden of the lineup. Mr. prime minister. With respect to the president Marcin Tony sixteen. He said at the potential for a Donald Trump presidency quote I hope we will not face this evil. And I'm wondering if after spending time with the president you have changed your minor appear the same line I wish I knew that before my speech. Might have changed the tone of his remarks. I'm not have been quite so flattering. To me prime minister. I agree it's. The NFL. Roger Goodell is so transparent he is so far out over this key is he has no idea. What's go or not. Well I'm injected some of his coach from these so called news conference press conference today. First of all I Miette quickly catch up with the text line 71307. Bobbed in the dims. Really believe the lie from their congresswoman. And president trump what actually stoop to being disrespectful to the widow of a fallen soldier. Is she so ignorant. As soon not really know that he was making a valid complimentary point. Or does she think she can insult our intelligence. In the never ending hate filled quest from the left to disparage our president either way. They're just paving the way for a second term. For president drop. Bobbie is that Teixeira will Lewis or shelve the sheriff will Weinstein the news. I can afternoon Bobbie I can appreciate sheriff Lewis saving the county money by suggesting sharing a room look. On this and we're right back to he said she set I and we'll see how this plays out. Al Bob we cannot let this cover up in Vegas gets swept under the roadway after continue to talk about it. The dot hotel security guard Hayes has Campos. Surface and a sack surface surface and that's almost a word surfaced. Today. In a venue where you would. Expect to find him. To be forthcoming when everything that happened and bus went in Las Vegas. Los Vegas guard Hayes is Campos surfaces. On the Ellen DeGeneres show. Why it's. And some of the out clips from the interview which will play on Ellen show this afternoon. Ask circulating on the Internet. Already he talked about. What happened that night you remember. Campos previously skipped out. Moments before scheduled interviews with several TV networks last week. And is highly anticipated appearance Wednesday. Unlikely to quell rampant speculation and rumors surrounding the horrific attack because what wouldn't nobody has revealed a motive. For the shooters actions and questions remain about the sequence of events. Campus talk about what happened that night. I don't know if Allan has game. How can you all blew off the east scheduled TV interviews and where have you been since then. But it's not in this story. So speculation continues. Bobbie just look at that stupid hat that congresswoman from Florida. Is wearing metal show you what to rolling around between your ears. Al Bobbie we have I is. In Niger. Now. If I told you anymore we have kept well you know. I didn't getting of course might be about Bobby I believe Obama sent the troops in Niger need to check but never heard of that before them. They Bob Willis this sleaze ball congresswoman Wilson when they out sacrificial bodies of those slain and Ben Ghazi. Came home. Good question. I'm Bobby this sounds like a liberal set up to me. What are those Democrats doing whether or does the area congresswoman noodle all military funerals. Four KIA used in her district. Bobby coming from a firefighter. I recognize the line we know what we signed up for it's a badge of honor. Very close to a bronze star for about her. Well. That most people. If a building is on fire run away from a and we do have people who run into. A burning building. Obvious congresswoman is exploiting the death of a soldier and as grieving widow for the sake of making president trump look bad. It just shows he's progressive shall go to any Lance. More political game. Now Bobby what this congresswoman did this grieving widow Jane shows she's like school in the summertime. No class. Bob trump has more class and respect for our military than Barack Obama ever thought about. Trump truly cares about these families unlike Obama. Now Bobby knowing what your signing up for shows bravery and heroism. I did that's appoint president trump was trying to get across. I suspect it was exactly. Bob well at least president trump didn't lean across the tick the casket. And say well he died because of a video. Good point. Bobby people not accepting responsibility for their own actions is is deep problem when America today. Pampered children make schoolyard shooters when they can't get anything you want handed to. Bobby you're so correct look at the motive of that done damn Maxine Waters. Using a funeral to spew her hatred there's so consumed would hate and jealousy. Pop. All right sit. Bobby and I you're the man look I'm a marine in. I've seen my Brothers KIA. Has seen a maimed and wounded it's the worst thing I've ever seen or experienced. No words can express any other. I promise you trump did the best he could how do you talk to a mother on the phone and teller that her son was gay guy how do you do that. Even chassis polar himself legendary marine even just people are himself would get choked up I think you did his job Superfund. Archibald Anders. Thank you for your service. Bob let's say the NFL requires its players to stand for the National Anthem they're not going to. And let's say the players should do is stand. Completely their hands over their hearts it won't make a bit different estimate. Respect for the flag sacrifice and patriotism. Comes from a heart and I know that their hearts aren't in it. I'm Bob I guess we need to change the oath of office to read I will support the constitution. Against all Emma enemies foreign and Democrat. Thanks approach from Richard. Now what what's your what's your what's her campaign agenda they're retake congress right name and now what's your agenda. Now the NFL players are right in disrespecting the National Anthem of the flag. Ridiculous. A there there is tone deaf as a NFL because there are one and the same they're both bastions. A political correctness which is merely another word. Four fascist censorship. 