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Friday, October 20th
Bush on Trump

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Hello Dan Bursch greetings welcome salutation and TG I F a lull on studio. Yes send any way give us survive me. Bulk. Of AM another tumultuous. Workweek here we go into the Friday free for all our as we like to refer to the all skate. Meaning of course whether or not I have raised a topic of concern you as an issue all during the preceding four days of this week. Today he is your opportunity to bring it up and get off your chest here is valued join me and be a part of the conversation today. Just grab your phone use the angles advantage top line number is eight told free call it's it's free. It's every call 800 number 803471063. Common sense retirement planning taxed on line number seven a 1307. And my email address Bob and 1063. WL RG. I'm still trying to get over that speech yesterday that. George W. Bush gave at the George W. Bush institute for the criminally insane in spiritually. Just. It's just a nothing but progressive liberal talking points. I did a pass a vehicle on the way to work today. Over around heading in on roper mountain extended. I pastor vehicle that I know was cheering. On the remarks of the former president yesterday how to I know that well very simply. Now this individual was driving a free us. Not that there's anything wrong with. Henne Bernie sticker on the back. And isn't that wasn't enough had taped. A on the east side of the passionate Doug on the driver's side and I in the win over the window in the backseat. And since I'm like no we will resist. Yeah I was in we will resist resist watch. Freedom. Liberty democracy. Free speech. Choose. And edged you know it's it's amazing how delusional. Some folks can be. Jack Kilmer wrote a piece of the American thinker about done Bush's remarks yesterday. And and thinking about what should we be surprised at this it was is dead after all who first entered your sister the phrase. The new world order. So of course. The Al apple not falling far from three. And GW bush showed turns out to be another big global list. By the way heap for eight years busiest Tom. While Obama. Was using his pin and as phoned. You love violate his oath of office and try and deconstruct their constitution. None of that troubled. The former president while he's down clearing brush at the ranch in Texas. And now president trump comes in any wants to seal the border. He wants to do away with the gangs like MS thirteen he wants to. Actually have America. In a leadership position in the world and this is enough to bring. Bush out of the brush. Now they title of the piece of the American thinker GW bush falls to the McCain syndrome. President George W. Bush gave a speech and instead of just analyzing the speech nearest Max. Which has been anti trump and moving further left called it a stinging rebuke of drop. Newsday's Steve Miller right there with a New York Times BS NBC and CNN in their analysis I believe that if the media had one more ounce of honesty. The speech should be considered a stinging rebuke of Obama and the Democrats. Is the first paragraph from the article former president George W. Bush without mentioning president Donald Trump by name which inhabit sulphide away. Is pretty cowardly if you're going to attack the president's. Policy is his ideology. Go at least show the courage to tell us we're talking about as if we would know. Delivered a stinging rebuke yesterday about the nation's growing isolationism. Saying that when combined with discourse. That is degraded by casual cruelty. And interference from Russia are resulting in division among Americans. Now Obama. John Kerry and Hillary all funny Smart foreign policy was leading from behind. Creating a vacuum causing other countries to expand their power including Russia Iran North Korea and Syria. That weakening of American strength and delegating to the UN leaves us more isolated than ever. So losing isolationist here. And to talk about discourse that is degraded by casual cruelty. That would be Obama. Talking about how some Americans are bitterly clinging to their guns and religion. Obama and others calling Tea Party members domestic terrorists. And Hillary referring to trump supporters is being deplorable and ear redeemable. Few additional comments and analysis the American dream of upward mobility. Seems out of reach for some who feel left behind and a changing economy. Discontent dependant sharpened partisan conflicts. Pardon me for suggesting that it is liberal Democrat policies that have continually made the government more power given the government more power. And and as a result reduce the opportunities for people especially the young the poor and minorities to move up the economic ladder. The more money you take out of the economy give the government the last areas further business. Trump in contrast just try to give the power and the purse to the people. And