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Friday, October 6th

Vegas shooting; Antifa; Gun control


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Lowell lover ball I am working now for the weekend which usually mild and Dylan and unfortunately now we are not only on a cast now but we're actually there are great to have you along. I am actually here and beautiful belt and South Carolina. On this gorgeous Friday afternoon. Because coming up this weekend it's the belt and stand by parentage and arts festival. Combining the best of the past and infusing the event with new and fun events that you bring the whole family out to enjoy it. Belton invites you to join thousands of their friends on the square. Here in Belton for a great celebration of hometown fun and entertainment tomorrow from 10 in the morning until ten at night. Exhibit dealings in museum terrorist stand by tourists antiques show and sale. A corn hole tournament a five K run or not one mile fun and Ron walked. A car show. Music concert and fireworks display it's all going to be going on. This weekend here in Belton and you are invited to attend. You're also invited to join me here on the 5 o'clock club based on the Friday free for all whatever you wanna talk about. Is fair game today here is valued join me and be a part of the conversation. Just grab your phone using Ingles advantage top line number 80327. Borrows a 1063803271063. Via a common sense retirement planning text line number 71307. And my email address Bob. At 1063. WORD. Dot com to the phones we go to Obi has been hanging on in terms of her clear eyed. That's why do you forum for being patient Jovi and a good to have you along. Yeah. There. I don't know why they want to Apollo don't call policy about yesterday bet. They didn't balloon on Nelson until a little bit today about the drama was created a wanna be heard about a year now. Alia Murray put into that we have them as apply for a four million dollar grand. Theft are wrong would be he's going to be viewed. Bird dropped a look taxi. It. Okay. I'm I want to get ready going down your pet food. All winter broad audience want and voters. I'm on the other hand tell me following this through to its ill logical conclusion. Based on some of the drivers that I encounter on a weekly if not daily system. Maybe maybe one night stand a better chance. The driver was vehicle then some of these drivers we we see on the or else. Could they are they up before you get it deep very devious bigger yeah. A while on your lap twice and you can even get in there. Exactly yeah I'll want to achieve Al. Well you know I think still we appreciate the cow we've been in the forefront of some of this green energy stuff you know with the buses and and all the rest it it took AM a pretty big infusion of taxpayer dollars and that the bus company almost went under orders approach era. Almost went under once. Before they finally started find a market. With the various progressive communities and that's a spine as ours again as I have I have no big objection to it. It it's just the idea that if this is ever gonna replace as some of the automobile manufacturers now apparently believe like. Volvo and and some others. Getting away entirely from internal combustion engines. That that may be. A fool's errand at their. We've we've used internal combustion engines for more than a century and it served us pretty well. Dozen minutes after five here on the body matchup now this is curious I got an email this afternoon sent out to the media. From a bath Brothers and I'm sure you may remember if you should be news anchor of channel four. And now as a director of communications for Greenville county schools. And addressed to the media. Eyes. Pocono many of you on scene or on the phone but wanted to provide written details of the incidents at Greenville high. Administration had Greenfield senior high school was notified around noon today. That a student had posted a photo of himself on social media last night holding what appeared to be a weapon. When these school resource officer went to the students class to question him. The student initially cooperated. But as the two approached the school office this student took off running. The F sorrow followed an eight foot pursuit this student was quickly apprehended. And had no weapon in his possession of time of his arrest to our knowledge the student never made a threat toward the school. It staff or students. Well then what's this all about. At this point there's no evidence of the student ever possessed a gun while on the premises and Greenville high school. I repeat myself well then what's a solid out. So Big Brother is now monitoring social media and if you have the nerve to actually have a picture of yourself on there with a gun. Then they're gonna haul you into the principal's office or questioning. The email concludes the student has been taken into custody for questioning. Taken into custody. For what. Now fleeing the interviewers Marge said in Fargo. He will be disciplined escorting according to school district policy based on the significant destruction caused by his decision to fully. Yeah for the NF. Of course. The kid took off running. This year was gonna happen to it. Is a high school Kia. And day here they are colony mignon picture is probably gone under FaceBook bench. Round taking aim of audio (%expletive) pole race. Now before people get. Pearl clutching here I recognized we have had shooting incidents at schools are right and I fully understand. If school systems are gonna make a mistake. They are going to air on the side of caution. But have we reached a point in this country where you you. Post a photo of yourself on social media holding quote what appeared to be a weapon and