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Wednesday, October 18th

Dave Schwartz with FAN of SC ctalks where gas tax money goes; NFL


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Well no wonder people are shocked and I'm sad. It's time for the second hour when the attack dog and a right name bombastic loud mouth themselves they president's. Of in sensitivity university of our non politically correct static. Appreciate that here we go getting underway when our number two and as always. You or input is invited encouraged and welcome to she is eight Ingles advantage talk line 800. 347106. Murray. All the lines are busy the moment we getting the phones coming up here common sense retirement planning text line number. 71307. And my email address is bomb. At 1063. WORD dot com as we do. I also went to every other Wednesday and I think I'm going forward downs for allowing me every Wednesday in the 4 o'clock hour we are joined by my body Dave Schwartz we partnered. When he smokes it to freedom action network. For years on a number of issues gas tax. Being I guess the most recent one that and and other issues with the good old boys and Columbia and our segment brought to you by. Fan freedom action network and we're joined now by day by day and how are you by. About an area so far so good well. I guess I need to buys some raw real estate in Somerville down there in the low country now. Well look I mean I hate this day or are I hate control from the I hate told I hate the thing that oldies so far right but. That's exactly what does this mean let the com news post and courier reported dead at the Charleston newspaper. Day the Charleston area transportation group down mayor is going to be expanding. The mass transit facility they're actually going to. Build it looks like what they're trying to do is build two extra lanes on I 26. Jets for these specialized. Boxes. So they can truck people back from summer build a downtown Charleston now. Felt like you know. A good idea Amir who doesn't salutary audio problem is that. Even in the article that would advocating for the mass transit and Ian eating our money to spend. On the mass transit system. Is that there actually is that a successful system anywhere in the United States could take could drop from the bank they had to go to golf America. Defined at this. Bought rapid transit system that there. Talking about I sold it sure I saw a picture in the in the post and courier nice on the story and said. Bus rapid transit services BE RT bus rapid transit. Serves Colombia's. Capital say I thought they meant Colombian. Capital of South Carolina until I wrote. And I saw the station and the they have a picture of here and I see that one of the upcoming stops is Caracas. And so what exactly the best of my knowledge has not a suburb of our capital survey. Yeah it is again that they DW moral story here Bob is that. We're all about your blisters taxpayers are going to be paying for a bit so well this is when they aspect GAAP act like in May and all the politicians said. Well look it's only gonna fix the roads already use this money to fix the road. And when we brought up about how they were gonna spend money and and I guess expelled a mass transit yep they left that they called liars they told us that we were misleading people but in fact. Here it is right in print they're going to use our money our guest act dollars on this crap because it's. This is what Powell is now to make money and other content that money and other Brothers sisters were contract incurred pop. You'd need to go get some land down Somerville could no glasses those folks make money. All of the matches. You know transportation the crew brought transportation system kill other many the only one making money offered at a bunch of a lot of the mark. And their waste your money so. Every time that you know and I met ego or right now slide over potholes on I 85 event ever to not make life I ever pop all night I just think about that beautiful. Box rapid transit system wherever they're gonna call it that Europeans south American look and then they wanna build down in the low country. You were technology are gonna go to help pay and bond and endowed and and and get back saying go on and off the ground bet well. I am wrong and M but unfortunately pop you and I we've been talking about this for years we said that exactly what's gonna happen you have to get act like. You're gonna see all these gimmicks. These mass transit gimmicks come out of nowhere that they're gonna that you can get back Mike port. Well can a ten a Smart rail system be far behind. You bet and looked at it you know we're there and Cloris now that's where they're headed out. Now they'll tell you this you know all of this is federal money but. We'll look this status out here on taxpayers South Carolina on the interstate that. All right so we're gonna be maintained that goes for any other newspapers and so we talked about other trying