they partisan Democrats are trying to block him every step of the way. Did anybody notice where Obama Pelosi Reid and not Durbin. Worked hard to get bipartisan support aren't they just rip anyone who'd had the temerity to disagree wit them. Now bush says bigotry seems emboldened. Our politics seem more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication. Well that's much at least is true I mean I for one I've never seen so much emboldened bigotry against. Oh say religious values. Against people who want smaller government a lower taxes who believe in a Second Amendment. Who believe that cities and states should enforce there'll laws and not become sanctuaries for illegals. And ask for conspiracy theories what about a party and administration. That creates and uses a fake dossier. Out of Russia and then uses that as an excuse to spy on their political opponents creating the conspiracy theory. That Russia coated where Donald Trump in the election. And then runs massive expansion of continuous investigations. In search. Of the elusive. Evasive. Nonexistent collusion. There is also has said bush a fading competence. In the value of free markets and international trade which often happens when they're as a sense of protectionism. Again on May I remind him that an Obama and the Democrats are the ones who continually wanna transfer economic power from the private sector. To their god the government of the big state including trying to destroy any private health care industry. Trump is not against trade at all he just wants a better deal over the American people. And where did Obama Hillary and Kerry project American leadership. Wouldn't it be Smart to do something like Jose screening refuge is. Bush should ask Obama if he chose to change the policy to stop accepting Cuban refugees and send them back to the oppressive. Act Tommy leaders that are down it's it's just to. It's amazing. It's amazing and somehow bush along with McCain managed to keep his mouth completely shot no matter what Obama did. And here we are now nine months. Into Donald Trump's first term. Words chosen deliberately. And both these guys decide they have to take out trump with a media and all Leah the other Democrats. Apparently. GW bush would prefer to have the sexual predator and his corrupt wife a former secretary of state. Back in the White House. It's added it's just mind boggling and and it pointed out as I said yesterday there is a new poster child. For the ride no establishment wing of the GOP the one that Steve Bannon wants to do away with. And the poster child is a former president George W. Bush. Sixteen after three here in the body match up Friday free for all we go to the phones for the first time when I come right back. Welcome back Bobby Mike Friday free fraud Tony when after three yesterday in the a bonus hour of the program. I went analyst feature where I talked about the Al laughed and the a progressive cities socialist slash marches and continuing war on any thing traditional. I'd now the new target is believe it or not Halloween. And Leah at school. In non Massachusetts. Has now he eliminated the Halloween on holiday from their school calendar. Because it's not it's not inclusive. Enough. And now it it it just points out. The ridiculous nests of some of the arguments these folks make so in this hour I will allow repeat Daniel here. Some of the odd or just. Scholastic. To the phones Leo and are we up Saturday is bill who is in Spartanburg hi bill and welcome to the free for all. They've got it back on this one to get some mosque which gesture. It at that being on the professional charter bus driver right and I'm running up and down interstate eighty try from Charlotte to Spartanburg. Three times a week at least so you get to see an and a yes. Thank you know these these cities signs on the road this safe fender Bender move it to the side are singles. Okay well I realize now somebody's hurt. That's a different story of course but this fire trucks they will come down there to be one produce sometimes three fire trucks. And they'll blocked one to explain this. And once the threat of a fire is over. Or you know why don't they just get out of the way and let Elaine be opened up this seem like they just hang around. And nothing gets moved to the side. And so that's not that these them and I'm not in a fireman shoes so I don't know you know why they hang around like that a lot of blocked those planes that. It's a pet peeve that I thought I'd get off my shoulder so thank you for the. Are my pleasure thank you Don appreciate appreciate Brent I don't know I speculating a little bit it could be that if the accident is severe enough there waiting on our record. To remove the vehicles. And Mike keeping the fire trucks in place and blocking a lane stayed they do what they ensure that. Somebody else blowing down 85 going ninety miles an hour. Doesn't plowing into the already existing wreck. I don't understand things an oil out. Not