the next thing you know your Alden the principal's office. I suggest this may be. A bridge too far for the spouse. Quarter after five here in the balmy night you'll take a break here than be right back with more here on the Friday edition. Coming GO live from beautiful Belton South Carolina. Be right back. How to welcome back it's great to have feline is an absolutely gorgeous Friday afternoon we are here in a built in South Carolina where tomorrow. They adhered each day to the depot they stand white haired Asian arts festival will be taking place from 10 o'clock in the morning. All the way until 10 o'clock tomorrow night concluding with some fireworks it's it's going to be great. Receive I cannot catch up with the text line here quickly 71307. Bobby V channel right. That is packaged as the media describes it are targets. Explosive targets but not high explosive targets mostly. Noise makers yeah sure like to take amount to the range and net and put them out there and and send around. Down range Andrew and goes home. Bob bath brother general like a Lindsay never misses a good opportunity to be at the forefront. Of what she deems to be a newsworthy story all for attention. Bobby school systems are always screaming they don't have any money. Has their budget you know look when people start suing their rear ends off for stupid stuff like this. With information given he wasn't doing anything wrong they had no right to detain him for. Anything. Bobby he is guilty of overreacting. So were they they should be punished as well. Body they said it appeared to be a weapon and this is so ridiculous. While they are really wish they Highway Patrol. When dad take too high 85 and crack down on these aggressive drivers ridiculous. The NASCAR track we have to navigate. Each and every morning and evening. Be nice if they legislature would actually give enough funding on the Highway Patrol to allow and a higher. They are a number of officers they need to implement policies like that. Bobby I wonder if these driver less vehicles while half pop up sign language and no word on that we're still awaiting details. Bobby regarding the rest of the people getting off on highway fourteen and exit 57 going to agree here. What is. How they're doing some some work on a sign. Next door and it's them but not. At cherry picker and beeping. At about regarding arrests be able getting off highway fourteen exit 57 going to Greer. I'll probably be better off traffic is beginning to slow just before or just after. Exit 56 thanks appreciate that from one of our way users out there. About. Anything else I need to catch up worth. Yeah here we go. Bobbie the Vegas police found a single AK 47. In the shooters hotel room that no seven point 62 MO. Which is what the AK 47 requires anything to get to explain now. I guess are hoping they won't have to. Bob stopped. Where does where does this one again this is a fairly long one. Holy cow where is this thing began. Yeah it if you just a word of the wise if you're gonna send me a text message. That that goes on and on and on it's difficult. Because of the way they come in and print out on our screen. To be able to discern. Now which paragraph goes where so you're you're better off sending that to me as an email and I. Bomb and 1063. WORG dot com and money and you just messaging a year. No actually that was enough. That was notification. From messenger than Dayna Phillips. As I just wish this on placement it's good to know. By the way in in the wake and everything else it's been going on this kind of slipped under the radar and of course the media. Made a big deal about the initial report which was a Michelle Obama. The other day. Suggested that Republicans the Republicans and the GOP are essentially all men and all whites. As you might imagine that elicit any response. From the chairwoman. Share woman. A female. As a Cam Newton would say. If they Republican National Committee blasting the former First Lady. For her suggestion that Republicans are essentially all men and all white. An issue over what Ben Carson and Nikki Haley and her assessment anyway. She said and I quote it's unfortunate Michelle Michelle Obama would disregard the contributions of conservative women. And people of all backgrounds with one sweeping false ash accusations. Sent RNC chairwoman run a make Daniel. Two Fox News the former First Lady spoke at the Pennsylvania conference for women on Tuesday I'm surprised him wasn't it. Speaking of that. And said it was important to have different types of people together different perspectives. Saying we should be working actively to mix it up. Mixed set up okay when was the last time that a progressives. You are busy chasing any conservative speaker. Who has the temerity to show their face on a college campus. Being beaten up or run off it is that the different kind of perspective that and the jealous look at four. Mrs. Obama recalled visiting congress or State of the Union Address this and drew a stark contrast between the two sides of the dial. What you see is this real dichotomy. On one side of the room it's a feeling of color. Mrs. Obama's ad on one side of the room it's a literally. Gray and white literally that's the color Pallet on one side of the room she must have been looking at the Democrats. Because they're all great. They're all in Nam my zip code age wise. She continued on the other side of the room their yellows and blues and whites in Louisiana right. Then not played the saint she's had no wonder people don't trust politics no. More madam former First Lady people don't trust politics because of people like your husband. Who'll lied on multiple occasions about Obama care. People like Hillary Clinton who lied and continues to do this day. About Ben Ghazi. It's