to build that. Goofy interstate 73 Arab air Myrtle Beach right in the TD. That critical billion dollars will have to maintain that. Well why can't wait hang on just a second because it's obvious. We are doing a somewhat sub standard job in maintaining the interstate infrastructure we have in place already. I Harken back to a day's comment a moment ago about interstate 85 and all the others around. That are Paul hole ridden so the solution is. Add more roads so we'll have even more to fall apart. I had more roads. At a mass transit system that doesn't work anywhere in the United States anywhere. And and Lillian were going to be felt that I've met so. Even though we told you. This money that these were force you to pay the extra 72% large get attacked like big victory Wright was gonna go to fix existing roads in reality it's going to build new ones and it's going to build concede mass transit system that nobody's going to use. I I iWeb just what we got an app I'll let this one line in the story in the post and carrier fortunately. The Berkeley Charleston and Dorchester council of governments. The agency overseeing a project is working to get the private sector involved. Implement that planning a game changing piece of Charleston area infrastructure so. You know the Doris not totally slammed shut. For the that concrete manufacturers now all the money you know. The guys and. I don't like the sector about eight bait belt means that somebody is gonna come in and bought the book blinded running what they mean is that you know they've got contractors that are gonna come in and make a boatload of money off of it. And and are back and one of those who's going to be in the front of the line is going to be the most powerful politician in the state of South Carolina. Are Powell from down there in Florence county Hugh leatherman who I noticed by the way a last summer I was driving to the beach hasn't entered interstate. Interchange. Named for him. Went certainly well deserved. Of course and you can you alternate that all of those interstate there are smoothly. Paved with beautiful slabs of concrete you bet and I wonder who I wonder who got them those beautiful flat concrete. It couldn't end you know the owner large concrete a guy named you others. It might not. Only around faith yeah I'm coming in the on the roads the roads through Forrest county. And Greta there's not a whole lot in forest down isn't what Darlington raceway I guess is that it. But. Though the roads through Florence county. Are smoother than a baby's bond and you bet and they're not made about salt no concrete answer hours answering their now well I wonder and once or once again everybody. Out Carson not once again these these guys in Colombia are are up to no good and fathering her own nests and we're shocked and stunned. Just like. We always are to see via disingenuous way in which the politicians in Columbia. Try and now. Now put money in their own pockets and and not know not their money but of course ears and mind. Our money will put an end and we're always wanna give people something new it candidate he wrote in the gives something people something to do about it yep so. Look you can send a message to the politicians. Just give yourself an out. Text the word terrain and and drain the swamp Dior ai am. To the number five to 86 that drain at 52886. Send that message is he politician out let's send a message dumber not gonna put up with the crap anymore or not that whole Al beat you know diverting our dollars to these kind of European socialist style transit system we want our money to be spent properly we want. Our money to go to Styx the bank roads. And we bought we got to force the politicians openly consider how to divide Bob they're going to do these the American public these. Crazy sitcoms yeah employee time bought wet it transit. It doesn't work in in in America. They're gonna break here and make up for it's not gonna continue to be ordered continued to drive and a pothole on interstate eight. It's nice another BRT works so well and Venezuela so people can get your car. I then tried to get their car they can hop on the bus so they can go down to the dumpster and look for food. Because these socialist paradise on their people are starving to death to truly incredible. Ought Kirsch restores their mom there aren't great Britain and then well I think they used to but now they're like the old gum department stores in Moscow the lights are on but there's no goods on the shelves. It's incredible. Text the word that drain. DR AI and just like Stan grant in 252886. We do this every every other win Stanton made and I believe that every Wednesday. Brought to my friends at freedom action network fan of Nancy give mother website to be able to again into treated there two days. Even there it. And the best C dot com or pop on FaceBook and followed their we put it up every day FaceBook dot com port flash standard at the Bob. We're going to be continuing