in on the tax line let me catch up there before I get far behind Kazaa has a tendency to attack happened. Techs volume is a great Bobby and did you catch White House chief of staff general John Kelly is at a press conference yesterday where he basically told reporters where to go. Sounding everything like someone who held the rank of general it was awesome to see he did a great job. I have heard part senate it's difficult to listen to he and his response. Two Frederica cowboy hat the congresswoman from Florida who's never conflict and I general. Digging on her by the way you remember. And president trumps inauguration there were a number of Democrats who refuse to a T and because in their estimation the presidency election was Billy Jenna led to her whenever. And they were not so PO that there heroin. I had failed to act completely break the glass ceiling they refuse to come or she was one adults. She was a night which I kind outcomes as a absolutely. Face stunning surprise that should have been involved in that. Bob GW bush is simply pushing the soap opera not shocked and all the bush family isn't a monarch he paid jab go take a nap. You know he puts me to sleep says Michelle. Now Bobby died grouchy saw behind the wheel of the Prius was Vince Coakley know us. I think like I don't think events analysts was ever pushing Burney and on time is not crazy about. Donald. Al bother you which ended he is attacking the Earth's very weird stuff going out. They are aliens. Who I assumed human form. And and represented the leanings and beliefs of the Democrat party but. Not really dip it if we could skin immaculate shape their reptilian. And a reptilian. Bob they weren't all those 500 injured people go in Las Vegas hospitals here. Can't take care of five in the emergency room waiting time is hours. Bobby any info on directed energy weapons. Not a new one on me I'm told that one out L I should try and on the enjoyment sonic weapons like. Now what was used on our embassy people in Cuba that may be referenced an adult check and say. Bobby F I kind of ironic that former attorney general Loretta lynch needs an attorney went there when she stressed are vying below the subcommittee. To make sure she doesn't well you know. Do something bad and her dinner plate and that's all dragged into and Jim. In and easily. Bob Bob bush needs to fall off the wagon and go staggering off into the sunset. Bob bush and apple not falling far from the tree more alike monkey balls and far from the tree once a boom always a boob. And Bob this construction traffic situation in Spartanburg really cramping my style. I area. Bob Harvey Weinstein is a man ahead in this time. Actually he's a reflection of more of the Hollywood in the twenties and thirties and Hank. No wins came saying that we will embrace is on the ensure real law. They should distribute posters went hard these photo when his pants around his ankles the caption reading the future for American women. Kent from my travelers rest of that they have so many various. I grievance groups out there I love it when they they face off against each other in autumn because they're pro Islam. But their pro women's rights. And is there rape and group of people on the face of the earth. That treat women worse and they are in Islam. So yeah on on the one hand they they can't risk being in his one phone. And on the other hand they can't afford to miss accessed. This. You a. Also went on the tax I'm Bob what happened all the money donated to presidents Clinton and bush. Could they go to the people of Haiti. And now I suggest that went into their pockets. Oh here we go here's the explanation Blair Sam LA IR CME Akron amp. Is a former directed energy weapons for self defense purposes it protects against infrared or heat seeking missiles they placed him on aircraft. Yes. And not I have not read about those. But look. Our military right now is so under equipped. Undermanned. That you know we need high tech Chinese anger. Nosing ahead of us in the in the high tech area. But. Went. With the when the funding they've been getting over the last eight years under Obama. I don't have enough pilots for the air force don't have enough. Spare parts as there's a lot of problems of Al Bobby overheard at a Harvey Weinstein sex addict group therapy session. Hi I'm Larry chorus hi Larry hi I'm Debbie chorus I get a hi I'm Harvey dent may keep your hands off may. There a best. Secured a. He has supposedly acting out and are. Yeah I'm stunned him cut that is. Difficult for a leopard to remove spots 330 here on the balmy night show and he is ready to go and a new senator. I'm right back with a more of the Friday free for all here on 1063. WLR day. Ally of the attacks I got Massa and text message I got yesterday it said. Above other radio Centex moms on taxing a good way to go appreciate that Al welcome back the attack dog on the right in here on Friday. They have bombastic loud mouth of the south would be Friday free for