331 here nobody mentioned any is ready to go in the new center I'm right back on the other side here on hump day. Welcome back great to have you along Tony before floor here on the money mash Obama I don't believe trump meant anything bad. When his response. To the no win no I would choose to believe he was trying to structure. I would think Seles who. Above and they share in a tape of my share of willed lady sounds like she may have been having an affair with him. Is she felt like she was being assaulted and I you think she would've sounded may be mad. RP owed on the golf seemed like she was sent trying to see what's up. Was him plus how come she didn't reveal any of this earlier. They're question. Mommy put the NFL on delta where they one way trip to never neverland. Delta is ready when they are. But they don't like trump but it seems like this congressperson is reaching. Just trying to find something anything to make trump would bad. Bobbie there's a line often used by democratic congresswomen don't you know I am. You. Yeah and we do. Bob this is really lower than a snakes belly laughed crazies will go to any debt from on the shale. Bob the congresswoman did say she didn't hear the entire conversation. Well she shared enough. Two. Ever ammunition to. Trying twisted around for her own benefit. And the benefit of that progress and left. Bob the sheriff's accused Serra looks like a high school yet how old is she and how old is sheriff Lewis thanks from Jeff. I don't know which I might believe she is in our mid 20s252627. Something like that. I share of Lewis what I'm gonna guess is around forty. Late thirty's to around 40 ma am just just to guess. Bob I'm gonna hazard a guess. That debt Hayes is Campos the guard. There in Vegas is a less than documented aliens yet that is my guest as well. Above that comment about will Lewis suggesting sharing a room was intended as sarcasm IKEA got it. Bob regardless of his actions well Louis has a wife and three children who have done nothing and are suffering if he's innocent. They're suffering and if he's guilty. They're suffering good point. I'm from Charles and Anderson Bob if they president. Doesn't have to make enough of these phone calls. Two windows to get good at it. When that be great. It would indeed. I wish him well maybe she is 23 based on not but this next techsters says Bob Lewis. Was played. By 823 year old she ran a along Conn on him which shows he's not bright enough to be sheriff and makes him a danger to everyone needs ago. It will play itself out so what is investigating. While the out NFL. At a commissioner Roger Goodell addressing the media today is all I Alia we respect the flak. And now the National Anthem and then do nothing do nothing to prove it. There are some guys who do. Apparently still respect me and National Anthem they're not NFL football players. They are a team of roofers. Inmate. Stop the work the other day stood to listen when I heard the National Anthem being played in a local high school nearby. Somebody took a picture on them all in line on the roof. Canceled over their hearts and the photo is not going viral here is now one of the gas. One bill in old town we're getting very little from high school football game we heard it come on so we Desalvo we're doing and put our hands over our chest. Them guys get paid a lot of money to do what they do that has nothing to do would mean that's the way I was brought up to stands for the National Anthem in respect it. A lot of positives some negatives but. There's always negatives with a positive so. Haters are going to be haters that's what I'll talk to do a lot of lives and why is taking on its assault on the people should do. For me it was just more or less my uncle Walter was in the military. Everytime I here the National Anthem I wanna put my hand on my arm it's what I'm. Don since I was a kid. We respect the flag that's that's what we do. We do it all again and it wouldn't matter if someone who's taken a picture and all. Now I come from made a different generation. When I was in elementary school which was and that early mid 1950s. We we began a school day when the pledge of relations. Everybody should we put our hand over are we did the point two relations. That was long ago and far away and it did probably would serve us well today to bring it back but of course they progressive lefties run schools. Relational data anywhere. Anybody know they still do that in school. I'd I'd be ancient knowing if if your kids do that in school. Bobby I was considering calling the show in on the tax one I was considering