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Friday, October 6th

Vegas shooting;  Cam's comments


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Hello holiday greetings and welcome a salutation and TG IL although lines we are gaining. On the historically in fact in the next hour will officially kick off the weekend here I've already officially kicked it off. Now we've got word on the town going to Nam Cambodia. From beautiful Belden. South Carolina this is this is really small town America there are having their. Heritage days of the deep well is coming up all weekend went all kinds of sound science taste of history and and great things great fun activities. For the film. To take part in it looks like the weather's gonna hold out at least some until maybe late in the day on Sunday here is valued join me and be a part of the conversation today because of course. It is a Friday free for all also. Anything at any topic you wanna raise this fair game today does use the Ingles advantage top line number it's a total freak all from anywhere. 803471063. Text me using a common sense retirement planning text align number 71307. And my email address is bomb. At 1063. WORD. Dot com and I'm joined this afternoon by JC Neal is with them built an alliance chasing Al Gore. Sorry man who will lean in that towards a microphone get to see anybody yes they are doing very well. Nice and Eddie Jordan as we get great weather today let's open. Holes out through the weekend on amien Damian have that Reinhold will force them now we need somebody to maybe it'll it'll hold off. While little while later on Sunday. A built an alliance for folks that are unfamiliar with the organization you guys are pivotal in making what's happening this weekend. Come about. Explainable to Jack and what the Belgian alliances sort of built alliance was created. I execute it goes to the small nonprofit reform. On what it does it for now it promotes economic development and quality of life improvement in the built in years and there's nice we Phnom various audience in the built in and and what's coming up this weekend is one knows absolutely the stamp on vessels. One of the bigger audience awards. This is what 31 years this has been gonna leave it as quite awhile so wow incredible and and all kinds of on grade activities. I know that especially. For folks who want to bring their youngsters it's a great opportunity to experience. As an American Heritage with all the yeah. The additional things that you guys have added in the last decade or so native American weapons making. Blade sniffing. Weaving in milling these are these are things that. Are kind of lost in history but does this week and you guys bring him back absolutely yes it like he has most beatings to share on it like to bring Nadine and you. You know everybody a taste of like it used to write down we we take for granted. A lot of the of the modern conveniences we have been to Jamaica youngsters aware of where we came from and it is is a vital lesson for an all kinds of fun thing to meal drawn wagon rides. Exhibit feelings and museum tumors as I mentioned. They're tea corn hole tournament this year. These stand pipe festival five K run and one mile fun run and walk a car show. Some live music fireworks display you guys got to know yes are very nice course Lotta arts and crafts market believes it's it's fun man and it's and adultery. So like come on out and enjoy a solar and nine and thanks you guys JC yet the alliance. For put this together and all the other things you do. Two to help stimulate. The economy here. In in Belton it's it's great work that you guys did you very much my pleasure good to see Jason Taylor thank you you bet thanks a lot for shop and buy. Ten minutes after four here on the bunny match you know. I mentioned. The NFL game last night there was a first in that and I welcome one. Bright marked wrote about it today. The NFL plays a protest free football game on Thursday night. The NFL had some big moments on Thursday night Cam Newton. Issued an apology in response to one of the worst most manufactured controversies. In the history of the NFL. If you don't know the back story and that's the other day at a news conference that he does weekly. A woman who is a reporter from the Charlotte Observer asked in the question about one of his receivers and the routes that he ran. And and camps and well it just kind of funny. Hearing a question about results from a female. Well naturally that. It instantaneously. Again under the skin of all the politically correct leftists who started screaming about what they sexist. What a massage and as Cam Newton was and that resulted. Of course. You know in politically correct America. A year you're not forgiven until you issue an abject apology. Now money for any of the audio of camps apology there that we can now can we correct let's let's go ahead and and hear the end of the apology. That Panthers quarterback Cam Newton issued for his final comment Rumph who refer until this moment. As a source as a female here's camp. A deterrent at all understand. That my word choice was extremely. Degraded and just certain. Be honest I was on my decisions. I sincerely apologize. What I did was extremely. Funny except. I've already lost sponsors that countless fans. Are worried about it until it's revealed me. And I've learned a valuable lessons from this and assume that. Young people can see this column that you learn something from this as well. Don't you let me be better than me. And it. Took reporters. And journalists. Soon the mom and super mom. The daughters the sisters. And the women of all around the world. I sincerely apologize and hope that she found a constant reports. To me you know you would think from listening to that. What that that he had referred. Two women in the most derogatory terms possible. Went all we did was refer to it that the woman is and as a female. And of course everybody and I'll tell you about gender equality. Act camp saying he certainly learned a lesson from this yeah. Via via the lesson the take away from this is