all when everyone I talk about what whatever topic. You care to raised. Is good to go here on Friday twenty before four let's go to Spartanburg bring in Christian. As our our next guest I dress welcomed the program. Kenny bottleneck. At noon today so soon. And I are on the scene he thought about the government. Haven't really thought too much about him are they ever concerned you Chris. Not a nice success you can pretty much true in every war. What what are gonna I'm Matt I have to admit. My gross ignorance in this regard what our South Carolina ninth walks. Well pretty much you can only carry whatever you want accepts there are skewed. Toward saying you can't. Kerry Eric dagger. Which intent to commit a crime. So where they have to prove that you intended to commit a crime to us for that Libya. Unlawful violation. I I guess. How about. How the switch blades switch blades okay. I. It ruined the actors are usually lost again assessment analyst Wayne how about. About ape might chassis to and you can you carry image Jenny if you want to. I don't. Think so. Well wait until Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and the rest of the progressive. And and probably a few Democrats who are going to be running for governor wait until they become privy to this information Christian McKay is then of course. We must immediately go to work on banning. All of these knives because as we know. Just as guns. Commit violence knives are quite capable of committing violent or look at what's happened in Western Europe. It. Snow will will will bring this to the attention of the progressives I know they never have enough to do. So we will while we will ensure that they are aware of that snake and get right to work on thank you Krishna if you sound. You sound like game out a younger demographic. In my give money I ask how old you are. Time around fort Danish. Rosen. Sent to collect. Recognize. I got constantly shifting so far while neglecting her about how he wouldn't what do you mean your collection that you must brown. Talks aren't strong that that your like. Little pot at a bench and it. You have me out a sites fairgrounds in your collection by any chance. Don't have a YH Sykes fair burned ninth I don't are you familiar with the ocean north that is. I don't I ever heard it it's kind of it's kind you mentioned daggers it's kind of a dagger. Date they were issued dad during war war to to deal done. OSS operation of those special services via the OSS people that parachuted in to. Occupied Europe that was part of part of their gear. I'm just it's just it's kind of a collector's club idea about a KBR Christie India have a Kmart. Daughter about I would really like NAFTA are stated in a couple yeah cable cars are really collapse and I used me I don't. I don't think it is the standard issue Marine Corps knife anymore used to be for a long time I might be mistaken about that. But they have a number of collector's editions. Of my K bar knives honoring. Various marine operations most of them for more war to Iwo jima Guadalcanal and and a few others. And many of those are absolutely gorgeous night are beautiful. Yeah I've ever make sure they recognize you you have any idea of the Rambo style knives Christian. I don't. Have more moderation is. All okay you I don't know why have a Boeing widgets. That are it is played well. Analog I don't get the job Gundy blade inventor of course by Jim who went back in the nineteenth century. Cruel that's sync well as you work on your collection Chris can now let me know what judge Ellen okay. Well super hubby have a great weekend thanks a lot for the call coming up on a quarter before four here on the body Mac channel. Bobbie I live next door to the nut job in the Prius and it's. How well they got to live somewhere and I asked. Quarter before four here in the body Mac show I wanna play as some of the audio from a general John Kelly. Who spoke at the white house press briefing yesterday. About what happens when AMA following hero is return on what the what's involved in the process. It's. Moving. And that's an understatement. Quarterly for four here in the body matched all five random facts is also going to be alone in the next few minutes as well here on the Friday free for all on WORG. Are we have some Mott absolutely classic bone heads in the news it'll become an on a bit later in the program and also we're gonna hear. As some of other remarks about general John Kelly president trumps White House chief of staff when he appeared yesterday at the press briefing to talk about. Fallen heroes in our military. To the phones we go here on the Friday free for all ray is Nextel peers and Lawrence hello ray and welcome to the show. Well thank you very much then that got the talking again. Believe what I like to bring about is thinking about all the setup self thing has gotten. NFL watchers since the sixty's were the short tight end played. While yelled it out. The pre I read processors to the end