calling a show I was correspondents Ryder. Or around second marine expeditionary force commanding general. I can shed some information on how that particular general handled condolence letters I would love to hear from. 803471063. Is eight Ingles advantage talk. Bobbie about taking the needs now spreading. To the schools rusher impressionable youth. Few kids have done this at my nephew's school. That's sad pathetic what an and look these guys are role models. They throwing catching kick a football. You want a role model. About down the sergeant that I just lost his wife in Niger 34614. Before four. Here on the mound in action take a quick break here and then come right back on the other side and we won't hear. From on the BP are master. Roger Goodell. The NFL. They yelled I love the flag bailout the National Anthem they just won't do anything to force their players. To respected as well. Be right back. Welcome back Bonnie Mac show here on hump day at 103519. Before four by the way on the other side of the news as a way you lead off our number two. As we do on now Wednesday's. My buddy Dave Schwartz from stand freedom action network of south Carolina's going to be joining me we'll talk about. On the purpose saying or re purpose saying perhaps would be a better way to put it. Of of some of the money from the gas tax forget about fixing potholes. Charleston. Is I'm beginning in a big BRT. System down there on us well just what we need. Bobbie about your question about pledge of allegiance my kids do it and Woodruff primary and elementary. Got you appreciate that and another textures and Lewis won about a sport number pop up on me quickly. Click down on that. Yup that we are Spartanburg district's six schools still participate in the pledge of allegiance every morning it's good enough. Also in a land from high school Spartanburg still stands and says he pledge of allegiance every morning. I'm Bob I'm a school photographer I'm at a different school every day I'm glad to say that most. All schools in this area still say deport. I hang up their McClain when you are in school when you were in school there was a pleasurable way against. I didn't know we were a nation then up. Jocular irony jocular or not that's ageism. At age shaming. The. And I get at the end calendar pages put behind me to prove. I'm Bob can the sheriff be recalled. Now. Sheriff is an elective office can only be removed by. Governor I'll hit ref might milestone. Should it be necessary if he was convicted of anything. To the phones Leo brand is on and is now aren't I'm Brad and welcome to the program. There aren't. Our guns. Mike is there a current charter school and they do the club or to avoid the social well. Nice that is that's good to hear because. I don't have any answers or even nine grandkids. Of that age and so that's information that down was not available to mesa. Appreciate you folks passing that on a skid here. Are into it's encouraging thanks a lot for the gulf Rana appreciate. Also like coming up in our number two the out. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell hears partisan press conference this afternoon much listen to this doublespeak. The relationship between players and our communities and and our law enforcement is very important to us. So that was very helpful. And yesterday's you know I made a brief comment about team that CO she'll be more questions about. Are meeting with the players and owners yesterday I'm sure there well. We also spent a great deal of time with their owners alone today. Discussing. Our efforts when their players. I would tell you that there's a great deal of support for the efforts. That our players have identified. Not only support. A recognition these are important issues for our communities. They're American issues and certain things that we really want to its clubs in his league. Want to not only support but also be part of and try to help. Why. Yeah you guys are not professional. Social justice warriors. You guys are a business. A professional football. Since when did you guys become. Community organizers. Commissioner. The lead was our players. I think those are the key issue they would tell you go to someone other issues that yes votes better ritual tart talking about this morning was. How much. We believe. And everyone should stand for the National Anthem that's an important part of our policy. Well then why don't you make your players do it. If it is so near and dear to your heart what are you enforce your own game Manuel. Players you'll stand respectfully at attention on the sideline when they're helmet in one hand and addressing the flag. Self serving BS. It's also an important part of our game. That we all take great pride and a half and it's also. Important for us to honor flight into our country. What enjoy it there it expects that offense still expected to do that and you are not doing it. And instead here we are talking about promoting social change in addressing inequalities in our community. A member would get to have all the players. Where are calling cab or next old cops as pigs Sox. Meg going to have a beyoncé bring out the DL and vote for halftime of every NFL game public and every stadium. Funny I thought their business was football. Our number one zips on past. And Dave Schwartz from fan joins me on the other side our number two is on the way.