to follow the money. We're gonna solve the money trail on this gas tech site were not gonna let this go or make sure that everybody knows how their money's being spent. And what he's Columbia politicians Duma that continue to rely on how are your letters on power acted up. To do something about it. Because at the end of the day. We got election coming up yet we do here you know we've come January elections we got election coming up outfitted and can have their voice heard at the ballot box that they don't hear modern Columbia. They can here at the ballot box next June. High speed rail he heard it here first. Answer but it's coming soon to a city not near you. But from a crowd here at Charleston and Columbia Dave I'll always fun talking to anybody have a great week. And he did that take care eighteen after four here on the Bobby Mack show take a quick break here we go right back to the phones and I catch up with the text line as well. My hear more from mama tell Roger Goodell about just how patriotic the NFL as saying they love the flag and they. They just won't do anything to stop their players from dissing it. That's no but I love it. Hot blooded. Check it and see far Tony for here on AM Bobby Knight show. Out in on the tax line 71307. Bob I pass along. Via phone number two Budweiser for leaving comments. Now regarding the NFL and the flag demonstrators. 800. 342. Rule. 5283. Yet to show just how tone deaf Roger Goodell on the other NFL owners are about this issue. I get Dell was asked today at the news conference LC by confinement at the segment in a bitten play at Torrey but I can paraphrase for you and he sent. They turn everything on eighteen year. Goodell was asked what about the ratings slipping a what about your advertisers. And sponsors. And get us all well we certainly welcome any of our advertisers or sponsors who want to come on board whipped us in these efforts. Ty and not uniting inequality programs of social justice programs as F. That is eight key element of the NFL's business model. It's absolutely ridiculous these guys are deaf dumb and blind. I'm Bonnie please tell me again the group Dave Schwartz is where that is fan of SE freedom action network. Is what that is short for freedom action network of South Carolina. Bob pop up com. I'm mister McLean and admire her I mean. My wife's. Not concrete company will ensure our roads will be pothole free. Our our state of the art bus transit system when it's technologically. Advanced buses. I'm only the highest quality Maine and South America. The interest. Snicker of the people of South Carolina is my top priority. Sincerely yours Hugh L formats. ID Hugh always good to hear from me. Ted is a long he has angrier hi Chad thank you for patiently waiting good to have you here. I don't Bonnie so far so good. Yeah probable conflict at. I'm trying to figure stuff out here first saw what types of some real quick I hate to say it is the original radio station in the upstate to play the National Anthem. Other pledge police I'm sorry every single morning but they usually have a children's school class doing it nice. Yes and that's our goal offers some time now so off. Com I don't hate to say that this could you not Dodgers stations are yeah. I've read it conflicted because I'm trying to figure out of the NFL stands for national fascist lead or national ferry leak. I think San not it I think it stand short no fans who left. So conflict I think it should be NF happen O'Malley needs changes they are certainly more realistic they can be the national fascist Harry Lee. I think describes an open court or the national progressive football we know who would be getting PA it go to now. Presently and I don't you tell you. These can caution label concussion late in the idiots are just. And why isn't America MP in the stance that's all I wanna know. And I want and need the answer is. They all are it if it I saw I saw a thing on not let somebody sent out a Twitter peace or maybe it was NC Graham one of the other done really matter. Pictures. Of my half a dozen different stadiums from last weekend's games. Yeah many fans there are disguised as empty seats. I have friends that are big saints fans there who lived there for a law firm ever to live their prolonged time. They went to the bulk of the game last weekend and I was told that. Right before they get an actual can't they recognize. The military people were in the statements. And same goes moronic. Fascist mayor pretzel fractal rattles they took in eighty and apparently that fans were none too kind about it at all. They had I don't. They had a new Orleans police officer or 29 year old new Orleans police officer who lost his life in the line of duty. They get a moment of silence for him and several saints players took a knee during a moment of silence for the slain officer. Give me a break. This has gone beyond disturbing. People. Date they need they need and but chicken is what they need they need something