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Friday, October 20th

Showing KIAs respect; NFL


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That's yet so we didn't know I'd get ready current. Yeah this example. Thrilling music in stereo if you try to news turn off your radio now. You're a work night real magic we have got. They all seem to enjoy the show me. Facing reality. People are gone. Event all this. Now it's time for America's favorite day. Well worn out went Jim delightfully colorful characters. Schilling's rehab. Hi I'm actually go getting underway with the out. Most heavily commuted hour. Of the bombing Mac electric radio program it is of course the 5 o'clock follies on Friday which means. This is our TG IF addition the Friday free for all the all's gate. Where whatever topic you want a brooch is sent there by me. Ingles advantaged hotline number. 80347106. And very common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. I will never get caught up about the text messages I had to name and I'll make a valiant effort in that regard coming up. And of course email me Bob. And 1063. WL RD down now to a close without further do you Ralph leads us all here in the 5 o'clock violates hello Ralph unwelcome. Hey Bob. Breathing. Hawaiian. When he should not be since. About bullish. In on their. Because that aren't. Campaign problems. Blow. I probably not and a wide out and that's got called on his card. And then given that their demand that. Well at outlook out of should should we not bear in mind it was his daddy. Who first uttered the phrase that we heard new world. Order. I. The that's saying it is. I think the Clinton going to be brought up on trees. What that deal would sell our uranium right that's sure that's street. I mean yeah yeah that is. It is relevant in the usual understanding of the word but I I did a look back and did a little digging. At a find out is that word is bandied about a bunch and it turns out the way the law as written. I treason only exist. If we are in a state of war in fact remember the rosenbergs. The Rosenberg sell the eight bomb secrets to the Russian drug gave me to bomb secrets to the Russians. That was obviously a treasonous act speaking when it was a Cold War and not hop went so they want to. They would not charged with treason they were merely charged with espionage but I've I get what you're saying. Wow and I. You know they're making a godfather. No. I haven't seen Hillary and now ranked opponent the should. You achieved without god aren't able. Has Leon has a rhinestone cowgirl. Frederico she got a part of that. You wouldn't need to. Don't kill the outcome in our horse that was being. I'll look and I just I I didn't I just I would. Mom com I don't know if I I just don't get it Ralph and there are. I'll wander or not it remains that there are no match and I see stuff like that you know and I just say to myself Bobby Mack you've lived two on Al. Yeah I have a great bit about not great air I hope to around Obey every weekend. Or funny or Chris is on he isn't he's in hello Chris and welcome to the Bobby matching up. About oh yeah I'm good thank you WR's well. And they try to. Not sure yet if talked about this latest got a caller but I just heard an interview with a Doctor Who would on the delta flights. Back into Atlanta radio talk about that occurred about. Whether or not aren't and now I've not heard about this oh are you going to bet that the woman that wanted to sing the National Anthem on the planet yes yeah. Yes I am written you don't yell it's crazy. The overwhelming majority of the people were comfortable with and the flight attendant told her it was against company policy this thing the National Anthem. For the deceased soldier. Two is being brought back home and then. Bill the woman apparently said well you need it. I'm not gonna tell the people that we're not gonna do it right at the pilot came over apparently told people on the plane they were to sit there and be quiet. Once they landed and they were not just seeing the credit market and people from other countries. If they sang the national amp. Like much but I can guarantee you the next I might do about rather walk a slight doubt yeah it's just the way that we don't stand up to these people that just. Come into commonplace it's just it's terrible that. It's based but it couldn't honor. Disorder and apparently. That fallen soldier's best friend was on that flight accompanying him. Home. I mean I'm in order a beautiful woman I could have been let's see you know because the liberal. Political correctness. It was just you know never happens there's just it's terrible I. Nobody got it up you certainly got us to be louder than that of other voices so I guess. They that they have no conscience say they absolutely have no conscience and answer right. I know a sense of patriotism in the sense of the word that we understand. Exactly absolutely well you know I just I hope people hear about that and induced. You know what could. Honestly what they want gonna do if they if they sang annual rite of the doubt. What arrest them at that point exactly creating a disturbance what are people at what what the charge will be an international at the. How how about this Chris how about if they all had decided they wanted to take a knee in the Iowa the aircraft when they have shop that you think. What we know that's okay we can we can do that you can disrespect the country but you know what you wanna be patriotic and you know we can't happen again and again and around here yeah and to send. I have. Richard Eugene Chris. A KI a was being returned to his home. Traveling with the individual that accompanies a body. And the pilot or someone made an announcement. About that. And there was a woman on board the flight to I believe. Was a gold star mom herself. And and she has suggested that. In tribute to the family