you can't joke. Where they female reporter. Because of course if you do true. Then you're going to be having to find yourself in a position where you're gonna be issuing all these kinds of abject apologies. Because though laughed has absolutely no sense of humor. If you went back and look at the video of cameo was it was grinning. Better. Somebody said earlier I think on Limbaugh show that I actually thought he was being kind of flirtatious. Whether. But you know with the Jack booted thugs that insist on everybody taking you need a political correctness. You say anything they deem to be over the line. And they wanna Cindy on after the dual lack. So so now cam has issued his over the top apology for that. A last night in the game. It was a slop fest. I didn't watch it. Dropped passes overthrown. Passes badly missed field goals panel leaves all over the place. So the NFL still has a problem and not being very good at playing football. On the eve on the flip side. They did show up and play with out any of this drama. Or the theatrics are they narcissistic fashion show. That the league has become. And and it isn't it funny. That in the the wake of the New York Times story about Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and his scandal where apparently for three decades or more. This big time producer. Has been employing the casting couch with any woman who came within arms away without him. And yet. Always hear about from the media and including sports media. Is is Cam Newton referring to waive female reporter as a female. I'm writing today on the website and gravy and newest. One might think that after one of the biggest names in Hollywood someone who's made a name for himself working alongside. Progressing even feminist causes and remember once seen as a big donate or to Hillary's campaign and he's he's a dyed in the wool progressive. Shockingly revealed as having covered up decades of sexual abuse America's a late night talk show host would have a field day. No no no not so fast because Jimmy Fallon Omnia estrogen our Trevor and know. Conan O'Brien Seth Meyers Stephen cold there. What they had to say about Weinstein. The only mansion on all of the late night shows combined. Was on The Daily Show during a segment on Cam Newton. And the a joke was literally nothing more than none no oil per day and it pretending to beat Cam Newton. And saying to reporters at a press conference look Harvey Weinstein. Hilarious. So you know it's it's more of the same if you write progressive elitist liberal. You get a ups. And at least as far as jail late night comics are concerned as far as his reputation. Is concerned as far as his business is concerned we'll see about that. Sixteen after four here in the body matchup take a quick break here when we come back I'll try and catch up. With Thea touch the line and we jump back on the phones on a Friday free for all. Here on the bombing that joke coming to you alive from. Beautiful built in South Carolina and a gorgeous right. Here on 1063. WORG. Great to have you on for twenty true here above payment show in beautiful belt and South Carolina gorgeous. Friday afternoon I don't this whole business of identity politics it makes it so difficult to pick a sign I mean the Cam Newton thing. What should we do should we attack cam but wait a minute. We can't do that because cam as a black quarterbacks up it would be racist to attack camp but wait a minute. Can sense something derogatory to women. Supposedly he did anyway. So how can we defend him because he's a sexist and a misogynist. Insists now it goes on around somebody to actions and what what was what was so offensive about what camps that show it to go after it wasn't what can send. But. It was the inference that he may. Oh. The the implied the implication. What is a woman what is a mere woman. Doing. Reporting. On the all male testosterone. Driven sport of the National Football League. What can she possibly know about football once they woman doing here asking me questions when she should of course get back in the kitchen. Kim didn't say anything. December was well it's kind of funny in a question about roots from a female. And and that was enough. Who wanted to have sent sent off the left on another of their campaigns. Their scorched earth policy to make sure that no one ever says anything offensive ever again. I wish the left would just understand. Everybody at some point or another says something that's really stupid and that they probably regret. But we don't have to me a federal case out of all of them do. Yeah apparently week. 24 after four to the phones we go bin is next up here in the Friday free for all this I've been welcomed the show. Dick about it it would benefit you can't do. You think. The and a lot of wrote it. It's it's. It's funny because I work or not covering national football covered the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys. And there was there was a big Obama to the the end of where my coverage now lifetime. Departed. There didn't used to women reporters in the locker room that women innocent and in. Argument for gender equality under so that had a big discussion well maybe the players should all Wear robes and the locker room against the players in the locker room are in. Various states of nudity. It's just pitched in golf and it's gone down rapidly from van. If she held it don't go again if you don't like strip got you don't go up. And a lot better help our best coach in America chew or. Bite site at that lack the well it. Yes exactly and and this is the difference between conservatism. And progressive ism or liberalism if the conservative doesn't like guns he doesn't Y one. But if a liberal doesn't buy guns he doesn't think anyone should be able to all you want. I would I would agree when asked. Up. A bone stock is an attachment that goes over the shock of a rifle and essentially allows it to simulate. Not to fire. Full automatic but to simulate. On a semi automatic firing weapon like an AR fifteen. To simulate automatic weapon fire but it kind of starters it it doesn't. It