who are now the New York Jets. That's correct. And I know a lot of trivial things about the debt because when. Leon has bought into the jets he wanted that is collars on the uniform that's why either the Kelly green light. Yeah from my Hess oil company had. Oil companies felt but what web site to bring about a couple things forget about it. I have talked to a lot of football baseball players and whatever all over the last twenty years. And all I would attempt at a football players the football players prefer the most part played actually a long time. Vs the baseball basketball guys. I've gained eight play forty years in the height of forty years in college forty years of fighting is more in the media. And the proteins and that these their body is beat the heck yes. Well I'm mighty. Person that I graduated high school Thursday it was RTC that. And Marty Jacob played for is our high school was all state sort of forty years. He played where went through the Winston-Salem for. The demon deacons for four years. But it and that would the Green Bay Packers although he he also played in front. Semi pro teams still. Added he everytime I think about three years so there rotate Marty how that utility says like that not all over beef from diet certainly. I bet yeah what about the level of physical abuse of these especially in the NFL. Yeah grass and my dog. Yeah I I cover the I covered the NFL. Both denied Dallas and in Washington. As well as an Atlanta. And at anybody who's never been on the field. To hear the sound of the collision especially on kickoffs and punt returns were these huge guys. Who all are capable of running. Pretty fast. Are are colliding. At top speed I can understand the explanation they may yet every snap is like a car wreck. Well are these nephew played for the Detroit all. I am and they are rated what they want the yes Super Bowl 05. Tony Derek except. If they know that ain't broke they on ESPN. Best yeah some commercials. But he had to quit after earlier about four or five years because there's these and I asked the guys they wanted to do. Just stops 13%. And they say one Diallo one guy. That's his depend certain is that they're equipped because there's. He's now. And a guy I don't remember John McCain may have in the same problem with the Oakland Raiders yeah. They would hit him ten seconds after the less so they get dramatic game. Yeah it did that was others. Let's say area but it's still the same thing goes on and high school and college. And each kick can't take that kind of eighty and that. As somehow I'd have I I watch idea. That you play against certain sense and my nephew. What small person he could it not been attacked everywhere I was in high school. Well they've they're significantly reduce Accuray appreciate at all they are significantly reduced. The amount of contact. That they have in in practice is now not only. Out from a public school well from high schools. Through college. And all the way into the NFL I believe. I am correct in saying now that the NFL only practices and pants during the season. The only practice in pads one day a week. And made the prior than the old two days they stand in the day's events Lombardi an agreement packers' nose as they were brutal. But that stuff is there's a thing of the past and it's ironic. How all these lefties who are against the violence a pro football. Now wanna talk about the concussion issue and embrace that it and it is a serious issue. But if you take a look at the numbers. There are substantially more concussions. In the ribs favorite sport soccer or football as a colony in Europe. And from players colliding and trying to and hit a header. And Moynihan may hit the ball the other when it's the other guy right they had with his net. And bear in mind you know on soccer they're not wearing any helmets. How come I can elect isn't just an all their helmets are bicycle riders and all the rest and yet soccer players. Don't Wear a helmet where they use their head to hit the ball. Hard to explain it. Bob we still have K bars NR armories in the marine go way it's good to hear thank you. Bobby I'm not I didn't know that the Prius automobile is like a calling card to say your liberal. I was just trying to save money and get sixty miles to the gallon. Because I drive five days a week but now all. I get a lot of thumbs up for more liberals who don't understand hey. I just did it for the gas savings. PS the newer ones you don't have to apply again they recharging you drive along I didn't know. Appreciate that information. Obama you were you referring to be fair burned sites double edged fighting knife developer British cam commandos very same one. Indeed develop for the OSS the Office of Strategic Services precursor to our CIA. I'm Bobby Mack I have several gay bars Bettis knife known to man candlestick right through a man's chest and pig named to the wall. Simmer five captain Samuel Nichols. Barack gun held cap. Our number two is on the way next.