and to the fallen soldier. Or sailors in case may event. The veil sing the National Anthem and then sue that flight attendant. Said another can do that apparently it's time which him not being candid and I can't no singing the national as among those airport aircraft which is. Striking to me because so many I guess. I don't know if it's only case another many airline pilots are retired military. You would think that they would certainly have no problem. Quarter after five here in the body match or take a quick break here and then we're right back with more still to come on today's program I got a whole movie. Preview for you this weekend another example of the Hollywood. Now flushing. Hundreds of millions of dollars down the Cubans there is one film out there the Jimmie wanna say. Tell you about that when we come right back. Great to have you along we are bumper to bumper in the most heavily commuter now are the body Mac electric radio program for this Friday it is a free for all. I'm Bonnie more on this delta story for a delta apparently management heard about the incident. Contacted the lady and apologized to her there is no policy. And regarding saying the National Anthem. On board an aircraft distort this was wrong and delta will instruct their employees accordingly. They said proper protocol and a sentenced silence is preferred not singing. Just step passing along what was reported in the new us a couple of days ago thanks to its good enough. About why are more people on conservative radio discussing the convention of state movement or am I just missing when they are we've talked about it. I sporadic play I guess to be the best way to describe it from my time to time. But we just have a a full plate of issues and it is on the laundry list okay. Bobby Mack I believe sheriff Lewis when he says he doesn't give a flying you know what about what people think. I believe him when he says he doesn't tell people. Best because they booed don't need to know I believe him when he says he manipulates people for evil and devious purposes I believe him. And when he says he would fire his entire command staff for her. I believe him. Bob Bob Bob Bob Marley I believe that woman on the delta flight was a widow of a Vietnam veteran who yelled that was minder I knew issue is a gold star. There are involved gulls shall one way or the other wasn't sure if it was as a mom more as wife. I'm Bob the anthem was not sung last night before the football game we all happy now now. They can do whatever they want makes makes no difference to me NFL is out of my life. Bob Bob Bob Bob Ralph is awesome talent to call more often makes me laugh Allah. Bobby and I enjoyed the Friday kick off that we want as the best one yet great show today signed spring are. Thank you springer getting your friend Tony four after five as we go back to the phones Steve is next up he joins me from easily. Hello Stephen welcome to the Friday free for all. Hello Bob Mac carry you Dylan social soup. That bill I know all day because he lacked I read this this morning. Guidelines that previous columns talking about doesn't happen donate airplane. Well that's what my call to map they would donate a private yeah I know you heard or read about what happened on the arm New Orleans Saints. Shocked. At how. Yeah I did get an email Anna I never could run it down on. To figure out if there was and I guess you know Internet. A story that our if it was only jet. Okay well that was raided markkaa where he's learned that aren't you are it's legit or not. And then now we're really. You elaborate on that about dvd shortly do you wanna talk to a dust did RTC matters not but anyway. If that was pretty much say kudos to that polished what they did that says we need more people like that to. Stand that in that I'd say listen Nikki won't stand against Daschle what we did as he said the sport. They are previous they opt out idea slot in combat or they became pallets yes many and then you have at least you guys yes sir that's what these two guys or they list. How it blew in now lock combat and they are actually united did what they did. And not commit apartheid he played the Monad BG two your next game where you brought us to the power that we're not Warner. He KeyCorp. Your next step swapped. And that's your to your game needed got a parent somebody else had a better take you say it's that's Lamar announced on my apology about and. They didn't argue that heard about that or not you know his status. One more time. That I had heard it so you'd earn a great job in the match you got to remind me of the late great. My cash so you really. Let's say is what you believe and you believe what you standing and in that we leveraged into yet. Well I appreciate that very much Steve thank you and I appreciate the call the story to save us talking about circulated on the Internet. I'd showed a picture of me in Orleans saints aircraft. And the story contended that after the pilots. Heard that saint players said that taken neat. That they you refused to fly the aircraft. Now men as a set I was unable to to run it down. And now I'm at the scene of the story was legitimate or just one of those sinks it circulates on the Internet but. And it and so I was hesitant tend to bring it up without having any. Back up. For also in on NATO attacks line. Past 71307. Bobby general Kelly's. News conference at the White House yesterday was very moving he explained the process of when the president's speech to the next of kin to a fallen soldier. He also spoke of his own tragic experience with a loss of his own son and Afghanistan. He also dressed down the media and that idiot congresswoman. Frederica Wilson. As specifically on why her actions were wrong. It was one of the best conferences by the drug administration yet I would agree. Bump up bomb. Bob what ever happened with the Vegas mass shooting investigation. When