doesn't it's not actually full Lotto. Future and it's so right now. Which it will. Well yeah or so about a four or eight engine this should be illegal program which already cart down the road. She field. Well. Yeah skeptical at least eighty I they are idiots out there that could be a place. Where. We'll talk times. Which propped up oak summit. Well. We're. Well I think we have a couple places like that that California comes to market her daughter and I appreciate the gulf thanks for joining us this afternoon Tony seven after four here on me about him action Lumia quickly. Take AM gays and vehicles green here. Is it dumb mark. Who is next month if any is right yes Marc welcome to the Bobby Mack Friday for overall. Step up as sound like you're up against the bottom of the hour here but I order. OK we got about what we got about two and a half minutes and you're good. Subject. Well I'll try to be brief sigh I am no repeat along elected but. Ya. Couple called earlier. These folks for calling him with the various conspiracy theories and whatnot and I I was kind of laughing at that elicited and good luck well you know twenty years ago. I would say these people have lost their mock. It. They really have gone off the deep yet but after all the stops we have seen all the blatant corruption. And abusive power from the federal government so I don't know what to believe anymore I'm always like what cheeks maybe that they're looking information that I haven't seen yet. But rights. It. It makes you wonder I mean you know if someone can sound like. They've wandered off the reservation and yet. Given what we know about what we've been told about. Well picked the incident from being gone as each to any other what we are told and what we've later weren't ready for actual yeah on about how it is yeah. Point is. You hardly know what to believe anymore because there's so much corruption that has been clearly demonstrate right exact and you've got a caller who talked about. All of this family members it'd served in the law enforcement and military community you don't want. And he's feeling a little dissolution of I understood what he would say that you do it he doesn't understand why the Department of Justice is not delivering jobs. Correct and it's so my ultimate point is about draining the small. You know this is what Donald Karl promised to do he promised to enforce the law to our borders to drain this law. And I'm not real thrilled with the progress being made so far but I'm still holding out hope. That between people like cam and you know our own congressman trachea party I mean it's try to get our party has been compromised in some way. And is not committed. In this wall then there is no hope for us that's. I'd just to the group this congressman not ever seen it actually. And it's he would not gonna try to bring these people Q now. And deliver justice all of this corruption from the IR LQ. The Clinton's foundation to Hillary there what now. Then we just don't tapped the rule of law in this country anymore and which which would you know pretty depressing hostile occupation in oh yeah another. Three years at least maybe seven or for trial to start. You know our continued trying to whip people into shape and we got a lot of rhinos. In the way starting with grant amnesty. And McConnell and Ryan and hopefully we can make progress but it yeah a lot of wallet draining beat to beat dot. Absolutely absolutely there is mark thank you very much for the call and reinforces the point that I stressed yesterday which is just in just brings home again. The necessity. To give Donald Trump. The out the congressional support that he needs in Washington to be able to implement his agenda because it's obvious that the Mitch McConnell some of them. I'm Paul Ryan's of the world. And the Lindsey Graham to the laurel for that matter. Are are hardly on board the trump trade for thirty here on the bunny Mac show Cambodia from beautiful downtown Belton today as we have word on the town. And is ready to go and Anderson are I'm right back on the other side here on 163. WL RD. Great to have you along it is an absolutely gorgeous Friday afternoon here in Belton South Carolina where they heritage day C a stand by arts and heritage crash festival is going to be going on not tomorrow and through Sunday as well. A great family fun to be had here so c'mon now let me quickly catch up with a tax line or make a valiant effort and it's. Bump bump. On the Siewert a beginner Bob I guess all of cam Newton's BL ailment shaking and need certainly body and lots of good will with a laughed not. Fooled you cam there's a sucker born every minute dikes from like your Buckeyes fan. Got you Bob I think it's cool that chicks dig football my wife finds out what channel our teams are playing on you. Bob can you imagine that hill Cam Newton is gonna catch in the locker room now that he is handed over his manhood and Bob speaking of cam and his apology. Where are all of Bill Clinton's apologies. From the out. Bob by the way that woman reporter what is your name. George run wreak. Reporter for the Charlotte Observer. As somebody turned out she had issued a bunch of races tweets for five years ago. And textures again and that's the same moment he said something derogatory. Towards blacks. Bob and I then cam I would of told them to kiss my. Well you know I've I I do know. Bob I love your audience on one album at the endless speculation on bonds stocks is getting to be a little much. I'm expecting rod sterling to call in with a idea. Can we close this subject until new evidence comes out and as for all the gun experts never fired fired rounds and an urban setting. Amongst all buildings hold different set of acoustics. Mommy when progressives turn on each other like what's happening with Weinstein. I like to just get out the popcorn. And watch. Yeah it is amusing. And began to devour themselves mean. They've got all these different groups with all their identity politics all their grievance groups and now other there ended up. Having the civil war among circle grievance groups it's