bad because. Pitch to start its actual little disturbing in the fact it is eating it get there at all. Would even contemplate talking about this is so it's anything but what it really is up and let's talk about what it really is it is the beginning of the complete. Destruction of American that the final chapter in the destruction of American morals as this. I've I think that on Limbaugh's show today the point was was well made. Typically like when the Boy Scouts will see these kinds of things moving toward a progressive agenda taken an incremental steps. And now and the NFL has gotten out over their scheme is. Because they didn't know anything about cap or nick when he started this last year and now it snowballed on us out of control and to be politically correct they have no choice but to go along they feel. At that we can't sons being nudge nudge you know what people don't know what it's all I'm glad to see that America's 2000. They had enough of this garbage. And I just thought celebrity out if you're a football fan I'd I'd feel for you I really do but you know soccer first off the pick something for a little while of these clowns get their act. Around I thank you Jenna appreciate it come on baby doll Brenda and I don't watch and more college football and I we've gone back to watching baseball. And the ALCS in the NLCS games. Have been great. The Astros and yankees in the cubs and the Dodgers have been great games. So these guys can take a hike. 430 here on the bunny match you know and he's ready to go in the new sooner I'm ride back on the other side more miracles are on the way and we'll hear a bit more. From Mahdi a genius PR mice are of the NFL Roger Goodell all of Lattimore is on the way all. And Jeff Sessions to day. Explain to senator Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live in Minnesota how they Calais to cabbage. And I'm sure we'll go we'll hear from senator sessions is from AG Jeff Sessions and coming up. Or later in this hour be right back. And led duke is to various Mac. Jesus. Just all right let me. 44119. Before five here the about a Mac showed great to have you along this hump day afternoon gorgeous all day here in now. The boasts beautiful part of America they upstate of South Carolina. In Omnia. In my email rather alma Centex wind in my email this afternoon. From my Gary in Greer. Bob please anybody thought about all the businesses that the vendors will not be doing now. Mean if you only have one quarter to half full stadiums. You don't need all that food drink cleaning aisle hawkers and all that expensive parking. A lot of people will be losing a lot of money over this issue. Yeah I mentioned earlier. Now the chargers moved from San Diego and LA this year and they're playing in some small. Stadium ethanol exceed two not 27000 or so and I can't fill it. One reason may they can't get a fans do come out for the chargers games parking. General parking. Hundred bucks. See note to park. To watch the players. Disrespect the flag. Also want in my email this afternoon Bob for those of us appalled. By the disrespect shown by the NFL when you are the entire franchise or our anthem and flag. We should be even further disgusted by the counter arguments toward our opinion. It always boils down to you're wrong. The implication being they are right for starters. No one even understand what the protest is about anymore. It started by framing. Limited advanced to create a national crisis then. It evolved into a political circus finally the crescendo is concerning itself with an individual's employment. Now. It's down to a fight over who can do what and went an idyllic. They deflect our opinion Inouye constitutional right. Nobody I've heard is argued against their right to protest but against the action of this honoring our national institutions. Apples and oranges right. In my view something is wrong and you see it is right and we stand on equal ground. As a long it is as it is within the confines of law sorry guys. Disagreement with your actions does not make any wrong or unconstitutional. However using a miss interpretation of the situation. And trying to usually constitution to defend yourself is very wrong. Then we're accused of not understanding their plight. However the point they chose was based on factoid to not fax. You cannot take isolated events and make them change reality so yes. I do what I do not understand a protest built from a false premise. According to the protestors on either racist or ignorant are both based on that statement and then. And should not be afforded the right to my opinion under the guide of the constitution probably not. Since this tends to be a one way street I guess I'll just have to continue to be wrong from a Dan thanks Daniel. Appreciate that. In on the tax line and Bob what I don't understand. Is the belief by these owners that the players can somehow retaliate against them. The players and no option to make that kind of money and do anything