they FBI. Not exactly the most trustworthy and agencies. Looking into this I had this story. And I was gonna do it and boned hands and a newsman this this seems like as good a time isn't it. Hard to believe that if somebody. Apparently living in an alternate. Universe thought this was a good idea. Some homeowner in India in Vegas. Put up a Halloween display. Featuring 58 grave stones. One for each of the Las Vegas shooting victims. They display was put up outside a home in Las Vegas in which a gunman Stephen paddock massacred scores of people just weeks ago. Images show Rosen spooky. Halloween style grave stones. The with images of spiders on them along with a letters are IP an eight an American flag on each. Behind the display which was a lit up at night. Was a banner on wall reading hash tag vague a strong. According to the Las Vegas review journal newspaper out there. They display has since been taken down too little too late for many who blasted the and sensitive decision to set it up in the first place. One person tweeted that's twisted and tasteless Halloween is about fantasy. We don't need this daily morbid reminder of our cities anguish now or ever. And another wrote I find this so disrespectful what's wrong with people and our world. Others were more and understanding and defended the intentions. Of a person who put up the display. Neighbors defended it saying they didn't understand. Why it was offensive. Win or if you don't understand and why I'm its offensive. You. Have to have a talk with not congresswoman. Frederica Wilson who put you in touch with sensitivity issues. Yeah and I Helio thank you money penny in October 2 2017 B satire web site freedom junction. I published an item claiming the New Orleans Saints were stranded on a runway after an entire flight crew took comedian refused to transport. The group of dogs so that's out satire. And it ended sort of was suspicious in that regard which has landed never touched the story into a confined and out thank you money penny for the fact check. As money penny back checks 530 here on the Bobby Mack show any answer Greta do some fact checking abroad in the news sent our. I'm right back on the other side. As a Friday free for all paroles not. Great to have you along 539. Here on a Friday free for all in all my tax on bombing I learned that they New Orleans Saints story was sent fake news. But it is funny nonetheless from colonel Chad well it it's on a satirical website and Nash you may be aware they. The heart of satire isn't it it could be real lake could be and I it's based on. Now reality Bobby Mack there's a think tank somewhere with the shallow end. Being fought over by Maxine Waters Sheila Jackson Lee and congressman Hank Johnson and now all. The battle has been joined by Frederico Wilson. Al in Spartanburg now. Yeah they're laying skilling still girl. Back to the phones we go dust and is on he has an end man hello dust and and welcome to the program. I'm robotic. We've got choked up user you have excellent op. Period I don't I don't I don't I don't appropriate. I would respect all leftists should should Neil. Hearing there are national uproar in the jungle for a couple of good but it just here all the tar. Could talk a little bit you really grateful. Ordering real. So hesitant persecuted Christ there's. The king of God's foot stool here and there that you are currently doing any good Beirut beneath that. They aren't they can warm up for it they can be in the boulder and then warming up toward because at some point. To their shock and amazement they will be before the throne and go. The deal. Oh well also ought to talk about the sheriff are one going to politic for. Trimming them to repair locker room what we're sure the governor the court ordered arm were unsure of yours. Yeah yeah my own. I don't. I think that report published or should should be made the watch every season. Overwhelmed. Recruit you Eric. And decrepit. And literally. Do you know like. That that's what should or should look like. That's what got cooler that's what that's Kirk. The ballot bowl or authority. The hole and this year should carry. And you and I understand your click are you think Justin that the left would love that because I sheriff Andy Taylor never carried golf and sorry I don't know. There I just thank you deserve credit or oh that's right appreciate the column be have a great weekend. Bobbie remember when slick Willie Lewis tried to paint share of. All laughed at us as Otis the drunk. I wonder how he likes his karma sandwich outreach. I mentioned I got a preview for you. What's that coming in movies is we have another opportunity to watch Hollywood implode. They have spent. 100 dead twenty million dollars producing. A movie called Geo Storm. Which is that day and disaster epic the world has a climate change control system initially built to prevent. Climate change and keep the population safe but it goes haywire. Making the inevitable happened. There's about a 150 million when you include the marketing and all that. And it's anticipated. To open making ten to twelve million bucks. Now 110 of what it cost to have produced meantime there is a film that if you might wanna pay some attention to wild card. At the box office this weekend only the brave. It is from black label media and Sony the film tells the story of the granite mountain hot shots. The firefighters who battled against the yarn mill hill fire in Arizona. In 2013. Earlier this week. Vice president pants attended a screening of only the brave which stars Jeff Bridges. May be one of my favorite actors are now Josh brawl and Jennifer Jennifer Connelly Taylor kitsch and miles teller. It's expected to open in the seven million dollar range and a limited release somebody venture of its going to be on. I screens here in the upstate but can it keep an eye out tort only the brave. Is a name and that the