not. As you suggest. In on the attacks line 71 threes are seven. Bob did I hear right that the Al Las Vegas shooter was a registered Democrat have not heard that. If that was in the newscast at the top of the hour I am I may have on this and we'll. Go back in and review that. Bobby about ten all right try putting one pound equal to one stick of dynamite but some ball bearings in them and see what you got. Yeah big trouble. Bobby Mack one of our ways or see a big wreck on wade Hampton boulevard body below the low lows heading towards Vijay you. Across the street from viola thank you very much on your show thank you appreciate your being there. Bubbly new Michelle Obama also is said the Republicans being all white is bad. Can you imagine if a white First Lady said that some group was bad. Because they are all black. I maybe heard that schools in some Spartanburg county districts. And given every student a Mac laptop. This year. I had not heard and I am not surprised. Bobby that a student in Greenville high now has a firsthand experience with Gestapo tactics. Overblown. Unfair response will sour him on cooperating with the authority for life at least Denis school has taught him something. Maybe he and the lesson already and that's why he ran in the first place. He speculated. All kinds of rumors still swirling around about paddock AM. Identified. One guy responsible supposedly in the official media reports from the Las Vegas shooting. There were initial reports it was some anti flaw literature. Found either in his house are in his room there was a big piece the other day. About anti flaw. And there. Activities. All across the streets and public squares of American and what there ultimate goal truly yes. And now share that with you when we come back all thanks in this text message it was on rush's show that he or registered as a Democrat. In Florida thank you appreciate that update. I'm sure that that'll be all over the yeah CBS NBC and ABC evening by the way the laws signature was a registered Democrat. Right holding my breath for that one. Seawright back on the other side of the news. Welcome back they Bobby Mack show damage Eli this afternoon from beautiful Belton South Carolina. As been absolutely gorgeous day. Of course it it is now comment and we shall have the yellow jackets around they must have a nest somewhere around your rent by the train depot. Here in Belton and they bend not harassing me all afternoon dive bombing me. And I'm I'm fighting it continuing struggle Wear them. But I'm I'm hold in my own. Manage to eliminate a couple of their numbers back to the phones we go Ingles advantage hotline number 80347. 1063. JD is on in his angrier high JD and welcome to they Friday free for all. They've got their way and knowledge are taught you don't have to do it but. I wanted to do MacDonald there awhile or grow to date of all this shooting about the shooting happened. Lilly dot org food order my polluting our way through George machine Andre did not walk back over. Don't look at it you know Jim and Janet were pulled copy director of property. Well again it that they wanted to world common Q. Keep it when we we got. Everybody would have gotten what. And I'm not you know amount in a talk about pocketed take me off. I. Don't know where you are about to bombard I don't believe in killing people not want to play and it got to do with it sort of happened there. I totally hit me cued me. You know I asked. I sure essentially JD and he got he got on your last year. When he walked up and I mean of course I'm actually be Debbie owner I have in my pocket you walk back come back cannot thought OK well this guy they're. The right away if he won't body that's why I don't watch TV I ought to be exported seven or eight years they wanted to tell her what do the they start tell her where he was harmony he said he was from New York. Hillary but order. Disease as if as if now grant it. Other shows that this was a tragic event there's nobody denies that a more than 500 people wounded and 59. Murder. By Brooks a paddock and whatever assistance he may or may not a bad. But look this is hardly the first occasion we've had to this we we. Numerous things including those way and now we had Democrats and a White House unless I'm mistaken. Yeah well I don't understand if you did you got people that you know regular guy hurt and killed the diet. Yeah it's Chicago. Weather Chicago Illinois better suited dutifully take people are today. Black violence black all black with guns. Okay outlook while her lovely although not although if you go word about it why did you take care what you were there. Well to your question this. It is admitted to being out. It's well we're out of Norton you know war. Yeah out and and all we can do is now. Know that at the end of this end of the day JD when historians finally told we know how audience. If you're ready are also four. Amen to that brother JD thanks a lot for the column be a good weekend thanks for being here today via sun is now starting to creep then over India. Edge of the roof here and Nelson summon have to probably readjust my table a little bit here and during the next break I mentioned. This anti fun group these folks are up to no good and there are serious. Now there was destroy the other day info wars and you can say what you want to about well that's nothing but a conspiracy theory web site their bunch of wackos. What have you. The story about Paul Joseph Watson and he thought planning a new round of nationwide riots on November 4. As part of a plot to began a civil war to lead to the overthrow of the trumpet administration. Far left militants planned to gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across the country. In the hope of building momentum for civil