but play football. It's not as if your average employee can quit one job and go on to the next one immerse themselves. The owners and ultimate power over the players because some players are trapped. Yeah but the the the owners refuse. To use a power they have. Oh is that statistic the average NFL career something like three and a half years. And Newt. Ridiculously. High percentage of players. Are bankrupt. Five years after leaving only. Where they really need dad helping as a financial guidance and management a barrel like. As well as the constitution. First Amendment and free speech does not cover what to do in the workplace. First Amendment was apparent guaranteeing individual citizen's protection to say what they want in criticism of the government. That's why I was put in there. Quarter before four here in the body match a quick break here we come right back and go to the phones here on a hump day edition on 1063. WL RD. Oh. And only about nine and more men ads until the final keyword heard a day. And 8000 dollar bankroll contest. At eight Warrick and adds a way to do it. Text keyword to seven to 81 for 519 before five here in the body mash up. So what position are those on the left taking on the NFL protest well as. As predict dead and they're there always so predictable. Keller re phony S Von pantsuit Clinton on Sunday defended the NFL players for Neil Lane during a National Anthem saying kneeling. Is a reverend position that is not against our anthem or our flag. Always say reverent position so they're taking any. Two on her president trump. There's another parent. A former democratic presidential candidate who lost. In November and it's one of saying. Who is at the south bank sinners in London literature festival urged Democrats steal is the issue against president trump. Because everything is political. She said people should resist water very clear dog whistles to the trump mace. Pointing to the example of Neil Lane NFL players that's why black athletes and healing was all about. She said in response to a question about ways to resist the White House that's not against our anti more flack well. By the way Hillary it wasn't only ball lack. Athletes are you being racist and suggesting it's only black athletes are doing this. Actually kneeling as they reverend position wants to demonstrated a peaceful way against racism and injustice. In our criminal system. Meantime Jane Fonda has also abroad. No I mean she's overseas I know she's abroad but she's also are safe Dennett money betting through and ended their. Jane Fonda made it clear she is not proud of America. During a recent interview with and he beat him the BBC Fonda was asked. Are you proud of America today. They actress was very quick to reply with a hard no. But I'm probably resistance. She elaborated. I'm proud of the people who are turning out in unprecedented. Numbers to collect money from George Soros mind of that apartment itself. And continue over and over and over again to protest weintraub is doing I'm very proud of them that Cold War. I'm proud of the people led during the same interviews 79 year old was asked if she had a sense of regret. For her visit to north Vietnam in 1972. She said while she doesn't regret growing debt are going to Vietnam she does regret appearing in an anti aircraft ceremony. That made her appear to be siding with the enemy. The thing that I regret sent Hanoi Jane. Is on on on my last day there I made the mistake of going to a ceremony and an anti aircraft gun. In wasn't being new list there were no airplanes or anything like that there was a ceremony. I was asked to sing. And people were laughing and so forth and I was a lad and I sat down now and I got confidence I want to way I realized. Oh my gosh it's going to look like gun against my own country's soldiers and citing the enemy. Which is the last thing in the world that was true. Well Hanoi Jane that was the last thing in the world it was true what are you do laying in the capital of an enemy we were at war where else. To begin wet. Now I shouldn't chill is. It was taken out of context. Sheila misquoted dead. When that. In on the attacks wind 71 threes are seven Bobby the only teams I would even consider showing respect for. Other teams whose owners are willing to lose players by firing them for disrespecting the flag and anthem and not following the written contract. Out most of the owners are only worried about keeping their teams together. So they can try to win the super ball and made big money M in after all it's all about. Money can't. Send a true. Bob May breaking scientific news when I was a breaking news ticker. Now Bonnie breaking scientific news there's been a discovery. Of a new class and then vertebrae in North America. It has been designated the Roger Goodell. And looks like a man. And has no backbone. Our number two and a balmy night show is zipped on past. 85 o'clock always is on the way and so is the final keyword for a day.