films and then I actually have any interest in in going to see are kind of few and far between. I mentioned this yesterday in a bonus hour we did this story with Halloween coming up. A a principal. Of an elementary school. And now Walpole Massachusetts. Announced they were canceling Halloween here is a WBZ reporter. Reading a statement from the principal. In a message to parents the school principal says the costume parade is out of our ordinary routine in can be difficult for many students who also the parade is not inclusive of all the students all in it is our goal each and every day to ensure all students individual differences are respected at this coming Friday the school will have a Halloween party for students after school hours. But as far as Halloween itself goes to school says that day will be called. Black and orange spirit day. You can't you can't make this stuff all black and aren't spirit day. Is the out parents and nine. Reacting to this story. It's a shame because I you know Halloween is the hottest day of the year next to Christmas for our children we have crying kids gone to point to school. Wonderful school how to repackage your Hamlin on Friday at his. All the kids are excited for the costume armed parade down the street and Amanda moved back yeah you know why this is what he had to turn into some political. People are too concerned with the political and over political means today. I think vision going endured I don't know on the sale of the reasoning is behind them all I want our remarks. This division redone less is a road Halloween thing that's up. We have numerous events of the school that not all inclusive that's a problem so if you cancel one event on Matt. Mom thought process he's gonna have to cancel every single event. That's is absolutely reject and lucky we're gonna have and make sure that we have not ever be as inclusive as possible and a celebrate diversity. I'll while we have the young black kids and dress up in Nyack confederate you can confederate army uniforms why don't we have. The Italian kids. And Drudge in our native Americans let's get some of the native American kids and act and they can dress up. Where it's sombrero is unconscious how's that for diversity. They Bobby Mack semi professional players decided to deal with this topic. As we I hear the announcement from the suppose and principled about canceling howling and we rolled back Capel. Morning students and quick announcements. About the upcoming festivities or. Black and orange sphere day. There will be no bobbing for apples we wouldn't want it. Drowned you know sue will simply hand out Apple's organic and fair trade certified of course of course also this hollow I mean. Black and orange day. Excited for the corn maze who Andy. But simple there all right turns that's a no one suffers from anxiety here it's law and I was gonna cost you. You're afraid you'll be replaced by the black and orange parade during which students can walk around dressed in black. Or orange or black and orange. It look like pumpkin. And finally if the devil mascot could come to my office at had some bad news well. There there is no end to this stuff it's a ring and then they don't even realize how ridiculous they are 548. Doesn't before six here on the mommy match on Friday free for all be right. Connie welcome to have you along as the sun sink so low way into the west and nuggets into the eyes of drivers and an 85 southbound Macon and nymex seven minutes before six as we go back to the phones. And well command William who is down in his and Alonso. Country in not great court William and welcome to the program. OK okay thank you so much for your micro US monthly. Yeah I guess. I guess the thing that bothers me love it's and I wanted to come donuts and they get the other callers. The lady called earlier about how her husband and I had heard earlier someone about. As a backdrop of a dotted hamburger hill and she was very upset about comments that the senator made. About ultra competent and what he's done. And that this is it it's terrible and I got a quick solution to the problem. Is if you're a senator or represented. And you have you ever served in the military and you don't have any family members of the Serbian military and keep your mouth shut yep no skin in the game. It did hurt. Continent at this point it seemed an event. I am so thankful for your service thank you very much for the sacrifices he made and then have that shut up and analyze. Right at the end and there's another over arching concern here as well and I don't know. I haven't even heard many people talk about vandalism of a concern to me what is she doing listening in on the conversation between the president. And their self fallen soldier's widow in the first place what is she doing there. Others man. Trying to. Against some ammunition for political game. Still there William. Now I think he may just hit me sinners in great guard and they just act reached AM in the black hole. For the for the cellphone but his point two Baltic. Bobby it's happened again the orange and black spirit day idiocy can easily be a satire skit on the L Saturday Night Live via. Bob at least Otis the drug was an honest drunk I think we ought to start going sheriff Lewis I share of low and lewd. And Deng voice to text never gets it right. Bob I don't watch the upcoming. Andy Griffith well be a look we are talking about the character. On the show Andy Taylor. Andy Griffith himself. And not so much. Hardcore lefty and I yep fusion at room Bobby Andy Taylor was a flaming will. I did free ads for Obama ran people off the scent of a show because of his temper tantrums I I had heard. He was. Not a nice going to be around and realized. Take a break in the news here in the top of the hour when we come back on the other side the fourth and final hour for today and for the week. Bonus hour. Come and up.