unrest that leads to nothing less than domestic regime change. Our protest must grow day after day and night after night. Thousands becoming hundreds of thousands and then millions. Determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the trump pinch regime poses to the world. By demanding that this whole regime. Do you removed from power state take called action on the refused fascism web site. It's an amazing how they always mirror image exactly what they are these guys are the fascists. With hoods and masks over their faces in these guys are are truly out. Proselytizing for democracy. How come they're afraid to show their faces. You longer greed posted on the revolutionary Communist web site. Makes it clear that anti font is not prepared to wait for electoral change from Democrats. And instead hopes to engage in a ferocious struggle. Based on plans outlined in a book written by Bob of bank DN. The chairman of the revolutionary Communist Party which is called a coming civil war. These these folks are dangerous they've already proven it and them are. Headed in a direction that is going to lead to blood being spilled. It's it's a sad day. And and George Soros and the other folks that are funding these so called. Anti fascist groups these resistance groups as they like to kill themselves. Are doing no one any good taking a quick break here and then be right back with more 545 it to court before six here on the body Mac show. Word on the town alive today and Elton South Carolina where heritage days go on all day tomorrow. From 10 in the morning until ten and nine bring all family and have some fun. Welcome back 5519. Before 6 o'clock body Mac show gimmick deal line from beautiful Belton where right here. At train station let's get back to the phones Jeff is on on the Friday free for all and is in my stony ground Taylor's eye Geoff and welcome to the show. Well thank Barbara or actually a couple of questions just proves the point I'm trying to make the do you think that we have to do systems well. Oh well around here once were and for that you want to yeah Italy and you do. We have well and considering would be non implementation. And some of those laws with people like Hillary Clinton and slowest learner I would have to say yes. What do you think that we have corruption and in congress certain. And I that agencies like they have the. Now certainly not the very end there as pure as the driven snow jam. Well and they ask my hand surgeons people who have forgotten that younger people don't even know it is. You know the the German views and they've solved with the Germans in World War I but having no idea that wouldn't go to German government conditions they have to give up their guns because it would. Protect them and they would never been a thing go wrong. They have got no idea apple instrument down the road are critical. Government that stood German government turned into we've already got. Some of that here now and we've got world things which you cannot say now so yeah there certainly isn't anybody that's got a gun. Yeah that's certainly that left the way once the web that is certainly way that the left wants it now my understanding is it wasn't just Jews who had to give Africa it's a Leo the national democratic Socialist Party Hitler's Nazi party. Mandated. Through their legislature that they were gonna come around collect all the gods from every one. And of course and we see that universally whether it's chairman Mao in China whether it's. Joseph Stalin in now the old Soviet Union whether it's Pol Pot. In southeast Asia wherever the first thing they do is round up all the guns therefore you have a population. That is unable to defend itself from what ever tyrannies of the government wants to impose on them. Why in the case of the Jews in Germany marching them off to be murder. Where are we got we have got a running history that it is it is documented. It. You ever saying to Tom pops in reads the world or. Yeah Specter open people and loaded them up pretty big front motor probably better we have been top of me I don't draw. And took them out and dump him enough mass graves and bury them. And Wheldon is currently. Demi is the north Vietnamese at the same thing in Hawaii. During the double conflict in southeast Asia. It it's it's universal that the first thing they did. Was we'll call for all of the educated people in ways that teachers the doctors what had it. Not to report the next morning cup for re education. And the re education they got was a bullet to the head. Well you'd think that we would as a people would take a look at all of just be damned if we don't let it happen here. And I don't say what are oblivious. Yeah now that I needed to live plus you know what what. If they'll leftists if Hillary and all the rest of the leftist and I truly want a roundup. The 300 million plus guns that exists in America which is a fool's errand to begin. Nobody is an article like 300 million gusts certainly not without a fight. It if they truly believe that is now the best option. To our reduce events like Las Vegas to zero. Well then let them go ahead and introduce a constitutional amendment to repeal the Second Amendment and see where they get Wynette. And and I guarantee it would not be very far. In on the text line 71 threes are seven Bonnie is it a coincidence. That the Vegas shooter started buying these guns right before the presidential election. Targeted a country music concert. And the media can't seem to speculate on his motives. Now Bobby sol Wednesday rules for radicals 101. Accuse the opponent of exactly what you are guilty. Cheers. Yost. News is next one more to go bonus hour is dead ahead here on the Bonnie Mac show word on the town from Belton. Is back on the other side.