incredible. Eighteen before five Rutan has been out hanging on and I believe is next up here on the body match on the Friday free for all hello Ruth and welcomed Michelle. I'm trying very real quick. Bank you know life. I have seen them at reporters that I can't wrap. I happen I'll peak. Or why she. Can't. Number two stocks were originally Dallas fort estate well. It came about after. Mainly maybe after the Korean War would act on the ability to create it at that she. Could and I guerrilla. Number in our. Current account here. And I. I think that was that the if I remember correctly cut that would demand. Not expect. And what sort of like every confidence again now and I mean. They added that. Isn't your this went but I think. She can serve Angie. I. She met today on October or. Have a great big rally. You're pretty common and beat. Them I got people and there. Really. Well it'll be curious to see if I gain any traction. In the land of fruit knots in California. But it's. You know you have to admire the courage of somebody that lives in the lions' Dan. Look at this woman all the strikes and she's got against our it would be so easily. For her to sign on board the bigger the the progressive agenda as a black woman living in California and yet. She has. The the the political courage. To stand up for what she knows to be right. She art and I keep it Mecca scary very good member of congress get their partly. She did not achieve what she very well written very very aren't you. I I would suggest she can replace Diane Feinstein tomorrow. It. Risen thanks a lawyer call I appreciate it good to have you here today coming up on a quarter before five. Bobby Harvey Weinstein accused of sexual harassment and abuse for decades. And he's a long time Hillary and Bill Clinton donor room. I might just be scratching the surface when I say there's a possible connection here. Bobbie I think somebody needs to taken me. During the next Cam Newton press conference to protest political correctness and the oppression of opinions. Bobby if cam wanted to issue an apology he should have done that after raising his fist after his touchdown last son. At least we didn't see any of that stuff last night. Maybe they're finally coming to their senses are they ever gonna regains. The status but they had of people every you know what the NFL and the same way again. I have my doubts quarterly 45 here in the body Max you know the right back with more here on the Friday free for all Cambodia from. Our word on the show on broadcast in Belton. IS they now remainder of the weekend would turn out to be as gorgeous as today as we would be in great shape looks like because we're gonna end up. As are in the forecast now with some rain violator in the weekend damaging today from a beautiful Belton heritage days in the depot. Coming up this weekend all kinds of great things. Will be going on down here and you're invited bring the family because there's all kinds of fun things to do to the phones we go here on the Friday free for all Dan. Is next seven years in career high Dan and welcome to the Bobby Mack show. Are you there Dan. Gain on connecting. Yeah Alex Alex OK apparently we lost and let's bring in enough built up and I believe is in Pickens hello Phillip and welcome to the program. But I don't know Bobby Mack I got some good news and buddy. People excellent oil and always use good news. Look people have spoken in congress has loosened. Remember if you look back at tell you how all lead after a lot around those bloated. Take a look at the military health care to retire and certainly military. Yes. Well they have had. A change of heart and they have grandfathered. All. People in the military. Who came in the military before. January 1 of 28 thing that may suit your retiree you're getting close to retire. You're grandfathered the end. And you don't have to pay or is that health care they promised you why you were in the military. But sad news is all those people come to the end. January 1 of 28 days they get a kick in and pay for their health care or pay awkward medium or their health care. So that you guys shot on the battlefield. Oilwell got a deductible. Good night but today it is any. Do you do you. Do you have been no off and Philip. Who sponsored that piece of legislation that that made that happen. It will be ready to hit all offers patient active 27 days. Well all of ballot but that you know everywhere I know from South Carolina voted for. And a couple. The only person in South Carolina and motivate hit it. Well we've got out he's the democratic. And the Democrat I was used to pay the military for twenty years I was there and it shocked yeah Republicans did this. Yeah you're you're talking about done representative Cliburn from my down in Orangeburg. Yeah bird. Big the only one who didn't hold it right away Lotto. And. Oh yeah no it. And there's there's an overarching lesson and it's like you fell about appreciate that information that's good to know I mean it's. It's good and it's bad bad at least the veterans. Will be sufficiently covered. But look at the way Daschle pointed out even all the rhinos. Voted for this because they didn't wanna be seen as being anti military or unpatriotic. Or not supporting our veterans of made all kinds of sacrifices up to and including the ultimate one in defense of this nation. And you compare that with the reaction of the NFL too while the anti patriotic. Protests all the flag demonstrations National Anthem protest. So Al east what are we to deduce from that that even Ryan O Republicans. Are still. In touch with reality and often know that if you touch a particular third rail. That your gonna get electrocuted. I hope that Roger Goodell and the guys at the NFL or paying attention and we've seen the last. Of those. Overpaid spoiled babies not appreciating the country that gave them an opportunity. To become a multimillionaire. Again. That hope we've seen the last of our number two is it gone past the F 5 o'clock follies are on the way we kick off weekend on the other side. Here the Bobby Mack show live from Belton.